'Kate Plus 8' review: 'Am I grumpy? Yes. You would be too if you had to run 26 acres alone.'

The second new Kate Plus 8 special aired on Sunday night, and I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before the kids stage a prison break.

The night’s big activity was the building of a chicken coop on the Gosselin property. Why? Because Kate said she buys “four or five dozen” eggs a week, so why not buy some chickens to gather her own? Or rather, have the kids gather them. What started as a nice family project turned into a punitive exercise, as do so many things involving Kate’s parenting. Showing the kids the area of the coop that will be “filled with chicken poop to be scooped,” she announced to her brood, “Whoever disobeys will be assigned with this chore!”

The coop was built by some local farmers — “Farmer Dan,” “Farmer Dave,” and “Angela,” who didn’t rate a “Farmer” title, I guess. The Gosselin Eight were pretty excited to be getting this sturdy little animal house; the youngest ones had perspective on the matter: “We’re getting chickens and we’re eating chickens.”

Kate squawked like a chicken when one of the hens “clawed me with its dirty little toenail.” She got testy serving lunch to her brood: “Am I grumpy?” she asked… who, the camera crew, as though they couldn’t tell by now? “Yes. You would be too if you had to run 26 acres alone,” she said.

Couple things about this. Given the number of people we saw trooping across the Gosselin property during just this hour — the folks building the coop, Bodyguard Steve overseeing a group of people who were installing “a lot of trees and shrubbery” to shield the Gosselins from the paparazzi, a team that arrived to power-wash the house, and a man who came to test and advise Kate on the quality of her drinking water — I’d say she ain’t running that place alone.

Also, when the rooster was literally hen-pecked to a bloody pulp in the new chicken coop, Kate was clearly appealing to the TLC camera crew to help her remove the wounded animal. The kids were pretty calm about the injured creature, but Kate was speaking agitatedly, fluttering her hands nervously — in short, doing everything a parent shouldn’t do to set a good example in a small emergency. And what was the capper to this scene? Kate getting in a roundabout dig at Jon Gosselin. She noted the “irony” of hens pecking at a rooster: “We’ve got issues with roosters,” she said triumphantly.

When the luckless rooster — I mean, “man” — who came to test the home’s water told her that she could learn to use water softener herself, and made a little joke that it was “easier than dancing,” the ejected Dancing With the Stars contestant snapped, “Don’t make that comparison.”

As always, it was the children who made the show amusing to watch. Whether discussing among themselves the names they were going to give the chickens (“Fuzzy” and “Furry” were faves) or witnessing sweet, sweet Collin lugging water or seeking Mom’s permission before driving his toy car over a water hose, the kids were indomitable charmers.

After a while, I began to think TLC was just editing the footage to make Kate look bad:

• After asking the power-wash crew if she could try out their high-pressure hose, they were instructing her on how to spray water against her own house and Kate interrupted: “I don’t want to get wet and I’m wearing white.” So why’d you ask to do it, Kate?

• “Everywhere I go, I’m ‘Mommy”d to death,” she moaned when the kids wanted answers to questions.

• “I’m in charge and that’s never gonna change, so shush!” she yelped at another point.

As I said, it’s just a matter of time before the kids start planning their escape routes, don’t you think?

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  • Allison


    • eman ruoy

      C’mon Ken, you’re joking right???? You actually began to think, “TLC edited the footage to make Kate look bad”?????? Do you really think Kate needs additional help in this area????

      • Liz

        I agree. I feel lke TLC just finally embraced what the rest of us already knew.

      • Carla

        Kate Gosselin is a monster and TLC is just owning up to the fact, Ken. 3 words regarding these kids: Childrens. Protective. Services. Also, I’m happy to death she’s got her no-talent behind back on TLC so I can go back to IGNORING HER IN PEACE!!!

      • Melody Thomas

        Narcissism is the personality trait of egotism, vanity, conceit, or simple selfishness. hmmmmmm Kate???

