Two hours of 'Kate Plus 8': I watched them so you didn't have to

The two back-to-back editions of the new specials Kate Plus Eight could have used a combo-title: The Horror, The Horror.

In the first, which TLC called “6th Birthday Surprise,” the Jon-less Kate Gosselin took her eight kids to Florida’s Discovery Cove to shriek at alligators and coo over dolphins. Kate did the shrieking and cooing — the kids were much better-behaved than that:

The idea in this first hour was to prove how much the Gosselin twins and sextuplets missed the Jon-enforced hiatus from filming the TLC show that made the clan famous. “I missed you guys a lot!” squealed one of the kids as the production team re-entered the Gosselins’ Pennsylvania home. “Everything is back to normal!” yelped another one. The camera operators obliged with hugs and horsey-rides, and as one child said, “The crew got sweated.” Kids say the darnedest things — Art Linkletter must have been rolling over in his new grave.

In happier days, it was easy to buy in to the Jon & Kate Plus Eight scenario, because the children were so little, and Jon and Kate were such a team, that the family really had to ignore the cameras and react to each other as they cooked meals or took a family walk to the local 4th of July town parade. (You remember the pre-paparazzi days, some of you, I know you do.)

But now everything is tinged with weary familiarity and bitterness. Kate talked about how she let Jon have the sextuplets on their actual sixth-year birth date, making sure to add that the kids came home “chewing huge wads of gum.” (Translated: The bastard gave them sugar!) Kate sat in the airport before the Florida flight and told the kids all the things they were going to have a “meltdown” over during their trip — was it any wonder that the temperamentally-moody Mady threw a few massive temper fits? Mom practically compelled them into existence.

My wife pointed out that Kate has a new way to refer to her long-standing crabby behavior with the children: “low blood sugar,” an apparently undiagnosed excuse for losing it during moments when the kids are squalling in their airline seats or disagreeing on what to eat in a restaurant. What were Kate’s parting words during this first episode? That the sextuplets’ sixth birthday “just means that I’m old.” It was edited to seem as though it was all about her.

The second hour was called “Inside Kate’s World”: Thrilling footage of the Great Hair Extension Operation, Kate’s historic Dancing With the Stars appearances, and testimony from silver-fox hunk-bodyguard Steve Neild:

Bodyguard Steve was seen canceling a DWTS practice during a limo ride with Kate, who said tearily, “I don’t have the mind capacity to dance.” He spoke of the threats Kate receives “in the mailbox and on her doorstep.” Steve said “people either love her to bits or they hate her.”

This second hour was all about Kate as a media figure both willing (it’s “my job,” she said repeatedly, which I guess included the 9 a.m.-to-1 a.m. the following day hair-extension application) and unwilling (balking at a book-signing, at dance rehearsals).

The thing is, I’m sure you could get footage of what we used to call real celebrities exhibiting the same kind of behavior. Kate Plus Eight tried to make that point, hauling in Inside Edition‘s Jim Moret to say that no one calls Angelina Jolie a bad mother when she goes off to make a movie, so why blame Kate?

Fair point. Jolie’s job earns her a paycheck for playing characters, whereas Kate earns hers being the same real person. But I’m glad I don’t have to watch Jolie sobbing in the back of a limo that this rehearsal thing is just too, too much, or see her at home yelling at a daughter to “Walk away!” when the kid calls a sibling a “cheater.” (That Mady, she’s in for a lifetime of psychoanalysis, I fear.)

I have sympathy for Kate’s predicament: She didn’t know what she was buying into when she started the original series, and now she seems too immersed in the messy thicket of celeb-reality to know when to stop, how to stop, or whether she can stop.

Kate Plus Eight was grim stuff, even when the kids looked so happy frolicking with dolphins. I hope you were watching Breaking Bad instead; fictional meth-heads are more entertaining than a real-life hair-extension-head mom.

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  • Val

    The difference between Angelina Jolie making a movie and Kate Gosselin frolicking all over the US touting her lifestyle is that being a movie star is Angelina’s job. Kate’s job is being a nurse. Angelina is trained to (almost) act, and Kate is trained to do IVs and yell at orderlies. Angelina was an actress first, and took on the role of motherhood because she chose to. Kate cheated nature to have an ungodly number of children, and then started selling herself off to afford D&G sunglasses, limos, and security. Angelina is paid to pretend to be someone else, and fights to keep her children’s lives private. Kate only makes money if she sells off every moment her children are marketable, including shoving cameras in their faces during a very painful and difficult time in their lives. Angelina doesn’t throw temper tantrums about what a great mother she is and how she has no choice other than to be in the limelight. Kate… well… that’s pretty much all she does.

    • Alix

      We can only hope Kate plus 8 is not viewed & canceled quickly!! I think her 15 minutes of fame should be about over!!

      • Liesel

        Um, kinda don’t think so based on the number of comments on this thread. People are still interested or they wouldn’t be talking about her.

      • TL

        Unfortunately, Liesel might be correct evidenced by the fact that DWTS was considered a “success” because they put her talentless, nagging, self on the show. KG is a train wreck, and unfortunately people love to look at those. Of course there are those deluded folks who root for her for some weird reason… mostly becuase she has 8 kids… I saw one show and I really couldn’t stand her… Of course her ex is a dbag too. I just feel sorry for the kids…

      • Pete

        Liesel, um kinda don’t think 61 comments indicates a huge interest. Get a clue!!

      • SLB

        I think it’s more of a petition to make this b*tch go away. I’ve never watched one episode of her show and i’m sick to death of hearing about her.

      • Carita

        -Never watched an episode. Check
        -Cannot stand her. Check.

        But, WAIT, I am going to read everything I can about her and comment.

        Scratches head. Something doesn’t compute.

      • actually

        makes sense. it’s easy to complain about the fact that we keep getting this woman shoved down our throats by entertainment outlets. there’s no need for it. if she weren’t around, there’s plenty of other real celebs to have opinions about and complain about. but as long as she’s convenient, we will complain.

    • Bette

      Why is it Kate’s job to be a nurse? Is it because you said so? She quit being a nurse right after the babies were born to be a stay at home mom. Who do you think you are telling her what her job is?

      • dally

        Really? I thought she made Jon quit his job to be a stay at home dad and she quit her job to be an author and go on the road promoting her books?

      • Mellissa

        Kate worked on Saturdays after she had the babies and eventually quit to stay home full time with the kids .. Jon continued to work full time .. For a little while anyway ..

      • Talking of jobs…

        I only watched some of the first hour of this, but am continually amazed at how Kate makes it sound like it’s such a drama to take 8 kids anywhere (even now that they’re relatively independent – read: out of diapers and able to eat without assistance). Seeing as the youngest are now all 6 years old, I watched a teacher at my school (I’m a vice principal) organize 20 four and five year olds through multiple transitions in a day, including riding a city bus on a field trip, two different meal times, gym class and various other activities. Once you teach children how to wait their turn and follow instructions I fail to understand how she can make ordering food from a cafeteria at the aquarium such a dramatic experience.
        I have no strong feelings toward or against Kate, but she really needs to stop being so melodramatic about the act of taking her kids to events. It’s becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    • joblo

      Just a general comment about the criticism that Kate gets in places like these comments. I find it ironic that we live in a world today that swears by the idea that Who Are You To Impose Your Morals or Values On Me? It’s all relative, right? Yet all the criticism Kate gets is exactly that – people imposing their values or idea of what is right for the kids and the family on her. I’m not defending her – and I’m against the subjective moralism in general. I just find it ironic that our society is so hypocritical in its “tolerance” and moral freedom. You can’t have it both ways.

