The final '24' review: The show is over. 'Shut it down.'

Stop and think about it: The last chunk of 24 ended between the hours of 2 and 4 p.m. That’s the middle of the afternoon. Such a sleepy, winding-down time, for most of us. A time for an afternoon cup of coffee or soda to get through the rest of the work day. But not for Jack Bauer.

The last half of this final season set Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer loose as what he was trained to be and always tried to transcend: a remorseless killer. And it couldn’t come too soon, as far as I was concerned. I’d gotten used to only half-listening to any of the high-flown prattle about either the peace treaty (“the most important diplomatic action in generations!”) or the death of Hassan (he was handsome, he was a rake, he died — get over it). This eighth season of 24 was uneven — part dud, part exciting action-adventure. By this measure, one of the clear high points of last night was when Jack went Mike Tyson on Reed Diamond’s Jason Pillar and bit off a chunk of his ear. Now you know where I’m coming from: I support Jack’s right to go gonzo on someone who deserves it.

Let’s do a quick recap of the final two hours and then give the entire series a send-off. Last night was simply two regular hour-long episodes shown back-to-back. By the end, they had the feel of a season, not a series, finale: leaving the door open for the planned 24 feature film. Jack continued the revenge rampage he’d embarked upon ever since Renee Walker was killed via an order that led all the way up to the president of Russia. Once Jack confirmed through overheard conversations that the cover-up for this and other crimes also included Cherry Jones’ President Taylor, he was, if possible, even more bitter and intent upon a killing spree. “I am judge and jury,” he said, justifying his actions in the absence of anything resembling true justice anywhere in Jack Bauer’s America.

Which, of course, was hooey. Jack knew deep down that what he was doing was wrong. He just didn’t care anymore, a state of mind that came uncomfortably close to that of not a few 24 viewers. The not-caring, I mean. It was probably time for 24 to “shut it down,” in Chloe’s words. The first half of this season typified much of what had gone wrong with the series — predictable “unpredictable” twists (the whole Dana Walsh mess); the shameless reintroduction of fan favorites when the series failed to introduce new ones (hello again, Gregory Itzin).

Even last night’s 24 didn’t escape foolishness. Chloe with a gun, tracking down Jack and shooting him through blinked-back tears? Chloe being choked-out by Jack so he could get back to convincing himself to assassinate the Russian president? (The choke-out, by the way, is one violent move that’s gone mainstream during the decade 24 was on the air: Ten years ago, it was rare for someone to be knocked senseless by getting someone in a head-lock and cutting off just enough oxygen to the brain to cause a convenient, momentary collapse.)

It was rather late in the season to give President Taylor something to do, but better late than never. After hours spent sitting at a table talking to numerous people on speaker-phone about The Most Important Peace Treaty In Our Lifetime, Cherry Jones was finally called upon to do some of her humdinger acting. This included a fine mixture of remorse, guilt, self-contempt, and nobility as she faced up to what she’d done, declined to use the dead Hassan pen to sign the magic treaty, steeled herself to tender her resignation. Watching the emotions play across the President’s face, you realized that, with but a few exceptions (Itzen’s Logan was another rare bird), Jack is the only character over the course of the show’s history that was allowed to evince some evidence of a complicated inner life.

One of the small satisfactions of this season was fewer last-minute moles-within-CTU revelations, by now a tired writers’-room trick. I was relieved that neither Cole nor Arlo, for example, were bad guys. For a few horrible seconds, I feared the Jack-Chloe gun confrontation might really get surreal, and would conclude with Chloe revealing she’d secretly been responsible for everything as far back as Teri Bauer’s death, before Chloe even joined the series. Once you enter the 24 universe, you start expecting both brutal realism and wild leaps of implausibility. (Did Chloe go back to CTU after the show ended, wrinkle her little nose, and say, “I smell a dead body stuffed in a wall somewhere in here?”)

As it was, we got away with merely what was, for Jack, a sweetly sentimental speech, not to a lover or a family member, but to Chloe (“I never thought it would be you who would cover my back after all these years”). It was telling that as the final seconds ticked down, Jack became more verbose than he’d been in a long time, and it was left to Chloe to pronounce the end of the series: “Shut it down.”

