Elisabeth Hasselbeck calls Kathy Griffin 'scum'

This morning on The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck called Kathy Griffin “scum” for joking on her Bravo show My Life On The D-List last week that Sen. Scott Brown “has two daughters that are prostitutes.” “You defend your daughters against scum who come after them,” said Hasselbeck. Whoopi Goldberg followed that up by saying that “if somebody talked about my daughter as a joke like that, I would beat their ass.”

“Are you calling Kathy ‘scum’ now?” Joy Behar asked Hasselbeck.

“In general, if someone called your daughter a prostitute would you think they’d be scum?” countered Hasselbeck. “I’d call them [sic] scum.”

“I know my daughter’s not a prostitute, so it [would be] funny,” said Behar. “It’s just a joke, Elisabeth.”

Hasselbeck commanded Griffin to “get in line, and cut it out.”

I don’t think Griffin’s joke was funny, but then, I don’t think Griffin is funny in general. I’d say that Griffin may want to avoid visiting The View in the near future, but it’s unlikely she’ll be invited back for a while anyway, after this.

What do you think?

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  • Matt

    Oh come on! If anyone actually saw what Scott Brown said about his daughters, essentially pimping them on stage, who wouldn’t make a joke like that? Lighten up. Frankly, I’m confused as to why Elisabeth still has a job on that show.

    • Jane

      Because someone needs to “refudiate” everything negative about Sarah Palin and the conservatives.

      • Matt


      • jodipo


      • kennedyDC

        Well played, Jane. :-)

      • stan

        Brava, Jane!

      • CJbenny


      • Allie

        Very nice!

      • Kwilli

        Jane — that was a well-timed quip.

      • Deb

        If Brown himself hadn’t made that stupid remark, trying to pimp out his daughters, Ms. Griffin wouldn’t have had the material to work with. Try to refudiate that. I mean refute. Celebrate me, i’m like Shakespeare, dammit!

      • Kim

        Oh, haha, Jane, you crazy kid. I’m a sheeple too. I am going to agree with what you say because it’s the cool thing to do. haha. I don’t think for myself. Haha. Oh Jane, you crazy, crazy girl.

      • Dilly

        Jane, nobody could have said it better – well done!

      • Tarc


      • Erin

        I’m with the rest of the sheep, Jane said it well.

      • LiberalRUS

        No one needs to refudiate the negativity that surrounds both Palin and the conservatives. She and they do it with their backwards thinking and bs rhetoric. Leave it to Palin and her ilk, this country would be all-white, a gun in everyone’s hand and no freedom of speech whatsoever. Hasselbeck, to her credit, has criticized both Palin and the conservatives when she felt her (their) hateful actions were wrong — remember the bullseye painted on the maps of states where the congressman/woman were in favor of healthcare! I’m not with Jane and I challenge all others to speak up!

      • PalinForTrashCollector2011

        Look – Kim tried to refudiate the humor by being snarky. (It didn’t work.)

      • Jack

        Oh, look…haha Sarah Palin is stupid! Haha!

        Unemployment is skyrocketing…the Gulf is going to be a mess for years! The stimulus failed. The Justice Dept. is corrupt. The President is golfing again. But hahah, Sarah Palin is stupid!

      • Obvious

        Wow. Look at the desperate Palin haters. What a pathetic display, as usual.

        Now, I will talk about Obama’s scummy daughters. Still feel like laughing? Of course you don’t.

      • laylagalise

        You win, Jane!

      • Henry

        Bless your heart.

      • Sean Hallenbeck


      • Michael


      • Ben Dover

        Kim, take your lips from the neocon crack pipe.

      • j

        Love it. Too bad Eliz is such a loon that she makes her side look likewise.

    • Kristie lee’s Horse

      Kathy is a comedian. Funny or not, it wasn’t testimony. Like her or not, I read Kathy’s book and I know that she is a good person who does a lot for charities and other causes. Elizabeth is a manufactured celebrity who needs to go away.

      • Nancy

        It seems the whole Republican Party politicizes everything, and takes offense to everything. Liz was just doing her job as a Conservative drone.

