Betty White talks 'Saturday Night Live,' her sketches with Jay-Z, her fears, her hopes

Betty White, in case you haven’t heard, is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight. She joked in promo ads about her nervousness, she says, “I’m thrilled to be doing Saturday Night Live, she lied.”

Go here for a complete recap of last night’s show. Thanks.

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  • keno

    Should be good!… I hope the regular women still get in some sketches.

    • A.J. Simon

      I hope so, but this hype built around her is so artificial. The kind of humor she has going for is the same schtick – an old lady says or does something not age appropriate aka “the hip grandma”. I thought that idea wore out its welcome with Family Matters. This just shows the stupid mob mentality of the internet. Why not hype another supporting bit actor or actress? How about Katherine Helmond aka Mona from Whos the Boss? Or David Leisure from Empty Nest and the Isuzu commercials.

      • willpen

        The woman is an American TV legend. She was on television when most you probably weren’t even born. Not only does she deserve the kudos, but she deserves the respect for being the comedic pioneer that she is.

      • troia

        how about you just STFU and move on to another page ya moranic troll

      • LOL

        Like A.J. I have been wondering why the Betty White craze is so strong. Sure, Betty’s cool, but why her as opposed to anyone else?

      • Stacie

        I can’t wait to watch it. I think it will be hilarious. You go Betty White!!

      • jessiesk

        Because she is incredibly funny and sharp and obviously you all don’t have either one of those personality traits

      • my opinion only

        Who knows why anyone catches on at any time? There’s always a bit of serendipity involved. She has made some good cameos in multiple projects over the last few years. Stop over-thinking it.

      • Niix Starkyller

        I think I’ll go to a website for a magazine which is built on hype and complain about hype.

      • Bob

        HA! the whole Betty White thing is a joke. I agree with your suggestion – lets start a campaign for Mona from Whos the Boss just for the hell of it.

      • me

        Because unlike the so-called reality “stars” of today who are famous for being famous, Ms. White actually has some talent, AND SHE’S EIGHTY-FRICKIN’-EIGHT YEARS OLD.

      • No Name

        It’s not as random as you think it is. What else has Mona done, off the top of your head? Honestly, don’t research it. What else has Mona done? I’m in my early twenties and I’ve loved Betty since I was a kid. I didn’t jump on a Facebook bandwagon because of a Snickers commercial or her dirty mouth. That lady is hilarious.

      • Sabibi

        She was asked 3 times in the past and declined. She is doing this because of so many fans asking her out of respect for her comic abilities. You may only know her for her “grandma schtick” but she is much more than that. We have few icons from her era left, I prefer Betty White to any of the Twilight twits.

      • Barney

        Don’t go away mad, just……..
        Betty is a funny girl and deserves all the praise and attention….why don’t you try to make someone laugh.

      • Snsetblaze

        Not that I’m advocating a grassroots project to get Katherine Helmond to host (or am gainst it) but off the top of my head before Who’s the Boss, she was in Soap. She was also in Overboard. That’s all I remember.

      • D

        Your ignorance is appalling. Try catching the Mary Tyler Moore show sometime. She was hilarious way before she was a grandma-type.

      • mary q contrary

        Uh, I think Betty White is pretty effing hilarious whether she’s doing something scripted, or just being herself. The woman possesses an amazingly quick wit, and her timing is genius. You’re a moron, and just plain wrong.

      • tom

        She was singled-out for the internet push probably because of the popular (snickers?) commercial she was in during the Super Bowl

      • Amber

        To the “haters”…Why not Betty White? She is a great comedic actress who is much beloved, and not only for her talent but her advocacy for animals. Yes there are many people who should be honored, this just happened to be Betty’s time. I bet if it was someone else you would have complained about that too….WHY THIS PERSON AND NOT THAT PERSON..To many complainers in this world. Just be happy for her, she deserves the Kudos and you can’t deny it. If you want someone else, start your own “petition” and quit complaining about Betty and all the people who wanted her on SNL. Let her enjoy the moment that her fans gave her, she’s earned it…lOVE YOU BETTY, YOU ROCK!

    • steph

      Betty rocked got everybody together and rocked been waiting for someone to rock for years but have to say certain characters cracks me up the girlsthat quit tina and the blonde girl i do not remember her name ,new born baby , good movie etc, it was great to see them on the news tonight again!Betty rocks esp at her age very intellegient and wonderfuk hope she will host again love ya betty!!!!! happy moms day everyone!!

  • JC

    If she does bad u guys are gonna be like “Stupid Writers”

  • Liz

    “I’m Betty fricking White, and this is Jay-Z!”
    “I’m the bodyguard.”

    • pop

      that made me want there to be a bodyguard sketch based off the movie.

      • No Name

        Haha! That’d be AWESOME.

  • J.

    She shouldn’t be so nervous. America loves Betty White almost as much as Tina Fey.

