'True Blood' review: 'Hitting the Ground' running and bleeding

The fast and furious edition of True Blood this week was directed by one of my favorite Blood directors, John Dahl (Red Rock West, The Last Seduction), and it was a week of death, change, and puzzlement. In the manner of ruthless surprise that suits this series best, Lorena was dispatched before the opening credits, killed by Sookie in an attempt to save Bill. Disappearing in a crimson grizzle-spray, Lorena entered the True Blood Hall of Infamy as Alcide and Tara arrived to rescue Sookie. The werewolves were fast approaching, but she wouldn’t leave without her Bill.

Taking a saw and slitting her arm to let Bill feed on her, Sookie fell prey to Bill’s baser instincts. Beginning to revive, he showed not gratefulness but an uncontrollable desire to suck her even drier, in an appropriately repulsive scene that rendered blood-sucking a metaphor for rape, and which landed Sookie in a coma, in a hospital, with a nurse informing her next of kin (that would be Jason) that Sookie has no blood type, and rejects any transfusion.

It was a reasonably triumphant week for Sam, who confirmed that Tommy was being used as a pit bull in some backwoods dog-fights. Sam freed the dogs and rescued Tommy from a mauling, then chewed out the Mickenses for being such lousy parents.

The two major scenes this week brought revelation and confusion — at least they did for me. The vision Sookie has while in a coma, that glowing glimpse of a paradise that looked like some cross between a commercial for butter and one for an anti-depressant: What the hell was that all about? (Whenever something inexplicably gloppy pops up on this show, I always suspect it’s something taken from Charlaine Harris’ source-books, but maybe I’m wrong.) Claudine warning her not to “go back,” that Bill will “take her light” — was this female figure the source of Sookie’s powers, telling her that death would be better than resuming life in Bill’s “darkness”?

Thank goodness the night’s other big set-piece finally brought resolution to the now-weeks-long torture of Pam. Assembling Eric, the Queen, Russell, and the Magister in Fangtasia was a summit meeting of Evil. After watching Magister get ready to pierce poor chained-down Pam’s eyelids with his silver Tiffany rings, it was satisfying to see Russell take command of the joint. He had Eric and the Queen under his command, and after a lot of gas-baggery about “the Authority,” Russell pulled that nice trick of having Pam and Magister swap places: Pam freed in a flash, Magister in chains.

The night ended with a double scream: Sookie upon emerging from her coma, and Magister just before Russell lopped off his head. Add Cooter, and that made two three characters dead in one hour, and Magister’s thumping skull helped explain the episode’s title, “Hitting the Ground,” as something more than just the rest of our heroes hitting the ground running. (Great use of the PJ Harvey song of the same name over the closing credits.)

It was all tremendously exciting — the pace was amazing. And the episode was something of a gigantic info-dump, with all sorts of new details to savor and unravel in future hours. This season may not be taking the time to limn characters as vividly as it did last season with the lush, languid treatment Maryann received, but it sure has a momentum that’s exhilarating.

Stray silver bullet points:

• So Bill won’t burn to a crisp in sunlight anymore, now that he’s filled with Sookie’s blood. Let’s not let Bill become too normal, shall we?

• Jason’s wooing of Crystal (unseen in this episode) slowed the hour a bit; his interrogation of her jailed cousin was just a dollop of information to keep this sub-plot in readiness for another week.

• Do we care about Hoyt and Summer as a new romantic couple? The show will have to send me a basket of Summer’s biscuits before I’m persuaded this is interesting…

• Jessica, I missed you this week.

• Line of the week, from Jason: “Never thought I was smart enough to be depressed.”

What did you think of this edition of True Blood?

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  • Erin

    I didn’t get the whole Sookie dream sequence either. That whole sequence is not from the books at all even though Claudine is a major character. She lives in the real world with everyone else.

    • liza

      that was not a dream…..sookie’s spirit was actually in the fae world. i’m guessing claudine can be in the fae world which we saw or in the human world.

      • mu-shoo

        Darn it, Liza. Spoilers in the second comment? Disgust.

      • Kvinna

        I love how they’re including the fae this season! I can’t wait to see Claude and Niall. :) Also love how they’re touching on the whole “water didn’t kill them” storyline. Yes!!!

      • mary q contrary

        Hey, Kvinna, if you’re just going to post spoilers to spite the commenter before who complained, go somewhere else. Your kind aren’t wanted or appreciated around here. Is anyone else sick of certain people who have read the books and their obviously proprietary feelings? Some people seem to be under the assumption that if you have read the books, it gives you certain spoiler privileges, and if you haven’t read them, well that’s just too bad for you? This is a review of the tv series, guys, not the books. It didn’t used to bother me, but anymore it seems like some people really enjoy spoiling certain aspects of the story for the rest of us.

