'Saturday Night Live' tonight: Tina Fey, Justin Bieber, and Fey-as-Palin. Are you looking forward to all three?

Usually actors hosting Saturday Night Live are there to promote a movie. But Tina Fey’s new film, Date Night, has already been overshadowed in the walk-up to her SNL stint tonight by the announcement that, yes, she’ll impersonate Sarah Palin once again (at least).

Fey’s Palin impersonation became one of the pop-culture flash-points of the last election.  Bieber told Jimmy Fallon earlier this week that he, too, would appear in sketches. I’m guessing they’re not going to cast him as John McCain.

For my full recap, go here; thanks.

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  • eliott256

    Hi, I’m Tina Fey and I’m hosting Saturday Night Live this week with musical guest Justin Beiber, which I’m pretty sure counts as a sex crime!

    I love Tina Fey lol

    • Moe

      I didn’t like Justin Beiber before, but after seeing him on Jimmy Fallon the other night and Funny or Die, the guy is quite funny.

      • amj

        He was pretty funny on Chelsea Lately as well. Cute kid and great at the interviews he does.

    • .Jane

      How old is this kid, really, does anybody know? Thanks!

      • Divine

        He’s 16 years old. I love that kid, he’s so awesome!

      • Z..

        16, as of march 1st

      • joanaa

        he’s 16

  • Jane

    Fey-Palin making fun of Real-Palin when she dissed Obama’s nuclear policy.

    • Moe

      Before I didn’t think much of Beiber, but after watching him on Jimmy Fallon and Funny Or Die, the guy us funny.

      • truth

        Okay Moe, now its getting creepy!!

      • Marcus

        Definitely creepy.

    • Andres Alberto

      That won’t be fair, Tina should not portray Sarah’s new name:
      Sarah RearEnd’s Iq Palin, on national TV

    • huh?

      I was surprised by the Nazi reference in the opening parosy of Obama.. Just because he has been telling us how bad rich people are..is that like when Germany blamed Jews for all the financial problems? I don’t think Obama would try to make us scared of the wrong people just to keep power. SNL was very wrong

      • J

        Calm down

    • David Slocum

      The only way I’d listen to Sarah Palin is through Tina Fey. Tina is one class act and I love her.

  • Meg

    The new TLC show.

  • Brad

    1. Yes 2. Yes.
    Way to fascilitate some really stimulating discussion there, Tucker !!

  • bunker

    I’m not looking forward to the little lesbian singer.

    • Zoey

      Ahahahaha.xD I’m not either!

  • Gregoire

    Sarah Palin is already her own parody, so I’m not sure what Tina will be able to bring to it anymore.

    • Terry

      Yeah, I don’t know how she’s gonna make her into more of an a$$hole than she already is.

      • kiki larue

        Sarah, is that you ??????

      • Josh R.

        No, its Bristol.

      • PALIN 2012


      • kahuna

        That hopey changey stuff is working out just fine. We were destined for another Great Depression, (brought about by the mismanagement of the bush administration and the republicants) but thanks to President Barack Obama, we didn’t have one. Besides that, he saved the U.S. auto companies which is a good thing considering the massive recalls from Toyota.

  • couchgrouch

    I don’t watch SNL(it’s never been funny. ever) but I’ll DVR it for Fey. I think it’s a mistake to exhume the Palin skit. in Oct/Nov 08 no one was sick of Palin and now they are. she’s the Octomom of politics. Fey may feel the ill will people have toward Palin splashing on her.

    • Pete

      Nah, Palin is so annoying, but I totally love watching Tina Fey impersonate the incredibly delusional Sarah Palin! It’s hilarious!

    • Red

      I don’t hate Palin — is that allowed on this site?? — but must admit, “the Octomom of politics” is a hilarious line!

    • Barry

      No, she’ll feel the ill will of being a 1 trick pony. That’s all she can do for laughs: ridicule an outstanding woman like Sarah Palin. I don’t know why women’s groups don’t protest this garbage.

      • LOL

        Barry is funny. He should write for SNL.

      • Genna

        Uh…you’re kidding, right? Palin really is her own parody. I don’t any women’s groups of any substance that actually read and have a collective average IQ or higher that take Palin seriously.

      • Alexandra

        What group would you suggest? Perhaps the National Assn. of Female-Governorship-Quitters?

      • Andrew M

        One trick pony, are you kidding? Tina Fey was the head writer of one of SNL’s best era’s and created one of the funniest shows on TV and has won 3 years in a row for Best Comedy. She is one of the best comedians right now.

      • Johnification

        One trick pony? So you missed the years on SNL and Update, the season after season of the brilliant absurdism of 30 Rock?

      • Elizabeth

        Fey is hilarious in these skits. You all who blame Obama for the SNL skit are giving the Oval Office way too much credit. Do you seriously think the president ASKED for Fey to appear and do the Palin skit again? Palin is laughing all the way to the bank with people falling all over themselves to suck up to her. Fey has a long list of accomplishments. The Palin skits are the one trick about a pony that she does!

      • Mikie

        People with a low IQ will always support other people with a low IQ.

      • kahuna

        The only woman palin has helped is herself. Why would women groups have anything to do with her. She is not a positive role model afterall.

    • J

      For you to say that SNL has never been funny tells everyone that you have the worst sense of humour. Lately it hasn’t been up to par but it has been funny in the past.

  • Fred

    I would like to see her as Palin along with Fred Armisen as Karzai trash talking about Obama. Karzai would be sitting there in his robes with white cocaine power around his nose. Palin would tell him how unfair Obama has been toward him. Of course a drug bust in the background and Karzai running would be a great end to the skit. Fei could then open ‘Its SNL’.

