Kate Gosselin to Jimmy Kimmel: 'I wish they would just learn how boring I am'

Kate Gosselin’s Dancing With the Stars exit interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night was pure Kate all the way: Defiant but defensive, honest but without humility, funny but guarded. Asked by Kimmel which of the judges she wanted “to punch the most,” she said, “I get it, okay? They’re judges, it’s TV… I signed copies of my new book to each of them.”

Her partner Tony Dovolani said, “maybe I’m delusional,” but he really thought they could win.

Kimmel held up copies of magazines that featured Tony and Kate on their covers. One touted a cover line about the “train wreck” of Kate’s DWTS experience. Kate rolled her eyes and said, “I wish they would just learn how boring I am.”

Kimmel asked Kate if she would consider being on “another ABC reality show, The Bachelorette.” Kate said no, “I’m married to my kids and my career.”

And so it ends, with a kind of stubborn integrity on Kate’s part. By now she must know how to play to a camera for maximum sympathy (her weekly plea for DWTS votes proved it), but she simply refuses to do so most of the time, rejecting any display of emotion she doesn’t consider “real.”

She’s truly a creature of reality TV, with her own sense of what she will and won’t reveal of herself.

What was your final impression of Kate last night, on DWTS and on Kimmel?

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  • carole

    I think Kate gosselin should stop crying to get the pity of the people.
    She was the worst dancer I ever saw her problem is she never likes to be told what to do. Ge over it and start acting like an adult. John was right when he left her he’s better off. She has a horrible attitude she was on the show to long.

    • Helen

      We’ve figured out she’s boring. Now if only the media would stop courting her.

      • CK

        and if only people would stop commenting when they don’t like her
        so the media would think that they are interested and she is interesting.

      • stop

        And if only people would stop commenting on people commenting on how ..you get the point.

      • Muffy

        Can someone please give her a plane ticket to Snake Island!

      • Former Ken Tucker fan

        Tucker is a strange little man for continuing to report on Kate.
        I always considered EW a BIG step up from the gossip mags. Maybe I should reconsider.

      • Luna12

        @Former Ken Tucker fan I totally agree. I click in here every day and its always about Kate. Ken, a LOT of us never ever watched her original show. Can we please please stop hearing about her EVERY appearance from you? Broaden your TV persepctive, man.

    • bet

      I could not have said it any better than you did.

      • renee

        y’all funny.
        i’m glad she’s gone and glad i didn’t watch kimmell that night. will not be watching her show.

      • Khristina

        Good for you. Don’t watch then…Go play in heavy traffic.

      • Feebut

        Why does everyone hate Kate Gosselin???? Yeah, she was bad to Jon and he chaeted on her!!!!!! So don’t hate her because she is a person. I bet everyone who has posted here has said something they don’t mean!!! Stop hating her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Darlene

      Whats all the hate about Kate.
      If you don’t like her, don’t watch her. As far as dancing with the stars, not everyone can dance as great as the professionals, but I give her credit for giving it a try.

      • Traci

        I agree with you! I think she is mildly entertaining. Not worth bashing and if I had 8 kids and was going through a divorce I would hope people would be supportive of me!

      • amanda

        Ya’ll just jealous of kate if u don’t like her don’t read the articles cause u know ya love her to!!

    • sheldog

      You can learn to spell. Jon has NO RIGHT to cheat on his wife and ruin his family. I would be crabby too if my husband was as lazy and immature as Jon.

      • kross

        um, they are not married anymore and she is still crabby! She gets $20,000 from that “lazy and immature” person!

      • jonis right

        Jon had twins at 23 and the six at 27-he never had a chance to be a young man. Too bad he didn’t leave Kate before the babies were born. You didn’t watch the show? Saw it twice–she was awful to Jon-he deserves a woman who treats him right and a good life

      • Khristina


        Oh you’re SO right sbout Jon not being a “lazy and immature” person. Those words are too kind for that douchebag…the so called “father” of those kids is ordered to pay $21,000 a month- and guess what- He is currently NOT paying child support…go ahead, try to guess the reason for that as well. No answer for that? Nothing? Ok then- I will enlighten you…

        Wait for it…

        Wait for it…


        Because he doesn’t have a JOB. He’s WAY too busy whoring himself to any skank with a pulse, traipsing all over instead of taking care of his children.

    • cheri

      she knew she could not dance…but she got out there and gave it her all for her kids…where is John’s whore’n but? He was out when she was at home with the kids…and now she is working and he could have been with the kids while she was working…but he wasn’t…

      • Arlene

        Cheri…Kate has primary custody. She is the one who has the say as to who watches the kids when she is away. She has said “No” to Jon other than his scheduled visitation. She prefers her nannies and babysitters. So please don’t fault him for things beyond his control. Go ahead and fault him for his boorish, obnoxious, infantile behavior. By the same token, Kate cannot interfere during Jon’s custody time.

      • Eric

        Lol @ “for her kids”. She’s doing 90% of this sh*t for self-promotion, and 10% to be able to afford to raise her not-on-tv-anymore kids. If she wasn’t in love with seeing herself in the public eye, if she truly wanted to spend as much time as humanly possible with her beloved kids, why go on DWTS and late night talk shows all the way across the country? Why not go back to working as a nurse a mile or two from her home?

      • Wyndi

        as a nurse there is not way she could support 8 kids on her nursing income, pay for daycare to watch them while she worked without being on STATE assistance so lets give her credit for not riding the welfare train that so many others are! If you look at the first “8” show you will see they did the one to satisfy everyones questions about the babies but then was offered to shot a small amount of shows. During this time Jon was working but then QUIT work. I found it amusing that he could be standing in the middle of room that needed picked up and needed directions, I would have been yelling at him too!!

      • vikki

        Kate got out there for herself, not her kids. When you get down to the nitty gritty of it, she is pretty boring. Pretty, but boring. If she really loved her kids she would stay home with them not be shopping in NYC. Oh and what exactly does she need a bodyguard for. Didn’t see her being accosted by “fans”. LOL. Me thinks he gets his paycheck in lets say “unconventional ways.”