      • Greg Andrew

        Technically speaking, it’s hard to consider these spoilers because they very well might turn out not to be true on the tv show. Obviously, these are very possible scenarios – far more than wild guesses – since they reveal what was in the books. But they are far from definitive reveals of what’s coming up on the show I understand why some people don’t want to see the, but we really need a word other than spoilers to describe them.

      • Desmo

        Sorry but doesn’t Ken’s spoiler alert way at the top of the page cover the comment section too? And seriously what else did you think a bunch of scantily clad people dancing around in the grass with magical glowing water could be?

      • googliezoo

        I agree with Greg. Having read the books I’d say that everything after the pilot of True Blood can only be considered as very loosely based on the books. Most of the characters (except Jessica) do appear in the books. The plot, OTOH, is changed almost completely. Some things are similar, but most not. Sookie does kill Lorena in the books after she had tortured Bill. However, the entire Mickens plot with Sam does not happen, nor is Pam held prisoner by the magister and Russell has no involvement with Eric’s past. he never feeds werewolves his blood and Sophie Anne is a willing participant in their political marriage as well. The books almost solely focus on Sookie. It’s her POV so if she isn’t there you don’t find out what’s going on with the other characters.

      • BenLinus

        This is for all you haters that keep complaining about spoilers criticizing those of us that take the time to read books.

        Club Dead takes place at the beginning of December. Bill is working on a computer program and tells Sookie that he will have to travel to Seattle, alone. Days later, a werewolf attacks Sookie at Merlotte’s, but Bubba, who has been sent by Eric to protect Sookie, kills the attacker before he can seriously hurt Sookie. Later that night, Eric, Pam and Chow inform Sookie that Bill has actually been in Mississippi because Lorena, Bill’s former lover (and maker, as you later find out), had summoned him. Eric tells Sookie that Bill had called saying he was shortly going to come back to Bon Temps, but did not tell Sookie, so he could arrange her future care before he saw her again. Eric also tells Sookie that the queen does not know about Bill’s disappearance and that Eric needs to produce Bill’s project by its due date without compromising his life and his job. Eric thinks Bill is still alive in Mississippi and believes that Lorena has betrayed and kidnapped Bill. Eric cannot interrogate humans and vampires that are under the protection of the vampire king of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, without starting a war. He asks Sookie if she is willing to go to Jackson and “pick the brains” among the king’s human employees and Sookie agrees to go.

        Alcide Herveaux, a werewolf (Were) from Shreveport, is sent by Eric the following day to take Sookie to Jackson and to help her circulate among the supernatural community. In Jackson, Sookie not only has to deal with the vampires of Mississippi, but she becomes entangled with a bounty hunting werewolf pack. In Sookie’s first visit to a vampire bar called Josephine’s (also known within the shapeshifting community as Club Dead) she learns that Bill has been captured and that Russell Edgington might be involved. She personally meets Russell when a bar patron and bounty hunter werewolf named Jerry Falcon mangles her because Sookie rebuffs his sexual advances. On the same night, Sookie meets Debbie Pelt, Alcide’s ex-girlfriend and a shapeshifter who is mean-spirited and jealous at seeing Alcide with another woman (despite Debbie being at the bar for her engagement party to another man). The next day, Sookie and Alcide find the dead body of Jerry Falcon stuffed in the closet. It is later discovered that Bubba had caught Jerry entering Alcide’s home and killed him.

        On the following night, Sookie, back at Club Dead, gets badly injured when Steve Newlin and another fanatic of The Fellowship of the Sun (the vampire-hating organization, introduced in Living Dead in Dallas) try to stake Betty Joe, Edgington’s second in command. Sookie gets staked instead and she is quickly rushed to Edgington’s mansion. Eric, in disguise, is there to help her as Alcide turns into a wolf to pursue Steve Newlin the escaping Steve Newlin. After her wounds have been treated by a vampire, Eric gives Sookie his blood, to help her heal quicker, and they share a sexy moment. Bubba, who has been following Sookie from Bon Temps, informs them that Bill is being tortured in Edgington’s pool house.

