The Emmy Awards: OK, I only predicted half the winners, but it was a terrific show, because...

To anyone who placed bets based on my Emmy Awards choices for “who will win,” I offer a half-apology: of the 12 categories on my ballot yesterday, I was correct in only six. I foresaw the victories of Modern Family, Jane Lynch, Jon Stewart, Edie Falco, Jim Parsons, and Temple Grandin.

But I — and you — have a lot to be happy about anyway:

• How great that Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston won acting awards for my favorite TV series of the year thus far, Breaking Bad.

• How wonderful that quality triumphed over controversy, as Jon Stewart’s sterling season of political humor won out over Conan O’Brien. Conan: Really looking forward to see your new show, sir, but you have to admit — Stewart deserved the win.

• How fantastic that the best TV-movie most of you never saw, Temple Grandin, won so many awards. You can read my colleague Jennifer Armstrong’s spot-on review of it here, and you can get the movie on DVD now.

• How good was Jimmy Fallon? I thought he was very good. His opening production number, featuring everyone from the cast of Glee to Kate Gosselin, was both funny and a model of open-mindedness, his solo music parodies were clever, and he kept the show moving, and (a rarity) the production ended on time.

• My single, big complaint: WHERE WERE THE AWARDS FOR FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS??? Come on, Emmy voters!!!

All in all, a terrific Emmy Awards show.

Next year, I promise to do better than bat .500 in my predictions. Maybe I’ll do something obvious, like support who I think should win.

What did you think of the Emmys’ choice of winners, and the show?

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  • Linda

    I love Ricky Gervais. I look forward to him at every award show…he is hilarious

    • KarlHall

      Gervais is the FUNNIEST guy at ANY awards show he presents at, or hosts, bar none.

    • billyD


      • Hinterland

        LOL!! That was absolutely hilarious! I rewound that a few times!
        “aren’t we all just a bunch of Bucky Gunts?”

  • Linda

    Oops, forgot to add…so happy Jim Parsons won!

    • Stef

      Yes me too! This was my favorite win of the night, since I have yet to start watching Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Glee, or Modern Family…guess I ought to start if they are going to be winning all the awards!

      • Sabrina

        Of those, I’d start with Modern Family…I think it’s the most consistently brilliant! Mad Men is boring.

      • Ncdrew

        Modern Family is consistently brilliant, but so is Mad Men. It is far from boring. Remarkable and sublime performances from all of the cast.
        And if you didn’t get it from 30 Rock and SNL, Jon Hamm is the master, brilliant in both drama and comedy.

      • Kate

        I watch all four (albeit only a few episodes of Mad Men).

        Breaking Bad: FLAWLESS, BRILLIANT, and the best dramatic pilot I’ve ever seen.

        Modern Family: PERFECT and the best comedic pilot I’ve ever seen.

        Mad Men: Honestly, couldn’t get into it, but I’ll give it another shot.

        Glee: The first half of the season was good; however, it became self-congratulatory. Fave episode: the hilarious ACAFELLAS.

      • Shannon

        Definitely start watching Modern Family as they mentioned above! It is consistently funny every single week.

      • elizabeth

        Actually MM is pretty great THIS season, not at all boring. But if you tried to watch last year, I totally get why you thought it was boring. Last season it was horrible, IMO. It should not have been nominated, let alone win. It was a real waste of time and talent for the people who do it and the fans who usually love it.

    • Jared

      At first, it’s kinda hard to get into Breaking Bad, but once you get through the 1st season, the show takes off. The 2nd and 3rd seasons are brilliant.

    • Lost got screwed

      I never had much faith in award shows and normally dont tune in but when I saw that Mathew Fox and Lost were on the card I was excited. Breaking Bad is an awesome but it will be back and Lost wont. Mathew Fox will never do TV again and he should have won that award.

      • Rahul

        cannot stop laughing.I never would have gueessd that was her.Not that I’ve ever seen this, but if I ever did, I never would’ve thought it was her.True talent.

  • tg

    Brilliant opening number!! LOVED LOVED LOVED it!! The last hour dragged a bit, but the first couple hrs were excellent. Jimmy was great. Mad Men is wonderful, but Lost should’ve won. Period. Good show!

    • Zombie Jesus

      Anyone here who watches both Lost and Breaking Bad will tell you that Breaking Bad is a far superior show, less confusion and characters that can have you punching a wall one minute and crying your eyes out for them the next.

      Lost had it’s moments, but Breaking Bad was CONSISTENTLY good.

