Why Jon Stewart's 'Rally To Restore Sanity' is important. No, seriously.

We should have seen this coming. Read the full post.

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  • Lynn

    I’m arranging to crash at a friend’s apartment and planning to fly out from Austin. Already have my sign planned: I’m open to hearing your ideas.

    • rhoadsbot

      So far I’ve come up with:

      I’d consider your POV if there was less spitting involved

      Literacy is not overrated

      Down with Bears

      Obama’s hair is prematurely graying

      Can anyone break a 20?

      Brother, can you spare a Viable Third Party?

      between now and then I’ll probably have about a hundred… this is going to be AWESOME

      • Flyer

        LOVE your signs, rhodsbot! I’ll be there, and might borrow one of your great sign ideas, if you don’t mind.

      • rhoadsbot

        Flyer.. take ‘em! Just an FYI- For the first idea, replace “I’d” with “I would” and you’d have a 5/7/5 haiku:
        I would consider
        Your point of view if there was
        Less spitting involved

  • well

    give me a freakin’ break. So is this some service they are doing for America, or simply another lame joke? It isn’t funny anymore.

    • Val

      If you don’t get it, then you shouldn’t worry about it. It’s a rally to point out to the media in America that a large number of people are moderate, rational, normal people who would like to see an end to partisan politics just for the sake of disagreement, and a start to cooperation for the betterment of the nation. It isn’t a joke, it’s an actual rally.

      I can’t believe that this is going over so many people’s heads.

      • 0h4foksake

        Well said Val. well said

    • Roger

      If you don’t get it stay home.

    • M

      That’s funny, if we were the far right we would tell you that you’re just afraid….

  • rhoadsbot

    Central PA husband and wife already booked a hotel room and can’t wait for this. I hope it’s a beautiful, sunny day and a million people really do show up.

  • Cult of Personality

    What’s sad is that most people that are going to attend this rally only get their “news” from the Daily Show.
    WAKE UP PEOPLE. Jon Stewart is a third rate comedian….NOT a journalist.
    Those that attend this rally are no better than those that attend Glenn Becks rally.

    • Roger

      Third rate comedian that wins every TV awards for comedy year in and year out.

    • rhoadsbot

      What’s sad is that you probably believe what you just wrote. I watch the Daily Show/Colbert but I also watch/read news from other sources. It’s called independant thought… “Cult of Personality” is a good song though, but that’s all I can give you.

    • M

      Most trusted news man in the business. Who should people be watching? All the news stations are trying to scare everyone one way or another and full of fluff that isn’t news. You can’t blame people for skipping that junk. Jon Stewart calls them out on it and it’s awesome!

    • Mel

      You’re right, I do only watch them. I then troll the internets and research a topic if it interests me. And you know what? They are usually not far off from what I find to be the truth.

    • Not Moby

      I don’t think anyone’s under any illusion that Jon Stewart is not a journalist. One, he’s on a comedy station. Two, he constantly reminds his audience that he’s a comedian, not a journalist. I think it’s those reasons exactly that a Time Magazine poll found that 44% of Americans consider him to be our most trusted newscaster. He even won crazytown Alaska.

      Now saying he’s a thrid rate comedian, thems are fighting words. What’s the criteria on your scale? First Rate= “You might be a redneck if. . .” Second Rate= Your last name starts with Cook. Third Rate= You make millions of viewers laugh every night, then do it twice at the Academy Awards, and then win a butt load of Emmy’s for it. Now if you said third rate actor, then we’d talk.

      • Blame Leno

        Ok your post had me crackin’ up from begining to end. Thanks for that Not Moby. HA!!!

      • 0h4foksake


      • GoodGrief

        well said Not Moby – and I’m not Moby either, btw.

    • Katyo

      Actually I’ve read several studies stating that most people who watch Stewart/Colbert are much better informed than the Fox news watching crowd, and tend to get their news from a variety of sources. A lot of people watch the Daily Show and the Colbert Report for another spin on the news.

    • Jessica

      Funny thing. Whenever my husband and I start talking about something in the news, it seems to wind up on either The Daily Show or Colbert shortly thereafter. Over the summer, I asked my husband if he’d heard about Basil Marceaux and we discussed his, um, unique platform. Not 2 days later, Colbert’s spotlighting him. The other day, my husband asked me if I’d seen the speech of a Republican candidate for treasurer in Ohio yet. He pulled up the video and we watched, then an hour later, Colbert was talking about him. This is pretty much par for our course. We aren’t getting our news from Stewart/Colbert, but we love the way the stories that we’re interested in seem to pop up on their show eventually.

  • Clete

    I admire Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert for even attempting something like this. It is needed, a breath of sanity in a world and political enviroment that becomes progressivly more shrill.

  • Alicia

    They are national treasures. I’m going to this rally. I love both Stewart and Colbert, but optimism edges out pessimism in my book (if not in reality).

  • jessica

    The excerpt that says Oct 30 is not significant–isn’t that Halloween? Bet someone can come up with an angle on how this is offensive to Halloween…

    • Flyer

      Halloween is Oct. 31. And hey, there’s enough people out there who already think Halloween itself is offensive! (And NO, I’m NOT one of them.)

  • jessica

    In fact, the ghost of Martin Luther King Jr. will probably go all crazy about it!

    • Flyer

      I’m betting he’ll be there too!

  • NinaV

    If my due date wasn’t at this time and I wasn’t in Germany, I would totally be there. So sad I am going to miss it. Hope it goes well!

    • 0h4foksake

      Congrats Nina! Too cool for school if your baby comes on the 30th!!! You’ll have quite a story to tell him/her later on.

  • gataroo

    I so want to go. But EEK! Halloween weekend?! Kids! Trick or treating! Parties! Now I am sad :(

    • Flyer

      Since trick-or-treating is usually over by 8 p.m., I would think most Halloween activities would still take place on Oct. 31 (Sun). And if you were planning a Sat night Halloween party, wouldn’t Colbert’s “Keep the Fear Alive” rally provide the perfect location for a “horrorfest”?

      • gataroo

        Halloween in my area is always on a friday or saturday night. Would everyone be willing to bring bags of candy so the kids can trick or treat person to person while I attend the rally of rage?

  • Carre

    Oh yes, I am planning to be there! Enough is enough of the extremist yammering.

  • Ruby

    I am one of these people. Every time I watch the Daily Show I always feel like I’m watching someone express my opinions and feelings on things. Like I’m not crazy! If I weren’t getting married this year and therefore can not afford the trip to DC, I’d so be there. I’d have Jon Stewart’s babies if you know, I wasn’t almost married and he wasn’t already married!!

  • PiedType

    For the first time in my life, I wish I lived on the East Coast instead of out west. America desperately needs this rally to be HUGE.

  • Bill & Sara

    We will cut our New Orleans vacation short by a couple of days and Amtrak it to DC. Gotta be a part of this!

  • DN

    John Stewart and Stephen Colbert have taken the age old method of being critical with humor in political cartoons and turned it into performance art! It’s brilliant. No one gets away unscathed.

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