      • Kate G is a person.


    • Rosemary


    • Khristina

      Oh carole…simple minded fool carole.

      If you’re going to post a comment, the LEAST you could do is make sure your poorly constructed gibberish into something a bit more coherent.

      Secondly, you have NO clue as to what the hell you’re talkng about. Tony and Kate were on Good Morning America yesterday morning. Even Tony claimed that they had way more good times than frustrating times with each other but they didn’t show that footage. He said he understood that because the footage they showed made for “great tv” to lure viewers. So, your comment just makes you look stupid and ignorant. *kudos*

      • Khristina

        you could do is make sure your poorly constructed gibberish is something a bit more coherent for other people. My bad *typo*

      • Arlene

        Khristina…perhaps you should check *your* facts. Public record. Jon is under contract with TLC and *does* receive compensation under that contract (as does Kate). Of that, $21,000 monthly is placed in trust for the child support. You have heard of garnish – no? Jon is prohibited by contract in accepting any employment in the entertainment field without TCL’s approval for as long as he is under contract. I.T. employment is OK. But, ask anyone in that field, jobs are hard to come by. Many, many have been outsourced overseas. Love Kate if you choose. Bash Jon’s behavior if you must, but don’t call out another on their facts when yours are lacking. Kate skirts the issue of Jon’s employment, but has never said he is not paying child support. When he drained an account and, you know, left her with a purse full of bills, she was all over the media telling everybody. She’d be doing the same if he was shirking the child support requirement. He put that money back, and oh, she took money out of that account as well that she was ordered to put back. But it was OK for her to say “I didn’t know”. IMHO they both are a piece of work.

      • Tuesday

        Kate, oops I mean ‘Kristina’, calm down.

      • Khristina

        LMAO…you’re good at making me laugh. Thanks- Almost as entertaining as a trained little monkey. ;-)

    • ashlee

      Carole, you’re correct. Kate is the worst dancer ever on DWTH. She should have been sacked the 2nd week on the show. But she sure knows how to play to the camera. Poor Tony.

    • Dawn

      Helen-you, as it seems with most women-seem to have a lot of jelousy for beautiful strong women. Kate definitely is not a good dancer-just as SOME people should work on their spelling & grammer skills!

      • georgettematychak

        Dawn you spelled grammar wrong!

  • Fall/Don’t Fall, Still Don’t Care

    Cute idea, but did you know that people who actually think they are boring DON’T go on Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel? They also aren’t contestants on DWTS. Look, woman, just go ahead and publicly embrace your narcissism. We know already.
    In continuing apathy,
    A member of the viewing public

    • i’m a lady

      perfectly put

    • Sam

      Also, if people thought you were boring, then you wouldn’t be on the magazines, and therefore you wouldn’t be on these TV shows, and you wouldn’t have a ‘career.’ Get over yourself.

    • Faith

      You people are horrible. First of all, all the guest that get kicked off go on Kimmel. She is not a horrible mother because she wrote a book or is on dancing with the stars. You people are so jealous of her FAME. What is wrong with a mother that works? Your kids are in school all day anyway. Oh, I guess she should sit home and draw unemployement and watch soaps like these “stay at home moms” these days. I respect her for going on there, even though she couldnt dance. I didnt like her until now. Thanks for opening my eyes..

      • Mona

        Couldnt have said it better myself.

      • Silv

        Just what was her career before the cable reality show? Did she have one before the kids? Or was it always her dream to be on tv? Because now all those children need to be cared for by THEIR MOTHER so is she returning to their home to take care of them? Is she working full time to pay the nanny(ies)? Because with that many little ones it’s not like she’d be able to work part-time (and if she is, someone tell me what PT job pays that well!).

      • stop

        How many REAL celebrities with talent who have said I want to be left alone have you personal bashed over the years for saying it. Don’t even lie. So get over it. She wanted to be famous without having any talent and now like all famous people she gets attention some negaitive some positive. You may like being part of a cult and adoring someone you don’t know but the rest of us don’t have to. I neither hate or love the woman she isn’t that important or talented to care however she is a liar she asked for the attention and should say that then no one would have an reason to bash her. The same thing goes for most famous, semi famous, and wantabe famous people out there male and female mothers and non mothers who play these games

      • ps in seattle

        Faith, you are clearly a Kate fan, and that’s fine. But my problem with the woman is her attitude and the way she treats other people. She constantly speaks to others in a horribly demeaning way. She was SO disrepectful to Tony–she put forth virtually no effort, questioned and challenged him constantly, and whined about nearly everything he choreographed. She may have said DWTS was amazing and that she loved it, but you’d never know it from her body language, facial expression, lack of effort and crappy attitude. She needs to learn about teamwork, compromise and selflessness. She comes across as horribly selfish, self-centered, narcissistic, spiteful, manipulative, destructive, calculating and fake. Maybe one reason she doesn’t work in a traditional job is that she simply can’t/won’t try to get along with people. Gawd, I’d hate to have someone like her as a coworker! So Faith, does that help explain some of the Kate hate?

      • Pat Lyons

        Your right, she’s not a horrible mother because she wrote a book. She’s a horrible mother because she keeps claiming she doesn’t want her children to be exploited, yet she keeps using them for her own personal fame. I.e. the new shows shes trying to come out with. If she truely cared about anyone else but herself, she would take the millions she already made, and fade in to obscurity to live with her children.

      • Big D

        You’re an idiot. Her problems go way beyond her ability to be a working mother. What is her profession any way? A reality personality, thta will fade in time and soon I hope. An author, can’t believe she could write or have some one write for her any thing worth reading in the first place. Lastly, she fails to accept any responsibility for any of her actions/shortfalls. In her eyes she is never wrong or making mistakes. That’s all I have to say about Kate from here on out.

