Erykah Badu explains her notorious music video on 'The Wanda Sykes Show'

Sykes_BaduImage Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOXAppearing on The Wanda Sykes Show on Saturday night, Erykah Badu defended her controversial music video for the song “Window Seat.”

“My point was grossly misunderstood all over America,” she said. She denied intending any insult to the memory of John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in Dallas’ Dealey Plaza, also the site of Badu’s video. “J.F.K. is one of my heroes, one of the nation’s heroes,” said Badu. She continued:

“John F Kennedy was a revolutionary; he was not afraid to butt heads with America, and I was not afraid to show America my butt-naked truth.”

Sykes joked that the singer “wasn’t afraid to show her badus” in public, and offered her own taped parody of the video, in which Sykes fell and tripped on a sidewalk while trying to strip down the way Badu does in her video.

Badu’s explanation doesn’t quite clarify her intentions, do you think? But then, it’s not necessarily an artist’s responsibility to explain the art, is it?

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  • Kendis

    I waited to give my response earlier. Now that she has spoken, I do not have any problem with Ms. Badu. The video was her artistic expression. She paid the fine and it’s time for people to move on. This surely will not be the last music video that stirs a heated conversation.

    • american

      to me paying the fine without going to court, is a submission of guilt. her expression was not of my taste, but there was nothing legally wrong because she was exercising her right as the u.s. constitution guarantees her as well as all other u.s. citizens.

      • Ivan

        public nudity is actually against the law lmao

      • LOL

        Crackers in Texas can’t handle the naked truth.

      • Eric

        You are an idiot! You’re telling me there is nothing wrong with walking around nude in public? You are a complete retard!

      • Connie

        I don’t recall stories of our founding leaders stripping to make their point. I think she lacks creativity, not to mention taste. Then again, the US is known for its cheap, illicit, and raunchy lifestyle that we’ve come to condone little by little over the decades to have reached this point. This is why we are no longer a great nation, but an example of what happens when a mass of people have lost their minds.

      • Twizz

        For those of you who are closed minded yeah public nudity is against the law…However, her first amendment rights allow for her to express herself in a manner of her choosing. Did it infringe on your rights that she did this?? did she take something from you?? or are you just bitter it wasnt your idea?? Whatever the case may be, it doesnt matter…she is a genious and has my respect as an artist. She paid the same fine you would have gotten, so just get over it. It is not that big a deal, and some lucky people got to see this beautiful piece of art naked. Cant hate that.

      • CraigisHOT

        @Twizz: Yes she infringed on the rights of people to not see her nasty hag’s ass in public. There were kids nearby. This was not an artistic expression, it was a desperate publicity stunt by someone that the public otherwise wouldn’t notice or care about anymore.

      • sfday

        Really people? Not one person noticed ‘submission of guilt’? It’s an ‘admission of guilt’. If only we spent as much time worrying about education as we do about nudity!

      • Snyphilis

        @Twizz: Actually I am pretty sure if I did this, I would be charged with a felony and be put on the sex offenders list. Just sayin…

      • NYMinute

        I used to like her music. I can’t believe she would use this for a publicity stunt. I’m done with here like everyone else should. If this was done at the site of MLK it would be plastered all over the place with racist accusations and rhetoric. Please nobody should sign her and she should be dropped if signed.

      • Ivan

        we now know what kind of a personTwizz is
        your utter lack or knowledge shown by “she is a genious” shows how blatantly stupid some americans have become

      • K

        Hey Eric. Tell me exactly what you think is wrong with nudity in public. Did the children get physically harmed? How exactly does it scar them emotionally for life? Think about it “retard.” Everybody has a butt. Grow up. Women have breasts. What are you? Ten years old?

      • Steve Lyons

        If this was a male “artist” would they be so lightly treated? I don’t think so. She should be designated a sex offender for her crime of exposing herself in front of children in public. It may with a stretch be considered child pornography as well. The fine goes nowhere near as far as it needs to.

      • gp

        Your Constitutional right to strip in front of children??? If it were a guy, and not a celeb, he would be taken up on sex offender charges.

      • Lois

        “her first amendment rights allow for her to express herself in a manner of her choosing.”

        Twizz, no it does not.

        ***The 1st amendment:

        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.***

        It doesn’t give Ms. Badu the right to break public nudity laws. The 1st Amendment is meant to keep the government from restricting political views. It doesn’t stop the government from restricting speech that causes a clear danger (yelling fire in a crowded theater) or things like child pornography. Nor does it prevent states from banning public nudity.

      • 4rocket

        @ Steve: She didn’t harm anyone in any way, so how on earth could she be brought up on any of the charges you suggest? Why don’t you take that rage out against Pope Benedict XVI, who not only knew of a priest that abused 200 children, but helped cover it up as well? Please get yourself a reality check. Erykah is the least potential threat to our children, trust me.

