'True Blood' review: The 'Trouble' with humor

True Blood dared to go even more over-the-top than usual this week, with amusing, clever, ultimately exhilarating results. The locus for this Sunday’s best moments was Russell’s big house. That’s where Franklin brought Tara, tied her to a bed, and showed her how quickly a vampire can speed-text-message. (“Franklin, you’re a huge freak,” said Russell with delight.) It’s also where Bill had an excellent, violent freak-out when Cooter told him Sookie was consorting with Alcide.

It was at Russell’s, as well, that Eric came to try and lie his way out of trouble, but ended up admitting he was selling V for the Queen. And it was in Russell’s abode that Eric had a flashback to his Viking past-life. I know I’ve said before that I don’t much care for True Blood‘s flashbacks, which in the past have tended to resemble high-school-play dress-ups. But this one was nicely emotional, as we witnessed Eric’s parents and their death-by-werewolf, with Eric’s dad pledging him to vengeance.

In each of these plot strands, the scenes tended to start out with humor but ended by amping up the drama. Both of the big Tara-Franklin moments were superb, peaking with Franklin’s promise to take the starving, frightened, but cagey young woman to “a Shoney’s in Vicksburg” and then proposing… to turn her: “Will you be my vampire bride?” This may be a horror to Tara, but it’s a great development for her character, and for us.

The overarching theme of this season’s True Blood, it seems at this point, is that families always cause you trouble (the title, not coincidentally, of this night’s episode). This week, that notion played out in various ways, most obviously (and mysteriously) with Sam and the Mickens clan. I’m as baffled as Sam is as to what the deal is between Joe Lee and Tommy (“I own him!”), but I’m thoroughly intrigued. (Am I correct in guessing that this is made clear in Charlaine Harris’ novels?)

The closing scene, in which Bill and Sookie were reunited only to have Bill tell her she had to go, was summed up by Russell: “Fantastic!” The way Sookie repelled her attackers with that flashing power from her hand — Sookie is officially no longer a squawking, running-around whiner this season.

A few final silver-bulleted thoughts:

• The flirtation between Lafayette and Jesus was very sweet.

• Loved Jessica hypnotizing Merlotte’s patrons with the command, “Do not tip your waitress” (i.e., Arlene).

• Less cute: Terry and Arlene moving in together. Stretching out the pregnancy subplot is getting old, fast. We know nothing good is going to come of this; I just wish they’d get to it faster, or make their characters less cornball.

• Even less cute: Jason goofing around in police headquarters, sight-gags with the paperclip chain and the fingerprint kit. (And what’s up with that Deputy Ellis, doing a Jim Nabors/Gomer Pyle impersonation?)

• Thank goodness Jason finally caught up with Crystal, his mystery girl — she looks promising, doesn’t she?

What did you think?

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  • Catsy

    The Mickens family doesn’t exist in the books in the way they do on the show, or at all, really. A lot of this season is very different from the books.

    • Daniel

      So are you crying? I’ve read every book twice. Grats! You’re right! So what? I don’t want the books verbatum on the show. They’re keeping faithful to the overarching stories. What’s your point?

      • Vanessa

        Did you read the review? Ken was asking if it was on the books. Relax, dude…

      • rebecca

        the point is, the article asked if the mickens family was explained more in the books. catsy was explaining that they don’t exist in the books. chill out.

      • HJ

        Jesus Christ! Something you want to talk about, Daniel!

      • Catsy

        It’s verbatim, Daniel, and I wouldn’t be watching the show still if I expected TV to be faithful to the books.
        Thanks for the taking the time to be a jerk.

      • shellibelli

        DORK KEn asked if it was in the book get a life!

      • PK

        Jesus Tapdancin’ Christ, Daniel…what’s your damage?

      • LafayetteCalledTARAaHookah

        LMAO……..This episode was off the hook!!
        First off, I think Franklin is Russell’s son or related to him in some way. He seems to literally hate Talbot!! And I love it!!