      • Lynne

        Faith, I am a stay at home mother and I take care of my special needs son and homeschool my youngest son. I don’t sit at home, watch soaps, and live off the government. Just because some women are stay at home mom’s, it doesn’t mean we sit at home and do nothing. As far as KAte goes, I like her too, but her children have been in the media since they were born and with everything that has happened in their lives for the past year, they deserve a normal life from “both of their parents.”

      • Deb

        You are right, stay at home moms have a very difficult job with rediculous hours, but, even working moms find time to spend with their kids. It seems the only time you see Kate with her kids is a photo opp for the media. I think that she needs to spend more time with the kids. After all they went through a break up too. This is the time that they need her most. I understand she needs to support her family but what about all the money they made with Jon & Kate + 8?

      • Megan

        faith.. i TOTALLY agree with you! i love kate gosselin more than anything~

      • D

        Jealous of a bitch who only intrests are hers and not her kids who are being raised by nannies.She is not famous but infamous trailer trash .You can take the girl out of the trailer but you can never take the trailer out of a girl . Go buy so more rag mags to get your news .Her own brother has dis-owned her

      • MG

        Obviously, you are just as delusional as Kate is. What Fame? More like notoriety. Kate you’ve had your 15 minutes, now it’s time to disappear. Surely you can’t think that the majority of the American public feels pity for you? Faith must be one of the few angry hausfraus that actually tried to vote to keep her on the show.

      • jo

        I wouldn’t consider her a working mother. She is using her children for her fame. She has attention deficit disorder. She will always need the money, has gotten use to vanity.

      • Kel

        #1-She was a registered nurse before the sextuplets came along and she even worked as an RN on weekends when Jon was home after all 8 were born.
        #2-The only time you see Kate with her kids is when there is a photo op? That is ridiculous, the paparazzi hang out at the gate at the end of her lane and take pictures of their family time. Their lives went along tickety-boo for the first 4 seasons of their show and the paparazzi didn’t give them the time of day, she had even published a book in that time, it wasn’t until Jon started visiting bars with other women that Kate’s “fame” escalated!!!

      • Ed

        All of you people sitting here complaining about Kate obviously like her other wise you wouldnt even be on this site to read about her and you people who say she is a bad mom for putting her kids in the public eye well then you better say every other celebrity with kids are bad parents too. Just because she is a celeb does not make her a bad person and all of you people bashing her, why dont you people look at what she has gone through in the past year and you wonder why she is not nice to anyone….

      • diane mcintyre

        i think kate would fail at being a stay at home mom. if she talks to her sons the way she talked to her husband they will bolt too.

      • jonis right

        Megan-you LOVE Kate???why

        She disowned her parents, refused to take cribs and clothing from her church (her father is a minister), th church re-did her first home and she wouldn’t let the church ladies help with the babies “because they weren’t doing it right”. She treated Jon like trash on TV, she is 5 years older than he is. He was too young to have these kids and he turned out to be the best parent of the two.
        She is estranged from her siblings, who have turned her in to social services. Someone said others are jealous of her fame. Why would most people be jealous of fame based on being a b+++h?

      • Kel

        To Jon Is Right, hard to take seriously anything you say when you are getting all your facts wrong. Kate is only 2 years older than Jon and she is not estranged from all her siblings. As far as I could tell, her brother Kevin, was also trying to capitalize on the fame of the show. Why would anyone go on the Early Today Show to take about why they don’t like the way their sister is raising her kids, if they weren’t trying to cash in on all the drama!?

      • Arlene

        Faith…Nothing is wrong with a Mother that works. I don’t give a darn what Kate chooses to go for a living. I just want her to quit justifying it over and over and over and over and over and over. There is no need for it, unless she doesn’t believe it herself. Add to it that Kate has a tendency to use the kids as an excuse, if you will for everything – she’s doing DWTS for the kids, she danced poorly last week because she spent Sat. at Disneyland with the kids. She’s sad she got eliminated, but, OMG, her kids will be “shattered”. It starts to come across as if only her kids are important, as if only she has struggles as a working Mom, and on and on. It just gets old.

      • Virginia

        This SAHM doesn’t sit around all day. I don’t even own a TV. I don’t know why we have this steriotype that we just sit around doing nothing because we don’t want to throw our kids in daycare all day and hop to work each day. All my homemaker friends aren’t sitting around either. We’re very hard workers and getting a career would only be an easy way out.

        By the way, someone commented that Kate should go back to nursing. BIG MISTAKE. She is with those kids way more than Nurse moms can be with the hours they have.

      • Wyndi

        I am sure if she was on welfare these “good” people would find something to complain about her NOT working! I find it amazing they do not spend this much time all up in Jon’s business. Do you guys realize that during one of the TLC filming episodes when he took one of the twins skiing he had the guts to take the girls he was having an affair with along? TLC apparently knew this so I am sure Kate knew it also. Yeah shove a camera in my face when I found out my husband was cheating and I am sure it would have made good news. They continued to film after that and I am sure she really wanted to do bodily harm but maintained for the kids. I admire her for that as I would have staked him on an ant hill for taking that child along with his slut. Wonder when TLC will release those tapes? She is in the background shot if you watch it. kate is putting food on the table and money in a trust for the kids college, something no nursing job would allow her to do, even working 7 twelve hour shifts a week. Her brother got his fifteen minute of fame too. No wonder she is defensive, I wouldn’t trust anyone at this point!

  • catherine howard

    with the limited talent she had…and i am trying to be kind,it was time to free us the viewers and Tony!!!

  • Ambient Lite

    “I’m married to my kids and my career.”
    Since when is famewhoring considered a career??
    You know, I don’t wish her any ill will, but I’m not a fan. For those who will inevitably hop on to this board and sing Kate’s praises, I have one question for you: How do you feel about the fact that she spends every waking second of her life writing books and booking public speaking engagements specifically about being a mother – while her children are at home without one? To be clear, we’re not talking about a mom working 8-5 and coming home to her family evenings and weekends. She’s NEVER with those kids. How does anyone take her seriously as an authority on motherhood??