      • Ladyli1

        The “Morals” that most people are having a problem with is this- Why Are You Having All These Kids (and in her case, ON PURPOSE THROUGH IN-VITRO)And your only means to support them is to exploit them! She was just a little bit better than Octo-Mom with the marketing!

      • Ladyli1

        And, I will add, where are you people when you talk about “Morals” that “God” has laid out in “his plan for Us” that states that “we should not mess with what he has design” for us when people use SCIENCE to have a litter of kids!?! Isn’t using science to have children, when “he” designed you NOT to be able to conceive in the Great Scheme of things a violation?

      • dally

        No problem with people using invitro to have kids. However, I do have a problem with people deliberately miss-using invitro to have multiple children.

      • Sue

        BTW… Jon and Kate did NOT use IVF to conceive their sextuplets. Kate was on Clomid, followed by an IUI procedure. I respect their conviction to carry all the babies to term and not opt for reduction.

      • Jane

        She did not do Clomid. She was on injectibles which are quite a bit more aggressive then Clomid.

      • Anna

        Did God design you to use a computer? No, I think he designed you to walk around in a garden naked. Why are some technilogical innovations ok where as others are not? Did God design you to die of infection or the common cold? I’m sure you take modern medicine. Who are you to say what God intended for anyone? Maybe he “intended” for someone to go through the fear and challenges of fertility treatments, or the stress of multiple children. Maybe god really does work in mysterious ways.

      • Ladyli1

        @Anna- That is exatly my point! Don’t get on the “Moral” High Horse. When we make choices, we better be equiped for the consequences. If you plan on having a bunch of kids, the key word is “plan”, then you make sure you can take care of them. Getting an infection is NOT planned. Going for what ever treatments to have kids and knowing the “possibility” of having multiples is a choice.

      • Lisa

        good family planning has nothing to do with infertility. there are many women who can have children naturally who do not plan and end up on welfare.

      • Paul

        Niether getting an infection or being infirtile is planned. Why can we have treatments for one and not the other?

      • Julia

        Well, we’re not talking about someone being criticized for their religion or sexual orientation. We’re talking about a woman who apparently thinks that making a tv show that exploits her children is her “job”. She was a trained nurse then gave up that job to be a mother and writer. She doesn’t seem to care about either of those “jobs” now. As long as she gets paid for being on tv, she won’t ever have to get a real, paycheck job or be an actual mother to those kids.

      • joblo

        many of you are just making my point again – you’re talking about THIS, not THAT. As if choosing THIS or THAT to moralize over makes it okay since it’s your decision on what is or isn’t appropriate to get offended and mad about. It’s okay for us to get mad about THIS, but if you talk about THAT who are you to impose your values on me? I just marvel at the irony and lack of consistency in the thought process.

      • Marguerite

        Geez, before you start babbling about what Kate did or didn’t do wrong, at least get your facts straight. Kate did not intend to have 6 babies, for God’s sake! She and Jon wanted to have ONE more baby. Once she found out she had seven viable embryos, she chose to abort one of them in order to give the other six a better chance of survival. Good Lord, to read all these comments, one would think she contracted with TLC to have sextuplets! She had the babies, TLC did a documentary about the Gosselin family, and since there was such a huge response, they did the series.

      • queenie1

        I don’t get all the Kate hate!!! And seriously…if you had tried to have kids and couldn’t, went the in vitro route and found out you were having multiples, could you really decide to terminate some of them so people wouldn’t accuse you of being a Labrador retreiver? I know they already had the twins but really? That is a hard choice that I wouldn’t want to make and at least she is providing for her “litter” so we don’t have to. If you don’t like the drama, don’t watch….it’s as simple as that!!!!

      • mike

        Who cares what method she used to produce her additional litter. She already had two kids. In an insanely overpopulated world, her bizzare ego just drove her to try to reproduce herself over and over and over again. (If she actually wanted to “nuture” she could have adopted.) The irony is that none of these poor kids look like her so all of her masterbatory ego-stroking was for naught.

      • S. Harrison


        Did you say Kate “Chose to abort” the 7th fetus? In all my blogging and reading I can honestly say that is the single most ignorant and incorrect comment I have ever seen about kate Gosselin. Do your research before you comment. There was no abortion.
        Congrats for stupid comment of this article. That’s quite an honor since I just made it up for you.

      • actually

        oh i believe in tolerance. you have the right to do whatever you want in my book as long as it doesn’t do injury to me or someone else. but i have the right to complain about you when you VOLUNTARILY put your life on television. personally, i would never want to do a reality show bc i don’t want people judging my life and how i choose to live it. if you do a show like this, then you are asking to be criticized. that’s the whole point. that being said, REAL actors do not typically (although it’s becoming more popular- probably because their pr people are telling them it’s the way to stay relevant)do NOT invite the public into their personal life. The paps invade their personal moments and exploit them. Big difference.

      • Eduardo

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    • Anna

      Kate reminds me more of Jennifer Aniston than Angelina, both are riding the pity express.

      • Liz

        I don’t think Aniston is riding the pity express. I think she is nothing but a picture of class. Kate on the other hand imploded her marraige so she could continue explioting her children and talk about what a “great mom” she is. I’m sure the kids must think she’s fabulous because they never see her.

      • Sue1

        I agree with you, Liz. It’s the press who constantly buy Aniston a ticket for that express, she seems quite over the past. Kate on the other hand milks every minute.

      • AK

        I think Anna is correct. It is most definitley the pity me train. Ever read an Aniston Interview? Its always about poor me I was dumped and look at me now. Boo Hoo I make millions but can’t keep a man. Kate? Boo Hoo ” I have all these kids and the pap won’t leave me alone. Wait someone call TMZ and tell them where I’ll be.”

      • Val

        Anna its working for her and she knows it, if you read some of these peoples statement they bought their ticket in advance.

      • dixie

        I agree with LIZ – Jennifer Aniston has more class, talent and natural beauty than jolie, by far. I don’t think she has ever made a big deal about being “dumped”, I’ve never even heard her mention it unless someone asks her about it in an interview. He didn’t deserve her. I’m glad he got stuck with jolie – they deserve each other.

      • Christopher Antonacci

        Huh? That is an ignorant comment! How can you put Anniston in the same category as Gosselin?!? Anniston did not have a litter of children to simply exploit them! Seriously, jealous much?

      • Mary

        Jennifer Aniston is anything but evoking pity!

        OMG – that was just flat wrong to put Jen’s name in these comments…….Jolie, yes, Kate Gossein, yes, you could even throw in Octo-mom’s name for good measure.

        But don’t go putting Jen’s name into this odd mix.

        In fact, I think Jen would do a much better job of all these wacky mom’s, put together in raising a kid or a dozen! They certainly wouldn’t be in the limelight, that’s for certain!

        Please take back your Jennifer Aniston comments!!!!

      • beth

        what is octo moms name anyone have a clue and she is not making a series ha

    • Sarah

      By cheating nature, are you saying that all women with fertility issues should just go on not having children even if they want them, while people who dont want children pop them out every day? I agree she doesnt have to be a celebrity, but it does pay more than nursing. But who are you to judge someone for seeking medical assistance with having children, and then was she supposed to kill some of them because she got more than she anticipated?

      • Jenn

        I think the point is she already had twins. So why did she need six more?

