David Letterman gives the Tea Party the best showcase it's ever had

In a quietly remarkable piece of television, David Letterman interviewed Tea Party member Pam Stout on last night’s Late Show. “I know nothin’ about the tea party,” Dave began, saying Stout had come to his attention after the 66 year-old Idaho woman had been featured prominently in a Feb. 15 New York Times story on the Tea Party movement.

Letterman invited her on to ask about the movement and whether it aimed to become a “third party.” She said, “I don’t think it will become a third party,” but that its voice “can be pretty devisive” in some elections, and that locally, she wanted the Tea Party to “take over the Republican Party… [and] go back to the old ideas.”

Those “old ideas” included “letting [some] businesses fail.” Letterman asked, “You mean like car companies and banks?” Stout agreed: “Then other businesses will step up… there’ll always be a demand.” Stout also said she disliked the way “we demonize business” and condemned “one of the highest tax structures” in the world.

Actually, “condemn” may give the wrong impression. Stout was the mildest of souls, calm and remarkably composed for someone probably not used to the glare of network TV cameras. And Letterman loves this sort of person — a Midwestern citizen, a non-celeb; while raising serious points, he made a point of keeping things light .

When he asked her what a Tea Party presidential ticket might look like, Stout said, “Oh, that’s an interesting question.”

“That’s why I’m here, honey!” Dave said, grinning. He also asked whether at Tea Party gatherings, “tea is actually served?” Stout said no, but seemed open to the idea.

After a while, some of Stout’s positions became more clear. She expressed great admiration, twice, for South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, one of the most conservative members of government. (DeMint is the author of a 2009 book called Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America’s Slide into Socialism.)

Letterman also gave Stout plenty of room to distance herself from what he called “a bonehead like Glenn Beck” and the birther movement. But Stout said Beck had “made me think and re-think” her positions on various issues. Ever the sensible fellow, Letterman said, “Well, anyone who makes you think is good.” But more troublingly, her response to Dave’s observation that “some people in the Tea Party think the President wasn’t born in this country” was, “He spent a lot to cover up his documentation.”

It was a fascinating interview, even if, as usual, Letterman’s instinct to downplay his own knowledge and skepticism leads him to go easy on an amiable guest. Part of this is just primal skill: He knows he can’t lean heavily on a woman who looks like your favorite aunt. That he might have asked her about her membership in Friends For Liberty, a group that includes members of the John Birch Society, or the Times’ detail that she has petitioned to impeach Obama — well, save that for 60 Minutes or Brian Williams, I suppose.

Except nobody else is doing interviews with people like this on TV. Why is it that the most interesting questioning of political issues is still being done not on network news shows, but rather by people like Letterman, Jon Stewart, and Craig Ferguson?

Did you watch Letterman last night? What did you think?

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  • bunker

    Yes, let’s give them more mainstream exposure.

    • Lori Adams

      Yes, let’s, shall we? Whether you like it or not, there are MANY people in this nation who believe just like she does. To think any different is just wishful thinking!

      • Ian

        I have no doubts about the number of morons in this country.

      • actually

        Key word that shows what’s wrong with these people. The word “believe”. There is an anti intellectualism counterculture in america that would rather go with what they believe than what they know. Facts people. incontrovertible facts are what you base policy and decisions on. Not beliefs which are essentially meaningless. I could believe that spider monkeys were really aliens that are trying to take over the planet. is that “belief” relevant to the rest of the world? if i have a society of people who agree with me about the spider monkeys, should we be listened to? just because we believe? now if we come with some proof, that’s one thing. but many of these tea baggers are closet racists or just the type that like to screech against anything they perceive as “left” or “socialist”. people that don’t understand that policy and culture have to be fluid or else we stagnate. that instead of complaining about how inept our politicians are, we need to encourage and spur them on to make changes- right or wrong. at least we can learn from mistakes and rectify them as we go along as opposed to bickering amongst ourselves and letting the rest of the world surpass us without even realizing it.

      • Mea

        TO “actually”….did you get a college education?…or just the propaganda? Sheesh….what malarkey. The FACTS are SOCIALISM does NOT work….get a clue.

      • anon

        exactly right. SOCIALISM does NOT work . . . except in all of the scandinavian countries where it not only DOES work, but the citizens are consistently among the happiest and best educated in the world.

      • Skip182

        @Mea: did you get a college aducation?…or just the propaganda? Because you clearly have no idea what socialism is. Guess what? It’s not what your psychotic Glenn Beck tells you it is.

      • darthkeller

        @anon – “except in all of the scandinavian countries…” Funny, Wikipedia lists the countries in Scandinavia… All of which are constitutional monarchies, which would make them more akin to England than, say, China, Cuba, or North Korea (all communist, which is in the same vein as socialist)

      • cargosquid

        Scandinavia countries.
        Sweden is in a debt crisis. There are more consumers than producers. Happy? Tell that to the Jews that are trying to leave the country due to the anti-semitism that is arising.
        Norway has oil income to help. Still has problems with socialize health care.
        Denmark, honestly, don’t know much about that one.
        Finland, Highest alcoholism rate outside of Russia.

        All of these countries have a tax rate twice ours. So, if you want to keep less of your money, and let the state take care of you….Well, that’s the way we are heading.

      • anon

        most countries are in a debt crisis right now – the financial meltdown wasn’t restricted to this country, nor are debt problems inherent to socialist societies. you don’t know about denmark, google it. people there are well educated, well cared for, and happy. also, i don’t care about tax rates – if people are taxed and their tax dollars go to programs that actually work for everyone, i don’t see a problem. it’s no different than towns where taxes are semi-high but those school districts and community services work well for everyone who lives there. high tax rates are not inherently a bad thing.

      • tafkat

        Well-cared for? Since when is it the role of government to make sure its citizens are well-cared for? And many of us do care about tax rates. You might not see a problem with it, but many of us do.

      • Bess

        Well the government did enact the Civil Righst bill making sure millions of its citizens were well cared for. The same with slavery.

      • Dave M

        Let’s be “intellectual” like the Obama Kool-Aid drinkers. How much worse do things have to get before you start questioning your savior?

      • Chris K

        Actually -I don’t think you could surpass the thinking of a spider monkey. open your eyes. America is wasting time and money on programs that are not creating jobs. with high unemployment and a growing deficit! Now, with govt. taking over healthcare and education grants and who do you think is going to pay for it? Your spider monkey? Please don’t live in your spider monkey fairy tale any longer. Wake up and see what’s really happening in this country. Then instead of spouting off with ignorant comments, get up, get off of govt assistance program, get a job and start participating in a solution. Anyone who doesn’t see what’s really happening in this country is just part of the problem. We need for every individual to step up and work together to be part of the solution.

      • Michelle

        Oh Lord…You watch too much TV. It appears to me that media has indoctrinated you 100%.

    • Dawn

      Why not? Let them get more exposure and confidence to run in November. It only spells doom for the GOP. Quinnipiac did a poll last week that showed that if Democrat, Republican, and a Tea Partier runs in a congressional race, the tea party takes a big chunk away from the GOP which means a Democrat victory.

