Will you be watching 'Life' this weekend?

A big must-watch of the weekend is Life, the first two episodes of the Discovery channel’s eye-popping nature documentaries. Just look at this clip and tell me you don’t want to see more of that fly getting snagged by the Venus flytrap, or those whales do that swirling, perfect circle in the water:

This weekend’s second episode, “Reptiles and Amphibians,” features this little tale of the waterfall toad — “the size of a postage stamp,” says narrator Oprah Winfrey — and how it escapes death from a snake sneaking up behind it:

Eeek! I mean, really, there are hours of this kind of thing, and you can’t believe how the cameras captured these moments.

What do you think? Up for some nature and adventure on Life?

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  • Allie

    looks similar to planet earth, but only about the animals. i love animals so i might tune in!

    • Jason

      It’s by the same people who made planet earth. Should have David Attenbrough narrating it though like when it aired over here in Britain, he’s the wildlife king.

      • Deb

        Absolutely, I will be watching but missing sir David.

    • Gus van Rant

      HELL NO!!!!! The American version is RUINED by Oprah. I’ll buy the original British blu ray with David Attenborough.

      • Tala

        What difference does it make who narrates? Both would be reading the same script? They probably picked Oprah because she gets so much attention & the series needs more attention.

      • Patrick John

        I agree with you 99% the 1% British.
        Attenborough takes a bad film and makes it awesome.
        Oprah’s voice is just to weak and boring.

      • Patrick John

        I didn’t know there was a British version with Attenborough.
        I will look for it.

      • hariston

        The difference it makes is that lots of people find Oprah and her voice incredibly annoying and it ruins the experience. I know this is something unfathomable to Oprah’s legion of cultists but not everyone likes her.

    • Jay

      I think it is fantastic that senoome who has helped Chicago so much be a part ofsomething like this ..our city is GREAT! But we will sure miss her Charisma when she leaves.

  • AcaseofGeo

    Oh yes we’ll be watching. We LOVE these kinds of shows. What we don’t like is the A.D.D. editing style of these shows that don’t really delve into the minutia of life but keep jumping from subject to subject as if I, the viewer, would be bored if the TV scene didn’t change every 15 seconds. We’re even watching it despite O being the narrator.

    • Brian

      The royal we?

  • llevinso

    I’ve so been looking forward to this! Can’t wait!

  • Amidala

    Yay! I can’t wait. Discovery Channel has been showing crappy shows since Planet Earth was on [to me anyway, I don’t like Dirty Jobs,Deadliest Catch, Ice Road truckers or w/e they show like 20 times in a row on weekends…] Life has been scheduled to record on my DVR since Thursday! =)

  • SomeGuy

    Why Oprah?

    I would *so* be on board if she was not part of this!

    • kyla

      What’s wrong with Oprah?

      • Khristina

        What’s NOT wrong with Oprah?

      • Hecka

        Nothing wrong with Oprah’s ability to run the highest rated talk show in TV history. Nothing wrong with Oprah’s ability to give hundreds of millions of her own hard earned money to charity. Nothing wrong with Oprah’s ability to create thousands of jobs & climb out of poverty. Nothing wrong with Oprah’s acting (an Oscar nominee). Nothing wrong with Oprah period. She’s a beautiful loving spirit!

      • Khristina

        Yeah…ok. Thank you for your very *insightful* commentary. LOL (You should look into getting an education- Your grammar is embarrassing and atrocious)

      • hariston

        When you have insane amounts of money it doesn’t inconvenience you in the least to give away the amounts that she does. It gets her more publicity and makes her MORE money. Have you seen her huge houses? She lives in obscene luxury. You can tell more about someone by how they live when people are not watching then by how much they “donate”. She is disgusting.

    • Rachel

      I agree. If it was another announcer I would watch but she irratates the he** out of me.

    • ba’al


    • Gus van Rant

      Oprah is the WORST.

      • Gez

        Oprah is the best!

      • Mike

        No, no, Oprah is most certainly the WORST. I’d rather have Al Franken narrate this thing. JAMES EARL JONES for the next series!!

      • Patrick John

        Maybe they were trying to get women interested in nature films.
        Most the post in favor of Oprah voice appear to be women
        It didn’t work for my wife however.
        I would have preferred Attenborough

  • Trenton

    Is it the O’Discovery channel now?

  • Rachel

    So many voices I would rather have be the narrator. Oprah is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I cant stand her.

  • Ryan

    I loved planet earth, so I’ll be checking this out. Pretty great sunday, with this and the premiere of Breaking Bad.

  • Hudson

    Planet Earth was amazing. I have been looking forward to Life for a long time. But I didn’t know Oprah would be narrating. I am disappointed by that. I will still watch but I was hoping for the original BBC version and I really don’t understand why they went to the effort of creating a new narration track with Oprah. It’s not like Americans can’t understand British voices.

  • Rebecca

    I’m with those who don’t understand why they insist on recording new narration when these programs air in the U.S. Who is it that’s so convinced Americans would hate David Attenborough? He’s amazing! I’ve never seen the Americanized version of Planet Earth, and I never want to. I’ll stick with Sir David on DVD.

    • Jack

      Oprah I am 16 years old. I watched the show you had about txtieng and driving. I am with you 100% on this matter. I joined the No Texting Campaign. I tell all my friends I ride with not to text and drive. You have really inspired me. Thank you.

  • haydub

    Will there be an Attenborough version? I would rather have my fingernails plucked out one by one than sit through this with Oprah narrating.

    • Chris Matthews

      How about Obama as narrator? I could ejaculate to the sound of his voice!

      • Keith O


  • amj

    Looking forward to this for sure. So awesome in HD. This is from the same footage stockpile that Planet Earth was taken from and that was awesome! We have seen the Planet Earth both American and British a half dozen times now. Absolutely fabulous on Blu-Ray.

  • Mark

    For those wishing to own “Life” on BluRay DVD, asap – THE BBC Version of “Life” narrated by David Attenborough is currently available from Amazon in the UK – via Amazon.co.uk – I ordered mine on Sunday 3/15 (shipped to Chicago area) and received it Saturday 3/20, without paying anything other than standard shipping charges.

    The UK version of the BluRay DVD is NOT *region restricted* and does play in my BR DVD Player.

    The US version narrated by Oprah Winfrey will be available on June 1st.

    From what I can tell, everything is identical except for the availability, packaging artwork, and the narration.


  • o

    glad you know the difference between a whale and a dolphin, or not.

  • Jaio

    I normally wouldn’t watcb but I LOVE all things Oprah so I can’t wait.

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