Bill O'Reilly on his Jon Stewart interview tonight: 'Hey, he called us'

Bill O’Reilly, trying to hype tonight’s interview with Jon Stewart, went on Fox News Channel’s America Live with Megyn Kelly this afternoon.

O’Reilly said it’s going to be a “big night” for the host of The Daily Show: “Hey, somebody will actually watch him,” he said, referring to the smaller audience Comedy Central attracts compared to The O’Reilly Factor‘s ratings.

O’Reilly said he was “surprised” Stewart wanted to come on: “[His people] called us,” he said.

“He’s a witty guy,” said O’Reilly. “I don’t like the way he chops up his news clips,” said O’Reilly, implying Stewart edits unfairly. “I’ll talk to him about that tonight.”

Will you be watching Stewart on The Factor?

Either way, I’ll be posting a complete review of what Megyn Kelly just called “the clash of the titans” later this evening, right here.

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  • Marcus

    I despise Bill O’Reilly! I can’t wait to see Jon Stewart take that ass-hole down.

    • shari

      i despise jon stewart. i can’t wait to see bill o’reilly take that ass-hole down

      • Tom Brazelton

        I despise television! Hey, let’s read a book!

      • Josh

        I despise books! Let’s play pictionary.

      • hmb


      • LK


      • Wevq

        I despise marmalade. Let’s watch some TV.

      • Ted

        I Despise the Comments! So I’m gonna stop typing!

      • Dolly

        I despise despising. I’m going to say nice things about everybody.

      • Johnification

        I despise blog-commenters…and therefore myself. And therefore pundits who I disagree with!!! RRRAAAARRR!

      • collegesinglesmatch

        This looks good!

      • Wombat

        You’re a fox news manufactured brainchild.. Also, O’Reilly advocates, or has advocated in the past, murder. He’s a ratings hungry bag of horrible, and shouldn’t be given a means to influencing the weak minded masses.

    • George

      Bill O’Reilly or anyone else at FOX news shouldn’t be accusing anyone else about chopping up news videos. That’s FOX’s forte.

      • Ted

        Agreed they’ll play clips to events that have nothing to do with the story like showing Sarah Pailin on the campaign trail and claiming it was from her “popular” book tour.

      • brian

        wow you guys are daft, try checking out information you hear or see with actual research. Everything fox news says i’ve found to be correct, you guys just can’t handle the truth, if i may borrow from a film.

      • Brian

        Have you ever checked Or where are you getting your info on factual correctness?

    • GHOST of J D Salizar

      “If thou didst ever thy dear father love…”

    • bill94545

      I’m looking foreward to Jon and Bill getting together ! Bill can show the world what a pinhead Jon really is .

  • harry

    BRING IT!!!!

  • Freddie

    Two words, Mr O’Reilly: Tucker Carlson.

    • When Writing to the Factor…

      Please explain?

      • Kate

        Oh man, Stewart went on Crossfire and dismantled Tucker Carlson. Just embarrassed him.

      • nat

        Look it up on Youtube…Jon took Crossfire to task for its phony debate style where people just yelled at each other without formulating real arguments. Basically tore Tucker a new a**hole. The show was cancelled a few months after that.

      • Laura

        it wasn’t even a few months, it was within weeks. AND Tucker Carlson left CNN then too..

  • Right Side

    Bill will just cut him off and talk over him. And if Stewart makes him look stupid he’ll just edit the interview. O’Reilly is a jerk and I hate that represents the right.

    • Juniper

      Agreed. Bill O’Reilly is the worst interviewer ever – if he doesn’t agree with you he yells over you and calls you names and then says that you’re trying to destroy America. Blar.

    • Elizabeth

      Someone on FOX said something about editing practices…MMWWWAAHHAAAHHAAAHAA!

    • When Writing to the Factor…

      “represents the right” — do you ever watch the show? O’Reilly would dispute that he represents either side. But you decide of course…

      • dlauthor

        I wonder which of the Factor’s PAs wrote that.

        Yes, O’Loofah certainly doesn’t represent the right. That’s why Fox News gave him the 8 pm slot! Because he’s so even-handed!

      • Irony

        I apologize, but if you think O’Reilly isn’t supremely biased to the right, you are ignoring reality.

      • Wombat

        Reality? Anyone that even gives Palin a moment of time, anyone that covers the tea parties, and anyone that presses his personal views on the abortion issue as strongly as he does, is -not- “fair” or “balanced”.

    • Karen

      Try as he might, he couldn’t shut Colbert up. Even the camera man was laughing. Stewart will be fine.