      • Jean Genie

        If she were a hot white woman of any age, would certain people have a hissy fit? I’d rather have Erykah make headlines like that than Katy Perry. Or Madonna or Susan Sarandon. One of the biggest whiners about this in the Chicago area is gossip columnist Stella Foster, who’s always quick to shake her finger at the “potty mouths”, yet thinks it’s OK for Lisa Marie Presley to let herself go. Oh, yeah … Stella is also a fat bible thumper – surprise?

      • Kylie

        I believe in free expression but there was a legal way to do the same video. She could have had a permit, held it early in the morning, and hired extras. She should be slapped with a huge fine!!!!!!!!

      • Mac

        Meanwhile, people in Europe are ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzzz…

        People in Dallas are upset, just not when the women doing it are Cowboy’s cheerleaders.

      • hidenori

        Lol, all this anti-sexual outrage just shows that whatever her point, in the US at least it’s still pointy enough. Smells a bit of JG Ballard to me as well, so I’m pretty sure it’s not a *new* point. Not really intrigued enough to watch the video.

      • Nikkie

        @ American – Ohh… I see it’s okay to use the term “cracker”?!

      • Shawn

        guilty of what?
        FACT: Badu broke the law.
        FACT: By the written law of the city of Dallas Texas, she was punished for her crime.
        The law accepted it why can’t you

    • Taylor

      I also have not commented until now. I did watch her segment on Wanda’s show. Before she addressed the situation she mentioned how she used to go platnium many times and buy her mom a car, then she quickly also said, and give to charity. I felt as though she did this to get more attention. She said what she said about Camelot, and her being naked, and it made no sense at all. She seemed uninformed and “off”.

      She apparantly tweeted that she prayed children viewing her wouldn’t be traumatized. I feel like if she was concerned about kids, just get a permit, and close it off to adults, or kids that understand. Or have friends warn parents with younger children. The human body and art are both amazing, but people have different ideas and some children might have been confused. And lastly, it IS illegal, and if she is let to do this without a permit, that leaves open everyone else doing it. It’s not fair for a nice looking woman to do it for performance art, because if a man did it, it would be criminal. Fair is fair.

      • Ivan

        i share the same views
        its so depressing to realize what people would do to get attention and even in hindsight not be able to apologize for their ignorant behavior

      • John

        And she says, She was not afraid to show America her butt naked truth. What truth is she referring to? And couldn’t she get whatever truth she wanted to be told by simply stating it in a classy way, in a classy environment? Interesting.

      • badu


      • Nytah

        I truly agree, I luv Eryka and Luv art however she went overboard. I thought more of her than to go about it the way she did. She should have went and got the permit.

      • DE

        What is there to hide? Nudity is on every front, back,left, right and center in America. Summer is fast approaching!

      • G

        The real problem with America is the obsession with the flesh. All of us are naked by nature. If little kid sees a beautiful naked woman, I promise you he wouldn’t be tramatized. Excited maybe. But not tramatized, and for little girls, it would not be nothing they have never seen before. And who you to say she has bad tase and she is not creative. Just because you obviously do not understand her or her gestures or music, doesn’t make her uncreative. That just makes you closed minded..

      • sailhardy

        An appropriate fine would be for the artist to support a single Mom for a month. Call it a reality check.

      • jessica

        It’s funny how when someone takes their clothes off in public it’s a big controversy and people are up in arms and offended but when freaks like the Westboro Church protests in public and carries disgusting and offensive signs, it’s freedom of speech. This country needs to relax and stop being hypocritical. While I agres Ms. Badu may not have gone about things the best way (with kids being present) she does have a right to free speech too. And Billy-the constitutional rights of this country are not just meant for ‘beautiful’ people and beauty is subjective anyway so shut up.

      • Ivan

        last time i checked plenty of people hate on Westboro church

      • Maggie

        Ivan, you’re right. The crowds protesting against the Westboro Church are usually much larger than the group from the Westboro Church.

      • Conan

        Yes, people hate on the Westboro idiots, but they’re legally allowed to stand at a military funeral or anywhere else they choose screaming “God hates fags” or whatever other harmful hate speech their puny brains come up with. The law doesn’t prohibit them from screaming that with a child standing near. I’d much rather my children see someone naked than be exposed to that hateful bigotry any day, but only one is actually a crime.

      • Adam S

        I liked it. I did not find it insulting. It was a bold artistic action. True art should never compromise its soul. I’m sorry if so many people don’t see it as such. I think JFK would be happy to see that a black woman walked naked through Texas and lived to tell the tale. Blacks, Gays and liberal minded folks don’t always make it too far down there. JFK certainly never made it the whole way down the street.

      • Jany

        The Westboro idiots actually apply for permits and are limited to where they can stand. They can’t walk among the funeral goers. They also announce in advance to the local media where they will be protesting. I know this because they have protested several times in my town, and we were able to get lots of people to show up to protest against Westboro.