      • MCS

        Im so glad you said this. I am one of the people who watch both, and i know BB deserves every award it won. Aaron Paul was amazing, and YES he did deserve it over Terry O’Quinn

      • elizabeth

        If BB was “far superior” then LOST would not have been nominated at all. LOST was uneven this year, but it did end a six-year phenomenon that changed global television, allowed the actors to demonstrate amazing range, continued to have THE BEST score on TV, and had some episodes and characters that DID have viewers punching the walls and crying their eyes out. I myself am not a fan of shows about the socioeconomics of the drug trade or modern organized crime, but I’ll concede that it might be possible to tell good stories others would like. So I don’t trash them just because they’re not my cup of tea or because I find one type of story more compelling than the other.

      • Lost got screwed

        LOST GOT ROBBED! Breaking Bad may be good and Mad Men IMO is way overrated but both the shows will be back, both will have more chances to win Lost wont and should have been given something. Mathew Fox will never be on TV again (so he says) and this might have been their last chance to give him his just due for playing Jack who was one of the best people on TV for 6 seasons.

        Breaking Bad = a show about crime and the results of crime….been done.

        Mad Men = Oh great a throw back show to when men could smoke in the office and women were not on teh same level as the men they worked for…Ok maybe it hasnt been done before but not really too creative.

        Lost = Most creative show in the history of TV. And even if you dont agree with that you can at least see that unlike the other two shows I just mentioned it is deffently the most creative of these 3 shows. Lost was special, once in a life time type show and it was its final season. It was bad enough that Josh Halloway didnt get recognized for his outstanding job in the early episodes of teh 6th season but the fact that Lost got completly snubbed is a joke. Lost got robbed

      • Magro

        Lost = Gilligan’s Island + X-Files. Lost did not get robbed.

    • Strepsi

      IT ENDED ON TIME! It is the first time in memory that I have been in bed by 11:30pm after an awards show, and for that I thank it.

      This EMMYs deserves an Emmy — all the speeches and intros were short — especially the intro to the Bob Hope Award which came in at like 2 minutes, unlike the oscars, where the special Awards run for like 20. Oscars take note!

      The comedy bits were funny, short, and USED THE COMEDIANS FROM COMEDY SHOWS — mind-boggling no-one thought of this before.

      I never thought I’d say this, but Jimmy Fallon was excellent! My barometer is my husband, in 17 years of making him watch every awards show, he said it’s the first one he’s enjoyed all the way thorugh!

    • Traci90

      Three hours still felt like a long time, but Jimmy Fallon actually ended the show on time. I thought that was a miracle, considering how long some acceptance speeches were! My only complaint was that Friday Night Lights didn’t win anything!

    • sara

      I just rewatched the opening number and noticed Lea Michelle wasn’t on stage. hmmm. what was up with that??

  • Phil E

    LOST should have won best Drama Series.. lets hope the Golden Globes gives it the send off it deserves!

    • Stef

      THANK YOU!! I know they were in some really tight races with other amazing shows/actors, but seriously how could Lost have come away with nothing?? This is the biggest oversight of the Emmys this year in my opinion. Not to take away from the winners, but I’m bummed to say the least.

      • MaryA

        Agreed! I’m so dissapointed Lost didn’t win anything. The races were tight, but not even a win for writing or directing? Come on Emmy voters. At least the Lost fans know who the real winner was this year!

      • etm

        Agree! :(

      • d

        I was really disappointed Lost came away with nothing. If they weren’t going to win best drama (i think mad men is so boring) then at least Terry o Quinn should have one.

      • Angela

        I agree. I wouldn’t have cared that much if Lost didn’t win any of its major nominations, but I was sure they had best music in the bag. I mean, is there any other show that actually has a real score? Giacchiano would deserve an Oscar for what he did on Lost – his score is as complex and nuanced as one for a movie.

        Also, if any of them won, especially Darlton, they would have given kick-ass speeches.

      • Natalie

        Lost was a TV game-changer and the character’s stories from this past season were haunting. Nestor Carbonell should have been nominated as Richard Alpert and matthew Fox deserved something over the past 6 years for his portrayal of Jack. So hoping Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson get a show together off the ground!

      • Lost got screwed

        I am glad Lost is at least getting some love from fans. I like Terry O Quinn and Emerson as much as teh next guy but they have both won before and Mathew Fox will never do TV again after this as he has said for a while now so IMO Mathew Fox got robbed. The guy died on camera and made you really feel it i mean really I sat there upset like i was watching a friend slowly die. He was such a tragic and original person for TV and he should have won that award. Breaking Bad is a great show btu Lost changed TV.

    • J-Dawg

      Don’t worry about Lost losing. EW’s doing a complete 128 issue next week of “Why Lost was Robbed!”