        Then Franklin says to Russell that TARA is a disaster and that they could be TWINS…….;-) (1) Franklin is attracted to TARA’S impulsivity and aggressiveness. He did say last week that he can taste toughness in her blood.

        Also, after Franklin cried, Tara figured out how to manipulate him. I don’t know if it would work because Franklin is really superbly insane..

        Debbie Pelt should really hook up with JOE LEE! They are both gross. How the hell does Alcide even get attracted to Debbie? jesus..

        Speaking of Jesus, It was soooo cute how Lafayette was blushing. However, there is something about Jesus that doesn’t meet the eye.

        And my lord, ASKARS looked AMAZING in blue.. LOL

      • Barry

        You shouldn’t take a book & introduce characters that aren’t even in it. If they had stuck to the book’s plot – and I wish they had – Bill still wouldn’t be in it. I enjoyed the book much more than this season’s storyline.

      • MKR

        That’s what makes the show BETTER than the books. You can’t have a show without your leading man, and Bill IS the leading man, make no mistake about it. And more-over, Alan Ball has said he will continue to be. Check out the credits.

      • me

        This is one of the reasons I stopped watching. Written for douchebags like you.

      • Jenna

        Sorry MKR…Everyone I know watches for a glimpse of Eric no matter how little he is on air. Bill can go meet the sun for all i care. He’s useless, manipulative and rather pathetic. He may not depart the series, but he isnt the series.

      • MKR

        That’s funny Jenna because I watch with a bunch of people and not one of them watches for Eric. We all agree that he is much ado about nothing. Some watch for the Sookie/Bill story, but most watch for the other parallel stories this season.

        And according to Alan Ball, Bill and Sookie are and always will be the series.

      • franklinsgirl

        MKR, you aren’t alone. Not everyone is drinking the Eric/Skarsgard kool-aid.

      • Kato

        Calling someone else a douchebag while commenting on a show you claim you no longer watch…hmmm…now who’s really the douchebag?

      • Sharig

        Since there is no opportunity to dispute Barry’s comment above, I will put it here. Bill is most certainly in the books all the way through book 9, which is the one I recently finished. His may not be the primary story throughout the books as it is in the television series, but he is my favorite character and I actually looked for him in everybook and found him there still devoted to Sookie. Go read again.

      • Charles

        Cool it, Dan. Ken asked a questiona and Catsy answered it. Heap your infantile temper tantrum on some other board, will you? Sheesh.

      • je$sterrr

        In Daniel’s messed up mind someone pointing something out is the same as “crying”. What a tool.

      • Mikko

        I’ve read all but the last book, which I’ve started, and I like the fact that the series is different from the books. I wouldn’t enjoy the series as much if I knew everthing that was going to happen.

      • Allie

        I like that the series is different, too, but some of the directions that Alan Ball is taking the series in are really confusing. I mean, what was the point of MaryAnn when all was said and done? What the hell is the deal with the V-consuming weres? It just would make so much more sense if at least that was true to the books — weres hating what vamps are and wanting nothing to do with them so no way in hell would they be addicted to V. Plus the thing with Sam’s family is just stupid. I think Sam and his portrayer deserved a better story than a trashy, moochy family. I just think that a lot of AB’s changes really screw with the mythology that was created in the books and that makes the series sometimes kind of hard to watch.

      • Deb

        They ask a question and Catsy answered no need in getting all up on her dude.

      • Mikko

        Is it not possible to even discuss a show we all like without getting testy?

    • BFD

      (Am I correct in guessing that this is made clear in Charlaine Harris’ novels?) No, you’re not correct. As stated, this story line doesn’t exist anything like this in the books. This whole season is freakin’ me out.

      • Monica

        The Micken’s aren’t in the books but I think the “I own you” line has something to do with Were-cage fighting (like the Quinn storyline in the books).

      • LafayetteCalledTARAaHookah

        WHO CARES ABOUT THE BOOKS?? The show is based on the characters, not EXACT! So Lafayette, Bill and Tara wouldn’t be here… What kind of she would it be if they weren’t? Get the point? Please stop this childishness already….or stop watching the show.