        Badu should have gotten a permit to shoot her video, especially since it is actually required. The city would have blocked off that area, notices would have been put up that if you enter that area they are filming a video and that it includes nudity. A notice would have gone out to all of the local media with the same information. That way people could choose if they want to view her naked, and if they want to be filmed for the video.

        If Badu had gotten the permit she wouldn’t be in trouble with the law, but she also probably wouldn’t be getting all this publicity.

      • Shawn

        if everyone else is going to start doing, does it mean you are too? Do people have there own mind and do we not choose different options or are we all just sheep and cattle?

    • leo

      She ia a piece of s_ _ t.
      She knows that when you do something disgusting in a place that honered JFK and in front of small children, she revealed her true self. She is what she is!!!

      • Billy

        And she’s kind of ugly too, ugly people should not be parading around naked, they’re just ridiculous. Another fame starved nobody who will be forgotten in a few weeks.

      • Robert

        The place didn’t honor JFK. He was killed there. What world do you live in?

      • ba’al

        not so much the place that concerns me, I agree, small children do not need to be subject to this when they didn’t even ask for this and the families haad no knowledge of the event beforehand?
        Makes no difference to me who it was that performed this video.

      • gusna

        Why all the vitriol? All she did was express her artistic feelings. She just decided to do so by stripping in downtown Dallas. What’s all the cussing for?

      • Jean Genie

        @billy – She’s been around for at least a decade. Go back to whatever crap music you listen to & leave us laone.

      • Billy

        @ Jean Genie : you just proved my point. She’s been around for 10 years, yet she has to resort to showing her ugly ass to the public to get a tiny little bit of fame.

    • Ken Andrews

      So, you’d have no problem if the 80 year old geezer from next door walked into you little girls birthday party, naked, just to make “an artistic” expression?

      • Modernityfan

        why are people pretending that she targeted the children or ‘approached’ them in any way…if her attention were directed at the children then it would be different. Nudity in and of itself is not threatening/evil/etc. unless u are arguing that the human body in any state is shameful and evil.

      • James

        Doesn’t matter, Modernityfan. They were collateral damage in this case.

        Contrary to many’s opinion, images like her being naked leave a lasting impression on kids’ minds. It starts the grounds that lead to pornography, promiscuity, and then sexual abuse and broken families later in life. Don’t tell me that this artist’s stunt wasn’t damaging.

      • laughable

        LOL @ James … 5 years old child sees another Naked Body…5 years later theyre watching porn, masturbating…5 years after that theyre having children and raping other teenagers. What happens if you take a child to a funeral and they see a dead…5 years later theyre reading obituaries, watch horror movies…5 years later theyre killing people and having sex with the corpses…SHUT UP WITH THESE RIDICULOUS ASSOCIATIONS!!!

      • Jean Genie

        Wow, Ken – were you molested as a child?

      • Shawn

        That would be trespassing and I wouldn’t stand for that at all.

    • Terry

      Umm, what did she explain? She said she wasn’t trying to defile JFK’s memory, but she really didn’t say what her point was. Wanda was kissing her butt and didn’t ask her anything but softball questions. I would’ve asked her if this was an expression of HER art, why was she copying the video of a skinny white couple. All in all, I thought it was pretty lame. When she started talking about how she doesn’t make as much money on cd’s as she used to, Wanda should’ve asked her if she did the nudity to drum up controvery and sales. I enjoyed the panel with Ferguson and Carey more.

    • Sunandan

      Wonder what would mommies think if they had a similar stunt happening in front of their 10 year old kids

      • mishka girl

        Those 10 year old kids are the same ones asking on the yahoo!Answers where they could find Kim Kardashian sextape. America loves to kid herself.
        Madonna went walking butt naked in the streets of LA in the early 90’s too. Nowadays this is history.
        Erykah Badu is art. Period.

    • Anna

      And meanwhile, Badu sits back and privately laughs at all the people falling for her “art” scam.

      Do a search for a video interview Erykah Badu did in the IFC documentary “Before the Music Dies” a few years ago. In it, Badu talks about how to make it in the music business as a female. Badu states: “Create yo own publicity, do some ho’ s**t, ya know, do it, do some ho’ s**t. … Just be butt naked somewhere… and THEN you figure out how to fit the music in.”

      This is a classic case of “The Empress has no clothes!!” Only in this case, the Empress herself is the one fooling gullible people who have no clue what art really is, and are quick to follow like lemmings.

      • sandy

        i agree. the controversy here should be how terrible this video is. its not provacative in its message, its just sloppy trash

    • Steve Lyons

      She should be designated a sex offender for her crime of exposing herself in front of children in public. It may with a stretch be considered child pornography as well. The fine goes nowhere near as far as it needs to. And if this was a male “artist” would they be so lightly treated? I don’t think so.