    • mother of 3

      you know, most mothers today have a similar mothering style. they work 40 hours a week or so, and their kids are with a nanny or in daycare or school. so what she is doing in writing and talking up being a mom is talking up the experience of many women in america. for better or worse, its the truth. we are not all at home with our kids 24/7. its just a fact of life.

      • Leslie


      • riley

        Umm, I’m a mother who works full time outside the home to “put food on the table” as Kate says. In no way whatsoever, do I associate Kate with today’s “working mother.” I set an example for my daughter by going to my job and being constructive. What example does Kate set as a “working mother” to her children? “Oh don’t worry about school, college, just have cameras follow you around and you’ll never have to work a ‘real’ job in your life” yeah, great role model for your 8 kids, Kate.

      • Faith

        Exactly !!

      • Faith

        You obviously never watched the show. She is a wonderful mother on the show…. That is all we have to go by. Cant judge her on anything else and neither should you.

      • riley

        to Faith,
        I actually have watched jon and kate in the past, and that show is over. I’m not questioning her “mothering” on the show, I’m questioning Kate referring to reality TV as a “career.” It’s one thing to say that being a mom is a career, she is not, she believes having TV cameras following you constitutes a career.

      • Me

        But how many people 40 hours a week have their job because of their children being exploited on a tv show?? That’s the difference

      • Arlene

        However, Mother of 3, with 3 nannies, a cook, gardener, well, you get my drift, Kate is hardly the picture of the typical working American Mother. Yes, she has 8 children, but she has quite a bit of help. I’m sorry, but I cannot feel sorry for her “financial stress” no matter how much she complains. I do feel some anger when she says things like “my children’s future is uncertain” in an interview after getting eliminated on DWTS. A show in which she pulled in approx $250,000.00 gross for 5 weeks. With two new shows coming up and her book, along with money that was put in an irrevocable trust from the gross proceeds of Jon & Kate plus 8, with proper financial planning her children’s future is certainly more certain than many of my neighbors. I’m glad she is doing well but I see the families around me in true economic stress, who lost their life savings in the market crash, have had their houses foreclosed on due to job loss, no health insurance and 4 to 8 kids with extreme challenges that inspite of it still turn up as volunteers to give back to those that have even less then see Ms. Gosselin seemingly so very distressed at her situation – well, to quote her “I don’t get it”.

    • Ambient Lite

      No, most mothers today do NOT mother like Kate Gosselin. As I said before, those kids are without either parent for days on end. I find that to be terribly sad.
      As for your contention that nannies and daycare are “just a way of life”, I don’t agree. The ugly truth is that a small sliver of parents both work because they’re dedicated to a career that somehow benefits our society, a slightly larger group of parents CAN’T afford to have one home with their children, but the overwhelming majority COULD have a parent home with the kids but choose not to – because their ostentatious drive for material things overrides any desire to raise their own children.
      People take the business of raising children so lightly.

      • Faith

        How do you know they are with Nannies for days at a time? You people sure do judge a lot. hmmm, going without seeing your mom or dad for days. Sound like 50% of divorced parents these days. Most divorced couples, one of them only sees the kids every other weekend. That is 4 days a month. I am sure Both Kate and John spend more time with their kids than 50% of American.

      • Brenda Barrett

        I COULD NOT HAVE SAID IT BETTER! There are many people who simply do not want to take the time to parent their children, and this person is one of them.

      • Ambient Lite

        It’s easy math, Faith. Jon not in the home + Kate not in the home = nannies raise the kids.
        But given your previous comments, I’m pretty sure it’s not worth arguing with you. Keep emulating and idolizing Kate and see where it leads you. She’s not a “real” mother, she’s a selfish famewhore. Complains about the spotlight but won’t let it get away from her. It’s gross. I’m sorry you can’t see the situation for what it is. I hope those children rise above their circumstances and somehow manage to lead successful lives.

      • Who Knows

        How do people know what goes on behind closed doors. Just let her live her life, who cares? Bad attitude or not, the woman has 8 kids and survived a year of HELL last year. Maybe the nanny is there, maybe a family member, maybe Jon. WHO KNOWS?!?

      • Virginia

        Ambient Life, That was awesome! Your post about raising kids lightly. I had lowered my standard of living to be able to stay home with my children. Even when my husband’s pay was cut more than half, we moved into a smaller place so I wouldn’t have to work and put them in daycare.

        You have to remember though, Kate said on the show that she is with the kid 5 days out of the week and only flies on the weekend for the show.

    • SLB

      She had a gut feeling she was going to win? So she had no idea that she had absolutely no rhythm and totally s*cks as a dancer? “I’m married to my kids and my career.” Her career is being a reality star. “Married to her kids”? Duh, if it weren’t for your kids, you wouldn’t be famous. Now, can you go away for good you rude b*tch.

      • Virginia

        No, she didn’t say she had a gut feeling she was gonna win. You have to watch it again. She said she had a gut feeling she this was her last show and she was getting voted off.

    • Patricia

      I think she has a career – TLC does, too, and they begin filming 2 new shows next week. I hope she moves to Hollywood! Then she’ll be home every night with the kiddies and a continent away from her uber douche exhusband.

    • lyn

      How do you KNOW she’s never home with her kids? You live nearby?

    • Soni

      Exactly how is it that you’re so privy to the intimate details of Kates life…….NOT. You haters are creepy trying to indicate you are knowledgeable about the amount of time Kate spends at home. Even worse, to presume that you have the right to tell her how to live her life. It is America and we all have the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Even if her career choices don’t suit you, they are hers to make. Besides what would you do with your time if you didn’t have Kate blogs to troll and spew your venom. Take care of your own kids and leave Kate to take care of hers as she sees fit.

      • Nellie

        I think Kate is doing just a fine job,given her circumstances and talents.People who criticise her mothering skills and putting kids on tv shows,should just go out in real world and see how terribly dysfunctional families can b,with so-called parents often on alchohol or substance use,or sex addicts or prone to abuse who are far worse on parenting skills than this woman,who atleast is trying to hold things together.Another thing i’ve noticed about Kate is that she has discipline in her routines.Something that most Americans lack these days.Go for it,Kate.Your kids are adorable and they will grow up just fine.Take care.