      • Sandy

        Hey Nancy!
        Stop politicizing this, but if you want to, you neglected to add that the DEMOCRAT Whoopi agreed with her. What’s the matter, don’t want to admit that a DEMOCRAT can agree with, god forbid, a REPUBLICAN?

      • Gabby

        @Nancy: LOL yes, we know the left is so much better at not manufacturing outrage and taking offense at political incorrectness.

      • Rachael

        And as for her name-calling, I think she needs to take a good long look in the mirror before calls anyone else scum. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is one of the most vacuous, moronic talking-heads to appear on daytime TV. It scares and saddens me that people LOVE her and believe the filth that spews from her mouth.

      • Garrett

        You say Griffin is a comedian. But comedians are supposed to be funny. Kathy Griffin is not funny. She is boorish. Elizabeth, for once, had it right.

      • Matt

        Sandy, Whoopi also stood up for Mel Gibson last week. I’m not sure she’s such a great representative of anyone these days, democrat or republican.

      • ALM

        Matt’s right. I used to adore Whoopi, but after she defended Polanski’s crimes by saying that sodomy of a 13-yr-old girl wasn’t “really rape”, and now is defending Mel Gibson’s domestic violence, I am losing respect for her and her opinions, no matter what her political affiliation.

      • Julz

        Whoopi did not defend Mel’s domestic violence. She merely stated that in her personal experience with him she didn’t think he was racist. She did call him a bonehead and an a**hole for what he’s done.

      • Terry

        Love Whoopi but she’s always defending celebs. She even defended Puff Diddley Do when he bought a $600,000 car for his 16 year old. Besides that being a horrible life lesson for his kid, I hope something doesn’t happen to him like a car jacking or an accident.

      • @ Garret

        If you don’t find her funny, that doesn’t mean she is not funny, just you don’t find her funny. this issue is not about if she is funny or not, tater tot.

      • Thorne

        Couldn’t agree with you more Kristi Lee. Quite frankly I think Hasselbeck is an overblown wind bag whose 15 minutes of fame should have ended about 2 seconds after the Survivor finale. She’s just another pretty mouth piece for the wacko far-Right who hopes no one will notice that they’re hypocritical bigots.
        As for Whoopi I guess she had to decide to not blindly defend someone this time. Does anyone really care what these people think?

      • Liz

        In Whoopi’s defense she just said that she knows Mel Gibson, their families have spent time together and she’s doesn’t believe he is racist. She said she didn’t know what was going on and that she was in no way saying the things Mel said were ok but that she didn’t think he was racist. You should watch teh clip instead of reading headlines.

      • Deb

        Hey Sandy – I wouldn’t exactly crow about Whoopi agreeing with Elisabeth. After all, she said Polanski didn’t commit “RAPE rape”, and Mel’s not a bit racist, he just has anger management issues. Wouldn’t place all my bets on that nutty horse just yet, honey.

      • BJohnson

        Can someone please remind Elisabeth if she wasn’t strutting her stuff on Survivor (what stuff she thought she had) she wouldn’t have the fame, the football husband and kids. I really don’t take comedians seriously (Whoopi, remember your comedy back in the 80s???). The thing with that show is that they open their yaps on live shows and crap like that just flows out without having a chance to think.

      • BimboKay

        The only time Elisabeth showed a sense of humor was marrying Tim; otherwise, she’s just an overly fake-tanned wannabe pundit. She’s a prig.

      • Anno

        What the hell is wrong with you people. I have to guess most of you aren’t parents or you would understand how offensive that comment was. If you are parents, you’d be spineless not to defend your own children. Way to go Elizabeth and Whoopie. Joy is as big a dingbat as Kathy Griffin.

      • The REAL Black Queen

        I don’t understand why Whoopi would agree with Elizabeth on something like this because she is always the one defending other celebrities when they get into trouble, like Chris Brown, Roman Polanski and Mel Gibson.

        She’ll defend someone who allegedly beat his girlfriend or someone accused of rape but she’ll beat somebody’s ass for calling her daughter a prostitute? C’mon Whoopi. And Kathy only made that joke because Brown pimped out his daughters live on stage during his acceptance speech.


        I am so sick of Elisabetch and Whoopi. What role does she add to the View besides grumpy tired comedian? She is always negative and just makes faces at the camera like she’s being funny.