      • Johnboy

        Thanks, J-Dawg. You just made my morning. Um … but please tell me you were kidding. It’s all too possible!

      • elizabeth


    • Nathan

      It should have won because it ended? That must be what you’re saying because it wasn’t even in the top 4 shows nominated in this category. The right show won.

      • Cynthia


    • wakeforce

      Although I wanted Lost to win, I knew the writing was on the wall when Terry O’Quinn NOR Michael Emerson won. Although I own all six seasons, I have to say that the last one wasn’t that great, save for the finale.
      All the awards for Breaking Bad still won’t improve the ratings.

      • Kate

        Ratings for Breaking Bad are great for cable — and improving every season. It’s a BRILLIANT show.

      • MCS

        The ratings for Breaking Bad are terrific considering its an AMC show. It is also has a higher than average production cost, so I dont think they would be wasting their money if it suffered terrible ratings.

  • Brett

    There WERE no awards for “Friday Night Lights.” “Mad Men” was the best drama series. And sorry, “Lost”-ies, but cult fave status does not translate into Emmy votes.

    • s-k-s

      Yes, because Mad Men has such a wide audience?

      • Mia

        I didn’t see it either, but this link lnieapxs it pretty well. Basically, Access Hollywood bashed her dress as the worst right in front of her and many other actors. Now, it’s getting played up on E! as the most humiliating Emmy moment for January Jones, probably to get suckers to actually watch their show (it worked on me). Maybe I just don’t get how important this event is, but it doesn’t seem like it should be that humiliating , just a little embarrassing. I’d think Access Hollywood would be more embarrassed, especially since they’re probably not going to get anymore Mad Men exclusives from her.

    • jodipo

      That would be legit Brad, but Lost wasnot a “cult” hit. It was a hit hit, in ratings and dollars for the network. on the other hand, Mad Men is more cultish. FNL is lower in the ratings than Lost as well. Hmm, maybe you are just judgmental cause you like some more than Lost? Either that or you need to brush up on your pop culture references. :)

      • Damian

        It should have been ehtier Colbert or O’Brien who should have won. Stewert is just not funny to me. Maher is sort of funny. SNL never had a chance, not even Betty White could save them.Plus, is it me, or when Ricky’s announcing the nominees, you don’t hear his voice announcing The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien , but instead it’s someone else’s voice you hear announcing it (Andy Richter’s, possibly)?

    • Stef

      Lost might have been a cult hit in terms of fan devotion, but it also had the ratings to back it up. Regardless that should have nothing to do with Emmy votes. While it’s true it was up against some great shows and talent in its categories, it should have won something, period.

      • Ana170

        Lost has won plenty of awards over the years. This last season was one of its weakest and it didn’t deserve to win over some of the other nominated shows.

    • Michael

      Brett, clearly cult-fave status does translate into Emmy votes, given that the show won in its first year, Terry O’Quinn and Michael Emerson both won while the show was running, and it was nominated for a bunch of awards this year. Your comment really doesn’t make sense. That said, I’m not bitter about its shut-out this year; it already got its wins and the sixth season was far from the best. Still, was hoping Jack Bender would get recognized.

    • andrea

      Maybe Lost shouldn’t have won, but the acting brilliance of Terry O’Quinn, Matthew Fox and mostly, Michael Emerson made it hard to believe that they didn’t pick up at least one of those emmy’s…darn.

      • Gha

        scottykilmer:@tysondimmitt a car only needs bleeding if there’s air in the syestm, and unless that happenned when working on the car, the syestm has a leak that needs fixing. Brakes never need air bled out if they have no problems. A bad master cylinder can suck in air and cause such a problem. Scotty

    • elizabeth

      LOST is not “cult,” it’s “genre.” And considering that “genre” fans are the most dedicated, fascinated, and for the H’wood suits, the ones that spend the most on the merchandise, you’d think they’d show a little more respect. All of us viewers pay their paychecks, so without us there would be no entertainment industry, no Emmys, and no jobs for any of them, let alone those ridiculous and often undeserved paychecks. I don’t give a hoot about this peer stuff, the peers should give a mind to the people who pay their paychecks (and to be fair, many actually do, especially among the genre programming), and the suits should stop corrupting the process and marginalizing the very shows that bring home most of their bacon.

      • elizabeth

        P.S. Before you say something about it, I want to add that the condescending “People’s Choice Awards” does not count.

  • C.


    There was only one of your predictions I was banking on and praying for and holding my breath and crossing my fingers and that was Kyle Chandler for the win.

