The shocking 'Dexter' season finale: Read this review if you've seen it

“The messes are piling up,” ghost-Harry warned Dexter in Sunday night’s season-four finale.

“You have your demons, I accept that,” said Rita to Dexter.

“Nothing is inevitable,” said Dexter to Arthur Mitchell, the Trinity killer.

I’m telling you right now, do not read this unless you’ve seen the shocking Dexter season finale.One more time: SPOILER ALERT!

Okay. Who saw that ending coming? I didn’t. And, yes, I remember that I’m the guy who was complaining about what a whiny pain in the butt Rita was becoming earlier on in the season.

But it says everything about the excellence of Dexter that the season not only gave us a completely satisfying, firm conclusion to John Lithgow’s superlative run as this season’s chief villain, but also sent the series spinning into a whole new direction for next season.

First: The hour began right where last week left off, with Dexter confronted by Arthur in the police station. Pretty soon, we saw a Dexter typical of this season: pressured, pulled in a number of directions, distracted and off his game. Having decided that Arthur had to die and fast, he began a wild car chase (“Do you even have a plan here?” said the Harry at his shoulder — bravo to James Remar for excellently understated work all season). And of course, in the midst of the chase, Rita called our guy, which led to dinging an innocent citizen’s car, which led to Dexter losing his temper with some investigating cops just after Dexter thought he had Arthur trapped where he wanted him.

“I didn’t follow the code — I lost it,” Dexter berated himself.

Meanwhile, Deb finally discovered that Dexter and the Ice Truck Killer were brothers. And congratulations to Jennifer Carpenter for a performance all the more remarkable this season for the fact that she had to play so many scenes of extreme emotion — cycling through falling in love with Lundy all over again, witnessing his death, suffering survivor-guilt over that, and now… this — and Carpenter did it without repeating any of her reactions, making Debra experience each fresh pain in a different, beautifully distinct manner.

The episode was building to the moment we’d waited for all season: Arthur on Dexter’s killing table. I cheered at the screen when Dexter slammed the hood of the Mustang down on Trinity’s head and said with reptile warmth, “Hello, Arthur Mitchell,” making ironic fun of the way Mitchell had greeted him.

Lithgow got to play his final scene immobile, strapped down, but fully capable of making us believe that, even at his most physically helpless, Arthur’s psychotic confidence enabled him to take command. He lectured, trying to deny Dexter a pure triumph, saying, “I was following my path. God led you to me.”

And once Dexter had dispatched Arthur — with the sharp end of a hammer, an impeccable touch — we got the Dexter ending we’d wanted: Our man dumping Trinity’s body over the side of his boat, and a shot of Dexter raising his head in vast relief, framed against a blood-red night sky.

And then we got the ending we didn’t see coming. The fearful symmetry of Dexter finding his son Harrison sitting in a pool of blood (“Born in blood, both of us,” in Dexter’s voiceover phrase), and Rita murdered in the bathtub.

“I’m what’s wrong — this is fate,” said Dexter.

So now Dexter had to take back all the brimming optimism he was nurturing within himself just a few minutes before. What does this mean for next season?

Did you stick around for the chat Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow had after the credits rolled? They were right: This was an ending designed to “tie people in knots.” It could indeed, as Hall suggested, cause Dexter to shut down emotionally, believing that it’s best if a man with a “dark passenger” to have room for no one else in his life. I suppose those grandparents we saw taking Rita’s kids off to Disneyworld could take them in, but… oh, it’s too soon to speculate. I’m just going to revel in the smashingly great way the season ended. Looking at the season as a whole now, Julie Benz deserves a lot of credit for playing Rita with such selflessness, risking losing some of our sympathy to make the final scenes all the more powerful.

Cheers to Michael C. Hall for letting us see new, vulnerable sides of Dexter without ever losing the witty, slit-eyed menace that makes the character so compelling, and to the producers and writers for maintaining the suspense while creating a whole new world within the Dexter world: the awful universe of Trinity and his own trapped family.

Traps are what Dexter is all about: How to get in them, out of them, and still realize there’s another you cannot predict.

What did you think of the Dexter finale?

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  • Mike

    Honestly who saw that ending comming also did rita kill herself or was she killed? How long till october

    • JA

      Trinity killed Rita – before Dexter found him again. Ala the movie Se7en.

      • Rob

        That’s exactly what I thought. I remember how floored I was when I saw Se7en and they got me again. SHOCKING!!! Long live this phenomenal show.

      • mm

        that is EXACTLY what I was thinking at the end of the episode

      • Cole9219

        That’s what I thought Arthur sounded like on Dexter’s table…Kevin Spacey in Se7en!

      • Jonny

        I think that the reason it was such a shocker to me was that all three previous seasons ended without a cliffhanger at all. So to have one of this magnitude was breathtaking and visceral

      • Y

        Try again Jonny. There is NO cliffhanger this season. SHE IS DEAD. NOT hanging from a ledge. No big questions for us to ask.
        Your use of the word “visceral” does not salvage your comment from its inherent stupidity.

      • Ethan

        @Y: Did it leave you wanting to know what happens next? How Dexter will deal with Rita’s death, how the kids will deal with it, what will happen to the kids?

        That’s… kinda a cliffhanger. I don’t see why you were so unnecessarily hostile.

      • Nash

        I’m with Jonny and Ethan on this. It was indeed a cliffhanger. And Y, there is no need to be such a jerk – your opinion is not definitive (or popular).

      • Y, don’t be such a f.*cking dou.che. You’re clearly the idiot in this situation.

      • Matunos

        If it’s true that Trinity killed Rita, it’s not just like the other women he killed in the bathroom. He seduced those those women… they were willingly in the bathtub with him before he held them and cut their thigh. Why would Rita hop into the tub with Trinity, whom she never knew? Wouldn’t there be signs of a struggle? You’d expect blood in other places than dripping from the tub if he had to place Rita’s body in there after killing or incapacitating her.

      • Annelise

        Matunos, did you even watch the season? Trinity didn’t seduce the women and lure them into the tub; he forced them in there. They showed it in the very first episode of the season. The lady screamed when she saw him in the bathroom. He got them in the tub, then slit their thighs.

    • Kate

      Trinity killed Rita. She forgot her ID for the plane and returned home where Trinity was apparently waiting for her.

      • VICTORIA


      • Sam

        I’m wondering if they are going to put the pieces together that dexter knew trinity. With trinity killing rita and dexter being at the family’s house before everyone else and all.

      • Celia

        @Sam: That HAS to happen. Rita’s case is going to come up because it’s one of their own, basically. Dexter’s face will end up on the news and Trinity’s family will see him and it WILL come up that they know him as Kyle Butler NOT as Dexter Morgan. That’s going to create a TON of questions. No one knows there’s a link between Trinity and Dexter! If Trinity was going to attack anyone in that police department, they would guess Debra. Not Dexter!! WTF!!!

      • dave

        Trinity crawled into the bathtub naked with Rita, held her in his arms with a mirror and sliced her leg as she bled between her legs out and died. Remember, this is how his sister died. So he wanted to recreate that same sensation of being in the bath tub with his sister.

        Aren’t Dexter and his sister on the show married in real life? This TV show is all about incest.

