Jon Stewart announces 'Rally To Restore Sanity' in Washington, D.C., for Oct. 30

Jon Stewart announced a “Rally To Restore Sanity” on Thursday night’s The Daily Show. He also called it, with a certain hopefulness, “A Million Moderate March.” Attempting to gather what he called the “70-to-80 percent” of Americans who aren’t extremists on the right or the left, Stewart invited viewers to come to Washington’s National Mall “on 10/30/10″ to embody common sense under the banner “Take It Down A Notch For America.”

Knowing that appealing to folks who are reasonable and usually “have s— to do,” unlike most protesters, Stewart said he’d even supply signs for the crowd to hold up. Signs like “I Disagree With You But I’m Pretty Sure You’re Not Hitler.” Oh, and: “Legalize Pot.”

Yes, Stewart admitted, The Daily Show will be in Washington during that time anyway, taping shows to air Oct. 25-28. Yes, Stewart is out promoting his new book, Earth (The Book), for which he’ll even appear once again on The O’Reilly Factor, on Sept. 22.

But Stewart, as usual, slides a sliver of seriousness into his grand joke of The Rally To Restore Sanity: He’d like to see more civil discourse dominate the news cycle.

Not to be outdone, Stephen Colbert immediately announced on The Colbert Report that he’ll host his own rally on the same day in the same location. It will be called the “March To Keep Fear Alive.”

Would you attend either of these rallies?

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  • nick yeager

    Yep! i will be at both! Cant wait!

    • ryan


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      • Joe Coffee

        Aww, Ryan needs attention. He must not have gotten enough love as a child. C’mon everyone, lets shower Ryan’s pointy little head with kisses & noogies. Poor Ryan, we’ll love you if no one else will.

      • KS

        Hi Ryan. I’m on dangling modifier patrol, so I’m trying to figure out if the word “ass” is in reference to Nick Yeager, Ken Tucker, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert… or perhaps you are declaring your preference for that particular body part? Get back to us and let us know for whom you write so eloquently, and then we can best respond to your emphatic declaration. Thank you.

      • SEA BASS


      • D

        to @KS: Brilliant.

      • J

        C’mon Ryan. Time to move out of mom’s basement

      • waya

        ASS = A Sign of Sanity. *high five* *LOL*

    • MissVampireDiaries

      Me either. Time to think of a creative sign!

    • Betty


    • Creek

      Lucky! I wish I could go. But I hope lots of people make it!

    • Kasey

      Can’t go, but I’d love to. More civil discourse would be nice. Focusing on the issues and discussing potential solutions to problems…let’s do it.

    • Holly

      They should purposely hold it on the same day as Barry Goldwater’s birthday, and then claim later that they didn’t know.

  • Janet

    Heck yeah. Sounds awesome.

    • Dupoof

      Janet, Are you a dope?

      • jason.

        What prompts you to ask?

      • Holly

        Dupoop are you a moron?

  • J.D.

    Absolutely, I live in Indianapolis and I will drive there. A little over 8 hours.

    • Gazza

      And I live in Australia, and will fly there. It’ll take me… wait, how long’s the flight to Washington?

      but seriously, I would if I could

      • Natalie

        I’m in Perth; wanna car pool?

    • steph

      I’m thinking the same thing! I’m from Indy too..I must be there.

      • Michaela

        haha i’m in DC so i’ll see you there! i’m doing this. it will be so far beyond all reasonable standards of incredibleness. can’t wait!

    • Jeremy W.

      I too am from Indianapolis. Wanna car pool to DC? I will be leaving friday night and returning sunday morning.

  • tg

    Jon Stewart for President!!!!

    • Jon

      Yaaaaay John Stewart for president, lets elect a mock news anchor who makes fun of politics for a living and knows next to nothing about law and government. Oh wait we already elected a celebrity and so far thats been an epic fail…-_-

      • dcet30

        Keep telling yourself that! He is doing fine

      • MiaRW

        Are you talking about Ronald Reagan?

