See BOTH versions of the 'controversial' Tim Tebow Super Bowl ads... and why they don't work

The much-discussed, “controversial” Focus on the Family ad featuring Tim Tebow and his mother, Pam, has aired during CBS’ pre-game Super Bowl show. Here it is:

Pam Tebow talks about how Tim is “her miracle baby,” as the result of a difficult birth. Tim Tebow joins his mother at the end and hugs his mom. The ad concludes with a printed message, “For the full Tebow story,” go to the website for the ad’s sponsor, Focus on the Family. There’s also an invitation to “celebrate life.” Does this strike you as particularly controversial, other than its context as a famous athlete aligning himself with a cause he believes in?

And now here’s the other version, that aired during the game, with a slapstick punchline:

Tim’s tackles Mom; well, not hilarious, but kind of sweet… and even more distracting from whatever serious message Focus on the Family may want to convey. I think the group considers it a touchdown as long as people go to its website and take in its philosophy.

Indeed, I think what we’re seeing here is FF backing away from a more aggressive statement in order to get its spots on CBS’ air. The result is classic bad advertising: The personalities on display distract from the message this deeply conservative organization wants to spread.

The Tebow ad had been assumed to be a pro-life, anti-choice production. Planned Parenthood has already released a counter-ad:

What is controversial is CBS’ decision to air the Focus on the Family ad but to reject one from the gay dating service No matter how benignly phrased the Tebow ad is, it’s advertising for a conservative organization, as opposed to the rejected ad, with its presumed liberal politics:

It’s being reported that a different or longer Tebow ad will air during the Super Bowl game. When that’s available, it will be posted here as well, and I’ll discuss the controversy with you.

In the meantime, what do you think of the Tebow controversy?

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  • What?

    What about the first ad was even controversial? “Celebrate life” could mean a lot of things.

    • jb

      Hmmm….maybe you’re right. Maybe it was a Coca-Cola commercial. “Celebrate Life. Drink Coke.”

      • DruggyBear

        maybe it was a dating ad for incest, didn’t it look very e-harmonyish?

        oh and FotF is a hate group, James Dobson is no better than Fred Phelps

      • Marie

        Now that i see the commercials, it looks more like a commerical for universal health care instead of a pro-life commercial. if he was so sick as a child, maybe she could have added the line “and if i didn’t have health care, he would have died….. support health care for all citizens.”

      • Bamagirl1

        I thought the Tim Tebow commercial was a little too layed back. I think it should have matter- of-fact and just say it Abortion is wrong women are choosing to kill their baby that God allowed them to have ! It’s wrong- forgiveable by all means because I serve a forgiving God but not everyone accepts Gods word all though they will one day wish they had! Peace out!

    • crispy

      The thing that’s controversial is the same thing that’s always been controversial about this ad… the Focus on the Family name and website at the end. Focus on the Family is a hate group. Some of the information on their website that millions of people will now be visiting is deplorable.

      • Gerry Canady

        Focus on the Family is a hate group only as far as hating sin and loving people.

      • gd

        And you’re loving? Maybe you should reread your comment.

      • tdub

        are you kidding me that focus on the family is a hate group and planned parenthood which supports putting babies in the equivalent of a blender because it is a choice is a loving caring group. They support the choice of abortion which is an abomination. that is the definition of a hate group. Funny how everybody gets upset when a morally sound Christian organization wants to spread their message BUT abortion and man on man sex ads are ok…that is the messed up state of our country!

      • Eric

        tdub – People’s issues are that the Focus on the Family ad is allowed to air, and the ManCrunch ad got rejected. So, clearly CBS thinks the Focus on the Family ad is ok and and the gay dating ad is not, disproving your last sentence. Also, a few years ago CBS rejected an ad about an open, accepting church because it was political. I disagree with anti-choice, homophobic organizations like Focus on the Family, but my problem is that they are allowed to air a political ad, while others politics (assuming one’s sexuality is political) are censored.

      • Victor

        abortion is a choice, people make that choice and if someone makes that choice, let them, Pro-choice groups have the right to spread their message and as do pro-life groups, it’s a two way street. How about allowing the freedom of choice or do we not live in a world where people have free choice.

        There’s nothing wrong with either ad, both are respective of their topics

      • JC

        It is interesting to hear the discussions that raise tension in this country. One side disputes their own right of not being excepted, marches for their rights, and has made their own indulgences socially acceptable. However the slight inclination that a 5 seconds posting of am opposing world view can create such a depravity of their conscience should speak clearly enough for it’s self. That is to say that the 30 second commercial that really doesn’t even state any specific point of view can create such an alluring guilt that will spread to such animosity toward another. The question we should all ask here is not is it controversial but why such hate towards an opposing point of view?? It is truly perplexing that we can call our society civil!!! Organizations such as Focus on the family do not return with such hate why is that?? It’s Possible because they do not have anything to feel guilty about?? Where as the thought of ones actions may induce that guilt to a level of such hate; maybe we need more reminders of those guilt things which a moral society or should I say a civil society would rather ignore!! Just some thought to ponder on, please do not hate me for for my thoughts!!

      • Bob

        Like what?

      • Dorothy

        What’s so hateful about Focus on the Family? It is ridiculous to accuse them of being a “hate” group. Focus on the Family is nothing of the kind.

      • Eric

        I can bet you are not very educated to make an obscene comment like that

      • Julie

        how are they a hate group when they are all about life and family and love

      • Dimples

        Not a hate group. Anyone that disagrees w/you is probably a hate group??

      • Cashy

        It was so refreshing to see a clean decent ad celebrating “life”. Thank you Tebow’s !! Thank you Focus on the Family !!

      • psyche

        I agree with poster above, and have no trouble (as a liberal) with either of the ads. I find them both to be quite “classy” — subtle messages of the **positive** side of each’s agenda.

        To Julie and Dorothy above: FotF are often viewed as a hate group because of the “flip” side to the pro-family message. Just as their is a negative aspect, which Christian’s will use to label “pro-choice” people as being “pro-abortion” (its not the same thing at all), the flip side of FotF advocating/supporting traditional families, is that they lobby *against* anything different, going so far as to protest and work against equal legal rights and civil liberties being extended to someone who is different from the ideals they hold.

      • Nancy

        Hi, Crispy,
        How much have you listened to FOF. They’re totally NOT hateful. You should listen on a regular basis for a while; you may be surprised what you learn for yourself.

      • Andy

        to Victor:
        “abortion is a choice, people make that choice and if someone makes that choice, let them, Pro-choice groups have the right to spread their message and as do pro-life groups, it’s a two way street. How about allowing the freedom of choice or do we not live in a world where people have free choice.”

        Murder and rape are also choices. Abortion is not about an issue of allowing choice as much as it is an issue of a crime. Some people think it is wrong in the same sense murder is wrong. So really, you comment makes no sense to me. How about allowing the freedom of choice when it comes to murdering or raping someone? I think not.

