'Childrens Hospital' review: Doing what your brain-jelly tells you to do

Childrens Hospital, which made its premiere on Adult Swim last night, does for medical shows like Grey’s Anatomy and their soap opera ilk what ought to be done: It unpacks the cliches that fill them, and ridicules them unmercifully.

Created by Rob Corddry and first appearing as webisodes on TheWB.com, Childrens Hospital was loaded with dumb, horny, possibly insane doctors roaming the corridors thinking aloud their silly thoughts. Corddry himself co-starred as a morose doctor in clown make-up and blood-stained scrubs, who blithely terrorized his young patients while speaking of the healing power of laughter. He was surrounded by familiar faces such as Megan Mullally (doing a parody of a chief surgeon who barrels down the corridors on crutches in a parody of Laura Innes’ Dr. Kerry Weaver character on ER), The Office‘s Ed Helms, Parks & Recreation‘s Nick Offerman, and Lake Bell, who along with a few other female doctors deftly skewered the self-absorption of the medical professionals who swan around Grey’s and Private Practice.

From the doctor who wants to operate on a kid because he doesn’t trust X-rays and wants to see if the kid has “the right type of arm guts in there,” to the moony female voice-over that instructs the viewer that sometimes, “you have to do what your brain-jelly tells you to do,” the 15-minute episodes, complete with fake commercials, were non-stop ferocious, and hilarious.

Combine this with the return of Adult Swim’s terrific Delocated!, and you’ve got a Sunday night cure for other not-so-funny cable comedies.

Did you watch Childrens Hospital?

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  • Adam

    I forgot! I’m dying to see this show. Won’t forget next weekend.

  • Joe R

    Are they starting from the beginning, with the web series first?

    • Scott P

      From what I read Joe, that is correct, last night’s was two of the first 5 minute web eps tied together. They’re making an actual second “season” of new episodes for tv now.

      • Joe R

        Perfect! My chance to get in on the ground floor. Now I just have to search for repeat times.

  • Henry

    They must be rerunning this on Adult Swim this week right?

    • Lakisha

      Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet article. Lol thnkas

  • &&

    I’m sorry, but I watched and these shows were just not funny. Delocated was really repetitive, I thought, and Children’s Hospital was just insulting. I don’t enjoy Grey’s Anatomy and have never even seen Private Practice, so maybe I didn’t get the jokes? Mostly I just thought they were disgusting.

    • Curious

      What about Childrens Hospital was insulting?

      • &&

        Not sure if there was one thing I can point to specifically. It was a general feeling that I got watching it. At the end, I felt insulted as a viewer.

  • New Fan

    Watched it. Loved it. Now on my DVR.

  • Henry

    so the “previously on” was fake?
    There wasnt really a previous since it was the first episode?

  • Scott thompson

    I absolutely hated this show. I figured i’d try again after the first week to see if they needed to gain momentum. But all i found were jokes that were unfashionably crude and unsatisfying. Tiny breasts implants put into an 11 month old baby? At what point is that funny? sounds like jokes a pedophile would tell another pedophile. Not to mention how absolutely idiotic and unappealing the “actors” are, rather then coming off remotely funny, they are instead extremely annoying and i found each scene more intolerable then the last. If this show appeals to you, I suggest picking up a book more often.

    • Jesse

      I haven’t seen any of the episodes of this show, but I can already tell from the commercials that it’s not worth it. Along with Delocated, acting seems terrible, show’s uncreative, and nothing about it looks appealing or funny. I don’t get how anyone could find this show to be awesome (obviously have poor taste).

    • andrew

      I agree with you. The show is simply not funny. It’s as if they’re trying to remake those old doctor shows with terrible acting but on purpose. And the jokes were in my opinion retarded. And I don’t mean they were stupid. I mean it seems as if a retarded person was writing it. Every line is random and moronic. Most of the live action shows on adult swim, if not all of them, are ridiculously stupid and not funny. Tim and Eric is another example. They need to stop renewing these terrible shows. None of them are funny at all.

