Sean Penn hopes you die of rectal cancer if you disagree with him

This morning, that nice Charles Osgood hosted an edition of the usually-sleepy CBS Sunday Morning that featured an interview with Sean Penn about his efforts to aid the suffering in Haiti. What’s making the news is his comment to reporter Lara Logan about those who would criticize him:

Here’s the context for Penn’s remarks, another clip, same interview:

Penn is scheduled to be a presenter during the Oscar awards tonight. What do you want to bet he’ll be on his best behavior, or will address this in some way?

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  • aa

    Wow, all the good he does he throws away with comments like these…if this was meant to be a oke, I wonder how his insults are…

    • Gus van Rant

      What an f-ing idiot, and a FRAUD.

      • HugoChavez

        No, no, he is a good friend to me!

  • Dave

    EW must have idiots as journalists. I saw the interview. Yes, that’s what he said. But it was taken totally out of context in this story. He probably shouldn’t have said that, since he should have known idiot so-called journalists would have taken it out of context.

    • John

      Can you tell me what context it was in?

      • May S

        He was criticizing people who accused him of going to places like New Orleans and Haiti to help as a PR move to make himself and his image look good, and not out of altruism. I think the cancer bit was a bit much, but I can understand his frustration at people saying stuff like that.

      • Mackdonna

        But May – Why does he CARE? If he’s so altruistic, why care what people say? By getting all pissy about it, he proves that he actually is doing the work for good PR! Maybe that’s not the only reason, but obviously it does care. And being so flippant about something as horrific as cancer shows real emotional immaturity or *gasp* narcissism. He’s just another spoiled brat celebrity who does some charity work. When was the last time Angelina Jolie wished cancer on people who criticize her for adopting foreign kids b/c it’s ‘trendy’? She doesn’t.

      • Brett

        Altruism is mostly a myth. The only time a deed might be ultruistic is when there is virtually no time to thinking about the decision you make(pushing someone out of the way of an oncoming bus only to get smashed yourself). Even if it’s not for PR, he still receives some satisfaction from doing what he does. That in itself means that his actions aren’t altruistic.

      • J.

        I can’t believe we’re getting philosophical about the real of altruism. The point is, Sean Penn looked at himself, knows he has so much, and decides to help people in need. I don’t believe this is a PR stunt, and even if he gets a warm fuzzy feeling about doing it, who cares?! At least he’s out there doing something. Cynicism is poison, people.

      • Mike

        Was he wrong tro say it? Yeah but the “critics” are morons he’s doing good, what are the “critics” doing? He doesn’t need the PR, no actor realyy does. Just because you’re a humanitarian doesn’t mean you can’t rip on some loser “critics” who have nothing constructive to say…

      • Melanie

        Look – it’s very simple, if he doesn’t want people accusing him of helping as a PR stunt, then all he has to do is leave the cameras at home and not release to the press that he’s working in Haiti.

    • John K

      What context was it you iddiot.

  • Dogboy

    Ha! I typically think of Sean Penn as a pompous douche who does good things sometimes… but this makes me like him a lot more. Hilarious, and wonderfully un-PC! I love it!

    • Gus van Rant

      I hope Penn dies of ass cancer.

      • jhc3

        You’re a rectally capitated idiot, Gus. Your stupid pun name proves it.

      • Sean Penn Sucks

        @Gus van Rant, Exactly! I hope EVERYTHING Sean Penn wishes on others happens to him as well. I’m surprised he hasn’t made a video with bin Laden talking about what a good guy he is. @jhc3, I hope everything Sean Penn wishes on others happens to you, too, you douchebag.

  • TJ

    This guy is one of the biggest narcissists out there.

  • Teeneer

    Wonderful actor, horrible human being.

    • ray

      ha ha…yes, i agree completely :)

    • May S

      Since he said this to people who accuse him of saving other people’s lives as a PR move, I have to disagree there.

      • whatevs

        Next time he has a problem with people accusing him of doing things for PR, maybe he shouldn’t take a camera crew with him like he did after Katrina.

    • t

      Hmm, I wonder what Teeneer, ray, and whatevs have done to help the less fortunate… judge only when you are in a position to.

    • Just wondering

      Wonder how his celebrity ex-wives would react to his comments about his critics since divorcing him is akin to criticizing him as a husband?

  • lunaburning

    I lost my husband to cancer, and like anyone who has lost someone to cancer will tell you, I would not wish it on my worst enemy.To wish that amount of pain on a group of people just because they don’t think that Sean Penn is as awesome as he obviously believes himself to be, is incomprehensible to me. He may be a fine actor, but he is a poor excuse for a human being.

    • Marcus Johnson

      lunaburning, you have my sympathies. I can’t even imagine what it was like to endure what you did. However, if this brand of humor hurts you so much, then there’s probably significant emotional damage that is weighing on you right now. Penn’s comment was not directed toward you or the memory of your late husband, and the fact that you are reacting as though it is further demonstrates my point that you are not his intended audience. Go and grieve for as long as you need to, and if these kinds of jokes bother you after that, maybe you should just avoid watching celebrities and comedians with abrasive humor like Penn.

      • Mackdonna

        THAT’S what you got from luna’s comment? And, um, actually, his comment is incredibly insensitive to anyone who has been touched by cancer. It trivializes a really horrible experience.

      • minnie

        Jokes are supposed to be funny. Wishing cancer on someone is not funny.

      • allie

        No Marcus, you are wrong. There are just some things you don’t say. No matter what the context – it was in bad taste. I happen to appreciate what he tries to do for impoverished & disaster striken nations but that doesn’t change the fact that he is an abusive cheater who is a narcisstic jerk.

