Sarah Palin's 'Real American Stories': No worse than a Barbara Walters special

The canned quality of Real American Stories — tales of uplift about people who help others — seemed designed to showcase Sarah Palin as a good reader of the TV-studio teleprompter and a sympathetic listener to guests in the studio.

Palin introduced and narrated brief segments about good Americans such as wealthy folks who donate money to good causes; a heroic Marine; a family with a son coping with cerebral palsy. These people were portrayed with great sympathy, and done a disservice only in the sense that the narration text and music were so trite, and the individual segments so brief.

Hosting this edition of what will be a new series (Palin at this point was just hosting the premiere), Palin was her usual chipper self. The result was at once heart-warming and a little tedious, rather like your average Barbara Walters “news” special.

The show was a perfect way to present Palin in a non-political context and further her position as a Fox contributor. Indeed, had there not been reports about LL Cool J and Toby Keith complaining that pre-taped interviews with them were being used on American Stories without their knowledge (LL Cool J’s segment was not used), Palin’s version of Real American Stories would have been the most uncontroversial project Palin could possibly have been involved in.

Did you watch?

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  • Stephanie

    My God, Americans are stupid.

    • Hank

      The only good thing about this is that perhaps the morons who think she is a viable candidate will start to see her as a TV personality and her political aspirations will quietly evaporate. At least one can hope. And at least she is on Fox News as opposed to a credible network.

      • John

        Fox News is the second highest rated cable channel. Only the USA network gets higher ratings than Fox News.

        Palin 2012!

        The show brought my mom to tears. I thought it was beautiful.

      • Katie

        What a terrific way for her to make money and yet not have anything to do with what is going on! Have someone else do the interview, and have Sarah play host! That way she doesn’t have to actually interact with anyone and no one can ask any gotcha questions too tough for her to answer. She’s great with a script!

      • jeff

        Monkey Boy Obama is dumbest democrat in a long, long line of dumbarse democrats. Biden, Dean, Kerry, Gore, Dukakis, Carter, Pelosi, Reid, Rangel, Edwards, the list goes on and on.

        Monkey Boy hasn’t given a press conference where he answers the press’s questions since last Summer. Because he is stupid, can’t think off the top of his brown little monkey head.

      • Kelly


        Obama graduated from Harvard Law School. Seems to me that you are the stupid one.

  • Jenn

    A teleprompter?! No no no. A real host would write her information on her hand. A teleprompter is what that man who calls himself the President uses.

    • Hannah

      Hello, Jenn? “that man who calls himself the President” was put in office by a majority of the voters.

      • laura

        I think Jenn was being funny … which got me laughing.

      • Luddite

        I think she was being sarcastic.

    • Jenn

      Hannah, I was joking. *insert Palin wink here*

      • BlackIrish4094

        You betcha!!!

    • Jose

      Hannah ur a big dick! who hate black ppl

      • Cindy

        Very true! Makes a chnage to see someone spell it out like that. :)

  • Claire

    She is hideous.
    Why is she being forced upon us in any context, political or otherwise.

  • joesmom

    How many other interviews were canned or faked? No thanks. I’d rather watch paint dry.

  • Campbell

    You will always get the negative flak from the liberal press no matter what show Palin is on. Most show on television today are trashy with little or no family value.

    • Rina

      So tired of the phrase ‘liberal press’. Everyone just repeats a sound bite that they heard during election season even though they have no idea what they are talking about. Just a convenient catch-phrase to use when trying to claim that no criticism against this moronic woman is fair. Grow up, people.

      • juan

        Liberal press, leftist press, progressive press… whatever word you prefer, the truth is the same: 95% of journalists at major media outlets are card carrying Democrats and voted for Gore/Kerry/Obama.
        We who are not liberal can see the bias, whereas those who are just don’t care about it.

      • Danno

        Really juan? 95% wow what an amazing statistic. Where can I view that incredibly scientific poll that shows that. I mean it isn’t like a conservative to just make up statistics to support their arguements so you must have the source to show that amazing statistic.

      • Josh

        Juan – back up that stat, or STFU.

      • Angoose

        Remember when the specter was the “liberal jewish media?” I do. And I also remember when the GOP put a stop to it when overt antisemitism became a problem for them nationally. This ridiculous claim that “95% of journalists at major media outlets are card carrying Democrats” is absurd. If you can’t separate opinion from factual reporting from any media source you’re hopeless.

      • Count Nukem

        RE:liberal bias

        ABC News political director Mark Halperin stated that, as individuals, most journalists and news producers hold liberal political views and these views affect their reporting.[20] In a survey conducted by the American Society of Newspaper Editors in 1997, 61% of reporters stated that they were members of or shared the beliefs of the Democratic Party. Only 15% say their beliefs were best represented by the Republican Party.[21] This leaves 24% undecided or Independent.

