Seth MacFarlane on 'Bill Maher': Sarah Palin's 'phony pity' for those with Down's Syndrome

Seth MacFarlane told the host of Real Time with Bill Maher, “I saved my Sarah Palin virginity for you,” making his first public statement about Sarah Palin’s criticism of Family Guy‘s episode featuring a character with Down’s Syndrome.

MacFarlane cited Andrea Fay Friedman, the voice actress who played a character with Down’s Syndrome and has the condition herself, who said Palin “has no sense of humor.” MacFarlane said Palin wanted to “inspire phony pity” for people with Down’s Syndrome.

Unfortunately, Maher kept talking over MacFarlane, attacking Palin as “the queen of fake outrage,” when we wanted to hear MacFarlane‘s words.

Earlier, as part of a round-table discussion with former New York governor Eliot Spitzer and MSNBC’s Norah McDonnell, MacFarlane was outspoken in his criticism of President Obama, for whom he campaigned.

The Family Guy creator called Obama “chicken-s—” for not standing up to Republican opposition. “You need Obama to be more like Bush” in aggressiveness, said MacFarlane. MacFarlane also said he believed that Dick Cheney’s ideas were so antithetical to true Republicanism that, were he alive and still President, “Ronald Reagan would try Dick Cheney for war crimes.”

On the subject of people who object to gays serving in the military, MacFarlane said, “If you’re sitting at home in your undershirt, watching TV, worried about terrorism, and at the same time objecting to the person who’s putting their life on the line so that your family will be protected, then you’re the worst kind of f—ing a–hole there is.”

Clearly, MacFarlane would have made a lot of interesting comments if the host had just shut up for a while.

I had almost forgotten that when you watch Real Time with Bill Maher you have to listen to Bill Maher tell jokes. A typical line from his season-premiere opening-monologue: “Tiger’s wood — that’s all that was on the news today.” When one line was received poorly, Maher snapped, “What’s with the f—-ing groaning? I thought you missed me!”

Well, sorta; the guest interviews, anyway…

What do you think of MacFarlane’s comments?

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  • J

    McFarlane’s full of crap. That “joke” was intended to provoke exactly the response it got.

    • Gus van Rant

      This just in: Ken Tucker is obsessed with Sarah Palin and wants to bone her, but hates himself for it.

      • Big Beef

        Ha ha. So true. Ken Tucker brings up Palin every other day. You know this guy pumps voraciously to her book cover and then cries himself to sleep after he has finished.

      • 30J

        Real men like “Big Beef” don’t need book covers when they’ve got that sexy little bottle of Aunt Jemima in the fridge, just waiting to be ogled.

      • Linda

        LOL! I get the feeling most men who talk incessantly about Palin feel that way. The more they rant about her, the bigger the boner they wish they didn’t have.

      • Nihilistic

        Um, Ken Tucker is gay, you red-state rubes.

      • Big Beef

        30J – You’re half correct. I keep the bottle in the cabinet, not the fridge. The syrup is better warm.

        Nihilistic – just because you think Ken Tucker is a bad writer, it doesn’t mean you should call him gay. That’s insulting. Ask Wanda Sykes.

    • @J

      wull then mcfarlane is genius and palin is gullible

      • Rigo Cisneros

        I don’t know about genius, but basically.
        Bottom line if you showed people what she says and didn’t tell them it was palin, everyone would say it was stupid.

    • Jam

      Geez, with all this talk you’d think McFarlane had Hitler juggling fish on a unicycle or something…

      • anonymous

        that would have been funnier than the down syndrome non-joke

  • psb1962


  • psb1962


  • Gregoire

    McFarlane is right. I take back what I say about Family Guy being the worst animated show ever made.

    • Rigo Cisneros

      Nah it’s pretty bad.
      Even if someone is usually wrong and then say 2+2 is 4, it is 4 no matter who says it and this case, it’s she just wants attention.