      • Scott

        But the Tea Party movement really isn’t aiming to become an actual political party which fields candidates, etc. etc.

        This lady confirmed my understanding of their purpose: to sway the Republican Party’s platform.

        It really sounds like what MoveOn.org is to the Democrats.

        More power to them — I think both parties could use a good enema.

      • Cass

        Really, Scott? Sarah Palin anyone? Michele Bachman anyone? Come on!

      • Scott

        I’m not sure what you’re saying here, Cass.

        My point was that their intent was not to form a third party, but to influence one (or even both) of the major parties.

        And that’s why I made the comparison to MoveOn.org…which seems to be roughly a mirror image, but with Democrats, rather than Republicans, as the objects of primary focus.

      • Palin Pusher

        Sarah Palin for President!

    • Isaac

      Definitely give them mainstream exposure. When she starts saying things like “he covered up his documentation” that has to be a red flag for a lot of the more even-keeled people in America.

  • Katja

    Oh god…birthers. I’m sorry, but that’s the most desperate and ridiculous stance to take when you don’t like the new president and his politics. (For the record, I’m a moderate who found at least some pros and cons both with Bush and with Obama, as well as with each party.) But yeah, these late night shows often do a great job in their political interviews. Sometimes, however, Jon Stewart lets his personal politics get in the way too much, so that he ends up talking over his conservative guests and making pronouncements of his opinion that will inevitably provoke cheers from the audience while the poor guest has to sit there and try to be polite about it all and accept that they will not be able to fully express their opinion. I love Jon Stewart, but it’s a 5 minute interview and sometimes I really want to hear what the other person wants to say so that I can judge it for myself, rather than watch JS do a little grandstanding.

    • Skip182

      Stewert is actually very polite too his guests and let’s them say what they want. Where he differs from mainstream media is that he actually confronts them on their beliefs instead of just letting them say whatever they want without explaining their position. I don’t think that comes off as grandstanding, just good, old-fashioned interviewing skills. The major networks should take notice of how it’s done.

    • Chad

      “…the most desperate and ridiculous stance to take when you don’t like the new president and his politics.”

      The most? Really? More than the “stolen election” nonsense, and the 911 Truthers, and the so-called “Christianist theocracy” Bush was setting up, and the “shredding of the constitution” when the Patriot Act was passed, and the “Rigged Election/Diebold Conspiracy” of 2004, and the blown levees in New Orleans, and on and on…

      Crazy runs both ways.

      • Q

        No, really – the birthers ARE crazier than all of those.

      • Skip182

        You’re right about a few of those, like the 9/11 nutjobs and the Katrina folks, but as for the “stolen election,” all subsequent recounts (after the Supreme Court ruled Bush the president) showed that Gore won by a relatively large number of votes. I don’t see that as a conspiracy, just people being upset about the facts.

      • Gretchen

        Skip, really just for the record that bastion of Bush lovers, the NYT did the only comprehensive recount of Florida and guess what…Bush won. Gore’s selective recount was a joke, he asked for recounts only in heavily Democrat districts where he knew he’d pick up votes. Really more legal votes were cast for Bush, while liberals want to count “people they think intended to vote for Gore” and “people who didn’t understand the butterfly ballot and meant to vote for Bush” you really can’t do that if you are a grownup.

      • Danno

        Really Gretchen? I’m sure the fact that let’s see Bush’s brother was Governor at the time and Oh yeah his cousin was in charge of the recount have NOTHING to do with those results. Gore won the popular vote deal with it.

      • Sue

        Where were the tea party folks when Bush was shredding the constitution?? Wire tapping Americans, starting an unjust war, spending on everything…backroom deals all over that administration (can you say bridge to no where!!)They were NO WHERE to be found then? They are about not liking Obama plan and simple – no other reason is logical because if what they claim their about is true – they would have been screaming just as loud during Bush!

      • cargosquid

        You did see the 2006 elections right, where the conservatives DID NOT come out to support the GOP? And the same for McCain? Of course, with the election of Obama, and his subsequent breaking of all promises to be a centrist, quadrupling the deficit, Pelosi/Reid arrogantly ramming through legislature without reading it and in some cases, trying to pass bills NOT YET FINISHED, the Tea Party showed up. And it includes Democrats.

      • Bookem

        Danno, while you are entitled to your own opinion, you are not entitled to your own facts. The media completed a comprehensive recount after the 2000 election and determined that Bush won Florida. That makes him President. If you’ve got a problem with the Electoral College, well fine, but under the rules in place then (and now, for that matter) Bush won. It seems you’ve never been able to “deal with it” yourself.

      • sketchy

        The facts, Bookem, are that Gore won the 2000 election. Here is just one article by Martin Kettle in Washington for the Guardian newspaper, Monday January 29 2001. It’s entitled Florida ‘recounts’ make Gore winner
        “Al Gore, not George Bush, should be sitting in the White House today as the newly elected president of the United States, two new independent probes of the disputed Florida election contest have confirmed.
        The first survey, conducted on behalf of the Washington Post, shows that Mr Gore had a nearly three-to-one majority among 56,000 Florida voters whose November 7 ballot papers were discounted because they contained more than one punched hole.

        The second and separate survey, conducted on behalf of the Palm Beach Post, shows that Mr Gore had a majority of 682 votes among the discounted “dimpled” ballots in Palm Beach county.

        In each case, if the newly examined votes had been allowed to count in the November election, Mr Gore would have won Florida’s 21 electoral college votes by a narrow majority and he, not Mr Bush, would be the president. Instead, Mr Bush officially carried Florida by 537 votes after recounts were stopped.

        In spite of the findings, no legal challenge to the Florida result is possible in the light of the US supreme court’s 5-4 ruling in December to hand the state to Mr Bush. But the revelations will continue to cast a cloud, to put it mildly, over the democratic legitimacy of Mr Bush’s election.”

        The article continues on from there. Read and learn.

    • Jam

      jets is right. Dylan Ratigan steamrolled a Tea Party founder in an interview, asked him a few questions and never gave him the chance to answer. It was Mark Williams. Feel free to watch the atrocity here as Ratigan devolves into a subhuman and tries to berate the Tea party movement as Nazi’s whil Mark kept his cool. Ratigan is a nut, watrch here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nObPplOGUdI

      • akw

        Ratigan loses it about every other day. I don’t know why anyone would agree to be interviewed by him unless they march in lock step with his ideas. I’ve seen him just rail at Democrats who wouldn’t agree with precisely his view, too.

      • Michelle

        Response to Bookem: Really? You really believe Bush won that election? That election was so rigged, just like 9/11. But then I suppose you one of the few that actually “saw” the plane hanging out of the pentagon… When you take off the blinders come back and post..Until then do the nation a favor and educate yourself on reality.

    • Troll Feeder

      All you folks harping on the birthers may want to crack open a Google search about the effort to disqualify McCain from the election because he was born in Panama.

      Or not. Whatever. Crazy runs both ways, after all.