      • Saving the world

        They didn’t have to edit the footage she looks bad already everyone knows she’s just another money grubbing tramp with a bunch of half chink kids, I cant believe all the lifeless people who watch this show and applaud, do you have any idea what message your sending the children of America?? And that LOGO channel my god WTF if you all died right now the world would immediately be a better place

      • Robert Lewxian

        Asked for my favorite episode of Kate plus 8, I had none to give. Every TV visit to “Auntie Kate’s” house is evenly packed with surprises and spontaneity. Like her many children, Kate is delightfully whimsical. She is always on an adventure, and always reacting to it in unexpected ways…like when she cried (and I think wet herself) just because she was hoisted high in the air. Her kids didn’t get it, and neither did we. At some time in her life Kate became emotionally damaged goods, but we love her even more because of it.

    • SLB

      Does this b*tch ever have a “finest” hour?

      • L

        She had a couple in the very beginning, I think — it’s hard to remember that far back. It was during a time she was actually nice to Jon…so you know how long ago it was.
        Those poor, poor kids.

      • Harry

        Gotta love her new fake 8008ies. What a media sa-lut. Always preaching how she doesn’t buy into all that stuff, then she gets some fakes, botox, etc, etc.

    • Helen

      Pecked to death? That’s what happened to her marriage.

      • Delinah

        No kidding! I wish the “rooster” would’ve gave her a$$ a bloody peck.

    • Dorothy

      I can clearly understand why Jon looked elsewhere for a mate. She wanted implants for all those children who clealy deserve a better mother.

    • GARY

      I HATE her…but her days are numbered now!!! Sarah Palin is 10 times the wife, mother hell the WOMAN she is!

  • Robin

    Please, TLC, make this god awful woman go away. Eeeeeveryone is sick of her. I stopped watching your channel when I learned Kate would be back. UGH!!!

    • SISSY

      FOR REAL NUFF OF HER !!!!! GO AWAY !!!

    • Ames

      Remember when TLC stood for “The Learning Channel”?

      • Maureen

        Seriously! I think I was in middle school the last time I ever saw an educational show on that channel.

      • Carm

        I miss those days!

      • L

        You’re still learning…how NOT to behave.

    • Jemimah

      BORING….to view a real “reality” show tune in to “Swamp People”; a heck of a lot more ‘real’ than desperate ol’ Kate

  • Jennie Mason

    I feel so bad for the kids… she is terrible-so glad the children have each other- she needs counseling.

  • TVWatcher

    I love the kids (not Mady…sorry, she’s bratty, although I feel for her having Kate as a mom) because Kate’s so obnoxious. I used to love this show but I’m so repulsed by how both Jon and Kate have turned into media whores that I deleted all my Jon and Kate Plus 8 episodes from my laptop. Will never watch this show – but love the recaps!

    • Abby

      I haven’t heard of Jon much in the media lately. I would say most of it seems to be her.

      • Jo

        When was the last time Jon was in the media? The train wreck otherwise known as Kate is now entirely in her lap.

      • j.c.

        Jon has a new girlfriend who tattooed his whole back with a dragon. What a father!!!!

    • dessertgirl

      I love Mady because she is the one that will give Kate the ride of her life. Just wait until she has five menstrual daughters hopefully on scattered cycles so that she can have a bi$ch driving her crazy on any given day.

      • Delinah

        GOOD ONE!

      • lillian

        Yeah I like Mady too mainly because she is the only one among the brood who can stand up to control freak kate and give her a taste of her own medicine!

      • Sally

        Maddy obviously needs help but probably won’t get it until it’s too late.

      • Karen

        Usually girls that live together are all on the same cycle!

