Watch Letterman and Leno declare a grumpy truce during The Super Bowl!

If you thought you’d had a few too many beers seeing Jay Leno, Oprah Winfrey, and David Letterman all sharing a sofa during a Super Bowl commercial, don’t worry. It really happened:

The spot, a commercial for The Late Show, is the biggest TV ad shocker of the Super Bowl, surpassing Tim Tebow with ease.

Letterman and Leno snipe at each other with mock-annoyance, with Dave mimicking Leno’s high-pitched voice. Oprah tries to calm the boys.

Now this is damage control for Leno: Agreeing to appear in a CBS Late Show ad while he’s still finishing out his NBC 10 p.m. show is the coolest thing Jay has done in… ages.

If it also makes Dave the publicity victor — after all, it is a commercial for his show, not the Leno Tonight Show — you have to hand it to Jay for playing along, probably as a slap at the way NBC handled the whole Tonight Show mess.

Now you’ve seen it: What do you think?

For more: Jay Leno-David Letterman-Oprah Winfrey Super Bowl ad was Dave’s idea, says CBS

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  • Robert

    LOL that is beyond awesome.

    • Colleen

      Didn’t they do something like this before? I can’t put my finger on it, but I’ve got this weird deja vu.

    • Don

      It was cute, I’ll give them that. Kinda wish Conan could have been in it, but I guess he’s not legally allowed at this point? Not sure. I don’t know, still doesn’t make me want to watch Jay. But the boys were cute in it.

      • cutesinglesinthecity

        DAve is number one!

    • Marc

      Tell me you wouldn’t have wanted to be a fly on the wall of that set. Awesome!

    • Buddy

      Leno doing anything with Dave’s permission is the coolest- for Dave. A real coup. Leno is still a tool.

  • Laura

    It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen Leno do. Ever.

    • Tim

      This is going to sound snippy, but it was funny because I’m sure it was written by other people. And why wouldn’t Jay agree to do it? It can only help him.

      • Alexis

        s7 gan….gk semua orang dapat d prycaea, bahkan orang yg kt kita dapat kita prycaea malah jadi backstabber..pasti/mungkin ampir kita smua pernah ngalamin..

    • Isaac

      It was probably written by Letterman. hahaha

      • M.R. in L.A.

        It was 100% Letterman’s idea by all accounts.

    • Honi

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  • M A Weyer

    Never thought I’d say this but kudos to Jay for a great funny bit.

    • dakmart

      Kudos to Jay? You’re forgetting it was a Letterman ad — conceived, written and produced by the Late Show staff. It’s hard to see Leno or his people coming up with anything so witty and clever, although he does get props for being a good sport.

      • M A Weyer

        That’s what I meant, Leno could have just been a jerk and said no but instead he took part so good for him on that score.

      • KT

        Yes Kudos for Jay. @Dakmart who the freak cares that this was a Letterman ad you doofus, and besides that is the point, Jay didn’t have to agree to do it, he did, it shows how classy the guy is. Unlike your guy letterman……oh hell just STFU dakmart and take your “although he does get props for being a good sport” crap and stuff it.

      • Skip182

        @KT, it doesn’t show “class” it shows damage control and a great publicity stunt. If you think thats what class is, then that’s a shame.

  • tamnk

    That was a “Whoah” moment. I love Dave!

    • Kariya

      I love Dave 10 times over… He da man!!…

  • Moraba Gum-sah

    It needed a double talk…incredible 15 seconds of TV

  • Julia

    Great commercial. Best thing I’ve seen from both Jay and Dave.

  • Barry

    It’s the least Leno could do because when Leno moves back to 11:35, he will beat Letterman in the ratings every night.

    • KT

      You are so right Barry. Letterman will be crying in his beer come March.

      • wk

        only if people like you watch him…

  • jen corozza

    Actually, it makes me sick. Does anyone in this life have any moral certitude? Why would Letterman do that? Give Leno any kind of platform? It’s such a, not even back-handed dis to Conan. It’s just so cynical, ugh.

    • ger

      drama queen

      • Heloise

        AKAIK you’ve got the aenwsr in one!

      • dianaa

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    • cpk

      WHy would Letterman do that? Both Leno and Letterman have a common enemy: NBC. This was Jay and Dave taking a shot at NBC in front of othe largest TV audience of the year with Jay toeing the line of breaching his contract knowing that NBC can’t do a thing without looking worse than they already are.

      • Max

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    • Quirky

      Not everything is about Conan. Leno stole the Tonight Show from Dave long before this latest Conan issue. This ad was a symbolic attempt to bury the hatchet between the two just like Dave’s first Super Bowl Ad with Oprah was an attempt to end their feud, too.

  • Lisa

    Couldn’t believe my eyes. We replayed it again, just to make sure we saw it right. Really funny. Kudos Letterman. And Leno, total class.

    • Marly

      Total class? Puh-leeze. He’ll do anything that might help him. Nowhere to go but up at this point.

  • mary davitt

    Loved the ad.

  • Shannon

    Very funny!

  • amanda

    oh man,that was awesome & only made better by the fact that jay is wearing one of those infamous denim shirts of his

  • Dw Dunphy

    Probably the last brilliant thing you’ll see out of CBS for the rest of the month. Hats off to both Leno and Letterman for doing something cool with the previously lurid battle campaigns.

  • Natalie

    THIS is the kind of damage control Jay needs to be doing…not a bunch of backhanded comments on Oprah. And, man, how awesome is David Letterman to do this… even after those nasty infidelity jokes that Jay did recently.

    • Merle Balke

      Nothing compared to the vicious, ugly stuff Letterman was doing to Leno.

      • KT

        So right Merle, but of course those idiot fans of Letterman forget this.

    • Susan

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    • Leonel

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  • Joe

    Now you see there are no real feuds, just what they want you to believe!

    • Al

      Dave is great but Conan is funnier than both Jay and Dave combined. Conan is off the wall funny while Dave is goofy and a great interviewer. Jay will be done with the Tonight Show in about 2-3 years. Kill ‘em Coco!

      • KT

        Yeah he is SO funny his ratings for The Tonight Show really showed that! NOT! If all of you so called fans of CoCo would have just WATCHED Conan on The Tonight Show he would still be there…….stop your whinning and get over it!!!!

      • LOL

        KT, have another donut. Or better yet, lose some weight.

      • Ian

        Sorry, KT, I was too busy doing other things to watch Conan the traditional way. I watched on DVR and online (which aren’t counted in the ratings), while Leno’s fans were counted as viewers while they dozed off during the monologue. Ratings would also show that According to Jim was funnier than Arrested Development, if we were to actually believe the ratings were a reliable guage for humor. HINT: They’re not. Lots of incredibly funny things will go over the heads of vast numbers of TV viewers. Some people need their shows dumbed down to the levels of American Idol, Jersey Shore, Leno, and countless hit sitcoms that are complete devoid of actual comedy. I’m not one of them so a few shows I liked have suffered from not being able to engage dumb people.

      • Pakaya

        No way.. Dave’s the funniest.. Connan is next.. Leno just sucks… Too late to fix Leno’s rep

    • Kariya

      Speak for yourself. Dave hates Leno… and so do I..

      • The Rai

        as obelix once said: “you americans are crazy”

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