'Saturday Night Live' tonight: The topics host Gabourey Sidibe and the 'SNL' cast will tackle this week

Last night, Gabourey Sidibe hosted Saturday Night Live, with musical guest MGMT. Anyone who’s seen Sidibe on a talk show promoting Precious already knows that she’s a funny charmer.

For my full recap, please go here.

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  • oh yeah

    She is hot!

    • Joe

      I’m glad to see you favor the big women :P Well I’m surprised… Last week there was at least 1 topic stuck on homepage from Thursday -> Sunday about ryan phillipe, this week one small post about gabourney that popped up only after the show aired, and will probably be gone tomorrow morning from the homepage. I hope America stops BS’ing themselves and realizes Gabourney won’t have a strong future in acting. She got a lucky role in one move which was about a massive fat girl, no room for her in hollywood anymore…

  • Adam

    I would love to see her do something completely against type (similar to the Natalie Portman Rap Digital Short). She seems like a wonderful, friendly young woman and a skit of Digital Short in which she was completely the opposite would be great. Maybe a skit about her being a diva on the set of Precious or something.

    • Adam

      …skit or Digital Short…

      Didn’t want to get jumped by a grammar Nazi.

      • Khristina

        LOL I know, RIGHT?!

  • Terry

    My biggest prediction? If she is terrible on the show, EW will go out of its way to avoid that and criticize everything but her.

    • Mac

      If Kristin Wiig is featured at all, she will be ridiculed by Ken Tucker. I hope Sidibe impresses, but it’s hard to say because her career is so new. Enthusiasm can carry guests far – too much reservation will sink you. I’d also like to say that this season is far from the worst AND far from the best ever. Any long time viewers know that the show is all over the place and that even the best episodes have a couple of dud sketches. The show is live comedy and difficult to pull off, so I appreciate it when everything comes together. The best seasons for me were the late ’80’s and early 90’s with Hartman, Hooks, Carvey, Miller, Meyers, etc.

      • Amy

        I think she’s going to do a good job. Seth Meyers & Mike Drucker (SNL writer) have been gushing about how great she’s been. Apparently her table read was the best of the year. So my expectations are high.

      • Mary Jones

        I know! If Kristen Wiig even breathes on camera, Ken Tucker shrieks. If Fred Armisen stares into the lens for the entire episode, however, it’s another comedic triumph.

      • Sarah D

        Mary you are totally right! I don’t get why Fred Armisen is funny. I’ve never liked him. He had that weekend update routine where he shouted “I’m just kidding!” It. Was. Not. Funny. I hope Gabourey does well :)

      • bringbackrocky

        I think Ken Tucker is right on the money when it comes to Kristen Wiig. Overexposed and not as funny as she or Lorne Michaels thinks.

      • erika

        there’s too much kristen wiig. i have to agree with ken.

    • Hiro

      Exactly, Terry.

    • Zach

      Gabby is super-talented and funny. I can already see she is equally adept at playing the innocent and the in-your-face. Looking forward to tonight.

      • Jane

        Could do a Glee spoof…Gabourey could play Mercedes.

      • james

        That would be really novel, Gabourey playing a fat Black chick…great suggestion!

  • Carla

    seems to me the Lane Bryant ad controversy is ripe for spoofing…

  • n

    I’m honestly just looking forward to MGMT.

    • sam

      Agreed!! Their new album is fab, and Andrew VanWyngarden is highly sexy.

  • Liz

    She was so funny when she popped on the Soup. These commercials with Andy are actually pretty funny. Good luck!

  • darclyte

    They’ll probably make a Howard Stern joke but what Howard was talking about is essentially true. How many major Hollywood movies have been made in the past 80 years that starred a very heavy woman, let alone one of color? Heck, most times a movie calls for a heavy woman it’s played for laughs, and is usually played by someone in a fat suit (Gwyneth Paltrow in Shallow Hal,) and has mostly been played by men (Eddie Murphy is several movies, Martin Lawrence in the Big Momma’s House movies, and Tyler Perry’s movies.) She may be getting some roles right now because she’s “hot,” but I doubt that they’ll last. Heck, she was defended by Kirstie Alley who has made a tv series and now a reality tv series showing how difficult it is to find work in Hollywood for an overweight actress which only confirms most of what Stern and his sidekick Robin (a black woman who recently lost over 70 pounds) were saying.

    • darclyte

      Additionally, all these people “supporting” her by saying things like, “she’s beautiful, leave her alone” are misguided. While “Hollywood’s” body image of women is often waaaay too small, being more than 100 pounds over weight is waaaaay too big. I love curvy women, but for the most part women over a size 16 seriously need to lose weight. It’s bad for their feet, back, blood pressure, and heart. I myself lost over 75 pounds a few years ago, and lowered my cholesterol more than 80 points. Even if Gabby doesn’t have any other health issues (which I doubt,) her cholesterol HAS to be dangerously high as anyone with any knowledge of blood cholesterol can tell you that the more fat and weight that you carry the higher your cholesterol numbers as your body isn’t processing the cholesterol correctly. At her size, it is likely that she also has high blood pressure; body temperature issues where she has inexplicable cold or hot flashes; has feet, leg, and back trouble; poor circulation; and even breathing difficulties especially at night while sleeping. And if she doesn’t now, unless she gets the weight off, she will. There is a reason why the term for someone more than 100 pounds overweight is called “morbidly obese.”

      • Zach

        So what? Should we not encourage people with talent? Should we make a point of keeping work from talented actors who are either too fat OR too thin? NO…as long as the role doesn’t require a certain weight. Most of the people defending Gabby don’t really think she looks great, but we would like to focus to remain with her performances and her personality.