    • Maggie

      Jon Stewart is very polite to his guests. The ones he disagrees with he even lets speak longer than what’s on the air, and puts the whole, uncut interview online.

  • jets

    Dave showed how an even-handed, fair, news interview should be handled; polite inteligent uninterupted conversation. A cable news personality would have tried to steer it into either a shouting match or propaganda pep rally.

    as for the tea partiers, even the moderates of the bunch are apparently nuts (birthers). Their extreamism will heat up their all ready irrationaly heated base (led to beleive in the most dire of their fears that Obama is leading the country to communism) but turn off the fair minded moderates and actually hurt the republicans gains in the Nov. elections, I beleive.

    A funny thing about the rage agaisnt the health bill, is that they can’t say, “well, I’ll go to *some other country* then,” because Americas health care is still the least socialist in the developed world.

    • Scott

      “but turn off the fair minded moderates and actually hurt the republicans gains in the Nov. elections, I beleive.”

      The polls, thus far, haven’t indicated that at all — in fact, they’ve indicated the opposite.

      Maybe they’ll turn between now and election day. Who knows?

      • Skip182

        It all depends on how you look at the poll numbers. While one poll may show a 60-40 divide, when they break down the numbers and actually show what the responses were, it tends to be a much more complicated response. Example: the poll showing 52% of people against the healthcare bill compared to 40% for. It looks like the public is against the democratic side. However if you look at the numbers, 12% say the bill wasn’t liberal (ie democratic) enough. If you change that 12 percent around, it’s a whole different ballgame. Long story short: polls are misleading, so be careful.

      • Scott

        I suspect if what you were saying was true, then Republicans wouldn’t be out campaigning on repealing it.

        But they are and, at this point anyway, it looks like it’s working for them. It’s possible that could change — but I don’t know what the catalyst would be.

      • Becky

        Skip, Republicans have begun backing off on the ‘repeal” BS and it will be a distant memory in no time. Just wait. I just read about one Repub congressman bragging about certain parts of the bill in his district. I wish they would keep on trying to repeal it but alas, they won’t.

    • Ted

      O.K Jets,
      I was O.K and generally agreed with your first paragraph, but then you went off the cliff.
      My response is you seem to have adopted CNN’s opinion of the tea party, trying to paint them as extreme and demonize them. usually when you hear anyone do that you should immediately investigate the credibility of their statements.
      I personnlly don’t find anything extreme about americans getting upset and showing concern about the direction this president is taking our country. Not to mention that this congress has ignored the will of the majority of americans…are the majority of americans extreme? How about the fact that the democratic party really only represents aprox 1/3 of all americans and have obviously abused the power they currently hold in Washington, why, just because they can! How un-american! Without the consent of the governed they are exercising tyranny. Obama and company seem to treat the constitution as just another campaign promise, that my fried is unacceptable to me and many other americans!

      • Phil

        Ted, everything you said about the democrats can be said for the Republican party. They abused their power and royally screwed up this country for 8 long years, and that my friend was unacceptable to me and many other Americans! So now it’s time for you to sit back and STFU because the democrats deserve 8 years to do their thing! Fair is fair!

      • macey

        No, Ted, the majority of Americans aren’t extreme. They’re simple-minded, shortsighted followers who too often fail to use common sense.

      • Ted

        Come on man you can do better than that. Be specific. But first lets start with right back at ya.
        Then I’ll add I’m not a republican and I was fairly unsatisfied with them when they had control as well!
        They absolutely contributed to the federal overspending not to mention their pulpit pounding and grandstanding over how americans are immoral if we don’t follow their brand of beliefs.
        But how in the world can you contend that this current congress under the control of the dems are improving the situation? Please be specific.
        I find your sit down and STFU schtick to be immature and typical of the dems handling of the issues this past year. Please tell me how bankrupting this nation with more burdensome and ill conceived spending will strengthen this nation. Are you even aware of the fallout of this fiscal situation, the falling value of the dollar weakens the whole economy. Continued over spending weakens the US in relation to foreign policy. Our federal governement IMHO have more than enough money to get almost everything done properly if not for all the bullshit spending and corruption.
        Our government needs the wisdom to not legislate when the subject is socially divisive. One could even argue that social issues should not be legislated to begin with. Thats kinda why our consitutuion defines that anything note specifically allowed to the fed falls to the states to decide. Legislation based on narrow and disproven ideology does nothing but divide a people. Legislation based on pie in the sky wishful thinking,deceptive and downright dishonest assumptions purported to be facts as stated by this president is ridiculous corrupt. I’m giving you the benfit of the doubt that you actually have something worthwhile to say other than STFU so come on do you have any real issues to debate?

        And if I may Macey,
        So maybe that is you opinion, but that comment itself is rather myopic. I contend that if the current polls are correct that at close to 60% of americans disagree with your opinion are you ready to at least consider their concerns and reevaluate your position.
        Otherwise I cannot find your position to be credible. Now I am addresses the big picture here because anyone that thinks this is really about a few specific issues surrounding health care is in my opinion missing the forest for the trees so to speak.

    • Dave

      You folks have a far higher opinion of Dave than I do. Some folks here seem to think he possesses some superior knowledge and is open and fair minded. Go back through the interview and listen to him tell us how the GOP ran things for the last 8 years and during that time de-regulated banks and such. That is mis-information. The last legislative de-regulation was the repeal of Glass-Seagal – and it was signed by Clinton. Furthermore, Republicans did attempt to tighten regulations on Fannie and Freddie was were stymied by Frank in the House and Dodd in the Senate.

      I do feel Bush was responsible for some of the problems we face, but for Dave to suggest it was a GOP only responsibility shows either his ignorance or bias.

      • Sue

        Incorrect…Reagan repealed finanical regulation…which is why we are here today!

      • Sue

        No, incorrect. Actually Reagan De-regulated the finanical world and thanks to him and Bush…look where we are today!

      • cargosquid

        It was the de-regulation of the Glass Steagal act and the subsequent shielding of Fannie/Freddie that caused most of this. Clinton, Dodds, and Barney Frank.

      • EB

        To Sue: You miss the point – Reagan was before Clinton. Dave’s just saying that since the 90s, it’s not exactly as if Republicans were really these big de-regulators. Republicans have talked a big talk about being free-market capitalists and deregulators, but they haven’t actually done a thing about it, as evidenced by the fact that the last examples of Republican deregulation are 25 years old from the Reagan/Bush41 administrations. Bush 43 is a shame because he discredited conservative theory without actually using it, just because it was part of his rhetoric even when it wasn’t part of his actual political action.

  • redvector

    Only because the massive changes that will be wrought by this law haven’t kicked in yet.

  • **

    Back to old ideals, huh? I would like to see the return of the “Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men” idea that said all people were equal and deserving of equal treatment. Oh, wait, that wasn’t the “old” they are talking about, it is?

    • Shiny

      By “good old days” the Tea Baggers mean the 70’s and 80’s when Reagan was dismantling the unions and arming “freedom fighters” to kill and rape peasants, and when Old Bush was palling around with his best friends Pinochet, Galtieri, Saddam Hussein and Marcos.