  • George

    What an absolute piece of trash she is. A horrible side effect of reality TV. “I’m tired because my kids showed up” No mention of the 4 cities in 4 days book tour? Where are the kids then? Oh thats right not with their Mother. “Its a hard life…” waaaahhh we should all be sad for you? Millions of Americans raise kids and work, we should all be sad for you because you value a celebrity career over your children? My wish is for America to forget about her, for the networks to stop putting her on the air, and sooner or later she will fade into obscurity and be furious about it. Stop buying her ghost-written “books” and stop watching her plastic surgery face on TV.

    • Becca

      Sooo true! The reason the kids had to come there to see their mother is because she didn’t have time to go home to them with her book signing. I’m tired of her. She’s the one choosing to go out into the public trying to be famous and get money and attention. She can’t do that and then complain that she’s in the press too much. It doesn’t work like that. And as long as she’s a fame seeker, I will refuse to feel any pity or sympathy for her.

  • Kmin2meuc

    It’s true – Kate is boring. It’s always the same thing from her: poor me, you don’t help me, i’m misunderstood, it’s HIS fault.

    Thank God she considers her “career” to be a reality TV show star. I would hate to look up from my hospital bed and see her fake smile…

  • fahba

    Not only was she a terrible dancer, but she also came across as cold, ungrateful and uncaring. The clips of her rehearsals said it all. Buzz Aldrin wasn’t a smooth dancer, but he was gracious and he worked very hard. It’s a real shame that he was sent home before Gosselin.

  • Maria

    you guys are dumb. even before the person eliminated was announced Kimmel said he was going to have them on his show. I definitely believe the ratings will go down now with her gone. She was fun to watch and was from MY town! that was awesome to see!

    • Lisa Simpson

      So would you cheer on a serial killer just because he was from your town? Maybe you should exercise a little judgment in choosing whom to admire.

      • Leslie

        Comparing Kate to a serial killer is disgusting – she is a mother doing her best to make a living because her deadbeat husband would rather look for the next 20 year old piece of a$$ to screw. What would you have her do – go back to nursing and working 12 hour days and make crap money and see her kids even less and eventually lose the home her kids are comfortable in to bankruptcy? I admire her greatly for her poise and ability to just keep going no matter what all the haters out there say. She hasn’t done anything to anybody that remotely deserves a comment comparing her to a serial killer! Idiot!

      • breeboo

        Leslie… do you actually understand the mechanics of a comparison? The reason I ask is because Lisa’s statement is not a comparison, but instead it was a method for illustrating that rooting for and admiring someone “because they are from your home town,” doesn’t really make sound sense. Your immediate conclusion-jumping to “how dare you compare her to a serial killer” just illustrates your level of devotion to someone you don’t even know – because, where exactly is the comparison in the statement you are upset about? Where’s the “Here’s how Kate is like a serial killer: ” list?

        What I want to know is how any mother – working or homemaking – can claim to support Kate’s actions? How many of you would blame your lack of performance ON YOUR KIDS??? Not just once, but several times?

        PLUS… where is it written that she is FORCED to go on book tours, DWTS, and other paid publicity appearances to support her family? Are we saying that if someone has a lot of kids and gets divorced, her only option is to leave her kids for the grueling schedule of book tours, reality TV, etc? Why is nursing such a bad option? Is it because it wouldn’t pay her enough to live in the huge house, etc? I wonder what her kids would say if they were given the choice between “Having a large, nice home but not seeing Mom hardly ever,” and “Having a small, modest, comfortable home, but Mom is around a lot more”?

        I’ve got to be honest here… there’s a huge part of me that thinks her “I’m keeping such a busy schedule for my kids” routine is a front for allowing her to have time away from her kids, and still look like a good mother.

      • Ambient Lite

        Well said, breeboo.

      • Ginger

        why does everyone keep saying Jon is a deadbeat dad. He is giving Kate 22k a month. Because of TLC he is not allowed to work like Kate which is totally unfair. And…if any of you ever watched the show, he was the ONLY parent that spent quality time with those kids, and let the kids be kids unlike Kate who worried about dripping ice cream on their outfits. She is a disgusting piece of trash and no one would even know her if it weren’t for those kids

      • Soni

        Breeboo, I think you must be smoking something. I don’t for one minute believe that you earn six figures as a nurse–thats a load of crap. People who get on here and lie just to justify bashing Kate are exhibiting the kind of idiocy one only reads about but never expects to see. You don’t sound intelligent enough to be an RN frankly.

      • Beth

        you are so right breeboo!!!! Gosh it is refreshing to actually read something that makes sense. :) Kate Gosselin is a a fraud, and an insult to mothers across the globe. Go away now – just go away.

      • breeboo

        Soni, I don’t know how to answer you. If your experience is so limited that we can’t have a conversation without your calling me a liar, just because you personally aren’t an authority on all careers in the nursing field, I’m not sure what the point is.

      • breeboo

        Hi, Beth. Thanks for the comment.
        I guess my biggest issue with her is that she is so clearly using her kids as a vehicle for making a lot of money, then she tries to make people feel sorry for her by pointing out that her kids are suffering from her being gone all the time, but she’s not doing anything to fix the situation. And people are actually buying that? Wow…
        Nice meeting you.