      • Dez

        Once again proving there’s nothing so judgmental as a former smoker, drinker or someone who “used to be fat.”
        Congratulations on losing 75 lbs. Statistics predict you have a better than not chance of gaining it back and more.
        Please don’t make generalizations about a stranger. Ms. Sibide’s health is between her and her doctor.

      • Jenn

        I agree that her health is her own business, but I watch movies to escape not to watch someone who’s health is so obviously bad that she is actually actively dying. For me it’s a bummer, and an overshadowing one at that.
        But that’s just me.

      • Zach

        Oh, please, like she’s the first obese actor ever?

      • forkuu

        exactly what white little world do you live in?
        the only only who is in error is you. if she is healthy (and that term has been challenged ) who are you to judge .? she is part of a long history of beautiful large black ladies . this is something that you clearly cant wrap your close mind around .
        stop dictating how women should look why dont you pick on those enormous football players ? get real you sound so tired.

      • Joe

        “she is part of a long history of beautiful large black ladies.”… sorry but fat black women are about the most unnattractive type of females in the world, why doesn’t anyone realize that? The only men who might find that attractive are the ones with the weird fetishes… How many beautiful women under 140 lbs can you name? Uhm my list is probably around 50,000. Geez. As for the “long history”, I can name 3 famous black women though they sure aren’t beautiful, Oprah, Queen Latifa, Star Jones. All 3 of which aren’t solely actresses.

      • darclyte

        I certainly hope that her talent will take her far, but Hollywood history is NOT on her side. Additionally, someone that large really needs to lose weight for their own health. As a side bonus, it could help her career. I’m not judging Gabourey, and I wish her the best, but my point is that Hollywood has NOT been kind to obese people. They’re usually relegated to somewhat demeaning roles in comedies. And again, how many lead roles in 80 years of Hollywood History have been played by obese women? For her health and her career she should lose weight. I don’t mean get to a size 2, but a size 14 would be fine.

    • xenonlit

      Uhhhh…Kathy Bates. Stout woman. Mo’nique. Big woman. Oscars. They’ve arrived.

  • Whammy!

    I can’t stand to look at her. Morbidly obese women make me violently ill.

    • jimmy

      Ditto! That’s why I stopped watching Oprah years ago. And don’t even get me started on Kirstie Alley.

      • kelsey

        jimmy, stop being such a charmer. Really, you must be SUCH a catch.

    • Anon

      Her arms are disgusting. I think the skinniness in Hollwood is crazy, and support all the natural beauty stuff, but this chick is unhealthy and hard to look at.

      • Amy Lou

        Shallow people like you guys should disappear off the face of the earth. And don’t pretend that you’re concerned for her health, you guys aren’t too concerned to not watch anorexic actresses and models on TV, magazines and film.

      • Jenn

        The anorexic’s make me sad too. I feel like I’m participating in the disease by watching and supporting.

    • Amy Lou

      And Whammy, you say morbidly obese women make you violently ill, but apparently you have no problem with morbidly obese men? Sexist.

      • Yes

        Thank you Amy Lou. Exactly right on both counts.

      • No fatties

        Amy sounds like a porker.

      • Louise

        No Fatties sounds like a douchecanoe.

    • Cassia

      Really? Because shallow douchenozzles make ME violently ill.

    • forkuu

      than leave planet earth stupid

      • Hiss

        I find it worrisome you are not seeing the frighteningly thin and unhealthy looking women with no muscle tone on their limbs and only by the grace of hollywood makeup and padding are hiding eating disorders which drove Glida Radner and Karen Carpenter to their deaths.

  • Cris

    I gotta say, those promos give me hope. She seems rather funny. The big question is whether or not the writers can give her and the cast something to work with for the entire show rather than just a 20-second promo.

  • David D

    Here’s what I hope: I think, with the exception of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, no host this season is going to want to do as well as Gabby. She has a lot to prove, and a lot to gain. I hope that the writers stretch themselves and write for a performer unlike anyone they’ve had for awhile. Here’s what I fear: Kenan Thompson as Mo’Nique. Gabby in yet another “Scared Straight” sketch, making more anal rape jokes. I want to see her having lots of fun, and that should be contagious. And the lazier the writers are, the worse she’ll come off. We’ll see.

    • David D

      I’m very pleasantly surprised that none of my predictions came true. And it was a pretty good show, too. “CHERRY BATTLE!!!”

  • couchgrouch

    sketch: Precious and the Frog.

  • Will

    My prediction is similar to my prediction for the Betty White episode: a lot of pre-filmed stuff, and a lot of talk/game show format stuff (i.e. sitting down skits).

  • Will

    Also: Gabourey as Sherri Shepherd in a View skit, since there will finally be a second black person on the show

  • steve

    Some people find women like Gabby very attractive and really skinny women like Calista Flockhart “gross and hard to look at”. People like me :)

    Looking forward to the show tonight ;)

    • Chenoa

      Right on, man! Thanks for putting out a positive and truly awesome opinion. As someone who is attracted to a large range of women in terms of physical appearance, I can honestly say that I find Gabby to be beautiful and vibrant. :)

  • Dan

    um.. does everyone else not care that she’s a heart attack waiting to happen? hellooooo people. she’s as poor a role model as you can get.

    • erin

      So are anorexic people or coke-addicts like Lindsay Lohan, but no one constantly bitches and moans about their “health.” Get over yourself.

    • Amy Lou

      Obscenely thin women are walking corpses as well, and Hollywood rewards them for it, so what’s your point?

      • No fatties

        Do you sweat gravy?

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