        Sookie and Eric quickly form a plan, to be carried out in daylight while all of the vampires are sleeping and the Werewolf guards are inattentive due to being tired from their activities of the previous night (which was a full moon). Sookie rescues Bill and kills Lorena in the process. Back in Alcide’s parking garage, with Bill sleeping in the trunk of her car, Sookie is pushed into the trunk by Debbie Pelt. At dusk, Bill, who has been deprived of blood and sleep for several weeks, wakes up and, maddened by bloodlust, feeds on Sookie, mangling her neck and then raping her. His consciousness awakes partway through and he apologizes and withdraws from Sookie. After such a long day, Sookie asks Eric to drive her home, but her night is not over as they are attacked at a gas station on the road from Jackson to Bon Temps, and then she is severely hurt when she finds werewolves waiting for her in her own home. Eric and Bill kill them all. The novel ends with Sookie breaking up with Bill and then rescinding her invitation to her house to both Eric and Bill.

      • Dez

        If you don’t want spoilers, then stay off review and fan sites. It’s not like the book(s) this part of the series is based on hasn’t been out for five years, so either read them or don’t, but don’t expect people not to discuss them.
        I got off track on Lost on season four, and currently working my ways through the DvDs- I avoid reading stories about it. I avoid the review boards on TWOP. Heck I even avoid the main imdb page so I don’t see how many episodes each actor is in. It’s not hard to avoid being spoilered- just skip stories about the show.
        But do go read the books- they’re fun. My fave is “Dead to the World.” Team Eric FTW.

      • who cares

        if you are really that uptight about spoilers, don’t read the comment section of a spoiler article. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE.

      • Diana

        I see that therapy’s not working very well for you, BenLinus.

      • kattykat246

        I am loving BenLinus right now :-) Seriously people expect no spoilers in the comments section- thats just laughable.

      • DE

        Go Ben!!

      • TV_Pete

        An excellent recap, Ben! Thanks for that. I will probably get my wife to read the novels soon and this has me wanting to convince her to do so sooner.

        googliezoo made a good point. It sounds like the series is very different from the novels and only “loosely based” on the series. That is a good thing if done well.

        Sorry to say that I have trouble getting past the accents for most of the characters, especially Sookie. There are moments when other characters hit the right drawl, but what I have seen of Sookie has kept her in a close 2nd place to Kevin Costner for worst accents.

        Why is Ms. Harris so intolerant of religion when her books’s subjects focus on tolerance? (think about how few positive references are made to religion in the novels and the role it plays on the lives of those in the Bible Belt)

      • Erin

        I agree with the ‘uptight spoiler-phobes’. It’s a recap on last night’s television episode, not a recap on the damn books or a spoiler column ala Ausiello. I’m fine with receiving tidbits here and there. But when morons such as BenLinus and co go indepth about what has happened and could possibly happen far far way into the future incl major plot points – it’s frakkin rude and direspectful.

        I’ve had plenty of spoilers myself on certain tv shows and movies I’ve seen before time or as the case is here, books I’ve read before they became popular (i.e. Dragon Tattoo – anyone want to know how that ends, plenty of us read it a year ago so that’s a free for all yeah?). But I have the decency to only post stuff on certain sites and certain threads with a spoiler alert. It isn’t all that hard to have some respect for others!

      • mu-shoo

        Thank you Erin, I obviously agree. This is a recap of the show, not of the book series. Ken obviously hasn’t read the books, so book discussion is not adding anything to his commentary. Since it’s a “Watching TV” blog, we should have the right to read thoughtful commentary about the, you know, show. And duh no, the spoiler warning doesn’t apply to book spoilers. Give me a break.

      • AaronT

        You kinda missed the whole point of BenLinus’ comment. Which is that almost nothing that’s happened this season was in the book. And the few things that were/are, happened at different times by different people. It’s hardly a spoiler when those of us who’ve read the book have as little idea as you do what the show will do with Harris’ ideas.

      • Tammy

        @BenLinus No one hates you, or anyone else, for taking the time to read the books. People hate you because you’re a moron who can’t seem to understand this article pertains to True Blood, the series, not the Sookie Stack House novels. Tucker reviewed the latest episode so any other information is irrelevant. Go start your own webite if you want to compare the Books with the show!

      • Riss

        I’ve read all the books and am a loyal viewer of the show and I would never dream of describing something that happened in the book that hasn’t happened in the tv series. It’s really just common courtesy. There are forums for commenting on the books – go there if you want to discuss them.

      • Sammie

        I don’t want book spoilers either. I plan to read them, but after this season is over. I don’t want everyone telling me what happens in the books because it won’t be a new adventure/suprise. TB and book spoilers are bad unless you give a fair warning AHEAD OF TIME.

      • Hookah


    • shelli

      the whole faerie dream world looked like a badly set design for a buck rodgers show or someething = it looked so gay and i have to wonder just where Ball’s set budget really is.

      no its not in the book either! why they couldnt have had Claudine come in a more normal life saving way is beyond me without all the hokiness!