This mixed-bag of a season cannot take away the performance Kiefer Sutherland gave over the entire run of 24. Lead actors in good TV dramas have to pace themselves, knowing that a season has a shape, and that it’s a smart idea to avoid keeping the same tone or intensity hour after hour. But the very nature of 24 didn’t give Sutherland that artistic option: He really did have to spend the last decade playing a man who was always seen in extremis, always caught in one of the worst, most dangerous moments of his life. Sutherland also declined to play Jack for laughs. How easy it would have been for the actor or the producers to say, “Hey, how about a few hours — or even a season — when the threat isn’t so awful that Jack can’t kick back and show his sense of humor or irony for a change?”

No, Jack Bauer was always a driven man, and Sutherland probably portrayed intensity with more shades and variations than any TV actor. He rarely went overboard; he never succumbed to melodrama. The plots around him may have, but not Jack.

It’s too early to say how 24 will hold up. Certainly its real-time structure and split-screen technique still managed to hold our interest. But do a lot of people you know rent the DVDs of, say, Season Three to relive fond memories, or to experience a bit of classic TV? I doubt many do — yet, anyway. 24 may well prove a very specific television phenomenon, a self-contained record of a post-9/11 mood. Which is not to say that, in its moment, it wasn’t a clever experiment that turned into something more searching, as it surfed the wave of national discourse about politics and policy, hanging-ten on terrorism. And 24 didn’t merely provide its lead actor with a career revival, but with a pop-culture character capable of, if not exactly true tragedy (after all, he lives to fight at the box office, whereas a true tragic figure must die), then of an orneriness, a stubbornness, not seen with such sustained purity since the title titan in Roseanne, The Shield‘s Vic Mackey (The Shield being a show that was a clear benefactor of 24‘s adventurousness), or another character that bade adieu this week, and another Jack at that: Law & Order‘s Jack McCoy.

Except with Jack Bauer, we got law and disorder: “I am judge and jury.” Finally, in his greatest moments of grief and fury, he showed us the most vulnerable, despairing side of the man of action.

What did you think of the 24 finale?

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  • Jared

    WHY are the Russians and “us” still going to come after him. When the tape is played, the Russian president is going to be a little too busy to get mad at the guy who recorded it just because he shot (and speared) some of his guys. And Jack would be a US hero for bringing it all to light. This was a lame ending.

    • Just Me

      He became a vigalanty taking the law into his own hands killing everyone, even though he did it for good reasons he still would be prosecuted.

      • harry

        very true!!!

      • Mel

        It’s ‘vigilante’.
        Spelling matters.

      • paige

        he had a reason to kill Dana???

      • BP

        What? No presidential pardon for Jack?

      • Jared

        A presidential pardon would make sense. She knew why he did it. The Russians would be WAY too busy dealing with the fallout of the tape being released to seek revenge. And Logan would be in prison and he wouldn’t have “people” to do Jack in. He may not be a hero for what he did, but prosecuting him would not be high on the list of priorities. If he had killed Logan, I think there’s a much better case for this, but then that would have ruined the movie. Telling everyone about the movie, ruined this ending.

      • Ajay C

        Why would there be any discussion of a presidential pardon when Taylor will tender her resignation. The idea of a pardon is moot.

      • Emgee

        Theoretically, Taylor could pardon him. But their crimes are connected (hers in many ways led to his) and a last minute pardon would look suspicious and may not hold up.

      • Gregory Taylor

        Hello? People? It’s fiction. A made-up TV show. The plot does not continue. It’s done. Over. Kaput.

      • Jack Bauer

        Jack will get the presidential pardon in the movie when they bring him back to CTU to fight more Iranian/Chinese/North Korean terrorists…

    • parkR

      The US gov’t will be after Jack b/c he was on unauthorized killing spree.
      The Russians will be after Jack for killing Russian gov’t officials (they plot to kill Hassan was authorized).