      • AD

        Kate and Jon already had 2 children; to choose to have a litter and then have to exploit them to support them is rather unconscionable.

      • ?

        If you are on Clomid you know that more than likely there will be multiples. Kate was a young lady when she went through the procedure. Why would such a young lady need high doses of female hormones to concieve? There was no thought to what effect these high doses has on the mother or the children. What about having a test tube baby? Back in the eighties you never saw women having litters like this. They had ONE test tube baby if they couldn’t concieve the normal way. This was a calculated
        plan to get famous through these children. Kate is a nurse, remember?

      • Kristen

        They had to have fertility treatments to have their twins. They wanted 1, 2, or 3 more (since they knew there was a good chance of multiples) but didn’t expect to have 6 since it’s so unlikely. They chose not to abort for religious reasons. How is any of this a bad thing???

      • ?

        I meant conceive and have.

      • Carm

        AD, Jon was happy with only 2 children. Kate wanted more and decided they were having (supposedly just 1)more. She wouldn’t let up on him until he agreed to have another. She said so in a early episode of the original show. (Yes, I used to watch it) Never again.

      • V

        @Carm: thank you for mentioning that. It’s been clear from even just the kids’ attitudes that their family was pretty much fine at two kids and two parents. KATE wanted more kids and pushed for it, KATE had six kids, Jon was basically stuck with a family with four times the kids he’d wanted, and one of the twins (mady?) is clearly resentful of the sextuplets.

      • jm

        People who are uneducated about infertility treatments probably should not judge them and definitely shouldn’t tout “facts” about them. Clomid use does not mean “more than likely there will be multiples.” I do not ovulate naturally but have no other infertility issues. I am currently thrilled to be pregnant with ONE baby thanks to Clomid. And that is the norm, not the exception. Twins are slightly more likely than without treatment and triplets or more are virtually unheard of. Plus Kate used a more aggressive treatment than Clomid. Get a clue and know what you are talking about!

      • Elle

        @jm: Thank you! I am so tired of people critisizing fertility treatments that they don’t understand. I did the same procedure that Kate did – injections followed by an IUI. I’m slightly older than Kate was, but was also treating unexplained infertility. I was aware that multiples were more likely than without treatment but they are by no means more likely than having a single baby. (IUI is not as likely to result in multiples as IVF.) In my case, I had four failed IUIs before finally getting pregnant with one healthy baby. Women have this procedure all over the country every day and multiples beyond twins are very rare.

        Also, having a “test tube baby” — by which I presume “?” means undergoing IVF — is extremely expensive. One attempt costs $16,000-$20,000 and you only have about a 30% chance of success.

      • Hope06

        Donna: Here is your comment with a little editing:

        Here’s the thing…if you don’t like Ken Tucker, why read him? Find some reviewers that you like, at least a little, and let someone who likes Ken Tucker read his review. Nobody who reads Ken Tucker wants to hear you CONSTANTLY bash him. He has his plusses and minuses…just like we all do. Find a new reviewer, Ms. Donna!

        Unless you are being forced with the threat of bodily harm to write something so idiotic, DON’T BE A HYPOCRITE.

        Also, I don’t care one way or another about Angelina. However, Angelina works to support her children. Kate’s children work to support their mother.

        As an aside: People, please stop referring to the children as a litter. Although their mother is actually the equivalent of a female dog, aka: Bi*ch, it is demeaning to them, as they are the collateral damage of this terrible example of a parent.

        Uh Oh Kate. I just got a paper cut and put a band aid on it. Does this mean I now possess the qualities to become a nurse?

      • mercy

        Did Kate have ovulation issues?

      • Hope06

        Sorry Sarah, I meant to reply to Donna. My bad.

      • CrikaRika

        okay let me get this straight. all i keep hearing is that kate exploits her kids and uses them and negative bulls**t. yet i keep hearing ignorant assh*les calling the kids a litter. really losers shut the hell up and dont watch. plus unless ur giving her money or something shes not asking for you to financially support her kids.and ur all hypocrites when u say u would not do everything possible to give ur children the best. so F U .

      • Adan

        Kate did not do IVF. There were no eggs transferred.

        Kate used Clomid and Intrauterine Insemination (they inject semen into her cervix) with both pregnancies. But, when she went to get pregnant with the tups, her ovaries became overstimulated with the Clomid and she had 8 ripe follicles. The Dr refused to inseminate her and hospitalized her. Apparently the Drs orders didnt matter to Kate and she had sex with Jon anyway and she was diagnosed pregnant 5 weeks later.

        Their website’s OUR STORY references the overstimulated ovary hospitalization and the fact that she was diagnosed pregnant a mere 5 weeks after the overstimulation. Furthermore, several times on the show Kate talks about being diagnosed pregnant with the tups and rubs Jons thigh and says, “You’re not mad at me are you Honey?” An inference can be had that she had sex with him in an overstimulated state, and kinda tricked him to get her pregnant.

      • Niel

        Find me a single reputable OB/GYN who would ever agree to inseminate a woman with 8 ripe follicles. The “facts and resources” you want are presumably present in your head — it’s called common sense. Kate was hospitalized for it, no doctor in his/her right mind would even CONSIDER inseminating her in that condition.
        I think Kate used her nurse’s insider position to find doctors she could to go along with her scheme. She was too young and too early into her marriage to undergo such a procedure, and her doctors should not have let this happen–if they could have prevented it. I bet she freaked out when she thought she might have trouble conceiving and decided to take control. What Kate wants, she wants now! The problem is that this procedure put Kate’s life and the life of her babies into jeopardy. She’s a very lucky woman that her children were born healthy. If she engineered the multiple conception herself, as seems entirely possible, then shame on her for putting so many lives at risk. This is not a woman who should be admired.

      • uffda

        I agree with Anna. Aniston is on a pity party. What a whiny no talent, FAKE CLASS, bimbo. Has anyone seen recent pics of her in a bikini – gag a maggot with a stick, looks like a 90 years women with skin that gravity has taken control of. As for Kate – what is wrong with the television entities that keep pushing this peice of trash on us. I do not watch the show, only caught a glimpse of once while channel surfing only to see her verbally abusing Jon and showing her narcissism, and am commenting not as a person that gives darn but one that is hoping the powers that be will take my vote at not cramming this bitch on us anymore – and stopping the exploitation of children that KG is doing. All this rubbish about her working to the bone – give me a freaking break – it is the kids that are working to support her lifestyle. She has not room to be ragging on Jon about what he does and doesn’t do – no I am not a supporter of Jon but I sure understand why he may have left, he had enough of her abuse.

    • Donna

      Dear Ken Tucker-
      Here’s the thing…if you don’t like Kate-why review her? Find some shows that you like, at least a little, and let someone who likes Kate and the kids review it. Nobody who watches Kate wants to hear you CONSTANTLY bash her. She has her plusses and minuses…just like we all do. Find a new show, Mr. Tucker!

      • WTH?

        Donna: I don’t think you understand what a reviewer does. This isn’t a recap; it’s a review of a new show. Reviewers are assigned to review certain TV shows, movies. or books, by their bosses. It’s his JOB!

      • molly

        I think Ken is writing to the majority. Most people do not like her as indicated by the comments here.

      • Helen

        Because that’s HIS job. If she wants to have a “job” exploiting her children then HIS job it so review it as per his contract with EW magazine. This is what a real job is. Do work and produce something, not stand around the house yelling at kids and crying “woe is me I have so many kids.”