      • Phil

        And there is a problem with dismantling unions? They served their purpose prior to labor laws. Now all they represent is greed and corruption.

  • MaryJane

    I’m glad he’s giving exposure to that movement, when more people actually sit down and hear what they have to say, the more people will realize how absolutely nuts they are. Who are the real un-Americans in that movement when you have them claim that everybody else is wrong and they are the only ones who are right? They’re truly scary.

    • Chappel

      I agree. The best way to show how ignorant, misled, racist and filled with fear and hate they are is to put them in a forum where they have to rationally explain their ideology. When they get away from their talking points and try to think, their true nature becomes obvious. I’m still waiting for Glenn Beck to explain what “white culture” is.

      • mel k

        just like the extreme librals in this country believe in diversity as long as those people are like them. Let’s face it, both extremes in this country are narrow minded and pigheaded who dislike anyone who is not like them. It’s the middle that is lost in the craziness right now.

      • actually

        i find that people on the right- extreme and moderate- are the ones who feel the need to label and hate different groups. the only thing i hear (what i’m guessing you mean by) extreme liberals say is usually a reaction to people hating on them. you can think or do as you like but NOT when it encroaches on the civil liberties of others.

      • Cass

        Yeah, but i’m not seeing the extreme left out there picketing with signs of politicans made to look like Hitler. And I might mention that the extreme left is not overly found of the President either.

      • Mea

        To chappel….you need to study the RACIST HISTORY of the Democratic party…you really do…smears like yours are uneducated and ignorant.

      • EMD
      • cargosquid

        then you missed 8 years of Bush=Hitler and the current LaRouche signs showing Obama as Hitler.

      • Kathy

        Really Cass? Michael Moore anyone? Cindy Sheehan anyone? Hugo Chavez anyone? George Soros anyone? Both parties have their abrasive extremists. All good things do not automatically flow from left to right. I think the MoveOn and TeaParty comparison is apt.
        And if you really haven’t seen anyone on the left carrying signs comparing the president to Hitler, you must have been in a coma throughout the Bush years!!!

      • Jesse

        Hugo Chavez is now a liberal?! Really? REALLY? You just nulified your point.

      • sb

        Cass, your not seeing left wing groups showing people as Hitler, you may want to look at this simple Google image search (link below)the majority of the images are at left-wing/left-leaning rallies.

        To the OP, the left hates the Tea Party movement and calls them Teabaggers, how is that any different than the n* word? The left was so appalled by the civil rights movement they destroyed Harlem, parts of Chicago and LA in the 60s. The left leaning blogosphere routinely suggests death by pistol, torture, etc. for the right. They throw out unfounded charges or racism, homophobism, national socialism, etc. to anyone who does not share their view of the world.

        Most conservatives hate progressive ideals as they are opposite to the principles that our country was founded on, very few conservatives HATE the believers of progressivism.

        Liberals tend to demonize the person that holds conservative beliefs, they cannot separate the belief from the individual which is why they ostracize conservative Americans of african heritage, strong republican women, and homosexuals that believe in limited government. They do this because they cannot fathom that a group they are supposed to love (insert protected class) is capable of free thought or free will.

        Conservatives hate progressivism. Liberals hate conservatives. See the difference?


      • Ted

        Wow Chappel,
        First of all there seems to be more talking points and little substance on both sides of this discussion, but lets start with your comment about the tea party ideology. IMHO if I would try to define the tea party ideology I would look no further than the US Constitution and the bill of rights. The first of which defines and restricts the power of the federal government. Based on your statements your not really interested in trying to understand your fellow americans concerns at all. I’m afraid accusing people you don’t even know as rascist is indicative of the overall strategy of the Democrats and the liberal left. I am neither racist nor filled with fear or hate. However I could probably work up some comtempt for people that will not or cannot conduct a civil dialogue on the issues.

      • William

        You have a short memory. The Left cornered the market on that mindset years ago.

    • naynay

      And that is exactly what the liberals do. If you don’t agree with them, you are un-American, you want the country to fail, etc. What happened to everyone being able to express their own opinion? We don’t have to all think alike. We are supposed to have freedom of speech.

      • melinda

        I’m a liberal and I’ve been called a communist (during the W. years), a socialist (now during the Obama years) and an anti-american all years. Liberals rarely ever deem someone as being un-American. That’s always been a conservative thing to do.

      • Mark

        @melinda: liberals just label people who disagree with them as reactionary, rascists, angry, anti-intellectual, fascist, chicken-hawk, etc.

      • Kathy

        Oh please!! The revisionism here is astounding!! One after another we are treated to self-righteous protestations of civility and respect from liberals. Where have you people been?? The vitriol and contempt that emanates from the left towards ANYONE who disagrees with them has been breathtaking these last 8-10 years. Keith Olbermann is not one bit better (or worse, for that matter) than Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh.

      • Jesse

        Guess what? When you go on about a government takeover of healthcare as bad and then in the same breath scream about not touching your medicare you realize that this argument is not based in reality or on fact. When you have policies that for YEARS been pushed by Republicans being embraced by Democrats and all of a sudden those same Republicans turn around and say that “it’s socialism” then you’re not having a discussion based on reality or facts. WHen you tell people you are going to kill their grandmothers or that it straight up going to be armaggedon you are no longer having a conversation based on reality. These things are simply NOT true.

      • brad

        Well my hot buttons are Equal Opportunity, Individual Freedom, and Personal responsibility. That means I have problems to one degree or another with both parties. I get called a lot of names, and it changes depending on who’s in power. What I tolerate at the local and state level, I dont at the federal level. It just makes me laugh when I get called names. Name calling is a sure sign of a failure of ideas, and inability to articulate your position. Racist is my favorite these days. Because the people usually doing that don’t understand that they are in fact being racist with their beliefs. The irony is lost on them.

      • Bess

        And Brad my hot buttons are social equality and allowing everyone the chance to pursue the American dream. It’s one thing to preach personal responsibility but ill health or hard times can hit anyone. The role of government, in my mind, is to protect it’s citizens from being robbed blind by big business that would otherwise happily go along picking their pockets.

      • William

        ‘Social equity’ and pusuit of the American dream … so, you’re all for pursuit of the dream, but once it’s attained, taking the fruits of that labor and dispersing it to others, huh? In your perfect world, you realize that you’re replacing the ‘evil big business’ with Big Government — and there is no redress when it comes to getting Big Government to stop picking your pocket to fund their failed policies. And, for the record, ‘big business’ is really a collection of small businesses — there are fewer and fewer American ‘big businesses’ to kick around thanks to our confiscatory tax rates and structure.

    • Scott

      “when you have them claim that everybody else is wrong and they are the only ones who are right?”

      But the nice thing about a paradigm of liberty is that people get to decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong.

      I don’t think Tea Partiers, from what I can gather, want to say that they’re right and others are wrong….but that everybody should have the freedom to decide what’s right for them, instead of having others do that for them.

      Works for me.

    • NukemHill

      You mean like “we won”? Sheesh. I love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning….