    So disappointed. For so many years I was sad that FNL did not even receive a nomination…but now that they did…I’m not sure which stings more. We were so close.

    • SanFranJeff

      Closer than you may realize – FNL is now an “Emmy nominated” show, and although Kyle didn’t win – no one can take the ‘Emmy-nomination’ status away from him!

    • Louise

      It stung a lot. I was really bitter about Connie losing to Kyra Sedgwick. Connie gives a MUCH more realistic portrayal of a southern woman, with q realistic southern accent.

      • elizabeth

        I understand being bitter about some of these awards, but over accents? I’m from the south and Brenda Leigh sounds just like I did until I moved away. (Yes, I sounded weird too. But like Brenda, my accent faded after being away for a while.) I love Boston-born Connie too, but let’s not kick deserving winners just because we don’t like their shows or preferred another actor. Especially not based on the southern accents they use, when there are Southern states where every darn county has a different inflection. I certainly hope Connie gets another chance next year before FNL ends, but Kyra has been a bridesmaid for years, I’m happy she won. She had a couple of eps last year that gave me chills she was so good. On top of being compelling in every ep.

      • elizabeth

        Oh, and Brenda’s “southern belle in disguise?” Totally my southern mother. Realistic is as realistic does.

    • Ron

      The fact that Kyle and Connie were nominated was enough for me. Finally the show was at least recognized. Didn’t expect them to win. I was happy about alot of the surprises for sure and even though Bryan Cranston and Madmen are deserving I think 3 years in a row is a bit much.

      • Irtiyaz

        aaaaah quand la martinique s’invite au japon sous une pluie vtelotie diluvienne bravo pour cette alchimie magique, carrefour des e9le9ments et des continents continuez ! on en veut encore et encore

  • Lorie

    I was so, so happy for Kyra Sedgwick! Finally, Brenda Leigh got her Emmy.

    Kudos to Archie Panjabi, Jane Lynch and Eric Stonestreet, too.

    “Modern Family” for best comedy…WOO HOO!

    I underestimated Jimmy Fallon. He did a great job. Loved all of his songs. Applause for ending the show on time.

    My only complaint: Kate Gosselin showing up. I cringed when I saw her. WTH is it gonna take to make her disappear?!

    • Casey

      In this case I thought her appearance was funny.

    • Javabooknut

      I’m sorry but I was heartbroken (well not really) that Christina Hendricks didn’t win. Her arc as Joan this year was so emotional and she played it so perfectly. How is it that Mad Men keeps winning but it’s actor’s can’t. Matt Weiner may be a great writer but I’ve always said that this show has the best combo of writing and acting on television. It’s a shame.

      • Zoe

        Yup. Jon Hamm deserved an Emmy for the “Close the Door” finale last year alone. I had thought he won previously–can’t believe he hasn’t yet. Well, maybe next year for the “Don on a downward drunken spiral” that this season is featuring. His just-drunk-enough presentation in the Life cereal meeting last night was wonderful (and cringe-worthy!).

  • Colin Reece

    What? A Ken Tucker article that he didn’t use as a platform to crow about Betty White? And guess what, Friday Night Lights is a mediocre little cult show that no one cares about except Tucker and all you bobble-head-dolls who have to parrot his every opinion.

    • DW

      There’s only one mediocre little bobble-head doll around here, and that is Colin Reece.

      • Strawberry Sparkles

        Obviously Colin’s panties are cutting off the circulation to his head.

    • C.

      Just because I trust Ken Tucker’s opinions on what to watch does not make me a “bobble head doll”! Ken is an hero for championing shows like Friday Night Lights and people liek Betty White!

      • C.

        Can I point out that my comment on Kyle Chandler and this comment from someone else named “C.” are not the same person…just FYI.

    • Casey

      Colin I think you’re mistaking Ken Tucker with Glenn Beck.

    • Kathy

      Colin, you’re an idiot…

  • Dan

    Thought the show moved along at a good pace, but the Movies/Miniseries segment should’ve been between comedy and drama so the last hour didn’t drag. The Reality section was weak with only one award given out on air; why couldn’t they announce that Jeff Probst won his 3d Emmy for Survior at last week’s Creative Arts show? Glad that Jim Parsons and Kyra Sedgwick won, but disappointed that NPH didn’t win for HIMYM (although he did win for Glee guest role). Too bad that Lost didn’t win anything for the last year; thought they had a chance in the supporting actor category with Emerson or O’Quinn. Fallon did a good job and I loved the quick exchange with NPH about two gay guys hosting two years in a row!

  • mary

    I think Conan deserved to win. And no Ken I don’t think Conan thought Jon Stewert should’ve won too.