      • kross

        I found it hilarious that when that self-absorbed train wreck didn’t have many people at her book signing she used the excuse that it was because it was not well-planned. HA HA…she has no clue that it was because her book was a piece of crap that no one wanted to read.

      • Sherry

        What a world!! Now reviewers can only write glowing, FAWNING reviews? No one is permitted to give an opinion that may or may not agree wiht your own, Donna? The Internet will be the death of reasoned thinking as we once knew it.

      • Ladyli1

        @kross- Is that true that her book signing was a flop? I’ve only seen clips of the “new/latest” edition of this show from this and other blogs, but I haven’t heard about the failed book signing. And she complained that it was do to “bad marketing”!?! ROTFLMAF!

      • Karen

        He certainly reviewed the show..and twisted every bit around in a cyncial and negative way. The show was in no way presented like he reviewed it. Kate’s bodyguard is correct in saying that people either love her or hate her…if you don’t like her, leave her alone. Her children are well cared for and seem to be well on their way to being productive, responsible citizens of our society, so why the ocontinual bashing? Is everyone else in this world so perfect?

      • Hope06

        Donna: Here is your comment with a little editing:
        Here’s the thing…if you don’t like Ken Tucker, why read him? Find some reviewers that you like, at least a little, and let someone who likes Ken Tucker read his review. Nobody who reads Ken Tucker wants to hear you CONSTANTLY bash him. He has his plusses and minuses…just like we all do. Find a new reviewer, Ms. Donna!
        Unless you are being forced with the threat of bodily harm to write something so idiotic, DON’T BE A HYPOCRITE.
        Also, I don’t care one way or another about Angelina. However, Angelina works to support her children. Kate’s children work to support their mother.
        As an aside: People, please stop referring to the children as a litter. Although their mother is actually the equivalent of a female dog, aka: Bi*ch, it is demeaning to them, as they are the collateral damage of this terrible example of a parent.
        Uh Oh Kate. I just got a paper cut and put a band aid on it. Does this mean I now possess the qualities to become a nurse?

      • Cheryl

        WTF – This is a review and not a recap? Tell EW – go to EW’s home page, click “TV” in the navigation, then “TV Recaps” and find Mr. Tucker’s recap of Kate Plus 6. EW classifies it as a “Recap”.

        I agree that Mr. Tucker should not recap a show that he does not like.

      • Annie

        Ken is a professional reviewer — suffice it to say, he is doing his $$ job. You may think he is bashing KG but he is speaking up for those of us who are fed up with her antics. I refuse to watch the show — I pop in here to protest and get the attention of the TLC moron exec reading EW to realize they need to cancel the show. Those poor kids are going to grow up, look back at the footage aired, hire a lawyer, and sue TLC. Not to mention be in years of therapy for having K & J as parents. Sad. :(

      • Christopher Antonacci

        Gosselin’s an ass! She is symptomatic of what’s wrong with country! What’s next, Kate adopts the ‘Balloon Boy’?!?

    • naynay

      Val: You are so right! Kate does this to herself and her poor children. Does she ever think about what this is doing to them or is it all about her? Oh, wait, I forgot who I was talking about.

    • bab

      Yes and Tom Cruise was headed on the road to being a Priest and David Letterman was a stockboy. So Kate started as a nurse and moved on to something different, not an uncommon happening. The children? I guess we better go hang out to dry all the parents who have allowed their children to act in front of the cameras or heck, sing and tour. Attack all you want but all the negativity sounds more like petty jealousy. Me personally, I have a much bigger problem with all the Mom’s who are on welfare, food stamps, wic….MY tax money goes to take care of their inability to support their own choices and what a lesson they are teaching their young, to look for a handout.

      • Teresa

        Thank you, thank you, thank you…it’s about time that somebody commented on that side of things!

      • S. Harrison

        Oh Please. Kate collected from the State of Pennsylvannia, neighbors nad church goers while they had money from Jon’s dad and TLC cash.
        Who do you think will be supporting the 8 kids and all their offspring? Probably YOUR tax dollars. God forbid you ever have a hard time in your life and need a little help.
        I don’t fault Kate for trying to work but her kids need time to be kids, not TLC employees. Kate will never earn enough money to please her and her kids are suffering at the expense of your entertainment.

      • Seriously!!

        bab: I completely agree!The world should be more concerned with those parents, (of 3,4,5,6,7,8,etc. kids) sitting at home collecting welfare. While the rest of us are paying for them.They should be getting up off their lazy $#@es and find a job to support their “LITTER”.(I hate that term used to refer to children). Kate’s children seem to be very happy and well cared for. That is what truely matters!

    • Christopher

      It has always been about Kate, her traveling, her hair, her dancing. No wonder the marriage fell apart and her parents disowned her. Kate is the most self-absorbed woman on the face of the earth!!

      While Jon is lucky his away from that witch, the kids aren’t. They are still stuck with her…ALL EIGHT OF THEM. Because Kate is a prima donna through n’ through.

      What Jon did wasn’t the greatest but, it ultimately got him away from that witch!!!

      She is only concerned about herself!!!!

      TLC continues to justify Kate’s bad behavior!!!

      That is why I will no longer watch the show!!!

      • queenie1

        Oh if you watched the show you know that Jon was and still is a putz!!!! He was like the ninth kid!!!!!

      • Sharon

        I used to watch the show but no more. I am sooooo sick of Kate and finally over any curiosity that I may foolishly have had about them all. She’s a lot like Amy on “little People, Big World” or whatever. I quit watching that show a long time ago for the same reason. Just can’t stand to see these women be what they really are. There are still a few TV programs left that are fit to watch.

      • S. Harrison

        Ninth kid? Really? He did everything for Kate and the kids while she sat on her butt and told him he was doing it wrong.

      • Donna

        You are so right on! She comes first. It’s all about Kate. She is the most phony, sickening person I have ever seen. I hope Jon is extremely happy without her now.

    • Hung Jeezy

      Angelina Jolie is a talented, Oscar-winning actress who built herself to fame via her film career. Kate Gosselin is a reality show nobody who if it hadn’t been for her questionable pro-creating, wouldn’t be in the limelight in the first place. (BTW, didn’t her 15 minutes of fame expire, like a year ago?)

    • DFMR

      do not dare utter Jolies name in the same sentence as the horrid witch Gosselin. Jolie has a huge brain and heart-Is a great mother and charitable person while the Gosselin witch is a Mommy Dearest with no brain she just happens to have a brainless audience that watches her-And Jolie does not need to her kids on TV to make money for her-And when Jolie sold her babies pictures it was to get the papparazi off of her and her kids and she donated it ALL to charity…

      • CrikaRika

        nobody is comparing angelina with kate. they were just saying wat i firmly belive . that nobody makes a fuss about the moms that work for hrs and hrs a day and dont spend time with their kid either. come on just get over it plus angelina is a hoebag that keep adopting kid for publicity do u honestly think she gets to spend quality time with all the kids and still have time to keep brad from dumping her for his next costar. hahaha

    • Cinda

      Not a fan of either Angelina Jolie or Kate Gosselin, but this comment outlining the differences between the two is right on the money! Fabulous job and reasoning. Maybe Angelina has redeeming qualities after all.

    • Margie

      So Kate has to remain a nurse for her entire life? As a nurse she would probably spend less time with her kids and work crazier hours.
      She’s a working Mom with a selfish ex-husband who is a bit groucy and self focused. She’s like a lot of the people commenting here, I bet. She loves those kids. Is the show questionable, sure but she has a right to be who she wants to be. The real question is if it’s right for the kids. Maybe…maybe not.