      • GayisGood

        Shelli, what does look so “gay” really mean? You should watch your ignorant homophobia speech considering Alan Ball is gay and the show is very open and accepting of sexuality. Growup UP!

      • Barry

        I agree with you; reminded me of The Producers’ song about making it gay. Claudine was introduced in a more realistic way in the books plus she didn’t appear until book 4.

      • @GayisGood

        Well it did look pretty gay to me, everyone was happy and dancing and frolicking. Perhaps your just judgmental and assume everyone is using the negative connotations of the word.

      • james

        Chick you need to give up cause you just keep sticking your foot in your mouth. First of all we all know that “dancing and folicking” bullsh*t only occurred to you after gayisgood called you out. Secondly, what exactly is the “NEGATIVE” connotation you so excitedly mentioned?

      • @GayisGood2

        Thank you! I’m sick and tired of hearing things, from these uptight, short sighted, narrow minded condescending, neurotic psychotic mommy’s little homophobic bullies

      • @james

        james your a f0cking idiot. Get over yourself.

      • mj

        That scene should have been magical, beautiful, but it was so lame – very disappointing.

      • holly

        shelly tell me again what so gay really looks like. I have trouble remembering or perhaps I have never seen a so gay looking.

      • Jkaren

        What did they mean by “the water didn’t kill them”? Spoiler or not..I just want an answer!!

        Was hoping SOMEONE would hook up with Eric..so hot.


      I think all the Vampires will be after sookie once they realize Bill was able to walk in sunlight.

      **Tara was awesome tonight! No mention of how she singlehandedly carried Bill on her back and dropped him in the truck LOL — And Alcide opened the door. Also Tara was worried because after Sookie explained Vampires death, she realized she hadn’t killed Franklin afterall.. Hopefully, Alcide or Sam will help her ward off Franklin.. ;-)

      **I want Jessica with Tommy. She’s like Franklin’s little sister, and Tommy is mischevious… I do think Sam will have problems with him.

      **Sookie and Bill or Sookie and Eric, I don’t see her with Alcide..

      ** The Queen was great tonight, and RUSSELL was King!! AWESOME SHOW!!

      And Lafayette was Sassier than Rupaul, and you have to love Jason!!

      • teri

        bill did not exactly walk around in sunlight he started to sizzle and ran into the woods to bury himself until evening, under dirt or leaves of something.

      • Liz

        Ditto! Just like when he saved Sookie, Bill didn’t burn very fast. But he realized that he had Sookie’s blood on him, and that he couldn’t go after her to save her (aka give her his blood).

      • Shaneka

        It did not seem that Franklin turned into a pile of blood but she did chop his head off right? Maybe I missed something. If they bring him back then something is wrong. Chopping the head off and a stake to the heart suppose to be the end of them.

      • LeeLee

        She didn’t chop his head off. She would need something silver to do that. She just bashed his head in with a shovel. If she killed him, he would’ve exploded all over the place.

      • @Shaneka

        Tara didn’t chop his head off-she just pulverized it to a pulp. But from what I get on the show the only way to kill a vampire is to stake it or cut off their spinal cord from their head. So I think Franklin survived (yay)!

      • Elle

        She did not chop his head off – she just bashed it in. He will come back, probably quickly (just like Lorena did when Bill bashed her head with the TV).

      • Jkaren

        I’m sorry but I love Franklin..so psychotic he’s hilarious “Tara..look how fast I can type motherf*cker”. Ha!

        Favorite quote from Hitting the Ground “Never thought I was smart enough to get depressed”
        -Jason Stackhouse

    • elainefe

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      ~~~ B_l_a_c_k_w_h_i_t_e_C_u_p_i_d * C_o_m ~~~ ,now i enjoy an i-nterracial lifestyle!!! u may try !!!! ;)

      • Nina

        The chemistry is there it is just ltetbod out by his puppy dog routine. Is it real, we will find out!! Can’t wait!

    • kattykat246

      No, Ken Tucker- the cheesey scenes are always where Alan Ball has completely veered off course from the book and entered some crazy fantasy land of his own making.

      • Crystal

        Seriously, WTF is with KT implying that the worst moments in the show must come from the books? That doesn’t even make sense.

      • KatherineM

        Yes, that comment re Harris made me a little irritated. The stupidist things I’ve seen in TB have come straight from the show, not the books. Lots of neat things in the books are left out. So, Charlain and AB are about equal in the ‘stupid ideas dept.’ as far as I am concerned. And, at least give Charlaine some extra credit, she created the characters/world we love. AB just adapts (and sometimes bastardizes) them. Don’t diss Charlaine for that fairy scene either (or way too many weeks of Maenad last year) that never happened except in TB creator’s mind. Plus, the fairies were a dream/vision from the perspective of Sookie. Would you expect anything to look intelligent in that case?

