David Letterman jokes about Leno-Oprah commercial, Sandra Bullock jokes about Dave and women

David Letterman said last night that his Super Bowl commercial confused his mother: “My mom called and said, ‘David, who was the guy with Oprah and Jay?'”

Biff Henderson also expressed a certain loyalty to Leno. (About three minutes in here.)

A bit later Letterman noted that after the idea was conceived and broadcast, “People thought it was really hot stuff. So I’d like to thank the actors who played Oprah and Jay Leno.”

One of the best parts of last night’s show was seeing Sandra Bullock — who demonstrated that she can catch and throw a football while in high heels — needle Dave.

After showing some amusing pictures taken at an awards show of Bullock open-mouth-kissing Meryl Streep, Dave said with mock-severity, “Well, I guess that’s the kind of thing you people do out in Hollywood,” Bullock shot back, “Oh, I suppose you’ve never kissed a woman before, Dave.” (Occurs about 2:30 in here.)

Glad Bullock has reaped an Oscar nomination even if I haven’t seen The Blind Side, if for no other reason than it means she makes sparky TV appearances such as this one.

Did you watch Dave last night?

For more: Jay Leno talks about the David Letterman – Oprah ad: ‘I want to thank Dave. I was glad to promote his show’

Late Show producer on Leno-Letterman-Oprah Super Bowl spot: Jay wore disguise to taping

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  • Kirk

    This just further proves that Dave is the best late night host. He’s in a class with Carson.

    • RCB

      I like Dave, but I’m with Team Kimmel.

      • cutesinglesinthecity

        dave is a dirty old man, lol

    • Kat

      Agree. Dave rocks. And that Sandra, what a hoot. Hope she wins the Oscar because (1.) she’s been amazing since SPEED and (2.) The Blind Side is awesome and she is extraordinary in it.

    • Dr. B

      I hope you mean Johnny Carson, not Carson Daly.

  • UGH

    I’m hoping Sandra Bullock does not win an Oscar.

    • Alix

      Team Streep!

    • Chris

      She should concentrate her energies on stealing another porn star’s child.

      • walter

        sad but true.

      • Ola9

        “Stealing”? That child is lucky to be away from that junkie/hoe bio mom and to have a caring, loving and most of all, giving, woman raising her.

        You should concentrate on getting the facts right.

      • James P

        What a douche. Yeah, she should take every porn stars child if she can. Who wants a porn star mother? Hey I’d totally bang out your mom. Whatever..hater.

      • Dana

        Are you an idiot? You really think that child would be better off with a porn star, drug abusing mother? Not to mention her boyfriend is ex-con, he has a record of several convictions involving alcohol, guns and manufacture of narcotics. Of course Jesse James and his wife would try to get custody of her! I would think they were awful parents if they didn’t! Sandra is that little girl’s step mom and I am sure she always wants the best for her too.

    • Sean

      Very insightful analysis, ugh.

    • RCB

      Between Bullock for TBS and Streep for JAJ, I’d pick Bullock. But Mulligan, then Sidibe were the best last year.

  • ann

    The commercial was great.It was a great idea and short and sweet. I watched Jay and as usual, he was a class act in his comments about Dave’s ad.

  • Yes

    As “usual” class act? Please…even his buddy Oprah said he made a comment beneath him. Jay is a hack.

    • Shelly

      And what about all the rude unfunny jabs Letterman did against Leno for weeks?? Were those not “beneath” Letterman?? Probably not, since he is usually a big jerk anyway. Leno did ONE joke about Letterman, Letterman kept at it and at it for weeks like the immature, unfunny fool he is. Letterman can do it but not Leno??

      • Kunal

        Marlys, It was great getting to see you enniyojg the other side of OR! My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed watching your granddaughter. We both thought they were cute little girls. The only thing is that I know what a great cook you are, and went there expecting you to be feeding us! I’m glad you got a chance to camp.

  • graeme

    Haha, oh Sandra. So awesome.

  • Dave

    Bullock has said she doesn’t expect to win the Oscar but now has begun campaigning already by making these appearances. She has nothing to promote right now.

    • Chappel

      Bullock’s faux humility is an Oscar-worthy performance in itself.

      • James

        Amen. Still, great movie!

    • Allison

      Maybe she enjoys them? She’s had a great year and it seems like she was having fun.

    • Dominique

      I know I dont comment much on here but John Eric Waters soulhd have been Coach of the Year .NL was not even picked to win Conf but did and to win 21 games for the year and take team to playoffs?? How can that be over looked?

  • UGH

    She tries too hard to be “America’s Sweetheart”.
    That time has come and gone.

  • Stella

    If I ever had the opportunity to win an Oscar I’d be out there selling myself too. Remember this is the actress who has to list Speed and Speed 2 on her resume. This may be her only chance at Oscar gold so she’s coming out running! Good on her.

    • ^^^^^

      If it weren’t for Speed, it would be “Sandra who?”.
      Speed put her where she is today.

  • johnny do

    Yep. Another actress slut.

    • Coyote

      I thought your name was johnny douche.

      • Presicion

        There were so many powerful mesesgas at the conference over the weekend. I’m glad you captured so many great pieces of those and put them together here.It’s inspiring and I may just yet send something in just to see if I can capture powerful writing in my own words.Rick

    • Suki

      What makes her a slut exactly?

      • Bertie

        I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it underatsndbale.

  • Peggy

    TEAM Bullock! She’s been highly under-rated as an actress; she deserves all the accolades she’s receiving for this film. Her honesty and sense of humor are endearing!

    • Allison

      I agree! I don’t think she should win but her performance was great and I’m glad she was nominated.

    • ^^^^^

      How about stopping with all of this overused “TEAM __________”
      SO annoying!

      • Mark

        Thank you Twilight morons for this TEAM ______ phenom. It’s annoying as hell!

  • emi

    I think Sandra Bullock deserves recognition… AND YES she´s been under rated as a seriuos actress.. and YES she iS one of the kindest and own to earth person in this business..and that´s a lot ot say!!! The fact the she is nominated for an Oscar this year doesn´t change that… it´s a different thing.. You may like or dilike her movie, but she is really, really nice in real life…

  • Davidsask

    Be happy you will have Oscar nominated forever and please leave at that America!!! It was not an Oscar role and she damn well knows it!

    • Ola9

      Good for you, Sandy! For your class and charm and giving us a great movie role. You are so down to earth and so cool.

      While I liked the movie, it wasn’t Oscar-worthy – but neither were the other 9 contenders, including the slightly boring/uninteresting “The Hurt Locker”.

      But that’s what we’re stuck with these days…

      And to Chris (above) – get your facts straight. SB’s raising a deadbeat, has-been-porn-star’s child since the bio mom is a grade A loser who can’t see past her own selfishness.

      There are lots of those types of so-called “mothers” out there. Better deemed “muthas”.

  • LOL

    Sandra and Dave should host an awards show.

  • Barry

    I’m glad she called him out as a pervert.

    • sam

      That isn’t what happened–it was a joke about kissing women and Dave is not a “pervert.”

  • Bert

    Sandra Bullock proves that a woman can be smart and HOT at the same time! She should stop kissing women, though. Plenty of men would stand in line for that opportunity.

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