  • David J

    While I truly want to believe most in the Tea Party are just normal, everyday folks who want smaller government… it’s hard to ignore the fact that they seem to attract an AWFUL LOT of bigots, conspiracy nutjobs, and christian fundamentalist types.

    • Lori Adams

      Thank you, David for at least trying to think the best of them, instead of just out and out blasting them for daring to have a viewpoint that is different than yours! I will agree with you the movement does seem to attract passionate and intense people–my parents are some of them!–but not all of them are like that! It can’t be ignored that there are questionable things going on in this country, and people are scared! If everyone could just respect that everyone else has a right to their own viewpoint and stop calling those of a different opinion stupid or crazy or evil, what a better world this would be!

      • Jon

        Nobody has the right to be racist.

      • Thommy J

        Actually, Jon, anyone does have the right to be a racist, just as anyone has the right to be a communist or a nudist or a talk show host as distasteful as others may find any of those pursuits. Your lack of awareness of even the concept of tolerance of dissent is a sure indicator of which way you lean.

      • actually

        lori. you show great bias here. people aren’t blasting people who just have a different viewpoint. they are reacting to the extremists in that group that are unintelligent and say unintelligent things. you can’t take a “viewpoint” seriously if it based on nothing but the rantings of glenn beck. if it is a rational reasoned view, it deserves the merit of a hearing, at least. but saying stupid things like the president isn’t american or mccarthyesque red scare tactics are not just erroneous, they are insidiously tainting our country and its politics. To Jon and Thommy: Sure. you can be a racist in thought, but not in action in this country. Not if it encroaches on another citizens civil liberty. Noone’s in favor of the thought police, but you can’t mistreat just cause they don’t look like you in America. I think what Jon might’ve said to make a better point is that you can’t justify racism. it’s ultimately acting against the best interests of society as a whole. So unless you’re seriously antisocial- acting on racist “beliefs” (not facts) is self destructive.

      • cargosquid

        “you can’t take a “viewpoint” seriously if based on nothing but the ranting of Glenn Beck.”

        Why not? Apparently people are taking the viewpoints of idiots on the left seriously. And by that, I mean Congress….

      • Thommy J

        Acually-I completely agree. However, I am getting very weary of anyone not agreeing with Obama, Pelosi and Reid being labelled ‘racist.’ This facile attack is without question is true to some degree, but not to the extent insisted upon by most of the Left. There is no quantitative difference between this smear and the suggestion that anyone disagreeing with “W’ was ‘unAmerican.’ They are both exercises in shabby thinking.

      • BP

        Name these “questionable things” people are “scared” of.

  • Ron

    The problem is that while she seems like a sweet enough woman and I don’t disagree with her on some points, again where were they the past 8 years? They gave Obama all of 10 minutes in office before they started coming out of the woodwork. And I’m sorry but if Sarah Palin is who you look up to and you still believe the president wasn’t born in this country, you’re really no better than some of the wackos we see holding up racist, offensive signs at the rallies.

    • Tay1

      “but if Sarah Palin is who you look up to and you still believe the president wasn’t born in this country, you’re really no better than some of the wackos we see holding up racist, offensive signs at the rallies.”

      …. that is, quite possibly, the stupidist comment I have ever heard. Because someone likes another Sarah Palin & has questions about Obama’s place of birth THAT puts them on the same level as someone who holds up racist signs? Really?

      Could it be that it “took them all of 10 minutes” because they listened to the words coming out of President Oboma’s mouth & took a look at the people he has placed in his life (all of his life)?

      Get a grip on yourself.

      • Ron

        He has a birth certificate. Get over it. Palin spreads lies about death panels, and has a husband who belongs to a vehemently anti-American radical fringe group. If you look up to her you’re nuts.

      • William

        Man, you are a hater.
        Yeah, he’s got a birth certificate … and a lot of other things hidden quite well by his lawyers. You can’t seem to help yourself when it comes to slander, either, can you?

    • Mark

      Forget about Sarah Palin. Paul Ryan is the future of the GOP.

    • granny3

      We were getting angrier and angrier that’s where we were. there were lots of blog comments about the spending excesses and RINOs during the Bush years. We are not racists. We just really dislike the policies of the current administration and Congress. It’s the POLICIES!

      • Becky

        Ah, ridiculous! All of a sudden you’re fed up. Now that there’s a Democratic administration and you can’t stand it you are getting really really angry. I like the policies. What do you want the people who like these policies to do? I mean we already worked hard to win an election (the American way). What else? Should we just give in to you guys who didn’t win but want us to do it your way in anyway? I just can’t believe this. Go ahead and work to win your own election. For now the Dems will do it the way we have wanted to for many years and it will be good. Rant all you want but just remember plenty of people worked hard to get to this administration and we like it.

  • chris

    Dangerously stupid booger-brained turdbutts with empty-headed passion fueled by racism everywhere. What a wonderful world.

    • Stan

      Wow, I couldn’t hav said it better myself.

      I am getting really tired of this hatred of liberalism. It doesn’t mean orgies of sex and drugs amid socialistic governmental policy. It just means we want to watch out for each other. All that the Tea Partiers want to do is stab everyone else who’s not among the Master Race to death.

      • tommy

        Actually, no it doesn’t mean we watch out for each other. It means the government watches out for us.

        It’s clear that you’re bigoted against these folks. Usually when folks resort to calling others racist like this it means they don’t want to talk about their actual policy positions.

        It sounds like you’re afraid your own positions won’t withstand their criticism and in order to prevent that encounter you’re simply attacking the person.

        Or perhaps you have some other motivation, but you’ve described their motives as though you can read their minds. Seems fair I should be allowed to describe your thoughts and motivations for you.

      • brad

        “I am getting really tired of this hatred of liberalism. It just means we want to watch out for each other. All that the Tea Partiers want to do is stab everyone else who’s not among the Master Race to death.”

        Hmm where to start. First of all look at who contributes to their fellow man outside of government. By and large believers in Liberalism contribute LESS to helping their fellow man outside of government as a percentage of income. It is usually a lot easier to HELP others, with someone elses money. That’s the complaint. The Federal government is the LEAST efficient way to actually bring help to others. Almost all of it gets eaten by the overhead. Wouldn’t it be better to offer others Economic opportunity to help themselves? Why is closing off economic opportunity progress? If you look at what has actually helped the poor, its not liberalism, it’s capitalism. (China and India have adopted capitalist policies and have seen a massive decrease in the poor and hungry relative to the effect of their previous policies)
        Some of us who have tried liberalism, and who care about our neighbors, have noticed it mostly fails to deliver what it promises. There is no such thing as a free lunch, if you really want to help people figure out what works and what doesnt. Dont settle for making yourself feel better because your intentions are good. Poor people cant eat good intentions.

      • Jesse

        OK Tommy how do you respond to the fact that many members of the Tea Party have Medicare or receive Social Security. I think you run into a real problem there.