      • esquirrel

        Yeah, he didn’t get authorization to go on his spree.

    • Sarah

      Also, Logan is still alive. He can send his people to go after Jack.

      • nikkido

        Logan can’t even get shooting himself in the head right.

      • Ajay C

        He will have suffered brain damage after that self inflicted gunshot.

    • Bob

      Jared the President and his to dog were both involved. Chances are that other high level officials were too and won’t be thrilled with Jack.

    • Woot

      You can’t really kidnap an ex-president and not get in trouble with the government. Simply saying, “I did it for a good reason” wouldn’t fly.

      • justin

        Well said. Jack just killed too many high-ranking people. Unfortunately, The whole “For the greater good thing” won’t work in this case.

      • Meli

        And keep in mind our government hasn’t cared for or about Jack for a long time anyway. They were willing to let him rot in a Chinese prison and then have him executed a couple of seasons ago for political reasons.

      • Don


        I agree with your comment, Justin’s comment “Unfortunately, the whole … is also right. But, it works for me! Who am I, nobody special, but I was a combat infantryman in Vietnam and all my buddies would take my side.

    • lorraine boccio

      I have been a faithful fan of this show and I thought the ending was fabulous. I really enjoyed this whole last season. Script writers are fantastic and I thought the ending was great. i am anxiously awaiting the movie. Cant imagine a week not watching this show anymore.

      • MattO

        totally agree…this season went back to its roots, the author of this article probably got his view skewed by recent seasons of 24 (some of which, I’ll have to admit, were pretty painful to watch). But there’s no denying that this season brought the show back to its former glory.

    • Bauerette

      I think they need to call the movie “24: Expatriate”. Jack is in Europe somewhere and finding himself in the middle of an attack on an embassy while trying to navigate life without a country.

      • Bauerette

        PS. LOVED the ending, it was perfect. Jack’s facial expression at the end of the first hour when he had Logan in his sights was great. Was that a smile I saw???? Kiefer’s thank you at the beginning was a class act as well. Will miss 24!

  • j in IN

    The finale would have been much more suspenseful if they had not been talking about the movie so much recently. It would have been perfectly in line with the show for Jack to have died in the end.

    Side note…how ’bout those scenes between Dalia Hassan and Pres. Taylor?

    • Matt

      Not really. Jack has had a death wish since the end of the first season. Ultimately, he wants to die but he won’t kill himself because he wants to die FOR something. Killing him at the end of the series (or a movie) would be giving him what he wants. Jack’s happy ending. Keeping him a tragic character means not letting him have his peace, not letting him off the hook that easily, but making him keep living with the things he’s done that he expected to be able to leave behind with this corpse.

      • Gregory

        Wrong. At the beginning of Season 8 Jack is very much ready to live and to move on building his new life post-CTU as a grandfather and father – continuing his reconciliation with Kim. Mid-season he again walks away from CTU mid-crisis – returning NOT primarily to resolve the problem, but mainly just to save Rene Walker. He clearly did not have a “death wish”.

    • Tim

      That Dalia/Taylor thing was the best part of the show last night. Those scenes were intense!

    • waya

      The acrress who played Dalia was terrific. .she had daggers shooting out her eyes! That was great – give that gal an Emmy!

      • Steve68

        No doubt! She was absolutely amazing. Her rage during their conversation (and afterwards) was just incredible!

      • Joe

        When you consider the gravity of the threat from President Puppet, you realize that it was one of the most verbally violent segments of all 24 seasons…Chloe was so sad at the end. I truly hate that we have to shut it down.

    • Jackie Venice

      I agree with Matt. That’s Jack’s curse – that he gets to live while good people around him die.

    • Bauerette

      That was some really good acting…very intense and well done for both characters. It seemed very real to me.

    • Beatledrew

      Now there’s an interesting tie in. Jack goes undercover with the IRK under the protection of Dalia. She’s going to be very grateful to Jack for what he tried to do. I agree with the other posts, her acting was phenom!