        And BTW “Anno” his “children” are both over 18 which makes them adults. If he didn’t want any media attention brought on to his family, for one, he shouldn’t have gotten into politics, and he defiantly shouldn’t have publicly announced that his daughters were “available”. He brought this on himself. He could’ve at least been the bigger person and just ignored it, instead he brings MORE attention to the joke by releasing a statement! Have a sense of humor…

      • Nancy

        Am I right? Assuming that I’m a Democrat is just as dumb as Elizabeth taking offense to everything. I’m not trying to attack the Repulican Party, I’m just making an observation. Elizabeth seems to always be in attack mode with a Conservative chip on her shoulder. Lighten up Liz! (and all you bitter, uptight conservatives).

      • Karl

        People calling Griffin a comedian would imply that she’s funny… which she isn’t. And yet she can still make a living at whatever it is that she does.

        God bless America…

      • shelley

        Cathy has a following- people do find her funny- should anyone think Elisabeth has a point about anything- pathetic!

      • JC

        Since when does how much a person does for charity make them a good person?

        If there’s a pimp in this, it’s Griffin whoring out her mother, whom even she knows is a funnier person than herself. Without her mother, that show dies a silent death seasons ago.

        So the joke Hasselbeck should have jabbed back with is who’s the better pimp? One’s pimping to people who like the show “Top Chef” or the one who’s pimpin’ to the nation.

      • samantha

        I thought Kathy immediately turned to the camera and said something like, “The Bravo legal dept wants me to make it known Scott Brown’s daughters are not prostitutes.” It was a joke. You can’t take anything she says seriously because she’s a COMEDIENNE. She’s very serious, however, when she’s speaking to issues like our troops, gay rights and HIV. Everyone should lighten up :-)

    • LOL

      Griffin’s joke wasn’t funny, but Hasselbeck would be wise not to tangle with her. KG would eat EH for lunch.

      • besimon

        Kathy loves the controversy. I’m sure she’s thanking Elizabeth for the press. Also, this was all Elizabeth got from what I thought was a very informative episode about our country’s DADT policy. I barely remembered the Scott Brown comment actually.

      • Carla

        with a jiffy cake with white icing for dessert!! :D

      • Tarc

        When Griffen was on The View a few weeks ago, Hasselbeck got snippy with her. Griffen shut her down in like three seconds. What does that other comedian say… you can’t fix stupid? Hasselbeck and Palin – buddies that can’t be fixed.

      • Erin

        When Griffen was on The View a few weeks ago, Hasselbeck got snippy “with her. Griffen shut her down in like three seconds.”

        I’m not a big Kathy Griffin fan but THAT was awesome, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It showed she is simply all talk. Junk talk at that.

      • JC

        Just another hook for her next return to the show…

      • Irene

        I’d love to see/hear that. When? Where?

    • Linda K

      kathy griffin is the winner. . . the view has her front and center on this comment. No longer on the D-list if you’re in the spotlight. And you don’t think this was a stunt. A successful Stunt

      • Laurie

        Agreed! And if anyone saw this episode they would have seen the disclaimer Kathy ran, saying duh I know they are not really hookers.

      • const

        kathy griffin continues to be a loser.

      • Lisa

        You’re right, Linda K. KG just won in spades because of the publicity. This isn’t the same thing as when David Letterman made the inappropriate comment about Sarah Palin’s daughter. The disclaimer said it all. Kathy’s VERY smart.

      • Carla

        God love her, our Kathy is a genius at self-promotion-she will sell so many more tickets now. I’m a silly wabbit-I thought the joke was just an ill-aimed clunker…the joke itself not so funny, but Kathy still wins!

      • CountCrash

        Kathy is a lame ignorant shill for the left wing fascists. She IS NOT funny. Which is why she is always D-List. EH adds a differing VIEW from Joyless. OH man I guess that’s why its called the VIEW. And to say she should shut up proves that liberal-secular-progressives can’t stand someone using their 1st Amendment rights when it goes against thier lie based ideology.

    • lianna0048

      Oh geez, we’re back to political correctness again. It’s not like his daus are teens or underage, they are grown women.
      It was a joke and there was a disclaimer across the screen.
      Geez, I’m so sick of PC.