      • sarah

        Arthur is wearing the exact same shirt before and after Rita was killed. With all that blood in the bath tub and on the ground and on the baby, he managed to get none on his shirt? He never needed to change his shirt either?

        It’s just hard to believe, seems like a HUGE plot hole or he didn’t kill Rita.

      • karatex

        Trinity was naked when he killed Rita. He wouldn’t have gotten blood on his shirt.

      • maddox

        Arthur was at Debs place the night before and found her folder with Dexters past in it which informed him about how Dexter was discovered as a baby. He likely also found info on where Dexter lived while at Debs.

        Why he didn’t go straight there that night after leaving Debs I don’t know. Obviously he didn’t stay at Debs because she would have got home from work that night and saw him at her place so he had to have fled eventually.

        That next morning, Arthur likely assumed Dexter would leave off to work and Rita would be home alone and he could setup his bathtub death scene. He gets there and she’s either not there yet and arrives and he kills her or she’s back by the time he shows up and he kills her.

        He’s then happy to have left Dexter with something to surprise him with so goes to pickup his car to flee town which is what he originally planned to do when he emptied/closed his bank accounts.

        It’s really light outside and then goes dark because he’s on the road for quite some time fleeing town before his car dies because of the missing part. He’s killed and then Rita’s body is discovered.

      • sarah


        It doesn’t make sense that he got naked to kill her. I really doubt the audience would like seeing him in the bathtub naked killing Dexter’s wife. Obviously they are going to playback what happened when the next season starts and you have to be realistic and realize that they aren’t going to show that. It’s just not plausible and would be too upsetting to people.

        Plus it doesn’t even make sense. He would have had to either showed up naked to fight and kill her or waited around naked for her to surpised kill her. Or found her conveniently taking a bath to then get naked and join her to kill her. It’s unlikely meaning he likely didn’t kill her.

      • Rita (not even kidding)

        I wasn’t sure if Rita killed herself or if Trinity killed her, either. It was made clear in the discussion after the show between Michael C Hall and John Lithgow that Trinity DID kill Rita.

      • Trish

        DAVE…you’re an idiot!
        This show is not about incest, for the hundredth time, they are actors who play a brother and sister on a tv show called DEXTER…this is not reality, at least not for the rest of us! Geez, get a life will ya!

      • Kellie

        @Sarah… did you see the first episode of the season? That’s exactly what Trinity did. He stripped down naked and waited for his victim to come home. Trinity killed Rita. I’m just wondering if it will be ruled a homicided or a suicide. Dexter could argue it a suicide to protect himself.

      • Anthos17

        @Sarah…do you even watch the show? Each time Trinity kills someone in the bathtub he is NAKED…pay more attention!

      • Mr. Phil

        yes…trinity was naked when he killed rita…re-watch the season opener…

      • Danielle

        It DOES make sense that Trinity got naked to kill her. It’s exactly what he did when he committed the other bathtub murder that they showed at the beginning of the season, in which case he was already naked and waiting for her, probably with his clothes folded neatly in the closet or something.
        And really? You think Rita in a pool of blood and Harrison next to her on the bathtub floor isn’t upsetting, but seeing Trinity’s naked butt again would be? Plus, in all likelihood they’re not going to play that back, but leave those horrible moments to the audience’s imagination. Not to mention it wouldn’t play with the entire season’s plot of Dexter being sloppy and making mistakes due to being distracted by his familial and professional obligations. He kept screwing up and letting Trinity slip away, and ultimately he paid a huge price for it after another sloppy mistake gave Trinity the time to kill Rita. If he had followed the code and been in control he would have killed Trinity earlier and Rita would still be alive. rita killing herself would tie up zero plot points and wouldn’t even make sense.
        And if Rita HAD killed herself, do you really think she would have done it leaving her baby on the bathroom floor next to her? It is incredibly obvious that Trinity killed her. That’s why he created the scene the way he did, so it would be obvious to Dexter as well.

      • TerryK

        Of course Trinity killed Rita. He made it clear that someone took something that belonged to him and he was going to find him. And the implication being that he was going to make him pay for crossing him.

        Rita would NOT have killed herself and left their son for Dexter to find. THAT would have been beyond belief. A mother who loves her children as much as Rita did would not risk her baby getting hurt or dying all alone. And to kill herself in the manner of one of Trinity’s victims would have been beyond bizarre.

        No, Trinity killed Rita and left her and Dexter’s infant son in her blood as his coup de grace. It was his final victory over Dexter, in his mind, insuring that Dexter would NEVER forget what he did.

        As to the future, one has to assume the connection to Trinity’s family is going to come back to haunt Dexter. Plus, what happens when Dexter shuts down and Deb starts wondering if there is a deeper, darker connection between Dexter and his brother than she ever expected. Sooner or later, Deb or someone else is going to discover that Dexter is the Bay Harbor Butcher that Frank Lundy was hunting.

      • clover

        Dave, I don’t believe it said anywhere in the past episodes that Trinity got into the bathtub with his sister. He created that ritual after but I never heard it said that that’s what he did with his sister. So Michael is married to Jennifer. Therefore the show is about incest. You are stupid and illogical.

      • Phils08

        Because of all the questions Rita’s death is going to cause I think Dexter is going to cover it up (chop her up and toss her in the ocean). He has to realize the problems he will face if it comes to light Trinity killed her. Dexter will make it look like she left him (she already has the plane ticket). I think the cover up was set up perfectly…they were in counseling and Rita was seen kissing their neighbor. He may even kill the neighbor to make it look like they ran away together. This is just a theory…but it will be interesting to see how much more detatched Dexter will become having to dispose of the person he thought could save him.

      • Eric

        Thanks alot guys! I just rented Seven and was about to put it in. Thanks for ruining the ending for me. LOL. Long live Dexter…

      • Arlene

        I agree with Danielle, you guys are forgetting the first scene with Trinity hiding in the bathroom NAKED when he made his first kill this season. Not t mention after the show they tell you that is what the writers implied and how the final scene w/Trinity now knowing what he did was so cynical. 2nd By killing Rita it could be deemed as an act of revenge on Debra because Dexter is her brother she would feel guilt that it was because of HER he went after those she loves. We are also forgetting Debra will now continue to look at Dexter differently now that she knows where he came from. Remember she started to wake up when his brother was trying to get him to kill her. She may start to remember that and suspect his actions now. I see him wanting to keep his soon but not want to separate him from his siblings. Trinities family could come back to haunt him but I’m think the writers will see this as being to obvious. Hopefully they get the money and leave town, good riddance. If the witters needs some ideals I’m available! lol

      • terrible

        matunos: trinity does not seduce these women and they did NOT willingly get in the tub with him. did you NOT see the fear in their eyes or the way he blindsided them?

      • Pete

        I think trinity broke into his house after he went looking for trinity; the passport thing is way too coincidental…I think he planned it out this whole time this way after finding out dexter’s name – clearing out the accounts to flee after killing a cops family, taking the mustang and repainting it – all signs of premeditation. unfortunately, in a shakespearian sort of way, he gets his vengeance prior to which he really knows. perhaps this is dexter’s opportunity to have someone he can teach and nurture himself, teaching the code, after being bathed in blood. to teach his son to evolve past where he ever did. the writers leave us with alot of content for us to speculate on, but as the show has done in the finale, just as the rest of the show, completely surprised us, and probably will again.