    • SusanG

      I have to agree with Katherine M and many others down the thread. That particular dream (?) scene was not in the books. AB has changed the character Claudine (who is in the books) for the worse. In the books, Claudine was a favorite character of mine. AB has made significant changes from Harris’s work. Some are good and some are bad. This one is bad. Here’s hoping he adds a twist that makes us realize that he had a greater plan in mind and redeems himself for that marginal scene.

    • Christina R

      Yes, he has introduced Claudine differently, however we must remember he has to have the story lines all flow together… Im sure most of the book readers know what Sookie is and where her type go (their own land) and I think that is what Alan Ball was showing us and also a blatent confirmation that Sookie is a supernatural being of sorts (as if the light spouting from her hands wasn’t enough)A.B. wanted us to see that Sookie is not one of a kind necessarily, but one of something that has existed for thousands of years.
      * I see not many people making the connections here… or maybe they are and they are just not saying it– We must put this all together slowly… Sookie has light, this is established, we know it, but we don’t know where it comes from. Lets not forget the queen’s interest in Sookie and has anyone noticed her obsession with light, whenever we see her at her house, she is in her “day room” and she always wears white (hmmm) We can safely assume that Bill has a hidden agenda, and many might know who is behind it, but I won’t spoil it for those who don’t. Sookie’s cousin Hadley knows about Sookie and what she is/has (which i find interesting because we never know an alive Hadley in the books)***let us not forget, us book readers that hadley, jason and sookie have something in common, their parents were siblings and they too had something in common, but the only one on their family who exhibits the majority of the qualities of what they are(attractiveness, i.e. jason) is Sookie.

      I love this season and the changes A.B. made this season, and although this is from the newer episode, Lafayette having powers….. I LOVE IT!

  • Brandon

    3 deaths this week. Don’t forget Coot being shot to death by Alcide

    • Tony

      And what is with Zeljko Ivanek dying in every single TV series he appears in?

      • melissa

        FOR REAL!

      • LeeLee

        hahaha…thought that too!

  • anthony

    dont forget, coot bit the dust too!
    the season is finally gaining speed. great episode

  • g

    They keep showing us Hoyt because we care about him. “He’s a grown ass man!”

    • Hrfe

      Yes he is. Um, Hoyt sans shirt? So good

    • Kato

      Forget the vampires Maybe Sookie should just go for Hoyt. LOL.

  • Tim

    There were THREE deaths this episode. Alcide shot Cooter at the beginning of the episode so that they could escape.

    • fluffy

      There were five deaths:
      1. Lorena
      2. Coot
      3. The Were following the van
      4. Dog in fighting ring
      5. Magister

      • Robin Hood’s Girl

        …and the only one I cared about was the poor dog in the fighting ring!

      • Jkaren

        yeah..but only three mattered.

  • amy

    Sookie/TB is more exciting when there’s conflict with Bill..obviously but in the end..I think she’ll end up with him. She has virtually no connection with Sam (Sam should be paired with..JESSICA) and I see a deep deep flirty/friendship with Eric. Eric needs to be with Pam (in a dream world Jessica but she’s too bratty for ERIC)

    • i think sam should be with tara (only because i like hoyt/jessica) but otherwise, good comment.

      • AnneDee

        Tara is too angry to be with anyone. Sam was with her and all she did was scream at him. Bad match.

      • LeeLee

        I second the Tara/Sam thing. Hoyt/Jessica, definitely.


        I think Tara will end up with Sam or Alcide.. I think Sam understands Tara. She is just putting on the tough shell because she doesn’t want to get hurt.
        I love how Sam said that he thought Tara had the worst mother.. LOL
        —The triangle will be Jessica, Hoyt and Tommy!! I love them..
        —What will happen to my love Bill? Sookie made him cry..
        —I can’t wait for Franklin to return..LOL He’s such a sadist, he’ll have Tara go on with her life and then just pop up!! ;-)

      • Shaneka

        I love Jessica and Hoyt together as well.

      • Lee


        I second everything you said except Tara and Alcide. I actually see Tara with Sam. He knows and has experiences with manic personalities with Tara. I think he would be her calming force. If they would only have him show some concern about where she is, I would squeal like a little girl!