    • imani

      When posting a comment be cognizant of ridiculing a child. Children are a product of their environment. These children have been subjected to horrific emotional and psychological abuse. This maltreatment occurred at the hands of their parents, the media, and TLC. Mady along with the rest of her siblings is trying to control an out of control situation with the tools of a little girl. She is not a brat, but a pawn between two very selfish parents. She has been forced to be a freak in her parents side show. These children are constantly dealing with psychological abuse and humiliation, all for the sake of a reality show. They are wealthy but that does not mean they are not suffering trauma. The children need a child advocate not just to challenge the legality of their work permits, but to challenge the need for the continuation of this ridiculous reality show at their expense. Soon people will be saying that Alexis is a “brat”, since she too is showing signs of passive aggression. They are all beautiful children, gifts from God in need of a loving, nurturing and stable family, and at this point serious family therapy. STOP THE CHILD ABUSE & DON’T BLAME THE VICTIMS.

  • Jennie Mason

    One more thing…..you will be hearing “mommy” for a long time Kate- you have 8 kids. You should have thought about that along time ago. You should watch yourself- you may learn something.

  • Anna

    Editing has nothing to do with it, as a matter of fact, yes, Kate is actually this bad. She is a pathologically self absorbed egomaniacal narcissist. It’s all about Kate, all day long, all through the night, stupid chicken noises and all, it’s all about Kate.

    • Teresa Kennedy

      Perfectly said, Anna!

      • bosoxer

        ditto that.

    • momstaronstar

      Encore…. You are right on.

  • Bill

    Kate is a shrew. Those boys are gonna pay for it when Kate starts to treat them as badly as she treated her ex. I believe this woman will never be happy or appreciative of the life her so called fans have given her.

    • jennrae

      And yet she still blames Jon for everything. She gets a dig in whenever possible. She’s a raging b*tch with zero self-awareness who sells out her children’s privacy so she won’t have to get a real job.

      • abhardy

        I agree 100%!

      • L


    • Karen

      If people would stop watching the show, TLC would take it off. That would help the children.

  • moi

    Give the woman a break. She needs to make as much money as possible to pay for the kids’ therapy. They’ll need it.

  • Penny

    I had a terrible time in elementary school- and all my mom did was give me an unusual legal name. I shudder when thinking about these poor Gosselin kids getting ridiculed by classmates for having a nasty controlling histrionic mom and no privacy.

  • Becca

    Let’s give Kate a break, people. She’s been through a stressful divorce, she’s doing what she knows how to do to make ends meet for her kids, and she IS running their lifestyle alone. Has no one else ever been a single parent? It can make you a bit snappy, yes. The difference is that YOUR worst moments are not broadcasted. And yes, it’s Kate’s choice to do so, but really. She’s providing for her family. What’s Jon doing now?

    • Anna

      I’m no fan of Jon but I expect that what he’s doing now is providing for his family as well. Kate would proclaim it loud and clear for everybody plus their deaf uncle to hear if he weren’t.
      If the only thing that was being broadcast was Kate at her worst moments I wouldn’t have a problem with that, I might even be able to identify and commiserate a bit with her because it is a hard road when it’s all on you and you’re going it alone. But, setting aside that Kate seems incapable of happiness – as she moans about how much she misses home and kids when she’s away and speculates how a one bedroom apartment of her own would be nice when she’s at home, what I find truly unforgivable is her use of the children as a foil to her greater aspirations. Kate may choose to broadcast her life but her children were given no such consideration. People are already making assumptions about Mady and Cara based on what they see on the show. And let me tell you, they haven’t been good assumptions. It’s appalling, some of the nonsense that’s been written about those two little girls. What’s really sad is that Cara’s already figured it out and shuts herself down when the cameras are around. Do you know how sad that is? That in her own home a child isn’t free to be herself because there are cameras around? Recording everything? For a rabid and judgemental viewing public? It’s sick. Everyone of those eight children deserves better than to have all the intimate details of their life spilled out for public consumption. Kate has a choice, the children don’t, and it’s high time Kate started putting her money where her mouth is and starting acting in the true best interests of her children.

      • Karen

        Well said.

      • Liz

        Yea for the past few years I’ve realyl felt for Cara. She shuts downa nd almost acts as a parent to the younger kids (and her twin). I think that little girl is going to need a ton of therapy, more than the others. Poor Cara.

