Christine O'Donnell, witchcraft, and Bill Maher: TV and politics put a hex on common sense

On the Friday season premiere of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher played a clip of newly victorious Republican candidate Christine O’Donnell. It was a 1999 segment from Maher’s old ABC show Politically Incorrect, and it’s had immediate political repercussions:

In the wake of the Friday night HBO airing, O’Donnell canceled appearances on two Sunday morning talk shows, CBS’ Face The Nation and Fox News Channel’s Fox News Sunday. A spokesperson for O’Donnell denied there was a connection between the Maher clip and the cancellations, but the last-minute coincidence speaks for itself.

That’s certainly what Republican strategist and Fox News analyst Karl Rove thinks. He went on Fox News Sunday in place of O’Donnell and said bluntly, “In southern Delaware, there are a lot of churchgoing people. They’re going to want to know what that is all about.” He called upon O’Donnell to explain her I-dabbled-in-witchcraft remarks.

I think what the clip was all about was O’Donnell speaking about her wide and varied experiences that led to her current, Tea Party-backed, conservative positions. Maher was using the clip to do his job: Make fun of anyone he considers ridiculous, conservative or liberal. Rove was using the clip in the hopes of dashing O’Donnell’s chances of remaining a viable candidate.

The idea that O’Donnell should have to explain her decade-old curiosity with witchcraft while on a date with a guy who knew something about animal sacrifices — well, hey, don’t we all have an old dating story or two like this?

Once again, the news media is all too willing to mingle with the entertainment media, with the result that what should provoke nothing more than a derisive laugh (which was Maher’s goal) suddenly becomes a “serious” news story (which is how it’s been played on many of the network and cable news shows). Now more than ever, we need to rally around the idea of restoring sanity — oh, wait, that’s what Jon Stewart’s trying to do, isn’t it?

What do you think of the Christine O’Donnell witchcraft controversy?

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  • Christine O’Donelle

    This story is unfactual. I am just trying to defend the homeland of our security with witchcraft and no masturbation.

    • e4ia

      oh you teabaggers…..

      • e4ia

        Your boyfriend must have been pretty desperate to choose a loser like you….

    • e4ia

      Don’t forget racism and homophobia.

      • dollorbil

        There is no such thing as homophobia. There is right and wrong god did not make Adam for Jon or Eve for Sue.

    • LOL

      Teabaggers are hilarious. How can anyone take these fools seriously?

      • anne

        just watch how seriously the tea party is taken ! open your eyes or be blinded by the hate.

      • Gross

        How can anyone take you (LOL) seriously when you use the vulgar term teabagger? It’s disgusting that anyone on the left immediately uses this term whenever the Tea Party is mentioned (and gets away with it!), instead of discussing the issues. What if every time the NOW was mentioned, we all called ‘em carpet munchers?

      • Denise

        Hey, Gross, blame the Tea Party itself. THEY’RE the ones who started calling themselves Teabaggers, so if the name fits…… ‘Bag on!!!!!

      • Jason

        well I’d vote for her if she wasn’t trying to backpeddle away so hard. I mean, we’ve tried everything else–maybe a little witchcraft could help solve our economic issues, as well as the overcrowded animal shelter situation…

      • @Denise

        No, the Tea Party supporters did not and do not call themselves Teabaggers. That term is used by people who can’t rationally discuss the issues, so they revert to disgusting name-calling.

      • Tony

        The day the Teabaggers stop calling liberals, socialists, communists and nazis is the day they can complain about being called teabaggers.

      • Jim Nickerson

        I suppose you have all the answers. It’s all a matter of opinion depending on where your mind is, that is, if you have one. You are exactly what your comments reveal with absolutely no wisdom. Your comments are a reflection of exactly who YOU ARE. You only know what the Media wants you to know, so your comments really have no meaning to anyone with any sense at all. Of course, mine is the same, it goes out into the air and lands now-where. I like to hear something positive once in a great while..but we are a sick generation. evidence is all around us.

      • John Wyatt Harper

        Ahhh, Gross, lighten up. Right now, I’m looking at a photo of an od white guy with a “Proud to be a teabagger” button on his cap.

        Teabaggers originally coined the phrase. Progressives started making fun of them for coming up with it because they understand more about the world and the things in it, and because,well, they have a clue.