      • lsjglsgh

        Exactly! They aren’t “children” as many are referring to them here. If he doesn’t want media attention brought towards his daughters maybe he shouldn’t have announced that they are “available”.

      • Shaun

        Yes, the fact that his daughters are 18 does technically make them fair game. But that doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be a jerk for making fun of them. Once Chelsea Clinton turned 18, she was also fair game. But you still would be an a***ole for making fun of her. You’d be an a***ole for making fun of anybody, including Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Many of the freedoms we have still make us a***oles if we decide to exercise those rights.

    • jeff

      The only reason Elisabeth is saying anything is because Kathy calls her out all the time on how much of an ass she really is. Elisabeth is an idiot.

    • const

      how come Whoopi’s comments agreeing with Elizabeth get ignored in the headlines?

      • Lisa

        Agreed, const. Whoopi’s comments lately have been way off base. Perhaps it’s simply that she’s getting old, has had a few too many people close to her pass away,and she’s getting sentimental in her old age.

        I don’t usually agree with Elizabeth, but I find myself not agreeing with Whoopi more and more.

      • @Lisa

        Guess what, Lisa, it is impossible to get old without experiencing people you are close to passing away. That kind of experience puts things in a much broader perspective than our petty little day-to-day stuff. It’s caleed wisdonm and it has nothing to do with sentimentality. Unfortunatly, you will one day know this yourself.

      • @Lisa

        “it’s called wisdom…” sorry for the above typos!

      • Jethro

        Has Whoopi washed her hair yet? The entire View show needs to go away, their 15 minutes of fame should have ended long ago.

        Kathy is definitely funny but only when she makes fun of celebs: Paris H, Kate G, Mylie C, Paula A or Ryan S, she is most funny on her standups.

      • Chappel

        Because nobody cares about what Whoopi says. She’s proven too many times that she’s an empty-headed fool.

      • starbbycat

        please remind me why whoopi is on the show ….

    • hobokendave

      And now EH has given 15 minutes of material for her next stand up show.
      “Well I’ve been banned from the View, AGAIN…”
      “Did you see that bitch Elizabeth when I was on the show? She was grinding her teeth more than a crack head after an all nighter”
      “Hey Scott, when you stop pimping out your daughters to wealthy suitors I’ll stop calling them ho’s”

    • Pete

      Ken Tucker, you either lack a sence of humor or you lack all the information regarding Kathy’s comment. Immediately after Kathy’s comment they took the bit on step further by stopping the segment, rolling back the video and adding a voice over and text disclaimer with Kathy stating, “Now a brief message from Bravo’s legal team: Scott Brown’s daughters are NOT prostitutes! We now return to our regularly scheduled negativity” Smart and funny but in my opinion, it’s not funny and offensive to people that are stupid enough to take it out of context. They miss the joke even when it’s spelled out for them!!

      • @ Pete

        can you spell “sense”?

      • Tarc

        @@Pete – Can you pick out a typo?

      • amie

        Thank you Pete, for reminding everyone about the disclaimer. I absolutely cannot stand Elisabeth Hasselbeck! Maybe someone should ask her what her opinion is of DADT – she’s probably all for it. Whatever you do, Elisabeth, make sure you DON’T stay on the topic at hand. It was a joke. Clearly, you have zero sense of humor.

      • @ Tarc

        Obviously. What a dumb question.

    • OMGq

      I agree – how ABS kept her on after saying that stalking victims deserve it for wearing revealing costumes on DWTS is beyond me. She is not only obnoxious and a complete DOLT, but she is also the exact SCUM that she likes to call others.

      • OMGq

        PS – ABS should read ABC – sorry!

    • Carla

      It was Scott Brown’s comment about his daughter’s single status on stage, and Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s general ignorance that give Kathy Griffin an act, even if the jokes aren’t all home-runs. Kathy has been fired from the View 100 times, and is always looking forward to 101.

      • Matt

        Hahaha, nice points.

    • shellibelli

      lol i agree he did pimp them out and talked about how they were “available”

    • yuma

      I met her briefly, and she is an ass. Her act isn’t an act. She’s really like that.

    • Freddy

      Kathy Griffin is a repugnant whore. A much less than a D list celebrity.