    • Jack Beware

      So to elaborate here, Jack showed Pillar more mercy than his “master” Logan did by not shooting him after his pitiful pleading (I bet that guy does not even have a little girl!), then Pillar showed no mercy when looking for that data card frisking Chloe and then hoping Jack had a secret for him. That was awesome! Too bad he could not have taken off more of his face (however Logan took care of that). I just wanted Michael Madsen’s character to take out the team that put Jack in the black van and give Jack that fugitive on the run ending that would have made the ending more suspenseful.

      • ksoze

        Yeah, I was hoping Ricker would figure more prominently at the end. Michael Madsen is a great actor. Maybe he’ll make it into the movie. He’d be able to help get Jack out of the country.

  • Kim’s Cougar

    Farewell, “24”. Even at your lowest (Season 6), you have been appointment TV for me for eight seasons. I’ll miss the thrills, chills, and “Whaaa?” moments. Now I know more than 40 ways to kill someone (if I ever end up writing that mystery novel I’ve been threatening to write forever…).
    Thanks for all the good times and all the best to the cast, crew and writers. Signed, Kim’s Cougar

    • Tom

      Dammit! I’m gonna miss Kim’s Cougar.

      • Route66

        Tom, you make it sound so sexy!

  • Angie

    I agree that it was a great season finale, but not a great series finale. We’ve seen Jack on the run before.

    My two wishes for the finale weren’t realized: Aaron Pierce returns and gives Logan that final bitch slap he deserved. And Tony returning to save Jack…for redemption. And eye candy.

    • Sadie Mae

      Oh, man, I was so hoping Tony would somehow rescue Jack!
      Or that Tony and Ricker were the ones you ‘kidnapped’ Jack from the ambulance, to get him out of the country.

      • ksoze

        THAT would’ve been awesome!

      • Stud

        omg I TOTALLY thought the same thing was going to happen! after watching the last 8 seasons, every single episode, i am offically hooked, their needs to be a season 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ajay C

      But Angie, even if Aaron and Tony were in the finale, how would it change you feelings that it was a good series finale as opposed to a season finale?

    • Jackie Venice

      Agent Pierce is happily retired and Tony is off-grid, just like Jack needs to be.

      Jack hasn’t been on the run before; he faked his death. People weren’t looking for him as they thought he was dead. It’s entire different now as two superpower countries are hunting him down.

      • Meli

        All the more hope that Tony shows up in the movie. Since both Jack and Tony are off-grid, joining forces to kick terrorist ass in a 2-hour film would be pretty good.

      • Route66

        I thought Tony was in jail hidden somewhere after last year after Renee went all Jack Bauer…

      • lorraine boccio

        Yeah, I hope Tony comes back in the movie. Once again, great show and I will miss it. Each time I thought I knew for sure what was going to happen, I was surprised by somethin different. The creativity was awesome

  • MAzz

    Gregory Itzin was simply amazing – hope his caracter is still around for the movie

    • Tony

      Yeah and Bring Tony too, i was so waiting for him to surprise us in the finale, guesse that didt happenen..

  • Garry

    For goodness sake, this was the last episode of a landmark series, so perhaps Ken Tucker could have held back on more of his silly nitpicking.

    I loved this finale, and I thought this was among the stronger “24” seasons. Others may think I’m crazy for feeling this way, but I’m very satisfied with how it all ended–especially with the final scene between Jack and Chloe. Nothing else would have felt as complete, since Chloe has become so indespensible through the years.

    Perhaps others here will list their gripes about how over-the-top much of the finale, the season, and even the entire series has been, but I’m not in the mood for that now. I’m sad to see it end, but I’m glad to have been so thoroughly (and often frustratingly) entertained for the years “24” has been on.

    I’m looking forward to the movie (but only, of course, if Chloe is in it).