        Look, Gross, we don’t really care what teabaggers do behind closed doors. What we do care about is how teabaggers can be such arrogant “know-it-alls” and then so very cluelessly “step in it” like they did over the use of the term, “teabagger”. Progressives now use it as a way to “shorthand” the notion that teabaggers are, at their core, fundamentally uninformed, unsophisticated and provincial. Gross, the way we look at it is this. Teabaggers can “teabag” or not, as they see fit. We don’t care. We also don’t care if they’re gay. The irony here is that the reason that teabaggers “feel insulted” over the use of the teabagger label is because teabaggers are the only ones that think that there is someting wrong with being gay and engaging in gay sex acts.

      • usnret

        and Liberal C R A P are ignorant

    • Rush


      • Jason

        BURN HER!

      • Robyn

        This isn’t my nose, it’s a false one!

      • ivan

        …and what else floats in water?

      • Wench

        Robyn & ivan, good point! ;)
        She’s a witch!

      • John

        Very small rocks!

      • Tiffany

        “She turned me into a newt! I got better.”

  • McFudge

    In a fascinating turn of events, both the right and the left are jumping on this as a reason to criticize O’Donnell….the left because they’re just generally hacked off about Tea Party people and will seize on any reason to go off on them; the (establishment) right because O’Donnell wasn’t their choice and they consider her chances of getting elected slim…so they’re acting like five-year olds. The left’s response I get, but why the right is eating its own is beyond me. It’s tough enough to run against your political adversaries, much less against your supposed political friends. The Karl Roves who have their knickers in a bunch over O’Donnell’s primary win had better get over it and help out or their prediction that she’ll lose is bound to come true.

    As for the witchcraft thing, well, that’s just silly stuff, and if that’s really why she canceled her appearances on the Sunday shows, then that was just stupid of her.

    Gotta love politics.

    • RP

      “but why the right is eating its own is beyond me” – Just because you agree with some of someone’s stances doesn’t mean they’d make a good politician or that some of their other stances can be ignored. I don’t think any party wants those at the extreme edge running for office. So I get why they’re unhappy.

      That said, this is their own fault. They’ve spent the past two years pandering to the extreme; basically validating them. They can’t be surprised that Tea Partiers are running for office when they’ve been treated as more important than their traditional base.

      • Karen Angell

        Well said.

    • Monie

      While I agree the clip is a ridiculous one, Ms. O’Donnell has also stated her belief that American scientists have developed mice with fully functioning human brains.

      Is this someone you’d trust to vote upon stem-cell research or climate science?

  • Robert Fisler

    Why not bring out some clips of Al Franken when he was ten years younger? A person has a has a right to a life. As far as character suitable for a Senator, we had one who was a KKK member! another famous Senator was involved in a drowning with a young aid! He didn’t report the death untill the next day! He later ran for president. Christine did nothing like that!!

    • Luddite

      Lemme tell you, as a Minnesotan, I am proud that Al Franken is my senator. And I can assure you, his opponents are more than willing to dredge up his past whenever they get the opportunity. (And that’s fine. His constituents should be able to make an informed decision. BUT SO SHOULD CHRISTINE O’DONNELL’S.)

      • Joe

        As a Minnesotan, I’m embarrassed by Franken.

      • Ruby

        As a Minnesotan, I am also truly embarrassed by Franken.

      • Lena from Moose Lake

        Proud of Al. Embarrassed by Michele.

      • McCobb

        As a Minnesotan, I am embarrassed by Joe and Ruby, and also Kevin Sorbo.

      • aradia

        …I’m embarrassed by Kevin Sorbo and I’m from NY.

      • IlliniGuy

        As an Illinoisan, I’m embarrassed by Minnesotans.

      • Luddite

        Can I ask why you consider him an embarrassment? Just because he’s a former comedian?

      • Monty

        As a Minnesotan, I’m embarrassed by the 15-20% of the population that makes up the very far left and right. Oh…and also the 80% of the state of Wisconsin and Illinois. That has more to do with sports then any other logical reasoning though…

      • side3

        I’m from Oklahoma. My two senators think the world is flat. I’d love to have someone as progressive as Al Franken.