      • Erin

        You said it perfect Anna except she will never do what is best for the children because they are a meal ticket and nothing more.

      • tennisfan

        Well said, and coming from a caring, hard-working, mother of four, I think it means a lot. I’ve only watched parts of the previous Jon & Kate + 8, and have no plans to watch this latest version. I think as the children get older it’s probably becoming a more harmful decision for their emotional growth. It breaks my heart to think about what people are observing with the older twins — what a terrible time to have your life broadcast on TV (aren’t they pre-teens, or close to it?). I completely agree with you, Anna — Kate needs to get on with her TV career on her own and leave the kids out of it.

      • Carm

        I always felt for Cara. I could tell when the show first started that she was shy. And shy people do not like cameras in their face all the time, if at all. I bet she has told her parents that she didn’t like it too. She never has been that vocal on the show. And people who do not want to be mommy”d to death do not have 8 kids. I was too sick of Kate long ago to keep watching.

      • Pingpong

        Amen. Kate’s proclamations that she does all this reality TV, book tours, etc for her children would be laughable if it weren’t so sad. Although I’m not normally in the business of telling other people how to run their life, Kate’s chosen to make herself a public figure, so here goes. STOP IT, KATE. Move to a smaller, less lavish property; take the money you already have and live off of the interest; turn the cameras off and raise your kids in peace. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll rediscover why you wanted to have children in the first place. My two cents is that she lost sight of that about five seconds after she learned she was having sextuplets. Again, I don’t normally like judging other people’s lives, but since Kate continuously asks to get paid for getting others to talk about her, I’ll be happy to oblige her.

      • mike

        Anna, you made some very good points.

        In the whole Kate vs Jon debate, I would say that I have always been more sympathetic to Kate. However, it is becoming more and more evident that Kate is no longer operating with her kids best interest in mind. She may tell herself, and surround herself with those that will parrot her claims, that she does it all for the kids, but it is very apparent that she has moved into new territory. She presents herself with an air of entitlement, a lack gratitude and is oblivious to the needs of her kids. She is much more interested in talking with the adults who are producing the show or operating the camera’s than interacting with her kids. These newest episodes are exposing a side of Kate that I have choosen to ignore, but it is becoming evident from the behavior of her kids that they are needed a more involved parent at home. Unfortunatley, the kids have gotten a raw deal with both of these knucklehead parents.

      • Diane

        Amen. Someone who actually gets it. There have been actual websites devoted to calling Mady a (the “C” word), a bitch, and worse, SINCE SHE WAS 5 1/2 YEARS OLD! Of course she’s upset, angry and unhappy. She’s been shunted to the sidelines since she was 3. She has a volatile nature and is dramatic, so she reacts in the only way she knows how – by creating a disturbance. Negative attention is better than no attention. And you are right about poor Cara, too. She always tries to fade into the background so no one will notice her. Two sides of the same coin. Jon may be a lot of things, and some of them not very nice, but I believe that he loves his kids, spends as much time with them as Kate will allow, and, most importantly, he allows them to be themselves.

      • Kay

        I agree with everything you said, Anna.

      • Missy

        Actually, she did – on Jay Leno. Seems like Jon is jobless right now.

      • Anna

        @ Karen, Erin and Kay – thank you.
        @ Liz – I really feel for the twins. TLC consistently gives Mady a terrible edit and Cara shuts herself down. Jon and Kate, the both of them, need to start putting in a great deal more effort into parenting their two eldest daughters. Sometimes it’s like they don’t even exist. Disgraceful.
        @ Tennisfan – Tennisfan!!! Shrieks with happiness and claps hands. So good to hear from you! Mady and Cara are 9. They’ll be 10 in October. They’re way past grade 2 but I would have loved to have those two in my classroom. Despite TLC’s consistently negative edit of Mady I just see so much to like in those two girls, not the least of which is their spiritedness. Were you and your’s affected at all by the oil spill? Now there was a teachable moment… We’re flying out to Portugal next week and will be home again toward the end of August. My niece will be taking care of Bunnykin. Good luck to my niece, after the XBox 360 incident I rubbed all our cords and wires down with Dove soap and the rabbit’s had an attitude ever since.
        @ Pingpong – I like your style.
        @ Mike – Thank you. I myself find that Kate goes through an inordinate amount of “best friends”.
        @ Missy – I didn’t know that. Well then, Jon needs to get off the stick and contribute to the support of his family.