      • Tunedelicious

        Obviously child pornography, because Badu is underage and forced other underage individuals to perform prurient acts in public. Not. Get real. Child pornography is depicting children in real or simulated sexual acts. At the least, a CHILD must be in the depiction and in a sexually provocative manner. How does this music video do that?

    • Steve Lyons

      She should be designated a sex offender for her crime of exposing herself in front of children in public. It may with a stretch be considered child pornography as well. The fine goes nowhere near as far as it needs to. And if this was a male “artist” would they be so lightly treated? I don’t think so.

    • Jason

      Would you agree with your mother, wife, daughter or sister exposing themselves to get their message across?

    • Rock Golf

      Badu was making an artistic point. Here’s her point: “Sales of my last 3 albums were under 100,000. Together. If I can’t find a way to hustles some product, I’ll be out of a contract. How can I get lots of publicity for little or no cash.”
      I’d say she got her point across.

      • laughable

        Why are you lying? Her last 3 albums have gone either Platinum or Gold

    • Mike

      Beyond the legal issues, she is just butt ugly, If I saw her strutting in the jay yeah i’d look in the same way I’d look at a horrific car crash…

  • carla boss

    Never heard of her!Guess it’s a free country…but she lacks class.

    • Maureen

      You’ve never heard of Erykah Badu?! You’ve been missing out on some great and enlightening music my friend.

      • gusna

        I agree. If people actually listened to Badu’s music, then maybe they would make more reasonable comments about her fiasco.

    • Abudu

      You haven’t missed much. Just a lot of whining, missed notes and more noise. The naked thing had absolutely no meaning. It was just her attempt to be recognized by those like you who haven’t heard of her.

      • EBadu

        Abudu, you can hate in one hand and tell the truth in another. Anyone who has missed the Grammy-award winning Erykah Badu HAS missed something great. But @Carla, dont take either of us at our word…check out “Green Eyes” and read the lyrics and tell me she is not both a skilled writer and vocalist. ps. some missed notes and perfectly flawed performance are the trademarks of the soul/neosoul genre and common among some of America’s best voices including Badu’s inspirations Chaka Khan and Billie Holiday

      • john

        Oh Abudu, you just destroyed any chance of credibility. Say what you want about this stunt, but she is a musical powerhouse. Her album Mama’s Gun is one the triumphs of modern soul music and is universally regarded as an absolute masterpiece.

      • AnnoyedbyStupidity

        Abudu, you should go put on a Britney Spears record, you’ll feel better

    • mishka girl

      Never heard of Erykah Badu??? Either you’re very young, either you don’t know where Alicia Keys, Corinne Rae Bailey or India Arie got their inspiration from. Do you also think that Gaga is a genuine artist? ‘Cause I’d suggest you to check Madonna and Grace Jones 80’s videos .

  • gary

    pure talent, true artist. past not forgotten, hope for the future.

  • Buck Naked Now

    Anytime Ms. Badu wants to get naked should be a national holiday! You go girl!

    • AnnoyedbyStupidity


    • gusna


      • Modernityfan


  • WFD

    It’s art? If most of us exposed ourselves in front of children, it would and should bring serious charges. The rest of us would be forced to register as sex offenders for this sort of thing. Compared to the rest of the public she got off way too easy! I hope she realizes this! This was a sex crime, not simply “art”! I’d rather address this issue here and now than to be passive about it and simply “move on”! What happened to protection for our children?

    • mostboringseasonever

      Performance art is one thing. This was done in full public view of people of all ages and in the spot where Kennedy was assasinated. Obviously, Ms. Badu is looking for her 15 minutes and I don’t think we should give it to her. The “performance” totally lacked class.

      • jim

        15 Minutes? You for real? Badu is working on her 15 years…

      • Rex

        By responding.. you are in fact giving Ms.Badu a share of that 15 min. Do You see it?

      • Modernityfan

        I feel sad for those of us who don’t know the difference between the nude body and porn/perversion. Much of our American self-hate/confused opinions about nudity/sexuality comes from the lingering impact of conservative 19th century Victorian society. The thought that God’s creation in it’s bare form is inherenlty offensive/evil is a direct result of social programming. To assume that the human form is automatically aggressive/offensive and endangering the purity of a child is a mistake. When a child sees him/herself in the mirror is she to assume fear/disgust? We should teach our children the difference between mere nudity (a la Badu) and perverted sexuality – most other cultures (including some Western ones) understand the difference and so should we.

        ps. for the Christian ethics committee members: Were we in sin when we were naked? Or were we in sin when were ashamed of our nakedness?

      • Bridge


        The irony is that the most puritanical societies are also the most morally corrupt.

    • Elle

      You must be joking. Protect our children? It’s a naked woman. All children come from women. Women give birth to the world. They are beautiful and this act was in completely good taste. No children were harmed by it. We used to all be naked all the time. Nudity does not equal sexuality. My goodness. This is just ridiculous. Sex takes two people or actual touching of some kind. There was nothing wrong with what she did.