      • Christina R

        I think its way to early to say who they should be with, we dont even know who Sookie should be with… and I have to add that even with all the forewarning, you all are not realizing that Bill isn’t quite who he appears to be… so lets not stick him and Sookie together just yet… now we all know eric doesn’t love sookie, but he sure has an interest in her and he sends hadley to tell sookie to watch out for bill, so its safe to assume that he is trying to protect her, which is admirable…. I hope that Alcide has no sexual relationship with anyone other than sookie, i couldn’t even speculate who would be good for him, but I would sure love to see him and sookie develop something…. even if it doesnt go the long haul.. Jason/crystal’s storyline is surely not boring, especially when you know what coming from hotshot means… they are dragging a bit with it, but I am sure we will be pleased with the outcome ;) or not.. hehe
        **Eric and Pam ya’ll**??? I don’t think so, Eric and Pam are too much alike, and he knows her to well, part of sookie’s intrigue for eric is that he cant predict her moves, doesn’t quite know what she is, and she is a force of her own. She is like no one he has ever known in his 1,000 years of life….and for those who believe that everyone just loves sookie and thats boring, there is a reason why she is so “attractive to everyone”.. its what we discover about her that draws people to her

    • M

      I agree, Eric and Pam would be perfect. I really really don’t want him with Sookie, it’s getting kind of boring when the whole town is in love with her. Eric needs a more interesting girl. I’d rather see Sookie and Alcide. This Jason/Crystal storyline is so boring.

      • dara

        Pam is most definitely a lesbian. I hope Bill drops off a little in keeping with the books…Eric is such a key figure in the later books, I’d hate to see that cut out for the sake of “Bill and Sookie” lovers.

      • Kato

        I’m with you, M….Eric and Sookie are completely mismatched. It’s obvious she’ll be with Bill eventually.
        Who cares about the books?

      • Theresa

        I agree with dara… I don’t necessarily think Bill and Sookie will end up together eventually, and I certainly hope not. She should be with Eric. :-)

      • Lisabeth

        I agree with dara somewhat. I don’t care either way which one of them she ends up with but Eric is a MAJOR part of the books. Even if the show doesn’t completely stick to the books formula I’d hate to see them lose all of those great storylines. BTW, I’m really hoping they introduce Quinn

      • Shaneka

        @ Lisabeth…. I hope they introduce Q (to avoid any spoilers with names)…..as well….He was my favorite for (S) anyway.

      • Doubt it

        Pam is a lesbian, and Eric’s “kid”, they have the same relationship as Bill and Jessica, so I doubt they get together….

      • Sharig

        I really hope that Bill and Sookie find a way through the problems to be together in the end. People keep mentioning Eric and Sookie in the books but forget to mention that they have a blood bond and that Eric basically tricks Sookie into the blood bond to begin with. The television show leaves much of this out. All the way to book 8 or 9 she isn’t clear whether what she feels for Eric is real or because of the blood bond. All the way through book 10 Bill is still a part of her life and the books aren’t finished. We don’t know who she will end up with. I am still hoping for Bill and Sookie. I agree that Eric needs someone else. I like him with Pam. They were lovers in the past so she isn’t completely a lesbian, bi-perhaps and I think Eric is probably bi, too. Eric and Pam had the relationship of Bill and Lorena in the beginning, not Bill and Jessica.

      • holly

        but the story is ABOUT Sookie so of course she is the main character. Everything revolves around her

      • Christina R

        to dara, thank you so much! everyone is in love with bill and sookie because they had such a “magical attraction” and how sweet/cute they are together, but lets just say this, yes bill comes from bon temp, and no billdid not decide to go back to bon temp to mainstream like he said, bill lied… (sorry ya’ll, vampires do lie, they arent exactly the most trustworthy creatures, now are they?)

      • Christina R

        @sharig … eric doesntg really trick sookie into bonding with him, she had a choice, either bond with andre, which she sure as heck didnt want to do, or bond with eric, she knew at this point what it meant to bond, and eric was kind enough to offer being bonded to her so she didnt have to bond with andre because he is a horrible person/vampire. Eric doesn’t necesarily want to be bonded to sookie and we see this in the books, eric does NOT like being attached or having feelings so the bond for him is not a great thing, until maybe later ;)

        * and your right that sookie doesnt know what comes from the bond and what doesnt, but close and careful readers know that the bond does not force feelings on you, it only opens the flood gates and the other person feels what you are… it does not by any means force feelings for your bonded.

      • Christina R

        @sharig — he did trick her in dallas to suck his blood and he did so to know what she was feeling because she intrigues him… like he said to lafayette after he gave him his blood that whatever sookie loves/likes, he finds interesting/curious…. and thats why he gives lafayette his blood also, because he knows sookie and lafayette are friends… and something else just hit me, i wonder if eric had any clue at that point that lafayette wasnt exactly human either… hmmm

    • LeeLee

      Eric’s affection to Pam is more of a father to a child. It would never happen.