      • Chris

        I Dont understand why people are making such a big fuss about the Focus on the Family ad, and saying that they played that and not the mancrunch, but playing another commercial that causes controversy that is Planned Parenthood and no one mentions that. Whether you believe in it or not both commercials showed points to both sides, but Focus on the Family shouldn’t be the only one called out, Planned Parenthood is just as controversial as the FOF one is.

      • Scott Novotny

        There is a Yes and No, there is Right and Wrong, Good and Evil, Truth and Deception, and the owners of each GOD and Satan. Focus on the Family has chosen GOD’s ways. Crispy which do you choose? My prayer for you Crispy is, Yes, Right, Good, Truth, and GOD for your Soul’s eternal life hangs in the balance. May God open your eyes. In Jesus name I pray.

        Your friend in Christ Scott Novotny

      • maiv

        @Scott: Not everything is clearly right and wrong. What if you accidentally kill someone in self-defense? It’s never clear-cut. Not every woman who has an abortion does it b/c they didn’t feel like using protection. Besides, not everyone believes in your God.

      • Lcouch

        Planned Parenthood gets taxpayers money. Focus on the Family doesn’t. Whats really funny is that the gay website ad that they wanted to run, COULDN”T AFFORD the price!!!!!! Oh now we should lower the prices for minority groups because it’s descrimination to the gays! Please!

      • John

        So who else, in your opinion, is a hate group? Does that mean we should hate them? Or just revoke their right to free speech and expression. What was hateful about the Tebow ad? I think you have revealed the real hate group, and it is you! A hate group of one, who hates religion, morality, and anyone who doesn’t happen agree with your political views. Don’t even start to talk about hypocrisy, you’ve already demonstrated what that is by your opinions. MORON!

      • JAMES

        ha wow… some of you ppl (on both side)s have no clue how to argue logically… i counted multiple fallacies in some of the arguments… thats could be one of the problems this is a controversial issue

      • john

        Focus on the family a hate Group? LOL Only a hater would ever say that. SMH

      • Jesu is love

        Abortion is not a choice. You just don’t do it because God made that child for a purpose. And if you have that done than you are killing that baby. And that is wrong. And Focus on the Family is a great ministry.

      • Nikki

        I am glad that my mother didn’t choose to end my life when she was 15 and I was ‘inconvenient’. She had every reason to make that choice and she didn’t and words can’t express just how grateful I am for that.

        I’m NOT against people who have to make hard choices–I’ve been in the same boat so I’m not going to say the choice for or against is easy. We should however stop spreading hate. If you disagree with something that’s fine but you don’t have to hate someone because they make decisions or believe something that you don’t like.

        As for Focus on the Family… I’ve heard some of their programming but I never heard any hate propaganda. I only heard programs that positively motivated people to be better parents, spouses, friends…etc. and they didn’t have anything to do with hating.

        People really need to take a good look at their own lives before passing judgement on someone else’s. There’s enough negativity in the world without adding to it. Be a part of the answer NOT a part of the problem!!!

      • CC

        Crispy’s one hundred percent right. Focus on the Family is a hate group. Thanks for stating that. I’m just sad that so few people can actually see it for themselves and try to actually defend them.

      • howdy777

        if you think a group promoting life, family, and love is a hate group you’re pretty messed up…

      • CC

        If you think that what Focus on the Family does is solely promote life, family and love, you’re REALLY messed up. In fact, you are very much deluded.

      • randy

        How could someone/group/anyone be considered a hate group by loving unsaved people (in this case homosexuals) enough to try to stir them (homosexuals) away from eternial damnation/hell?

      • jim

        The only hate group is planned parenthood. A group of people who have killed 30 million American babies and have traumatized millions of adults who hate themselves for listening to the distorted lies about abortion. It takes both a man and a woman to make a baby with the help of God. The “plan” is death

      • suze

        Aren’t you the real hater here? Take a good look in the mirror before you trash those who are practicing their right to worship in this free country.

      • Yikes

        30 million more people? Good God… and we can’t even get health care and jobs for the people already here.

      • Jackie Knight

        You apparently don’t have much information about Focus on the Family or Planned Parenthood. If you did, you would recognize that FF merely wants to make available information on options to unwanted pregnancies other than the pain and suffering a forming infant feels as it is suctioned out or removed in piece by forceps from the womb. You should also research the beginnings of Planned Parenthood, which was started by a racist, atheist woman whose goal was to elimninate as many black children as she could. Before you talk about hate, please educate yourself.

      • Mikko

        I don’t want abortion to be an option, unless there are health problems involved (or rape, or something horrible like that). However, I’m not every woman in the world (I’m not even a woman!), so have the choice, but I don’t think my taxes should pay for it… Unless it is one of the problems mentioned above.

        That’s fair right?

      • Michelle

        How has an article asking if the FF ad was controversial compared to a gay dating site turned into an abortion debate? This is why they should ban comment pages on articles.

      • Melissa

        It’s funny that this Focus on the Family group celebrated, of all things, Mrs. Tebow’s CHOICE not to have an abortion. So apparently Focus on the Family, aside from their anti-choice and anti-gay message realizes that yes, choice is important. Women are intelligent to decide what’s right for them, whether that’s to carry to term or to abort.

      • Sarah

        I find it funny that everyone seems to think that Focus on the Family is a hate group. Why do you think that? Because they stand up for what they believe is right. I don’t seem them going around a breaking windows and writing hateful things on peoples cars, much like a hateful group was in CA during prop 8. Hmmmm…so Christians are hateful but everyone else isn’t. Don’t get it. And yes we live in a free country where we have choices, but also things that are harmful to us and others are against the law. You have the choice to go out and kill someone but you will still be held accountable for it and be thrown in jail. You can scream “But we live in a free country” all the way down the hall while they drag you off to jail. I think its funny that we have abortion and can kill innocent children, but yet at times people are convicted of murdering unborn babies in courts. I think maybe we need to figure out what we are doing. I also think it’s funny that this ad was thought to be tabu…nothing about it even should have offended people. Sorry is peoples life stories offend you. Maybe you should think about why it’s offending you. Why is it hitting a nerve?Anyway…just think about it.

      • crispy

        Sarah, the only thing that offends me in your comment is the inability to punctuate properly and general misappropriation of the English language. But that’s par for the course for anti-intellectual Christianist types. Focus on the Family runs gay reparative therapy groups, which is tantamount to torturing young gays. James Dobson has spent many years and millions of dollars fighting to take away basic human rights from millions of American families. They are a hate group. They are the American Taliban.