      • youmeanitisn’t

        OMG side3 you mean those two old f**ts Coburn and Inhofe have been lying to us. gasp!…and to think they are such good church going men.
        As for Palin’s little mini me, when you run on a holier than thou platform, well you better be holier than thou. Although her dabbling in Satanism (she said she on a satanic alter) doesn’t bother me as much as her misuse of campaign contributions or that fact that she filed for bankruptcy way before the economy went sour. If she can’t balance her own checkbook do you really want her making decision’s that affect all of us.

      • Ember

        As a Minnesotan, I now know I can blame Luddite. I met Al Franken years ago at a book signing (well before he was running for office, and well before I was old enough to care about politics), and he was rude and crude. You probably think Dayton is qualified to be Governor because his family founded a department store.

      • Jason

        As an American, I’m embarrased by Minnesota. You guys do know we tell other countries that you’re Canadian, right?

      • Uncle Si

        As a Minnesotan, I’m embarrassed by Minnesotans.

      • Dragonfly

        Al Franken is a breath of fresh to me after listening to Michele Bachman. She’s just as bad as what we have here in TX. especially on the state school board.

    • Terry

      I remember that Bill semmed to really like her. She was on PI all the time. Don’t know about his new show. Haven’t watched that(no cable).

    • Elizabeth

      No one’s question her right to have a life, but to be so completely oblivious to the fact that this kind of stuff would come up is amazing. If she can’t remember being on nationally-televised programs, is this a person I want to put in government?

      **we could say that about them all, couldn’t we?**

    • ann p

      mr fisler you have serious memory problems dont you? a heck of lot more republicans are former kkk memebers than robert byrd was. also you seem to forget about the wife of the last president who killed her fiance in a car accident and never suffered any consequences. there is nothing more ignorant on this planet than a republican. you people will believe anything as long as one of your fox news gods tell you to believe it.

      • Holly

        Wow, Ann P, misinformed much? It is widely know that Byrd was a member of the KKK. Can you give us the names of all (or any) of these republicans who are known to have been members? Also, it wasn’t her fiance who was killed in the car accident. It was a boy she went to school with. I think the ignorance on this board belongs to you.



      • Maree

        Give her time . . to ???
        take us back about 200+ years? (or more).

    • waya

      O’Donnell is a liar many times over, she is a religious nut, she wants to remove womens rights, as in removing females from the military and military schools because women are a “distraction” to men. Women need to take care of their men instead! And she doesn’t want any coed facilities for college students either. Seriously, she has more in common with the Taliban than America. Sharon Angle has the same thoughts – Angle wants to introduce legislation to prevent women with children the right to work (protecting family values). American women – be careful who you vote for, otherwise get ready to buy your burkas!

    • Karen

      Ran for president? I guess I missed that

    • Tim

      The first two are dead, O’Donnell is not. Well, she maybe a little brain dead based on some of her more recent escapades.
      She is not a bad lady, just a little light and afraid of intellect. But you know she will fit right in with Demint and his crew.

  • couchgrouch

    I refudiate Maher as unfactual.

    • Tom Strong

      Bill Maher is an anti-science idiot, a well-known vaccination denier. Screw that guy.

      • Tad

        I would to be the first to make him squeal like a pig…btw very well hung here!

      • AJ

        Maher is pro-science and anti-religion. Facts please.

      • Jason

        Yeah Tom–might as well call him a witch too if you’re going to just make stuff up.

    • darclyte

      LOL @ refudiate.

      • Peter Popper

        What’s really LOL is the number of people who didn’t catch that.

      • Will

        @Peter Popper, it’s true…furthermore I’m so glad refudiate is in my life again…I had almost completely forgotten about that word, but that will never happen again. STRATEGERY!!!!

  • Mac

    Republicans in general are idiots, the Tea Party even moreso. It’s hard to believe that so many Americans want them back in office. I have a protected job, so I don’t care, but when all these senior citizens lose even more of their savings, then they have nothing to blame but themselves.

    • McFudge

      You have a “protected” job? Government worker? Clergyman? Porn star?

      • Karen


    • Pookie

      “I have a protected job, so I don’t care”…..really? I didn’t, and through no fault of my own, I have endured two horrible years. It’s exactly YOUR attitude that has allowed the Tea Party to flourish. There are far too many like you, out there.

      • tundraaim

        Let’s not forget why the Tea Party has also flourished – RACISM – if you dont believe it you’re drinking the GOP Kool-Aid

      • kgb

        You have endured 10 horrible years, do not just count the last 2, idiot.