      • FeeddyB

        I’m pretty sure Stewart knows more than “next to nothing” about law and government. He knows more than Sarah “I can’t name a Supreme Court case” Palin.

      • Denise

        “Jon”, Mr. Stewart knows more than most of the people we have elected to office, and certainly more than the un-elected rabble rousers who have to put crib notes on their hands and make up words because they think they’re Shakespeare.
        He also knows more than you, who apparently can’t even spell the subject’s name correctly even though it’s right there in the article and it’s also how you chose to post your name….talk about epic fail!

      • SJ

        stewart isn’t running for anything, just like glenn beck wasn’t when he held a rally.

        i would totally go to this rally. I have about 90 ideas for signs.

      • JMF

        Are you referring to St. Ronnie, the ?spokesman president.

      • GoodGrief

        You’re right…electing celebrities hasn’t gone so well…Reagan and Schwartzenegger were both fiscally catastrophic.

    • waya

      Stewart/Colbert in 2012 . . . .or Colbert/Stewart. With Daniel Tosh as their press secretary and Betty White as their first Supreme Court nominee!

      • Ana

        Hell yeah!

      • sfday

        That’s it! I’m becoming a citizen!

      • Bill Rodgers

        rofl yeah that’s the ticket I’d vote for.

  • Josh Sturmfels

    Does a bear poo on the threatdown? I’m SO going.

    • alan of montreal


      • jason.

        Colbert has a “threat countdown” on his show, and there’s usually an anti-bear item in the countdown as a running gag. Colbert and bears don’t mix. *L*

  • Grace

    I’ve always loved Jon Stewart, but this is takes it to a whole new level of awesome. Heck yes, I will be there!

    • TV_Pete

      I enjoyed Stewart for his first year or two, but then his “reporting” became heavily biased in favor of Democrats and Liberals rather than attempting to poke fun at everyone.

      He has come back a little, but has not come close to the center, yet. I’d love to see him make fun of those who claim that President Obama is Hitler almost as much as making fun of the celebrities who think the Tea Party is only filled with extremists/KKK. And, as we all know, if there is one person out of the majority of Americans who support less federal spending (the primary aim of the TEA Party) then everything that is said must be worthless and can be ignored.

      • ger

        But the Tea Party IS filled with extremists.

      • Jake

        He’s gone so far left now that he makes Olbermann look like a moderate.

      • jason.

        And that’s why they had a bit the other night that asked how the Dems are going go [bleep] something else up? Come on. His job, as a satirist, is to mock the stupidity inherent in all of your politicians and weirdos waving their arms, begging to be noticed.

        It’s not his fault that he had more than eight years of utter foolishness and giant gaffes to mock, and it’s certainly not his fault that Fox News wears such a loud, hard-right bias that it almost kills the blue on a color TV.

        If the right-wing jackassery of guys like Beck, Limbaugh and O’Reilley keeps making itself known as the best source material to lampoon, skewer, and debunk, then yeah, Stewart will appear to have a left-leaning bias.

        If some Leftie out there starts blowing that much hot air, they’d seem to have an obligation to stick it to them, too.

        If you hadn’t glommed onto the theme of the rally, it’s that your political system has become inured with so much rhetoric and nonsense that no issues are being addressed, and nothing of merit is being achieved. And that, my friend, is a problem that goes back further than two years. Or ten, or eighteen.

      • Jan

        Where was the Tea Party when Cheney/Bush started an expensive, unjust war then sent our economy into the toilet?

      • Zombie Jesus

        Tea Parties are for little girls with big imaginations.

        Claiming that you want less govt spending with no clear, realistic viable answer to how you’re going to do that is about as productive as saying “I want world peace”.

        Now go back to your CNN, Fox, Politico, Daily Kos blogs or whatever negative unproductive political website you crawled out of.