      • Kato

        You can bet it HAS happened, and might again, who knows? All that long life, vamps most likely get bored. Eric doesn’t seem to show any aversion to swinging both ways, why should Pam?

      • Sharig

        Pam tells Sookie that she and Eric were lovers in the beginning, so it certainly could happen again. I think both are pretty nondiscriminating about gender. They make a perfect pair. She is sassy enough for him. We don’t really know why he is attracted to Sookie other than he thinks she has some hidden power that he can use. We know that his first priority was Pam throughout the whole Russell/Lorena/Bill kidnapping thing, not Sookie.


      You have to understand tara’s esperiences for her toughness.. Try being a human amongst all of these super naturals..
      Although I love Bill, tara kicking him out the van was Priceless!! LMAO

      • Shaneka

        It was priceless!!!!!

    • pam

      Eric regards Pam as his child so that is almost like incest

      • Rachel

        In the books, I believe Pam tells Sookie that she and Eric had been together “many, many, many times”…Charlaine Harris says that vampires as couples don’t really stay together, they get bored and all.

      • Sharig

        Bill was Lorena’s “child” too. She didn’t seem to see him as offspring. LOL Bill actually sees Jessica more as his child because he hasn’t completely gone over to the dark side of being a vampire. He still has some measure of humanity most of the time, at least when he has not been drained of his blood and tortured for days.

  • Amanda

    Why was this episode less than 45 minutes long! Grrr…

    • cindy Menjivar

      omg i know!! it was cut short 10 minutes! I hate when TB episodes end :(

    • mary q contrary

      Did anyone else notice that scenes from the preview were cut from the actual episode? My guess is that the shortened episode was a last-minute HBO decision.

      • TVDIVA

        I thought my DVR was crazy. A 45 minute show, lots of previews of other HBO shows, and the HBO True Blood Post Mortem (which rocked) and preview of the next episode. HBO owes us 15 minutes. As Lafayette would say this is some f***edupness.

  • srk

    Your assumption is correct. Sookie’s vision is definitely a throwback to the novels. I am excited to see how they will reveal what Sookie truly is!

    • Sibyl

      Don’t know what books you read, but not only is there no mention of what the fairy world looks like ,there is never a visit there. The fairies in the books are lethal and cunning, not hippies in a vagasil ad.

      • boymommy


      • DeeDee


      • Hooch


      • Shaneka

        SPOILER ALERT..CONTINUE AT YOUR OWN RISK…..Wasn’t there a visit to the Fae World…..When she was abducted and tortured by two full blooded faes. Where her grandfather and Bill had to save her….granted it wasn’t full of flowers, ponds, people dressed in white, and dancing.

      • Darn

        No, she was tortured by the Fae on earth before Niall closes the door to the Fae World. The Fae world is never visited in the books–Harris’ scenes have never been as cheesy as that Fae world thin. Vagasil ad–LOL!

      • Elle

        SPOILER ALERT @Shaneka – The torture was not in the fae world. It took place in a farm house in this world.

      • angelwhiteraven

        “hippies in a vagasil ad”. I’m laughing so hard right now!

        SPOILER ALERT!!!
        @Shaneka IF I remember correctly they tortured her in a house in Arkansas.

      • Christina R

        wow, harsh much? we saw five minutes of what appears to be elfyria, since we never visited in the books, we shouldn’t be so sure, that isn’t what it looks like… Fairies have to be around other fairies to keep up their strength and some will even go to elfyria to charge up, read closely… elfyria is supposed to be a beauitful place, and also there are many differemt place where the fairies go, that could have not been elfyria, but somewhere else… A.B. has creative license and so far i must give him credit, he stepped up his game big time from season 2!

    • Carla

      And I’d really like to see Rutger Hauer cast as Niall when he appears!!

      • Sharig

        He would be perfect for Niall! Great idea.

  • Mary

    I know they were worried about Sookie but don’t you think Layfette would have been a little more concerned about where Tara has been for days?

    • Charles

      He was. W hen he heard it was Tara on the phone with Jason you could see the concern on his face. But then he got the news that Sookie was in the hospital.

  • Lucy Van Pelt

    I thought the episode was AWESOME.

  • Sarah

    I liked that line where Sookie basically told Tara that Franklin wasn’t dead. Telling her what a dead vampire actually looks like and which is not how Tara left Franklin. I missed him this week.

    • Samantha

      Me too! Franklin is just so bat crazy, and he brings so much life and fun to any scene he’s in. Hope he’s in next week’s episode!

    • Gleb

      Anonymous – Hi guys,You did such a great job!!! I can’t believe what you’re able to see and pull tugohrh the lens. Thank you, thank you, thank you!Hope you’re having a nice visit in NZ. Miss you out in Cali!