      • melissa

        I saw on Tvfanatic.com that the “I own you” thing may be linked to dogfighting! (aha!) After all, Tommy is a Pitbull!

      • nancy

        I care about the books. Without them, there is no True Blood so stop ragging on those of us who have been devoted for YEARS before they decided to make a TV show. The show doesn’t follow the books and that makes it confusing when the books are fantastic and the show is not.

        Tara and Bill are in the books, so WAS Lafayette before he was killed off so I’m not sure what you are talking about. Sam’s family is completely different in the books and this disgusting turn on the TV show is ridiculous. I like the way it plays out in the books much better.

      • Hooch

        Clearly a lot of people find the differences between the book and the show interesting and worth discussing. I am one of these people. I have no problem with the differences, in fact that makes the show much more interesting to watch since I have no idea what’s going to happen. But to answer your question, a lot of people care, and it doesn’t make them “childish” or need to stop watching the show.

    • mike

      “The flirtation between Lafayette and Jesus was very sweet.”

      This has to be the most gayest thing I have ever heard from a reviewer.

      • KC

        Your point?

      • grammarpolice

        “most gayest”??

      • TD Sims

        “most gayest.” Riiiiight. (insert eye roll)

      • melissa

        but it WAS sweet…

      • mike2.0

        Really, you must be new to the internet. In fact it’s not even a little gay.

      • DiMi

        So mike you’re a homophobe AND you have the grammatical abilities of a 2nd grader. Those two facts are related.

    • logikgirl

      Sookie’s “new abilities” are not present in the books either.

      • melissa

        Her “special” ability is not in the books, but we do find out in the books that she is a little more special than she thinks and she finds that out from a family member towards the end of the book series…

    • t

      Yeah, the Mickens were not in the books at all. And I don’t believe Sam was adopted either. His mother is a shifter but his siblings are not because it is only the first born that gets the trait? I think that is how the books are? In fact I think in the book his mother gets shot by his step father when he finds out that she is a shifter. Sometimes the books all blend into one and I get confused about what has happened when and I am often wondering if I have remembered things correctly. I usually go back and re-read some things before I start I new book so I can refresh my memory.

  • Megan

    Sam’s family is barely mentioned in the books and when they are, they don’t seem as bat-$hit crazy. I liked this episode…franklin is crazy!!!

    • Aniva

      Don’t say that to me. Every time someone says that everything goes black and I wake up surrounded by body parts. LOL

      • gina

        OMG. That was the best. LOL

      • fraklinRuleZ


      • Dave

        I want that line on a T-shirt!

    • mary q contrary

      Franklin is totally my favorite new character. I see an end in sight for him, which is disappointing, because I would actually love to see his relationship with Tara explored in future seasons. Could be interesting, plus he’s entertaining to the nth degree.

      • pinky

        I am loving Franklin! Tara: We need to talk. Franklin: No! When people say that, I black out and wake up surrounded by body parts.

      • sally1018

        Mine too! He is dark and evil and also funny.

  • Jack

    This season, True Blood is just as good as Buffy was! True Blood is great this season.

    • Jenny

      Nope, sorry. That’s your opinion. True Blood is entertaining, but it will never be just as good as Buffy was in my opinion. Take graphic sex, the very violent scenes, nudity, and profanity away from True Blood it wouldn’t be the same. Buffy would still stand strong, because it never was able to do those things to begin with and doesn’t need them.

      • John

        I have to agree with Jake. Sorry, Jenny, while I didn’t like the Maryann storyline, this season True Bloods storylines have been great.

      • Ian

        Sorry a rewatch of Buffy will solve your dilema..it’s good but its not holding up super well. True Blood continues to grow strong

      • Textumbleweed

        @ Jenny
        It’s not TV… It’s HBO!!!!!!

      • mary q contrary

        I agree with Jake, too. I loved Buffy at the time, and still enjoy a few select episodes, but it does feel kind of dated these days, and I think that a lot of people forget about the cheese factor when reminiscing about how amazing it was.