      • Holly

        When was Jon Stewart ever not on the left? His views have always been left-leaning; he hasn’t “changed”… If anyone who supports the Tea Party ever watched Jon Stewart and thought that he spoke to them in any way, that is sad…

      • 0h4foksake

        Jason. I think I love you.

      • Anitamargarita

        Right, if Jon Stewart supposedly leaves the left alone, then why is he holding a rally to restore sanity to WASHINGTON at a point when a Demo is head of the executive AND legislative branches? He didn’t do it when the Republicans were in charge…

      • Anitamargarita

        AND if you watch that embedded video, you would see that he was making fun of many, many left leaning protesters.

      • Jen

        I agree with 0h4foksake…Jason, I kinda wanna marry you.

      • GoodGrief

        I’d marry jason too, except that he’s fat and bald…and gay…everyone named Jason is gay. It’s a proven fact…and they all want to build gay mosques and have abortions while joining the military.

  • Adam


  • georgia

    Waiting for more details, but I’ll be there!

  • Robin Lerner

    Great idea..maybe we can do something similar on the west coast on the same day…..

    • GoodGrief

      no thanks Robin…everyone just laughs at the west coast…let’s keep the event credible…go back to your tofu sandwich and tabloid.

  • beth toerne

    Can I help with a donation….let us indeed restore sanity and get rid of this cynicism and fear….

    • Meg

      I agree! Couldn’t fly out from Seattle, but I’d love to help anyway. Best idea he’s had in a long time

  • beelkay

    I would love to, but I can’t afford to fly from the West Coast. I guess I’ll have to remain part of the semi-silent majority.

    • dany

      Don’t be silent…do a webcast or post a video of your thoughts and put it online on the 30th or hold a small gathering where you live…

    • TJ

      Agree with Dany. I’m one of those 70-80% of folks who sadly won’t be able to make the trek, but you can combat insanity on both sides of the political spectrum pretty easily by doing what Dany says, or even a comment on a message board here or there rebutting the nonsense when it pops up.

  • Katie

    I can’t wait. I’ve never been so happy to live near DC

  • Sarah El

    I would love to, if only I had the funds to go to D.C.

    Restoring Sanity sounds great.

  • Mike

    Hell yes, I’ll attend. The best way to show people how insane they are is through satire. Stewart may be the lone sane voice out there…

    • avenger

      you should make stewart your president

      • Jennifer

        If only he’d run . . .

  • ryan


    • alan of montreal

      stop talking about yourself that way! You are worthy!

    • cosmaB

      No, he’s not. Stop lookin in da mirror, Ryan.

    • Andre

      Its actually spelled “touché”. Glad I could help.

    • Terry

      hey Ryan pull the teabags out of your butt and lighten up, this is the whole point, turn off Faux News, grab a beer and you may discover that you have alot more in common with the dreaded left wing than the idiots that guide your views would ever want to let you know

      • Jon

        I’m happy you think for yourself Terry, I’m sure your views aren’t guided at all. Sad how since people think Stewart is funny and cool they tend to agree with him when he is just a liberal version of Glen Beck…one day people will learn to stop worshiping pundits and learn to think for themselves. How sad our generation is…how sad

      • JMB in FL

        Well, Jon, what if we DO think for ourselves, and happen to end up agreeing with Stewart? Does that make me a pundit worshipper? Hmmm. Maybe you could stop assuming, then generalizing, and then vilifying based on that. So nice of you to create a straw man to poke. Oh, wait. That’s what passes for “independent thinking” these days, I guess. Silly me.

      • jmcg

        @Jon, Stewart is nothing like Beck. Stewart is sane, he tells the truth, he is actually a funny comedian. None of those qualities can be attributed to Beck.

    • PJM

      Ryan, just go back to French kissing your Glenn Beck poster. It’s no substitute for girls, but you gotta take what you can get.

    • Hannah

      Oh, honey the douche doesn’t really go with the ass. Ow.

      • Kat


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