    • Bauer Power

      Agreed Garry, Ken what a whiny baby. Yes 24 had its problems and this season wasn’t the best, but it still went with an emotional bang. Ken was so busy nitpicking on what was wrong, he didn’t discuss what was good last night:
      Jack and Chloe’s showdown, we got a final “Damn it Chloe” when Jack demanded she shoot him.
      Dahlia contempt of President Taylor. Thought she was going to slap her. Don’t tick off Mrs. Hassan.
      Gregory Itzin. Can’t stand Logan, but wow what a great bad guy. So weasly and sure of himself when his big ideas always blew up in his face. Boy couldn’t even kill himself right. Love how he pushed Taylor’s buttons.
      The final scene with Jack and Chloe. Loved it. I cried when he said who knew that it would be Chloe that would have his back all these years.
      Chloe’s “shut it down”.
      Good end to a great show. I’ll miss 24, but truly enjoyed the ride.

      • mykey716

        So true. For all of the shows faults, it was the stuff mentioned above that saves it! Haven’t missed a single hour of the last 8 ‘Days’ and it wasn’t always satisfactory, it was always an exciting ride. I just think the ending was a bit off; Jack, knowing he acted largely out of revenge, once aware that Pres Taylor had seen the light, should have turned himself in as well. Because, Jack would have done ‘the right thing’.

    • Woot

      I agree, I really liked this season. I even enjoyed Dana, I thought she was a great mole, just her setup was ridiculous. The first 8 episodes were a little rocky, but after that the season really took off. I think the finale was great and I couldn’t have ended it better myself. (I hope Mandy is in the movie, it would be really poetic if she was the first and last villain,)

      • Mandy fanatic

        Yes, please bring her back for the movie!

      • Bauerette

        I’ll second (or third) that!

    • MP

      I also agree. I have loved every season. I own all of the DVDs and yes, Ken, I do re-watch the seasons to experience all the cool moments 24 provided. I already miss it.

    • MP

      I forgot to add. The character, Tim, rocks! Hope he’s around for the movie.

    • lar

      totally agree! I didn’t miss a show this season, and I can’t say that was always the case in years past. The acting was excellent–by all the players. I liked the ending–I thought it was poetic. And I liked the way the clocked went backwards to 00.00 for the last shot. Looking forward to the movie–I hope it materializes!

    • CathyG

      I totally agree. I loved 24, and I sure will miss it !!!! I had to say goodbye to two Jacks this week.

    • Mari

      Seriously! I wish Ken would have focused a bit more on what was good about the finale (and Season 8, and every season of 24). What is with you people at EW? Can’t you get someone who actually LIKES the show to do a recap of it??

      I have to admit, I was a little nervous at the beginning of the season. It started out a bit slow for my liking, but when it picked up, it was great! I think they ended it in a good way to be able to continue the Jack Bauer saga in the movies. Thanks for a great ride, 24! I’ll miss ya!

      • Linni

        Completely agree! Why they had someone who seems to have hated the series write the recap is beyond me. Disappointing.

      • Bauer Power

        I think Dalton Ross needs to do all the recaps. He does a great job with Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice. Even when he’s mocking a show’s craziness, that would be you Apprentice, he still shows respect for the show and its fans. Michael S. is also good. Some of the others seem to hate their jobs. I wouldn’t mind to get paid to watch and recap tv shows. There are worst ways to earn a living.

      • Route66

        Somehow I think all of the EW staff was focused on “Lost” rather than “24.”

        I agree with some of the allegations ~ Dana’s setup was horrible ~ but as so many have pondered, why couldn’t we have a fine eulogy for a series that did what no one ever expected ~ to run for eight seasons and a televison movie and to attempt to do the seasons in “real time.”

        “24” was pure entertainment and changed how televison series were made.

        Unless someone was planning on leaving a series (M*A*S*H’s McLean Stevenson comes to mind), major charcters were never killed off mid-season. You had a year-to-year contract as a supporting character on “24.” We never knew who might die or how.

        I think, all-in-all, “24” will be remembered as one of the best suspense series of all time ~ right up there with the original of “The Fugitive.”