      • core

        The first season was as good or better than anything. Last season was awful and this season is a mess. I have abandoned ship.

      • Red Lotus


        COsign! You’re absolutely right. Take away all the “good bits” and somehow I don’t think people would be as hooked. Buffy is still a legend and will always be waaay ahead of its time. I DID rewatch it recently. Still awesome and self-reverential. Very PG humour.

      • d

        graphic sex scenes on buffy would rule

    • shellibelli

      go smoke some more if you want to compare this to Buffy. This show is so full of needless characters (it works better in the books) and the sleaze is unreal at times.
      The show is enjoyable and thats about it

      • Mary

        True Blood is not nearly as good as Buffy in my opinion. Like others have said it’s entertaining, but I didn’t even care for a lot of season two and the Mary Anne story line. The first three episodes of the third season weren’t all that great to me either. The 4th episode was a major improvement, and now it’s getting good again finally.

      • Abby

        I’ve been holding this comment in for a long time, but I’m just going to put this out there and then you can all virtually throw things at me. I don’t get the obsession with Buffy (or Firefly or Dr. Horrible or anything by Joss W). I’ve tried watching them all and I just can’t get into it, they totally grate on me. Why do people love them so much?

      • Pastafarian

        I’m right there with you Abby. Buffy’s overrated. That’s right, I said it. To quote the Human Torch, Flame on!

      • d

        i will go smoke some more,good idea

      • d

        cancel your hbo.your to dumb for pay tv

    • AQS

      “True Blood” is (currently) no where near what “Buffy” was. Then again, “Buffy” has a seven season run (but let’s forget about season 4, shall we?). Anyone doubting “Buffy” as one of the greatest television achievements should go watch “Hush,” “Restless,” “The Body,” and “Once More With Feeling.” Brilliant stuff. I am beyond obsessed with “True Blood,” but “Buffy” holds a very very special place in my heart…

      • Natalie

        And “Hush” and “Restless” were both in season 4. Bazinga! Just kidding. While I agree season 4 had a slow all-around story, it has some amazing stand alone episodes.

      • Joe

        Buffy sucked. Period.

      • Nate

        No: Buffy staked. It was the vampires who sucked…

      • Ian

        While i love buffy for the most part it was a monster of the week series..which is kinda dated in today’s standards of tv viewing.

      • Ryan

        True Blood is good? But better then Buffy? Lmao, yeah right!

      • Coco

        I never watched buffy the series (the movie was stupid enough), but I can hardly fathom that Buffy fans migrated to True Blood, other than the shows featuring vampires what do they have in common? Why even make a comparison? Just watch your Buffy shows on dvd and be happy.

      • CarolAnne

        Actually Coco I was and am HUGE Buffy fan and it was the reason I decided to check out True Blood. I’m not a HUGE True Blood fan and can enjoy them for what the both do respectively.

      • CarolAnne

        *sorry* meant to say I AM a huge True Blood fan. Love them both.

      • unaturalx

        buffy was brilliant, still waiting for the movie….and waiting ..and waiting….lucky I’m not holding my breath.

    • LafayetteCalledTARAaHookah

      Who in their jello mind can compare TRUE BLOOD to BUFFY????
      You must have watched the show during happy hour!!

      • TBFan

        Seriously, can we leave off the Buffy/True Blood comparison? The only thing they have in common are VAMPIRES. True Blood is great. Buffy is great. In their own rights. Let’s stop beating the undead horse now, shall we?

      • Brett

        Exactly! Besides, neither True Blood nor Buffy can hold a candle to Dark Shadows. :)

      • Mary

        I agree. You really cannot compare the two. They are both amazing in their own way. But, if I had to pick one, I would give the edge to Buffy just because I think there is so much more going on underneath. The subtext, symbolisms, themes, etc. And then there’s Spuffy, lol!

      • Kendra

        “Beating the undead horse” Classic. :)

    • jamie

      True Blood is a good show but this eason so not as good as Buffy.Don’t compare.ever.