      • Ivan

        are you fricking kidding me?
        so now your its ok for women to expose themselves in public and not men? taking your feminism too far arent you? what happened to equality? you’re gonna tolerate a naked man walking in front of you?
        stfu or gtfo

      • JStrnad

        Thank you, Elle, for speaking common sense! Mere nudity is not the same as a sex crime, not by a long shot. Let’s hope WFD never takes her/his kids to an art museum…they’ll be scarred forever!

      • Ivan

        does art in museums become registered sex offenders when they are exposed to children? think for once will you?

      • Paula

        Wake up, streakers have always and should continue to be arrested. If you want nudity keep it in your bedroom.

      • Ivan

        thanks for agreeing, seems like some people dont know that its an crime, lets see next story about a naked man strolling in a park with kids and sees what these damn hypocrites have to say

      • abc2be

        Our world has come to the state of wrong being right and right being wrong. Parents teach your kids yourself and don’t let the world teach them, they will be bound for HELL if you do and shame on you. The world is sick…I use to listen to her music back in the day. Wrong is Wrong period Sista. She should have gotten a license permit as required by law, that is why they make them. If we all broke laws and blame it on the art, where would we be? I cannot believe people are saying it is okay. What if your kids was there? It is not okay…OMG I pray for her more than anything. Anyone stoop to this level and say it’s art is missing something in their life, maybe God! Evolve to better morals and character for your children and ours.

      • Modernityfan

        just because something is illegal doesnt mean:

        1. that is morally or ethically wrong
        2. that it will always remain viewed negatively by general society.

        for proof see “emancipation” “women’s rights” “civil rights” and (soon) “gay rights”

      • abc2be

        Good Taste, far from it!
        We was born naked, but God gave us clothes to wear while on this earth. Even Jesus and the prophets wore clothes. The garden of Eden is where they was naked with His glory. Until we get back to Eden, keep your clothes on in public. Though you cause a lot of people to commit adultery by drawing attention to your nakedness. God Bless America, this country is really losing it’s morality.

      • JMB

        @abc2be: God gave us clothes only AFTER we had messed up and decided we were ashamed of the beautiful bodies He made for us. I don’t agree with what she did, but don’t make it about religion. And btw, it’s because we cover our bodies with clothes that nakedness becomes titillating–not the other way around. If we saw it every day, it wouldn’t be a big deal. It’s attitudes like yours (exposure=sex) that make breastfeeding in public a crime in some states. If you are so screwed up that you can’t look at a body without getting aroused, you are the one who needs help.

      • silk

        So you will expose yourself in the public like she did, right? Give me a break! Think about it, if you won’t do it because you don’t think it’s appropriate, then it’s not appropriate for anyone else either. I don’t care if it’s Badu or Elvis, wrong is wrong! And there’s nothing to do with race either. No one should expose yourself in the public. If that was a man, he would be in jail immediately. I really don’t understand why Badu has to get so low to promote her record, it’s not that she has no talent to prove herself in the music scene.

      • Jim

        Oh sure…maybe she’d like to try this stunt in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and see how much they like her “art.”

      • gusna

        Ms. Badu did nothing wrong. People are just dumb.

      • Modernityfan

        LOL…I bet @ Jim doesn’t see the irony in suggesting Badu “Try this stunt in Dubai…and see how much they like her art” …of course he’s suggesting that she would be torn apart for attempting to express herself in a conservative, theocratic Islamic state. He may or may not have a point but his concept of Dubai is almost the exact opposite of the ideals of American freedom, Religious/ideological acceptance, and appreciation for a woman’s right to express herself that make our nation great.

    • TE

      Sex offender? YOu took that too far, are you a sex offender? She did not touch a child, nor was a child harmed in the video. If you know her music, she is clearly a artist and as she has said “she is sensative about her shit.” But sex offender, you took it too far.

      • Lois

        You don’t have to touch a child for it to be a crime. Exposing yourself is a crime.

        Just because she is talented doesn’t mean that she can ignore the law.

      • Modernityfan

        you’re right Lois, it is against the law to expose yourself and she was fined accordingly. TE is addressing the fact that making the leap from a minor infraction to a federal offense that is looked down upon by all of (sane) society is rather outlandish.

    • Guest

      So now our children should be scared of naked people?

      • J.O.A.B

        Ivan, didn’t lady Gaga just have a video out where she was naked? So she should be labeled as sex offender as well right?

      • Ivan

        #1 it was a video and children can avoid seeing those kinds of videos
        hard to advert your eyes when some arrogant woman comes strolling down naked
        #2 is gaga fully unclothed and 100% revealing? no, thats why her video is on TV

      • Modernityfan

        did you ask yourself Why it’s hard to avert your eyes?

