'Saturday Night Live' review: Jane Lynch was a gleefully good host

Jane Lynch really sold her theme song for Glee during the opening moments of this week’s Saturday Night Live. Wearing a fetching off-the-shoulder jacket and backed by Fred Armisen on guitar, Lynch took the Sue Sylvester-centric lyrics and performed them with disarming energy. That opening performance characterized her work throughout the entire show; even during the weaker sketches, she entered into them with a vitality that never seemed forced.

SNL got its Glee out of the way early on, with a parody of the series that hit most of the right notes, ridiculing the show’s repetitive character tics. (Keenan Thompson as Mercedes, Armisen as Artie, and Andy Samberg as Kurt could have pretty much stepped into a regular episode of Glee.) The sketch had a reckless old Mad magazine-style spirit, and didn’t require the addition of Kristen Wiig’s Gilly to be funny.

The ad for the “Dammit, Your Mom Is On Facebook Filter,” with Lynch as a cornball mom, was cleverly executed, as was the evening’s “Digital Short,” featuring Lynch as Samberg’s too-intimate therapist. While the short’s final shot was a funny surprise, I’d give the edge to “Facebook Filter” for funniness.

Lynch upstaged Wiig on the sheer strength of brassiness during the show’s Password parody, “Secret Word.” Although her character had a different name, Lynch was really doing a terrific variation on Phyllis Diller, one that captured Diller’s raucous 1960s-era self-deprecation.

At the other extreme, Lynch proved a team player willing to step back while Jay Pharoah let loose his Denzel Washington impersonation. It was a dead-on approximation of Washington’s intonation and attitude, weakened a bit by the sloppy writing, which lacked a decisive ending.

Bruno Mars, sporting a powder-blue dinner jacket and a Little Anthony pompadour, sounded terrific belting out “Grenade” and his “Just The Way You Are.”

This SNL was heavy on fake commercials, which also included Lynch doing a game parody of Faith Hill’s NFL theme-singing, and Jason Sudeikis running out the clock with the night’s final-weird-moment, a spoof of Patrick Cox’s “Tax Masters” ads, outfitted with a “half-formed twin brother” on the side of his head.

The week’s weakest spots: “Weekend Update” was a wash, and by now, Kristen Wiig has more interest in Suze Orman than anybody else in America does.

But the bottom line is, Lynch sparked an above-average SNL.

She used the show, and the show used her skills as both a performer and, occasionally, an improviser (adding a sharp reaction or edge to a line in responding to another cast member), to better advantage than could have been expected.

Agree? Disagree?

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  • Hurt

    I was dozing off during SNL and when Pharoah started with the Denzel impersonation, I had to get up and make sure it really wasn’t the real Denzel.
    When will they let him take over the Obama stuff? Armisen is bad.

    • Lyla

      Loved the Denzel bit. I wish the show would get back to more relevant celebrity/pop culture parodies.

      • Red

        That impersonation was amazing — he doesn’t look like Denzel, but had the voice and mannerisms down perfectly! Perhaps, if they could go after a Democrat for a change, he could take on an Obama parody.

      • thin

        Yeah, I agree. That was one of the better impressions I’ve seen on there in a while.

      • nate

        @Red – do you ever watch SNL? They took humorous stabs at Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid in the last season alone – in fact, I would venture to say they “go after” more Democrats then they do Republicans.

    • Jeff

      The Denzel skit would have been perfect if he ended with King Kong ain’t got nothing on me!

      • alex

        Yeh it was spot on. One thing I have to ask, is it me or does Jane Lynch’s face contort on one side when she speaks? Her mouth closes on the right and opens wide on the left. Maybe it’s a medical condition. Sure glad they got all the glee crap out of the way early on.

      • Linda

        I’m Denzel. Macy’s aint got nothin on me!