      • j.c.

        The cameras are not there all the time, are they? Someone has to feed the children, don’t they? The father doesn’t have a job, does he? He gave up a great one, didn’t he? What does he contribute now, who knows?

    • Jessee


    • Annie

      If that is how she treats people when the camera’s are rolling I hate to see what those poor children endure when no one is around to watch, or should I say be witness too?

      • Pingpong

        It’s clear she’s playing to the camera, but it’s less clear whether she’s trying hard to put her best foot forward or whether she’s intentionally acting badly because she knows her mealticket at this point is to make America hate her. If it’s the former, I shudder to think what she’s like shen the cameras aren’t rolling. From what I understand, they only film about 15-20 days each year so it’s not like they are just taking her worst moments from 24/7 footage. Scary.

    • K

      I can not agree with you more

    • OHmy

      THANK YOU!! you guys are jerks, i think kate does and will always do what is best for her kids. if some body would pay me to be on tlc with my kids i would say HELL YEA!! bring in the money! where else is she going to find a job that she be with her kids? do you know how much child care is??

      • Elena

        Oh my, I think it’s you, OHmy, that’s the jerk. Kate does and always will do what’s best for Kate, no more, no less. Meanwhile, you need to re-evaluate yourself, your priorities are skewed. It is in no child’s best interest to have his or her private moments broadcast for all the world to see. As far as child care goes, seeing as how she’s got an entire fleet of nannies at her beck and call, Kate ought to know, wouldn’t she?

      • Delinah

        Too bad she always finds ways to be away from her children. I don’t see her kids with her at book signings, interviews, Dancing with the Stars, etc. BOO KATE!

    • j.c.

      Jon’s busy with his new girlfriend. How long did it take to put that huge dragon tattoo on his back???

      • marcy

        J.C., I’m sure it took longer to put in Kate’s fake hair than to put Jon’s tattoo. Not to mention all the monthly maintenance, time for tanning beds and manicures. What’s your point?

    • D

      Jon had an IT job which, you may have forgotten, Kate insisted he quit cause she needed more help with the kids in the first or second season. She decided he should stay home so she could pursue writing and speaking gigs. Now who would hire him? so if she isn’t getting support she needs to take some responsibility for that. Not that I’m defending Jon, I think he has made some bad choices. The same kind of choices I fear her kids will make if they get “free” of her.

    • Roberta

      I agree with the above. Kate is not a bad person, neither is Jon. Jon is too passive to be in a high presure situation and Kate is to idealist. Under presure the worst came out in both of them. Jon found away to get out of his responsibility, Kate can’t. I think Kate could be very intersting and funny yet I fear for her sanity. I also ask why are some people so bitterly angery with her. TURN THE CHANNEL. As for the kids, I was not perfect as a parent, wish I could do over, I think my attitude is what helped my kids to forgive me and let me prove myself as a Grandmother. Chill please.

      • Delinah

        You’re missing the point! Turn the channel; thanks to stinkin’ Kate Plus 8, I’m missing Say Yes to the Dress, What Not to Wear, etc.

    • Karen

      Beca, Kate could do a lot. First, sell the house. Secondly, try to get back into the graces of her family for her children. Third, her children are all in school. Why doesn’t she get a part time nursing job instead of now talking about acting. She has lots of money put away. Is the reason she didn’t want a reduction was because she thought ahead and figured out she would get a show?
      Please don’t watch any show she’s on and let her learn how to be a mother.

      There are a lot of families as big as Kate’s where the family just had to move out of their big house into something smaller.
      Kate forgot what her priorities are.

