'Worst Cooks in America': Worst thing I watched most of last night

I didn’t eat the whole thing. I couldn’t swallow the basic premise of last night’s Worst Cooks in America on the Food Network. I had read interviews with the producers and on-camera chefs Anne Burrell and Beau MacMillan saying they could spot ringers among the throngs that lined up to take part in this cooking reality series, but, sorry, I think they let a few in either by chance or on purpose, to spice things up.

When the guy chopped off the tips of the aparagus and served the stalks — that was when my already-dubious instincts about this show settled into this-is-too-ridiculous-to-be-believed mode.

The whole thing doesn’t work as a concept. These citizens are bad cooks, and they’re, what, proud of it? Ashamed? But shame doesn’t keep anyone off reality TV, so they’re all proud, I guess. And they’ll dramatically improve to win a prize of $25,000? Yeah, I bet I, too, could learn pretty fast to do more than open a can of tomato soup and sprinkle on some pre-shredded cheese, as one guy did here.

On a series such as Top Chef, the contestants have some knowledge of, some respect for, the judging chefs. But these people who claim not to know how to cook a chicken could have no idea where Burrell and MacMillan rank in the culinary world — like most of us at home, they have to take the word of the producers. The result was a lot of blank stares mixed with barely-disguised glee: “See, I’m really awful!” so many seemed to be saying. “Are you chefs gullible enough to believe I can’t chop an onion and carry me on to the next round?”

That’s drama? No, it’s not. For drama, I’ll wait til next week’s season premiere of Big Love.

Did you watch Worst Cooks in America? Did you like it more than I did?

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  • petuniafromhell

    No, i did not watch this show because i have Cablevision!!! Now I have no choice to watch PBS!!!

    • confidential

      Me too… Cablevision sucks nuts!

    • Hillary

      ditto . . . on the cablevision sentiments– not the air force guy looking for a date.

  • JC

    I caught the first 15 minutes of it, then turned the channel. What a stupid concept for a tv show… These people should just go take some basic cooking classes..

    • Dani

      Not sure if I made it even that far. When the mother of 4 children claims to be totally incapable of cooking (short of being an heiress who has servants to do that for her), any believability went out the window, and the tuner went to another channel. Pretty bad “reality” tv for a usually resectable channel

  • Amish Joe

    Made it about 20 minutes in. The network is better then this. These participants come off as desperate and sad souls.(SEE: The reality TV contestant)
    In short…I do not trust the show.

  • Laura K.

    I was watching “Brothers and Sisters” last night when it aired and couldn’t stay up until 2 to watch it air again. I’ll give it a try, although my initial reaction was also that it was a stupid concept for a show. Maybe it’s true, though, that all the entertainment in watching people prepare horrible food is in them thinking it’s good.

  • ENC

    I can’t stand Anne Burrell’s cooking show so I knew this was one to miss.

    • liz gibson

      Anne Burrell makes me want to chew nails.

      • Remi

        Stop the madness – this was a waste of time. Bad idea, bad hosting. Someone pull the plug on Anne Burrell

  • Mells

    I watched it. I thought it was pretty funny. It makes me feel better since there is no way I could be a worse cook than the guy who boiled an entire chicken and then covered it with swiss cheese. That looked so gross!!

    • Kristen

      That guy was hilarious – my husband and I laughed ourselves to tears! What about the lady who made pasta with “olives and pineapple for crunch.” I threw up a little in my mouth when she said that!

    • Sauvion

      Hi, I’m Sauvion, the guy who boiled the chicken. My friend emailed me the link to this blog. I can’t believe that this stupid chicken I made has caused such an interest. I have received a little more than 400 emails pertaining to my participation on the show. All I can say is that I really don’t know how to cook and I gave it my best shot with that chicken. Thanks for the comments.

  • Diane

    I couldn’t watch the show-Cablevision doesn’t carry the Food Network anymore.

  • office monkey

    i too thought it was hilarious – surprised they didn’t pick the boiled chicken guy, lol.

    format-wise, i think it would be more interesting to see how these guys are learning anything instead of booting one off every week. will be watching – curious to see how they pull off a meal for the judges

  • cat

    Worse staged show I have ever seen. Not worthy of Food Network.

    • RK

      Have you seen the other crap they have put on recently? Now they have those psuedo-reality shows (something about some bbq restaurant opening, and another about catering in LA). Awful.

    • carole

      totally worthy of the crap for brains that run the food network – run out of ideas so lets just make the average cook look really stupid – every new show that this crap for brain group has developed in the last couple of years has taken this network down – to those on cablevision – you didn’t miss anything – better for you not to go see it than to gag during it…

      • Linda K

        Carole – I totally agree, let’s get another group to humiliate. Its reality that is utter trash. Better off just turning off the TV and opening a Cookbook

    • Mo

      Why didn’t they just bring back the Black chef is an ex-con but dedicated his life to cooking and now owns a few restaurants in LA? I think his name was Chef Jeff and he was awesome!!! I liked that show. It they wanted drama and good story built in, then why didn’t they just bring that back? The concept of “worst cook” is stupid at best…

  • Dolly

    I watched some of it. I changed the channel when the mother was crying about wanting to win so she could feed her children.

    • ks

      I thought she was SO Pathetic!!

  • RK

    I thought it was hilarious, but I do wonder how bad some of them really are. Quite a condensed show, though — just 10 days to shoot it. I’m not sure how you screw up a recipe when it is sitting right in front of you…

  • mindy

    Very stupid concept for a show, I too changed the channel very quickly

  • Sophia Ayala Gettys

    I’m on the show, and I have to say for me it was really intense, but I learned so much! I’ve lost almost 40 lbs since the show by just cooking at home and not eating fast/microwave foods… and it sparked a passion for learning more! I’m currently pursuing culinary arts as career!
    Thank you all for at least checking out show!

    • Kristen

      Go Sophia Go! I thought the show was fun – plus it made me feel better about my own skills.

    • Pixxie Trixxie

      I too have to commend you for turning your experience into a future goal. I watched for a while but couldn’t get how every person could have the worst dish ever. Once I heard that you would have to reproduce a dish exactly, it was time for me to find something else. Good luck to you.

      • Gigi

        Sophia, you’re an actress listed on IMDB. Whatever. Fake.

    • Christi

      Sophia, I thouroughly enjoyed the show and can imagine how intense it is. I could tell you were really trying. Good for you and good luck in your future efforts. I thought you were a sweetheart !!!


  • ZackBauer

    This show was more genuinely funny than most of the sitcoms currently on the air.

  • LBGolden

    I thought the premise of the show was ridiculous although I did watch it so I suppose it was mildly entertaining.

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