  • Shamrock

    What was the joke? What part was supposed to be funny? That Chris wanted to date a girl with Down Syndrome?
    He specifically created her that way so he could insert a Palin reference. What other reason is there?

    • DW

      The Palin reference took up about 2 seconds in a plot that lasted 30 minutes. It was a throwaway joke, which you’d know had you actually watched the episode before commenting on it.

      • Shamrock

        I did watch the show. Once again, what was funny about Chris wanting to date a girl with Down Syndrome? That episode sucked.

      • jason.

        Well, the point of the plot was to play with our expectations. Were you watching it thinking, “okay, this is too far. How offensive is this going to get?” or “I bet they’re sure going to say some outrageous things about people with Downs syndrome!”

        Of course, they didn’t. They got you good. She turned out to be NORMAL, albeit unpleasant in a pampered princess kind of way.

        And what does that say about everyone watching? How many jokes did you fire off in your head, wondering if Stewie or Peter would go there? What are your prejudices against people with Downs syndrome that this episode brought out of you?

        I’m guessing half the problem here is, people didn’t like what they saw in themselves.

        So, she was a human character, not a caricature or what have you. As opposed to that horrific caricature that calls people out on facebook like a twelve year old girl, because TV was mean to her again.

        And if you thought it was such a crappy episode, did you turn it off, or did you “put yourself through it”?

    • WhitneyD

      Honestly, the whole point is that her DS wasn’t the point- she was just a teenage girl who happened to have DS. I agree with Jason in that a big part of the episode was to get you wondering where it was going to go.

  • dominic

    Seth MacFarlene should just give it up. His show isn’t funny anymore. The lame cutaway gags are stupid, and his overflow of pop-culture references, both esoteric and exoteric, are tiresome. And he’s a disgrace of a human, and an American, for making 9/11 jokes.

    • Fred

      Seth was nearly killed in the events of 9/11. Look it up. He missed one of the doomed flights; any jokes that he makes are probably the biggest example of nervous laughter in comedy history.

      • dominic

        As a matter of fact, I don’t have to look it up, because I already know about it. But just because he was almost killed, doesn’t give him the right to play on other peoples’ sensitivities.

      • FTroop

        He wasn’t almost killed. Just because he was supposed to be on that plane doesn’t mean he was almost killed. If was on the plane and survived, then that would constitute being almost killed.
        If there is a major deathly accident on the highway I drive to work everyday and I missed it because I was late getting up, can I say I was almost killed?

      • mtraptor

        FTroop, that analogy doesn’t work because you wouldn’t necessarily have been involved in the hypothetical major accident even if you hadn’t overslept, while McFarlene would absolutely have died had he been on that flight.

      • Sean

        Yes. Being nearly killed can be looked at several different ways. If I was driving away from my house when it suddenly exploded, you could say I almost died, just as you could say I almost died if i were IN the house when it exploded, and i somehow miraculously survived.

      • Dan

        Haven’t you guys ever seen a Final Destination movie? He’ll get his.

      • Nihilistic

        Dominic, you are like the doggy doo I pick at with a stick from the bottom of my shoe. You’re everything that’s backwoods, moronic and cliche about conservatives and I LOVE it. I can’t wait to trounce you kids in the election again in 2010. Please put up your poster girl Palin, pretty please with lil baby Trig on top!

    • sean

      if his jokes are lame then people won’t watch his shows but the fact of the matter is his jokes are funny to most people and that’s why his shows are still on tv. and working on a 4th show.

      • Toastie

        Dominic – have you ever laughed at anything that wasn’t a church variety show? Much of comedy is “playing on other peoples’ sensitivities”. Grow a pair.

      • barbara

        its funny for half wit teens -sick of your political crap in EVERY STINKING SHOW on tv why dont —you— all get over yourselves

      • TJ

        @barbara: Yeah… stupid half wit teens with their constant political references in every TV show… Wait – what?

      • dominic

        Excuse me Toastie, but if you consider making 9/11 jokes comedy, than you’re tasteless and dispicable. I live about 45 minutes away from NYC, and I won’t stand for people that make fun of one of our nation’s greatest tragedies.