      • abc2be

        It is hard to avert from seeing foolishness in public Modernityfan. That was foolishness and disrespectful. It is not the nudity but how she did it is what making people outrageous. She did not follow law and made people subject to her nudity. What if I chose not to teach my daughter about nudity at the age of 5? She would have forced it on her by pulling this stunt. Had she follow law, people would have been given a choice to see it or leave. Bad judgment and you all just to sorry to admit it. Who will do it next week and call it art? These kinds of things open up the door to more immorality in this nation.

      • Modernityfan

        @abc2be Your child at 5 should be well aware of what nudity is whether you’ve taught her or not. Second, you are being an irresponsible parent if you have not spoken to your child about what is threatening nudity/sexuality by the time your child is able to comprehend nudity – a lot of children in America have been left alone to figure this out for themselves because of our repressed sense of morality. A lot of children have been made a victim to real predators and real perverts because their parents are pretending that their children are not old enough to comprehend. The reality is that with all the poorly disguised and often disgusting sexual innuendo that our children see before they are even school-aged we SHOULD be showing and teaching them about their bodies and about how to distinguish between a person who just happens to be nude (say a family member they walk in on in the shower on accident or even themselves) and a person who is threatening or targeting them inappropriately.

        A question for you abc2be: Were we in sin when we were naked? Or were we in sin when were ashamed of our nakedness?

      • Ivan

        guess what modernity fan, its up to the parents to make any judgements concerning their child’s education
        not some ignorant stranger on the street
        how would you like it if a man came up to your imaginary daughter and taught her some human anatomy? thats right, retract your previous comments

    • kahuna

      Equating the naked body with a sex crime is flat out stupid.

      • Ivan

        if you make an exceptions the whole system collapses…

    • Stephen

      Wow! You should try to remove the 2×4 from your butt!

      • Modernityfan

        I think we all realize Ivan is only on here to make opinionated statements without any need to engage others’ ideas. I would prefer the stick were up his/her tail, at least its removable, but it seems like it might be through Ivan’s head instead :(.

  • Whatever

    This is crap and some of the comments saying she lacks class (when you have never heard of her or her music) and she should be labeled a sex offender is even more crap. Get over yourselves already. American people are getting crazier each and everyday. No wonder why other countries think we are a joke.

    • Ivan

      other countries think that we’re jokes because we dont have the decency to clothe ourselves in public
      might as well be a third world country then

      • forist

        and other other countries think we’re prudes! they are way more free and scandalous and are okay with it. it’s interesting you would mention this…. which countries do you speak of?

      • Ivan

        cause i live in canada now, all canadians around me disprove of all the sexuality that america has put in its media and how it has permeated in canadian media too
        its just too much sometimes

      • Modernityfan

        ivan, what she was doing was not overtly sexual. As a matter of fact much of the reason why there are so many unnecessary and annoying sexual references (even in Gum ads for goodness’ sake) in American society is because of the lingering Victorian conservatism which forces us to needlessly repress every reference to overt sexuality. It becomes a cat and mouse game of how much can we push the envelop and how close can we get to the actual thing without causing real scandal…history has shown in other Western culture (not just 3rd world countries as you so haughtily and distastefully implied) that once society becomes comfortable with desexualized nudity and speaking openly about the sexual desires we all have (instead of pretending all overt sexual references are perversions) then a real dialog can be had on the topic and discomfort around the mere site of the human form decreases.

      • gabriel

        What’s your idea of “third world country”? Americans and their ignorance!

      • Ivan

        seriously, if you want to educate the kids of tomorrow about the human form, dont do it like this, i could not think of a worse way to present it, its going to cause more crap than good

    • abc2be

      Whatever…. I heard of her and use to listen to her music back in the day. This stunt is just what you said, CRAP for her to do what she did. right is wrong and wrong is right. Who is the crazy ones? Stripping naked in public for anything is not art if you break a law. Classy don’t break laws either, they should uphold them. I guess that is the difference between a classy woman and a VIRTUOUS woman!

      • jacko

        sometimes the law has to be broken to prove a point. Rosa Parks refusing to get up for a whit patron on a bus. Dumping tea in the ocean ‘Boston Tea Party’, and countless other acts through out history. America is the great nation it is today due to Americans breaking the law for what they think is right. Now I’m not saying you should break the law to prove a point but some great Americans have done such, so it doesn’t make her a child molester because she broke a law that would of been perfectly legal with a permit. There is diffrence between commiting a NO-NO, and commiting a crime. No-No’s need permits to do. Crimes are illegal regardless.

      • Tory

        “sometimes the law has to be broken to prove a point.”

        What point was she proving? Are you seriously comparing this ridiculous stunt to Rosa Parks’s courageous act?

      • Ivan

        and so you would support those reformists who want to overthrow our government with violence like those hicks who got arrested not too long ago? theres good and theres evil, they dont mix

  • TheRootsFTW

    I love how someone like Lady Gaga can wear ridiculously trashy outfits, have ridiculously suggestive dance moves, and completely “inappropriate” lyrics and it’s considered the best thing that’s happened this decade. Window Seat is a classy song, Erykah Badu is a classy lady, and this video IS provocative. Props to her for having the “balls” to do something like this. Not to bring on a war here, but I’d rather my kids witness something as harmless as this than having to explain what taking a ride on a disco stick is.

