Octomom's bizarre visit to 'The View': 'You're not quite all there'

The View welcomed Nadya Suleman this morning. Dressed in a low-cut mini-dress with go-go boots that made her look like a 1960s dancer on Shindig, Suleman talked rapidly, sometimes babblingly.

The hosts asked about her exercise regimen and showed published pictures of her in a small bathing suit. The Octomom said, “I did this for revenue. I’m very up-front about that.” But then she denied she was doing it for money, and downplayed her exercise time, saying her babies came first.

So it went: She asserted one thing and denied it the next minute. “I digress very easily,” she said by way of explaining her odd behavior. She also laughed and laughed, frequently at… nothing. It was all very unnerving. It even unnerved Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd, who remarked on her behavior. Suleman’s answer? She shrieked and basically freaked out:

Whoopi Goldberg cut through the malarkey: “Do you understand that some people think… maybe you’re not quite all there?” The audience applauded.

“I love your question,” Suleman responded.

Me, I hope Suleman keep getting booked on as many TV shows as possible.

Why? Well, I figure, the more time she spends making media appearances, the less time she spends with her 14 kids, and the better off they’ll be…

Or perhaps you disagree?

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  • naynay

    You hit the nail on the head. She does not need to be anyone’s mother and she is totally bonkers!

    • Frank Anderson

      She is one arrest away from being Balloon Boy’s parents. I guess the media won’t see her as toxic until she kills one of her kids or is found sleeping in a neighbors house like Robert Downey Jr.

      I think it is stick that she even gets press… but of course I clicked on this like too so I must be part of the problem.

      Until we don’t feel the need to watch freak shows like this to assure us that at least we are more normal than THAT person, this kind of thing will exist.

      She is so obviously unbalanced. I don’t understand why some people are allowed to have kids.

      God has a funny since of humor.

      • d

        god had nothing to do with that

    • Nshi

      I bet if she was WASPy, you would not say she is bonkers. Racist.

      • VickiH

        Oh please, race has nothing to do with it.

      • Em

        Racist? What the world are you talking about??? It is quite clear after watching her in any interview that this woman is NOT all there and it doesn’t matter how racist YOU are, she IS bonkers!! (P.S. I actually do care about people expressing their racist views in public, so cool it with the WASP remarks, thanks!)

      • stacy

        oh nshi…don’t even start with your stupid comments…go back to watching your soaps

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        What is YOUR PROBLEM??? Why do have to find race in every single thing! This has NOTHING to do with race, this has to do with the fact that she has 14 kids and acts like a child herself. Go away Nshi, you stopped making sense a looong time ago

      • BlackIrish4094

        Besides not all white people are protstants dumb ass so can your own racist shit.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Or even Protestants.

      • Sluggo

        Isn’t she white? If not, I don’t even know what race she is. No group seems to want to step up and claim her for one their own.

      • Jenn

        If we all stop responding to Nshi, he/she will stop posting. The problem is that people don’t know that (s)he posts the same dumb thing on tons of posts.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        LOL, I just noticed today that you are right. I went to 3 different articles and each one Nshi said something about how everyone here is racist. My favorite is that the only reason we want Betty White on SNL is because her last name is “white” LOL

      • Nshi

        My favorite band is Prodigy.

      • Lisa

        You are all missing the obvious. Nshi is a troll! (Oh, was that racist of me to say that??)

      • Are you for Real?

        @Nshi–Do you realize that your comment is racist? WASPy. Hypocrite much?

      • Snarf

        Cry racist too much Nishi and eventually no one will care if you accuse them of it. What will you do then? Dumbass.

      • the_payne

        I thought Britany Spears was bonkers when she shaved her head and went through a melt down. I also thought the same thing at times about Lindsay Lohan. And the old white lady who used to live next door to me.

      • Em

        She’s BONKERS. Bonkers doesn’t have a color.

      • vic

        Hi Nadya, No race has nothing to do with it as
        you know. Please go take care of those kids you
        wanted so badly and get off the internet.

    • Celia

      I think she has a nervous tick. I would be nervous if I was being interviewed by 5 women who are talking over each other. If she was crazy, then I don’t think she would still have custody of her children.