      • Zombie Jesus

        Still waiting for WMDs in Iraq…..still waiting for bin Laden’s capture. And we only spent $800 billion(on China’s premier credit card of course).

      • @tundraaim

        There you go, tundraaim…pulling the racism card when it is 160-degrees from the truth. Try posting a FACT.

      • Jason

        I feel pretty sure you meant 180 degrees, since 160 degrees would put it at roughly 5 O’clock from the truth, which isn’t completely opposite. Or maybe that makes sense in your world.

    • J.K.

      Stray political observation: the only “protected jobs” are those in government or those defended by productivity-crushing unions. One of the biggest problems with this country is that there are too many people like Mac, who only has to do the minimum to keep his job. It used to be that although government jobs paid less than private sector jobs, there was more job security. Now, government workers get paid more and have limitless job security. So they just keep giving themselves perks and don’t bother doing what they were elected to do. And which party is owned by the unions and supports endless government bureaucracy expansion? The Democrats.

      • Tad

        How can you say that it has flourished because of Racism. That is the most ignorant statement I have ever heard. The reason that it has rose to prominence is because of the stupidity of the elected officials with their outrageous spending and policies. If the elected officials cared about anyone other than themselves we wouldn’t be in this financial mess. This is no different than when Jimmy Carter was in office so it has nothing to do with race.

      • tundraaim

        It hasn’t flourished ONLY because of racism, but it contributed. If you’re in the Tea Party you are not a racist, but if you’re a racist you probably agree with them.

      • peggym

        The “government workers make more” story has been repudiated(and refudiated) many times. Even the agency that worked up the figures said they were used out of context.

      • thin

        Well said.

      • thin

        My comment was directed @tundraaim.

      • J.K.

        Not really, peggym. The arguments that public sector workers are older and better educated are flawed at best, and don’t take into account the enormous benefits that government workers receive.

      • McFudge

        “It hasn’t flourished ONLY because of racism, but it contributed. If you’re in the Tea Party you are not a racist, but if you’re a racist you probably agree with them.”

        @tundraaim: And you know this because….?

      • @McFudge

        Please. Anyone who lives in this country knows that.

      • Blame Leno

        Government jobs are NOT protected!! If you believe that you are delusion. I’ve seen many ppl with Gov. jobs laid. Local governments are just as poor as private industries and the job loss casualties are just as staggering and I’m not crazy enough to believe this mess happened magically in the last two years nor do I believe it could have been fixed in two years. Took SEVERAL years to get us here and will take several more to get us back to right.

      • Sue1

        My uncle worked at a (low-level, admittedly) government job for over 25 years. Nice pay, but awful medical coverage, causing him to go on my aunt’s plan. When he was injured on the job he was fought on every level, from PT to the surgery 2 doctors insisted he needed. He still continued to work, until forced into ‘retirement’ or lose any chance of seeing the pension he had paid into. His benefits are less than they would have been had he continued working, and his Social Security is the minimum allowed….no double dipping.
        There are government jobs, and then there are Government Jobs.

      • Kelena Likona

        Do any of you have weekends of or for theat matter a couple days of. Vacation time, sick leave Kids under 12 that work 16 hr/day.. Well MOron you can thank labor movement and Unions for it was the middle class and blue collar that forced companies and govt to protect worker rights..and you can thank labor unions for you damn Weekends of Leisure..Otherwise we would still be working 12 hr days and their would be chilcren working in sweat shops…What short term memories you stupid selfish people have. Get a clue maybe if you read real books and not read and watch cartoons like Fox News…you might be informed with facts instead of hate and fear…I pity the weak of mind…No room for lambs to the slaughter…Baaahhd choice of sides to pick or idiotology from Tea Party/baggers like C. O’donnell, Hell all she is is a weak Mini-me Sarah Palin wannabe! And she wrote the book on Wingnuts!

      • Karen

        Government jobs are union jobs? Really?

    • Tad

      Dude wake up, Obama is the one who wants to do away with Social Security and give it to all the immigrants. Yeah the only secure job in this country is a Priest and we know what they are all about.

      • tundraaim

        are you making this up? where do you get your news from? so misinformed

      • Chappel

        Tad, the Colbert report is SATIRE… he really doesn’t mean those things he says. Sort of like Fox News geared towards a smarter crowd.