    • Tiffany

      I really thought that this was Colbert’s year. His week in Iraq was just fantastic. The producer from the ‘Daily Show’ even acknowledged that.

      • andy

        I love Conan and thought he should have won based on that. But Colbert really should have won th emmy and not the daily show. All jon did was do a sketch of a crazy republican.

      • Rolando

        The above comment (Lisa Clements) erpeessxs beautifully what I have felt for a long time. As a dancer and a mother, I would love to be able to sit down with my daughters and watch a dance show without feeling uncomfortable about a lot of the costumes. It detracts from the beauty of the dance and is degrading and unnecessary.

    • Jeremy DC

      I think The Daily Show has a few great moments throughout the year that lets everyone know how good it can be. But in my opinion, Conan and Colbert are always on their game and deliver something good every night.

    • CJ

      Amen! I’m SO tired of Jon Stewart.

      • Mike

        Yeah, I like the Daily Show, but even the producers looked bored to win. I mean 8 years in a row?!?! There are plenty of other great shows who are just as worthy if not more so. So I agree Conan or Colbert should have taken it.

    • Angela

      Yeah, I thought Conan deserved to win just based on what he did on The Tonight Show, controversy aside. It only lasted 7 months, but just in that short span of time, he created so many memorable moments. The farewell episode alone would’ve deserved something. Plus, his speech would’ve been funny-awesome.

    • elizabeth

      Yeah, Conan hoping for Jon to win doesn’t seem in keeping with Conan, although I’m sure he was gracious as always. (It would’ve been great to see him win to spite NBC, but I don’t think he really had the better show. I thought his Late Show was much better. But he was after all just hitting his groove when NBC lost it’s damn mind, so he could’ve been great if he’d had the chance to have a full season. Here’s to TBS and next year!) As for Jon, he keeps me sane, and I love him and the team that does the show, but I agree that it’s time for some others to have a chance to grab that ring. Off to the Emmy Hall of Fame for you, Mr. Stewart!

  • buddyboy

    Boring…couldn’t stay with show longer than 30 minutes. Same old same old with most popular shows being left out completely

    • Jon

      Sorry, but the most popular shows that are watched by average Americans (aka i’m guessing you) aren’t all that Emmy worthy…

  • Bibi

    Jimmy Fallon was wonderful. I’m gonna have to check him out on his own show. Great job all around, very entertaining though I could have done without Kate Gosslin’s wretched face.

    • Stevex

      It would have been fun if Fallon could have done a little comedy bit with Craig Ferguson.

  • DW

    I thought Jimmy Fallon was fairly terrible overall, though I did enjoy the opening number. Did he land a single laugh after that? Just let Ricky Gervais host all these shows!

    • lalala

      You must have skipped the rest of the show after the opening, ’cause he landed lots of laugh afterwards, it was hard to “not” notice.

    • Todd

      Agree with DW< Fallon was HORRIBLE. Painfully unfunny.

      Bring back Neil Patrick Harris, his one line last night was funnier than the entirety of Fallon.

      Or Ricky Gervais, he's always good.

      • Mike

        Yeah I wasn’t crazy about Fallon. Never liked his comedy in general. The guitar playing stuff got annoying

      • idgie

        I agree, I thought that Jimmy Fallon was so amateurish and unsophisticated. If Simon Cowell was judging the show he would have said his hosting performance was like something he would see at a Karioke Bar…For Emmy Hosts.

  • db

    I figured my two supporting actress faves, Christina Hendricks and Elizabeth Moss, wouldn’t win for supporting since they were more understated, with no big, emotional scenes that Emmy voters love…then Archie Panjabi wins for the most low key role of the bunch! I think she’s very cool and watchable on The Good Wife, but Emmy winning? No.

    • Nyla

      The biggest surprise to me was Archie’s win for the Good Wife. Honestly, I was amazed she was even nominated. I mean, I love her character but it’s not Emmy worthy.

      • elizabeth

        I disagree, she holds the frame every time she’s in it and is as compelling and nuanced as any actor I’ve seen since I saw Michael Emerson for the first time in his recurring role on The Practice. I look forward to her scenes, and she has amazing chemistry with her costars, especially Julianna and Matt. Her surprise win was the most gratifying of them all for me.

    • LOL

      Colbert, Lost and O’Quinn were robbed.

  • jfms777

    Happy for Kyra, after 5 tries. Julianna will get it next year. Kudos to Archie Panjabi. I did not
    to Archie Panjabi. I did not think “Mad Men” deserved. (This season is much improved.) But I am glad Emmy voters elected some new blood.

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