      • Juniper

        Crispy is correct. I grew up listening to Dobson almost every day and FoF is very hateful, but they’re clever and cloak their hatred in the “love the sinner, hate the sin” rhetoric while actively working to deprive gays and women of equal rights. Furthermore, they ascribe to Dominionist theology, which basically means that they want the US (and the world) to be entirely Christian, with no diversity and no recognition of other religious practices. It’s really bad, and unless you get outside of the movement you don’t really see it. After studying it for years, I’m forced to agree with Crispy.

      • Tim

        Crispy your an absolute idiot. How does one group show they are hateful when they are doing what they believe. Regardless if your for Focus on the Family or Planned Parenthood both sides are controversial. No one side is correct or we would not be having a debate like this. Some people would probably think planned parenthood is hateful because people could say they talk people into making choices and evetually kill their babies. So which ever way you spin it, both groups haves sides that are good and bad to different people. Did Focus on the Family tell CBS not to play the gay ad? I have no idea, but im sure they have no say in what ads play and what ads don’t. The obvious pro-life and pro-choice ads like i said are both controversial and like wise should both be discussed about why they were played instead of the mancrunch ad.

      • crispy

        Wow, Tim, your intellectual capacity is astounding. According to your logic, Al-Qaeda is not a hate group because they are doing what they believe.

      • levelheaded

        @JC – The thing here is thet FotF is in the majority, most Americans are Christians. I know many Christians feel their religion is under attack, but here in America it is not, becuase it is the one in power and majority. The fighting against this religion is not due to guilt, but to an ‘oppressed’ group of people who do not fit in with some of the strict religious codes. Which quite frankly aren’t very Christian. (I am speaking as Christian that is studying theology). So, I think people are feeling alienated, disrespected and definitely hated against, and un-loved and they have a very valid point.
        FotF received privelege because they were allowed to air their ad in a ‘free press’ society. Where as another was not allowed to air their ad. This isn’t ‘CHRISTIAN’ issue, its a humanity and freedom of press issue. And our press is not free and very manipulated. Violence and sexism on commercials COOL! Man liking man, not cool! This is bigoted.

        @Andy – Abortion as a choice is a real issue. There are times where a woman’s health is in danger due to the pregnancy and sometimes this creates a situation where the only choices are bad choices. It is notorious in our country that we do not take women’s health seriously, and focusing on one good outcome of a very difficult and high risk pregnancy can leave many women dead. Many husband’s without wives and many children without mothers. Are you telling me that is what God wants for his children? And what about a pregnancy from rape. Because even though you say people shouldn’t have the choice to rape, they do. Would the woman have to have the baby to be seem ‘moral’ in your eyes. Don’t you think God sees her pain and feels for her in a way that you wouldn’t understand? And maybe it is best to stop judging and start loving and helping? God gave us free will and gave us a choice to believe in him. Why are you so frightened to extend that choice to others?

    • Gene Taylor

      How horribly sad to be accused of being a hate group when the main focus is saving a life. I too, thank my mother that she didn’t give up on me.

      • Uncle Arthur

        Sweetie, read up on their anti-homosexual agenda. They are in fact a hate group. Narrow-minded, hypocritical, and hateful.

      • KT

        So you are saying Gene that if a woman is raped, it doesn’t matter what She wants, all that should matter is saving that life? A woman should be able to have the say, it is HER body.

      • Jeff

        No peolpe like you should do the reading. THE BIBLE. It well give you all of the answer’s to the question’s on this page. That is GOD chooses life, and does everything for a reason. He also speak’s VERY CLEARLY about homo’s. That the act is a SIN and without his forgiveness and a true change they will go to a eternal life of misery.<

      • …..

        i think people that make comments like Gene’s have a heightened sense of self-importance. i personally find humility to be a much more favorable trait. i recognize that my life in the grand scheme of things is pretty insignificant. so do i think the world would end if my mom didn’t have me? no. would the world have ended if we had one less football player? no. i’m not “pro-abortion” (as if there are a group of people really advocating terminating pregnancies willy nilly- amazing how delusional folks can be!), but i don’t think it’s my business to make other’s choices for them. and if you really believe God doesn’t approve, then you should let God handle it. Let him mete out “punishment”. How hypocritical these intellectually deprived overly emotional folks are. They believe in God, but don’t trust God to take care of the world it created.

      • …..

        saw an article in NYT discussing why this ad is offensively misleading. Ms. Tebow was told by doctors that she should terminate the pregnancy for her health. She had a condition that kills many women and she was a missionary in the Phillipines at the time (real smart. get pregnant and have a kid in a strange country without your regular doctors because it’s sooo important to insult the indigenous population by proselytizing. good one.) Lucky for her (or i suppose she would say she was blessed)that it all turned out ok. But we shouldn’t avow not listening to your doctors medical advice to the uninformed superstitious masses.

    • Snarf

      Much ado about nothing, although I thought Jimmy Kimmels spoof ad (They Don’t All End Up Like Tim Tebow) was spot on!

    • Don Piehl

      I feel the ad was almost boring. Christ is alive. Look at the beer ads, and Dorito’s ads. Bright, lively. Show more excitement, like Tim picking up his mom, and he should have had Bible veres under his eyes, and be EXCITED. Good start out for first time. Don

    • Heidi

      The mancrunch ad was almost like a joke – I think it is demeaning to gay men and also could make superbowl fans joke uncomfortably -I think this was a website trying to get free publicity who put the ad together in about two seconds for ten bucks. If Mancrunch had wanted to be taken seriously (even in a ‘funny’ format) they could have done a MUCH better job with the writing, acting and production of their commercial.

      • Yup

        You hit the nail on the head, Heidi. I could have made that ad in my garage with a webcam from walmart. They production alone was enough to get it rejected from super bowl airing. It was a S-T-U-N-T.

    • Joseph Parsons

      OK…yes I am conservative…even a minister…and I have watched years of Super Bowl ads, about beer and everything else under the sun without ever complaining. Surely all these others can allow one advertisement presenting pro-life and a Christian message AT LEAST ONCE! The “enlightened” intellectuals want to brag about having opened minds…but they seem to desire to allow for only one viewpoint…their own. That is really being “opened minded!” Like or not, if everyone else can present their ads over the years…Christians should be afforded that right also!

      • Irony

        Except the problem is that the network is choosing to air only one political view, while it has rejected ads supporting the opposing point of view. So actually, you shouldn’t expect pro-life messages unless you also advocate for pro-choice messages to be aired as well, if you follow your own logic.

      • …..

        plus it was a football game. the majority of people were sitting around drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and cigars, and cursing at the television screen. I don’t really know why you think we should have (faux)christian advertising – i say that bc i know many christians who are offended by FOTF- in the middle of a football game. i just think it’s kind of inappropriate, but i wouldn’t ban it. just thought it was a dumbass move

      • What?

        Really? Smoking and cursing at the TV? Were you watching it at a bar? Can’t believe you do know Christians who are OFFENDED by FotF. I think you are making that up.