      • maggie

        I had a family member who died in the WTC on 9/11. I find politians who bring up 9/11 for their own political gain to be much more offensive than any joke Seth MacFarlane could make.

      • Nihilistic

        I’m sick of people like DOMINIC who don’t actually live in NYC saying that it affected them because they live “random” minutes away from the city. You don’t actuallly live IN the city, you have no idea what it was like for us and we certainly don’t need your “me-too” empathy or fake outrage. We HATE people like you.

    • MarcoPolo

      Perhaps “Real Time” isn’t a show you should be watching, if your sensibilities are so easily offended, madam.

    • CMI

      Give me a break about 9/11. That B.S. is so old. Those people got millions and the men and women who die everyday in the Afghan and Iraq wars get Sh** from this country. Quit whining about 9/11. Big stinkin deal.

      • dominic

        You are a terrible person, and probably a liberal who hates America, judging by the tone of your comment.

      • Sean

        Wow, dominic. Calling someone an American-hating liberal, haven’t heard that one before! And they say originality is dead…

      • maggie

        dominic, liberals LOVE America. It’s the fake “conservatives” who call for things like torture, censorship, allowing the government to spy on its citizens with no warrants, and who seem to think that Christianity is the only religion allowed in the US, who truly hate America. They are against the very freedoms that America stands for. And I put “quotes” around conservative, because they may call themselves that, but they aren’t really true conservatives. True conservatives, like Reagan, are in favor of keeping government small and out of people’s personal lives.

      • Nihilistic

        Dominic, you should be drug into the street and shot for being such a narrow-minded, conservative douchebag.

      • Nihilistic

        Dominic, you should be drug into the street and shot immediately for being such a narrow-minded, imbecilic, conservative slimeball. Your drivel here is constantly berated, you must be one of those people who get pleasure out of public humiliation because you are the most consistent pummeling boy of EW I’ve ever had the misfortune of being subjected to.

      • dominic

        Wow Nihilistic, and I thought liberals were supposed to be accepting of people’s opinions. And for your information, I’m not narrow-minded. Democrats today are not the same democrats from decades ago. Democrats years ago weren’t as nuts as the ones today, the ones who basically want everything, no matter how crazy, to be legal. If I lived in the 1960s, I might be a democrat; but in today’s society, I’m a republican, and proud of it.

    • Speech

      So I take it you are furious when politicians use 9/11 as an excuse to pass legislation or get elected.

    • PhilJ

      Why shouldn’t MacFarlane make jokes about 9/11? I mean, if he’s ‘not allowed’ to joke about that, where does it end? No jokes about Catholicism, Judiasm, sexism, or whatever. Every joke has the potential to offend someone. No chance of offence, no joke, full stop. This comes from someone who had a Scottish friend killed on 9/11. Remember, it wasn’t only Americans that died that day. Also, I’d take being called a liberal as a massive compliment!

      • PhilJ

        Oops, ‘Judaism’.

    • BoBuck can always tell a conservative, but you can’t tell them much.

      Everything would be so much better if you (repub conservatives) only knew…just how much you don’t know

      By the way….
      Are you still living in your mommies basement, or did you get that single wide you have been drooling over?

    • Brittny

      I 100% agree with Dominic. Seth McFarlane has gone to a new low. He
      doesnt seem to be an American if he’s going to be saying those sorts of things. How does the 9/11 victims and their families feel by making jokes about such a sensitive subject. He’ll get it at the end (he being held accountable)

    • darlean

      Wrong, “Brittny”. Either it’s all OK or none of it’s OK. The point of shows like South Park and The Family Guy is that nothing is safe from being made fun of. I bet there are things that make you laugh that would upset other people, so why do you get to have your way?

      As to him being held accountable, for what? For what, “Brittny”? For saying out loud less offensive things than what other people say privately?