  • Gus van Rant

    Date Night was a horrible movie.

  • Hero Kitty

    Baby Mama SUUUUUUUUCKED!!!!!

  • Tom Collins

    I’d love to see SNL spoof Obama discussing how Austrians speak Austrians, or how the Mexicans who were guests at the White House the day BEFORE May 5th were celebrating “Cinco de Cuartro”!

    He’s SO SMART!

    Ought to be PLENTY there for SNL to go with.

    Tina is SO LAST YEAR.

    • Barry

      The most that they “spoof” Obama is when the Rock portrays him. SNL spoof Obama? Are you kidding me? God forbid they make fun of the so called Messiah.

      • LOL

        Poor Barry. Fox News told him what to write.

      • OHH Barry

        Its funny Fox came up with the messiah bit, and their misinformed viewers regurgitate it, now that is funny stuff.

      • Andres Alberto

        Poor right wingers. They suffer, suffer and suffer even more when no one pays attention.

        I really feel for them.

  • Jeremy Smythe

    Who has the higher ratings:

    Sarah Palin at any given event she shows up at?

    Or the last (PLEASE, GOD, MAKE IT THE LAST) Tina Fey movie?

    Where would these people work if it weren’t for NBC subsidizing this unbelievably wretched OLD show???

    • Rich

      Sarah Palin’s show on FOX has an audience of what? 2, 3 million maybe? Tina Fey’s “Date Night” movie is on pace for about $25 mil for the weekend. I’m not saying it’s a great movie… just that it’s getting a wider audience.

      Anyway, should ratings matter in politics? Weren’t the Republicans incredibly condescending of “celebrity politicans” when it was Obama? Pick a stance and stick with it, please.

    • OHH Barry

      Where would tea partiers be if fox “news” didn’t sponsor those unbelievably wretched rallies? Now those rallies are funny, NO hilarious. My favorite, “KEEP YOUR GOVERNMENT HANDS OFF MY MEDICARE!” Funny stuff, only tea baggers can come up with.

      • Johnification

        “KEEP YOUR GOVERNMENT HANDS OFF MY MEDICARE”. I love it when stupid people write perfect parody of themselves.

      • Barry

        Unlike s***baggers that support Nobama & all his Socialist ideas.

      • Skip182

        haha, barry doesn’t know what socialism means. so cute :)

  • emma

    since when did snl become a tween driven show.. i mean really justin beiber… if Tina Fey wasn’t hosting this week i for sure would not be watching. Oh well i guess, looking forward to Gabby Sidibe hosting with musical guest MGMT in a couple weeks.

    • chris

      That’s going to be great! I had no idea she was hosting. She seems like a fun girl that will make the most of every skit. Thanks for the heads up.

  • UGH

    Fey is not that funny.

    • kiki larue

      Neither are you.

  • Peter Stevenson

    Sarah Palin’s mega-crowds at the cross-country Tea Party Express must really be getting under the skin of the Obama-droids at NBC, if they have to trot out the “Box Office Bomber” Tina Fey to do her tired old parodies.

    For supposed champions of free speech and civil liberties, the Left Wing Loons sure are getting testy now that their Hero’s poll numbers are plummeting down to George W Bush levels with the sidewalk in sight.


    • couchgrouch

      Bush was polling in the 20s when he left office. Obama’s nowhere near that. Fey is a highly respected writer…Palin commands no one’s respect. all she’s ever done is quit her in government and then shout “fire!!” at the current administration. some are dumb enough to look just like they were when Bush cried “mushroom cloud!!” before he invaded Iraq.

      • Peter Stevenson

        All a matter of opinion, O aptly named one:

        Fey may be a writer “highly respected” by some, but it sure hasn’t translated into commercial success outside the self-congratulatory awards-culture of Hollywood, i.e., actual people going to watch her.

        If Palin commands “no one’s” respect, then who are all those people at all those rallies? Or are they beneath your elitist contempt?

        Far from shouting “Fire!” at the current Administration, she is simply putting into words what – according to POPULAR OPINION (questions asked of REAL people paying taxes and not of the Obama-droids of NBC or the “Gimme Girls” in line to collect their Obama-stash-cash – a growing number of Americans apparently think.

        Obama’s numbers now are way lower than Bush’s were at a similar point in his Presidency, and as opposed to Bush’s classy silence in the face of criticism, this thin-skinned, young, inexperienced President testily rises to every bit of bait offered and comes off as smarmy and arrogant in the process.

        A real winning approach to governing in a Republic (which, so far, we still are . . . barely).

      • Terry

        Classy silence. Well, I guess you could call a deer in the headlights classy silence. Oh, while I haven’t looked at the numbers, if Bush inded had higher numbers at this point in the presidency, I would guess it had a little bit to do with something called, “9/11″. doesn’t matter, he effed that up soon enough.

    • LOL

      Peter is hilarious! He should go on tour!

      • Peter’s English Teacher

        I obviously failed you Peter.

      • MadHatter Tea Partier

        Lets see Bush was riding the post 9/11 wave of support and getting ready to attack a country that had nothing to do with the attack in NY. As for Bush being classy at anything, come on he was/is a bufoone.
        “Obama’s numbers now are way lower than Bush’s were at a similar point in his Presidency, and as opposed to Bush’s classy silence”

      • sue54

        Hey Teach- How about “teaching” and keeping the opinions to yourself. Another reason our schools have failed our children Nice to see you discriminate!

    • Steve

      Wingnuts tend to be confused about free speech; they think it means “we can say what we want, and no one can respond”. They also think that crowds and ratings actually stand for popularity and quality. Sad.

      I think Tina should do Palin giving another highly-priced speech in an inappropriate venue. Like the liquor industry thing this week, only even sillier.

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