  • rowan729

    First off, only Claudine’s name in that scene came from the source material (the books). The rest was all Alan Ball, et al. Second, I believe the original name of this episode was Hit the Floor, and I had an awful thought of them using that Drowning Pool song. This was a much better fit!

    Exciting episode, very fast paced, and I think that clearly shows that AB learned from the slowness of last season and this year’s show far is definitely making up for that! One last thought, Bill was only temporarily protected from the sunlight because of how much of Sookie’s blood he drank, I think. He was starting to smoke before he ran off, and he’s had her blood before, but never that much, so I think that’s the difference.

    Overall, loved it, and cannot wait for more!

    • mary q contrary

      I agree with you, I think that he was only temporarily protected.

    • Holly

      These were the two things that I wanted to comment on, as well. Now I don’t have to because you just said everything that I wanted to say.

    • Shaneka

      I agree because if you watched closely…he was beginning to smoke…

    • Heather

      Rowan 729, thanks for pointing out that Claudine’s name was the only thing that came from the book in the whole pond scene. So you cannot blame anyone for that but Alan and the other writers. I really have enjoyed this season, but after last season I think that anything would have been better. I also wanted to say, I’m so glad Pam was in this show, it is just not the same without her and her sense of humor!

      • Christina R

        why are we blaming the writers, we saw where sookie met claudine for 5 minutes, we have no idea whats going to happen… and not for nothing remember what claudine said “thispond is bigger than you think”, just like everything else, there is always much more under the surface, so just because as some of u say that part was silly/ or like a vagisil ad i think it was an integral part that needed to be included, i liked having something concrete (besides the light shooting from sookie’s hands) to show that sookie is not what she seems and there are others who are watchng out for her… and yes fairies are cunning in the novels but not all of them! some people are forgetting that Claudine was trying to become an angel in the books – which means she wasn’t bad… not all fairies are cut from the same cloth, just like humans and vamps….

  • kim in kentucky

    No mention of the Queen in her cage?? And good ol’ Jason saying that he wasn’t “responsible” while at the hospital.

    • Asen

      Crap! I love that story. And I love your devotion to Mary and your Apple.I am so wlosly getting used to mine and there are days when I can’t stand it after having used a PC exclusively before now. Stories like this make me want to fall in love with my MacBook. I’ll keep trying, and maybe this time I’ll ask Mary to help me.

  • Valley Girl

    Really enjoyed this episode, particularly the pace, so much that I didn’t mind the boring Mickens storyline.

    Re: Sookie’s coma sequence – WTF? I needed to get some crackers to go with that cheesy scene, which bordered on porn-esque as far as silliness and lighting. Though I thought Pulver was fine in “Robin Hood,” I envisioned someone more like Milla Jovovich or Famke Janssen in the role of Claudette, frankly, but perhaps that would have been too distracting for the show?

    Anyhoo, I was relieved how the back o’ the truck scene was handled, vs. how it could have been handled (trunk, etc.). And, it was good to see Pam finally saved! Whew!

    • Valley Girl

      Sorry, I meant Claudine, not Claudette. Too many cocktails from the “True Blood” and “Mad Men” double whammy tonite…

      • pam

        If it makes you feel any better Claudette is the deceased triplett of Claudine and Claude

      • Shaneka

        Claudette was mentioned in the original book series and then one of Harris’s short stories….So you were not completely out of it…..)

    • TBFan

      With you on that, Valley Girl. When I first saw Michelle Forbes, I thought she was Claudine. I still think she would have made a better Claudine than Pulver. I know it’s early yet in the series for Pulver, but she does not have the same gravitas that Forbes has. Ah well, bring on Claude!!

      • kattykat246

        Thought the exact same thing…. when I vision Claudine- I see Michelle Forbes. THey should have switched the roles with these two. Pulver is too short and her teeth looked brown? right?

    • Sam

      I’m so with you Valley Girl. My first thought was, “Claudine? But she’s so OLD!!!!!!” I guess I always pictured her and Claude as younger- early thirties and stunningly atrractive. I’m sorry but that is NOT what I pictured when I saw Claudine!

      • Holly

        Isn’t she supposed to be really tall too?

  • Jack

    This season, True Blood is one of the best shows on tv with Mad Men and Breaking Bad being better.

    • liza

      i agree with you. sunday is the best night on tv right now….true blood…followed by mad men (now that’s the best postmortem!!)

      • Jack

        Rubicon is good too.

      • Marcos

        Don’t forget Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami….

      • Sharig

        LMAO Marcos, surely you jest!

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