  • Jess

    Sookie used the hand flash thing to repel Maryanne last season, too.

    • Mere

      Which doesn’t exist in the books, like Sam’s family (and Lafayette after the first book). In general, I like the changes…

      • Beel

        Wrong. Sookie’s hand-flashy thing does exist in the books.

      • Aniva

        When does the flash thing happen in the books?

      • TBFan

        It’s not in the books. Why she can do it in the show is explained in the books, but she can’t do that in the books. Does that make sense? I need to lay off the V…

      • Charles

        Actually, Sookie’s power does appear in the books. It’s a side-effect/ benefit of her, otherworldly ancestry. So far, that part has yet to appear in the show. Claudine, Claude, Niall?

      • Coco

        The hand flashy thing is not in the books, the only side effect of her ancestry is that she is very very appealing to vampires (this is not a spoiler since the Sophie Anne warns Eric as much last season), the books are not clear regarding the telepathy, while it obviously runs in the family I do not think that Charlene Harris ever directly states that Sookie’s otherworldly ancestors were the cause. That being said I like the shows take, I prefer a badass Sookie with magical powers, to one constantly in peril.

    • ceil

      Who gives a crap abput the books. If you want the books read the books. reading is better for you anyway you pompus oaf.

      • Ramury7

        I agree, (not with the “pompus oaf part”) but if you want the books read the books. If you want a Vampire show/movie that is more faithful to the books watch Twilight. Allen Ball is doing a great job with the characters and giving us an interesting story. Why is that so hard for people to take?

  • Foresha

    The heretofore unseen flashing power was seen last season, when Sookie repelled Maryann in “New World in My View,” ep. 10.

  • Josh

    I’m not sure what Ken Tucker is talking about – we saw Sookie repel Maryann last season with a ball of light.

    Awesome episode though.

    • deeannek

      Yes and the King reacted to it exactly the same way MaryAnne did-coincidence?

    • Ken Tucker

      You’re right–thanks!

    • just me

      oh Ken Tucker is an anal cancer.

    • kerri

      ken didnt say it was the first time, he said that this made her now be a whiner anymore this season…which she kinda has been

      • kerri

        not be a whiner

  • deeannek

    Ha! Loved Framklin this episode. He reminds me so much of Spike and like Spike he is Love’s B***H.
    Sam’s bio dad gives me the creeps-but I am thinking little brother might really turn out to be the scary one. I don’t know why-just a vibe.
    Bill has suddenly become more interesting to me. What does he want from Sookie? and if you know please don’t tell me-I want to see it play out.
    I hope Eric will be able to get to Pam in time.
    Is it possible that the King is some sort of hybrid creature?

    • Mere

      Pick up the books sometime… There are differences that make both the books and the show uniquely fantastic :-)

      • Veronica

        I just started the first book!! What book is the show on now, more or less??

      • Charity Lomax

        I totally agree with you Mere. I love the show and the books. I’m fascinated about how Alan takes the books and twists it around into something new. One thing I can say it that I hope season four keeps the main plot line of book 4. Some people I know are afraid to read the books because they think it will spoil watching the show. I don’t think it ruins watching the show all in my opinion. I read all 10 books in two weeks! I’m excited to see how he’s weaving the Russel, Bill, Sophie Ann, Eric plot. Seems like he’s taking ideas from a few different books. All good stuff in the end.

      • steph

        I really need to you wrote the books and where I can get them!!! The people that live next door to me, and I REALLY love the show and we want the books so bad!!!

      • TBFan

        @Veronica: The third book, Club Dead. Can I just say that I think Alcide is so much more yummier in the books? But he is utterly fantastic in the show too.

      • Burley

        @Steph – girl, your comment is completely unintelligible. Seems that maybe you were either excited or in a hurry when you wrote your comment. Would you please repost in comeplete sentences we can all understand? Then we’d be more than happy to help you or at least point you in the right direction! Thanks!