      • brad

        “OK Tommy how do you respond to the fact that many members of the Tea Party have Medicare or receive Social Security. I think you run into a real problem there.”
        I wont speak for Tommy, but you do realize the differences between the programs dont you? Look I wouldnt have voted for either of these programs, but the way those programs work is that they deduct money from your paycheck with the agreement that they will give that money back to you when you retire. I would have been happier that they had not forcibly extracted that money from my pay and had allowed me to invest it how I see fit. There would be more of it available to me when I retire in that case. Those that are receiving benefits from SS are to a large degree getting back the results of what they put in, by working. The problem is that since 1965 or so, the government has been using it for other purposes. This is a very very different program from the way Obamacare works.

      • Jesse

        Brad! Ahh and actual debate. I can engage in this. What I was discussing was a group of people who say government control or involvement is bad except when that involvement involves them. But you’re wrong about Obamacare. It’s very similar to RomneyCare. And we can argue about whether it ultimately does what it says it will but healthcare reform will NOT affect you if you already have health insurance. That is a fact. If you are one of the 32 million people in this country who will now have ACCESS to healthcare you will be given subsidies to help you pay for it. Small businesses will be given tax credits. This is a tool to help the middleclass. Because after all no matter how much one might want to deny it everyone evitably will need healthcare. When they walk into an ER I’d like them to be able to pay for it themselves. Because if they don’t ulitmately we all have to pay for it.

      • brad

        I understand RomneyCare hasnt been the best program in the world, I dont live there I wouldnt know, but it appears to be a huge drain on that’s states finances. I have to disagree about the impacts to private insurance. On the face of it this program would appear to shift costs onto those who are in private insurance to an even greater degree then before (Medicare pays at 70% of cost, according to many) If more insured on Obamacare are subsidized by private insurance premium payers, and some of the cost reductions used in the past, pre-existing conditions etc. are eliminated, I fail to see how you keep those premiums from going up. What keeps some large number of companies who offer private insurance now, from deciding not to when those costs go up? It would appear to me that you are spreading the real costs of care over an increasingly small number of plans to the point where no company can afford to offer private health plans. I dont disagree that everyone needs health care. Afterall, Healthcare has occurred in this country since it’s inception. Company offered private healtcare only has been with us since the wage controls of WWII. What I disagree with is that this is the best way to do it. It seems to me to be an introduction of government where it doesnt belong, and the LEAST efficient way of doing it.

    • Menchy

      Booger-brained turdbutts? Are you seven?

      • chris

        Yes, what the hell is wrong with that? You stupid old booger-brained turdbutt. If you were here right now, I’d doink you with a spitball Menchy Stenchy.

  • the bigone

    Chris, sounds like you’re talking about Sarah Palin.

    • chris

      There are no other words to describe Sarah Palin other than dangerous, booger-brained, and turdbutt. When she speaks, she might as well replace her words with a belch because that’s all it adds up to anyway. Long live futility and de-evolution.

  • Nick

    Yep, I watched. Dave is great. Give him the Emmy.

  • simon


  • Ugly Jenny

    As a conservative and registered nurse, I am worried how the new healthcare “reform” will affect that way I give care to patients. I don’t agree with the bill or with President Obama on most of his policies, but that should not qualify me as a racist or hate monger who wants to have poor people die from lack of care. I know several people who are part of the Tea Party movement and race is the last thing they are thinking about when it comes to their platform. I do agree, every group has its loons. However, where was the outrage when people called for Bush to be assasinated and wanting him to die? Just because there are a few extremists in the Tea Party doesn’t mean that they are representative of the whole group. Remember there are extremists in every group and the vast majority of Tea Partyers are genuinely worried in the direction that this country is going in. I’m one of them, and President Obama’s skin color has nothing to do with that.

    • wakeforce

      You keep telling yourself that, honey!

      • toad

        So wakeforce, you are saying that you know better than UJ what is in her heart?

      • Ugly Jenny

        Wakeforce, it is that type of response that contributes to our country’s dividedness. So because I don’t agree with President Obama, that somehow makes me racist? So because you disagree with me maybe that makes you a racist and against Hispanics which is what I am. It is that type of response that is making this country so divided. I don’t know who you are and you by no means know me. As someone who recently volunteered to Haiti in a medical missions trip, what have you done to help those less fortunate? Next time I suggest knowing before typing from the comfort of anonymity of your computer.

      • Pete

        I think what you might want to hold into account Ugly Jenny is that no one says because you are a conservative taht equals you’re a racsist. What is troubling is that President Obama is questioned about his birth certificate when in fact he has produced it. If it were being balanced there would have been an uproar over John McCain since he was born in the Panama canal. Let’s not pretend that there can be rational discourse. But when you have people screaming about death panels and flat out lies rationality goes out the window.

      • cargosquid

        Outstanding reply, Ugly Jenny.


      • Skip182

        @Ugly Jenny: What has he done to help the less fortunate? How about SUPPORT HEALTHCARE REFORM? You went to Haiti to help those less fortunate, which is a noble thing. But where is your compasion for your fellow Americans? There is a hypocracy in your statement that puzzles me.

      • skink

        “You keep telling yourself that, honey!”

        Ahhh, the extra special hatred that the left directs at those women and minorities who fail to parrot the proper liberal pieties.

        Ugly Jenny, you are the lucky recipient of the typical response of a leftist to someone who’s wandered off the leftist plantation. Congrats!

      • seguin

        There is no hypocrisy in Jenny’s statement. It was HER CHOICE to go to Haiti. It was HER CHOICE to be charitable.

        It is not “pitching in for others” to be forced to pay exorbitant fees by a wasteful government which has the power to exact that help backed by the threat of force or incarceration.

        You need to think more. It’s healthy.

      • Bethany

        Sequin – you’re wrong. You are not being forced to do anything. If you are one of the uninsured you can choose to not have health insurance and pay a tax. You will not be incarcerated and that is a flat out misrepresentation of the bill. Also, up until a few months ago Republicans were touting a mandate. Now that Obama’s for it, they are against it? Come on.

      • cooler

        You think that ANYBODY that hates obamacare now, would vote FOR it just because he was white? hahaha hahaha. he IS half-white already, so that argument doesn’t fly at all. People hate obamacare for the control-grab it so blatently is, not the color of his skin.

      • Ugly Jenny

        Here are the facts, 53% of our country voted for President Obama, so to call this country racist is absurd, because he never would have been elected if that was the case.
        I AM FOR HEALTHCARE REFORM (let it be known), but not this way. I feel that there are other measures that can be taken to decrease the cost of healthcare in this country, such as tort reform and buying insurance across state lines. I do not agree with the mandate. Yes, people make the car insurance comparison. However, driving is a priviledge, not a right. Car insurance is there for catastrophic events, such as car crash or accident. You do not need car insurance to fill your gas tank or for an oil change, or any other maintenance needs. Health insurance should be for serious conditions such what “disgustedinfl” has undergone. I don’t believe people with pre-existing conditions should be shut out from having insurance because that is the whole point of having health insurance in the first place. I just don’t want America to be turned into an entitlement society, where everything is expected to be given and handed out.