    • D

      Don’t fool yourself into thinking Tina Fey is more nationally loved than Betty White

      • Gnipgnop

        Tiny Fey more loved than Betty White…oh God, please just end it all now. Fey plays herself in every skit or show I’ve ever seen her in, except for the Palin skits which are overrated and overplayed. She’s an OK writer, but honestly, your comparison is laughable and short sighed.

      • Gnipgnop

        Whoops, sorry I misread your post. ;)

    • sally

      I’m sure too they brought in the other ladies because, lets not forget, Betty is 88 years old. She might not feel up to doing as much as a normal host might.

      • Maggie

        She was feeling up to it. Betty did more in tonight’s SNL than most guest hosts.

      • D’s Advocate

        I’d say it was more that *they* wanted the opportunity to perform with Betty White.

    • Mom Ackass

      If there’s a God, he’ll make SNL do a well-written Golden Girl’s sketch.

  • Mick

    Betty’s Snicker Commercial sucked.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Wow, you are so cool and cutting edge. You don’t play by the rules. Such an individual. Can I be like you?

      • A.J. Simon

        The commercial didn’t suck but its not one of the all time great/hilarious commericals of all time that some idiots make it out to be.

    • DJ

      not as much as you do

      • wakeforce

        That’s not what your girlfriend said!

  • D

    Simply love this legend. Break a leg, Betty!

  • Doug

    Wow, so much hype for this, it’s getting ridiculous. This is probably going to suck so I hope you guys aren’t too disappointed. I love Betty White, but the SNL writing staff is terrible, don’t expect greatness.

    • delia

      I’m hoping Tina Fey got involved in the writing of the sketches this week. And that all the writers rise to the occasion.

    • Angel2480

      The show has really been sub-par for a while but what I hope is that the writers all know what kind of backlash they are going to face if they blow it tonight. I think this one show could make or break SNL period.

    • Lyn

      I actually was getting a little excited about tonight’s show till Doug (sensibly) brought me down to earth. Betty’s appearance will be super, IF they also got scripts from the folks who wrote for “Mary Tyler Moore” and “Golden Girls.”

      • D

        I liked a bunch of the bits on the Tina Fey appearance a few weeks ago.

  • Johnification

    Loved that clip! So charming, classy, and funny!

  • Tom

    Can’t wait for Betty but I hate, hate,hate,hate, hate, hate, hate, hate Jay Z. When he’s on I’ll take a pee break instead of listening to his sh!t.

    • wakeforce

      Would you prefer Eminem?

      • cooooki

        No, probably Vanilla Ice.

    • No Name

      Seriously, there are way worse performers to pair her with. Although, a Betty White/Justin Bieber sketch has hilarious potential. Too bad.

      • Chayma

        Islam is actually about peace and frraetnity . Are you kidding me? Yes maybe for some people it is but like Christians they pick and choose in their scriptures. The Koran says, Believers, make war on the infidels who dwell around you. Deal firmly with them. (Surah 9:121-)Peace and frraetnity my ass.

  • A fan of Betty

    I hope Betty will do well tonight on SNL.

  • Sean S.

    In my opinion, Betty White is a comedy legend with some of the best delivery and timing I’ve ever seen. Bottom line for me is that I’m thrilled to see Betty stay in “the game” and happy she is continually asked to work. I look forward to tonight and for White’s sake, I hope SNL doesn’t sell the opportunity of finally having her there short.

    • tom

      agreed..she did her best work in Lake Placid…ha ha..just think, when that came out in the late 90’s, she was in her 70’s

  • Brock

    i’m with sean s on this one. what we love about betty isn’t that she’s old and funny, but that she’s ALWAYS been funny. anyone who’s seen her old material (or her new material for that matter) can attest to her comic styling and sensibilities. if you’re not rooting for betty white on this one (and i’m sure she’ll do an amazing job), then you’re just being mean.

    • ellie

      well said…

  • Hawley

    Betty’s a sweetheart with a sharp wit. She represents what we all hope to be when we reach our 80’s. Still working, still smiling, still living life. Happy to say my mom’s just like her, and also 86 years old. You can’t help but admire Betty and all she represents. She can totally suck tonight on SNL – won’t change anyone’s mind about her.

  • wakeforce

    If she does suck, it wouldn’t be her fault, bottom line.

  • Cheri

    Honestly, who is Jay-Z? I haven’t had tv cable or local channels in my home in over 4 years. I’ve never heard of the person before. Betty White though, I loved her on password, the 25,000 pyramid and Golden Girls. Her and Rue McClanahan are the only Golden Girls left now. I hope she does a tremendous job at hosting SNL.

    • alex

      u dont know jay-z ??

      • cooooki

        ……..yeah right Cheri…..

    • anonymous

      Beyonce’s boyfriend. (/partly tongue-in-cheek)

      • Connor

        He’s actually been around for about 10 years, and in that 10 years, he’s become one of the world’s biggest entrepreneurs, made a LOT of money off of his albums, and married another extremely successful person who you probably know as Beyonce.

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