Conan O'Brien's last 'Tonight Show': Jokes, sure, but near tears, too: a full review

Conan O’Brien presided over a proper Irish wake for his final Tonight Show. It was a boisterously funny, sobbingly sad, unpredictable hour that demonstrated all of his strengths while never hiding the emotions behind those skills.

O’Brien delivered a fine monologue that included the hope that “when HBO makes a movie” about this late-night mess, “I want to be played by Academy Award-winning actress Tilda Swinton.” A picture of Swinton loomed up beside Conan’s face and, yep — they really do look similar. He also continued his new “tradition” of giving us the “most expensive” sketches for NBC to fund. On his final night, a skeleton of a “giant ground sloth” that “sprayed Beluga on an original Picasso.”

He also had a list of ideas for what NBC could do with the newly-built studio Conan was leaving. My favorite was, “Leave the studio cold and empty and rename it ‘The World’s Largest Metaphor for NBC Programming.'”

Tom Hanks came out carrying glasses of “Scotch” (i.e., cream soda) for Conan and himself. Hanks talked about an upcoming movie he’s written and will direct, featuring Julia Roberts. Its subject? “It’s about a guy who loses his job,” Hanks said with a gulp as Conan did a double-take. It got a good laugh, but in the context of this celebratory wake, it almost seemed strange to watch Conan conduct a conventional celebrity interview. The night was, y’know, about Conan. But you had to admire O’Brien for sticking to some of the conventions right to the end.

Conan then introduced Neil Young by saying the singer-songwriter was “the very first person who called” him. Young sang a beautiful solo version of “Long May You Run.” Hell, I almost teared up.

A bit later, Conan sat at the desk to thank NBC with sincerity, saying he was grateful for his time at The Tonight Show. O’Brien’s voice cracked and his eyes seemed to well up, near tears, when he told his fans, “I can never thank you enough” and that their support had been “joyous and inspirational.”

To close out the show, Will Ferrell came out to sing “Free Bird” wearing a Ronnie Van Zant wig and hat, as well as a t-shirt bearing a picture of the Tonight’s The Night-era Neil Young. Conan strapped on a guitar to accompany him, as did Beck and ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons.

It was, all in all, an hour that summed up O’Brien’s appeal: Wacky but modest, impishly intelligent and un-ironically sincere. On the one night when all the weeks of jokes about how he’s been messed-over by NBC could have come to a belligerent climax, Conan practiced what he preached when he said this night, “Please don’t be cynical… it doesn’t lead anywhere.”

Where that attitude will lead Conan O’Brien — last seen on The Tonight Show playing guitar furiously, yelling with pure joy as the band played “Free Bird” — will mark the next chapter in late-night television.

What did you think of last night’s farewell Tonight Show with Conan?

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  • Kyle

    It was a great way to go out for Conan just wish that he didnt have to leave the Tongiht Show so soon!!!

    • will ferrell stinks

      Will Ferrell ruined it the show just like he ruins everything else he touches. What was that, like 30 minutes of his lameness mugging for the camera at the end? Way to make about it YOU, jerk!

      • Susan

        I agree—Ferrell was self-indulgent and unfunny. The camera kept trying to track around him to focus on Conan, but Ferrell needed all the attention. Jerk.

      • Krista

        Will Ferrell stinks and Susan:
        Conan has been working with Will for years and knows full well what to expect of him for a comedy sketch, which is what it was. He seemed very happy jamming with Will and the band, and was laughing at all of his over the top antics. If he wanted it to be all about himself, he wouldn’t have asked a huge comedy nut like Ferrell to close the show. You obviously don’t get or appreciate his humour, but thankfully, Conan does.

      • Honey

        I actually liked the Conan slipped into the background for the last bit. Being the guitarist was a great metaphor for what a good talk show host does – flying solo when necessary but also wiling to fade into the background and spotlight others when appropriate. It’s not easy to do, and Conan did it great.

      • Whatdoyaknow

        I thought the ending was perfect. I don’t think Conan should have had center stage… Will Ferrell is an entertainer… the point was to have fun, as Conan said. If it was just Conan, it would have missed the point. Conan was jamming with his friends… THAT was the point.

      • Sarah

        Ya, if you watch, Conan is cracking up at Will, especially when he picks up the cow bell. If I was leaving, I’d probably want the last few minutes to be fun and be able to enjoy them without all the focus on me.

        Conana was absolutely classy, hilarous and awesome to the end and I can’t wait to see his next show.