      • Funny

        What’s funny is that you think FotF being able to run an ad on TV is inappropriate but it is perfectly appropriate to smoke and curse at the TV!

      • annabegins

        I am a christian and I am offended by focus on the family,

    • Drew

      Are these the creepy people that stand out on street corners with pictures of a dead fetus screaming something about hell. I prefer that over watching Tim Tebow.

      • ?


    • @What?

      I agree that the commercials were subtle to the point that if not for the controversy, I would have never guessed it was a pro-life ad. I’m a pro-choice supporter myself, but I respect free speech. I may not like what they’re saying, but it’s their right to express their views. Just like it’s my right to disagree with them. FOF is not a group I would ever consider supporting, but I’m sure their ad wasn’t targeted at me anyway. Get over it people. Not everyone will agree with your views, but everyone has the right to express themselves.

    • wakeforce

      Thank God for the Oprah/Jay/ Dave ad. In a few days nobody will even be talking about this boring ad!

    • jared4ever

      Don’t be fooled. The commercial may seem sweet as pie, but the FOF is all about condemning people for the choices they make.

      • Reality

        FOF’s ultimate goal is to save people, not to ultimately condemn them. Just because Matt does something wrong and John lets Matt know they what he did is wrong doesn’t make Matt all about condemning. By pointing out poor decisions and offering help, people can be directed towards good decisions.

      • James

        Well, what if I think following Jesus is a bad decision? Would you like it if I told you that Christianity was a poor decision?

      • …..

        who are you to decide what is right and wrong. how many confrontations occur every day bc someone disagrees with another’s pov. it’s condescending to think that it’s your job to tell other people how wrong their choices are. like they are your children. Trust your God to show them the way if you think they are straying. Live by example, if you think your beliefs are so perfect. THEN if someone comes and asks you for help, you can give it to them. anything else is insulting and reprehensible imo.

      • Missy

        People condemn themselves. Stop blaming others for your own actions. Yes, God has always given us a choice to do good or to do evil. He says to choose Life that you may live. How many undeveloped women have been killed by abortion, they were given no choice. Their mothers chose unwisely but conveniently. The choice is whether to have sex and I’m not talking about the rare instances of rape which is over used, get to the hospital before conception. Report the crime and prosecute the creep. This trash about your God and my God, you don’t have to beleive in gravity for it to be real. If you jump off of anything gravity takes over. You can scream on your way down, “I don’t believe in gravity!” but it won’t change the outcome, you will plummet. God does not believe in atheists. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Man’s puny little finite mind is not going to change His nature. Hurray for FOtF, sometimes standing up for the truth is difficult, sometimes the truth hurts but it doesn’t change that it is the truth.

    • dgh

      Its always nice to see people who are Pro-Choice getting all upset for someone focusing on life and not the choice to kill a baby…its not hard to see who priorities are fuked up!!!

    • Colleen

      I’m so sick of the focus on a woman’s “right” to an abortion. If it’s your choice, your body, etc., why not make some smart choices and take steps to avoid getting prenant in the first place? A very small percentage of abortions are performed for reasons such as the mother’s/fetus’ health and sexual assault. If it’s your choice and your body, take care of it to start with!

      • Colleen

        “pregnant” obviously my opinion is now null and void on the basis of a typo!

    • the L

      For those of you wondering what’s so controversial about “celebrate life” perhaps you missed the part about where it’s coming from a CONSERVATIVE CORPORATION.

  • jd

    matt leinart, another heisman winner, needs to do a pro-choice commercial.

    “three strippers, a groupie from the hotel lobby and cheerleader. no condom. i am glad they have a choice.”

    • jb


    • @jb

      haha awsome.

      • Dogboy

        Do you even really need a celebrity? I can look out my window right now and see twenty people that should have been aborted.

    • Bec

      Wow! You’re a loser. Enjoy the STDs.

  • Lola

    What controversy…if you are secure in what you believe you shouldn’t get your knickers in a twist about something that you have to read into to find it allegedly offensive. And for those who tout “freedom of speech” remember…that’s for everyone, not just what you want to hear. You can’t have it both ways.

    • SiR


    • John

      I agree with your thought that there SHOULD be freedom of speech. If everyone that paid their fee to run their ad on the Super Bowl without being rejected -then yes there would be. However, that doesn’t exist on Network TV because you have someone at the network deciding which ads to air and which ones not to air. I don’t have a problem with the message the Tebows were trying to express, but I do have a problem with the story of her decision to keep the baby Tebow because it’s filled with half truths.

      The doctors did suggest that Pam get an abortion for medical reasons, since her own life was threatened by the pregnancy. However, she couldn’t have gotten an abortion unless she traveled to another country since abortions were illegal in the Philippines at the time (where she was living at the time). Traveling outside the country would have threatened her life as much as delivering the baby Tebow to term. So there wasn’t much of a choice for her to make.

      • BrianBoru

        Actually, there is an exception in Philippine law that permits abortion to preserve the life of the mother. Abortion is illegal there, but the law is rarely enforced, and abortion is a relatively common form of birth control in the Philippines. My information comes from the United Nations…

      • the point is

        she shouldn’t have been in the phillipines in the first place

  • MN

    I thought both ads are wonderful, respectful, and I hope both can freely air tonight, or any other night.

    • CW

      I agree with MN. Both ads are respectful, subtle and hopefully they’ll be aired not only today but at many other times in the future.

      • Heidi

        I agree

    • Uncle Arthur

      It’s not the ad folks. It’s the hate group paying for the message. A spoonful of sugar helps the hate speech go down.

      • Angela

        Actually, Focus on the Family DID NOT pay for the ad. The ad was paid for by private sponsors who agreed with the message of “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life” and so chose to spend their money spreading that message.

      • Daniel

        Arthur, Arthur, Arthur…clearly you speak of something you know nothing about. You have fallen into lockstep with others who have also never listened to a Focus on the Family broadcast. No one with a functioning brain cell could find hate in their message. And good luck finding hate in the Tebow ad.

      • crispy

        No one could find hate in their message? LOL, you’re joking, right? I would imagine the millions of families in California who are denied basic rights because Focus on the Family hates them would disagree with that asinine statement.

      • Juniper

        Agreed! Prop 8 was largely funded by Focus on the Family. Good thing I got to go to my friends’ wedding before FoF stepped in to deprive them of their rights. I also resent FoF’s message that women should “submit to their husbands in all things, as they would to Christ,” and that I should stay home and homeschool my children so that the evil liberal teachers don’t indoctrinate them that being gay is okay. Some of the homeschool texts that FoF endorses literally say that Africa is afflicted with poverty and disease because Africans reject Christ and worship the devil. The publishing house is called ABeka. Seriously!

  • Tina

    wow, I can’t believe people got worked up about that…

    • jared4ever

      You’ve obviously never been the target of group that thinks you’re going to hell for the choices you’ve made or just because of the way you were born or you’d understand why people get a little worked up. Focus on The Family IS a hate group.