        A 2002 study by Jim A. Kuypers of Dartmouth College, Press Bias and Politics, investigated the issue of media bias. In this study of 116 mainstream US papers, including The New York Times, the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle, Kuypers found that the mainstream press in America tends to favor liberal viewpoints.[22] They found that reporters expressing moderate or conservative points of view were often labeled as holding a minority point of view.[22] Kuypers said he found liberal bias in reporting a variety of issues including race, welfare reform, environmental protection, and gun control.[22]

      • Calvin

        A liberal press would not feel the need to provide a platform for this woman and her maniacal supporters.

      • Angoose

        Count Nukem – Are you serious? You bring a Wikipedia post to prove what? You are aware that anyone can post on Wikipedia and it is generally not peer reviewed. And Dartmouth College is one of the most conservative campuses in the country, BTW.

      • Will

        Count Nukem, really?
        You’re going to pull out a 13 year old study, by a conservative university, that you found on Wikipedia?

      • Danno

        That’s a pretty scientific study. One conservative person looked at 116 newspapers and in his opinion they leaned towards liberal. I just have to laugh because I find that most media outlets seem pretty conservative to me.

  • Cam

    It was painfully boring. I thought it was gonna be more than it was. It was no different than about 20 shows that are already on. Her voice overs narrating the pieces are so funny to me. The way she talks makes her sound stupid and when she says big words it makes me laugh.

    • Jill

      True – you just know she has no idea what she is even talking about, and the ‘big words’ probably have to be spelled phonetically and sounded out for her beforehand.

      • icarus

        Ha…Palin not only reading off a teleprompter, but the “big words” spelled phonetically! Love it!

    • Janess

      That’s really thinikng out of the box. Thanks!

    • ahqtinwzcql

      fLl1e6 eesjgzunorpr

  • donner

    Boring! She makes me laugh at her stupidity. And that’s saying something, cause I think all politicians s u c k…

  • Arthur R

    Another Fox News show with the word America in the title, mock patriotism and hosted by a clueless but attractive woman. The Fox News winning formula dontcha think. Wink wink.

  • Elizabeth

    I passed… and would have regardless of the political affiliation. I can find ‘inspiration’ through other means than a ‘news’ network that does its hiring based on looks rather than substance. (Really, ladies, we can’t pronounce “Ocho Cinco”?)

    • Brad Karr

      Elizabeth, you must be really UGLY to make such a comment and your are jealous of good looking women

      • Jessica

        Thank you, Brad for the meathead response. Back to you, Elizabeth. :)

  • juan

    She was great.

  • Danno

    Why is she even getting press still? She is completely irrelavent. If the GOP puts her on as their candidate in 2012 it would guarantee Obama’s reelection. Wait I mean come on GOP PALIN 2012!!! YOU BETCHA!!

    • ALM

      “Irrelevant”–exactly the word John McCain used to describe Palin on “Meet the Press” a few months ago.

  • shaun

    Why so much hate towards Palin still?! I thought the segment with the boy with CP was great. I like Palin now that she’s not doing SNL anymore. She has a nice caring vibe which was well presented for Real American Stories. I like her now. She’s harmless.

  • Bruce

    No worse than a Barbara Walter’s special? I think she adds something Barbara can’t any more, a really cute butt. Other than that I think she’s a moron.

  • Brad Karr

    Yep, Liberal robotic morons, in lock step with the NoBama morons. If one of you had a brain you would take it out and play with it. How can you toads even begin to criticize Sarah Palin when you suck up anything that Bill B/J Clinton, Crazy lying Al Gore, cheater John Edwards, Edward ( the swimmer ) Kennedy the lady drowner,Jesse( the phony preacher )Jackson, Al the lier Sharpton, Charlie(the tax cheat) Rangel,I could go on and on. You libs are either totally stupid or totally corrupt. Probably both. You would recognize a decent person if you tripped over one, because you are not one and you are probably not related to any either.

    • Jenn

      Happy Friday everyone!

    • BlackIrish4094

      What did Al Gore lie about? Global warming? I hope that’s not what you mean, even idiots such as yourself can see that weather patterns in this country have changed severely over the last 15 years especially. You know global warming doesn’t just mean warmer weather, right?

      • Brad Karr

        Who is the moron BlackIrish4094? Weather patterns have been changing since the world was formed ( Google it )I wonder which brands of SUV’s
        caused the glaciers to melt after the ice age. huh, huh. ROFLMAO

    • Will

      Very eloquently written, Brad.
      Especially the last sentence. Yes, us liberals are the morons.

    • Confused

      I love how you say these people aren’t decent, yet up there you commented to a woman that she must be ugly because of a comment she made.

      Pot, meet kettle.

    • wakeforce

      Larry Craig, Mark Sandford, George Dubya, Richard Nixon, Mark Foley, Dick Cheney (all Repubs!)

  • Amber

    I would love to see a truly unbiased review of the things this woman does. No liberal, no conservative. I guess that is impossible.

    • Elizabeth again

      If that happened, her relevance would disappear! That is the whole point about this program: to keep her out there, front and center, as a polarizing figurehead.

      If Fox wanted to present “Real American Stories”, they would’ve selected a different host. And they wouldn’t have released that cheap-shot presser yesterday about LL Cool J.

    • Brad Karr

      Now there is a smart person. Amber you are exactly spot on. We need that kind of reporting in ALL media.

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