    • Marg

      Y’know, I really don’t like Angelia Jolie AT ALL, but I do have to agree with this post.

    • Alan

      Oh for god’s sake, why does she generate such hatred in people?

      You’re not ashamed of those VH1 reality shows (like Rock of Love, Flavor of Love or I Love New York)? You’re not ashamed of the Duggars? They are worse than Kate because Momma Duggar is an opressed member of a hardcore Christian sect (the Quiverfulls) who is treated like a human rabbit. What about the Real Housewives shows? That doesn’t make you feel ashamed? What about TMZ? Does that make you feel ashamed? What about COPS, or Lockdown? Does THAT make you feel ashamed? What about Toddlers and Tiaras? That doesn’t make you feel ashamed?

      Why does Kate alone generate such hate? There are hundreds of reality shows on the air.

      • actually

        actually, all of the shows you just named have people that complain about them too. I know because I personally think they are all crap and that none of it belongs on the air. But I have the biggest issues with reality shows that supposedly show people’s “real” lives and basically just rewarding bad behavior/parenting with notoriety and money. The VH1 shows? they at least seem pretty self aware about the fact that they are the dregs of society. Duggars, JK8? They pull on some weak minded people’s sentimentality for entertainment. How stupid was I to think that nothing like EdTV would actually be palatable to the viewing public at large? How overconfident was I in my judging of our taste level

      • spice

        what do think the Duggar son who just have one kids now, will be nuts and have 19 kid along with with father?(if something go wrong with the mother or father, get sick or die who will take care of the kid?by the ways kate hair make her look like a …..from hell

      • Alan

        actually, you have a totally legitimate argument here. Most of TLC’s programming is supposed to be about “extraordinary” people and how they cope with every day life. This includes little people, fat people, people with no arms and legs, that Mermaid girl, etc. I agree with the criticism of such shows. But what I don’t agree with is the PERSONAL hatred people dole out towards Kate Gosselin SINGLED OUT IN PARTICULAR.

    • Skipper

      Eight kids must be ridiculously expensive. What else is she going to do to make enough money to support them? Nursing certainly wouldn’t cut it. Did she have to have 8 kids? I doubt they planned it that way, but once the babies were created it is understandable that they wouldn’t want to abort any of them. These kids weren’t implanted. Kate got pregnant on fertility drugs and her egg split that many times. Totally different process than what Octomom did. Although I don’t care for this woman or her ex-husband one tiny bit, I can understand why she does what she does to make money.

      • Gerry

        er….basic biology here, Skipper. No matter what procedure she used for conception, Kate’s egg did NOT split six (or whatever) times. That would have produced identical fetuses of the same gender.

    • molly

      PROSTITUTE: a person who willingly uses his or her talent or ability in a base and unworthy way, usually for money

    • Jen Fester

      I think who ever wrote this article is a complete jackass!!!!!! It blows my mind how everyone wants to pick on Kate.. She’s a great mother!! I have a 2 year old son.. and at times it can be tough!! so cant imagine with 8.. doing the laundry, making meals, bath time, cleaning up… its endless.. and every mom has there breaking point.. no ones perfect.. why? BECAUSE THERE HUMAN!!! I think Kate’s doing a wonderful job raising her kids… with or without Jon!!! And for the record… Kate has never made it about herself… Its ALWAYS about her kids.. they come first in her life and in every decision she makes.. She does what she has to, to support her kids!! So I say keep going Kate.. stay strong! Theres plenty of people out there that see the real you.. and love and support you!! Can’t wait to see the next episode of kate plus 8!!!

      • LMS

        What world are you living in? Do you even know who we’re talking about????? I don’t think so… so don’t comment. She is a joke and an embarrassment of a wife and mother.

    • Terri

      I agree with everything you said 100%. I cant stand Kate, I wish people would stop watching her show so that it will get canceled. SHE IS NOT A CELEBRITY!! Go back to being a nurse and take care of your kids the way lots of other people do. Here’s an idea of how to afford your life more . . . don’t live in a million dollar house . . She’s a greedy b____!

    • werner

      Kate looks like some kind of hooker. What mother wears a top that is so revealing and let’s add the high heel sandals to go sightseeing?? Kate really go back to PA and try to regain some dignity. I feel so sorry for those kids. She’s is a horrible example of a single mother. Do I feel sorry for this woman?? No Way..she is a miserable person and so full of herself. She is to be pitied. John is a saint compared to Kate. He treated the children like a parent should. Kate is a smart mouth and it is overflowing on the kids.

    • j mcmillian

      Please people! This so called self sbsorbed mother will be the centerfold for Playboy if she gets the chance to. She has becme so superficial. And those highheels and shorts crack me up. Cne more thing those kids are little spoiled rotten misbehavig little helluns…..

    • jack

      if you don like it dont watch it…. yeh her kids are on camera so are many kids why pick on her and the kids…. jon was happy to show the kids off when he was there but he now just wants to cause trouble. the kids clearly lov the crew and the kids seem hapy and healthy. they get opportunities to do things they may have never done if it want for the tv show it will have its pro’s and con’s but really its no one buisiness and if you dont like it dont watch it.

  • SB

    It was better as Jon & Kate Plus 8. He needs to make some periodic appearances or something. There is nothing ‘organic’ about the show right now, from what I can see. The kids do seem to be doing well though.

    • philip freeman

      you think she does all this to raise her kids? are U kidding? she does this for herself, she will do anything for the fame, attention and the $ the kids are way down on the priorities

      • uffda

        I totally agree she is not raising these 8 kids – she is using them – the nannies are the once raising these kids. Kate would not want to damage her makeup, manicure, would not want anything to interfer with “her”. After all she thinks everything is all about her. Get rid of this bimbo. In fact maybe the children should be taken away from her. She is in a sense neglecting and abusing the kids except for when she needs her props (i.e. the kids). Someone commented on TLC programming I believe that TLC is scraping the bottom of the septic tank for that the mistakenly consider entertainment. On the Dugger’s how ridiculous these parents are to keep bringing children into the world. Do they think it is their responsibility to populate the world all by themselves? Another set of parents that have had to exploit their children in order to support their selfish lack of judgement. I would bet that before they began exploiting their children we the tax payers were paying for their lack of common sense in trying to populate the world all by themselves.

    • Miracle

      You cldoun’t pay me to ignore these posts!

  • Roryan3

    Kate Gosselin has a right, as she frequently makes clear, to provide and raise her children as she pleases. However, if you insist on doing so in front of the entire nation, expect, also rightfully, that how you do things will be ridiculed, or dissected. You may be stressed out about her book signings and dancing reality shows, but you are not without the possibility of getting out of the limelight. Suck it up, or Step Aside.

    • Evaluate Your Own Online Hateful Behavior Before Kate’s

      I disagree with you. People who feel a need to ridicule, dissect or micro manage someone’s life because they are on TV, are people who have no life, other then judging someone else’s life.

      Who are you to push your standards, expectations, beliefs, morals on to someone just because it is not what you may do or choose to do.

      You are not in her shoes, you do not experience every minute of her life 24/7. You do not know what is best for her or her kids nor is it your place or anyone’s place to think that just because they are on TV, that gives you the right to hate on her.