      • tlt

        Focus on the Family believes everybody deserves hell, including its staff. That is where the love and forgiveness of Jesus comes in. We all deserve hell because of our sin but Jesus forgives and gives life if we accept.

      • jared4ever


      • Julie

        what do you call yourself then? a loving person? i think not.

      • SB

        People do NOT go to hell because of their choices. People go to hell because they do not know God. Sure as an embryo is alive, there is a God. Abortion is a choice – so is murder, rape, drug use, premarital sex and self-mutilation. The fact that you CAN choose to do something doesn’t mean that you should. The “CHOICE” should be whether or not to engage in behavior that is sure to cause an unwanted pregnancy. I am the daughter of a woman who has had an abortion and have seen first hand the devastation caused by murdering your own child. You don’t heal from that – it doesn’t go away. There is a reason these girls experience higher rates of suicide, depression and drug use. What they need is love, compassion and guidance based on the TRUTH. Not the lie that you can dispose of your own child and pretend you didn’t. With millions of parents wanting babies who can’t have them – why is the gov’t subsidizing Planned Parenthood instead of adoptions?? Let the children live and let the moms have healing! Mother Theresa said it best: It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.

      • jIM

        Wow, nice that you were born to make that choice, good for you. To bad for those who don’t have that chance due to being killed!

      • Uncle Arthur

        I agree, Jared. FOF is nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing. TLT – You’re assuming (or they are) that everyone believes in Jesus or whatever their religious agenda is.

      • the point is

        SB, your friend probably suffered so much bc of people like you making her feel like ass, not bc of any internal irreparable dilemma. or perhaps bc of the behavior that got her in the situation in the first place. u people act like u have an abortion and a magic switch goes off in you that causes instant misery. not true. not everyone is an emotional cripple. btw, i never want kids. so you think i should never get married or have sex? do u think i serve no purpose here other than my ability to breed? and in that case shouldn’t my mother have aborted me?!? see how silly the thinking can become? it’s not all or nothing in this world. if you only see in b&w with no gray, you’re not thinking clearly.

    • ZeeZee

      You didn’t have to watch if you knew it was coming on…and please define basic rights – which everyone has

  • SusieQ

    Just wait…it won’t take long for everyone to get worked up. I didn’t see either ad as being controversial at all. Perhaps the longer one might…but we will have to wait and see.

    The problem is people are more worked up on who is sponsoring the ads and not the actual ads that are shown.

    • jared4ever

      Exactly right…the ads not representative of the actual beliefes of these groups. It may seem all sweet in the commercial but in real life they think anyone who gets an abortion or who is gay is going to hell. They are too smart to say that in the commercial though, it would scare too many people away.

      • Julie

        i believe whatever mistake i have made can be forgiven and has been forgiven by Jesus who sacrificed his life for all of us because he loves us for our past, present and future sin. Your value and approval is found in our Heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, not in imperfect people.

      • Nancy

        jared4ever, you truly have not even listed to FOF or you’d hear their caring for people who have had abortions or are gay. They care for all people because God does. Whether or not we go to hell is based on only ONE choice we make – our acceptance of His grace and mercy and trusting Him, or rejecting Him. I hope you come to the point of realizing and accepting His love and mercy. He loves you in spite of yourself.

      • Uncle Arthur

        Julie/Nancy – you’re assuming everyone believes in God, Jesus, or Tom, Dick or Harry. This group goes out of its way to make life miserable for gay people and invests millions of dollars in their hateful agenda against gays. Forget abortion, that is old news. The law is over 30 years old. Let’s move on to the current civil rights debate and why gay people should be second class citizens or not deserving of equal rights. This group is just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      • Daniel

        Jared…sorry, your stupid is showing. I say that in love, of course You are taking other people’s word for what Focus on the Family says. Seriously, give them a listen. What Nancy says is exactly right. And Arthur…give me just one example of how Focus is making life miserable for gays. Just one.

      • Courtney

        Their 1.25 million spent on the Yes on Prop 8 campaign springs to mind. Gay marriage was legal in California and Focus on the Family (I can see they really care about the non nuclear families in this country) spent over a million dollars to take that right away from homosexuals. They also donated about $15,000 to a campaign in California to overturn SB 777 the prohibits hate and discrimination against children in school based on sexuality.

        I think they sounds super loving, don’t you?

      • crispy

        Focus on the Family spent nearly $1 million on the campaign to overturn Proposition 8 in California. They abduct gay kids from their families and send them to gay reparative therapy camps. They push legislation preventing gay families from adopting unwanted orphans, which is anything but pro-family. That’s three examples. You idiot.

      • Juniper

        FoF only has “grace” for people who regret having abortions, or for people who are conflicted about their sexuality. But if you dare to be comfortable in your own skin as a gay person, or if you feel that your choice was the right one, you’re branded a “sinner” and charged with causing the downfall of society. People are warned to stay away from you! Trust me, I know. I was branded “an insurrectionist” and “a trouble maker” because I was a woman who (gasp!) questioned the establishment… granted, that wasn’t through FoF, but it was through a church that followed FoF diligently and promoted their teachings left and right. Hmmmm… And FoF is VIRULENTLY anti-gay! Their practices and attitudes towards gay people are shockingly awful. See Crispy’s comment for just a taste of what they’re capable of.

      • Gabe

        The Family Research Council (created by James Dobson the founder of FOF), has connections to white supremacist organizations like the Council of Conservative Citizens. In 1996, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins (again connected to FOF)paid former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke $82,000 for his mailing list.

  • Freddie

    I think the controversy isn’t so much the inclusion of this commercial but the combination of its inclusion and the exclusion of the same-sex social website commercial.

    CBS has every right to air whatever commercial it wants to air. But the controversy is that, since this is the same network that issued the 5-second delay after Nipplegate, it’s becoming quite clear where CBS stands on the political spectrum. And while they’re entirely within their rights to chose whatever ads they want to air, the emerging picture here is going to bother people who have a broader concept of what “family values” stands for.

    • tvgirl48

      Totally agree. I don’t mind them airing an ad for Focus on the Family, as much as I may be personally opposed to them, as long as they keep up with freedom of speech and allow another end of the political spectrum to be heard. The controversy is not in the ads, but in which ads they included and which they excluded.

      • DLR

        So long as both sides can afford to run an ad and keep the content within FCC regs

      • jones

        Agree completely.

      • egreen

        Perhaps CBS chose the FOF ad because they felt it would be more acceptable to a majority of their viewers than the Mancrunch ad. It is after all – all about the viewers.