    • amj

      I had a feeling Rita would be killed but I didn’t see the shock of his son being left in the same situation as he was as a small child. What a heart-breaking, stunning and shocking ending. I cannot wait until the next season now. I think this was the best season yet! I love how Dexter’s character just continues to grow and change and is always reflecting on himself. It makes him so normal at the same time that he is so abnormal. I think this is one of the best shows on television this year!

      • Jeff

        I don’t think Trinity killed Rita, nor do I believe she would have killed herself with the baby in the room.

        Sure, it fits Trinity’s style, but Rita called Dexter and mentioned the moon, and when Dexter picked up trinity, it was dusk. Rita also had three children, the first (second) one was always a mother of two children.

        Sure they say that Lithgow says he left Dexter with his birth, but the timing is just wrong for Trinity to have killed Rita while he was dead already…

        He also would have said something to Dexter about Rita before he died. It just doesn’t add up. I’m thinking the neighbour had something to do with it.

      • lunaburning

        To Jeff: Actually, if you watch the scene again, the message that Rita left said something along the lines of: “I know that it isn’t really your thing, but there’s supposed to be a spectacular moon tonight.” So, it wasn’t neccessarily night yet, she had just seen a weather report.

      • Heidi

        Rita called Dexter and mentioned that the moon was GOING to look beautiful tonight, as in she had looked up that it was going to be a full moon. I still believe its Trinity. It has to be. I don’t think Trinity would have wanted to tell Dexter about it himself, I think he would have wanted him to find her and be surprised/ shocked, and not expecting to see what he left him. The effect he was going for wouldn’t have been the same if he told him himself.

      • amj

        After my third viewing tonight, I notice that on the phone message from Rita she states to check out the moon tonight it’s supposed to be great. She never actually states that she has seen it yet. So, it appears that the timeline could have worked out.

      • Joseph

        Jeff, she said “the moon tonight is going to be amazing.” Which means the times do add up, but how would trinity know about dexter’s origins? Perhaps a coincidence, perhaps a loose parallel to his own childhood trauma? I am not sure yet, but trinity could have still killed her, obviously he is the prime suspect, maybe that neighbor, but really?

      • Bryan


        Rita clearly says “the moon tonight is GONNA be amazing”, meaning it is not yet out.
        In addition, Trinity saying “it’s already done” is obvious foreshadowing of his killing of Rita.

      • Dave

        Me thinks that you’re overthinking this Jeff. Trinity obviously did it, sometime between when Rita left (and returned) and when Dexter took off the Oil Cap. Remember that Trinity was away when his house was raided. More than enough time to kill Rita. Yeah, and the neighbour angle? What did he know about the bathtub killings? The better question is how did Trinity know about Dexter sitting in his mom’s blood as a child? Perhaps it was just coincidence, Trinity wanting to create another Dexter, and never having killed anyone under 10.

      • Jeff

        how could I possibly be overthinkign it when it was clear that Dexter kidnapped Trinity before the moon was out and Rita mentioned the moon in her message?

        Copycat murders, they’d made reports to the papers about it thanks to the guy Dexter framed for it, and the information would have been available.

        However, Harrison in the blood is a good question… In the books, Brian isn’t dead… So I’m plum out of ideas.

      • Grez

        Jeff: Rita mentioned that the moon would be beautiful tonight, not that it was right now. And the after-interviews with the actors confirmed that trinity killed Rita. I don’t think there’s supposed to be any mystery to that at all.

      • Jeff

        I apologize, I just watched the ending bits of the episode over and realized that Trinity was making his getaway at night (I’m a stagehand, lighting tends to stick in my mind and for whatever reason I assumed later in teh day prior to the moon when I first saw it). So he more than likely did kill Rita. However, it doesn’t fit his MO with the first (second) being brunette, with two children. Rita was blonde and had three.

      • Continually Stunned Dexter Fan

        Rita said “the moon tonight is gonna be amazing”… Rita had not seen the moon when she made that comment. Trinity killed her. That is why he smirked and raised his eyebrows when Dexter mentioned having his own family…

      • Mark

        Jeff, she said in her message that the moon *will* be amazing tonight, not that it is. Sometimes the moon is particular bright and full, it’s not abnormal for this to be reported on, she just knew that it would be a special moon that night. She sent that message before dark. There’s nothing about Trinity not killing her that makes any sense and everything about it that does.

      • OtherJeff

        On her message, she says the moon is supposed to be amazing tonight or somesuch, not that it is amazing.

      • Celia

        Jeff, Rita left really early in the day, so did Trinity. He could’ve found Dexter’s house easily after he was at Debra’s apartment. And Rita said, she COULDN’T WAIT to watch the moon. She didn’t say she was doing it already.

      • Peter A.

        Rita said in her message (not an exact quote but) “I know you’re not into this kind of stuff but the moon is GOING to be beautiful tonight.” Keyword GOING. She left the message during the daytime, making the reality of the situation even sadder being that Harrison was left alone in the bathroom for probably hours and hours before Dex found him. Also, Trinity either just left the baby there only because he’s a sick jerk, or Rita had him in the bathroom with her when she went in there only to find Trinity waiting, or Trinity got her in the family room (where there was stuff scattered on the floor indicative of a struggle). It’s likely that Harrison fully witnessed his mother’s murder. Harrison may have also simply crawled to where he was found and just stayed by her not knowing what else to do. Why are you people not getting this stuff? It’s all right there in the episode and clear as a bell. The only questions (very hard to answer questions) are all concerning what is to happen next season, not what actually happened during this one!

      • Nat

        Jeff, the line was: “And I know you’re not really into this stuff, but the moon is supposed to be wonderful tonight. Take a second to look at it.” The message came from before the moon was even up.

      • Mitch

        Jeff – Dexter kidnapped Trinity twice; first time in the garage during the day (but Trinity escaped), and then later on in the night once Trinity had his car and was on the road.

      • Mitch

        And by the way – if you watched the interview between the actors Michael C. Hall and John Lithgow, both identify Rita’s killer as Trinity, but that the viewer does not get to see how Trinity learns about Dexter’s family.

      • Kevin

        Call me crazy, but I see two people who might have a strange connection to the murder. First the neighbor who could not have Rita and seemed obsessed with her and seemingly deeply jealous of Dexter. He was available when Cody fell through the skylight of Dexter’s Sanctuary where all of the information about Trinity was available when he broke down the door to let Cody out. The other person who knew about all of the Trinity killings was Trinity’s son. Did Trinity create a legacy “monster” in his own son? Think about it. Like father, like son.

      • Merideth

        I think this was the best season of Dexter so far (and thats saying a lot), and I definitely did not see that ending coming!! I just fear that without Rita, Dexter will be a less sympathetic protagonist. With Rita and Deb, Dex is funny, sweet, and kind. I just pray that the writers find a new one to let us into the mind of this wonderful character now that his wife is gone :(

        On another note, the acting of Michael C. Hall and Jon Lithgow is revelatory, and Jennifer Carpenter is also spectactular. Emmys for all 3 this year please.