      • TeRRy

        I agree. Ferrell is CRAP. They would have done much better to have had the same jam with Neil Young replacing his SELF ABSORBED so-called comedy. He STINKS!!!

      • Leila

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    • robert smigel

      The most infuriating aspect of this whole debacle is that we will never truly know the impact Conan could have had with a level playing field. As much as people like to dismiss it, the idea of a strong leadin is absolutely critical to the success of any late night show, or really any show i.e. the worst show on tv would have fared well if Seinfeld was it’s leadin, etc. The data and statistic are so overwhelming that anyone that would debate it is simply uninformed.

      Conan had a horrible leadin. If you deny that then you’ve missed the whole reason that Leno was canceled. Leno was canceled because the local affiliates complained that he was killing their ratings, and he was. no other reason for any of this than the local affiliates having a valid point. I am 100% positive that if Conan had a strong leadin (leno was bringing in 5 million viewers when a normal 10pm program in that slot would have brought in at least twice that) his show would go on well into the future. So now NBC will go back to a strong leadin, Leno will bring some of that leadin to his show, it will be shown as being successful, and it will be a complete travesty of justice

      • siobhan

        I couldn’t agree with you more Mr.Smigel, and I look forward to whats next for Conan. Hopefully he’ll work for Fox and get a chance to fully display his immense talent.

      • Honey

        I absolutely agree. Conan did fantastically in context and more importantly produced a quality show. It’s a shame.

      • Country Squeezins

        Travesty of justice? Are you for real? A self-entitled millionaire having his show moved back a half-hour is a non-event in the real world. Was it a travesty of justice every time they rescheduled Friends, Frasier or Everybody Loves Raymond as well? Of course none of the stars of those shows threw tantrums and quit when it happened, so it never had the drama of Conan’s public meltdown.
        Conan’s lead-in was the local news, just like Letterman’s and Nightline’s lead-in. This is so silly, and frankly, quite angering to those of us who have real problems. Millions of people are out of work, millions are in forclosure and the people of Haiti are fighting to survive a massive disaster, but Conan shamelessly wallows in sympathy from the misguided star-worshippers among us.

      • cheryl


      • Russ Gunsalus

        Wow. It’s really you Smigel. Thanks for some inside perspective for your old writing buddy.

        Conan was spectacular last night. He ought to get to leadin for himself he was so good.

      • UselssNation

        Is that the REAL Robert Smigel?

      • Jason

        This is directed at Country Squeezins.

        First, Friends had the same time slot for years the only alterations being that sometimes it took up more than one time slot. Second, Conan didn’t quit because they were going to move “his show” but because they were going to move “The Tonight Show” which has been on at 11:30 for decades. He felt that pushing the show back half-an-hour would kill it, so he chose to leave the show. Third, for late night shows the 10:00pm to 11:00pm is the real lead in as most people will stay through the local news if they are going to watch a late night show.

        To all haters in general.

        Conan’s ratings were not what ended his run it was the lousy ratings of Jay Leno (which in and of themselves are responsible for Conan’s lower ratings, because of reducing lead-in viewership and splitting of the audience) that caused the big shake up, so please try to remember this when you decide to rant about Conan.

      • Worm

        Right on, Smiggelucci!

      • Ken

        Thank you Smigel (if its the real you)- I felt Conan hit a home run. The entire last week of his show was some of televisions best comedy (Crazy Expensive was hysterical) And Conan showed his real emotions last night. I only hope that Hollywood recognizes the injustice done and boycotts the new/old Tonight Show with Leno. Ideally Conan’s new gig on Fox will show the failure and staleness of bits that were stolen from Howard Stern, Steve Allen and other original artists.

      • TeRRy

        I think that Conan should have just dropped back a half hour as following a half hour Leno would have gotten him much better ratings than he had before doing an hour show. Even if he moves to Fox, I doubt that they will spend the cash that NBC allowed for him. I feel he made a HUGE mistake. But it got him 32 million to play with….

      • Rich Stimac

        Hey, Rob, it’s your old friend Rich Stimac from Player’s Workshop days. I of course have been following yours and Conan’s success since the “Happy Happy Good Show.” I completely agree with your comments and couldn’t have said it better. I do believe this whole situation is a blessing in disguise, and Conan will find even greater success on a different network. Hope all is well with you. If you ever want to catch up, you can find me on Facebook under Backstage Writer.