      • Jam

        It was a good impersonation …but alas he’s young and Denzell is like 50 ..but not exactly something you can run with longterm..I don’t think..its like wow I do this amazing Jimmy Smits impersonation..and it’d be like ok..(see today’s tv headlines) but Pharoah overall has been pretty good…however, this was the first time ever where I was not happy to see Kristen Wiig..when that sketch “Secret Word” came on was like..um been there done that..many, many, many times..its the same joke..and it could be said Gilley, Gilley..Gilley..”sorry” ruined that glee sketch that seem to have a lot of momentum before it was interupted ..Bryan cranston’s show was the best..this was better than Amy Poehler’s hosting though

    • Jennifer

      Loved this episode! That woman rocks! Jane Lynch really brought a lot of fun and energy to the show this week. I’ve never actually seen Glee but I’m more then familiar with Jane’s great performances on Criminal Minds so watching her was a treat. That woman has an amazing voice! Great opening! Suze Orman skit was hysterical, I was half expecting some mention of Jane’s wife.
      The guy that did Denzel did a better job then that so called Will Smith thing a few weeks ago.
      I love Kristen’s characters but they really need to dial it back on using her, I almost forget the show has a couple of other woman and I’m not referring to Keenen. She makes me think of Plastic Man the way she moves her body.
      This show also reminds me of why sports figures (i.e.-football, baseball players and even Olympic medalists)shouldn’t host this show. This show needs comedic hosts not the sports world flavor of the week. Jane did a great job reminding me of why I used to watch this show on a regular basis. My only complaint is that next weeks show is a repeat of premire, already? Can’t they just rerun last night’s episode?

    • Bill

      The Magic Johnson joke was totally inappropriate. Disgusting.

      • Ron

        I agree, plus its a 20 year old reference I don’t think half of the audience got it.

      • Chris

        I thought it was pretty funny. Some of the best jokes take a little risk.

    • Rowan

      I loved Jane Lynch on the show. She really brought her sketches up a notch.

      I hope Pharoah does take over playing Obama. Armisen doesn’t even try, and hasn’t since 2008. Time to let the new kid take a crack at it.

  • Eugene

    great episode. Jane Lynch rocked it.

    • Me Me and Me

      I agree. And Bruno Mars was awesome too.

      • kaloalo

        yup both are awesome

  • TorontoTom

    When they stated the Secret Word skit and trotted her out yet again, I groaned and thought, “They are NOT going to have her say the secret word every time, are they?!?” And, they did. It is NOT FUNNY.
    The Glee skit was great – except for throwing Wiig into it. She didn’t belong – SHE’S NOT FUNNY. Is Lorne Michaels her uncle or her sugar daddy or something? KRISTEN WIIG IS NOT FUNNY.

    • dianne

      Toronto Tom – your comment is pretty much what I was going to write. Is Wiig so intimidated by someone as talented as Jane Lynch that she insisted she be in every skit? She is not funny!

      • Kris

        That’s a rather bold, uninformed statement to make. You don’t like a performer so you attack her character to make yourself feel better? I see you’re a real mature person.
        Complaining that Kristen Wig has too much screentime is like complaining Lea Michele gets too many solos on Glee. She’s their quarterback. She’s the best, and whether you like it or not, she’s one of the people most fans want to see (regular fans not trolling the internet fans). Much like Lea Michele, Kristen will always have the most screentime so unless you learn to accept it, your options are stop watching or stay a bitter, bitter person until SNL gets cancelled.

      • Josh M

        Let me guess – “Kris” and short for “Kristen.”

    • Cookie

      Totally agree. Why do people keep insisting the Kristen Wiig is funny. She is just loud and annoying. Not funny!!!!

      • Ryan

        Kristen Wiig is funny, foolish posters. Not every sketch lands, but whose does? Often, she’s the funniest thing about a sketch.

      • Woot

        Seriously, you guys need to realize that Kristen does not write most of those sketches and isn’t the person who decides how often she appears.

      • LOL

        You know what is really not funny? People saying something is “not funny” without giving reasons. It’s just tedious. Get a new schtick.

      • Curly

        Kristen Wiig is becoming like Martin Short’s characters on SNL, over the top annoying. I cringe during most of Kristen Wiig’s skits. I find her painful to watch, her expressions are too extreme. I was happy at first to have a woman break out from the rest of the cast, but now I just want her to fade into the background. I was pleased to see SNL used Jane Lynch so well, she showed what a female character can add to the show when used correctly.

      • Hally

        Ok, if you have to have a reason, having Tina Fey and all those amazing woman who were the heart of SNL in the ’90s and ’00s back on sort of made me feel that SNL has become -I believe unintentionally- sexist. They have so few female cast writers, obviously mostly male writers, and instead of taking advantage of the talent they have-I’m not saying Wiig and the other female cast members aren’t very talented comedians, they are-all they do is repeat these tasteless and rather sexist characters. Wiig’s characters are all one-note and annoying, Fey and Pohler and all those other women wrote and portrayed more well-rounded, engaging characters.