      • Nancy

        Jeff-watch the episode again-you are not adding things up correctly-Arthur/Trinity got away while Dexter was in jail-found out where Dexter lived, and caught Rita coming back home before he took off in his vintage car (what Dexter was trying to prevent by sending Rita away since he had no idea where Arthur disappeared to–and the method fits Trinity’s profile)–I won’t go thru the steps–you should be able to figure it out. I don’t know where you get the neighbor (???sure hope you’re not a cop-your instincts suck!), he had nothing to do with it–this season was all about a CAT AND MOUSE GAME, and Arthur/Trinity briefly outplayed Dex in the finale!! Watch it again, if you don’t get it!!

        Nice work Dexter gang!!

      • bene

        agreed 100%! I had to watch the rerun an hour later to believe it! It was stunning absolutely shocking! Just when Dexter thought everything was sooo good for them. Can’t wait till next season. John Lithgow was excellent all season too!

      • Drew

        Let me just add that, Rita was in the bathtub with water up to her chin.

        When Trinity performs his bathtub ritual (and remember he is a serial killer so he would not kill out of without ritual) he cuts the Femoral Artery. You cant not see where Rita was cut. She could have simply bathing and someone else could have slit her throat.

        Some are suggesting that Trinity conveniently found Rita Taking a bath and killed her. Rita forgot her ID for the plane, why come home and take a bath? If she missed her flight, why didn’t she call and inform Dexter?

        I think there are holes in the plot on purpose. The writers for Dexter are careful not to leave accidental holes.

        Just my opinion.

      • OMG

        In case you didn’t read it the first 5,000 times it’s been mentioned – she said the moon was going to be amazing – not that it was.

      • Jeff

        Right, I already said I screwed up and mistook what was going on. Trinity did kill her. How Harry ended up on the floor, I don’t know.

      • clover

        jeff, it was nighttime when Dex attacks Trinity at the car – not dusk. Where do you get that?

      • Jeff

        in rewatching the episode I had the thought, again, that it wasn’t really Trinity’s style. he broke his own code with Rita, he always had a brunette mother of a boy and girl. Rita was a Blonde mother of two boys and a girl.

        He did it, but it was out of his own character.

      • clover

        merideth – I agree that Michael and John LIthgow were fabulous this year and Deb was great in the scene when she was in the parking lot reliving when Lundy died – but her scene with Christine when Christine confessed and shot herself was not stellar.

      • Pixxie Trixxie

        Pardon if someone else comments on this further down – I too was really surprised. I can’t imagine Dexter as a single parent of three children now! Or is the mother-in-law going to show up to help with the kids – yikes! Talk about interesting future plot points – if Dexter wasn’t already killing people, he would have to start because Rita’s mother was a whole ‘nother ball of wax! Bring on next season!

      • RIC

        I feel like half the people commenting on this only watched the season finale and know nothing about the show or they are just complete morons.

        Jeff, of course Arthur broke his own code. He wasn’t NOT going to kill Rita just cause she was a blonde. He was sending a message to Dexter…notice how happy he seemed when driving away.

        Also, if you notice Rita was pointing and looking towards Harrison, another part of Trinity’s routine. He always had the victim pointing toward the ash smudge he’d leave behind.

        Even a serial killer has to bend the rules to get his point across…not like Dexter didn’t kill an innocent man this season….

      • Derek

        I think it may have something to do with Quinn too. They left all that tension untouched in the last episode pretty much. Dexter will have no alibi for where he was when Rita was killed. There is no way that a police department will not put the dots together (they won’t pass by a bath tub murder identical to 20 other identical murders they have been investigating). Now I can cancel my HBO subscription for a few months.

      • Don

        @kevin Arthur’s son did NOT know that he was trinity, he said that he was a killer, but of the family not people. it was only Christine who knew other than Dexter.

      • The Dark Slashenger


        I think Harry ended up on the floor because he was spared by Trinity. I think that’s what the whole speech about it being God’s plan was. I think Arthur realized what Dexter was after he got jabbed in the neck by a needle, and as such, he removed a very real threat to Dexter’s cover, Rita. But he made sure Dexter would never see that heaven by leaving a whole that Dexter will eventually have to someday explain to Harrison, why his mother is not there. Arthur has set in motion a series of events that will all culminate in his son finding out that his mother died because Dexter was a murderer, and with that knowledge, Dexter will likely raise him the way Harry raised Dexter, continuing the cycle. If Arthur’s could have raised his kids the way he wanted to, they would have been monsters, but he loved his wife. He wasn’t lying when he said he tried changing, so freeing Dexter from Rita effectively gives Dexter the chance Arthur didn’t have, but it also could mean that Dexter’s particular brand of evil could ultimately spread. Astor was already having personality changes and a bundle of anger, and Cody still thinks Dexter is a superhero. Could be a bleak season 6. I think season 5 will actually be a continuation of season 6 tying up many of these loose ends that people are complaining about, and we will see questions coming, especially from Quinn, pertaining to what would cause Trinity to choose Rita as a victim. Quinn isn’t stupid and we could see him get on the Path of the Doakes once he put together the astronomical odds of the wife of a forensics investigator getting murdered by the guy who supposedly did a bang up job of framing a random dude, that just happens to fit the bay harbor butcher profile, to be the Trinity killer. Christine didn’t know about the Stan Boudry connection until the moment of her death, so never suspected the police had Daddy’s DNA. This show just keeps getting better.

      • Jeff

        Well, in the books Doakes isn’t dead, he has an unfortunate incident, but ends up back on Dex’s butt soon thereafter. Cody and Astor also have their own dark secrets in the books that I’m wondering if they aren’t going to try and spark in the series with Rita’s death. Deb in the books was there as Brian committed one of his rituals and told Dexter all about himself, and they seem to be pushing the series the way of Deb learning what Dexter is/towards a relationship starting between them (remember, MCH is married to Jennifer Carpenter), and look at the direction their relationship has been going. I bet she’s going to move in with him to help with the kids.

      • jupidar

        Dexter would not kill Elliot for kissing Rita, he only kills murderers. And you saw how messed up he got when he realized he killed an innocent man before, so no way he would do it again. I don’t think Trinity’s family is going to play more of a roll in the series. They lived with an abusive Arthur for years and never said/did anything about it. I don’t think they would change now and tell everyone about Dexter. Plus, Dexter kind of saved them from Arthur, so I think they would be grateful to him and keep their mouths shut.

        And yes, Rita’s death is not exactly Trinity’s MO, but the other women he killed in bathtubs had no significance to him, they were random. He killed Rita to hurt Dexter.

        Derek, you say that there is no way a police department would not put all the dots together, but remember this show isn’t real, AND Dexter was never caught as the Bay Harbor Butcher. In real life, there is no way Dexter would not have been caught by now, but as the audience we have to overlook those things in order to enjoy the series.

        And to whoever keeps mentioning the books, this show is not the book. It’s bound to be different. Doakes may be alive in the book, but he’s clearly dead in the series. And I know the whole “moon” point has been cleared up and Rita was talking about the future, but you know depending on the lunar cycle you can sometimes see the moon during the day.

