'Apocalypse Man' last night: Did you learn how to survive?

Who watched the History Channel’s Apocalypse Man? A survivalist’s dream-show starring armed-forces vet and martial-artist Rudy Reyes, Apocalypse proved to be an utterly fascinating, documentary dramatization about how to survive a massive cataclysmic event.

And now I know how to remove a manhole cover without getting a hernia, and almost know how to hot-wire a car engine, something years of watching TV and movie crime stories failed to fully impart.

Maneuvering in an abandoned-looking city and toting a backpack, Reyes showed us how to gain access into hospitals (where independent generators can be jump-started in areas in which electricity has been knocked out, the host asserted) and libraries (Reyes said that after Hurricane Katrina, libraries were some of the few places that weren’t broken into, and yet which contained valuable information such as city maps… that is, if, in this internet age, you’ve learned the Dewey Decimal System, kids!).

There is, of course, a certain amount of exploitation of fear in shows such as this, and much of Reyes’ narration began with the phrase, “After 9/11…” But Apocalypse Man was completely enthralling for its swift editing combined with tips on how to acquire food, fresh water, and shelter.

Airing as part of the History Channel’s “Apocalypse Week,” Apocalypse Man will be rerun on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Check out listings on History.com.

Did you watch Apocalypse Man? What did you think?

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  • Keith

    I thought show was great!

    • christianslovematch

      Great show!

    • Joy

      Overall, I really loved this show. I have felt all my life that eventually, living will come down to absolute survival. I wish I could learn even more. Any kind of survival info is very good to have for any number of situations. I’m afraid this show may be withdrawn because of controversy, but hope not. Every little new bit of info I can store in my brain may make the difference between life or death someday. BTW, I’ve kept a “survival bag” since I was 18 years old.

  • Nick

    I loved it they should make it a regular show like a man vs wild/survivorman type show. They could show different apocalypse scenarios in multiple/different parts of the country. Rudy Reyes is very likable and I feel like what he says is valuable info.

    • David

      Feel the same way. And all I saw was the last one. Anyone know of how I could see the first three?

      • robert davis

        There are more?!!! oO

    • jojo

      It was a good show and I’d like to see more of it. He was a bit of a show off, prancing around like a ballerina and jumping over things that didn’t need jumping over. Limber and in shape no doubt, but I’m looking for a row boat and not using a crowbar as a grappling hook. Kinda silly when you think about it. The emergency fuel bit was interesting.

    • robert davis

      I agree with nick, different regions of the country would no doubt present different tactical advantages and challenges as well as resources…good point nick

  • Steve

    Thought it was very interesting. Is this going to be a stable series or one time thing?

  • Charlie

    It was pretty good for such a short show. As a scout myself, there’s a lot more to learn than just the 3 or 4 little tricks he shows there, it’s an overall state of mind based on improvisation and adaptation. However, for a show for civilians in the allotted time, I thought he did a good job.

    • robert davis

      You make a good point charlie. Rudy even said as the episode wrapped that “it all depends on what sort of person you are”.

  • Chris

    Charlie, being a scout doesn’t mean crappola. Get over yourself. Until you are an 18 series, you are just an infantry wannabe. You are a putz!

    • The Truth

      I served in the military and dealt with all branches including special forces and was also a Boy Scout. A good Boy Scout Troop offers survival training on par with the military. Granted the military has combat training that Scouts don’t have, but drop somone off in the middle of the wilderness or a deserted town an Eagle Scout would fair just as well as a Green Beret as long as there aren’t hostile people around. Back in WWII Eagle Scouts without college experience joining the Army were offered officer’s commissions based soley on them being Eagle Scouts. Your the one that needs to get over yourself.

      • Mark

        Indeed, these newer 18 series are way too big headed. It tends to happen when the Army ramps up it’s SF recruiting.

      • Mark

        i can’t agree more, what cocky ass has the right to dis on scouts, an organization that has been around for over a hundred years. having a marine corps father and not being allowed to go into the military unless as officer i learned a lot from scouts. i would love to go head to head with that putz, put both of us in the woods and see who makes it out first.