      • Sharig

        I agree, too. Have read all of the books available, and to the avoce poster, you can get the books in any bookstore. There is an 8 book set in paperback beginning with Dead Until Dark and ending with From Dead to Worse. Most of the characters on the show are in the book although there are some welcome additions. Charlaine Harris is the author and ask for the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Beyond the set of 8 (which you can also buy individually if you want) Dead and Gone is out in paperback and she has a new hard cover book that I still want to read. Great fun reads, all of them. But they do not compete with the television show. Both are enjoyable in their own right.

      • KoolKat

        I agree about the books. I watched the first 2 seasons before reading the books. I also read them all in 2 weeks … I couldn’t put them down! I don’t think they give anything away because they are different, but you do get a deeper understanding of the “supes.” I also agree that there was more cooking between Sookie and Alcede in the books than on the series, so far, anyway. Even though I like Bill, I root for Eric. I adored him in the blue v-neck!

      • Sharig

        Sorry that should have said “above” not “avoce”. The above poster I was referring to was Steph and the new book in hard cover is called Dead in the Family. I hope you are able to find the books. They really are a treat.

    • Emily June

      No I think the dad is the creep, I watched Interviews with the actors about this season and aparently Tommy and sam get pretty close? I like Tommy, I’m excites to see how it plays out. And I hope Tara becomes a vampire, that’d be good for her and her character. And WTF is up with bill? He’s confusing me so much! It was made clear from season one that sookie isn’t human, various people asked her “what are you”… Grrr I hate waiting for new episodes!!!

      • JenB

        I agree with you Emily June. Jo-Lee just screams child molester to me. The way Tommy stood there with his fists balled when Jo-Lee showed up at the door. Or how he begged Sam not to open the door, he knew Jo-Lee was out there. That’s not to mention last weeks episode when Jo-Lee found out Tommy broke into Sam’s office and said “That boy makes my @ss itch” That was just wrong. I don’t think the Mom’s all that innocent either based on what she said in the ad for next week.

      • EV

        Has anyone noticed that the Dad looks remarkably liked the actor –Geoffry Rush (?)– who played Barbosas in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

    • Barry

      I think it will be his mother. She is just too innocent.

  • Vanessa

    The way Eric’s face twitched when he found his father’s crown was awesome! I hope he chops Russell’s head off with one fell swoop!

    • shellibelli

      book 3 i believe.

      • c’mon

        Can you at least put in a spoiler alert? There are people who have NOT read the books, and are (trying to) enjoy the show at least somewhat spoiler-free. While it may be gratifying to you to let everyone know how much you know, you’re kind of ruining things for some of us, who would like to learn the story the same way you did – as it unfolds before us, without someone telling us the next few plot points. Not very nice.

      • kerri

        thats not a spoiler, its a misplaced comment saying what book we are on…

      • Tarc

        Then I’ll suggest the obvious: don;t read the comments on a *spoiler* site, where people is disscuss the storylines. there are plenty of epople that are dumb as a box of rocks, so seeing anything is possible.

      • Dave

        Oh please! The expression on Eric’s face as he held the crown tells the world that someone’s gonna die! Hardly a spoiler.

  • chartreuseoak

    Sam was not given up for adoption in the books and his family is not all trailer trashy like on the show.

    • MaryAnnisDead

      Yes, it bothers me how so many of the characters have been altered to become trashy or crazy. Clavin Norris and Sophie Ann. But I guess they are more interesting if they are sleazy and crazy.

      • just me

        One of the reasons I gave up about 2 episodes ago. Just here to say bon jour and au revoir.

      • Coco

        Come on they are better this way. I love that Franklin is certifiably insane, he is so much more interesting than he was in the books. Calvin Norris is not that normal in the books, the residents of hotshot are described as being inbred and he wants to marry Sookie to get some fresh blood in their community and Sophie Anne is a bit crazy in the books as well.