      • breeboo

        Leslie, you live in such a bubble that it’s impossible to have a discussion with you. You’ve shown that you have no idea what the world is like outside of your bubble, but you have convinced yourself that it must all be exactly the same outside your bubble as it is inside. Then you get offended when someone confronts you with information that doesn’t fit your assumptions. You’ve either lead a sheltered life, or you’re just too young to have experienced anything yet, and you are completely unwilling to listen to people who have. For instance, I’ve been trying to tell you that there are other avenues for RN’s then hospitals/clinics, and you keep coming back to the “Kate could never work at a hospital/clinic, so lay off of her” argument, almost to the point of insanity. Then, because you don’t have any idea what RN’s can do for a living besides work as a nurse in a hospital, you decide that I must be lying. Nice. Let me help broaden your horizons so you don’t sound 12 years old the next time you talk to someone about this – I work for a privately held company that is NOT a hospital, not a clinic, or anything like remotely resembling them, although I work on site at dozens of hospitals and clinics every year. I got this job because of my RN degree and experience. I loved being a nurse, and while it’s been years since I’ve wiped someone’s butt, I never minded doing that, because I became a nurse to help people who needed help… I’m just doing it on a different level now. I’m not surprised that you’ve never been exposed to my particular position (it’s kind of a “behind the scenes” job), but I am a bit surprised that you would think that no job exists that you don’t know about.
        The most telling part of our conversation has been that someone with as little life experience as you would end up defending Kate’s position.

      • Arlene

        Nobody compared her to a serial killer – sheesh. They called YOU out on your comment about being awed by the fact that she is from your hometown. Pretty much questioning *you*. Goodness. Admiring a serial killer – WTH post are you reading?

      • Leslie

        Well I’m so glad that you finally articulated some specific criteria around the job outside of a hospital/clinic that Kate could get – super, wonderful and amazing that you finally gave a specific answer! No matter where it is though, private company or not, I highly doubt that such a reputable company that would pay an RN “six figures” would actually want to pay Kate six figures so that they can constantly deal with the hassle of paparazzi and general public such as haters like yourself constantly harassing her because they have no lives for themselves. Thanks for the enlightening information on the gazillions of six figure jobs an RN can get – I’m sure all the nurses in the world will flock out and get these plentiful six figure jobs asap. As for Kate – I’m sure she’ll do just fine with the other TV jobs she has lined up which no doubt will pay her much more. Thanks for your time – it’s been a good laugh! Ba bye!

    • Leslie

      Yes I indeed do know the mechanics of making a comparison. “Lisa Simpson” compared admiring Kate Gosselin to admiring a serial killer, just because they are from the same town – and there is absolutely no basis for comparison in that statement!

      2nd of all – why is nursing such a bad option – well it’s not really – if she wants to work more for less pay and see her kids even less! If you actually had to make the exact same choice between making hundreds of thousands of dollars going on TV shows vs. working 6 days a week 12 hour days – shift work, schlepping bed pans and cleaning vomit for way less pay – you’re saying you would actually chose the latter? If you say that, then you’re either completely naive or would rather work more for less pay and see you kids even less – that would be the most brilliant choice ever!

      • breeboo

        Where are you getting you knowledge of nursing? Because you are wrong on every fact. Take a guess what I do for a living. Go ahead, guess. That’s right! And I support 5 kids on that, and I see them WAY more than Kate sees her kids. SO… if you’re asking me if someone came to me right now and said, “Hey, we’ll pay you 100’s of thousands of dollars, but you’ll almost never see your kids,” what would I say? Really? That’s a question? I am NOT spending ANY MORE TIME away from my kids than I have to, and I’m supporting them just fine now, thank you very much. I know LOADS of women who are supporting families on far less then what Kate is bringing in, and they get to see their families. So… you know, I just don’t see the validation of your or Kate’s position – from a REAL WORLD perspective.

      • Leslie

        Really – you must not be a full time nurse then if you see your kids so much! My sister in law is a full time nurse and she works such long shifts and when she’s not working she’s so exhausted she just sleeps and sleeps! My brother picks up most of the slack – who do you think would be taking care of the kids while Kate is sleeping all the time when she’s not working? Nannies or babysitters – just like now – oh but wait – she wouldn’t be able to afford those nannies anymore so her kids would just be unsupervised when she’s sleeping off a 12 hour shift – that would be brilliant wouldn’t it? She is doing the best thing she can while she’s in the spotlight – take advantage of it and milk it for all it’s worth! She likely won’t be in the spotlight 5 years from now, but she will have a nice nest egg saved up so that she can comfortably stay at home with her kids, write more books or do whatever she wants. That is what makes sense to me!

      • breeboo

        c’mon… Use your head… If I didn’t work full time, could I support a family. The problem with using your sister’s example is that you are assuming that ALL nursing jobs are the same. You have a very limited view of the world. There are SO many other avenues you can pursue with a nursing degree. Your sister just has a crappy job, and no vision to change it.
        Plus, sure she makes a great living for 5 years, but that’s 5 years of her children’s development that she will never get back. I guess some people just understand that when it comes to raising kids, some things are more important than money… And some people don’t.

      • Patricia

        $65K annually – that’s what an RN with NO COLLEGE DEGREE earns in Pennsylvania – tops! She’d have to do a lot of OT or private duty and she would RARELY be home while her children were AWAKE. You sanctimonious mommy-haters need to get over yourselves!

      • breeboo

        ok, but that’s my point… 1) she is not limited to working in a hospital – there are many other options to use your RN that pay more. 2) I just don’t see why you and she feel like she’s limited to living in PA. I am an RN. I don’t work in a hospital, but I was hired to this position because of my RN degree and my prior experience. I make 6 figures. Sure, Kate makes more than that right now, but if she had to, she could absolutely suppprt her kids on that. They’d have to make some concessions from their current lifestyle, but she’d be there for her kids – which is what she claims is her greatest desire. It just seems like her greatest desire is really to keep making a lot of money, and she’s using her kids to do it, at the expense of “being there” for them.

      • Leslie

        Okay – good for you for making 6 figures as a nurse or whatever it is you do outside of a hospital – you must be very lucky, because I’m sure the vast majority of nurses do not make six figures. Secondly, do you actually think that any hospital, private clinic or anywhere dealing with the public would actually hire Kate as a nurse when clearly there would be security issues and patient privacy issues with the paparazzi hanging out waiting to take her picture. If you think any hospital, etc would ever chance that kind of PR nightmare you are crazy.