      • El Toro

        Didn’t you ever watch the West Wing — never respond to the guy in the chicken outfit!!!

    • Darc

      I don’t know about Scouts, but Bear Grylls has proven that being special forces doesn’t necessarily make you an expert at survival. Like Rudy, he’s all about the thrill of taking unnecessary chances with the diving, rapids-running, climbing and leaping feats, etc. Ask Ron Hood; these are exciting to watch, but counter-productive to survival activities.

  • Tom Van Allen

    Where was this filmed at? I think I could make some bucks salvaging all these diesel generators out of old abandoned hospitals. ;-P I thought Rudy was dumb for smashing out the driver’s side window. Yeah, go ahead and sit on glass and then get rained or snowed on while you drive.

    • Gregg

      it was filmed in detroit, i go to school in detroit and i have to say i found it funny that my city is the “apocalypse” city

    • Trevor

      I agree – how did he get past the steering column lock – and I would have smashed a rear window – not a driver window. It was a bit too much like Bear Grylls for me – in a true survival situation you have to take fewer risks. Jumping to grab an elevator shaft cable – Not such a good idea – you fall and you don’t have a safety crew around like Rudy and Bear do.

      • Joe

        I thought about this too, but it makes sense to break the drivers side window. Think about if he was driving through the street, stopped for a second and a small mob of people tried to gain access to his vehicle – he couldn’t defend himself very easily if the back window was missing. With the driver’s side out, he could hit em with his flashlight and speed away in his ‘deee’-sehl (thought it was funny how he pronounced diesel).

        Amazing show though! I hope they make more in the series.

      • twally

        I thought the show was entertaining however…I’m pretty sure if you look behind him when he jumps onto the elevator cables there is a ladder on the wall.- As for the window smashing (+1)thought the same thing.none the less a good show.

      • jimmy

        i know how to hot wire cars and get past the wheel locks when i was 13 i stole cars. and you tug on the wheel as hard as you can just hang from it and if that doesnt work your screwed unless you have a lock pick set or a slim-jim

    • montana

      forget about the back and the side window just break the wing window then replace it with cardboard, ghetto auto 101
      but i agree great show it brings me back to my train hoppin days

    • Matt

      I was trying to figure out were it was filmed. All the vehicles look to have WI plates.

    • Darc

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Zack

      Well, it doesn’t matter a whole lot, most cars are made with special glass so during a collision when it breaks it breaks into small round pebbles, not shards.

  • Charlie

    @Chris – Really? I always thought grunts were recon wannabes. Anyway, my point isn’t my MOS, which is obviously what you focused in on there. My point is that the show was good given the audience and resources available. That’s the point.

  • Leslie

    I thought it was really interesting, & I would def watch if they made it into a series. The only part I thought was cheesy was that he was going all stealth while outside, like there was really something to hide from- Rudy, we all know there’s no zombies/killer robots/cannibalistic survivors actually on your tail, you can cut down on the acting a bit. But other than that I really liked it & thought there was lots of interesting information.

    • Ishmael

      The show was presented as a real world how-to. With zombies and robots weighing on your mind, one wonders if you live in it.

      • Tj

        lolz. Great episode.

    • Rick

      Going stealth is cheezey? Well there will be two types of people after the apocalypse, people who will act human and people who will revert to animal instinct. When the two groups encounter each other, there will be blood. Better to be human AND smart, keeping your head down and not risk being a target from the knuckle draggers that will certainly be stalking the rest of us.

      • les briggs

        Your’e right.

      • joseph

        Literally sounds like a quote from The Office a Dwight Shrute classic innit? I thought the show was wicked. Didn’t know about steel wool and 9V batteries, thought that was badass. Only saw one episode. Personally I’d like to think that the post apocalypse edc include an AR-15…not too bothered about a flat bar.