    • CAG

      Parents have a choice on whether to expose their kids to Lady Gaga’s concerts or videos. Parents strolling down the street with their kids have the right to expect adults to follow public decency LAWS. Badu showed complete disrespect for those children & parents, acting selfishly in order to “express” herself. She should express herself in front of an audience who choose to be there, not random strangers.

      • abc2be

        You are right. It is not that she got nude, but she should not have did it randomly like she did. It’s nasty and gross. If I was there I would sue her just to teach her and others who might try it that if you break the law by not getting the right license to perform such acts,you will be sued, hit in the pocket. I use to listen to her years ago but nothing major, a few songs I liked. She is not a Mary J. Keep evolving Erykah, but be prepared to pay the consequence.

      • Terry

        And I doubt she’s gonna repeat the striptease on stage, if it’s so important. And if she’s not ashamed of her body, will she have a unpixalated video availabe for dvd? Doubtful. We know this was about money. The one thing she hasn’t mentioned was what this really had to do with her song, why was it necessary. In the new EW, while it doesn’t talk about the video, she does talk about the song, “about wanting to be alone and wanting to be wanted”. From that angle, the video makes a certain amount of sense, though it would make more sense if she were doing it on an empty street. Of course, the geting shot at the end changes things so I really have no idea what the (hades) she’s going for. Oh, yeah, money!

    • Ivan

      so in essence you’d rather your kids witness a brutal crime rather than learning about it? lol
      while you may cry unfair extrapolation, the same logic is still there

      • Modernityfan

        I dont need to cry unfair extrapolation. I just wonder why you assume that nudity is on par or along the same lines as a heinous crime. If your child saw you naked, would it be tantamount or along the same lines as incest? What if she saw her mother’s breast? What if she saw her own?

      • Ivan

        think about it lmao
        what is the percentage of crimes of nudity in front of children compared to non-crimes?
        this is just giving more incentive to those sick bastards to claim “artistic expression” and get hit with their measly 500 dollar fine. this promotes crime

      • laughable

        @Ivan, I’m pretty sure that anyone approaching children directly while nude or arousing him/herself sexually in front of children will be treated much differently by onlookers AND the law than this. There’s a reason for the distinction even in current law and you would do well to try and comprehend why.

    • jacko


  • forist

    No way. I apologize on behalf of anyone on here who is calling this a “sex crime” to anyone with a brain that just so happened to happen upon this forum. This is not the thinking peoples verdict on the case at all! I purchased Ms. Badu’s album today not because I was excited to hear the music really, but because I fully admire and support the video she created for “Window Seat”. It speaks volumes. I have been mulling it over in my head sense I watched it and nothing about it is wrong. We were all born with this body, why should we be ashamed by it? Because they tell us too?!? I wanted to support something authentic today, and I was so glad to be able too. Say…. this music is really nice:)

    • silk

      So you’ll walk completely naked in downtown Dallas tomorrow, right? Give me a break! You don’t have to ashame of your body, but you should also not to expose your body to others in the public, because others might think your body is ugly and gross!

      • Tunedelicious

        Who cares what other people think. So what if you ARE ugly and gross? Your problem is that you believe others should care about what you think. Well, as independent as Americans have been fromn the beginning, we DO NOT have to care what other people think. Perhaps we’d have a better country if “you people” would stop telling “us people” how we should behave or how we should worry about hurting your feelings. I do not care if you think I’m ugly, stupid, gross, morally corrupt, or anything else for that matter. All that’s important to me is how I feel about me. Because all I can control is me, and I am sensible enough to know I can’t make others do what I want. Control your own life and let other people control theirs.

    • Ivan

      looks like her purpose in mindwashing people like you worked wonders

      • laughable

        LOL, Yes Ivan, anyone who thinks differently from you or agrees that this was art or agrees with the law that this is a minor offence at best, must be ‘mindwashed.’ And if that’s true, where do I sign up to get my mind washed free of the idiocy you clearly suffer from?

  • Ivan

    This was just a cheap publicity stunt and i hope people have the decency to look at what a disgrace this is


    1. People need to stop paying attention to the video and start paying attention to her lyrics. She is talking about individualism and people being criticized for being individuals. People here seem to be doing that.

    2. There are other countries around the world that allow for nude people on the beach. People will definitely get over the fact that she was nude in this video.

    • Ivan

      words cannot undo actions, i’m sure you can find many examples in history that support this

    • jdubu2

      We here in America have nude beaches, but they are clearly marked, She should have followed the law and got a permit. being naked is not the issue to me, the issue is she broke the law. and I agree, if a man broke that same law, someone like 50 cent, he would have been arrested and made to register as a sex offender. a law is a law.