    • ba’al

      @lunaburning-I do feel for you and completley agree! just in the last year I have lost 2 family members and numerous friends. Sean should be ashamed.

  • Desmo

    Come on Sean you never go full retard…

    • John

      hahaha…comment of the week

    • Karl

      Nicely played…

  • Nshi

    Penn and Mayer are cut from the same cloth. The $0.99/yd. bin at the D-Bag Emporium.

    • Joanna

      Hilarious! It’s not that I think Sean Penn does his good deeds for the PR, it’s that I think he does them in attempt to make up for what a d-bag he is. What he doesn’t understand is that there aren’t enough good deeds to be done in the world to make up for his level of d-baggery.

      • t

        Again, what have YOU done to help your community? The real d-bag is the one who points out another’s flaws, when they haven’t done any better.

  • ginger

    While Penn’s comment was odd, he did not wish it on people who “disagree with him.” He was talkinjg about people who criticize his month long multi-million dollar work in Haiti.

    The fact that the video clip accompanies this article makes me wish the person who wrote the headline would actually review the clip.

    Penn is not one of my favorite people, but to find that statement the statement to be highlighted from the interview is bizarre and cruel. Penn has spent a month working in Haiti and he is returning. He is working side by side with US troops, bringing doctors and housing to people in need, and this is what you took from the interview??

    • Yes

      Exactly. Even my husband who also doesn’t like Sean Penn and thinks he’s out there – said he actually thought better of Sean Penn after watching that interview. It wasn’t a great remark, but this was a cheap shop at him by taking this part out of the whole interview about the good that he is trying to do right now. He is not making it about him – other people are.

    • ggaa

      So someone took a cheap shot a Sean Penn. Big deal it has happened to all of us. This was an over reaction to a minor comment. Mr. Penn is a great actor and I admire his charitable works. This does not give him a free pass. I have watched a love one suffer and die of rectal cancer and would not wish it on anyone. If Mr.Penn had used a racial slur of any kind the media would have gone nuts why not now. If he is capable of such verbal violence with strangers I can only imagine how he spoke to his wife.

  • crawford

    Doesn’t he know more people die of colo-rectal cancer than AIDS and breast cancer COMBINED? He should really not say things like that.

    • May S

      Um. No. You are very off base. 2 million people die of AIDs each year, and 519,000 women die of breast cancer compared to the 655,000 deaths of colon cancer.

    • ggaa

      YOU are missing the point. Mr. Penn is COMPLETELY wrong. He had the right to be wrong. But he is still wrong.

  • sam

    I am not a fan of Sean Penn and his comment was in bad taste, but maybe you should focus on what he is doing to help in Haiti rather than an attention grabbing, misleading headline. Penn certainly commits himself to what he believes in and it appears that the people of Haiti are getting benefits from his efforts, so why don’t you give him a break?

    • minnie

      It’s a provocative statement, so of course the media is going to focus on it–that’s what they do. Sean Penn chose to say it, so you reap what you sow.

      • Sarah

        I totally agree. While I do think it doesn’t really matter what his intentions are in helping out in Haiti (P.R., altruism, whatever, as long as something gets done), he should know better than to say something stupid like this. We live in the soundbite age, and any celebrity should have known this was going to turn into YouTube gold. Don’t feel bad for him at all.

      • Kate

        I agree, but he didn’t say it to people who “disagree with him” as the headline states, but to people who say he uses the tragedy of others’ lives for good PR. I think Penns comment remains tactless and hurtful for many, but think this was similarly a classless move by EW to misrepresent it like that. Especially as it is not even elucidated in the article – you have to watch the video to know who he is directing the comment at. How many people who visit the page will take the time, and how many will leave with misinformation?. Poor form for any form of media, even an entertainment site.

  • chattypatra

    Plenty of people who are not rich and famous have gone down to Haiti to help, one of my best friends included. While I applaud Mr. Penn’s work over there, his comment was still uncalled for because it is cruel and arrogant. I have to agree with lunaburning’s comment on this thread. If you have lost a loved one to cancer then you would never wish it on any other person. Mr. Penn speaks his mind about whoever and whatever he wants, so he should learn to take criticism from his detractors. His work in Haiti doesn’t automatically make him a saint. He has his faults like everyone else and has burned bridges with his arrogant and hurtful comments. He exudes an undercurrent of anger that is very off-putting and it can overshadow his acting talents. He seems to have no tolerance for those who oppose his views, and that is sad.

  • Sean

    So, I am wondering…are we focused on this stupid remark that Penn made because he is a dangerous person who needs to be called out or does his stupidity make it easier for us to erase his charitable work and forgive ourselves for the fact that most of us have done no charitable work at all. Not questioning his stupidity, just our priorities.

    • Desmo

      Lots of people do charity and they don’t go around wishing rectal cancer on those who disagree with them.

    • Mackdonna

      Plenty of people do good deeds and then don’t go looking for a pat on the back. Real charity is good work without expecting anything in return. In this case, Penn obviously DOES expect good public opinion. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t give a crap what ‘people’ say about him. Maybe he’s a good person, but he has a terrible personality.

    • Karl

      I think most of us are focused on the stupid comment because it was a stupid comment.

  • Jon

    I hope you don’t have to go through what my Mom did with rectal cancer. I don’t care what context it was in – hate speech like that is not needed. How can you go from love to hate so quickly?

    • Nshi

      Maybe love was never there to begin with.

  • jslost

    I watched the whole interview this morning. His insult was to the idiots who think he would only do the work in Haiti for his own good….not people dealing with cancer.

    • Joanna

      How does that change anything? Sean Penn is a tool.

      • MN

        Errr….I don’t think you know what a tool is.


        Sean Penn has signed on to be the Spokesman for Craftsman, Stanley, and Kobalt.

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