Hear Kathy Griffin drop the f-bomb again, explain her CNN scandal on 'Craig Ferguson'

Last night, tough investigative reporter Craig Ferguson got to the bottom of Kathy Griffin’s “Did she say f— on New Year’s Eve with Anderson Cooper on CNN?” controversy. Or as Craig put it, was she banned for “sayin’ a word that begins with ‘f’ and it isn’t ‘fandango'”? Here are the highlights of the interrogation from The Late Late Show for future reporters to admire:

Griffin says “f—” three times in this conversation alone, I’m pleased to report. And as you can see/hear, Craig does not back away from the f-bomb himself.

“It’s like what Shakespeare did,” says Griffin. “I’m a wordsmith.”

“I wouldn’t go that far,” says Craig.

Hey, maybe CBS needs to put Ferguson and Griffin on, live, next New Year’s Eve. What do you think of that pairing?

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  • jaq

    the first truely great idea ive seen this year… that and ben folds to replace simon on american idol

    • Yoja

      Ben Folds on American Idol? I’d actually watch it then! You’re a genius!

    • darclyte

      I love Kathy and Anderson and the way they interact with each other, but Kathy and Craig would be funny in a different sort of (but still good) way.

    • Damion

      Sorry, but he lost his integrity and all my respect doing The Sing Off…what a true embarrassment. He’s less worthy of a spot on American Idol than a potato.

  • Winmiller

    Ferguson’s snarky comment calling Anderson Cooper a girl is neither funny nor acceptable.

    • Pete

      Pity…. I think it’s falcon HIGHLARIOUS!

      • Em


    • topsy

      Anderson Cooper IS a girl. Let’s move on.

    • Rush

      He’s the son of Gloria Vanderbilt. He led a fairly priviledged life until he decided to be a freelance video journalist. It’s perfectly acceptable for her to poke fun at him and he has the grace to be able to laugh at himself.

      • tundraaim

        true, he pokes fun at himself, but why pick on him? He’s harmless. It’s OK because he’s rich? Please.

    • B

      Meh, it was more a comment on the sisterhood between them… they were like two school girls.

    • Equality

      Indeed. Craig is OK with GLBT ppl, but makes humor using gay stereotypes. Read his autobiog (from a library) and you learn a bit about him liking gays but being put off by it as well. Whatever his issues, making fun of gays is NOT funny, Craig.

      • Tarc

        Ferguson is easily the least homophobic of the American late night talk show hosts out there right now. Chelsea Handler is very gay friendly as well – but she’s in a different category.

      • Manoj

        Ben has found a foster home with Mary in Hopkins. She is doing a wnuderfol caring for him so his allergies will be under control. Ben is such a joyful springer! He loves people, dogs, running on the green grass, enjoying life. He is always a pleasure to be around.

    • Scott

      good lord, winmiller, relax, will ya?

      • AcaseofGeo

        Yeah I’m gay and I hear gay people call each other girl all the time. I don’t like it and I don’t do it but to suggest it is not acceptable is a bit stretched.

    • Bob

      Righ on Winmiller! Ban free speech now! Censor those words!

    • Rush

      Actually, Anderson does giggle like a little school girl.

    • Tarc

      Um… it’s euphemistic gay slang for a gay man. And I’m sure Cooper’s hot, butch Village gay club owning boyfriend of nearly a year now would agree.

    • Celia

      Lmao. I haven’t even watched the video yet and I think it’s funny.

    • Meli

      Try growing a sense of humor, please.

    • Susi

      Uh yeah, actually, it WAS acceptable and funny as all hell. WHO CARES about Anderson Cooper being called a girl ??? How ’bout this: ANDERSON COOPER IS A GIRL

      Know what’s REALLy sad and unacceptable ? That you’re so insulted he was called a GIRL. Like it’s some sort of foul curse word. Why dontcha come on into the 21rst century with the rest of us and GET OVER YOURSELF. Sheesh.

  • stevex

    Never enough Craig on TV. As for Griffin, meh.

  • Julie

    Craig Ferguson is super hilarious. Love him. I hope to never see Kathy Griffin again. Yuck.

  • Matt

    Ferguson is witty and fun – his ad libbed stuff is funnier than most scripted stuff the other guys are spewing. Not really a fan of Griffin, although I was surprised when I saw her in a bikini recently – ginger has snap!