      • nat

        The Colbert/O’Reilly interview was great…Colbert made fun of him, but in a good natured way so the interview was civil rather than tense.

  • Midalga

    I’m with you Shari, I’m not one of those people who thinks it’s trendy to praise Stewart, and abhor O’Reilly. It’s so three years ago!

    • jessiesk

      it’s not trendy to praise Stewart it’s common sense, which the right lacks along with a sense of humor

      • When Writing to the Factor…

        Wow, you are very knowledgeable. You’ve actually spoke with more than 50 percent of the electorate long enough to assess their humorousness or humorlessness. That must have taken quite a bit of time! I salute you. Do you have any studies published on this research? … Oh, wait, is this a joke? I can’t tell! So either I’m a humorless conservative, or … you aren’t funny either. Which is it? Oh help me, help me please! I want to fit into some sweeping generalization today!

      • D

        Yes, everyone who doesn’t agree with you lacks common sense and a sense of humor. Thank you, Jessiesk. You truly opened my eyes.

      • Tom Brazelton

        I think those last two posts kind of prove jessiesk’s point…

      • Wombat

        Hah! That last comment -was- funny guys, just in case you missed it.

  • Jason

    I’m a liberal who hates John Stewart! We do exist. I’m not a fan of O’Reilly or Fox news. As a liberal that should go without saying. But, what so many of my friends don’t get is that Jon Stewart is exactly like the Fox news hosts. He’s just playing for a different team. He’s smug, obnoxious and thinks that those who disagree with him are idiots who just don’t get it. The only difference between Jon and the Fox guys is that Jon doesn’t cry.

    • Chenbot 2.0

      You forgot one other difference … Stewart admits he is a fake-news host.

      • Yes

        No kidding – comparing a comedian to an actual news show host is pretty ridiculous. He probably thinks Colbert is for real too.

      • lauren

        I’m sort of with Jason. My problem with Stewart is that he hides behind the “fake news host”. He wants people to take him seriously right up until they start questioning him- then his excuse is that he shouldn’t be held to a higher standard.

      • nat

        Lauren…there is some truth to that. Because the show isn’t just a comedy show, despite what Jon says. Most of it is political criticism, wrapped in humour. So its difficult for Jon to hide behind the “comedy show” label that he does sometimes. But on the other hand, I think in the last couple years the show has taken that criticism to heart. While there is a liberal tinge to the show, they do make the effort to deal criticism equally to both sides. Speaking as someone who has watched the show since 2001, I can say that they have improved alot.

      • mel k

        but he takes himself as seriuosly as a real one. he only says he’s a fake news anchor when someone calls him out on it, otherwise he acts like a real journalist. didn’t anyone read the article on EW during the election. HE and Colbert were acting like they were the only ones who had the news all figured out.

      • Sarah

        Precisely. Jon Stewart has a fake news show on a comedy channel. Bill O’Reilly has a “real” news show (if you can call it that). And yet…I find Stewart much more credible. At least he’s willing to engage in a balanced debate and not just shout at his guests when he doesn’t agree with them.

      • Wombat

        There’s the real catch! If a news reported doesn’t agree with someone, that’s too bad! Questioning the person being interviewed about things is one thing. Debating your views is another, and automatically removes you from the ‘fair and balanced’ side of -real- news.

    • mel k

      I’m so glad someone else sees what I see when I look at John Stewart. He’s a no talent actor who had to get a show on Comedy Central to make himself feel better about his washed up career. He is just as bad as every other journalist out there who inflates and infuriates because they can only see one side of an argument. He is just as bad as O’Reily.

  • erik2690

    Not true jason if you watched Jon Stewart you would no that he chides Obama and the dems on a regular basis. He calls people out for doing the wrong thing not for being right or left. He calls it like he sees it.

    • bizarro superman

      me no jon stuwart fair guy. me no lots bout politicks. me smart.

    • Earl

      Yeah, Stewart is liberal, but hes shown a lot of disappointment with the democratic party.
      Love Stewart, love The Daily Show!

  • lurkerlou

    If BOR can clown Bill Maher everytime he’s on The Factor, Jon Stewart won’t be a problem.

    Anyways, he’s interviewed him once already in 2004

  • Peter

    It’s like people forget that Stewart’s been on the show before.

  • Wipeout

    I won’t watch because I wouldn’t want to boost O’Reilly’s numbers. Guy is a d-bag.

  • Friggin Tommy Noble

    I’ll watch it on the net not only to witness Stewart give O’Reilly a beatdown, but also to never give that chode or Fox News the ratings.