      • hc

        @Country…: I can appreciate NBC’s perspective in all this. After all, when all your other programming is tanking you have to mitigate your losses where you can. YOUR inability, however, to appreciate how NBC’s actions are an affront to Conan and his fans, reducing it to petulance, is what’s really infuriating.

        And I’m sorry if business and news doesn’t come to a halt just because people are unemployed or because there’s a natural disaster. I suspect you have to appeal to a higher authority than the EW message boards to fix that. If you happen to be one of those unemployed people, stop commenting and find a job – I’m not covering your unemployment forever.

      • PL

        Country- I don’t know if you see the irony in complaining about meaningless news after reading 20 comments in the entertainment weekly blog

      • jw

        ok… but is that all tv is, ratings? I mean, Conan is funny and creative and sincere. That much seems so clear. It’s rhetorical but is tv nothing but a cheap auction? I feel really turned off by NBC. They (NBC) seem just nasty as I look upon it all…

      • sadiesue

        In many ways, all this can be traced back to the original bad decision of choosing Jay over Dave. When it was announced 5 years ago that Jay would step aside for the heir apparent, it was because the suits didn’t want the same kind of debacle that happened when Johnny retired. Cut to 5 years later and the show is turned over to the new guy. Jay should have just walked away – like Johnny did – instead of taking the 10pm spot. This would have allowed Conan to rise or fall on his own merit without Jay hanging around. Jay was given that opportunity to build his show and make it in his own image. Conan was saddled with Jay basically “hanging around.” Truth be told, had this been Dave in the driver’s seat, Dave would have done it the way Johnny did. In some ways, Conan never had a chance. They put in the succession so they wouldn’t lose Conan and look what happened. They lost Conan in most ignoble, dishonorable, mind-numbing way. Don’t blame Conan – blame the suits, blame Jay (and yes, he bears some responsibility here). As for Dave? He deserves to make the comments he has been making about NBC & Jay. Neither treated him with respect when all he did was change TV, bring the ratings and help comedian friends get their feet planted firmly in the TV firmament. Let him rant. He’s allowed. As for Jay, I find it interesting that he is allowed to tell his side of the story on Oprah this Thursday yet Conan can’t for 7 more months. Personally, I can’t wait to see Conan on Dave’s couch. THAT will happen and the ratings will be astonomical!

      • William Warfield

        You couldn’t have said it any better, Mr. Smigel. Conan *is* funny, and Leno *never was!*

        Conan, please return to TV soon!

      • William Warfield

        You couldn’t have said it any better, Mr. Smigel!

        Conan, please come back to TV soon!

      • joe

        i agree, but the point is conan sucks… he’s not that funny… why would anyone wanted to watch an unfunny guy…

    • kellybelly

      Disagree with you Ken Tucker. I thought the last show was just ‘okay’. Except for last bit – not because Will Ferrell’s mugging, but for the band itself – Conan, Beck, ZZ Top. I like Conan, but the show seemed lackluster, and boring. I guess I was expecting a lot more. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll be seeing Conan again either in the summer or fall with his new talk show.

      • DG

        Really? Boring? Just ‘okay’? lackluster?

        WOW. What the hell were you watching?

        Or, better put, what were your expectations?

        That was great television, a communal event, worthy of why we watch and love TV.

      • Ed

        @ kellybelly – Seriously?

    • dave

      Conan kind of said this but if it weren’t for NBC giving him a chance to begin with none of this would be happening so he really has nothing to complain about (not that he did).

    • savonarola

      Conan should have simply taken over Jay’s 10 PM slot. That way he would not have to compete with the late night programming on Comedy Central.

  • Amanda

    I loved tonight’s show, the only way he could have had a better send off is if he could have extended the length of tonight’s show!! I would have loved to see one last “in the future” segment. He will be dearly missed, but he will be very successful in his next adventure.

    The best part of tonight was the class that he showed. NBC trampled over him, yet he thanked them. Not many people could sincerely do it, and he pulled it off.

    • Conan = Misogyny

      It was particularly fitting that the finale consisted of about 20 dudes hamming it up, while the lone woman stood rubbing her pregnant belly. The show was complete nerd-misogyny from day one and it went out the same way.

      • Rob

        Why did you even watch, hater?

      • Misogyny?

        Huh? Methinks you need to consult a dictionary, my friend. If you’re a man, you’re an idiot. And if you’re a woman, you should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Whatdoyaknow

        Hmm… look up “satire”.