    • Barb

      In response to Matt’s coment about Elizabeth. I have wondered the same thing for a couple years. She is the most negative and loud mouthed one of the group. The program is much more pleasant when she is gone!! Give Elizabeth a permanent vacation. Let her stay home and raise her children.

    • Lori

      This just proves why I stopped watching The View. Elisabeth needs to learn to lighten up and quit taking everything so seriously. I really hope the rumors are true and she may be leaving the show, then I can watch again.

    • Susan

      If anyone should be off the show it should be Joy. She does nothing but bash Bush and Palin constantly, but that seems to be OK. But say anything negative about the Obamas and look out. Joy claimed how she has been on the show the longest. Maybe it is time for HER to leave.
      Does Kathy really need to make statements like that to be funny? Everybody in Hollywood thinks they are politicians. Stick to the profession. I’m looking for entertainment, not a lecture on their views and commentary.

    • msbluebird

      Wow, Elisabeth Hasselbeck at it again. I agree it was a joke, tastely joke; yes but a joke. Elisabeth is one of the main reasons I stopped watching the View.I cannot stand her flippant attitude on just about every subject. I hope she does leave the View. I still wonder why she is still on the show.. she is too negative and that holy then thou attitude is getting old. better

    • Bigref

      You come on. All good Dad’s spend a bit of time embarrassing their children and Sen. Brown did that by saying one of his daughters was “available”.

      Now it comes that the mere act of a father teasing his daughter makes her fair game to the left wing hate bots like Griffin and Garafolo. That is truly and completely pathetic. You, Griffin and your cheerleaders should be ashamed.

    • Kjell

      Yes why dos she still

  • Jennifer

    Kathy really does need to knock it off. I love her standup but on life on the D-list she takes it to far.

    • me

      That would be “too” genius. I saw Brown’s daughter on Idol. Isn’t that what you would call prostituting yourself? Kathy was correct.

      • Kat

        One could argue that auditioning for American Idol can be “famewhoring” but it’s not prostitution in the way that KG meant in her joke. Plus, maybe the girl legitimately wanted to become a singer at the time. I know she’s a comedian, but the comment was rude and more uncomfortable for me than funny (because I didn’t think it was funny at all, and not just because it’s potentially offensive). Calling her “scum” might be going too far, but she was definitely being an a s s right then, and not in a good/funny way.

      • Ryan

        Exactly! When you go audition for a TV show and you parade yourself out there and become a pseudo-celebrity yourself, you become more than just a ‘politician’s daughter.’

        Are we not going to make fun of Liza Minnelli because she’s just an actress’ daughter? Can we not discuss Bristol Palin because she’s a politician’s daughter? NO! At some point these people are their own people and become free game.

      • Ames


        Your reference to humans being “free game” just made me die a little inside.

      • OMGq

        Sorry, but isn’t Elizabeth the person that was just stating that a woman deserved to be stalked because of the way she was dressing? Sorry, but if ANYONE is a scum it’s Elizabeth. Hello pot, this is kettle….

      • @ Kat

        whoosh, right over your head.

    • @Jennifer

      You obviously don’t get her acct. Taking things too far is her thing, duh.

      • jess

        completely agree with you…its all part of her act ppl..get with it!

      • @jen and jess

        Oh we GET it – but maybe we are saying it is time to stop this kind of “act.” Trying to glean humor out of trash is low class and isn’t productive in any good way. It contributes only to the “dumbing of America.” We need this?

    • Jammy

      to just come out and say Brown’s daughtrs are prostitutes – just isnt funny and its been a pattern with Kathy Griffin .. this is like a no brainer – why would anyone thinks its ok to slander someone’s family like that – regardless –
      plus hate Kathy Griffin for giving Seinfeld his worst episode ever – where everyone on the show had to pretend to laugh at her jokes in her one man show – Kramer was right when he broke his silence to say “you need to shut up” … I like edgy stuff but she is the most un-hip or clever comedian out there with a regular gig – she should take lessons from Carlos Mencinaor Jon Stewart

      • Tammy

        jammy stfu! Don’t comment unless you actually have knowledge on the topic, you’re as annoying and ignorant as Elisabeth Hasselbeck!! Hasselbeck took Kathy’s words out of context and omitted the funny disclaimer which clearly spelled out for the audience that Kathy was making a joke!