      • Bob

        Ok, I’m confused. Why is everyone saying killing Rita in the bathtub is out of Trinity’s order? The first scene of the first episode is the bathtub killing and the jumping mom of a boy and girl doesn’t come until around the 3rd or 4th episode. Therefore, killing Rita a bathtub is in order. Maybe this will clear up some loose ends. But to be honest, with the interview and other facts in mind, I think there’s still a large number of people who could have done it, but Arthur Mitchell is the most likely answer for now. Can’t wait for season 5.

      • Mark

        I had a slight feeling that something where going to happend in the last scene when dexter comes home, filled with relief. Although that was a quite unexpected and dismal ending.

        I can’t agree with you that Dexter is the best series this year. Showtime’s two most popular series: dexter and Californication is just to extreme and unrealistic. AMC are not much better with “weeds”, but the moral questions brought up in ” Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” are extrodinary good and Mad men in my opinion is the best TV- series this decade.

    • Frank

      Are you retarded?

      • Shelley

        ahahaha! I was thinking that same question!

      • Erin

        Hahahaha Frank that is exactly what I was thinking!!

      • Shelley

        omg erin is that spookie or what? LOL

      • dee

        Ok I hate this waiting a whole year game. First true blood and now dexter. I have to agree with jeff about trinity doing this. How did he get the address and when did he kill them? rita left a message taking about the moon going to be amazing. she didnt see the moon yet.How long was the baby there crying? if she left her id then she had been there earlier that day. dexter had been following trinity since he left the body shop. Trinity does say something about dexter’s family but when did he kill rita? Dexter had to have followed him from the body shop since he had the oil cap. I think trinity’s son had something to do with it. I pay way to muh money fo cable. Thy need to have these shows running every 6 months. This is way too much suspense for a tv show. I dont know which is worst waiting for the tv show to come back on or waiting for the harry potter’s movie. I dont like trying to figure out what happened in the show, i just want to watch it.

      • Joe

        Rita mentioned to “look at the moon tonight… (future tense)… it will be a good one.”

      • les

        Rita said the moon is supposed to be amazing tonight and most likely Aurthur did it when Dexter was at Aurthur’s house

      • AJ

        Arthur was in Deb’s apartment. It would have taken less than five minutes for him to figure out that she was Dexter’s sister and then track down Dexter’s address in Deb’s apartment. Sheesh, it’s not that far of a leap. Obviously Trinity killed Rita before he showed up at the body shop to pick up his car, during the time that Dexter was distracted by the activity at the Mitchell house. It is no mystery that Trinity killed Rita, hence Arthur’s cryptic words to Dexter before Dexter killed him.

      • Cyndia28

        I still think it could have been one of Trinity’s children trying to seek approval from their father as did Kristen. they mentioned the wife getting sick over the photo’s but said nothing of the kids. The Michael & John interview said at the hands of the Trinity killer which doesn’t mean he could have done it. His children are his puppets as well. He left the legacy for his children and same for Harrison. The only way I could see the monster in trinity killing Rita out of his cylce is him killing Kyle Butler. He doesn’t fit the profile of the Trinty killings either. With that being said I have no clue who killed Rita, even with watching the interview from the actors.

      • Allison

        it doesnt seem likely that it was one of trinitys kids. they were always locked up in the house, and never knew when Author would pop in unexpectantly. They were so afraid of him i dont think they wouldve risked that. As for Trinity leaving Harrison in the pool of blood next to Rita, how would he have known about Dexter’s past? Theres no way. And obviously the family is going to point out that they knew Dexter as Kyle Butler, then theyre going to see that a man named Kyle Butler was killed, and they will eventually figure out that everything was connected. Dexter also had no alibi at the time of her killing. He was out killing Trinity. Deb had previously stated that Trinity was probably already half way around the world, but with the death of Rita, theyll see that that wasnt the case, try and search for Author, and realize hes gone. Watching the episode for a second time i tried to see if there was a time where dexter paused, as if he could possibly be imaginig it in his head, and that appears to be possible when he steps in the doorway of the bathroom. toooo many questions to answer…

      • Sarah

        Honestly, everyone that has said something about Rita killing herself or Trinity not being her killer is retarded. Why would Arthur’s kids go out and kill. They didn’t even know he was the killer. They didn’t even know Dexter’s real name. Thats like them just picking a random name out of the phone book and imitating something that they say on the news. Why the hell would Rita just kill herself. She had no reason to. She doesn’t know anything about Dexter or Trinity (besides whats metioned on the news). The people that make these inferences are retarded. They even said at the end of the show that Trinity was the killer. I don’t think the writers could make it anymore obvious who the killer was unless Trinity said on the table “I killed your wife”. Even then, you guys would make up this whole scenario about how he couldn’t be the killer. Rita wouldn’t kill herself in front of her baby or even kill herself in the manner of the Trinity Killer. She probably had no knowledge of his techniques anyways. People just need to stop thinking so hard about this. Just take it for what it is and think about the next season.

    • Cathy

      I was dissappointed to see Rita killed off – I thought references to her own secret past would come to fruition next season, and we would see a whole other side of her.I thought Cody would be the one taken, as Trinity did not complete his first cycle, the killing of a 10 year old child. It wouldn’t go with his plans to skip that and go right to the bathtub. And the Rita had three kids, not two, like all of the others. I doubt trinity had time to put together what was in Dexter’s pass to set up the baby in blood scenario. TOO many unanswered questions. This is by far the best show on television, but I am very disappointed to see Rita leave the show (unless it was all a dream….)!!

      • Dave

        Agreed. Rita’s death was premature. Far better to see her struggle with a better view of Dexter’s demons. It would be fun to see Dexter and his family (Debra included) struggle with doubt. Perhaps Debra (or Rita, if her death was just a dream sequence) could have an insight into Dexter, but not be sure. For example, see Dexter kill a bad guy to save his family, making him a hero, but having doubts as his face changed and the killing seemed to come to naturally. I’m sorry to see Rita go. So much potential (denial, doubt, fear, concern over her own son, many angles could have been explored).

      • katel5

        Trinity DID go on and kill another 10yr old boy.They dug him up at a site.Did you miss that part?

      • Jeff

        Read the books if you want more on Astor and Cody, they have their own passengers and can clearly see Dexter’s, but this is only in the books…. I wonder if the Series writers are going to flesh out the Passengers with the death of Rita, though?

      • Tyson

        My money is Rita will be back on the show next season as a Harry type character one who Dexter talks to subconsciously like Harry and will finally get to show Rita the real him like he never could when she was alive.

      • Celia

        Someone brought up a great point that Rita might stay around as a ghost like Dexter’s father, but I REALLY don’t want her to die. They just got married last season!! It’s too soon for her to die. They’re still newlyweds! It’s too depressing! Rita’s kids are officially orphans because both of their biological parents are dead and that poor little baby had to see it happen. Maybe there’s a chance that Trinity didn’t kill her, but I’m almost 100% sure he did it. A lot of people keep mentioning Rita’s past, so maybe someone she had conflict with in the past killed her or maybe it was the neighbor.
        We didn’t see her whole body, so maybe her femoral artery wasn’t cut like Trinity’s victims…maybe that’s how they will figure it out. I just don’t want to her die! :(

      • Chad

        You guys also forget, though, that the bathtub murder and the mother of 2 were two different murders in the cycle… The mother was forced to jump off a building. So, this doesn’t fit trinity at all to begin with. It could have just been him breaking the cycle to get revenge on Dexter…idk… but waiting to find out sucks.