      • Terry

        Yeah, but I’m not a republican, but I choose not to have health care. Yet, I gotta pay a fine or TAX cause i don’t. Why? I used to have health care through my job. Don’t anymore(no job) can’t afford it and don’t want it. When something happens, I don’t intend to seek treatment, it’ll just be my time. And the car insurance analogy is just retarded(that was for Sarah) because I can choose to have a car. I don’t think I can choose whether to be alive or not(unless you’re advocating suicide for all those who don’t want to pay).

    • disgustedinfl

      How is the healthcare reform bill going to affect the way you give care to patients? Over 30 million people will have access to healthcare that didn’t before — were you ok with them not having healthcare? People with pre-existing conditions can no longer be cancelled by their insurance companies — is that a bad thing? Just once I wish someone in the Tea Party movement could articulate what it is they are upset about….

      • tommy

        They’re upset because you’re taking money from the person who earned to provide a service to that person. In this case that service is healthcare.

        Somehow certain folks have twisted healthcare into a right. Something they are owed by the gov’t. But how can it be a right if you have to take it as goods or services from another citizen. Certainly you don’t think your want or need for something compels me to provide it for you, regardless of my desire to do so.

      • disgustedinfl

        Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — isn’t that in our Declaration of Independence? How can you have that without your health? Doesn’t that make it a right? Bet you claim to be a Christian too — but if somebody else loses their job and health insurance, well to heck with them? How morally repugnant. Apparently the Tea Party way is total selfishness….

      • Ugly Jenny

        I am all for people having more access to healthcare, but having the government heavily regulating it. Why not have portability and actually tort reform? Everything that is being done is leading to income distribution. I am worried that eventually people will abuse this new healthcare system just like there are abuses in the welfare system and unemployment and increases the deficit of our country. That is what I’m worried about.

      • Annemarie

        Plus Tommy many of the provisions in the healthcare bill were put forth by Republicans. Like Mitt Romney. Like Bob Dole. Many of the members of the Tea Party movement have been lied to and it’s unfortunate. Because we can never have real discourse in this country if one group is constantly being lied to for political gain.

      • Sarah

        We are so selfish and egocentric in this country, it seriously makes me sick to my stomach sometimes. Tommy — when you live in a better society, you as an individual benefit from it. When the average quality of life goes up (e.g., when all citizens have health care), your quality of life will also improve. Please understand that “quality of life” includes so much more than the amount of money in your pocket. This is not (gasp!) socialism…it is just common sense.

      • Ugly Jenny

        I currently do not have health insurance. I am a Christian, I am all for fixing our healthcare system, but not this way. I see firsthand how bad our system needs to be repaired. I paid my own way to volunteer to help those in Haiti, so to call me selfish is absurb and a knee-jerk reaction.

      • Dee G

        So apparently, someone with any health condition has a “right” to demand that an insurance company pay for health care expenses that the insurance company says up front it won’t accept the risk of paying for? Someone with a preexisting condition has the “right” to demand that doctors/nurses provide them with services that the patient knows he cannot pay for? (I didn’t realize docs and nurses were our slaves…). Why not just be clear and say that you have decided that anyone who is sick has (1) a claim as a matter of right (2) to force less-sick and healthy people (either through government or insurance companies) to (3) divert more of the money they earn (in either taxes or premiums) to pay for sick people’s health care? That’s what “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” is really all about, right? Sheesh, you probably don’t get why those of us who exist in the real world who actually create real jobs and have to deal with making payroll each week think that sounds a lot like communism/socialism either….

      • disgustedinfl

        Thanks for the response, Jenny (and I doubt you’re Ugly (-;). And thank you for your work in Haiti. Personally, I really think we’d do better with a single payer system. I don’t think that doctors and nurses and patients should have to worry about which insurance they are dealing with and what is covered by which one — think we should all get the same deal. Perhaps government regulation of insurance companies would do that, but I don’t have confidence in that. I don’t think this is the best bill ever — but I do think it is a big step toward giving everyone the healthcare they deserve. As a cancer survivor, I am forever only one step away from being cancelled by my insurance company. This is what happens when, through no fault of your own, you have a chronic illness. This bill protects me and other like me.

      • skink

        Access to a waiting list is not access to health care.

      • skink

        Oh, and about 10 million of those without insurance are citizens who choose not to buy it. Generally they’re young and healthy. ObamaCare forces ins. companies to cover everyone, regardless of pre-existing conditions. There is an alleged “requirement” to purchase insurance, but there’s no real enforcement mechanism. Sooo, if I’m young and want to save money, I’ll pay out-of-pocket for routine care (Many docs will work a good deal for you on cost because they get to avoid the insurance co. paperwork, etc…) and then if something awful happens, I’ll purchase insurance.

        Even if they manage to fine me for not having insurance, it will be worth it financially because the fine isn’t that high and the cost of insurance is going to go up, up, up. (it went up about 3x in Mass.)

        Another cohort of the uninsured are illegals. They are NOT required to purchase insurance, and you can best believe they will receive care irrespective of their ability to pay. Fun.

      • cargosquid

        Instead of this intrusive, pork ridden, draconian bill, is there anything that prevents the federal government from building hospitals, hiring doctors, and providing medicine? If not, they can do that and accept whom they please.

      • Kate

        Do you enjoy paved roads, libraries, the post office, trains, schools, police, firemen, water and sewage works, garbage men, a judiciary system? Because these are all services paid for by your earnings and distributed across the nation (or probably more correctly, your county)? What, then, makes healthcare so different? Why do you have a right to a postal service and police, but not to a doctor? I just don’t understand that argument.

        @Ugly Jenny
        I’m an American currently living in the UK, which has a National health service AND a private health insurance industry that operates just fine in an open market, albeit with gov’t regulation. I understand your concerns as the NHS is not perfect. However, I can assure you that my treatment here is less affected by the government then it was in the US by my health insurance company. There may be things in the bill to be wary of, but gov’t interference shouldn’t be one. In practice in these types of systems the gov’t does not decide what procedures you do and don’t have. Your doctor does.

      • Ted

        First of all do you know who makes up that alleged 30 million people?
        Based on my research, aprox 10 million are illegal aliens, another 5-8 million are young people that choose not get health insurance even though they both have access and can afford it. Now these numbers are not exact but are close, the bottom line is the argument of 30 million being deprived of health care is a lie. Of the ones that really need it they will not be turned away at any hospital in the US. Now even 5-9 million that cannot afford it is still a problem but lets not swallow all the propaganda.
        So now for those that currently have to go to the hospital and are not turned away, our federal government re-imburses the hospitals the costs they expend, so we are already taking care of them even if its not ideal and needs improvement lets understand the reality istead of the political deceptions.
        So, the point I’m trying to make is that this so called reform bill is not really about reform at all its really a money grab by washington.
        But lets go further, the fed Gov already aknowledges that medicair/medicaid is failing so how is it exactly that this bill solves that problem? No its making it worse. Again its a money grab by Washington. They won’t address the real problem which is their collective failure and utter incompetance at how they intend to balanced budget. And one more thing most americans either don’t know or ignore, the Social Security trust fund(so-called) is empty, zero, zilch, nadda. This is because they appropriated it ( I say stole) over the last several decades. There should be currently over 2 trillion dollars (yes thats 2 trillion) in the SS trust fund. Do you think that if that was still in there, we as americans cold’ve maybe had a national discussion of where and how to use it, like maybe address some of the health care reform we’ve all been fighting over, And I do mean we americans not the politicians, for anything of this magnitude should be a national referendum, not political fiat.
        And in closing to attempt to address one more tidbit of your critisism of my opposition to this insult of a reform bill, most of all the things you have stated I am against we actually agree on. Things like pre-existing conditions etc. All of which could’ve been passed in a couple hundred pages or less not this socialized piece of shit they call reform. So please stop trying to paint opposition as heartless and out to screw the poor people, its untrue and blatently dishonest.