      • Avenger

        Dude (ugh), you’re an idiot. Obama (gee can he be called the PRESIDENT now already, as he actually WON the election, unlike the last guy)has been MORE than friendly to corporations and has NOT helped out the little guy nearly as much as expected. If you’re going to be angry, at least be angry within the bounds of reality.

      • lindy lou

        Avenger, speaking of idiots, you seem to have a short memory. Our last president was also referred to by his last name by many. Regardless of who holds the office, whether you like him or not, referring to the man by his last name is just plain disrespectful to the office he holds.

    • Dee

      With Repulicans Seniors could lose their savings. With Democrats and their Health care plans they will more than likely be turned away losing their lives. It all sucks! Witchcraft is the least of anyone’s political problems.

      • waya

        Actually, under Obama, I know folks who have been shafted by their insurance companies, now having coverage. I know two college students who now have health coverage, and one woman with MS who was laid off and had to change jobs – originally the new insurance wouldn’t cover her MS but now they have to, so she can keep getting the medication she needs to be functional in society. Without her meds she would be bedridden. Obama’s healthcare is NOT evil and will help everyone EXCEPT the insurance companies, who (like oil companies) make billions in profits off denying us care!

  • Jonny

    Bill Maher said he was going to show an embarrassing clip of her every week until she did his show again. While I don’t always agree with Bill Maher, part of what he’s doing here is calling attention to the fact that she’s hiding from the press. Even if it’s not Bill Maher, it’s important that she face the press and even appear on shows and networks whose agenda is not in line with hers. That way, she can show off bit of dexterity, showing constituents she knows how to handle debate with those who might disagree, which is what she’ll have do in the Senate. A lot of tea party candidates (notable exception: Rand Paul) will not go on the air, lest they be called out for some of their more extreme views. If they believe in what they’re saying, they should have no problem going out and saying it, fighting for it, defending it. A lot of people suspect that many tea party candidates can’t and won’t go to the press because they know the ideas they are supposedly fighting for are not well thought out, built on a house of cards and based purely on identity politics.

    • Nineteen

      Well, in her defense she did do some interviews with the media this week.

      Palin on the other hand…

  • hornacek

    couchgrouch, how can you refudiate Bill Maher as unfactual? It’s not like he’s talking about a conversation he overheard of a friend of a friend of someone who once dated ODonnell, it’s a video clip of ODonnell speaking saying that she did it!

    I’m more concerned about the clip that was posted earlier last week where she said if she was in Germany hiding Jews and Hitler came to her door and asked if she was hiding Jews, she said she would not lie. All her opponent needs to do is air a commercial saying “If I was hiding you from Hitler and Hitler came to my house and asked if I was hiding you, I’d lie to save your life.” On that ad alone, he should get 99% of the vote.

    • Jenny

      Refudiate and unfactual are real words. Couchgrouch is making fun of Palin and O’Donnell.

      • Jenny

        *Refudiate and unfactual are NOT real words.

      • Tad

        How many times do you hear the black community using words that are not correct? HELLO! Wake up Jenny

      • JennTex

        Tad, all communities use words that are not correct. Don’t be a bigot.

    • couchgrouch

      my reply was a joke using non-words that both Palin and O’Donnell have used.

  • powerpoultry

    Maher is disgusting. Christine is adorable.

    • bri

      Excellent argument, I’m convinced!

    • Buffy Freak

      Yes let’s elect people based on being “adorable”.

      • Red

        Nah, let’s stick with supporting people whom the media judge to be “cool” because they’re articulate when selling fake promises of “hope and change.”

      • tundraaim

        uncool and inarticulate = Palin, W.Bush, Why don’t Republicans choose respected politicians like Colin Powell or Condoleeza Rice to represent them, instead of stupid morons

      • Lolo

        You’re right, community organizers are much more reliable in making prudent governmental decisions. How come only democrats can get elected for absurd reasons?

      • tundraaim

        Obama was also a Senator, not just a community organizer. And Republicans also get elected for absurd reasons.

      • Luddite

        I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me why “community organizer” is an insult.

      • Luddite

        Oh, and to add to what tundraaim pointed out – not only was President Obama a Senator, but an attorney and a professor.