    • eric

      Stuff happens! It has happened to me,and it will happen to you. The first thing I told my wife was to stay out of site, and keep the kids quiet. If or when some thing goes wrong and some one wants you or your belongings (food,water,sleeping bag etc.) your elder and young will be YOUR weakness. You can only move as fast as your slowest person. As a life long enthusiast I must say that it will be your mind set that sets you apart from every other hungry cold dehydrated animal out there. Stay low stay calm be prepared! Bravo zulu!

      • Mark

        So Eric, you’ve been thought an Apocalypse situation before? Hit me up when 2012 happens. My frequency will be 1.089 yr dumb.

      • Curtis

        @erick so true… @mark ur a douchewad

  • Joe

    I thought it was OK- It was entertaining… But I really cant see using much of his ideas.. Best tip I thought was grease trap and old diesal cars!! I wasnt a huge fan of the whole hospital base.. How long could you really survive in a city without relying on scavenging for canned goods??

    I love city living I live in NYC, but if something happened I would be making my way somehwere I could live off the land.. with abundant food and water.. thats if I could even get out of the city!!

    I thought this show would be a series.. Oh well—

    • Pat

      Escape the city with a couple of million of your friends? Don’t think for a moment that the country people, who are generally armed, are going to put up with that….

      • les briggs

        And you’re right too. We are.

      • pnkpnthr08

        Definitely. People living in urban areas are not going to survive very long unless they’ve got friends in rural areas or are super bad a**, very well armed, and prepared to shoot anyone and anything. I like to think I wouldn’t want to survive if I had to resort to that.

  • Amy

    I loved the show. I liked the tips about the bicycle pump and using a battery and steel wool for making fire. As a parent of three kids, I would like to have seen how to keep all of us alive instead of just me, but it was very informative.

    • Tammy

      I agree about the family issue…I am hoping this will become a series and cover those issues further…there’s only so much you can expect from a show in 1 hour!

      • Elisabeth

        I would love to see this show on every week. I don’t have much time to watch tv but I would make sure to never miss this. He explains more facts and useful information than I ever learned in school on how to survive any disaster. I’m a single mom and this is a great show, my five year old even sat down to watch it.

  • Robert

    Nice job History Channel! Lets show people how to loot! This Dweeb better be carry n more than a flashlight and crow bar if he gunna be walk n down our street look n for food n water cause he wasnt prepared.

    • USMC

      I would put money on “Fruity” Rudy Reyes unarmed against you side shooting Uncle Leroy’s .22 anyday hard dog. I seriously doubt his bug out bag wouldn’t include a firearm. My guess is the History Channel is trying to avoid getting sued if someone goes postal. They played After Armageddon at midnight, probaly because it had so many guns in it. They need to make this a show and let him teach self defense and sensible firearms handling. If you thought this show was immoral then your are the first person who is going to starve to death. Obviously they arent suggesting you kick in someones door 3 days after a Tornado hits. Ohh and that boy scout could shoot your eyeball out the back of your head at 1,000 yards.

      • DEVILDOG

        well said. Not only Fruity Rudy but all the Recon Btn, Force, and 0311’s could. I thought Rudy did a good job on the show but he never ripped his shirt off to show his abs, LOL!

      • robert davis

        ROFLMFAO….Then one of us would come along and loot hards rotting corpse..lololol

    • Tara

      You are a yutz. I had to survive after Katrina so I know what it is like when everything breaks down. Exactly how long do you think your supplies will last? I hope you have a series bunker of some sort because chances are if you stay on your street you are going to be alone since most people flee a disaster. I’m also betting that I could take you out with a flashlight and a prybar. Of course I always carry a knife (which he had) and if I was on the move I would have my 38 as well. Good luck surviving a disaster.

    • Tammy

      Forraging for food to sustain your life is not looting…breaking into buildings/homes and taking items to sell/trade….THAT is looting!

    • Anthony

      Shut up robert. Another keyboard warrior. @Tara, I really doubt you “survived after Katrina” You were on the ass end of the storm and had to go without your cell phone for a few hours (oh my god!) Ha I love how the internet makes keyboard warriors!!!!