      • Peanut Santiago

        Plenty of crazies have custody of their kids. Only after she hurts one of them will the social workers act. ***Being nervous is one thing, contradicting yourself and acting like she did is beyond reasonable.

      • channy

        Celia your absolutely right give the woman a chance to talk geez!!! she was being bombarded from all women asking different questions..she didn’t even have time to finish the question before.. then someone else was asking another. Think of the hectic life she leads with that many children to… no wonder she is so high strung then to have an interview like that it’s enough to drive any sane person crazy let alone one with that many children…give your head a shake people maybe put yourself in her shoes

  • Sarah

    Poor kids :-(

    • KimR

      Exactly. She is not quite right.

  • Sil

    This woman is a nut job…my Lord what a mess she is. Hope someone sane is looking out for all those kids.

  • Anita

    Personally I think if she appears more frequently on shows like the View then perhaps the proper authorities will step in and remove those precious children from her care and put them with responsible caring adults who can and will care for them without be a drain on American Tax Dollars. She’s a total whack job unfit to be a parent.

    • teresa

      Yeah, but she shut Barbara up. I liked that.

      • Matt

        NICE point!!

      • Lisa

        It was funny to see both Barbara & Whoopi just give up trying to contribute to this insane conversation. Octomom is nuts!

      • laurie

        I gotta say – they all look crazy the way they are dressed. None of them look like are on the same show. What year is this 1986?

  • Momo

    Ken, thank you for writing about this! I had heard about it, but was really waiting for your input. You pretty much describe how I feel about the whole situation…odd.

    • stephen

      I actually enjoyed the show and I came to actually like the Octomom. I thought she was witty and her laugh is hysterical! She had Joy Behar and Cherri chuckling and they were having a good time with her altough nothing got accomplished. Her attempted replies to any of their questions were never really answered and I found myself howling with laughter as the show went on! On a more serious note, she admitted to being dillusional at the time of the Iv procedure and obviously has some sort of mental disorder. Probably very similiar to that of these people that own like 100 housecats! Borderline Personality Disorder maybe. I know that they make irrational decisions and do not think of the consequences of the outcome. Everyone seems to be attacking this girl who obviously is not “all there” and the person we should be bashing here is the quack doctor who should have never implanted any embryos in this woman. I don’t think we’ve heard the last from the Octomom. She will probably get a hit talk show or make cameos in comedy shows and films, pampers commercial perhaps? Lol It seems that a lot of Americans want to be amused by offbeat characters like this such as Victoria Gotti, the Jersey Shore kids, Janice Dickenson etc… Only with these people there aren’t as many gripes because we are not supporting them with our tax dollars!

      • Peanut Santiago

        If YOU want to watch her, that is YOUR decision. Most of the rest of us do NOT want to look at her. She is beyond being your usual offbeat character! She is annoying and disgusting and we know she has FOURTEEN kids at home she does not seem qualified to raise!

  • TheObserver

    Hey it might not be her fault….its entirely possible that she’s medicated…very heavily medicated. or this could all be corrected with medication…I just have a feeling that medication or that lack thereof is somehow relevant here…

    • B

      Duh, med head.

    • ger

      So … taking medication is not her fault?

    • BlackIrish4094

      That’s everyone’s answer in America today and you wonder why we’re all fucked up. Unhappy? Take some meds. Can’t sleep, meds. People need to learn to deal with reality. Plus psychologically it’s because we are too materialistic and since we will never have everything we want people get depressed. What a country of weak minded people we have become.

      • wakeforce

        Thank you, Tom Cruise! Beam “em up, L. Ron!

    • Miche

      The medication lacking is birth control.

      • noggster

        I think all her kids were artificial insemination so birth control isn’t the problem. The problem is the Dr. or whoever allowed this woman to have more kids this way.

  • Marianne

    I’ve always felt that Nayda was in this for the fame, so why do these shows keep supporting that by having her on?

    • Momo

      Well, if it helps her pay for raising her kids, I can’t begrudge her that. And her situation is actually pretty topical since fertility treatments are becoming very popular. This focus on fertitility treatments/medical ethics and who we deem fit to be a parent should be talked about. Even though I think Nadya Soloman is a complete nut and probably not mentally stable enough to raise her kids.