  • Kate

    I saw O’Reilly on The Daily Show, and when Stewart asked how a 3% tax increase for the wealthy was socialism, O’Reilly responded “That’s propaganda.” Seriously, that was all he would say on the issue – not how it’s propaganda, or what the real story is or even his side. It was absurd. That is why I hate O’Reilly; it’s not what he thinks (I disagree with him, but he’s entitled his own opinion). It’s that he never debates. He yells, and insults, and throws around some wild accusations, but he never actually addresses the point made. It makes for terrible interviewing too. I’ll look it up online, and hope Stewart repeats his Crossfire experience, but I honestly don’t think it’ll be all that good of a debate. I hope Stewart shows up with a stuffed panda bear.

  • LOL

    Bill-O The Clown will just buffoon his way through as he always does. He wouldn’t know a fact if it bit him on the rump.

  • jenny

    I’d watch them go at it on the Daily Show but I wouldn’t watch the O’Reilly Factor if Jesus Christ was on it. That man sickens me.

  • fred sampson

    Anyone who says “I hate the right” immediately lacks credibility because it’s all about democrats vs. republicans. Get over your own point of view and look at people as people, not a political party. Both Stewart and OReilly have their strong points and their questionable points but they both bring entertainment and information to their audiences.

    That being said, OReilly’s audience is much, much, MUCH larger than Stewarts. Say what you want about one admitting to being a fake newscaster, but FOX NEWS is the number one watched news network in the country, far ahead of CNN or MSNBC or anyone else.

    That being said, FOX News has some people on there with an agenda but those people (like Hannity) for the most part admit it – just like Stewart admits his agenda.

    Just enjoy them both – and don’t take them (or yourself for that matter) so seriously! Lighten up!

    • Ryan

      Except O’Reilly is saying that he is giving legitimate news and therefore must be taken seriously. Jon Stewart has always admitted to his show being fake and yet his show is the much more trustworty

      • Edogg

        We know that Stewart is talking about fake news. However, a fairly large size of the population gets any of their news from him. The show is culturally relevant, because if you’re not looking at the news and you hear that Acorn is supporting prostitutes with their business, you are still getting news.

    • Luddite

      I just can’t bring myself to place too much importance on audience size. Great TV shows get cancelled every year because they don’t have large audiences. Crappy TV shows stay on the air because people watch them. The obsession with the size of one’s audience seems rather Freudian. Also, I’d be interested in knowing what percentage of Fox’s audience gets their news exclusively from that channel vs. the percentage of The Daily Show’s audience that relies exclusively on Jon Stewart for news.

    • CAdams

      “FOX NEWS is the number one watched news network in the country”

      Get a grip. Fox’s audience (avg. 3m) represents 1% of America. It is not a majority of Americans… or of registered voters… or of actual voters. Just a majority of conservatives who think the world is against them. Liberals and Independents get their news from multiple sources, hence the lack of a real liberal alternative to Fox.

      Fox fans should get over their self-importance.

    • Niki

      What’s sad though is that ignorant people watch Stewart & Colbert and automatically assume that what they claim as being fake news is ACTUALLY real, skewing the perception of what is really going on in the world.

      • oh, for crying out…

        no, I think you mean FOX news… there’s WAY more ignorant people in this world watching that show – the ratings prove it.

      • Emmphh

        U of Maryland study: 80% of Fox News viewers believed either: A) Iraq was directly involved in the 9/11 attacks, B) that Saddam Hussien was personally involved in the attacks, and/or C) that WMD had been found in Iraq; in contrast 27% of NPR/PBS viewers believed any of the aforementioned. Hmmm, wonder which news show was skewing the perception of what is really going on in the world?

    • Emmphh

      Fred S – Fox News is the number one CABLE news network watched. Last week the highest rated network news show was Brian Williams with a nightly average of 10.1 million and CBS came in third with 6.8 million. Total network news viewership is around 25.2 million per night. O’Reilly, on his best night, is dwarfed by the networks with a viewership 4.8 million.

      • RaivynSkye

        Wow. What sound use of facts. You are a rarity! :D

    • RaivynSkye

      I’m getting tired of people saying that Fox News is the #1 most watched news channel as if it gives it some sort of credibility. Hitler was popular too but that doesn’t mean that his message was one that advanced the world in any way. People watch the “news” that affirms their own beliefs. No one seems to want the truth. That’s why Fox has the viewers that it has. It specializes in rhetoric and affirming people’s mistrust and their need to lash out and blame someone else. Again, the reason Hitler was so popular.

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