    • Perhaps

      Maybe the thinking was that having 2 men kiss isn’t a “manly” thing to do and is just plain awkward for a majority of viewers. The question is “is some censorship a good thing?” Shifting gears now…Totally irrevalent (so don’t go crazy), but should stuff like Ozzy’s Mr. Tinkertoy (about being a pedophile) be allowed to be sold and then reward him with a TV show and other things?

  • kct

    I found it confusing- how many times dis she almoat lose her son?

    • Bec

      Apparently at different times during his childhood. Did you seriously not understand. You must have had a stellar GPA. Good listening skills, dude!

      • jared4ever

        Uh, she was joking dumbass. GPA? You must have missed all the joking and social interaction when you were home-schooled.

  • kct

    Oops- sorry for my typos! It should read: how many times did she almost lose her son.

  • DLR

    Yikes-that’s about as controversal as one of those dinner promotes healthy family public service announcements

  • AK

    I am pro-choice, but I find it strange that Planned Parenthood would choose to run an ad about the importance of women having the strength and freedom to make their own decisions that featured two male athletes.

    • KRibbons

      I am pro-life, but I agree. I also think its strange that they’re “calling out” the other ad. Like they’re tattling on it to America.
      The reason this ad wasn’t shown is because it is so overtly sexual. I don’t know how you can even compare the two.

      • Amelia

        I agree, the two commercials cannot be compared. The Super Bowl should only have family friendly commercials. No make-out sessions, in my opinion (although that commercial is funny)
        Which reminds me, those commercials should always be rejected. Talk about not being family friendly!

      • Chip H

        Overtly sexual? They kiss in dramatic, comedic style. If that’s your idea of overtly sexual you must have one boring sex life.

      • Sean

        Yeah, let’s keep out sexual ads. I notice you were posting this over the Go Daddy, girls-in-showers-straight hook-up site ads too. Gimme a break!!

      • harpier

        Superbowl and other network commercials often feature hefty make-out sessions. GLAAD’s issue with CBS’s decision stems from their conservative-leaning, heteronormative bias, not very subtly implying that male-female couples making out are “family-friendly” but male-male couples are not. I find this commercial moderately original, mildly entertaining and completely harmless.

        While generally it’s done in good taste, the Tebow add is controversial almost BECAUSE OF its seeming innocuousness. The ad quietly presents a woman who made the choice to ignore the advice of medical professionals during a very difficult pregnancy (a decision with potentially dangerous consequences) as a model for other women faced with similar situations.

      • m

        maybe its because the name man crunch sounds like a n allusion to getting pounded in the ass.

      • Nix

        I heard over on Outsports that the Mancrunch ad was actually a hoax/viral ad, which was designed to be rejected so that people would look it up on the Internet.

      • eebs

        Don’t you mean overtly HOMOsexual? Have you ever seen a beer ad? There is nothing more sexual in this ad. The thing that would make people uncomfortable is that it’s two dudes. If it was a commercial, it would be on the air.

    • Finney

      The reasoning behind it is that while the Pro-life movement can claim the support of quite a few men (because it’s an issue of religion/morals) the pro-choice movement has a more difficult time coming up with outspoken men who would want to speak up on what is really a woman’s health issue.

      • eebs

        Perhaps one of the reasons the pro-life movement can claim the support of quite a few men is because it is an outgrowth of a system and way of thinking that implies male superiority. I grew up in a church where women were not allowed to be pastors and they pushed a very old fashioned view of what a woman should be. There are people who still use the word “obey” in their marriage vows, after all. And by the way, I’m a man that’s pro-choice.

      • Daniel

        I’m so sick of hearing about the women’s health issue. Less than 2% of the abortions performed in the world are due to rape, incest or the health of the mother. You can check the numbers. That leaves 98% performed for the convenience of selfish “adults” who can’t control their libidos long enough to take precautions so a baby doesn’t have to be murdered. There is a decided difference between health and inconvenience.

      • AK

        Oh Daniel, so glad you decided to come into this discussion in a mature and understanding way. No wonder we never make any progress on this issue; because people like you don’t even want to understand what the other side.

      • levelheaded

        @Daniel, it must be so hard listening to the women’s health issue, having never… been…a… woman… Why do we not demonize the fathers of these unwanted babies? Because it doesn’t affect (effect?) their bodies in the same way. It sounds like you are just as annoyed at that aspect as you state ‘adults’ not just women. So that’s good.

        And even if 98% of abortions are done that are not of rape/incest/health issues, what other reasons could there be? (And where did you get that percentage?) Physical abuse, extreme poverty? I’m not saying abortion is right/wrong, I’m saying nothing is ever so easily judge by looking on the outside.

        I have yet to meet someone who had an abortion because it was ‘easier’ than having the baby. There was always some horrible situation that went along with it.

    • erin

      Because they know that a lot of the people watching the Superbowl won’t take anything seriously unless it’s told to them by a man – who’s going to listen to what some woman is saying?

    • JC

      Again, It is important to note that the true controversy here is not in the commercial but the fact that an organization that has a world view that there is a God. It is offensive to the opposing world view because if the world view that believes there is a God emerges into society then individuals will have to answer for their guilt that they feel. The commercial that responds to the original is trying to do that very thing, don’t feel guilty about death. That is exactly the condition of this society, and a society with out guilt is capable of a lot more controversy then the original commercial.

      • Nix

        I don’t think Naral is an explicity antitheist group, JC. Don’t be so paranoid.

    • Muffy

      I love how the PP ad makes girls believe she can make a baby on her own. Some people at PP also believe non white babies should not born.

      I’m Pro-Life, but I try to respect every person’s opinion. I’m chick, and I say eff the Feminazis Cults.

      • Muffy

        typo: should not be born.

  • rebecca

    the first commercial was not very controversial because it never really said that you should be pro-life. the second one annoyed me a lot because the guy basically told his daughter that it is okay for you to kill a human being. great job who ever you are, you are encouraging people to murder their living, but unborn babies. idiot

    • Val

      Focus on the Family is a conservative Christian organization that funds anti-choice campaigns. The second ad isn’t encouraging people to kill anything, it’s standing up for a woman’s right to choose. I’m pro-life for my own body, but it is NOT my right to impose that belief on anyone else, and the NFL shouldn’t be allowing the endorsement of a company that does nothing but force its will on others. Particularly when it won’t allow ads that show boys kissing.

      Since when are sports the place to preach “morality?”

      • Jay

        Maybe it’s the fact that there will be millions of people watching! Sounds like a good time to “preach Morality” doesn’t it???

      • Jaime Jackson

        Hey Val, I’m with ya! You said “I’m pro-life for my own body, but it is NOT my right to impose that belief on anyone else.” I guess that means you don’t think you have the right to kill the baby, then.

        Good for you.

      • hayley Ricciardi

        Hey nobody’s preaching… Tim tebow, is just being real! hate it or not… you really need to grow up! He is the best Ad ever! god bless your heart and all of us in this world!