      • IVFmama

        Thanks OctoFreak. Another person who thinks we should screen potential parents prior to IVF. Maybe we should “deem fit” every couple before they have intercourse, not just those going through IVF. As an IVF mom of 2 children, I can attest that it takes exponentially more time, commitment and money to get pregnant via IVF than it does the “free way”. No IVF baby is an “oops” baby. We save, plan, deal with invasive and painful procedures/injections, even go into debt to become parents. Please resist lumping in all IVF parents with OctoFreak — there is no comparison…

      • Momo

        Get that chip off your shoulder. I wasn’t even implying or suggesting that. I said it needs to be talked about, not that we should ban whoever we deem an unfit parent from having kids. I know it’s a slippery slope, and so do most people.

      • Aneka

        IVF, I think you’re reading something that’s not there. What’s wrong with starting a discussion and highlighting issues that are bound to come up? It’s great to get your point of view since you have experienced fertility treatments, but I’d watch out about jumping to conclusions yourself and treating the world as against you.

      • Danno

        I personally think people should have to have a license to breed/raise children. I mean think about it. You have to have a license to drive, you have to register to vote (which is ridiculous), you have to have a license to carry a gun, OMG You have to get a license to get effing married. But any idiot can have unprotected sex and ruin someones life through absentee parenting or worse.

  • David

    So this is the answer to the riddle: “How do you make the obnoxious women on The View seem less horrible for a segment?”

    • Nadya

      AAA HA HAAAA! Good point! AAAH HA HAAAAA! But I digress… AAAH HA HAAAA!

    • sarah

      The looks on their faces were priceless.

  • Hello crazy

    She’s just busy in her head.

    • crafty

      she is so busy in her head, she needs to be locked up!!!!

  • Michael

    I wonder if Heath Ledger studied her voice and mannerisms before portraying the Joker.

    • Ryan

      and then killing himself?

    • P-San

      I was thinking the same thing!!

  • Farris Flagg

    “The Soup” is going to have a field day on this!!!!! The hosts of “The View” won the “Daytime Emmy” and this is what they come up with? They might as well gave the “Emmy” to Ellen.

    • April

      Oh man, you aren’t kidding. I can’t wait to hear what Joel McHale will say about this craziness. The Soup rocks!

      • amj

        Agreed, will definitely be a clip on The Soup.

  • harry


  • Carol

    I looked on YouTube to see clips of the show she had and it was a mess. The kids didn’t listen to her, they were crying and screaming and didn’t seem like happy children. I don’t know why CPS doesn’t take those children away. The woman is single and has 14 kids and she’s mentally ill. They need to be taken away so they can live productive lives.

    • Auth

      Heh.Its strange and a bit off topic here but bear with me.Ravens poems are good but i mean that in al polbsie respect are simply put, very barely above average.His stories in my oppinion though are a whole other deal.He is original in the ideas and characters and the wornig of his stories.Even his poems are more in the way of a rhyming story than a poem.Yet i find no one ever felt inspired by his stories.Oh and about this bride.Well simply put she is childish.We learn at about 15 that coming clean is probablly better than waiting for the end and hoping you get off scot free.Seems like she didnt .Oh well.Let her foot the bill i say.Course with the US justice system she is likely to sue for something done against her in that manhunt and actualy win.

  • Sluggo

    She put the “ass” in Asperger’s.

    • max

      She doesn’t have Asperger’s Syndrome. That has nothing to do with someone being crazy.

      • Emma

        Her child has Asperger’s.

      • SteevoNYC

        I like Ass Burgers

    • teresa

      Asperger’s is a form of autism, you idiot. She has mental health issues, not autism.

      • wakeforce

        Sorry, but autism Is a mental health issue.

      • Zaeriuraschi (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

        A mental illness is a disease. Autism/Asperger’s is a neurological disorder. There’s a difference.

    • Zaeriuraschi (pronounced zay-ree-ooh-ras-chee)

      @Sloggo, max, and SteevoNYC

      Do you morons even know what Asperger’s IS?

  • waya

    Those poor kids need to be placed into real families and mommy mess needs to be institutionalized.

    • Agus

      Posted on Amy, I saw Cinderella at Starlight when I was 10 years old. I remember havnig a great time with my family, but also I was a little freaked out by the witch. My other favorite shows at Starlight have been Grease and Annie I could sing a long to most of the songs

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