    • t3hdow

      I completely agree with Ken’s assessment, and don’t think it’s him nitpicking. Season 8 could’ve been worse, and it did have some great moments (episode 22 had arguably the coolest Jack moment in the series), but it definitely wasn’t the grand closer this season truly deserved. It was less a series finale than a season finale, and only existed as a lead in for the movie. And even with season 8’s good moments, it doesn’t erase the uneven feel or the never ending illogical moments.
      Unlike you guys, I appreciate Ken’s honestly, and the dwindling ratings is evidence of how many fans have gotten tired of the series, myself included. I’ll miss the good times, but Ken had every right to call out the ho-hum finale. Learn to disagree with opinions that aren’t your own instead of stereotyping them as the pathetic musings of a miserable TV critic.
      Ugh…these past two days here make me really hate being a 24 fan lately.

      • Route66

        I don’t think it’s stereotyping to consider the comments of Ken “as the pathetic musings of a meserable TV critic.” If you give him the right to consider himself the arbiter of television land, then we, the watchers of the shows and the readers of EW, as a subscriber or Internet site reader, get to critique the so-called televison critic.

      • labrat

        I actually appreciated the fact that the show stayed true to itself and didn’t try to get all grandiose and go overboard for some spectacular finale episode. It maintained the same level of action and personal interactions that it always did. And personally, I enjoyed that very much.

    • WayneJ

      I agree. I didn’t even finish his blog. That’s what I hate about critics. They come off like they could do better. To all the other ‘critics’ here; yes, the story could have been written a with thousands of different permutations. The writers chose the way the show aired; live with it, and be thankful. ’24’ provided more entertainment for more people than any other TV show in a long, long time. The closest thing to it, in my book, is the ‘X-Files’.

      • ksoze

        Agree totally, including about the ‘X-Files’.

      • t3hdow

        Name me one show or movie you don’t like for whatever reason. Let’s use Heroes post-season 1 as an example. Or even Lost (which seems to be the trend in 24 fanboy extremism these past few days). What right do any of us have to criticize it, simply because we’re not TV writers or producers? You realize how dumb that sounds? People who criticize aren’t bitter individuals that think they can do better, but passionate people who think that some plotlines don’t work or make little sense (which characterizes a lot of 24 season 8). What’s wrong with that?
        Oh right. You’re a fanboy who only wants gushing critiques and little else on your favorite show, but don’t mind ribbing another you completely hate. How’s that for biased?

      • Niix Starkyller

        When you pigeon-hole people who have a different opinion than yours with some derogatory label, any credibility of your argument is deflated.

        You might want to argue the actual points themselves instead of relying on the “you’re wrong because you suck” mentality.

      • t3hdow

        @ Niix

        If that was a reply towards me, that’s exactly the point I was trying to make. Too many people are labeling Ken as some good-for-nothing critic with nothing meaningful to say when he made some worthy points. Yet too many people are ignoring Ken’s message, because they think all series wrap ups should include only positive and glowing remarks. For ken to be honest, he has to include the good and the bad, yet most of you guys are saying he has no right to say that, which is complete and utter bull. That’s not having an open mind to other opinions. That’s blatant fanboyism. If you can’t accept the opinions of others without ridiculing the person, you lose credibility.
        My response was kind of bitter, I admit, but the same can be said for a lot of the fans in this review. And all of the Lost hate is uncalled for, because much of it is spurned out of jealousy from its coverage. How come we can’t praise the merits of both shows without making a bickering match? These responses make the 24 fanbase resemble Twihards instead of intelligent fans.

      • Bauerette

        Aww, man, I was sorry to see “X Files” end too. Loved Mulder and Scully!

    • ksoze

      Totally agree. The last show deserved more respect than that.

    • Pam E

      I agree with you. I had a date with Jack Bauer every week. I have sit on the edge of my chair, would not take a bathroom break till commercial time. I loved this show. I sure hope Chloe is in the movie also. I will miss Jack Bauer and I cried.

      • Emilia G

        I did the same thing! When my kids were all little I had to record it. Then I bought the DVDs and did marathons. This season I had a date w/ Jack every Monday. So glad they at least kept Chloe. I already miss it, knowing it wont be back.