      As to him not being an American, let me remind you that the First Amendment allows to say what we want, as long as we don’t incite riot, commit sedition, or use hate speech (which he does NOT). My husband served twenty years for him to be able to do so, and I’m glad he does. Here’s some advice: if you don’t like what he says, turn the channel.

  • Steve

    The actress who voiced the contreversial character -Andrea Fay Friedman, who actually HAS Down Syndrome says it best when she responded to Palin.
    I guess former Governor Palin does not have a sense of humor. I thought the line “I am the daughter of the former governor of Alaska” was very funny. I think the word is “sarcasm”.

    In my family we think laughing is good. My parents raised me to have a sense of humor and to live a normal life. My mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of French bread the way former Governor Palin carries her son Trig around looking for sympathy and votes.

    • Linda

      Not to offend Ms Friedman, but I seriously doubt she *wrote* the Palin response. The reference to Palin carrying Trig around like a football was NOT her work: it was the work and words of someone with an axe to grind, hiding behind the “safety” of putting those words in the mouth (or pen) of someone with Down Syndrome. Family Guy was chicken—- and whoever wrote Friedman’s response was chicken—-, too.

      • mo

        You have personal knowledge that she didn’t write this? Or are you assuming someone with DS can’t be truthful or insightful?

      • gina

        Ms. Friedman is obviously a very intelligent woman,for someone with DS and yes, with a lot of sense of humor too ,,who can speak for her self,, she does not need any one to put words on her mouth,, she said exactly what she feels.and thats what it is…

      • Deb

        Wow Linda, way to perpetuate the image of people with Down’s Syndome as easily manipulated feebs who can’t form a thought for themselves or have a sense of humor like us “normal folks”. You’re the salt of the earth.

      • WhitneyD

        Are you honestly suggesting, Linda, that a woman with DS couldn’t come up with a joke like that? I think that you should learn a little more about DS and then get back to us.

    • Eric

      But it wasn’t sarcasm?

    • Nick

      I think the problem here is that Ms Friedman is presuming that the viewers knew that she, an actress with Down Syndrome, voiced this character. Until this controversy broke out, virtually nobody knew this. Without this important context, the episode looked and sounded like they were making fun of people with Down Syndrome…and like someone was mocking the voice of someone afflicted with it. For Ms Friedman to come out after the fact and ambush Palin by claiming the moral high ground is pretty odd. She may have thought it was okay to laugh at herself and her condition, but if we’re all going to be honest about this, McFarlane went into dicey territory with this episode. I’m a big fan, but this wasn’t cool. I’m actually pretty pissed at McFarlane for this. And what do we say about an actress who thinks it’s perfectly fine to leverage her disability to participate in something that mocks Down Syndrome? This whole thing is very scummy. Seth McFarlane made a bad move here…and surprisingly, as a result of his snide defense, I find myself not wanting to watch Family Guy anymore.

      • Beth

        You are pretty stupid if you think that this episode mocked people with down syndrome. It did exactly the OPPOSITE. Did you even pay attention to the episode? It painted people with down syndrome to be normal and act exactly like everyone else, with the same pit falls as the everyman.

        And there was no ‘ambush’. The point is, it doesn’t matter if the actress had DS or not, comedy is comedy and the whole episode was funny as hell. It just proves that people like to have knee jerk reactions anytime something like DS comes up regardless of the situation or who is making the joke.

    • Riflee

      Give we a break already. I finnd it sganrte with all the problems the democrats are having right now why is this story coming out. To add more wood to the fire, or perhaps she is coming out with a book or a talk show lol.

  • ken

    Loved the show!!! Glad to see Maher take on the Tea Cult, and McFarlane was great. Palin needs to go away and read a book. She comes off as a dumb, job quitting, fame seeking hillbilly. Her act is old.