    • Albert

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  • Jack

    This show is a pedophiles wet dream with all the jokes and crude humor that involves “children” .. if ever there was a show designed to get a Christian used to the idea of a 4 year old having an adult as a girl or boyfriend, this is it..

    This show is designed to get people that have morals used to the sickness of a pedophile with all the references they do (such as giving a 4 year old a vasectomy), or playing with a “6 year old”..

    This show is trash…

    • Ken

      wow, way to take a comedy on Adult Swim far, FAR, too seriously…I doubt even pedophiles think vasectomies are arousing..straight up, you’re an idiot.

  • Nick

    This show sucks! THE FUC*ING END.

    • Suli

      Thanks for giving us your thhgouts. I’ve really enjoyed your recaps each week. I was satisfied with the finale, even more so after thinking about it for a while and reading other people’s thhgouts. But the sap in me will always wish that the sideways flashes were real and they were the result of Jack finishing off the MiB. Meaning, Jack kills the MiB and then things are reset and they get the lives they were meant to have if it hadn’t been for Jacob bringing them to the island.Speaking of which, I think it’s interesting that so many people have fixated on Jack having a son in the sideways flash. I thought it just meant that each of the candidates was living out the life they would have had if the event that made them eligible to be a candidate had never happened (or in Kate’s case, the event that crossed her off the list). Jacob explained that they had been chosen b/c they were alone and wouldn’t be leaving anyone behind. But in the sideways flash the only one who would still have been eligible was Kate, and she was the only one made ineligible in the real world. I have no idea if any of this makes sense. I just thought it was interesting that in the sideways flash, none of the candidates would have been eligible any more except Kate.

  • Matt

    Appeals to pedophiles?
    If you hate doc dramas that portray women as self-obsessed, sex-crazed idiots and portray the medical profession as themostimportantjobever (which I resent as a teacher) then this is def a show for you. If this show is for pedophiles then doc dramas are for misogynists/shallow people/ idiots…which is just as bad (but…I don’t believe either is the case)

  • Jessica

    BEST SHOW EVER!!!! It’s a show on Adult Swim that is obviously ridiculous, but thats what makes it fun, so haters use your brain jelly and just take it for what it is, 11 minutes of awesome….I wish it were longer lol The Begend

  • Bob

    Imagine a friend told you to go see this one movie adding that you won’t believe what happens at the end. You go see the movie, and it is awful. Bad dialogue, acting, awful plot, the works. You sit through hours of garbage, hoping against hope that the end, the payoff would be worth it. But when the end comes, it is just more cliche eye vomit. You storm out of the theater and confront your ‘friend’ asking “What the heck!? That movie was horrible!” To which your former friend laughs, and yells, “Got ya, sucker!” That friend is adult swim and that movie is this show.

    • Riedha

      Inte9ressant, car je n’ai eu aucun des proble8mes que vous mentionnez. Je n’ai meame pas beison de Google Authentificator.Le seul soucis que j’ai est que la synchro Chrome e0 Chrome ne marche plus, je crois qu’il faut un code spe9cial pour ce genre d’activite9.

  • Daniel

    I’ve tried watching this show (and several other “newer” AS shows) a few times… I just don’t think it’s funny. For whatever reason I NEVER find myself laughing and most of the time I just suffer through waiting for whatever comes on after. (when it’s eagle heart I usually just give up and change the channel.)

    Seriously, this show blows. It’s not any one thing about it and I definitely don’t think it’s for pedophiles or anything, I just can’t get into it. The show really lets me down everytime I try watching.

  • superheet

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  • Dude

    This show has all the humor of a decapitation. As hard as it is to conceive anyone willingly sitting through an actual episode it’s even harder to imagine how medicated someone would have to be to actually watch it and claim they enjoyed the experience on any level. It’s even worse than Arrested Development to the point that even Syfy wouldn’t touch it.

    • Melania

      War ne tolle Woche!Hatte viel Spadf und habe ne Menge gelernt.Viele Grfcdfe auch an die mchechliensn und pferdigen Mitstreiter aus dem fernen Sfcden.LG Fri

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