        Then “Viveca Paulin”… Will Ferrell’s pregnant wife.

      • jules

        @ C = M: Lighten up, you MORON.

      • Ben

        No kidding…Lighten up. And the same thing goes for Country squeezins. If we were all as depressed as you are what is the point of living? It was a show to entertain, last time I checked life still goes on even with all of the bad stuff happening in the world.

      • Daniel

        You stupid ignorant, that was Will Ferrell’s actual wife.

      • Conan = Misogyny

        Yeah, that’s “Ferrell’s wife”. She’s his accessory. His comedy prop. She’s not a woman who’s there on her own to contribute. She tagged along with her man. Too bad Conan the misogynist doesn’t seem to even know any women on his own. Women with their own careers, like Molly Shannon, Amy Poehler or Ana Gasteyer. But I guess they would be too independent and upset the delicate balance of 30 nerds to 1 woman that Conan and company seem to prefer.

      • J

        “Too bad Conan the misogynist doesn’t seem to even know any women on his own.”

        He dated Lisa Kudrow for years, and is now married to Liza with a daughter

        You sound insane

      • Aly

        Conan=M, idiots like you are the reason the rest of us aren’t taken seriously when we express legit concerns about sexism and misogyny. And quite frankly the way you are speaking of Will Ferrell’s wife reeks of condescension. You also imply that women who don’t, in your opinion, have their own careers are subhuman. Now if that isn’t misogynistic, I don’t know what is. For the record, I’m envious of anyone who has the luxury of staying home with their family (male or female) but more power to them. We should all be so lucky.

  • Sam


    • will ferrell stinks

      I’ll be sure not to check that out.

      • h0lyp00p0nastick

        hahaha that’s hilarious man

  • Jackson Curtis

    Conan was classy until the very end. Very honorable and inspiring. I will take his words to heart.

    • dd

      “classy” as in wasting money and making a hissy fit leaving. yeah, sure.

      • Lindsey

        You do realize the wasting money bits were fake, right? If Conan’s signing off speech is what you call a hissy fit then I don’t want to be around your temper tantrums.

      • Andre

        Ha DD thinks those bits were real.

      • suzyqtexas

        Yeah…classy as in NBC paying $50 million for a studio that they only used for 7 months, then kicked Conan out for a has-been like Jay!!

      • Sean

        FUCK YOU asshole.

      • cb

        **He didn’t really spend NBC’s money lol

      • i’m a lady

        DD, you forgot to start your rant with “Dear Internet”…

      • Jesse Galloway

        Dear DD.

        Shut up.

        -The internet

      • Dan

        Dear Jesse Galloway,


        You rock.


      • Emma

        Actually Lindsey, dd’s comment means that his temper tantrum would simple include words like, “this blows” and the like.

      • auramac

        We want Conan- back! Somewhere! Now!

        DD obviously stands for double-dumb.

      • PauLie

        exactly what Conan told to those stupid internet commentators, hahaha..

        DD you’re the best idiot…

      • Cat

        Im not a mean person, but DD, shut up.

      • Stephanie

        Well, the comedy bits were fake, but the Beatles song that Tom Hanks walked out to cost NBC $500,000 ;)

      • JenD

        Ok, “dd”, you made me laugh!
        Wow. (I think dd is serious)

      • KC

        LOL I loved the “Dear Internet” bit.

      • jason

        dahh it was fake but after the way he was treated by nbc i wish it would have been real

      • ryan

        How did he through a hisssy fit? It was a joke idiot! NBC is not going to spend more money on a skit than it paid him to leave.

      • cheryl

        dd is an idiot…maybe leno is your cup of tea…enjoy

      • cheryl

        oh, yeah, and leno’s soon to be on oprah spilling his guts…you might enjoy that too…

      • jp

        you are an f*ing idiot if you thought that was real. And “hissy fit?” What about Leno stealing back the Tonight Show because he was (AWWW) unhappy where he was? Conan was the victim here, you a-hole.

    • sandi

      sorry…but Conan was an ass. Good riddance.

      • lala

        Dear Internet,
        Sandi is a giant FAIL. Oh, and so is DD.
        Loves ya Conan, thanks for the laughs and the pizza on Monday.

      • JenD

        You clearly do not know anything about Conan. You’d be embarrassed by your post if you did. He’s a class act and he went above and beyond for many people. Something you may not understand.
        Conan, we love you and we’re anxiously awaiting your return! <3 Team Conan!!!!