      You are choosing, by your own will, to hate on her, dissect her apart, and take a little tiny segment of a reality TV show and make up allegations, assessments and false perceptions assuming it defines their entire life.

      If you do not like a show on TV or someone on TV, then turn the flippin channel.

      Don’t come on websites about her, to post your hate and then try to rationalize away why you have this right to hate her just because she chose to go on TV with her kids because it gave them the best option financially on top with some amazing incentives and opportunities for her children, that your children and other children will never get.

      You haters, instead of hating on her and her life for what they have, go take your energy and make it happen for your own kids. Go take on an extra part time job instead of the part time job some of you obviously have taken on hating Kate, thinking your pay off is to be above her, when it only shows you are weak, small minded and robbing your life hating on someone who is not going to change or do or be what you feel she should do and be.

      Go take your own inventory, because sitting online picking her or her and her children’s FUN show apart, only makes you appear bitter, and miserable. If you are that unhappy that you need to hate to bring yourself some happy to your life, then go change your own life and stop thinking you have this right to change Kate’s life.

      She is on TV so what, change the channel if you don’t like her, no one forces you or any of you haters to watch, yet you watch then hunt down any article about Kate to post your rabid hate at.

      Check your own behavior before you check hers. You don’t walk on water. The things you do online engaging in hate and posting hate everywhere about her, makes you look worse then anything Kate has ever done or said.

      You are not this God who is above Kate or anyone. Because someone is on TV does not give you a right to post and hate on her.

      It is a further sickness to explain away your obsessed need to hate Kate, and cover up your own behavior.

      You haters point at Kate’s behavior, and go after her, yet you don’t step back and look at your own. You do it hiding on the internet. Get a life, stop hating on her life. Go make your life what it is that you are missing and stop projecting it on to Kate and her children.

      • Dutchie

        Hello, is this Pot? Yeah, Kettle here, I’m just calling you to tell you you’re black!
        Fact remains that she put herself on TV, and continues to do so, getting paid a pretty penny in the process. Good for her.
        However, if you put yourself out there, you run the risk of getting ridiculed. Comes with the territory, if she doesn’t want it, she can stop with the show.
        Now, the truly funny part is how you tell people not to judge Kate, while at the same time throwing a blanket statement out there that those people have no lives. Hypocrisy, thy name is EYOOHBBK’s.

      • Donna

        Is this post for real? This woman put herself on TV exactly so we WILL know what her life is like 24/7 and make conclusions about it! What a stupid rant.

      • philip freeman

        you are moralising on the wrong people, exploiting your own kids for your own agenda is abuse and we all have a right to an opinion on parents such as these.

      • ??

        Kate? Is that you?

      • Beverly

        Hey Kate, nice of you to follow what we are saying

      • kat 127

        Oh, for goodness sake. Listen to you rant and rave defending “poor” Kate. There seems to be a contingent of mainly women who are entranced by Kate’s bossiness, take charge attitude and displays of wealth. Is it that you wish you could be all of those things? Let’s make something clear- this woman was first on tv to display life with 8 children, their antics, their growth & the challenges of parenting. the train went off the tracks when Kate’s ego took over. There is no excuse for her meanness, her biting tone, her constant berating & belittling of her husband, her obsession with controlling how her children looked-worrying more about them getting dirty then having fun, playing to the camera instead of positively interacting with the children………there’s plenty more. This woman is famous for having a clown car uterus. It is absolutely ridiculous to try and claim she is doing it all for the kids. She has made more than enough $ to provide nicely for them, make sure their college is paid for & live in a big house full of stuff. Now, why is that she won’t do the one thing that she claims is the most important? Why won’t she ditch the cameras and stay with her children? You do realize you are supporting a “Mom” who spends her time running around soaking up the limelight instead of actually parenting the children ? If your whole claim to fame is being a “super Mom” shouldn’t you actually spend most of your time doing just that? I know 50 Mom’s in my town who are more deserving of that title then Kate. If you want a superstar Mom to idolize & daydream about being, then look to one of the celebrities that prioritizes their children, guards the kids privacy instead of selling it & whose actions are admirable. Kate Gosselin isn’t worthy of your admiration.

      • @ long-winded person above

        LOL! Speaking of spreading hate – that was the most dis-jointed,redundant,self-serving, BITTER rant I’ve ever read.(!)Maybe you should take a pill right about now and let more coherent people use this post to say how they feel because that’s what this post is for. If you don’t like to read it – change sites (it is something like changing channels, wasn’t that your own advice?)

      • Heather

        Dutchie…That was hilarious!! Hello, is this Pot? Yeah, Kettle here, I’m just calling you to tell you you’re black! Made my whole morning

      • Melissa

        Kate – is this you??? Sure sounds like your rants!!

      • Mary Ann

        I usually enjoy a good “pot, kettle, black” reference….doesn’t make sense in this instance.

      • Kali

        OMG…you are suppose to post a coment not an essay!!!!!!

      • God

        Oh hey there, God here. Just decided to come down off My throne and let you know that there is no way I would ever watch Kate on TV. I barely pay attention to her from My Kingdom. And please stop using MY name to further YOUR arguments…got it?

      • gda

        Mary Ann –
        The pot calling the kettle black fits perfectly here. The original poster came online to criticize people (posters) for coming on line and criticizing someone (Kate). The original poster is condemning other posters for judging Kate on how she lives her life while at the same time telling critical posters how to live their lives (take your energy and make it happen for your own kids, go make your life what it is that you are missing, etc.).

      • KNeff

        It’s called freedom of speech…
        everyone has the right to THEIR opinion. If you don’t like it…don’t read the comments section.
        PS: I know a great doctor with great meds.
        Uh, oh…am I a hater b/c I want to help you?!

      • Charles

        I think you may need a strong cup of black coffee, or maybe a jug of prune juice.

      • Sophie Ann

        Hey Evaluate…..

        Who are you? Kate???? I’m tired of people sticking up for that publicity slut. Kate is no more the “typical” single mother than Fergie the Duchess of York is!

        Hey, but you’re entitled to your opnion, Evaluate. Most don’t agree with you….

      • Debbie

        Well said Evaluate..Well said..

      • Jean

        You are judging “haters” just as you tell them they are judging Kate. No one should judge anybody, not you and not I.

      • jenswker

        I agree. I think it’s safe to say that the TV never shows the whole story. We don’t know what she’s gone through in her life or what challenges she faces on a daily basis. The only way to really know what’s going on is to actually live with her, which none of you do…I always say that it’s better to keep your mouth shut than to judge on something you know absolutely nothing about. It’s just TV people.

      • Annie

        Good grief. It is one of Khate’s fans popping in — one of the mindless sheeple who think TLC is right in exploitating innocent children, tearing families apart, and milking them for their 15 min of fame… only to toss them in a heap for the next wanna-be reality star. Wake up. It is all misleading. This is why most of us are here protesting KG.

      • LMS

        I have a life – I am a very happy, productive, working wife and mother – I do my job for my kids and my husband to keep my home a very happy place to be. I have lots of friends, real friends. She’s a fake and now all she wants is money…plain and simple. She’s not a mother anymore, only biologically, not emotionally anymore for them. She’s never with them ’cause she’s a ‘STAR’ – hah – JOKE. I watch this show from the beginning and I have not and will not watch her one more second, she makes me gag. She is an embarrassment to women and what we are trying to do in this world, women like her send our cause backwards and stereotypes right back in – dumb blonde!