        Also you don’t see why she’s limited to living in PA – well she’s not – but that is where her home is and that is where her children are settled and going to school and have friends etc. etc. A good mother would not just uproot her kids for the off chance of finding a nursing job somewhere else in the country that would pay her six figures. She is making the most of her situation and trying to make the best life for her childrens future. End. of. story.

      • breeboo

        Leslie, you are being so melodramatic that it makes me wonder if you’re out of high school yet. That’s not a criticism, just an observation.
        What do you mean by “no good mother would uproot her family”? Are you saying that you’ve never heard of a family relocating for a better job? That is such a common practice, it’s almost offensive for you to call the majority of Americans “bad parents” for doing that. And then your comment about “on the off chance of finding a job somewhere else”… That statement is so full of inexperience that I don’t even know what to say about that. That’s the melodramatic part I’m referring to. Do you ACTUALLY think that anyone is suggesting she tell her family “OK… PACK UP! I’m off to seek my fortune elsewhere. I really hope I find a job in whatever city we end up in, but I know they’re out there, so let’s go!” Holy moly… where are you jumping to that conclusion? It’s called “job hunting,” and it’s very common. You find a job somewhere that pays you more, provides a better opportunity, etc., and you take it! THEN you move your family. I don’t even get your intensity.
        The point is simple… she is spending LOADS of time away from her kids to make LOADS of money – the whole while claiming “it’s for the kids,” when in reality, if her main concern truly was taking care of her kids’ needs (both monetarily and emotionally), she could find a job that would allow for that – a bajillion people have already done that. You make it sound as if she has no choice but the path she’s on, and that is not only incorrect, it’s laughable. This is the path she’s choosing, and her kids are getting the short end of the stick… while she shamelessly uses them to make her money.
        Oh… and “security risk”? Wow… using your reasoning, hospitals would never be able to treat famous people because of the security risk. And again… why are you limiting her job options to hospitals? Open up a bit. There’s a huge world out there.

      • Leslie

        Yes – I’m sure that thousands of employers in private clinics or wherever else would gladly pay Kate six figures “just like you” so that they can constantly deal with the hassle of paparazzi taking her picture constantly and not to mention general haters like you as well as fans bothering her. Any clinic/ hospital/ whatever place a nurse could work would love to have that intrusion on their security and privacy! You are most certainly a bored housewife with little to do with your time other than live in a make believe world where you make six figures as a nurse – good one!

      • average joe

        HaHa! YOu really think an RN touches a bedpan….. PUHLEASE…they are way too good for that. There are dirty nurses aids for that job!

      • Virginia

        Breeboo, I support my kids by being a SAHM. Unless you’re single, you should be supporting them the same. Please stop making yourself “better” than everyone else just because you make a lot and put your kids in daycare. Who cares what anyone makes that puts their kids in daycare? I’d rather be raising my own kids.

        That lady had every right to root for Kate. It’s America and we can support who we want. I mean, look at how all the people supported Obama. Now they’re paying the price by his bad decisions. It’s America and it was the choice America made. Now America pays. Just like you have your choices, Kate has hers. She’s a better mom than most who dump their kids in daycare for sure.

      • breeboo

        Virginia, you don’t know anything about me. I understand your intensity on the subject, but you should try asking a few questions before making accusations. That’s the socially-acceptable practice when meeting someone for the first time.
        My husband passed away when our kids were very young, and I had some tough decisions to make. I have worked my hind end off trying to support my kids AND keep them out of daycare. I WISH to heaven I could stay home full time, with all my heart, but that’s not the position I’m in. While my kids were young enough to need daycare, I was home with them, so they didn’t need it – except for a grand total of 9 months when things were really hard, and daycare was the best choice. I miss that nine months, but what are you going to do? Now, they are all in school, so I work while they’re gone, mostly.

    • vincentdante

      frankly, I’m watching for Pamela Anderson and Erin Andrews.

      • judy

        lesse…gets 22k a month in child support and if she got a part time job as a RN she would still make more than enought o make it and spend time at home with the children she claims to love..she just has to get to the point where she outgrows this phase where the kids are a shadow of the reason she does what she does..if she made 3k a month ontop of the 22k shes bringing in shes makeing more than any of us make in a month… shes doing what she does for herself..id be just fine with 25k a month…get a grip Kate..tend to your kids before they do for themselves and say they dont need you any more

      • Leslie

        Well Judy that theory is all well and good IF and that’s a big IF Jon actually had $22K per month to be paying in child support. Why do you think he’s suing her for custody and trying to get the child support reduced – so that he doesn’t have to pay money he doesn’t have and also because he has nowhere else to live anymore since his 20 year old piece of a$$ kicked him out. Take away the child support (that will never get paid because he doesn’t have a job that could ever generate that kind of income) and you’re left with $3K per month … not exactly the makings of a mortgage payment and food for 9 people let alone hydro, phone, insurance etc. etc. etc. Go back to the drawing board on that one!

  • Jen

    Career? What exactly is her “career” anyway? Sitting in front of a camera and talking about herself? What has she ever done of any value or required any skill or effort? Her “career” it would seem, is being a legend in her own mind.

    • riley

      that was my reaction too, what exactly is her “career?” I hope her kids don’t have career day at school, because neither Kate nor Jon could go, or worse they’d go and tell a room full of kids about a career as a “reality TV star”

      • Patricia

        Starring in 2 new TV shows isn’t a career? Lol. Look it up in Webster’s: “a person’s progress or general course of action through life or through a phase of life, as in some profession or undertaking: His career as a soldier ended with the armistice.”
        “Professional” means she gets paid for it – handsomely, in Kate’s case.

      • riley

        How is having TV cameras follow you during your day constitute a career? Also to clarify, it’s one new show, the other one with the kids is just a series of “specials.”

  • Val

    Cry me river Kate and just go home, we are all sick of you.

  • mike

    She is completely enamored with herself. There are no words that could truly describe what a truly despicable person she is. She hates the publicity but she pays to be photographed. She loves her kids but can’t stand being around them. She claims to have a career but she has no job description and she pretends to be boring and quite frankly, that’s the only thing she is spot on about. When the cameras go away, the accident effect is no longer worth looking at and reality sets in, not the type she purports to have on her faux television show, the truth will come out and the documentaries about the insideous lifestyle this family really lived, the public will then realize what a real monster this woman has been all of her life.