      • Brad

        I don’t understand all the Kristin Wigg hate. She is doing her job. They are writing horrible skits for her (and for everyone else) and she is doing the absolute best she can. You shouldn’t hate Kristin Wigg, you should hate the writing.

        The Glee skit was PAINFULLY UNFUNNY. The Gilly bit was horrible. But I’m not blaming the actors. I’m blaming the writing.

      • TMB

        Perhaps Kristen should start writing some of her own sketches if the writers are going to be blamed for her one-note characters. Truthfully, she would probably be much funnier in smaller doses. Wiig’s characters remind me alot of Molly Shannon’s predictable Sally O’Malley and Mary Katherine Gallagher.

      • Sarah

        Ooh..I love Sally O’Malley and Mary Katherine Gallagher.

        I’M 50!!

      • Kate

        Yes, smaller doses would help. As would characters that are more than a one-line catchphrase (I know not all her characters are like this, but so often all they have her doing is the same thing over and over – the “don’t make me sing” bit in the Jon Hamm episode is a perfect example). I understand the argument that the writer’s aren’t giving her great material, but she is also not doing anything great with what they give her. Great comedians can make bad material work.

    • sara

      I completely agree. She is not funny. Just the same old shtick over and over and over and over again.

      • Jenny

        Can’t they let Nasim Perad or Abby Elliot take one of Kristen’s roles for a change? They do a lot better half the time… give them a spotlight instead.

      • Adam

        Kristen Wiig is the funniest cast member on SNL. She makes me howl.

    • noirfan01

      Kristen Wiig is funny IN MODERATION! SNL, let the other women in your cast develop.

      • Kris

        The problem is, they dont have many other funny women. The new girl who did Miley last week was good but other then her, who do they have? The only other female repertory player is Abby Elliot and if last night’s “Lea Michele” impersonation wasn’t proof enough, she is atrocious. Nesim Pedrad is ok with some sketches but she never shines in anything. Basically it’s use Kristen Wiig or have no large female roles in the entire show.

    • Joseph

      You live in Bizarro world. Kristen Wiig has been one of the strongest players on SNL for a good while now and just gets better and more confident as the seasons go by. Her repertoire is strong and diverse: the Target lady is not like Shana the sexpot office worker; Juniece from the Lawrence Welk show is not like Starfish the scattered script girl with an overbite; the Password actress contestant is nothing like Gilly (though I’ve seen enough of Gilly to last me a lifetime); her Judy Garland, Katherine Hepburn, and Carol Channing impersonations on those Vincent Price holiday specials are hilarious and spot-on.
      It’s Kristen Wiig who keeps getting the Emmy noms for SNL, and deservedly so. I hope she’s around for a long time to come.

      • Kris

        Most of the fans know Kristen is the best. She’s just suffering from Glee-syndrome. Whenever something or someone becomes really popular, there’s a backlash because people think she’s too over-exposed and basically hate her for that.

      • TMB

        But Joseph, all of those characters you mentioned of Wiig’s are all one-note wonders. It’s easy to tell two minutes into the sketch what her catchphrase or annoying character trait will get beaten into the ground. What summed it up for me was the cold open on the Betty White show when everyone in the world wanted to see her and all the other SNL alums, only to have Wiig upstage them with annoying small-hands girl. What more can be done with that joke? SHE HAS SMALL HANDS…WE GET IT!!!

    • Dan K

      I’ve been saying that Whig was not funny ever since they were jamming here into every skit on the show and EW began championing her. Whig does little more than put on a goofy face and talk in a silly voice–that does not make for a good comic actor. There is never any real character created–just mugging. Ugh! #WhigIsNotFunny

      • mike

        Goofy face + silly voice = Wiig. This nails it. Do something else, please, or use another person in all of these sketches.

    • adamfan

      I like Wiig, she is funny but that Gillie skit has go to GO already. It is never funny, it is just annoying and it sets a bad tone for the entire show. Yes, I agree they throw Wiig in too much. Even though she is very talented, in my opinion, they need to let other women take some of the roles.

      • HarmoneNotHermione

        It’s not as funny now that Will Forte is gone. He as teacher and her as Gilly were funny.