  • Harold

    People react or in the case of the Family Guy show, its about who they can be abusive towards to get a laugh. Friedman said she was accepting of this type of humor. You have to remember that children and young adults watch these shows and become accustom to the content. Even if someone didn’t have Downs syndrome, would you want your daughter to be disrespected and treated like a whore? Even if the intent of the episode was to attack Sarah Palin, they used her child to do it and they were abusive toward that child. When abuse in society becomes an accepted practice on such a widespread level it’s no longer entertainment, it becomes reality especially for children who are quite capable of emulating it. The video was about child abuse. Even though the character was portrayed as having Downs syndrome, it was about disrespecting and abusing a child. It would not surprise me in the least if a petafile was responsible for writing the lyrics to that song.

    • Uncle Jesse

      What’s a petafile?

      • Chappel

        People who have a fetish for those who throw paint on other people who wear fur.

      • josie

        Chappel,that was so funny, very clever

    • JR

      This entire comment made no sense. How you somehow linked to this all to child abuse and someone “treating your daughter like a whore” is beyond me and quite laughable. Also, Family Guy is NOT meant for children. I thought most people knew by now that just because it’s animated doesn’t mean it’s a kid’s program. I’m not saying some kids don’t watch it, but it’s not their intended audience, and obviously it’s each parent’s responsibility to monitor what their kids watch to begin with.

      • MsSuniDaze

        Ha…totally agree this show isn’t for kids. But wouldn’t be surprised if parents let their kids watch it. Hey, it’s a cartoon after all. Reminds me when parents took their little kids to see the south park movie and were offended by the content…and it was rated R! But parents will happily blame the cartoon before they blame themselves for being so ignorant.

      • Cindy

        Harold obviously didn’t watch the show. He ASSumes that the DS character was the butt of the jokes, when in fact, for most of the show she was portrayed as a beautiful young woman. Just at the last were her true colors revealed — just like any other normal teenaged girl. But then Harold is probably a professional victim who gets his jollies when people feel sorry for him.

    • wakeforce

      Levi Johnson already treated Palin’s daughter like a whore and now Sarah has done it herself!

      • waya

        It takes two. Palin’s daughter is no saint.

      • D

        reply to MsSuniDaze comment.
        It’s the parents ignorance for not monitoring and continuing with supervising their children’s activities. Most kids probably dont know what is going on and what the jokes are about, so kids laugh at anything. Probably most kids wont be affected, but that is up to the parent’s. There are plenty of stupid parents that dont know themselves whats going on in their own house. Most of the jokes are too adult for kids and way too stupid to watch. Most of the family guy jokes are lame, but a few are funny. I don’t allow family guy in the house, but I catch it myself occassionally without the kids. For Macfarlane, hes got a hit show with plenty of smarts, but I think he puts too much filth and corruption to make it worth while to watch.

      • Nihilistic

        Palin’s daughter IS a whore, don’t get it twisted.

    • gina

      what is wrong with people today,, the show is all about comedy, and this is not the only show that uses famous peoples name on their jokes ,, did you ever watch The Simpson’s..

  • Shamrock

    I could care less about the Palin reference. That episode just wasn’t funny. The jokes were lame. American Dad was better.

    • Dahlia

      The expression is “couldn’t care less”, meaning that you have hit the bottom of the well on caring sbout that issue. If you ‘could care less”, then, well, you still have the ability to care less about something.

      • @Dahlia

        Nice job, Dahlia. You got your “ego boost from totally unnecessary criticism of others” moment out of the way early this morning. Even worse for you, “could care less” is a colloquialism. If only it were recognized as a colloquialism by some reputable authority on the English language, like the Oxford English dictionary… Oh, right – it is. Thanks for playing though.

      • TJ

        “Colloquialism” – look it up.

      • SirLizard

        You douche bags who are pointing out the “acceptable” colloquial usage are apparently not aware that just because incorrect forms of speech often become used so much by the general population that they become the more common usage (or God forbid, preferred usage) doesn’t mean that they’re still not technically wrong if you parse the words using any kind of logic. Saying “could care less” doesn’t make the point that those who say it think that it does. It’s just stupid and pathetic, and so are you for defending the use of it.