    • Mahesh

      Even though I have read this story seevral times, I’ve never fully seen the woman and her ultimate humility, courage, and love, until I read your perspective. I am grateful you have the courage to share your God given gifts, and that you were inspired to write about her.

  • BJohnson

    Ken, you know that TLC edits it to find all that stuff for the audience to see. Sounds like she took on some project that’s too dirty for her. A chicken coop really? She will make sure someone else takes care of it. If they really wanted to edit the show right, it would only be with the kids.

  • Marky

    Let’s give Kate a break because she’s been through a stressful divorce? Are you kidding? I would like to feel sorry for this woman, but she was so hateful to Jon, I finally had to quit watching the show! It was no big surprise they ended up divorced after he got screamed at and criticized for every move he made, week after week. Kate just has no kindness about her; she is so harsh and hateful to Jon and the kids. He might not have been perfect, but I can’t imagine who could take getting yelled at and constantly criticized and not leave. And those poor kids have a hard road ahead if she doesn’t figure out that she needs to change how she responds to them.

    • jennrae

      “Quit breathing so loud!”

  • Susie Warren

    I too have stopped watching TLC and I have not watched either of her new shows. I refuse to waste my time, but instead, watch the you tube clips and obviously it is the same crap. Kate wants this, Kate wants that, Kate wants pity, Kate screams, Kate makes jabs at Jon. Her comment about the rooster was over the top and considering she went to court to get Jon stiffled to not talk to media, then why does she get to continue to “bash” Jon? Oh that’s right, it’s Kate’s World. Heh Kate, you wanted the 20+acre farm – stiffle yourself then and stop complaining about having to run it yourself – that was your intent all along to boot Jon out of the house and marriage as soon as you got the house.

  • Marky

    And yes, I have been a single parent. I never found it necessary to scream and criticize my way through the day and make my children feel terrible, either. Even if I had to go to bed and cry by myself at night after the kids were in bed, they didn’t need to know how difficult things were or frustrated I was. And no one has to be so hateful all the time; she needs to take a deep breath and really think about what she’s doing to her children and take responsibility for what she did to her marriage. I darn sure have never had a huge house with 26 acres, either, with nannies to boot. Hard to feel all sorry here.

    • Pingpong

      I’m sympathetic to Kate’s situation to a point because I have kids myself and know that no matter how much you love them they sometimes drive you crazy. Having said that, I think you’re 100% on the money. As parents, we have a responsibility to shield our kids from our b.s. and our own emotional ups and downs as much as possible. I just really feel for those kids. It was going to be emotionally tough enough for them with seven other siblings of close ages like that, but what Jon and Kate have put them through is unbelievable, both in turns of the publicity and their own actions and decisions. What a shame.

  • robinepowell

    Hopefully she’ll watch this episode and realize, patience is a virtue. Otherwise the kids will be wanting more time with Jon, especially when they hit their teen years.

    • Michelle

      She’s so self-absorbed, she will never notice it.

      • Pingpong

        Yup. It’s unfair to ask a true narcissist to change. Kate’s not going to change her behavior no matter the consequences, because she will only view those consequences through the lens of how it affects her and what she wants. She’ll blame the kids for not appreciating “everything she’s done for them”, etc. This story could get way worse over the next decade or so…

    • L

      Yep. People were talking about Cara earlier in the thread…I used to watch before all this mess started, and she was really close to her dad. I’m sure she’s taken it really hard. Jon may not be perfect but he always let the kids be themselves. She just barks at them all the time.

      • Anna

        When my son was 14 months old I took him across the country by myself to visit my parents for 2 weeks. When we got returned home my husband was there to meet us at the airport, my son, when he saw his dad he shot across the terminal building and made a beeline straight for him. At 14 months they’re still babies, babies with strong opinions and big personalities mind you, but really, they’re still babies. I can only imagine how much the Gosselin children are missing their dad. Like you say, Jon’s far from perfect, but he IS their dad and it’s a darn shame it all had to come to this.

      • Bob Smith

        Kate is all about the money.

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