    • Brian

      You can measure a modern SNL by how many Kristen Wiig retreads they throw in. It should be obvious by now that there will never be another Blues Bros., Wayne’s World, or even Night at the Roxbury or Superstar that will come out of her lame, shallow characters. They are built around a goofy face and an inflection, never anything with substance. When they put her out of our misery it will be the single greatest step forward the show has taken since Lorne took the show back in the early days.

    • brandy

      Whatever. I think she’s absolutely hysterical.

    • RCB

      I’ve seen the Secret Password skit several times, and I knew Kristin will say the word each time, but I still found it funny. I have to agree though that Gilly was not funny, but it was more due to bad writing than bad acting.

    • Rhonda

      I agree. I can’t stand Kristen Wiig. I usually end up flipping the channel when I see her. She is not funny to me. I don’t under stand why she is so many skits. Oh and Brian no there never will be another Blues Brothers. That mold has been broken. No other cast will ever live up to the “Not Ready for Primetime Players”

  • TorontoTom

    Did I mention that….


    • juju

      I could write a song for every guest host to sing called KRISTEN WIIG IS NOT FUNNY. And it still wouldn’t be enough. I HATE HER. I don’t even know her and I hate her. See what you’ve done by shoehorning her unfunny self into every skit, SNL? See what you’ve done?

      • Jason

        I agree – the thing is, when she’s just playing a “normal” character in a movie or guest role she’s not that bad. The characters on SNL – Gilly, the Password lady, the Target Lady, the Lawerence Welk lady — they’re ALL the same and NONE of them are funny at all. I was hoping Lynch would have been strong enough on her own that we wouldn’t have to see much Wiig last night. Lynch WAS good enough – and they still used Wiig too much.

      • Tom

        Jason, I agree. She’s funny when she tones it down in movies like Knocked Up (small role) and Extract or in some SNL roles like her character in the MacGruber sketches. It’s not that she isn’t talented but that most of her recurring characters have become over-the-top and one-note.

      • Melissa

        I agree on the not liking her. I actually got angry when she came on as Gilly in the Glee skit.

      • Jen

        It makes one wonder whether it’s her acting, or just the fact that she allows the obviously male dominated writing and production staff to create these one-note, rather sexist characters for her. That’s what was so amazing about when Tina and Amy were in charge-as made so obvious by their returns in episodes last season and this season-they actually created characters that felt like real woman! Ones that I laughed with as much as at, that female audiences could actually relate to.

      • Kris

        JuJu, you have Glee syndrome. You hate her for no reason other then she’s popular. Check into the Betty Ford Center immediately. You have a problem, admitting it is the first step to recovery. Then you can see what a great talent Wiig is and how SNL wouldn’t be much without her.

    • brandy

      I adore Kristen Wiig, and so do all of my friends and family members. Even if the writing is terrible, she still cracks me up with her delivery.

      • Sharona

        Kristen Wiig is so painfully annoying that she ruined that Glee sketch. I fast forward through anything she does

      • bill hater

        Glee is so painfully annoying that it ruined that Gilly sketch.

      • Nate

        I deeply love Kristen Wiig, but I can sympathize with the frustration from some of the haters out there. “One-note” is a pretty fair criticism of a lot of her recent characters, and the new Shana skit is the most unpleasant and aggressively unfunny things I’ve seen out of SNL in some time. I think it’s possible that her strength with impersonations is back-firing a bit right now through overuse.

  • Andrew

    LOVED Jane Lynch and Bruno Mars. A great duo this week. To the writers of SNL: how about a skit of the ladies from “The View”?

    So what?! Who cares?!

    • Al-2

      @TorontoTom: actually Wiig can be pretty funny, but it seems she is only allowed on stage if she is playing one of her horribly overused characters.

      The most horrific words in SNL history may be Seth Meyers, Head Writer. Much of last night’s episode seemed terrified of women or misognystic:

      Glora Allred cold open (successful women are evil). This open was particularly meanspirited, even for SNL.
      Christine O’Donnell commercial (political women are evil)
      New Boyfriend Club (women are whores)
      Secret word (women are talentless hacks)
      Orman (women are lesbians)
      Facebook commercial (your mom is an idiot)
      Digital short (your female therapist is a whore)

      To the show’s credit, I thought the New Boyfriend Show was genuinely funny, and the Magic Johnson joke, was edgy, something rare for SNL these days.

      Negative points for using Pharoah, someone who seems to have actual comic talent, only for impressions.