    • amie

      Yeah, like trying to repeal the moronic and antiquated Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy….what an ass! How dare she take it THIS far?

    • Jethro

      Obviously the Emmy people love her, she’s nominated 2 more times this year and already has won two, I guess we, the public, is doing someting wrong if she is getting the wins !

      • Guess what?

        Could be the “Emmy people” who love her are scum too.

  • nancy

    Liz just gets her panties in a bunch over anything she doesn’t agree with. the joke may have been not the most appropriate thing, but i have heard her say many things that were not appropriate. didn’t she get some heat for saying something negative about someone on dancing with the stars? she needs to get over herself.

    • jasper

      that’s because she’s a hypocrite like so many others who share her views. she is not qualified to be on the view.

      • JC

        What is the qualification , to talk non stop , then i think shes got it

      • malcontent

        There are qualifications?

      • Sue

        Her views don’t make her a hypocrite.

      • jodipo

        No Sue, her unwavering support of the “Do as I say, not as I do” Republicans makes her a hypocrite

      • george

        No jodipo, her beating the crap out of someone for doing something, then 2 days later doing the same the exact thing herself is what makes her a hypocrite

      • amie

        Which brings me to the question…besides having babies, what exactly is EH qualified to do?

    • Kate

      Yeah, she made some incredibly offensive remark regarding one of the contestants who was being stalked. She said something along the lines of “why did he bother stalking her? He just could have watched her show and seen all he wanted, her outfits are so slutty.” That is NOT word for word, but the gist of what she said. Sweet, sweet hypocrisy.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        She went after the person herself, not Erin Andrews kids. See the difference?

      • oooh

        Yeh, no difference. Scott Browns “kids” are not minors.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        They didn’t show pictures of the kids, they showed Scott Brown, what did his kids have to do with anything?

      • his kids are over 18, so it’s not like she was making fun of a 7 year old or anything. god.

      • Matt

        His daughter’s vocation is “part-time model”…. Once you declare that, you’re suddenly NOT off-limits. She’s not a minor, and Scott Brown infamously (and stupidly) pimped her out while on stage at a political rally, saying his daughters were “available”. Point to Kathy Griffin.

      • @ Rusty

        I think your brain is Rusty.

      • Kate

        Actually, I DO see the difference. Griffin made a joke regarding something a politician stupidly said about his own daughters (which was completely unbased in fact or reality). Hasselbeck made a joke denigrating a woman who had just been emotionally traumatized by a real situation (the situation Hasselbeck felt was appropriate to joke about). In my own opinion, I’m much more offended by Hasselbeck’s comment (and her crocodile tears apology). But that’s just me.

      • Kathy n.n

        It’s interesting how Lizzie always judges others yet when she says something awfully stupid she cries after being slammed by the news. She then calls Kathy scum AND compares her to serial killers. Idiot honestly, what’s next she’s going to cry on the View again over being put in her place?

    • EJ

      Yeah and we know that neither Whoopi nor Joy ever get their panties in a bunch! Try disagreeing with them and get ready to get slammed.

  • Brett

    Kathy Griffin is not funny. Never has been; never will be.

    • IMO

      I agree.
      I’m also very upset that I find myself agreeing with Hasselbeck.

    • wizard62

      Really? I think the millions of fans who go to see her sold out comedy shows think differently. Not to mention her TV series now in it’s 6th year. Or her two Emmy wins. Or her comedy albums that were nominated for grammy’s. Or her New York Times best selling book. So…Suck It Brett!

      • IMO

        So Brett’s not entitled to his own opinion?

      • Daniel Sk

        @Wizard62 Love you!!!

      • Pete

        @IMO Brett’s entitled to his opinion however his comment isn’t valid because millions of people think Kathy Griffin is funny. Suck it IMO!

      • IMO

        Someone needs to look up ‘opinion’.
        Apparently someone thinks an opinion is only valid if it is agreement with everyone else’s.

      • Bigref

        Millions of fans? Pretty good since there are rarely more than 1,000 people at her venues, that is a lot of shows. Truthfully, I hope that there aren’t that many completely tasteless people with money to flush on this particular toilet.