  • Rosalie

    Poor, poor Kathy Griffin. She is so funny. If she were a man, I bet this would be considered funny. All she did was point out that the Falcon kids name was being pronounced all over the world and that it sounded like Fakin. Kathy is right, the kids mother does speak with an accent and at times it did sound like she was misspronouncing her son’s name.

  • SaraJean

    I love Kathy, and that idea — Craig and Kathy for New Year’s — is genius. If CNN drops her, they’re idiots.

  • DW

    She better not be dropped by CNN over something this stupid. Who cares if someone drops the f-bomb at 11pm on a cable network? We really need to lighten the f**k up.

    • mickey

      According to Gossip Cop, who try to clear up rumors, CNN said they have not banned Kathy and don’t even decide about NYE until November.

  • Me

    If your life is so sad and lonely that you were sitting home alone, sober, on New Year’s Eve, pouting, and you called the FCC to complain that you were offended by Kathy, I feel sorry for you. I DVRed Kathy & Anderson because she is so hilarious and watched it later (because I’m not a lonely, FCC-calling loser and I was drunk with friends on New Year’s Eve like a normal person!) and I laughed so hard at Kathy’s off-color commentary.

  • Clay

    I would watch Craig and Kathy in a heartbeat. Hell-that could even be a periodic bit leading up to new years.

  • I dont Drink

    Um, Me… not everyone is an alcohol-swilling jerk. Being drunk on NYE is not normal; it is merely one activity among many, and sadly, one that causes death and injury all too often. Lost my first husband to a drunk driver — I have NO sympathy for imbibers. And one can abstain from drink and still be an engaged, social, cool person with a sense of humor. Shame on you for suggesting otherwise! — that could lead to more deaths. Good job.

    And YEAH — Craig and Kathy would be brilliant together (as long as they avoid gay smears, which aren’t funny)! Kathy is a hoot, and Craig is the REAL king of late night (sorry, Prince Charles).

  • Amanda

    It’s pathetic that the only way that this unfunny, unfortunate looking woman gets attention is to swear all over tv. WHY IS SHE EVEN FAMOUS?

    • Tarc

      Ummmm… because she’s brilliant and hysterically funny. Always. Sorry you don’t get her humor – there are plenty of so-called comdians that are famous that I don’t think have ever said or done a funny thing in their lives (Ray Romano, Seinfeld, for two famous personal examples). Humor is very subjective.

      • %

        “A” to the “MEN” Tarc. Could not have said it better myself. ESPECIALLY the part abt Ray Romano and Seinfeld!

    • Celia

      Kathy Griffin is hilarious, but she’s an acquired taste. Some people hate her and most intelligent people love her.

      • Lei

        I am very intelligent and love Kathy. ;) No one else makes me laugh as much or as hard. And since when did being called a ‘girl’ garner such hatred outside of a kindergarten?

    • Jule

      She is famous because she is f*ckin HILARIOUS! You either get her or you don’t – no middle.

    • Susi

      For the same reason you can post public messages de-crying her nationally/internationally.

  • Dennis

    Kathy is famous because she is not afraid to call out celebrities for their spoiled, bad behavior. I love her and Andy Cooper too!

    • Judy Garland

      You might as well love the devil too…!

      • Tarc

        What does mythical religious iconography have to do with an amusing comedian? Get real.

    • Amanda

      Dennis, maybe she could “call out” spoiled celebrities without having to curse all the time. And who in the world is she to criticize anyone else’s so-called bad behavior?

      • Tarc

        Words have the power you give them. And honestly, show me a person that complains about swearing, and I’ll show you a world class hypocrit.

    • l.d.

      Remember when she almost died getting plastic surgery? …and then got some more? Maybe some spoiled celebs could call her out on that.

  • RJ

    Living in CO we got the balloon boy story pushed at us day and night for weeks. During a lot of the coverage you hear the mother and some others call the boy with an accent sounding like f*ckin. Kathy said nothing worse than what CBS/NBC/ABC/CW/Fox said or played on the air here for days. CNN just plain s*cks. And gay Andy should stick up for her because without her, he’s as exciting to watch as a dead scrod.

  • Judy Garland

    That woman is one sick piece of

    • Tarc

      If ‘sick’ means the slang version (as in brilliant, genius, or perfect), then I’m with you. Is she vulgar? Yes. Does she swear? So does everyone, and among comedians far, far, far worse.

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