  • Carlos

    “True Blood” is getting better and better. I wished it stayed on 90 minutes each week. Poor Jason is so dumb and goofy. Franklin is a freak and the Vampires are such sexual creatures of the night. They will have sex with both men and women, but the Werewolves are not gay or bisexuals in this series. I would love to get laid by Jesus, Franklin, Eric, and Alcide. I don’t know what’s up with Sam’s crazy parents and brother. I am beginning to think, the son is being sexually abused by his stinky looking father. The bad Werewolf that caught Tara trying to escape is hot too. I hope Eric saves Pam because I really like Pam’s character. There’s comedy in some of the “True Blood” scenes.

    • b-libe

      yes we also think that sam’s father is an abuser and he did it to tommy many times, that s why he s so messed up and blames sam cause he escaped it…

    • kylla

      I haven’t read the books, so this is a guess….
      I think Joe Lee is making Tommy fight in dog fights, and eventually he (and Sam) will have to fight against werewolves. Alan Ball does a great job of converging all the storylines by the end of a season.

      • Gretchen

        I had read somewhere that Tommy is a “dog fighter”..you’re right on target! And it doesn’t matter if you have read the books, because Sam’s crazy ass family isn’t in them!

      • TD Sims

        Ooohhhhhh! I totally see that! Nice call.

    • duh

      Thanks for the recap tardie

    • Shermaine

      I’m out of leauge here. Too much brain power on display!

  • Troubleindawater

    LMAO! Franklin is disturbed, to put mildly!! But….I like it! Rutina Wesley was much better this week. She and James Frain have an off the charts chemistry. Check out their Truebie&Newbie on HBO on Demand. Luv, luv, luv the Eric flashback, Askars looked mighty tasty this week! YUMMO!

  • Carlos

    Have you guys noticed, some of the Vampires have long vangs than others. Take Franklin’s vangs for an example. On CBS canceled “Moonlight”, Twilight, and the Vampire Daries, the Vampires vangs are not as big and long as the Vampires on “True Blood”. LOL LOL

    • Sharig

      Iknow. That was a riot, wasn’t it. It was like Vampire one up manship. YOu show me your fangs and I’ll show you mine, and mine are longer. Loved it!

    • Ronnie1

      I wonder if the costumers adapt the fangs to each character. Franklin’s fangs are kinda crooked and yellowy, while Russell’s “boy toy’s” fangs were nice and straight and pearly! Maybe some vamps have a better dental plan than others? LOL!

  • Jacob

    Sorry Ken, you’re completely off base with your criticism of Terry and Arlene’s relationship.

    One of the best/funny/sweet parts of the show. We get it. You don’t like it. Stop harping on it incessantly.

    • rebecca

      nah i agree with ken, it just seems to be dragging. usually i like each of them, but i hope they wrap this storyline up soon

      • Jacob

        Nah. I love seeing Terry all happy and excited to be a dad. And when he eventually finds out that it is not his baby, I think he will still love Arlene and the baby the same way.

      • BT’s

        Yep. Jacob. That is exactly what will happen. That is why it is predictable and boring. They are like the teenage Twilight characters of TB. I thought Arlene and Rene rocked it better. More adult. More sass. More interesting. Terry is like a little kid. Sorry.

      • Sharig

        BT, are you kidding me? I doubt that you have read or seen anything resembling Twilight, but believe me there are no Terrys or Arlenes in Twilight. And, I am a little tired of the assumption that Twilight is only for teens. It is a beautiful romantic love story that many adults like including me. I am also a huge True Blood fan. They are clearly nothing a like and thank God for the difference. There is a place for both. I love Terry’s brokeness and Arlene’s nutiness. I’m interested to see where this story will lead.

      • Pete

        @rebecca, you and Ken Tucker are both idiots. The pregnancy storyline is happening over the same amount of time as every storyline in the True Blood Universe. They aren’t stretching it out, only about a month has passed so Arlene will probably be pregnant all season. Get over it! This sub plot is 3 minutes per episode.

    • Francie

      So, I haven’t read the books so I really don’t know, and everyone says the show is changed so much from the books anyways, but does anyone else think that sweet, goofus Terry might actually have a past that we might find out about this season? Like maybe something to do with Hot Temps or whatever that white trash town is that Chrystal comes from? Just a suspicion, probably very off.