      • travis

        @ katel5 the boy that was found was bady decomposed it was an old murder

      • JA

        Trinity deliberately disrupted his regular routine to teach Dexter a lesson. And the lesson is that Dexter can’t control the “dark passenger.” The fact that Trinity killed Rita is the whole ironic, tragic consequence to Dexter thinking he can have it all and the WHOLE SEASON! Had Dexter not been a complete slave to his need to be the one who kills Trinity, Rita wouldn’t have had to die. Trinity would’ve successfully killed himself half way through the season with the suicidal jump. How do some of you folks have trouble seeing that? Maybe you shouldn’t watch the show if you can’t understand the irony.

      • ron

        I’m not so sure the killing of the child was the thing, it was taking his innocence. killing was the by product of not getting caught. the child was him and hes not dead. so he could justify it if he really had to that by doing everything required in the ritual, including disposing of the body, the ritual was still intact. like him, the boy will now be forever changed.

      • sar

        trinity was in deb’s apartment and she had been recently searching laura moser. the article shows dexter’s name and probably described how he was found. That is how he knew about dexter’s past.

      • sar

        also, katel 5: that was not a new victim, that was an old one that they found buried at one of the four walls sites

      • leanne

        if you look at the lighting of the scene n the bathroom it is set like dexters dreams or visions. did anyone else see that?

      • Skywaka

        In the second to last episode, Dexter heard the music from the arcade when Trinity called him. He may have grabbed a 10 year old then, that would let him move on to Rita’s bathtub murder. I’m not sure about time frame…maybe it was sped up due to Trinity needing to leave town. Or maybe Trinity intercepted Cody, thus leaving Rita with 2 kids (just kidding.)

      • Ranae

        I think it was Dexter dreaming when he got to the house. I don’t believe Rita is dead.

    • Clarice

      didn’t want rita to leave. i thought her own secrets would come out next season and make for a great story.

      • clair

        I agree – can’t see Dexter as a single parent and continue to work the hours he does without anyone catching on that he is up to no good. REALLY loved Rita in this show!!! booo

      • Celia

        I agree. I guess he can still find out stuff about her, but that’s so SAD! I can’t believe they killed her and that poor baby!! I just wish Dexter would’ve known before he killed Trinity. He deserved A LOT WORSE than that!!! I’m so pissed right now!

    • Celia

      WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe they did that! No way!!!!! Not cool!!!! OMG!!!!

    • Rachel

      I love this show, and I loved the ending. However, won’t anyone begin to wonder how in a world where coming across killers such as these this family keeps getting targeted? No one has that bad of luck, so you start to think it’s all connected in some way (which it all is–Dexter). My dad won’t watch the show because he says that even though it may be a well done show, it’s mislead. He says that the show makes serial killers seem common place. I would never stop watching the show, but I often have had the same thought. People go through terrible things all the time. Did everyone that came out of concentration camps turn into sociopaths? No. People come through it all the time without becoming monsters, so why would two brothers have virtually the same reaction to the same childhood trauma? Just something to think about.

      • Brooke

        You might want to explain to your dad about this thing called “fiction.” Shows about lawyers make it seem like lawyers never do legal research, but you don’t see me boycotting them…

      • Sarah

        It’s just good story telling.

      • Rox

        the common study regarding serial killers is that they have a mix of a brain defunct and a traumatic childhood… the two together make a serial killer… there are anywhere from 30 to 50 of these monsters at any given time (sometimes i’ve read as many as 100) roaming the streets… so not everyone with a bad upbringing becomes a serial killer.

        its very possible that the moser brothers had the same reaction. jeff dahmer’s father had thoughts of killing ppl so maybe its a trait that runs in the family.

        anyhow i think that harrison will become a dexter mini-me. even tho the book shows aster and cody as the one’s w dark passengers, i’d like it more if his actual blood son was the one who turned out like him

      • Emmanuel

        The diathesis (vulnerability/stress model) predicts that it is a biological predisposition (that may very well be inherited) that interacts with an environmental stressor (of witnessing your mother’s murder would certainly meet the criteria) that sets off the mental illness. In this case, it would be antisocial personality disorder, also known as sociopathy). Hope that helps

      • Nicky

        The show is not real…it is made for people to be entertained, not to think about how it reflects the real world; it is not made for us to think about serial killers in reality…just enjoy the show, it is very well written, dont read so much into it

    • Jay in Colorado

      Dexter was indeed quite the fool. Harry kept warning him not to play around with Arthur, to kill him at every opportunity that came around. But Dexter smeared himself throughout Arthur’s life, in the name of Kyle Butler no less. An innocent man, the real KB, gets murdered. Rita gets murdered. All due to Dexter’s obsessive need to learn about himself through his association with Mitchell. In smearing evidence from floor to ceiling, Dexter has no answers when the questions start…Why did Dexter choose to insinuate himself into Mitchell’s life, why did Dexter use an alias, where was Dexter on the night that Rita was murdered (remember, Dexter captured Mitchell at night, killed him at night, and dumped him at sunrise…). Why would Trinity choose Rita? She is not part of the pattern, so there must be another connection that will inevitably point to Dexter Morgan.

      Deborah will discover who he is and what he is.

      • Anthony


      • livinthedream

        Harry is not a ghost!! Harry is Dexter’s “wiser” self telling him what to do. Dexter knows what he should do, ie, kill Arthur, but he was desperate to find out if he caould have a family and his dark passenger. The sad thing to me is that he found out the yes he could have both but then Trinity took that option away from Dexter.

    • the_truth

      Rita was bath tub raped by the neighbor who was likely peeking through the window and saw an opportunity as Dexter was out.

      • clover

        you’re weird and sick

    • Betty

      The Trinity Killer, Arthur Mitchell, killed Rita.

    • Marsha

      HELLO… Did you not watch the entire season of Dexter???? Of course it was Trinity who killed her.

    • Katie

      Honestly, am I the only one that wasn’t completely shocked? There were major hints online that there would be a death and I assumed for awhile that it would be Rita. The one shocking moment for me was SWAT showing up at Trinity’s house while Dexter was there as Kyle. I was kind of waiting for them to show up in the middle of him killing Trinity, THAT would have shocked me more than Rita’s death.

      • RC

        HA, finally someone on the same page: I had the exact same reaction to the scene between Rita and Dex “she’s dead”….The surprise for me was the baby sitting in the puddle of his mother’s blood. But as for trauma, does anyone really believe that the baby will grow into a toddler and rememeber ANY of this? Not that he won’t miss his mom, but I’d find it a strain to believe that this is where a ‘dark passenger’ were to board onto Harrison’s life. Shoudl htat be in the plot it will certainly be via his father.

    • Michelle Gagnon

      I saw it coming- about halfway through, when they were having that talk that bordered on saccharine, I turned to my husband and said, “She’s dead.” Saw him hiding in the trunk, too (although only a few scenes before for that one.) The thing is, for four seasons, not a single major cast member that Dexter cares about has been eliminated. When Deborah was shot earlier in the season, I knew she wouldn’t die- because I no longer believed any of them were ever really in peril anymore. Rita had to die, I would have done the same thing.
      What’ll be interesting is to see if he goes down for killing her, the one murder he didn’t commit. No alibi for the time of the murder, they’d been having marital problems, he’d just been arrested that day…

      • LisaLemony

        Interesting. The first thing I said to my husband is – where is Dexter going to say he was?