      • Tad

        Hey why do you think the woman elected Bill Clinton, it was not because he was a good candidate. It was because they wanted to sleep with him.

      • Tad

        Obama is no different than the Republican who left office from Idaho, I bet Obama taps his foot the same way in the men’s room, and it doesn’t have to be in an airport either.

      • Colin

        @tundraiim and luddite- yeah, senator for three whole years. woo-hoo. about as much time as he spent as a “community organizer,” which is an insult because it’s a meaningless position. He spent the majority of his pre-presidency career teaching. And you know what they say: those who can’t do, teach.
        He’s really validated that aphorism in the past three years.

      • tundraaim

        Isn’t the Tea Party against career politicians? You guys have to make up your minds. You’re against Obama because he wasn’t a career politician, but you’re for the Tea Party for not being career politicians. What’s the difference?

      • Mike J

        Being an attorney isn’t exactly a badge of honor. Shakespeare’s quote from Henry VI said it best…

      • Colin

        who said i was for the tea party? i’m not. however, i am tired of obama-apologists, especially those who pretend they voted for him based on anything more than slogans and “adorable”-ness.

      • LoveBug68

        Jesus Christ was a community organizer…Pontus Pilot was a governor. I’m just saying…

      • Luddite

        Colin (or @Colin, if that’s how I need to start this so you know I’m talking to you) – what would you consider appropriate preparation for the presidency? Community organizer is apparently out. I guess lawyer and teacher are too, though many of our former presidents worked as lawyers and teachers before they were president.

      • bob’s your uncle


        Bye-bye, we’re organizing the community based on sense, smarts and sanity.

    • Satan

      She was never more adorable then when she was sprawled on my altar. Vote for me, my Tea Party minions! VOTE FOR SATAN! WORSHIP ME! Mwah-ha-ha-ha!

      • God

        Dude, I thought we had a deal! You were supposed to lay low for the next few elections, and now you’re sending up this O’Donnell twit? Sheesh, listen, you can HAVE the Tea Party, ok? They’re not really mine anyway… nobody who spews that much hate on a regular basis is mine, no matter how often they go to church.

    • joesmom

      Lizzy Borden and Susan Atkins were cute too.

      • Jason

        Puh-leaze. Lizzie was a five AT BEST.

    • Jason

      Also, she’s a witch. So that’s cool.

  • Cam

    Wow, she pretty much won her primary because conservative Christians voted her in. I wonder how many of them are okay with witchcraft? AND she had a picnic at a Satanic altar… very creepy.

    • McFudge

      Well, gracious, it’s not as though she’s a practicing witch or something. Al Franken was snorting cocaine somewhere in the neighborhood of the time she went on a couple of creepy dates and HE got elected. Scott Brown posed nude for Cosmo as a law student and HE got elected, partly thanks to a nationwide Republican money bomb that pulled in $1.3 million. I don’t think O’Donnell’s Satanic dates are going to cause much consternation with the electorate, even the evangelicals. What’s their alternative? The slef-described “bearded Marxist”? Oh, yeah, I’m sure he’ll be picking up their vote.

    • Tad

      Anyone who likes Frank Sinatra likes witchcraft. It’s one of my favorite songs that he recorded!

      • tundraaim

        I agree. Great song.

    • Peter

      Right, “picnic”. That’s what she did at a Satanic altar on a date.

  • D.

    Just to set the record straight – If there was blood involved and/or a “Satanic altar” then the guy she was dating was NOT a witch. He was a Satanist, and there is a HUGE difference between the two. A true witch would never use blood, hurt animals or anything else like that. True witches live by the rede of “Harm no one.” So, it was not a witch she was dating, it was a Satanist. As for any “dabbling” she did, it sounds like she confused witchcraft with satanism, so in fact she “dabbled” in Satanism NOT witchcraft.

    • WatchesEverything

      Oh, well, that’s all right, then. Wait, what?

      • D.

        I did not say dabbling in Satanism is okay, in fact, I think that’s pretty horrible. I was just clarifying the difference between the two, because quite honestly, I would rather meet a witch (wiccan) then a satanist. The difference between the two is witches (wiccans) believe in “Harming no one” while satanists practice “Do what you will, period, regardless of how it affects other people.” So, you tell me which one is worse?