      • Tarc

        Hot Shot.

      • Charles

        Hard to say. In the books Terry is a Vietnam vet, so much older than the Terry in the show and we don’t get too much about him. The books are Sookie-centric. The show branches out in many different storylines. I like what they’re doing with Terry on the show and I think he’s a fan fav in the supporting role category. Maybe there will be enough interest to garner a backstory someday.

    • oddrey

      Agreed. I think their more ‘human’ storyline helps to balance out all the craziness. And at least it’s better than Jason’s wannabe cop storyline. Ugh!

    • DiMi

      I agree. I love Terry and I love the reminder that human relationships are just as screwy as supernatural ones.

  • Dede

    I laughed so much this episode. Franklin is a riot. The king is right. Franklin is a freak!!!!. Tara has finally learned to get the upperhand with him. The crying by Franklin was hillarious. Still do not care for sam’s family story but they did crank it up more this episode. I have to disagree I liked Arlene and Terry. I think they are sweet. Anyone else not feeling Alcide. So boring to be so hot. I think that sookie can read his mind makes it annoying.

    • Amy

      I agree Dede – the fact that she can only read were minds sporadically in the books is much more intriguing, in my opinion. Especially since Alcide is rarely thinking of anything interesting.

    • sunsetsnow81

      I agree Alcide is a little boring to be that hot. To me franklin is crazy sexy, with the emphasis on crazy, and I am loving his scenes with Tara. Hopefully Alcide will get a chance to prove us wrong later in the season.

    • oddrey

      Dede I agree with you about pretty much everything. Franklin was hilarious. I literally laughed out loud every time he was on screen. And I’m glad they’ve given Rutina Wesley something more interesting to do than scream and whine and cuss. They’ve definitely picked it up with the Mickens storyline, but I’m hoping to see it move forward more quickly. The normalcy of Terry/Arlene is a good balance to the insanity of the rest of the show. And yeah considering all the hype around him, Alan Ball needs to give Alcide something better to do than take off his shirt and mope over that trash Debbie.

      • Sharig

        I also agree. I am really liking Terry and that nut case Arlene. I am interested to see what happens with them. Alcide should never wear a shirt. If Alan Ball follows the books at all, and that is a big IF, Alcide is a long term character. He should have plenty of opportunity for expanding his storylines. I love the actor in this role. He is a perfect Alcide, but his story is just beginning.

      • Tarc

        Though I hate to say it, sometimes all certain people have to do it walk around with their short off and it *is* enough. :D

    • Coco

      I love how the show takes characters who were fairly inconsequental in the books and gives them more interest and depth. Franklin wasn’t that memorable in the books, mostly a bully. I wonder what inspired the writers on the show to make him batshit crazy.

      • Charles

        One word: ratings. Although I like this Franklin more than the books Franklin.

  • Carlos

    It turns out, Sam parents has been entering his brother into dog fights to raise money to survive. I am glad the son wasn’t sleeping with his father. LOL

    • kim in kentucky

      which would be the reason for the scars that he has!

    • mj

      How do you know this? These characters don’t even exist in the books, so this must be a SPOILER. Which is the word you’re supposed to write before you give out information like that.

      • Tarc

        You know, the chance of you reading any of the forums here and not getting spoiled is ZERO. Don’t be a bonehead and gripe when you should know it’s going to happpen. If you don’t want to be spiled, don’t read the entertainment blogs!

      • JREO

        @Tarc.. although I appreciate your POV, this isn’t a “bloggin” website per se. This is supposed to be an episode REVIEW article in which people can bounce back-and-forth their own ideas on a particular episode, AFTER it airs.
        There are particular sites (Ausiello files perhaps) in which spoilers are expected and desired, here is not one of them. It is a little unnecessary for you to call mj a bonehead when it’s pretty boneheaded to not be able to press 9 keys and write *SPOILER* prior to posting something that is or could be a spoiler. IMHO

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