    • Carla

      Clearly you have been in Kathy’s act Brett (Michaels I wonder?) KG is funny to the rest of us.

    • Tarc

      Amazing… she is constant demand, makes a lot of money, tours, writes, and has received multiple awards (Grammy, etc..). Perhaps you have a damaged sense of humor (because everyone else gets it)?

      • ac

        Kathy Griffin’s a singer?

      • Tarc

        Actually, the biggies are two Emmys and two Grammy nominations for Best Comedy album.

    • Erin

      I don’t find her particularly funny but in this case I agree with her. It was clearly a joke and as others have said – he was pimping his daughter out at a rally, a wannabe reality star at that. As others have said – she and he are fair game.

      I very much doubt I’ll ever agree with Liz on anything. Atleast I hope not.

    • wolfykik

      Me too

  • ann

    Why is the headline Elizabeth’s comment, and not Whoopi’s?

    • Ana170

      Probably because Whoopi didn’t name-call. She offered a hypothetical as to what she would do if it had been her daughter and it wasn’t directed at anyone in particular.

      • diggity

        but Whoopi said she’d “beat her ass” isn’t that worse than calling someone scum?

      • jasper

        whoopi thinks mel gibson isn’t racist so she is not really one to comment on anything.

      • Maureen

        @jasper: Good point.

      • Tazneem

        I have never blamed Whitey for ANYTHING Be caufrel when you generalize! I could care less about WHITEY! You don’t need white empowerment, this country was built on white empowerment and white supremacy. That is not playing the victim that is stating a FACT. I DO NOT have to play the victim! I am a senior in college, interning for a Fortune 500 company so when I graduate I will be making more than poor white trash such as yourselves anyway in spite of the above comments (see my first post). No sir, no VICTIM here :~PAnd my ancestors had the memories of their AFRICAN culture beaten and raped out of them. I have never been to Africa, don’t know any African languages, and can count on one hand the number of native born Africans I know. I call myself AA out of respect of a fotgotten history out of RESPECT! This is an issue you would know nothing about so your comments are casper the friendly ghost’ on the issue

    • lianna0048

      I’m surprised that Whoopie being a comedienne would agree with EH. At least Joy had it right.

    • amie

      Because EH is so much easier to dislike! That’s why.

  • malcontent

    Being outraged at someone who says outrageous things for a living is ridiculous. And you know Kathy loves that she had someone react to her schtick in a public forum. Elizabeth is just feeding the beast.

    • Dave

      So true.

    • Mikka

      The joy of watching KG is that you never know what she’ll say and that it’s frequently the last thing I would ever say. (I’m too polite and a mom–so I overly censor everything that comes out of my mouth.) KG makes me laugh more than anyone else on TV. Is she inappropriate? Nooo. Does she sometimes say ‘awful’ things? Yes. But I wouldn’t trade her for anything. I guess EH is on the View to represent all the humorless people of the world (in addition to all the ignorant people of the world). And, that’s fine, we live in the US, she has her rights. But I get sick of the way she thinks God and righteousness are on her side. I think God and righteousness are on the side of people who can say what they want, even if you don’t get it. It’s a more chaotic way to be, but far richer.

      • KLH

        Write on :)

      • Me

        I love your post. I wouldn’t say it, probably wouldn’t think of it but most of the time I laugh at what was said becuase it’s just so OUT there. That Elisabeth…what a prudish ninny. Oh, you meant KG…never mind.

      • Thorne

        I agree! KG says stuff and I think to myself, “ohhh I would love to say that but I never would. It’s exactly what I’m thinking but I’m biting my tongue.”

      • Carla

        You go, Mikka. Excellent post. God Bless the REAL America, not the GOP version.

  • Eric T

    I think Kathy Griffin is great! Elisabeth Hasselbeck needs to shut up and get that stick out of her ass.

  • Jennifer

    Elisabeth is always annoying. That will never change.

  • M

    Kathy Griffin is hilarious. Part of her schtick is saying inappropriate/untrue things for the sake of a JOKE. I wonder if Elisabi**h Hasselbeck would’ve been as up-in-arms if it had been a DEMOCRAT that Kathy had made fun of. In the same episode, Kathy referred to James Clyburn as “a big queen.” I didn’t hear Hasselbeck making a fuss over that. Can we vote her off The View like they did on Survivor?