      • DLR

        It’s called freedom of speech aka the first ammendment. Check it out sometime

      • Amelia

        Val, you said “I’m pro-life for my own body, but it is NOT my right to impose that belief on anyone else”
        Thats practically like saying “I’m against myself murdering others, but it is not my right to stop others from murdering.”
        Of course, thats only if you believe there really is a living being killed through abortion, which I do.

      • Uncle Arthur

        Jay, no it doesn’t sound like a good time to preach morality. They need to keep the hate speech in their church, not on tv.

      • ThinkSome

        FOF is forcing (seems too strong a word, but I’ll go with it) its view on others. Yet, they’re only doing so because they ultimately want everyone to be eternally saved and they know that if they don’t press the issue…nothing will change. If it means going out and letting your view be known so others can learn about it, then so be it. In a nutshell: if the Bible is true (it would take too long to argue this, so I won’t), then a belief in Jesus as Savior is what saves you. This is what Christians believe. If the Bible is true, then homosexuality is a sin, and so is murder (and many other things of course). Abortion is murder since even if the fetus isn’t considered a baby, if you didn’t abort it, then it would eventually be born as a child (so abortion is like a life-interference play). FOF believes these things and wants everyone to believe in Jesus for eternal salvation. They’re message may seem like they’re hating gays and pro-choice, but they are hating the sin and not the sinner. They would love for them to be saved.

        And btw…why shouldn’t sports promote morality? Why is morality bad? Should sports promote more beer which can lead to alcoholism and drunk driving (even if only one person dies from getting inspired to drink from a beer commercial, is it worth it?)

      • Juniper

        Amelia, that’s a very bad argument. You don’t know what the factors are in Val’s life that would make her not choose to have an abortion. You’re assuming that she feels that it’s murder, which may not be the case, and then you’re attacking her from that point, which is a fallacy.

    • James Jones

      well spoken

      • JC

        Nicely Worded Amelia!!!

    • Tom

      How about the death penalty isnt that also killing rebbecca? talk about dumb blonds

      • rebecca

        you spelled my name wrong and how did you know i was a blonde?
        and those who are in death row did something wrong, so they kind of deserve to have the death penalty, unlike the unborn babies that have done nothing wrong.

      • sweepeony

        I’m sorry. I must have gotten a misprinted Bible. I don’t remember any conditions being placed on “Thou shalt not kill.” The Bible clearly frowns on abortion and the death penalty.

      • Nix

        It’s more accurately “You shall not murder”, which can be interpreted narrowly or broadly. Remember, the King James version is not an accurate translation, although it has majestic English prose.

      • RRB

        Actually sweepeony there are conditions on “Thou shalt not kill.” The ten commandments were given in Exodus 20. Then Exodus 21-23 expounds upon the ten commandments so that there is clarity on exactly what the commandments mean. It actually differentiates between premeditated murder and an accident. Exodus 21:12-14 says “he who strikes a man so that he dies shall surely be put to death. However, if he did not lie in wait…I will appoint a place where he may flee. But if a man acts with premeditation against his neighbor to kill him by treachery, you shall take him…that he may die.” Government actually is supposed to have the repsonsibility of protecting people from those who would seek to murder them. Hence an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth (life for a life). That rule is to be used at the government level to ensure justice and hopefully a lack of partiality in judgement. We actually get much of our judicial system, the way it used to be anyway, from Exodus. Eye for an eye is not meant to be used on a personal level. On a personal level Christians are supposed to turn the other cheek.

      • Scott Novotny

        Tom the, one of the commandments, in its original text, says thou shalt not MURDER. Big difference between murder and killing. God has had man do his killing as punishment in the Old testament many many times, as punishment for disobeying him. God has sent his angels to destroy cities and its occupants. ie Soddom and Gomora. this was for disobeying God’s will. Death as a punishment, killing in War, and killing in defense are not sins as long as you are on the side of God’s Truth.

        Sorry to inform you scripture has all the answers to your questions on morality.
        Scott N.

      • Uncle Arthur

        Funny, if the bible preaches against killing, then why did they hang Jesus out to dry? I’m assuming it would kill someone to crucify them, right?

        What about killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis under Bush/Cheney. What would Jesus say about that?

      • Kristi

        Uncle Arthur: who is the “they” in your statement that mentions “hanging Jesus out to dry”? Please reread your comment as it does not make sense and has no relevance to the point (I think) you are trying to make. Just to let you know, it was not “the Bible” that crucified Jesus (although that does produce quite the imagery!). You say in a later comment you have never sat through a church service in your life. Not only can I tell in your previous comments, but it really lessens and negates your impact in all your Christianity bashing posts. It’s nearly impossibly to have an honest and genuine discussion (not that any of your comments even halfway indicate your ability to approach a debate with any reasoned, mature arguments) with someone that has no clue what he is talking about in the slightest… and fully admits it!

    • Kay

      Very impressed by the Planned Parenthood Commercial. Handled the controversy very well.

    • wakeforce

      How can be living and unborn? You my dear are the idiot!

      • EarlyRise

        At the moment of conception the process of creating a child begins…if at any point along this 9 month process something happens (whether natural, or unnatural) to cause the process to stop, it is essentially ending the future life of some person. There is life, but it is within the confines of the mother and is therefore “unborn”. If one ends the process through the unnatural use of abortion, it is essentially ending the life of a person who would be entering the world in several months time.

  • Dave G.

    Why does Mr. Tucker have to label the ad as a “pro-life, anti-choice production?” It may be semantics, but the political implications of “anti-choice” seem unnecessary. Why not “anti-abortion?” I imagine people would be offended if the other ad was described as “anti-life” or “pro-abortion.” Just saying.

    • Val

      People label pro-choice as “pro-murder, anti-life” all the time.

      • Jaime Jackson

        Hey Val, it’s me again! You said “People label pro-choice as “pro-murder, anti-life” all the time.” — but it depends on what the choice is, doesn’t it? If you’re just pro-choice about what you do with your own body — to do sky-diving or not to do sky-diving, to smoke cigars or not to smoke cigars, those kinds of choices — That’s your body. Noody’ s going to stop you. Just don’t snuff the baby, OK? OK!!

    • klw

      because no one is pro-abortion. to use that phrase is to indicate that abortion is an easy, flip decision made which couldn’t be further than the truth.

      this IS a matter of personal choice, of individual liberties, hence “pro- and anti-choice.”

      besides, i find the term “pro-life” offensive. as if because i believe a woman has the right to make her own medical decisions, she is “anti-life.”

      • Jaime Jackson

        I agree with you, klw, about abortion not being an easy, flip decision. But anti-choice is a misnomer too. It doesn’t even specify what the choice is about. Letting everybody get their own ice cream flavor, that’s pro-choice; if everyone can decide whether or not to own an assault rifle, that’s prochoice; if those who want to own slaves are able to legally own slaves, that’s pro-choice. But these choices are not morally equivalent. And to call somebody merely “pro-choice,” without telling what the content of the choice is, is merely being evasive.