    • Anita

      (“I disagree with you. People who feel a need to ridicule, dissect or micro manage someone’s life because they are on TV”) You seem to be missing the very obvious point that SHE IS MAKING A CONSCIOUS CHOICE TO BE IN THE PUBLIC EYE…which means, she’s inviting in criticism, ridicule, and others to dissect the life she so willingly puts in front of everyone by inviting cameras into their lives. Personally, I will never watch this show…never have, never will…yet I still have an opinion about what she’s doing. Also, no one can micro-manage her life, those viewing her show are nothing but voyeurs to her life…not active participants which is what would be required to “micro-manage” her life.

      The fact that she’s invited camera’s into the daily lives of these children directly contradicts her statements about wanting them to have “normal lives”…she’s invited in the media, which means she’s invited in the paparazzi…there is nothing “normal” about what she’s choosing to expose these children to. Therefore…I do not respect her, and I will never watch her show. Does that make me a “hater”…ok, I’ll accept that, but she’s invited me to have that opinion of her.

    • gda

      How long did it take you to type that tirade? You need to follow your own advice and get a life instead of spending time online hating on people whose standards, expectations, beliefs and morals are different from yours. You truly must have a miserable life. I am praying for you.

      • Sherry

        I agree.

    • philip freeman

      you think people have the ‘right’ to raise their kids how they like? so we have child services for what purpose? raising children is a responsibility not a right

      • beth

        ya know sometimes child services is all about the money the more kids they have in there the more monehy they make so they dont care that the kids are ok they just want there money

  • The Girl from the Ghetto

    I’ve been blogging about Kate for a long time, and I just can’t understand why anyone likes her, or wants to watch her show anymore. I, too suffered through tonight’s premier and I am still asking myself “Why did I watch Kate Plus 8?”

    • Carita

      Girl, I think you watched it so you could write about it and get many more blog hits than you normally do. Same reason “Z” writes about Kate.

      • barbee

        GftG and Z write about Kate to get the word to a LOT of people that this broad is in it for the ‘fame and fortune’ which applies only to herself. She has no more interest in those kids than she did in the dogs, or Jon, or her family, or her friends (better watch out Jamie and Steve, life isn’t very long in her world), she is all about kate and that’s all there is to it.

      • Carita

        Barbee, you and I must have very different ideas of what constitutes “a LOT.” Even with the extra hits they get by writing about Kate, neither Girl or Z is known beyond a small circle of readers.

        One is not employed, the other is working for a dying enterprise.

        Unfortunately, good ‘ol Z isn’t going to get rich off of Kate by just blogging about her. I bet Z is pissed that Al Walentis stole that tell-all book from him!

    • LV

      Wow – that really is beyond stupid – even for a kate hater – you hate her – yet you support her show by watching it? Wow.

      • Brina

        What does that have to do with “stupidity”? Absolutely nothing. More likely it’s a juicy roll in some Schadenfreude. Some of us enjoy witnessing more things in life than just cute kitties and puppies and things that make us all warm and googly inside.

      • Payel

        Anonymous – This is a GREAT photo! This is my great niece but I don’t get to see her that often she’s in FL/AL and I’m in CA. This picture sure does show her rsieonalpty, though! Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics! Aunt Sandy

    • Sherry

      Why do you blog about someone (who you don’t know personally) you hate?

    • lynn

      why do YOU watch then, YOU also sound like you have NO brain’s also. Do Not judge unless you have walked in someone’s shoes . Some people just have to much time on their hands. Do something else with it that does some good in this world besides bashing someonelse who is trying to do good for her childern, Go ahead bash me, because I would not except anything else from you people!!!!!!!!

      • Sherry B

        @ Lynn – sorry not sure if you meant the comment to me. I don’t watch, but I also don’t spew hate. I’m with you – let them have her life for about a month. then maybe some of these haters might understand instead of judge, which is not their job. I think it’s the man upstairs. :)

  • emily

    Kate is tiresome and stupid and really impressed with herself. Her twins clearly are unhappy (Mady rightly angry; Cara just looks so depressed). The sextuplets are too young to rebel yet, but it’s coming. I really don’t think she cares that her kids are suffering.

  • quita

    Frankly, I never watched the series before all the dram and hype, but have been following closely ever since. Personally, I empathize with Kate and am mystified at all the harsh judgements, negative comments, and unnecessary hater-ade thrown in her direction. Until you walk a mile in her shoes, who are you/we to judge. Last but not least, I am glad that I’ve never had a job that requires me to shred others (even for the sake of “journalism”) in order to earn my check. Hope Karma doesn’t bite you in the arse!

    • Carita

      Quita, well said….

    • Isbella

      Lots and lots of people do not like Kate Gosselin because of the way she demeaned, embarrassed, humiliated, made fun of and disrespected her children starting way back in the early days of Jon and Kate Plus 8. She continued to do so in tonight’s show by allowing Mady, age 9, to be filmed in very emotional situations. Mady (who perhaps I should remind you again is only 9 years old) should be protected by her mother. Mady seems to have some emotional problems which is easy to understand given her upbringing and her parents’ divorce. A good mother would not allow her child to be filmed in such compromising situations. A good mother would forget seeking constant attention for herself and tend to her little girl who needs her attention and help. Talk about sacrificing – she is sacrificing Mady in order to showcase her narcissistic self.

      This is only ONE example of Kate Gosselin’s awful attitude toward her children.

      I have no problem with Kate working. (A job that seems to mean being a celebrity.) In fact, it’s probably better for the kids if she is away and not laying her “I sacrifice for my kids!” on them constantly. And I don’t care what Kate dresses like, or how she wears her hair or if she is on a dancing show.

      I do care that there is a television network that with a mother’s permission, exploits and humiliates children for money. Truly disgusting.

      • marsha

        how is anyone being exploitted or humiliated??? were you watching the same show????

      • phyllisj

        Mady has been this way from the start. But she also loves her mother and siblings and she is very much the entertainer of the family.

      • Kaye

        Marsha, being paraded around on television to earn your mother money, when you are too young to give informed consent, is practically by definition “exploitation.”

      • Callie

        Oh my gosh … Maddy is a brat. You can probably find a brat, at least one, in every family. Good grief.

      • Callie

        Kaye, you (and many others) conveniently mis-state the situation to make your own point. Not saying the show should or shouldn’t exist … but to say the kids are paraded to earn money for the mother is to ignore that she is supporting the family with the show. “A single overstatement [like “exploitation”] diminishes the whole; everything that preceded and everything that follows will be suspect.”

      • Jean

        The children are definitely being exploited – they didn’t have any choice about being filmed in the beginning, and now they don’t know any better. You call Mady a brat – who knows what she would have been like had she not had her parents saying, on camera, how bad her temper was since she was four years old? It’s often a self-fulfilling prophecy for children. And people who say it takes it a lot of money to support 8 kids – yes it does – my family had 8 kids – and we did it on one Navy salary. I feel sorry for all the kids, but especially Mady, and I hope that she will summon the courage soon to refuse to be on the show anymore.

      • uffda

        You are right. Marsha – are you serious? Obviously you do not know what abuse and humiliation is. These children are being verbally and psychologically abused and humiliated by how their mother by how speaks to and treats them. I pity these kids with a mother like Kate.

    • S. Harrison

      Go watch her “best moments” on youtube. How can you say, “I don’t understand the harshness” after saying, “I never watched the show.” Some of us have watched these unhappy children working for years. They didn’t get paid. Now they get 15% of ‘whatever’ and that is split 8 ways. They have no protection “on set” and their hours are not monitored. They are left alone with crew members.