      • A

        Is that like a “near miss”

      • Eric

        I totally agree with the posters who brought up the fact that it’s a colloquialism. The point of language is to communicate. Everyone knows what people mean when they say “could care less.” And only tools (sorry, douche bags, was it?) would bother arguing it when they understand what it means. Tools like “SirLizard” who convince themselves that the world wouldn’t be better off without them because they “parse the words” of posters on a comment board. Good lord, what a loser.

      • Dan

        “Could care less” is not a colloquialism. It’s a solecism.

  • jeff

    i know that there is a lot of divisiveness in our country, but there is one thing we can unite on: Bill Maher is an IDIOT. he’s not funny, he’s incredibly partisan and he doesn’t quite understand that his guests are more interesting than him. is there no one else that can push the envelope and curse on hbo, then shut up when more interesting people come on?

    • Chris

      I totally agree. He is a democrat posing as an independent. I’m very glad he rips on religion!

  • Gus van Rant

    Family Guy = unfunny Simpsons ripoff

    • obsurv

      Personally, I think all the “adults” watching these lame cartoon or the other “Reality TV” has made TV viewing plain crap.

      • RW

        It’s true. We contribute nothing to the quality of TV compared to people who spend their days complaining about us on entertainment website comments boards. YOU guys make a difference.

  • Jeff V

    I’m with Seth. So sick and disgusted with so called patriots who whine and don’t know how good they have it in this country.

  • S

    People should just relax, it just a cartoon! There are more important issues the world is dealing with (the war in afghanistan, the earthquake in haiti) People are dying and we are using all our energy on this issue.
    Andrea Fay Friedman, who has Downs syndrome and voiced the character on the show has a college degree, has been working at a law firm for 20 years,traveled to India and Japan, and speaks some Japanese. And is also an emmy award nominee has more common sense then Ms. Palin. If you are going to be offended, maybe you should watch the entire show and not just the 2 seconds about the joke, think, and then form your opinion. If you don’t like what family guy did, just turn off your tv.

    • Shamrock

      That’s my point. People with Down Syndrome can lead a normal life, like working in a law firm. The basis of the joke was Chris wanted to date a girl with Down Syndrome. What is so funny about that?

      • Jorge

        The “basis of the joke” as you keep calling it was NOT that Chris wanted to date a girl with Down Syndrome. It was that Chris assumed just because Ellen had Down Syndrome that she would automatically be sweet and kind, when the character was clearly bossy and unlikeable. Similarly, Stewie treated her as disrespectfully as he would any other teenage girl, her condition notwithstanding. The whole point of the episode is that the character is normal – and flawed!

      • Shamrock

        Wow, a girl with Down Syndrome is bitchy. Hilarious. I stand by statement, the episode sucked.

      • jc in nw

        In many ways this episode was more about our assumptions about people with Down Syndrome. To write the girl as bossy and snarky was inspired. The one thing I’d diagree with Jorge on is that Chris assumed she would be sweet and kind. I think the character simply liked her and her Down Syndrome didn’t matter.

      • Nihilistic

        No, Shamrock, YOU suck. It’s pretty apparent to all of us. In fact, consider this your intervention. Kill yourself now and save the world any further turmoil. You’re a disease, and I’m the cure.

  • Shamrock

    Well since I am in the military putting my life on the line, can I have an opinion about gays in the military?

    • Lyn7721

      Yes and let everyone in your squad know that if they have sex with someone you disagree with then they shouldn’t have your back if you’re ever in war.

      • Shamrock

        Why did you assume my opinion would be negative?

    • Laura

      Well, maybe Lyn7721 is right and that you are against gays being out in the military but either way, thank you for serving in the military, Shamrock. Your service is greatly appreciated.

    • JD

      Please. You’ve got to be spending at least 25% of every day posting comments on this website. Random articles on the #78 song in Lichtenstein this week have comments from you on them. If YOU’RE defending our country, I’d give the Canadians a solid 50/50 shot of successfully pulling off an invasion to their south.

      • Shamrock

        Maybe I should get my own column then if you follow me so closely.