    • Soni

      Aunt Jodi or Jon, is this you?

  • kate

    So tired of this women and the hair….yuck, horrid and looks so fake….oh, that’s okay goes with the rest of personality. She was awful on dancing, no emotion, no joy, I felt sorry for TOny, hopefully he can get a better partner next time round!!

  • flanya

    I’m really tired of fans who continually make reference to the opportunity she has been given and how we should support her. I am a person has had infertility. The greatest opportunity that she has been given are her children. Of that, I and many other women, am jealous! It is so unfortunate that this one opportunity she is squandering, for the sake of being in the spot light. There are hoards of women who would love to trade places with her…to be a parent…not to DANCE!

    • breeboo

      Flanya, that was very well stated. You make the point very clearly.

    • Almarah

      Probably. If some other big cons in Warner history just sgenid out on Blu-Ray today, HD-DVD. By F? We had with Sony Beta-Max is not Betha.

  • Beth

    “I wish they would just learn how boring I am.”

    Sweets, I learned that a long, long time ago.

    • imaneff

      Seems to be a whole lot of interest on these sites by the people who say they are sick of Kate…if you are sick of her then stop reading everything that has been written about her, stop watching her, just get on with your life.

      • Leslie

        Exactly! What makes people read about somebody they hate and then take the time to write about how much they hate her? Beyond stupid – just like all the kate haters!

      • CK

        OMG thank you!

      • Shurly

        Thank you Leslie, I also sincerely hope you’re on the boards when people talk about Angelina Jolie, you would have a lot to say.

      • CKinPA

        imaneff, you sound like one of Kate’s PR guru’s. If she would stay away from our TV screens we wouldn’t have to vent our frustrations about this narcissist.

      • Soni

        Excuse me but you can’t have it both ways. If Kate is on your TV screens so much, its because she is a celebrity!!!! If you don’t like her then don’t troll sites looking for places to condemn her. Who is watching your children while you spend all your time on the internet bashing Kate. Just because you’re there doesn’t make you a good mother. Good mothers are role models for their children. I’d back Kate as a role model any day of the week than one of you hate mongerers. You are pathetic and jealous. You say you’re not but if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it is a duck. Just sayin…….

      • CKinPA

        Soni, You are probably on Kate’s payroll.

  • karentester

    Cry me a river. When she was with her kids, all she did was scream, yell, threaten, hit and complain. She is having a ball out there in fancy hotels and staying away from her spoiled brat kids.

    She hated being with her kids unless she was pimping for TV and she couldn’t even hide her hatred and boredom with them then.

    And that fake heart and pointing saying “I love you” is BS. I love my children but don’t have to advertise it to the world. Like she is the only parent on the dance team who loves her children.

    Poor Tony having had to kiss her self indulgent, me, me, me, A## all this time. He needs a vacation.

    • Hope

      It is interesting and quite disgusting to read the venom of hatred you all pour out on poor Kate. I am not any particular fan of hers but it is unfair to see a mother trying in any way she knows how to provide for her household and the world start using such derogatory words to refer to her. What if she enjoys any media attention you claim she does (because you are in her head, right!), is that a crime? Whatever show she does, puts food on her table.What is your problem with that? Do you live with her 24 hrs to know the amount of time she spends with her kids? Every human being is entitled to a personality, whether judged to be good or bad. Who are you all to judge, are you any better? He who is perfect should cast the first stone. How many of you would go through what she has gone through and would not have suffered major depressive episodes? She is parenting her kids in the way she knows how, show me that perfect parent out there. Or is it because there are no cameras in our homes for the world to see? Don’t working mothers put their children in the care of someone else (whether nanny or school teachers…) while they work? You guys are cruel with your words, it just shows your own miserable lives. Leave her alone and mind your own business.

      • HiLi

        I think Kate is doing the very best she can with her situation. I don’t know why being a reality star is any better of worse a way to make a living than being a nurse, pr person, or accountant. She is using what she has as well as she can. If others don’t want to see her then turn off the tv when she appears. I think that some of the folks making comments just love having an easy target.

      • Leslie

        I totally agree with everything you said Hope!

      • Arlene

        You said it all in your first sentence with the words “poor Kate”. She is NOT poor in any way, shape or form. She (and Jon) made the decision and signed a contract to put their daily lives – the good, bad and ugly (might even be a direct quote of Kate’s)on national TV. Besides a nice compensation she and her family received a wonderful set of perks. But they also gave up their privacy. Yes, they did. Doing a reality show about your DAILY lives is absolutely not the same as an actor signing a contract to do a movie or scripted TV series. When word got out that they were living separate lives, about 2 months after the vow renewal episode ran, *that’s* when the paparazzi showed up, and never went away. IF Kate had actually been the “high road taker” as she professed she would be last June, and stayed off all the interview shows,kept a low profile and ignored the tabloids as the classier stars do – Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks come to mind, there wouldn’t be this hot mess. Sandra Bullock isn’t out there boo hooing about her husband’s cheating, is she? Kate can do whatever she wants to put food on the table. Just *do* it and stop feeling the need to justify it. Go on her book tours and promote *the book*, there’s a novel idea. Promote her new show. Don’t respond to the other crap. Angelina doesn’t address it. Jennifer Aniston rarely addresses it. Having said that, Kate had better plan for when this all ends, because it is a fleeting thing…when’s the last time anyone saw a new Meg Ryan movie and she quite the hot property not that long ago. The fame game will not last forever. But those 8 are a lifetime comittment.

      • Jennifer

        Thank you for the voice of reason. I do not understand people’s hatred of Kate. She makes far more money doing a few hours on camera than the many hours she would have to spend away from her children to make the same amount of money as a nurse. I don’t blame her one bit. She is providing for her family with the least amount of time possible spent away from them.

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