      • MoJoe

        He could say he was boating alone.

      • tricia

        I kind of saw it coming too. Once they mentioned the kids were going to be away for the weekend i thought that Rita was in trouble and i also told my husband “she’s dead”. Also, after killing Trinity, there was a lot of nostalgic Rita thoughts and photos and it just didn’t feel like it was over yet. What a show!!!!

      • livinthedream

        I think Dex is going to cut her up and throw her overboard–mentioned in an earlier post. But he’ll be walking a thin line.

    • Diana

      I wonder if anyone will remember seeing Arthur at the police station talking to Dexter? People are going to start wondering why all these serial killers are so obsessed with Dexter, and I’m guessing the first one who is going o wonder is Debra. She is already wondering about his connection to the Ice Truck Killer and how he got to Arthur’s house so fast.

      I think we will see some tension between brother and sister next season, and Debra’s comments about him being the only good thing in her life area setup for that.

      • Cyndia28

        Did you notice that when Batista walked by Trinity he didn’t even glance at him. Was he really there? Usually when someone new is in an office people always look at who it is… Just saying!

      • grace

        hey cyndia, if you re-watch that moment you will see batista DOES look RIGHT at trinity – then onto dexter

    • lady gag

      Rita wouldn’t kill herself – certainly not like that.

    • Joe

      So wait, how did he? Dexter left right from home to the autocar where he hid in the car till trinity pulled over…how did trinity manage to kill her when dexter was on his constant tail?

      • dmh

        Dexter saw the repair receipt for the car repairs and went to the autoshop, knowing arthur would show up. It is not shown if arthur was at the car when dexter showed up. Dexter could have waited for hours at the car until arthur showed up after killing rita

    • Dexter

      I don’t think it was Arthur who killed Rita:

      When Dexter finds her, her skin was still pink, meaning she was freshly killed.

      The blood/water mix on the floor was still wet. Again, a recent kill

      Harrison was just sitting there. No way a baby will sit still for as long a time as it would be from the time Dexter captures Arthur, kills him and disposes of the body. Again, recent kill

      In episode 1, the first time we see the bathtub murder, the mess is all cleaned up. The cops even comment on how things are all cleaned up. Obviously a difference in Rita’s death.

      • Y

        You are a complete moron.

        Your pathetic overanalysis and bumbling attempts at crime-scene investigation are embarrassing (for you) and irritating for the rest of us.
        You are a joke.

      • Juan G√≥mez

        Obviously because Arthur was giving Dexter a lesson.

    • Fan

      Why would you even think Rita killed herself? There was no reason for that. Besides, would she leave the baby by the tub if she was going to kill herself?

    • Nanci

      Did Trinity really crawl into the tub with Rita like the others? Because Rita fits the “older woman with children” (falling off the roof) kill, and NOT the younger woman bathtub kill. So his whole MO was off… Right?

    • dan

      They’re streaming the show live over at for free if you wanna watch it online.

    • JOE

      I think Kevin Spacey would be amazing as an antagonist of Dexter.

    • Amy

      I am truly astonished by all of the crazy theories that are popping up as to who killed Rita. No, it wasn’t Trinity’s family; no, it wasn’t the neighbor; no, it wasn’t Dexter. It was Trinity, and it was meant to be just that masterfully simple. Like Dexter, we’re meant to celebrate Trinity’s death and look forward to Dexter finally awakening emotionally and having a life with Rita and the children. We’re meant to feel warm and hopeful until we’re sucker-punched (like Dexter) and left to feel his despair that, in the end, Trinity won. From the beginning of the series, we have been experiencing Dexter’s life through Dexter’s thoughts and eyes, and this last scene is the most astonishingly intense experience of the audience’s connection with Dexter. Absolutely masterful.
      I’m a shrink and you all are way too shrinky.

  • Lee

    HATED IT. one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Bad writing, uneventful, boring, and the Rita murder–a cop out because the writers couldn’t come up with a twist having to do with Trinity. Dexter is responsible for Rita, and that has changed the way I view the character. How can he be a hero to us moving forward? He is responsible for the murder of a beautiful woman who loved him wholeheartedly. She was portrayed like an Angel and to off her like this, it just isn’t right. Who cares what journey this takes him on? At this point, I feel like the show has peeked. Maybe it’s time to end it. What the episode should have done was to deal with Trinity and Trinity’s family. It should’ve had nothijng to do with Dexter’s family, and if it did, I think the show would’ve benefited from having Rita see Dexter kill Trinity. That would’ve been more interesting to me than killing her. I think Dexter should’ve broken up with Rita and set her free. That would have been heroic in my opinion. As for Trinity, the death scene for him was weak. That’s the payoff we get for watching this monster kill all of those innocent people? BOOOO!

    • Kathryn

      If you think about it..Arthur kind of did that FOR Dexter. In his twisted way, by killing her he released her from Dexter’s influence. But I doubt Dex will see it that way. I don’t either…I can see how Trinity might have. But then I don’t really believe that Trinity was doing Dex any favors…That’s where I’m confused. Did he kill her out of malice, he couldn’t help himself or to “help” Dexter

      • David

        Trinity did not know Dexter was like him until after he killed Rita. Therefore he killed her out of malice.

      • amj

        Out of malice for sure! He was upset for being caught and for Dex taking all his money and his wallet which contained his identity. Trinity obviously had done some research that showed Dexter’s past to get the baby in blood scene correct. It cannot be a coincidence.

      • Dave

        Trinity did know about Dexter when Dexter stopped Trinity from hurting his son and telling him “I should have killed you when I had the chance”.

      • Andrew

        I’m pretty sure that Trinity killed Rita in order to either help Dexter or make him a bigger monster. I don’t see him having the time to kill her though.

      • Kevin

        But did Trinity kill Rita? This is the first bathtub murder which was not clean. Every other one was neat and cleaned up, and this one was a huge bloody mess. Wouldn’t Arthur have left it without evidence and wiped down neatly? Who did Arthur call a “Piggy” earlier in the episode?

      • TerryK

        Trinity killed her out of malice. And consider how he did it. As others have surmised, imagine how Trinity saw it in his mind. He’s naked with Dexter’s wife in a bathtub. Though it’s hardly sexual, that’s the twist he wants to put to the knife in Dexter’s heart. And leaving Dexter’s son for him to find that way is the purest cruelty. That kind of scene would destroy many a strong man.

        Kevin, why would Trinity want to clean the bathroom? He WANTS Dexter to find his son sitting in a pool of his mother’s blood. This is his payback to Dexter for crossing him in the first place.

      • info

        David–it was never Dexter’s son that he prevented him from killing it was a random 10 year old kidnapped boy not Cody. But, again, I am sure he got all the info he needed on Dexter from Deb’s apartment.

        Arthur left this bathtub scene the way he did on purpose. He was planning to split and probably figured that there would be a chance Dex would kill him or he would be caught, afterall he saw the police board with his face as the suspect. He wasn’t out to repeat one of his exact murders but to take revenge on Dexter!