    • KLH

      and threatening physical violence! Nice response Liz.

      • KLH

        ooops I meant Whoopi, I think. I don’t watch, and after Whoopi’s remarksabout non-racist Mel, I have tuned her out. Good SNL fuel.

    • Kevin

      she was! I could care less about your Confederate flag You are proud of your African ansrtcoes ? The ones that were the first to sell each other to evil white man. MY ansrtcoes never sold any slaves, and I am well aware that there were Africans who did. That doesn’t make me feel guilty, that is HISTORY! And then you say you don’t blame whitey for anything except building the greatest country in the world. I love America, but if it was the greatest country in the world why would the dollar be almost worthless in so many other places? Europeans did not discover, nor did they build America IT was sTOLEN!

  • Yetta

    I think that if Elisabeth Hasselbeck wants to see what scum looks like, she need look no further than her mirror. And I think Whoopi is the biggest phony out there, pretending to be some paradigm of feminism and liberalism, then using her platform to defend Vick and Mel Gibson, and now saying she’d advocate ‘beating Kathy’s ass.’ Maybe Whoopi should talk to some sex workers to understand the many layers of hypocrisy in her stand on this. And maybe the world needs to pay more mind to Joy Behar. IT’S A JOKE.

    • lala

      eh needs to get a life…why is she still on the view…everthing no matter what always go’s back to obama in her opinion…can anyone remember when kathy was on the view weeks ago and eliabeth tried to break on kathy–it didn’t work…elizabeth needs to get off the view…no one likes her but her kids

      • sure…

        Let’s get rid of Elizabeth so the enlightend liberals can make sure their “view” is all we are permitted to hear.

      • Thorne

        @Sure – It’s called Fox News & Friends. Go find it. You can’t have every channel.

      • Carla

        I’ll be willing to be even EH’s kids won’t like her once they are old enough for their brains to develop. Teenage runaways in her future? I think definitely yes.

      • Mara

        @Thorne. I was hoping we could have at least one show where both sides could be represented fairly, but now you say we conservatives have ONE channel and the liberals have the rest? Oh, yeah, that’s fair.

  • n

    Boo, you w****. Kathy Griffin is hilarious.

    • m

      Kathy Griffin is trash.

      • jasper

        just like your mom is a whore.

      • @jasper

        just like your daughters are prostitutes.

  • Demosthenes

    First off, Kathy Griffin is the bomb. She is making reference to one of the few things Scott Brown is known for: saying on national TV that his daughters are both “available”. People need to lighten up …

    • JanB1234

      Exactly… also, it was a JOKE people. Kathy is a comedian!

    • wizard62

      Really…Isn’t Scott Brown the same guy who himself posed nude (or nearly nude) a few years back? Didn’t he get paid for that photo shoot to take his clothes off? It’s hard to be all high and mighty about someone calling your daughters prostitutes when the internet is littered with your own crotch shots from your days as an underwear model.

  • JD

    It was funny and a joke. Get over it.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I know, someone calling your kids prostitutes is hilarious.

      • gg

        Well not to me but it also is no big offense.

      • Tarc

        Rusty, man, grow some brains. Pointing out that politicians wh_re their lids out for political gain is old news. She was just joking in kind (Brown has already joked about it). Plus, they aren’t ‘kids’.

  • Genie

    I think Kathy is hilarious and love that Elizabeth takes everything so seriously, it makes both her and Kathy even funnier. Oh yeah Elizabeth wasn’t going for the funny, heehee

  • amanda

    they are both annoying. put them in a cage fight ant let them go at it.

    • Angelo Barovier

      “Two women enter! One woman leaves! THUN-DER DOME! THUN-DER DOME!”

      • Carla


      • steve

        HAHahahahha THUNDER-DOME!

    • Allie

      What a fun Celebrity Death Match that would be.

    • Rowdy Piper

      While I find them BOTH entertaining, I agree – THIS is the solution!
      A massive PIE FIGHT! This would be the best episode of “The View” ever! “Ladies, pick up your pies. Ready, aim..”

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