    • Joe

      I think there are two different arguments going here: Is the music video wrong? Was it wrong for Badu to strip in public without a permit?.
      The video is what it is. It’s not groundbreaking and I’m not sure if it makes sense (from the interview it seems like Badu isn’t sure either). Lots of people have been naked before in vides and they will continue to be. Badu tried it out.
      She should have got a permit to strip. It would have been easy and parents who didn’t want their kids seeing her ladyparts wouldn’t have had to. I suspect she (or her publicity team) chose to not get the permit just to cause a little stir in the media, because I don’t think anyone would be talking about the video if she had.

      How this turned into a left/right and religious issue is crazy? Why does every spot where readers can post turn into the same argument? “the right are closed-minded” “the left have no morals”, or viseversa – depending on the issue.

    • kcut

      Ain’t nobody gonna listen to her lyrics now..durrrr! And what does “other” countries have to do with her Video?LOL…We are in the U.S.A

  • Charina

    My thing is that she publicly stripped iun public. If that was anyone other than Ms Badu, it would be a crime in a heart beat. It may have been “art” however, public nudity is a crime. Now I don’t think she should be labeled as a sex offender however. But i do agree to the fact that we should let it go, especially after she paid the fine and i’m pretty sure that we will see another music video that’ll piss off America as much, if not more than this one.

    • Tunedelicious

      First, for Ms. Badu, it was a crime. Second, she paid a fine, which is legal punishment for committing a crime. Third, if a non-famous person did the same thing (stripping in a public place and nothing else), I would hope that equal punishment would be applied to the guilty party: a similar fine. The reason Ms Badu received a fine was because the crime was minor. It just isn’t a huge deal to be nude in public. No matter how much it makes prudish people froth at the mouth, nudity just isn’t very dangerous to the public, and our legal system seems to have recognized that. I worry far more about cellphone-using drivers than nude musicians as far as dangers to my life goes.

  • elisha

    Wanda Sykes still has a show!?!?

    • matt

      Finally a voice of reason

  • Angel

    Funny how some of you can accuse a person with 6 albums (4 of which have gone platinum) and 4 Grammys for trying to get “15 mins of fame.” Disagree with her tactics if you must, but let’s not negate the fact that she is a woman with a successful career.

    • Ivan

      just cause she has a career doesnt mean she is exempt from the law
      that french director has a great career too lmao
      guess what he did? he raped an underaged girl and people were crying injustice when he was finally arrested… disgusting

      • Niix Starkyller

        You don’t know the particulars of the case of ‘that French director’. Now, assuming you’re talking about Roman Polanski (who is Polish, not French), then you probably need to read up before you cite it to support the rest of your spurious and contrived arguments (such as implying all Canadians share some mindset on the sexuality in pop culture). You, Ivan, are a wellspring of uniformed dogma.

      • Ivan

        i’m pretty sure i watched a whole movie about that bastard lmao
        i remembered french cause he got admitted in their little club of artisans even with his dirty little secret

      • Lois

        Niix Starkyller,
        Roman Polanski was born in France, and has always been a French citizen.

      • Lolyes

        You, Ivan, are a wellspring of uniformed dogma. <—well put

  • Jeanne

    For ppl who thinks it’s ok to be naked in front of children is sick in the head, you can make all sort of excuses that you like to defend her, but what she did was classless and not classy as u claim. If you think it’s ok, then why don’t you walk around naked in front of your kids or your nieces and nephews. And people that are defending her just because she black is just racist! Oh, and I’m not Caucasian…for the ppl who’s going to try to blame my comments on them!!

    • Ivan

      quoted for truth!

    • Elle

      Kids don’t care. They don’t think nudity is wrong. Which it isn’t. The only time I’m against nudity is when it is gratuitous or sexual in nature. Obviously, I don’t believe people should be having sex all the time in public. That’s wrong. But not caring about clothes and walking around, feeling free. And taking care of your children, that’s all right. Also, what about kids? What about when you bathe a child? Is it wrong to see a child naked? NO. Because they’re innocent. Why can’t an adult be viewed as innocent? It’s such a double standard. We can see babies’ bottoms in a commercial but show an adult’s bottom and oh my goodness, it’s titilating and wrong. Give me a break! Case closed.

  • Pianki

    When Erica expresses her artform it is a crime. When a Catholic Priest expresses his artform with choir boys it religion.

    • Ivan

      thing is its up to the victims to make a difference and in the religious case some selfish people kept it hidden or unexposed which is actually a detriment to the many others who may be subject to the exact same terror

    • gabriel

      nobody sees the crime of the priests as a religion. Your comment is so unfair

    • LOL

      Religious crackers are hypocrites. They hate female nudity, but love to touch little boys.

      • cougar382

        Ms.Badu was wrong but she is trying to keep faith.And also I have to disagree with LOL.


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