      • Shurly

        Lol JD that was hilarious !! And you’re so right. Sorry Shamrock, we don’t need to “follow” you, you left comments on almost all the articles I read on EW, and I don’t read a lot of them. I totally understand JD’s reaction, I thought the same thing, lol !

      • Shamrock

        Then we have the same interests if you are reading the same articles I am.

      • A

        JD and Shurly, like Seth says:
        If you’re sitting at home in your undershirt, watching TV, worried about terrorism, and at the same time objecting to the person who’s putting their life on the line so that your family will be protected, then you’re the worst kind of f—ing a–hole there is.”

        Why does it bother you so much Shamrock makes comments? Looks like you spend a lot of your day following him around. Do you have an opinion on the topic yourselves or just going to comment on other’s comments.

      • TJ

        I agree A, I don’t think they realize how stupid they sound. If they notice that Shamrock is spending a certain amount of his day, then aren’t the doing the same it’s just they don’t have the balls to voice their own opinions just go after a person who does.

      • Rick

        Agree totally with JD and Shurly. And nope, it’s not following Shamrock around when he posts EVERYWHERE. It’s like saying I’m following around breathable air.

      • TJ

        @Rick, if you see his posts, just means you are reading the same articles as he is.

      • Shurly

        What ??? what’s the problem ? I’m absolutely not objecting the person who’s putting their life on the line for us, are you crazy ?? It’s just that anybody on a board can say anything, how do you know he’s really in the military ? How do you know I’m not ? How do you know JD is not ?
        And again, I don’t need to FOLLOW Shamrock, he-she is just on the same articles that I check, what’s wrong with that ? Duh. And my opinion is that the cartoon was not really funny nor insulting and Palin is a cry-baby. There, happy A and TJ ? Sheesh !!

      • TJ

        I know Shamrock is in the military. I know him personally. He’s served time in Iraq and still continues to serve in the military. You agreed with JD who was making negative comments because Shamrock voices his opinions on topics.

      • Rick

        @TJ – wait, so you’re argument that we should believe that someone on the internet we don’t know is who they say they are because someone ELSE on the internet we don’t know vouches for them?! Good times. Of course, your argument would be much stronger if “TJ” wasn’t just the Arabic translation of “Shamrock”.

      • TJ

        Well obviously Shamrock is getting his point across if you bother reading his opinions religiously and take the time to comment on them. Whether you agree with them or not, you still read them which is the point.

      • Shurly

        Well if you happen to know him personally and you know he served then good for you. How are we (those who don’t know him) supposed to know that ? Do you always believe what people say on the internet ? Don’t we have the right to have an opinion ? I have nothing against Shamrock, it’s just that I found funny that he says he’s in the military yet I seem to see him a lot on those boards around here. And JD wrote what I was thinking (in a funny way). Generally I don’t comment too much, but I read a lot what others write and unfortunately for him, he has a very recognizable pseudonym. That’s why I had the impression that I saw him a lot around here.

      • TJ

        He’s working a boring office job. Part of the rotation. He did his time over there, so now it’s his down time.

      • Nihilistic

        Thank you JD, if SHAMROCK is the type of person defending our country, god help us all. The guy is like a walking commercial for contraception. I only pity the burden his mother must shoulder knowing that she produced such NOXIOUS fruit in her loins. Shamrock, please, go somewhere else, anywhere else. You are horrible.

      • Shamrock

        What’s the matter Nihilistic, can’t form an articulate counterpoint to my opinion so you lash out by calling people names to hide your intellectual insecurities?

    • Nihilistic

      No, but you can go away.

      • Shamrock

        Aww, did I hurt your feelings in some way. I see you are one of those tough guys over the internet. What’s the matter, someone can’t have a different opinion than you.

      • Chris

        Seth MacFarlane is a bigot and hypocrite. He played the joke as a cheap shot to get publicity. It’s so funny how people jump to defend him, considering he doesn’t care at all about any of you. He’s the same lying rich man as the rest of them.

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