  • David Sarti

    This show had few tips, very few and most of them would get you hurt or even killed. This show was 90% crap.Go to YouTube user dsarti1 to see my full critique of the show

    • Corey

      Go to youtube and see for yourself the kind of person David Sarti is. He is a FAT fucking retard who probably can’t even wipe his own ass. I have a really hard time with people who are so out of shape, yet they want to comment on subjects where being physically fit means so much to survival. Go lose 300 pounds buddy, then I might take what ya have to say into account. until then go eat another 6 big macs for lunch.

    • D Slade

      I saw part of your critique of the show and you were almost out of breath before you could get out 3 sentences. His tips wouldn’t get you killed because you wouldn’t even be able to get your fat ass out of the house.

    • david

      your a dumb dam sloppy fool!! what a douche

  • ryan

    really history channel? Teach the american people how to rob. Secondly, what kind of city are you gonna stick up with a flash light. Why dont you just hire a convict to host the show instead of the boy scout. The show kept my interest but i thought it was pretty immoral.

    • Tara

      Morals are subjective. When society breaks down your survival instincts kick in and it’s survival of the fittest.

      • robert davis

        Hell yah tara.That primal,”will to survive”,kicks in… Number one rule of the jungle “eat…or be eaten”.

    • Kim

      Honestly, Tara is right. At that point it would not be about “oh, man, this is stealing.” The situation would be more around the idea of “oh man, I have to do what I have to do to die.”

      Overall, I enjoyed the show. I think it was informative and helpful. I hope they extend the show further.

      • Kim

        *I have to do what I have to do to NOT die

        Excuse the typo.

      • David Sarti

        that is why My friends and I are heavaly armed to protect our stuff from people like that, I recon we would have to stack yall up like cord wood.

    • david

      when there is no law, morals fly out the window as well!! youll have to be cold hearted to live if anything like that ever happens. go into a situation like that with your “morals” and youll be some ones victim real quick. hippies wont survive the end of days

      • david

        and you david sarti give it a rest fat boy! you and the rest of your fat friends wont make it long cuz youll start to eat eachother ! all you can eat buffet baby eat up !!

      • robert davis

        I agree,especially if you got children to think about, and if that were the case,then, things like morals would be luxuries you just couldn’t afford

  • Bruce

    The Real Apocalypse Man?
    CODY LUNDIN , founder of Aboriginal living skills school. This guy walks his talk

    • Chad

      Cody ROCKS! His books should be turned into a series!

    • Mike

      I was very dissapointed in the show. Just about everything he talked about was incorrect and dangerous. The real guy to learn from is Dave Canterbury of Wilderness outfitters on youtube.

      • Taylor

        Dave Canterbury is your expert? LOL

      • Mark

        I think i would stick to the woods. You have a great resource of food, if the wildlife hasn’t been wiped out. which i doubt because if humans went extinct why would every other creature, but in every history channel program about the end of the world, only the humans die. So yeah stick to the woods, hunt yr prey, make shelter, and survive. The ones that could really survive are the ones that have been the poorest and have already learned to survive on limited resources.

    • Steve

      Great show. As you can see by the response. I’ve had Tom Brown’s books since they came out in the 80’s. His Urban survival book (like his others) starts with the mental aspect of survivability. Great stuff!

  • Ross

    At least SOME of the show was filmed in Detroit, as evidenced by the Checker Cab radio salvage and the Ken Cockrel poster in a window in one shot. It wasn’t a bad show, gave me some food for thought, and made some good points. I like that it was set in a city, whereas Man vs. Wild and Survivorman are in the wilderness. I’d definitely watch it if became a series!

    • Mark

      You know, it’s kinda sad that Detroit looks like an awesome place to film a Fallout movie.

      • pete

        i live 3 hours nw of detroit. the city has become its own self contained appocalypse. that’s bad enough, but what really scares me is the mentality that primed it for decent into ghost town status sounds a whole lot like the national leadership yammers lately. better stow back a case or two of ramen noodles city folk.

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