    • jodipo

      This is the point I feel needs to be talked about int he mainstream press. I don’t care what the entertainment press does with this, but actual news programs should be on her for either lying or not knowing the difference in what she was “dabbling” in.

    • Tad

      I had lots of teachers in school I would swear were actually Satan themselves. Very mean teachers, bad teachers….One did have nice hairy legs though

    • Chappel

      To the religious right, Wicca and worshipping satan are the same thing. Anything that doesn’t fit into their very narrow belief system is worshipping satan. Teaching kids it’s better to use condoms than to get pregnant when you’re in High School is worshipping satan.

      • D.

        *sigh* Yes, you are right, unfortunately. Still, for those with an open mind or those who would like the facts rather then propeganda, I felt it necessary to differentiate between the two. Still, you are right. :(

  • Lisa

    Oh but haven’t we all had a picnic at a Satanic altar at one time or another? lol
    With this talk of animal sacrifice I don’t think she’ll get PETA’s endorsement.

    • McFudge


      Yeah, she and Lady Gaga can cross PETA off their list of admirers.

    • Karen

      So what was it that she reportedly said she had actually done in high school while on a date with a Satanist that she misidentified as a witch?

  • Andy

    I don’t care at all.

  • DT

    With a story like this, why hasn’t anyone started in with the Monty Python quotes yet? I’ll start: “SHE’S A WITCH! BURN HER!”

    • Ellie

      Great idea!
      She turned me into a newt! *realizes that newts can’t speak*. …I got better.

      • Karen

        Newt!!! Now that’s funny!

  • Cindi LaFontaine

    I would expect that this is an edited video. Maher is a liberal jew who would stope to any low acts to harm conservative Christians

    • E

      Maher has no religion. He attacks all religions — Judaism (which may have been his parents’ religion)included.

      • Tom Strong

        Maher is an anti-science moron.

      • tundraaim

        anti-science?! since when?

      • Allison

        I forget which was which, but one of his parents was Catholic and one was Jewish. Maher himself doesn’t practice any religion.

      • AJ

        Maher is anti-religion and pro-science. Just cause you repeat your lies doesn’t make it true.

    • Destro

      That’s right honey, blind yourself silly from something that was caught on video, and DOES not appear too be altered. Those were her words, coming out of her own mouth. Keep being an idiot and keep catering to the religious right/nut jobs.. And Pray to find your way to heaven with that christian like mentality and compassion..

    • K

      Yeah, if you think Maher even has respect for religion – you don’t know him. And I thought his family was Catholic. He did a whole documentary about religion.

    • jodipo

      HAHAHAHAA! Holy crazy Anti Semite batman!! Go get a Life Cindi! Wow, that was pathetic

    • dntbstpd1

      Oh poor little @Cindi LaFontaine ur delusional if you think everything that contradicts your point of view is ‘altered’. That is all…

    • wakeforce

      Go Bill!!!!

  • Scott

    Ken, it wasn’t just a date. She said she hung out with people in witchcraft. Why is this important? Her whole campaign is run on strong conservative values. So this clips is not entertainment, it shows that she is not who she says she is.

    • Desmo

      Yeah and Obama’s whole campaign was run under the guise of being a moderate… Guess he isn’t who he say’s he is either.

      • Jessica

        Indeed, he’s a conservative. But that’s not what you meant, is it?

      • Desmo

        Conservative? Really?I meant exactly what I said.

      • tundraaim

        how is he not a moderate? he’s annoyingly a moderate. I wish he were more radical. Thats the change I want.

      • amy

        Fail. Obama didn’t run as a moderate. He ran as a liberal and is now acting moderate.

      • Chappel

        Typical conservative tactic. Instead of sticking to the point you change the subject and attack Democrats. Put down your list of talking points and learn to think for yourself. Or at least learn to think. That would be a great start.

      • RP

        He ran as a moderate and is acting moderate. He made a point of saying during the campaign that he’d work with both sides. It’s naive to think he’d get anything accomplished if he didn’t.

      • wakeforce

        Wow, the same people who said stop talking about Bush now want to keep harping on Obama. How are the kids, Hasselback?

    • lindy lou

      How many of us are the same people we were 10 years ago? Someone could have a life altering event and have their whole viewpoint on life turned completely around. Just because someone “dabbled” in something doesn’t mean they are still doing it. Come on people, open your minds and quit being so judgemental.

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