      The concern is for the kids, not the silly “hate” for Kate. If she had a talent it’d be great if she’d excel and make money but she just earned half a mil and is still whining that life is so hard. SHE makes her life difficult and she is exposing her negative entitled attitude to 8 voiceless children. It’s not about kate. It’s about child labor.

    • uffda

      Kate chose the job and thus chose to have reviews shred her. It is all of her own making – don’t waste your pity and sorrow on this bimbo.

  • j2

    It’s still all about Kate. She wants to be the center of the show. The screams! please. Do you honestly think you are the only person that has to feed 7 kids lunch by yourself? Even if they are the same age…it frustrates me to watch you act like there is something exceptional about what you do! My mom had 7 of us within 9 years…bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, bing, and bing! She didn’t have ANY help.

    Put on some clothes…you prance around~hey look at me! Again it seems to be about Kate.

    Don’t get me wrong I do believe you should be able to support your family but try to make it about the kids.

    Good luck to you.

    • V

      Agreed…ever meet a preschool teacher? They’re often worked beyond legal ratios, with a single teacher getting maybe 10-20 kids to eat at the same time. And they don’t get paid anything like what Kate Gosselin makes.

      Also…can we meet the nannies who are ACTUALLY raising these kids? I mean, I’m pretty sure Kate isn’t actually doing much anymore…

      • S. Harrison

        4 nannies, round the clock. They’ve both admitted this.

  • stella

    the new show tonight was boring.Who wants to look at other peoples children’s vomit in a bag.This is not intresting.the average family cannot afford to swim with dolphins and take down the orignal cabinets that were nice and add new ones.this is not reality,its boring.

    • Carita

      Boring to YOU. Not to me or my family….

      • brenda

        thats because you dont have a life

      • Spaz Dvl

        Doesn’t have a life is an understatement. Anyone who would willingly engage in destructive tv watching behavior is seriously lacking in mental capacity…. There are support groups for your ailment…

      • red sandles

        Let me try to understand this – children vomiting in bags and people hanging new cabinets is interesting to you? Seriously? i didn’t think anyone that simple minded existed…that’s what is interesting to me!

      • Carita

        @Red Sandles, boy I missed the two scenes that you referenced. I must not have been watching as closely as you!!!! Let me guess, your remote control accidentally turned the show on and then the batteries went dead and you couldn’t change the channel? Yeah, that seems to happen A LOT with the haters.

        Glad you took time out of your day to comment about Kate, however. She appreciates your interest. :-)

      • red sandles

        Carita, if you missed the scenes I am referring to, WHY did you respond to Stella’s comment? I never watched the show at all. I was just flabbergasted at your response to Stella, so I posted a question. Why would you respond the way you did if you didn’t actually see those scenes? My suspicions are now confirmed about what kind of people watch this show. LOL!

      • Red Sandles

        Carita, if you did not see those scenes, WHY did you respond to Stella’s comments? I don’t watch this silly show. I just read Stella’s comment and was flabbergasted at you response. Now, you are saying you didn’t even see the scenes which you claim are not boring to you or your family? You are not making sense, which only confirms my suspicions about what kind of people watch this show. LOL!!!

      • Callie

        Not too interested in getting involved in your silly argument (with Carita), but Red Sandles, if you don’t watch the show, why are you commenting? Don’t you have a life?

      • Red Sandles

        You are right, I have wasted my time with this. I never even watched the original show. But I saw Kate on the dancing show and I was astonished anyone would watch her do anything at all – she was so annoying. So I read the article and one thing led to another…sorry I posted, this is a pathetic site. Callie, if you are a fan and you watch this show, I could ask you the same question, “Don’t you have a life?”

      • S. Harrison

        Sad. Do you sell your children too?

      • Callie

        Red Sandles – I do (have a life, that is) … thanks for caring.

    • Terrah

      I am forever indebted to you for this infmoration.

  • Mickie

    I feel Kate is fake and she even looks more fake now then before all she cares about is her pocket book. You can tell the older girs still hate being on TV but Kate don’t care long as she gets free stuff. She’s not the first person to have 8 kids and won’t be the last so she needs to get a job and quit leaving of her kids.. She can get on welfare to do that. What a loser of a mother. Thank god not all weman us their kids for fame and money!

    • Pam

      Kate doesn’t need a job or welfare. She has made more than enough money from this show to support her children for life.

      • Cynthia

        Are you serious? She will never make enough money to support her lifestyle. Once her show is cancelled (and it will be very soon), I guarantee the next things we will read about this woman will go something like this…”Kate bankrupt, has to sell family home”…oh yes, the writing is on the wall. She will not have saved a penny. I hope and pray the kids’ money from the show is not obtainable by her…hopefully someone (other than Kate) set up a trust for all of them and THEY will be the only one who can access their money when they are, oh, say 21 or so, otherwise, Kate will blow through all their money too!

  • Sandy

    Could Kate not have worn a more decent bathing suit, since this was about the KIDS! Or is it still all about Kate?

    • Moira

      Hey, if you have a good body, it’s ok to show it off. It was a bikini. Everything that needed to be covered was covered, lol…..

      • Kali

        She had major plastic surgery. Did you forget that?

      • Sherry

        Sandy – we who live in Florida, pretty much live in our bathing suits. This isn’t 1920 anymore. LOL What in the heck is wrong with a mother wearing a bikini? IF you can do it – go for it! At 53 I wish I could….
        I think there might be a need for support groups for bloggers. I will never understand how and why so much hate is spilling out of certain people here. Wow. This is my first time to post anything, but probably my last. I usually just read for fun, but it’s not fun anymore….LOL
        Try and have a nice day. :)

      • Callie

        Sherry — loved your comments.

  • Moira

    Well you didn’t have to watch for me because I watched and LOVED it. I have seen tons of positive posts on Facebook and blogs attesting to the fact that many people are supporting Kate and are thrilled she and the 8 are back. Can’t wait for the next special.

    • S. Harrison

      Maybe you can buy all the DVDs and keep them running on all your TV’s 24/7. OR, maybe you can take your life savings and ask kate to put cameras in the kids bedrooms JUST FOR YOU. Would that be enough of their privacy for ya or do you need more? Waiting for Cara’s first period or Mady’s first broken-heart? Your entertainment is DAMAGING those kids you adore so much. Get a life so those kids can have theirs.

  • Rita

    It was a total snoozefest.

  • Emma

    I remember the pre-paparazzi days! I really did enjoy the show in the first couple of seasons, when it was like watching a mostly ordinary family.
    It’s unfortunate for Kate that she has created a situation where she has to be on TV and be a “celebrity,” so that she can support her family’s huge mansion and high lifestyle. At some point she won’t be able to sustain it anymore.

  • Carrie

    Great recap! It was honest and a fun read. I’m just sorry you had to waste two hours watching this tragic show.

    • lynn

      Then why did you watch, or for that matter turn your t.v. off. She is doing what is best for her childern. All of you would do the same, now now do not lie God would not like that. For Jon he is living off of other people.Do you think that Jon brought those atc’s for the cildern. I do not think sooooo.

      • bdoll

        i would never NEVER do what kate does. never.

  • mario

    i started reading this article for somestrange reason… stopped after two paragraphs and asked myself: “why the hell am i doing this?”

    and then decided to post about it because it seemed like a more interesting thought than watching Kate plus 8.

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