      Jane Lynch, though, sold this crap well, especially the football song parody. Now, I don’t recall the theme song being particularly long, so I guess I didn’t get the joke. But she nailed Faith Hill’s mannerisms and the inanity of the song in of itself.

    • Kris

      SNL has done many View sketches. Wiig does a HILARIOUS impression of Elisabeth. Spot on.

  • The Jackal

    The Denzel Washington impersonation was outstanding.

    The Glee sketch with Kurt’s dad was funny because that character is what stopped me from watching Glee, so glad to see they made fun of him being over the top.

    • bamalam

      oh please. Since when is a supportive father “over the top”?

    • Jesse

      “Over the top”? How is the supportive father more over the top than Lea Michele crying her eyes out in a solo number at the end of each episode?

      • Frank

        I don’t understand how Kurt hasn’t figured out his dad love hm yet. In every Kurt episode it is him trying to figure out if his dad love him. Rachel Berry is at least crying over different things.

  • Michele

    I also thought that Jane’s character in the Password sketch was based on Phyllis Diller. I had to wonder if they were aware of the fact that Glee is set in Lima, Ohio and that is Phyllis Diller’s home town.

  • Pamela

    You know what’s hilarious? HIV. So, SO funny. I can’t imagine anything funnier. I mean, the average comedy bit would take up herpes, gonorrhea or syphilis as the go-to sexually-transmitted butt of the joke. You know, treatable STIs. But not SNL. No, straight to the HIV. And they are so confident that it’s so totally okay to make fun of HIV, they wouldn’t even permit the characters to say it. Astounding. Absolutely amazing. Really, I’m really, truly in awe.

    But seriously, every week group x freaks out that SNL did y or z, usually undeservedly. But if no one calls out that disgusting Magic Johnson joke I will be supremely disappointed. Nothing says class like side-swiping a devastating illness with “humor” that makes poor taste look like a fundraising gala.

    • Al-2

      It was a pretty tasteless joke, but I laughed. Isn’t that the point? As I said above, it’s amazingly edgy for SNL and I would like to see the show be a lot edgier, maybe just not HIV jokes.

      • patrick

        You can’t pick and choose what can be made fun of. Either it’s all up for grabs or nothing.

      • Nate

        I think that, actually, you can pick and choose. It’s called taste and moderation though it is, of course, somewhat subjective.

    • Jamie

      They used Magic Johnson because he’s the most famous case of someone with an STD. Can you think of a bigger celebrity that has had an STD scandal? No. That’s why they did it. So that 100% of the audience would get the joke. If they used any other celebrity. maybe 60% of the audince gets the joke. He didn’t matter what he had (AIDS, herpes, etc.) because he’s the most famous so they needed to use him for the subtlety of the joke to work. A freak-out is not necessary.

      • Sean S.

        Tommy Lee (Hepatitis)
        Pamela Anderson (Hepatitis)
        Rock Hudson (HIV)
        Freddie Mercury (HIV)
        Liza Minelli (Herpes)
        Robin Williams (Herpes)
        Billy Idol (Herpes)

        Not saying these people all have/had these diseases, but that they all had scandals or lawsuits about these diseases. Just pointing out that Magic Johnson isn’t the most famous person with an STD “history”

      • lefty

        Besides Pamela and Tommy…I honestly hadn’t heard of most of these having scandals with STDs even.

    • David D

      Not to comment on your point, Pamela, because you clearly feel passionate about it, but I’m sincerely curious — how do you feel about all the rape jokes in the “Scared Straight” sketches? I never hear anyone complain about those, and personally, I’m much more offended by those — which are the entire point of those sketches — than that single Magic Johnson throwaway.

      • Jen

        I know! Thanks for pointing that out. And besides the fact that rape is not funny, those particular jokes also come across as homophobic.

      • MelindaB

        I have to agree; while I gasped a bit that they would even go there, the SS skits are so much worse. I think they’d be funnier if they were threatening them with innocuous things, like tapioca pudding for dessert every day. But I don’t find “humor” that makes you cringe funny.

      • Nate

        Prison rape is a comedy staple in America. Which is deeply offensive and deeply troubling.

    • pattycupcake

      Pam, I felt the same way. This was by far the best skit of the night but I cringed at the Magic Johnson reference. It’s just too personal to be funny. Leave it alone.

      • Ap

        Me too. The HIV joke just wasn’t funny. It didn’t sound like many in the audience laughed with it either.