      • sammy

        it must be sad to have such little humor in your life. you must LOVE jay.

      • Joe Malik

        Screw Jay! Boycott Jay Leno!

      • pickle tits

        sandi = humorless C U N T

      • Lola

        Interesting that free speech isn’t allowed on the message boards. Also interesting that a lot of Conan supporters are insulting, crass and ignorant (you know who you are).

        Related to my statement for free speech, I personally think Conan is about as juvenile and un-funny as you can get. And when Jay comes back, I’ll be right there again…and so will a lot of other people.

      • @sandi

        Yeah, that is sad to say. And stupid to say, too. And pathetic and lame. Come to think of it, you pretty much suck, sandi.

      • Benes

        Actually, unless someone busted in your home to arrest you after your post, free speech IS allowed. And lumping a lot of Conan (who is extremely classy) fans into one group and calling us crass and such is like me saying all Leno fans wouldn’t know funny is it bit them on the ass and they are the reason shows like Two and a Half Men are still on the air….and I would NEVER suggest such a thing!

      • Cody

        Have people like this ^ even seen Conan before? From what basis do you call him an A**? What has he ever done that has been remotely A**-ish? Nothing.. Ever… I am so fascinated by these idiotic people.

    • Caitlin

      I agree. I thought the show was funny and touching. And he sincerely meant what he said about NBC. Conan is amazing, and I can’t wait until he gets another show.

      • Lay Jeno

        I am having my name legally changed to Pickle Tits.

  • Chris

    He could have skewered NBC all night, but instead showed class to his employer of 20 years who treated him with anything but class. Jay Leno will not be able to measure up.

  • Nanam

    That was mine favorite of the list too.

  • Deedee

    Spot on right till the end, Conan had me misty-eyed with his sincere thanks to the fans. And showed himself a class act when he thanked NBC, the same morons who are letting his intelligent wit go, to replace him with Jay! Guess I can stop watching NBC altogether now. Long live Coco!

    • Stephanie

      LOL it’s not like they have anything worth watching anyways.

      • Sandra

        now they just have 30 Rock. That’s IT! SNL sucked since Conan left too! I’m boycotting Jay. His show better have looooow ratings!

      • ash

        And Chuck!

      • @Sandra

        I doubt Leno’s ratings could go any lower than Conan’s – which were the worst in the “Tonight Show’s” 56 year history LOL

      • tnsmoke

        Can’t wait to see what jabs 30 Rock takes at NBC now! Tina Fey and Conan used to be a couple years ago.

      • kat

        Let me guess. @Sandra=Sandi. Equally as ridiculous. Dear Internet, Please stop stupid comments from people whose names begin with Sand.
        Thanks. Love, kat

    • LOB

      I agree that NBC has become a worthless wasteland(Tina F and Steve C can carry a night, but can’t save an entire network) …I have always enjoyed and respected Conan, as both a comedic writer and entertainer. Unfortunatly, due to NBCs horrible prime time programming(Mercy, Nurse Jackie, etc…hurrrrlll), I became one of the people who didn’t make it to the Tonight Show regularly. I actually watched Conan far more often when he was on the Late Show(and NOT because of Jay…I rarely watched Jay and now find him less funny than before). I’m sorry Conan, and I’ll be watching for your next move.

      • LOB

        So sorry…I meant Late Night(how could I make THAT error)

      • Billy

        While you’re correcting your own errors….Nurse Jackie is on Showtime, not NBC

      • chita

        I just read a rumor that Ferguson doesn’t want to move to NYC, which is what he’d have to do if he wanted to take over for Letterman when he retires, which was originally going to be 2012. So Letterman has been thinking about approaching Conan to be his successor. Ferguson is happy remaining where he is, and the CBS line up would be Conan/Ferguson, maybe as soon as September. Dave’s company owns both shows and he would love to stick it to NBC, as would CBS, who already have taken back the king of the sitcom title from NBC with the success of Big Bang, HIMYM and 2 1/2 Men. Probably just a very imaginative rumor, but I like the idea.

      • Jerry

        Conan taking over Letterman’s slot in 2012? “Chita,” you made my day! That would be a real treat for this Conan and Letterman fan.

      • D

        @Chita-I don’t see why on Earth Craig would have to move to NYC to do the Late Show. Like there aren’t enough studios in Hollywood they can tape the show??

  • janaye

    I teared up toward the end.

    • Laura

      Same here, and I’m not ashamed. He better come back in September. Late night is just no fun without him.