    • lorraine boccio

      I totally with you

    • sabrina W

      i agree , i find it shocking that mr tucker couldnt find it in him to give 24 a proper send off by celebrating a landmarking show,format and character-wise,sure it wasnt always perfect, but over 8 seasons the sum of what went right should have been enough, no in-dept analysis of chloe/jack,the presidents ,the baddies! no just more bit-ching about this last season, you had all season to moan about it, gahhh jack & cie just dont deserve your lackluster review, its really too bad 24 should have had its own DOC JENSEN, now there’s a guy who loved his show, love to recap, review and analyse with passion , logic& intelligence, tucker is short and blech, meh whatever in 500 WORDS period ! sad, i recall i got into 24 after renting season 2, caught up on season 1 the week after and i’ve not missed an episode since, wow bsg, lost, 24 these were my cornerstone long running shows and they’re all gone, what next tv will never be the same!
      ps: i’m pretty sure michael madsen will be in the movie, who else is gonna be able to help jack go m.i.a. asap!

    • Beowulf

      This year really had a lot of what the good Westerns had–a lot of morality plays. Does the President listen to Logan? How should Jack bring “justice” to Renee’s killing? Even Dana–is she true to Cole or her “mission”? And on, and on. Lots of examples that could be used in any discussion on ethics and make you think about actions and consequences. Well done.

  • Hollywoodaholic

    Would Logan really shoot himself? He was terrified of being sniped. He’s worried about his ‘legacy,’ but dead or alive won’t change that. He’s a basic coward. He wouldn’t do it. Then, they cop out and he’s “not quite dead yet.”

    24 went out appropriately, and was enjoyable. But ‘its’ legacy is torture works (which is total BS), and that peace with untrustworthy people isn’t worth it (which is also BS, since history is full of such fragile but ultimately useful agreements).

    Plus, as others noted, there’s no closure with a movie coming. But we watched and still gotta hand it to Jack for changing television.

    • PatrickKelley

      Logan almost committed suicide in Season Five, but Graeme called with “good news” at the last minute.

    • Sgsaur

      Suicide IS the coward’s way out.

      • Bauer Power

        I loved the fact that he couldn’t even get the suicide right. Logan’s plans always backfired. Taylor let him pull her in deeper and deeper because even his original plan failed, he had another fail safe plan in the works. Umm no you didn’t.

      • Don

        You speak the truth!

    • Mike

      “But ‘its’ legacy is torture works (which is total BS)”?? I can think of several examples in which Jack found out that torture does not work. Was Jack able to get the Russian sniper to give up his boss through pliers and flames? Oh, never mind. He did get him to spill his guts in the end…

      • Matt Kroeger

        or was that scene intentionally included to show that torture DOESNT always work?

    • matt

      Torture does work…that why even the US reluctantly does it .

  • chattypatra

    I liked it. Did I want Jack to have his happy ending? Sure, but I knew there was no way that would happen. I am glad that Jack didn’t kill the Russian president. Loved the video he made. Loved how Chloe evolved throughout the series and was glad to see her vindicated. Surely Keifer will get the SAG award or the Emmy for this last season because, how can he not? You are right, Ken, in stating that he is a gifted actor. In lesser hands, Jack Bauer could have been laughably ridiculous, but Keifer made us believe that Jack was a hero for our times. Which is amazing, when you think of all the terrible things he did.
    Cherry Jones was masterful in her scene confronting Hassan’s wife; when Pres. Taylor threatened her with nuclear war, I was stunned.
    All in all, a fitting end to the series, and a save for a season that had a horrible beginning with that stupid Dana Walsh’s old boyfriend plot. I will miss Jack.

    • Bauers in a Day

      Thanks, chattypatra, for mentioning Taylor’s threat against the IRK because I also thought that was a truly chilling, Shakespearean scene. Cherry Jones’ face became this mask of evil. It was jaw-dropping.

      • Bauerette

        That got me too. Her face changed and I was scared for Dalia Hassan.

      • matt

        If you watch carefully her face was actually quivering at the end!

  • tommyboyardee

    After the disappointing Lost ending, at least Jack went out the way he got in! The ear biting Tyson act was totally Jack…..Copy That!