  • David D

    Well, every week these boards fill up and fill up with “I Hate Kristen Wiig” comments, but let’s be fair here. Every single character she played last night, she’s played before. Every joke for every character she played last night, she delivered before. And I cannot put all the blame on her — you can only do so much with the material you’re given, and if the writing staff, and Lorne Michaels, can’t give you more, or give you the same stuff over and over and over, it’s not entirely Wiig’s fault. I think she IS funny, but good material has to let her — or anyone — be so.

    • Emholl

      This may have changed, but it used to be that the acting staff on SNL was also the writing staff–i.e the comediennes were responsible for writing the show as well as performing it. Which makes the claims that “Kristen Wiig is not funny” doubly true if she can’t write characters/skits for herself that are funny.

      • D

        You’re just stupid if you think the only skits she’s in are the ones she writes. Im so sick of the Kristen isn’t funnny bull, she is the most talented of them all, but Lorne himself has said whenever a writer needs a strong lead t hey go straight for her. It’s not her fault she’s overused! She was their only female regular for years

      • J

        And you’re stupid if you think SNL writers, and not her, created Gilly, the Target Lady, and her other awful characters. If you knew anything about sketch comedy writing, you would know that performers come to SNL and use characters they have developed over their career. Do you think Pharaoh just arrived at 30 Rock and the writers thought it’d be funny for him to impersonations? No, these are impersonations he has worked on and developed. Sadly, Wiig never developed anything funny on her own.

      • Will

        Most of you may not find Kristen Wiig all that funny but she does have the most recurring characters out of anyone on the show. And I’m kind of sick of seeing reviews every week from Ken basically saying that you hate Kristen Wiig…we get it…you make your point clear every week. Even if you don’t like her, she has become the most memorable on the show, and the one talked about most often.

    • Holly

      The cast do a lot of writing. Kristen may not write sketches she is in all by herself, but she like other cast members, has talked about in interviews how she comes up with her characters.

  • Mark S

    I thought it was decent. The Denzel sketch was great and I actually liked Secret Word for once, due to Jane doing the Diller like impression and TB Jeebies made me laugh out loud. Writing stunk worse than usual this week. Finally, why do they keep trying to push Gilly down our throats? There was some good Glee character moments, but Gilly was not needed. I would have rather seen anything else than Gilly in that sketch.

  • The Jackal

    Watching the show last night, I knew these section was going to be filled with Kristen Wigg bashing. Every week it’s the same thing. YAWN!

    • Jason

      There must be a reason for all the bashing. Oh wait – it’s because SHE’S NOT FUNNY.

      • scott

        Yes she is, she is very funny! Funny Funny Funny! While you site a home and bash her, she is making millions!

  • coco

    Denzel’s skit was great. The new guy is awesome. Fire K_Wigg. I dislike her so much!Not funny. Loved Bruno Mars, hopefully he will stop using coke soon.

  • jenny jones

    “Gilly…” What. “Gilly….” What. “Gilly….you suck.” Sorry. Jane Lynch, great job with poor writing–why not bring out your best writers for your best host so far this year? Oh yes, because you’re SNL . . .

  • Chelsea

    The “Boyfriend Show” sketch had me until the Magic Johnson bit. That made me cringe. HIV isn’t funny, SNL.

    • Nate

      You’re HIV is not funny. It’s hilarious. I’m going to go watch RENT now.

      • hmmm…

        Maybe instead of watching “Rent”, you could take a class on grammar. It’s “your” not “you’re”. God forbid YOU ever contract HIV. I doubt if you’ll be laughing then. Oh, and “Rent” as a movie sucked. But then again, your taste in movies is equivalent to your sense of humor.

      • m

        I am HIV POSITIVE that the skit was funny

  • O-My

    Jane Lynch is funny. SNL is NOT. The only explanation is that the writers SUCK! Not only are the sketches mediocre at best they have no ending. They just run out of steam and the show (and audience) move on. And if all the new Black guy is gonna do is impersonate Black actors he’s in for a short ride. After Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, and Bill Cosby…then what??? Armisen’s Obama is fine. This president just ain’t funny. And neither are the SNL writers! (See how I brought that up again to provide an ending.)

    • imho

      O-My – Thank you for saving me the typing! SNL used to be fantastic, and is now painful to watch. Betty White and Jane Lynch were funny despite being given mediocre skits… I miss the original cast. The only ones worth watching, in my opinion.

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