    • KC

      I did too. Love ya Conan!!!

      • legionofconan

        So did I. I’ve been watching since high school and he’s the best at what he does.

    • Rob

      I straight out cried and I’m a dude. It was sad to watch a timeless paradigm played out before your eyes, which is greed destroying something pure that brings joy to people.

    • nat

      I did too…it was a great last show.

      P.S. If you go to the Tonight Show web site, there’s a thread where you can leave your goodbyes to Conan and crew. I’ll bet they’ll read that thread, so let them know what you’re thinking!

  • maryb

    A great last show. Total class. And I did tear up.

    • Amanda

      I agree. I don’t know how people say he isn’t classy. And he looks really good in a suit…

  • Sarah

    We love you Coco!!!

  • Abby

    In the big picture, it’s all not very important, but it was great that he used the opportunity to pass along such positivity at the end. Good for him.

    • Amanda

      On the contrary, I believe thanking NBC would help gather much more respect by very important people. Imagine if instead he went out trashing NBC… Networks don’t want to work with someone who is bitter and honestly thinks they are crap. This will lead to great things for Conan…. after September 1st.

      • john

        True and part of why this has to hurt even more for Conan is that he has worked for NBC for so long. To have it end in this manner, it has to sting. He was courteous and genuine.

  • ST

    Great Great finale – very classy talented true entertainer

  • Justin K

    I personally thought it was a very classy way to sign off of what has been a very public and very “nasty” (or perceived as such) battle.

    It was alittle bizarre: the mottely crew singing Free Bird at the end- it seemed to drag; but I was impressed with Conan’s guitar playing skills- Never knew he could play.

    I think in the long run he will be successful. I like how he did really burn bridges on his final show that would prevent him from EVER coming back to NBC.

    time heals all wounds.

    His speech was so classy and genuine.

    He’s a great guy with great talent.

    • Nickyphiss

      It was kind of an allstar band: Conan (great guitarist,btw), Ferrell, Beck, Ben Harper, Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top. Nice ending. Showed his talent and class and versatility. But hey, we get “Jaywalking” back now. Whoopee.

      • MCG

        Isn;t that crazy? Trading Conan’s greatness for Jaywalking? I can’t stand that this happened but everything will be okay.

      • TMB

        It’s fairly obvious that everyone posting support for Conan here is not from middle America, otherwise he would have survived at NBC.

      • Angela

        Hey TMB, I’m from Michigan (doesn’t that count as “Middle America”?) and I’m on TEAM COCO! I don’t think it’s so much a geography issue as a time issue. NBC didn’t give Conan enough time to find an audience; their loss.

      • Lisa

        It isn’t that Jay is “bad”. He’s just vanilla Jay. Some people like that. But Jay has lost his edge (oops, did he ever really have one?) and his shows have been like brown cardboard for a long time.

        The cool thing about Conan is we’ve had an opportunity to watch him grow and mature over the years. He’s just a really cool guy who gets it, and he’s funny. All the best to you, Conan.

      • Katie

        I’m from South Dakota, which is a red state in middle America and Conan has fans here too. I’ve been watching since high school and was so pumped when Andy came with him to LA.
        I am so happy with the way that he left things at NBC. He is a class act and left me in tears with his speech at the end. Good on you Conan – can’t wait to see what you do after September 1st!

      • Mavis

        Dear Internet, Elvis Costello was on guitar in between Beck & Billy Gibbons. I’ll miss Coco. September can’t come fast enough! Regards, Mavis

      • Marcy

        Also from South Dakota here-don’t get much more middle-America than that! I got teary-eyed, too. Plus, how sexy was Conan with his tie off, shirt collar open, jamming out on the guitar? Yum.

      • Steph

        TMB– Illinois Conan fan here… I think you meant that most people posting here are not old NBC/Leno fantards.

      • werd

        that was surely not elvis costello. i believe it was the guitarist from the max weinberg 7.

  • Stephanie

    That closing speech had me in tears… what a classy guy! I’ll miss watching him night after night.

    I wonder how long NBC has a leash on him until he can go on the interview circuit. I think its bull that Leno is going on Oprah to tell his sob story.

  • Rebekah Nunnally

    No one on television will ever come close to Conan in my eyes. He is the greatest. God bless him.

    • dwightsmith

      true.. and jays show will not get the same ratings as conans show did.. for one thing because his show isnt nearly as good.. and because many people will not watch it out of disrespect of NBC…

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