      • JohnBoy

        Ok – here is what I don’t like. We are running a $1.4T deficit and we add a new entitlement that adds $200B a year to spending. If you can’t pay the mortgage, you don’t go out a buy a boat!

    • tommy

      Let them talk.

      They’re hoping that they can yell racist loud enough to drown out what you have to say because they are afraid. They’re afraid the ideas of limited government and greater freedom will appeal to enough voters to put their guys out of office. It’s really that simple.

      The cries of racism are the desperate argument of a group that has no good ideas, so they attack the messenger.

      • Becky

        So racism has gone away in this country? It just doesn’t affect people’s judgement about people any more? Because if it hasn’t gone away then there must be some people who will hate Obama and his policies because of his race. I’ve observed that this is especially true in the South. But somehow, whenever people talk about it they always, always state that they themselves are not racist. And also they say the other Tea partiers aren’t either. And basically no one is. It’s all just his policies. OK, it surely is policies for some. But how is it possible that no one is racist any more? It would be wonderful but how can anyone believe it?

    • beede

      No one of any note ever called for the assassination of Bush, just impeachment.

      • cargosquid

        No one of any note ever called for his impeachment either.

      • Kathy

        No one of “any note” is calling for Obama’s assassination either. But if anyone anywhere near a Tea Party protest holds up a stupid sign, they are suddenly “of note” where you come from. And do a quick google of “assassinate Bush” and see how many “peace-loving, tolerant anti-war protesters” proudly displayed their signs. During Bush’s admin the media never failed to extend the “dissent is patriotic” meme to extreme bush-haters, but any disagreement with Obama’s policies is immediately dismissed as racist and “un-American.” The “RACIST” charge the comes so easily from the left is just as unfair and irrational as “COMMIE” is when it comes from the right.

      • really?

        “A spoiled child (Bush) is telling us our Social Security isn’t safe anymore, so he is going to fix it for us. Well, here’s your answer, you ungrateful whelp: [audio sound of 4 gunshots being fired.] Just try it, you little b*stard. [audio of gun being cocked].” — A “humor bit” from the Randi Rhodes Show

      • really?

        “..And then there’s Rumsfeld who said of Iraq ‘We have our good days and our bad days.’ We should put this S.O.B. up against a wall and say ‘This is one of our bad days’ and pull the trigger.” — From a fundraising ad put out by the St. Petersburg Democratic Club

      • granny3

        Are you serious? It was all over Daily Kos. I believe someone even made a movie about it. Be honest.

      • skink

        For your edification, cargosquid: a few of many leftist Death Threats Against Bush: http://www.binscorner.com/pages/d/death-threats-against-bush-at-protests-i.html
        The link includes death threats on network TV (Craig Kilborn) and in award-winning plays. For extra added fun: a death threat issued by a Nobel Peace Prize laureate is documented.

      • Cindy

        You seem to forget about the guy that threw the shoe….I think he might have been trying to get rid of Bush

      • Joel

        Not only were people advocating assassination (I saw many a scribble on the bathroom walls of the progressive community I live in),There were actual bumper stickers sold that said “I Dream of a Sassy Nation” in regards to Bush.

    • actually

      what? where do you get this stuff? there was no large outcry from the left middle or right where people were seriously calling for bush’s assassination. that’s pure unadulterated tripe- did you hear it from Glenn Beck? someone may have joked about it, and there were probably some actual death threats during his presidency. It’s par for the course. And of course they are not complete idiots. But some of them might want to check their sanity for getting involved with the ones who are. It’s one reason i prefer not to identify with a party or “side”. name calling and supporting your “side” no matter what gets us absolutely nowhere in this world. discussing issues without prejudice does. personally, i’m glad they passed the health bill. just do something. if it has flaws, fix them as we go along. that’s what we pay those fat cats to do, isn’t it? The idea that a bill has to be perfect before it passes is complete idiocy. Our laws and policies are constantly changing and being tweaked- as they should be. We should be learning from our mistakes and making things better. When more politicians (and people ) learn that it’s ok to say “we were wrong” or “this isn’t working, let’s try something else”, we might finally have some true progress. and that goes regardless of your politics. nothing has ever been “perfect” in this country, and probably never will. a continuing work in progress is the best we can strive for. history shows us what happens to empires that can’t change with the times.

      • cargosquid

        How about making a bill a)constitutional b) understandable c)readable

      • Joe Melnick

        Unbelievable. There was a movie called ‘The Assassination of the President’ that was about killing Bush – it won the international critics award at the Toronto film festival, an international Emmy and a BAFTA award in the UK – hardly an obscure project. There was an off-Broadway play about killing him, and a book about killing him. There are innumerable flash games and apps called “Kill Bush”. These are all ‘legit’ projects, reviewed by the mainstream media and treated like respectable viewpoints.

        There was an artistic piece called ‘Patriot Act’ that showed a sheet of stamps, Warhol-style, with Bush’s head and a hand holding a gun to it. Very classy!

        Feel free to google it, you will find yourself neck-deep in a sewer of violent anti-Bush material that makes the harshest comments about Obama fade into insignificance.

        The left set new lows in presidential attacks, so it’s both hilarious and maddening to see so many on the left try to convince themselves all this started last January 20.

      • William

        Revisionism by the Left. Honestly, I think they believe what they say, even when they don’t actually think about the words beforehand.

      • Audrey

        Good Lord, how can it possibly be that there is anyone who is completely unaware of the violent and nasty hatred spewed at Bush during his presidency? It went way beyond “dissent”. Google “zombietime” if you want to get an eye-full. Someone should do a mock-up of all the anti-Bush videos and photoshop in Obama’s face to see the absolute explosion of hypocritical rage in the liberal MSM.

    • Yes

      The far right is becoming more mainstream into the Republican Party while the far left will never be a major part of the Democratic. I’m talking left of Kucinich here people. That is big difference between the two parties right now. The Republican party is moving farther to the right and as a moderate – that bothers me.

  • me

    People born in another country to a U.S. citizen are still natural-born citizens, so their “he wasn’t born here” mantra is moot. stfu

  • oblong

    Dear Mr. Tucker, There is a difference between “decisive” and “divisive.” Ms. Stout said “divisive.” Fire your proofer.

    • Ken Tucker

      oblong: You are correct; my mistake. I have corrected; thanks.

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