        And wht’s being evaded? The discussion about whether to snuff out someone’s life — just because you don’t want to deal with them, just because you want them gone, just because you’d rather not let him or her go on living — should be accepted as a private choice.

      • nikki

        Actually klw there are a lot of women who have and do use abortion as a means of birth control. And so in that case it is an easy flip decision. I also happen to know and know of several women who have made such a choice and are barely able to live with themselves now because of it. Abortion is murder and the choice of the unborn child never gets considered. Say what you will, but the majority of abortions that are performed are not for the health of the mother and that shouldn’t be anyone’s choice.

      • JMB

        nikki, I hear that statement frequently from people (that “a lot” of women use abortion as birth control), but never see statistics to back it up. How many women actually use abortion as birth control? It’s expensive, insurance doesn’t cover it, and they are increasingly hard to get access to by many people, particularly in rural areas. I’m not hating on you, I just want to know where this statement comes from. What facts is it based on, who did this research, and what percentage of people really do this? “A lot” is a pretty vague number, and could be misleading. Thanks.

      • karatex

        Nikki, you must run in the wrong crowds because nobody I know would go through the physical trauma and expense of an abortion for “birth control.” You say “a lot of women”? Prove it. I think you’re full of it.

      • shaye

        Nikki – I bet those women would have been stellar mothers, huh?

    • chuck

      Abortion is murder and I let people know about it.No matter how you cut them up it is murder.So all you who have had abortions and the men that backed them up,you are murderers.Don’t worry you have all of us pro life people praying for your lost souls.

      • wakeforce

        F**k you very much. Pray for somebody who asked for it!

      • levelheaded

        Who’s praying for yours? And who’s praying for mine. Because despite trying to live in love your reply was condescending, rude, judgemental and just basically makes me ashamed to be a Christian.

  • KLC

    This is America where we are suppost to support freedom of speech and well as freedom of religion. Go Tim Tebow!

    • Val

      Religion has no place in legislation. Laws aren’t Church.

      • Austin

        Val, you’re quite rabid with your political beliefs. You say religion has no place in legislation…that’s so inane it’s almost humorous. Religion dictates what people’s morals are. Would you say morals don’t belong in legislation? Of course it belongs in legislation. Laws are simply codified moral systems.

        So please, before you reply with something equally as stupid, take a politics class. Or just use your brain.

      • karatex

        Austin, you’re wrong. Religion does not dictate morals for everybody. It may dictate yours, but religion is not a prerequisite for morality. Some of the most moral people I know are atheists.

      • Nix

        Atheists aren’t necessarily areligious. Most of the moral atheists I’ve come into contact with are very religious; they don’t, for ethical reasons, wish to believe in a supernatural being, but their practice of morals and ethics are very strong. Conversely, quite a few theists I’ve run into are very antireligious, in the sense that they are separatist and immoral.

      • @Austin

        If that’s the case, where do atheists’ morals come from?
        A truly good person will do good for its own sake. They don’t do it just because they’re afraid of going to hell.

      • Uncle Arthur

        Austin, dude, I mean come on! I’ve never sat through an entire church service in my life and I can tell you what is morally right and wrong. I know that religion has no place in politics.

        Re: your second comment asking where athiests’ morals come from…ummm…how about common sense and proper parenting. How about educating oneself and respecting others.

        You don’t need a book of tall tales to teach you right from wrong.

      • WeHaveAProblem

        @Val You say that religion has no place in legislation and that laws aren’t church.
        1. For starters, our country was founded by people seeking religious freedom and this greatly influenced the laws they created to rule over America.
        2. You have a point, if every religion had a say in politics then there would be very confusing laws and opposing viewpoints. However, in reality, if there is a God (and the fact that you exist is really proof enough, but I won’t go there), then there is only one true “religion” (believers don’t like the corporate image that paints…”faith” is the preferred term) and therefore only one set of doctrine from which to seek guidance on forming legislation from.
        3. Regarding laws not being church. This is true to a point, let me explain. The Christian Bible is composed of the Old Testament and the New. The Old dealt primarily with “law”, which guides people towards realizing the need for salvation through the “Gospel” which is the New Testament. So while the church isn’t law, law is used to direct people toward the gospel and salvation.

      • Juniper

        Religion doesn’t necessarily dictate what is right and wrong. Many of the most moral people I know are agnostic or atheist, and many of the most immoral people I know are churchgoing, Bible-believing Christians. (I’m not singling out Christians per se, I just happen to know a lot of them.)

      • levelheaded


        1. America was founded on the CHOICE of religion, freedom of religion because they did not believe as ‘mother’ England believed and felt oppressed because of it. (Sound familiar to non-christians?)
        2. Many various religions, or faiths have very similar core concepts of what behavior is acceptable and respected. So christianity does not need to be the only religion used to make these types of moral codes. Also, even within christianity, there are so many denominations, how can we choose ONE of them to base all laws on.
        3. the Old Testament actually wasn’t primarily about the ‘laws’. Yes, there were many parables and analogies that spoke on proper human behavior, but it wasn’t about the law. And those passages referring to human behavior have a lot to do with when they were created. It was a completely different culture and enviroment than the one we live in now. (For instance, how many wives can we have, have we allowed this ‘culture’ to change our ways of thinking that we should only have one? Or is it best in the times we have now that we have only one wife?) And also there are many conflicting views in the Bible. There are actually two creation stories in Genesis. If you read closely, you can see that although they are similar, there are two stories.

  • Emily

    That’s a sweet ad. However the group behind it is anything but sweet. That’s where the controversy was for me, not that CBS aired an anti-Bortio
    That’s a sweet ad, but the group behind it is anything but sweet. That’s what bothered me about the ad in the first place. That and CBS didn’t exactly make it known they had a change in policy where advocacy ads were concerned until they had to.

    • Kyle B.

      ….what’s wrong, in your opinion, with “the group behind it…”?

      • Diane

        I grew up watching Focus on the Family films at my church. They really helped our family. That was in the 70’s. Dr. Dobson has turned their organization into a militant, hateful, intolerant right wing political machine. I am embarrassed as a christian that Focus on the Family claims to represent Christianity. What would Jesus do? I think he would fire Dr. Dobson. I for one am boycotting CBS for choosing one group over another.

      • JJ

        Diane FYI Dr. James Dobson was the founder of Focus on the Family in 1977, not someone who came later and changed it into “a militant, hateful, intolerant right wing political machine.” For crying out loud, get your facts straight! Focus on the Family has the guts to stand up for what they think is right regardless of how the winds of society are blowing and then they are branded as a hate group. I guess you think those who take the opposite stance are all peaceful, loving, tolerant organizations? There’s evil on both sides.

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