  • abc

    Near the end, it would have been nice to have a two-minute montage of characters from seasons past and what they were doing at that moment: Tony, Wayne Palmer, even Kim.

    • trashytvlover


      • cusegirl

        Kat Dittoo could not have said it better. Ken T. I usually agree with you but not this time. This was a great series…and Jack Bauer was an amazing complex character played amazingly well by Keifer Sutherland. The ending had me in tears. That was a touching ending between 2 friends and that last scene and than 00.00 got me big time..

    • Niix Starkyller

      Agreed. Woulda been nice but I do believe the ep was shot before the cancellation.

      • rb

        The show was not cancelled. This was a planned decision known early in the season.

    • Bauers in a Day

      Montages don’t happen in real time.

  • Kat

    It was a wonderful finale. Brought tears to my eyes. Jack looking into the camera and thanking Chloe (as he bloody well should!) She is the Sancho Panza to his Don Quixote as he tilts at bad guys. I’ve always loved that she protected him no matter what. Believes him no matter what. A beautiful friendship. And I’m thrilled President Taylor got her moral compass back – could not understand how this good President could be swayed by that weasel Logan, but it made for a great series. The ending sets up the movie, I think. With the Russians after Jack. Of course, the tape vindicating him will be lost or stolen or something, but in the end, our Jack will be exonerated as the hero he is. I will miss this marvelous series so much. It has been amazing. Am relieved there will be movies. Bravo. Bravo. Bravo.

    • Garry

      I agree with you 100% about Chloe. We should all have a loyal friend like her.

    • ksoze

      If the evidence isn’t on the same tape as the goodbye to Kim, where do you think it is? I vote for in his abdomen, secured by Pillar’s sutures.

    • Bauers in a Day

      I’m sorry but I think your reference is completely off-base. Don Quixote tilting at windmills is a reference about someone being INEFFECTUAL. That’s hardly the correct way to describe Jack Bauer. He produced results against impossible odds. Like Buffy Summers, he “saved the world a lot.”

    • Bauers in a Day

      By the way, “a beautiful friendship,” referring to the closing line in “Casablanca” from Rick to Louis, is a much better metaphor for Jack and Chloe, in my opinion.

  • thelimey

    Ummm…. so how was this season’s ending any different to the end of Season 4 where Jack tells President Palmer “it’s been an honor, sir” and walks off into the sunset to disappear with a new identity… only to come back out of hiding to avenge Palmer’s death at the start of (the best) season 5.

    • Garry

      There’s really no need to begin your post with “Ummm…”, is there?

      • Niix Starkyller

        Um, why not? We’re not writing a technical document or stodgy press release. We’re in a casual conversation, a dialogue amongst [southern twang]regular folk[/southern twang].

  • jj

    ken is a douche!

  • MB

    Any series that gives me Gregory Itzin and Cherry Jones in supporting roles is okay. Itzin and Jones for Best Guest Actor and Actress in a dramatic series.

    • Bauer Power

      Don’t know about Jones. She was under utilized most of the season, although her come to Jesus moment at the end may garner an emmy nom. Loved how she was shaking when talking to her aide. Itzin, most certainly. His Logan was such a weasel, but compelling at the same time. Almost Shakespearan. What a character – someone you truly loved to hate.

      • Alaric

        Agreed. Last season, Jones was given more hour to hour conflict, having to make difficult decisions at every turn. We didn’t see that much this season, but was rewarded with a great couple of scenes with her getting her moral center back.

        And as is true in any hero-driven drama, any threat isn’t as palpable if the “villain” isn’t played straight without caricature, as Itzin winningly did agin this season. I liken Russel on Survivor to him; they are both people you know you shouldn’t trust but wind up working with as better—if not well thought out—option than working against…..

      • Niix Starkyller

        ‘sides, Dalia Hassan vs The POTUS was a fine, fine scene. And it takes two to tango like that. I don’t know if there’s an awards show with a TV version of the MTVMA’s Best Fight but I hope that scene gets some acknowledgment.

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