      • Edy

        What Trinity did was even more twisted. You have to remember this is the logic and twisted mind of someone who is sociopathically mentally defective. What he did was Free Dexter from Rita, make him revisit the scene of his own warping and cause him to maybe crack. Maybe. Or rather crack further. He freed Dexter so that he could continue to kill unhindered, without the wife but with the rage of her death to fuel him. But now with an additional warping. Brilliant! Mostly because Trinity never thought he wouldn’t be around to watch the mayhem. He completely underestimated Dexter. And overestimated himself, which would be natural for a meglomaniacle serial killer.

      • D-rock

        It seems like everyone is answering their own questions… yes, of course it was Trinity. He got Dexter’s info from Deb’s, went there to try to find Dex, Rita shows up while Trinity is in the house. He kills her, but doesn’t have the time or supplies to do it in his usual clean manner, but you do what you have to in a pinch, right? He sets it up as a final FU to Dex (and sort of as a calling card, though hardly necessary) and flees.. pretty simple, really? Whether or not he got into the tub with her remains to be seen, though somehow I doubt it. This wasn’t part of his usual M.O., he was just on the hunt.

        Dexter is definitely in a heap of trouble…

      • Bob

        At the police station, Trinity warned ‘Kyle’ to back off if he wanted his family to stay safe. Instead, Dexter chased him, knocked him out and stole his money. So he went after Dexter’s family, just as he had threatened to do.

    • JA

      But that was the whole point. Dexter IS responsible and as hard as he tried, he couldn’t keep his family safe. He thought he could have it all and now he knows that he can’t. His father has been telling him that all season. LOVED the finale.

      • Walter Kovacs

        It’s important to remember … where he went “wrong” was in obstructing the investigation so he could get Arthur to himself (not to mention, keeping Arthur around to learn from him). It wasn’t even balancing family and the Dark Passenger that caused the problem, but in his entire handling of Trinity. He could have helped the police find Trinity (or let them find him themselves). He only continued to “get to know him” to try to get information … and the combination of forcing himself into Arthur and his family’s lives, and also in impeding the investigation, gave Trinity the chance and motive, to kill Rita (assuming that is what happened). Dexter was sloppy all season (making both the mistake of killing one man too soon, and another man too late).

      • Pattie

        Absolutely – Arthur’s words earlier, ‘a man took something from me and I’m taking something back’ He was in Debra’s apartment who had all of the research on Dexter’s early life right there, so, Arthur reproduced it the best he could, because that is how Arthur killed, by repeating what had been done and what had happened in his own life. I was NOT expecting Rita to die, did not see that one coming, but knew that Dexter was getting so out of control, something big had to reign him back in, will this be the beginning of Dex trying to stop killing? Maybe more of the struggle now that he has had such a terrible loss that can’t be buried in his subconscious? Or, does he use it for an excuse to keep killing killers because of the pain they cause? Hm.

      • Roger L

        Trinity did not intentionally recreate Dexter’s “birth.” He had no way of knowing Dexter’s past. If you recall, Dexter got rid of the Laura Moser file. Trinity just killed Rita in his usual fashion, which happens to be very bloody.

      • OtherJeff

        Yes and no. Once Dexter engages with Trinity, he sort of can’t turn him over to the police, because then he’s linked to Trinity, who could mention the fake aliases, etc.

        Also, Dexter is the person who did the blood work at the first bathtub killing, so if they do bring Trinity in, he’d have to testify at the trial, and that would risk Dexter being exposed.

      • Paula

        Yeah, Arthur got into Debra’s apt, which BYW was a pigsty, just like Arthur noted, and saw that it wasn’t Dexter’s. Yes, he could have found Deb’s reseach into Dex’s Mom, which would make sense. But hasn’t anyone thought of this…Deb could have done the Rita killing, copycatting Dexter’s beginning. She has a pretty twisted mind on her own. And she has been around Dex & his bro, the ice truck killer. Some of that could have rubbed off, right?
        Just a thought.

      • ksoze

        I was hoping that ultimately Dex would set it up so Deb could kill Trinity, and have some sort of closure for Lundy. Dex already killed that trucker dude so it should’ve been out of his system.

      • clover

        I had hoped he would leave his family to keep them safe or that they would write Rita out by having her leave him, but I never imagined such a brutal ending for her. Dex had many chances to finish Arthur off – the deer incident, the building incident etc. – and because HE wanted to research and understand a serial killer and his family values, then Rita pays the price and that’s not a good realization for Dexter to take forward.

      • pealsmom

        The fact is, as much as we like him, Dexter is a serial killer and is responsible for a LOT of evil deeds no matter how deserving most of his victims were of their fates. It’s always been clear that that w/o Harry’s code, Dex would’ve turned out just like Brian and Arthur. Dex has a lot to answer for. In the 2nd season he framed Doakes (a righteous man) for HIS murders. Last season he killed the wrong guy (Smits’s bro) right off the bat and was indirectly responsible for the death of that lawyer Smits’s character killed. This season he killed another innocent (tho slimeball) guy and let Arthur escape again and again for his own selfish reasons. Rita’s death is poetic justice. It just wouldn’t be right if Dex is able to walk away from all of this unscathed. Also Rita has been a crutch for Dex. He needs to get rid of his ‘dark passenger’ for his own sake, not someone else’s.

    • Noah G.

      The show is called DEXTER, not ARTHUR. The show is, in the end, about his life and how he handles his “dark passenger.” Delving deep into Trinity and his family would not be staying true to what this show has done now for 4 years. Also, I think the writers want the audience to feel uneasy about being in love with Dexter. Yes, Rita’s death was Dexter’s fault. Now we must see how he will win the audience back over. The show works outside your comfort zone, and that is a good thing. Not every show should be wrapped up in a neat little bow. That was my major complaint about the end of season 3. And what more would you want from a Trinity death scene? Dexter got him. If that isn’t good enough that I’m not sure what to tell ya. I thought the ending left you thinking. Thinking about where the show will go. Thinking about how you feel about Dexter and the fact that he got Rita killed. Thinking about what is in store for next season. And that is a good thing. Bravo to a great Dexter season finally.

      • DCas

        You speak the truth Noah G.

      • Desarae

        I agree with the show always staying true to going outside viewers comfort zone and being at times almost ruthless and has done great with shock value, but the death of Rita was entirely uncalled for. Killing off Cody – although may be almost ‘too awful’ for some viewers, it would have made a hell of a lot more sense than Trinity killing Rita. Shows tend to save children in ANY case possible, when it’s unrealistic and not how the real life of murders happen. It would’ve made more sense to have Trinity finish his cycle with Cody and leave Dexter completely devastated and full of the regret he will feel (not matter what in a loss), next season and to mourn the loss of a child would have affected him more on a personal level. Rita was very valuable/neutralizing to Dexter’s character as his wife. He’s going to go through a whirlwind next season and the single-father life will be very complicated to his killing-life. The show has slowly been turning into ‘Dex and Fam’, not so much Dexter. The family aspect is good for his whole reiterating, ‘Can I have it all?’ question and relevant to him just trying to be as normal as possible in life, but it’s obviously been proven he can’t, just in a ridiculous way.

      • Packyman

        Desarae, cody and aster left that morning (or was it the day before?), so arthur couldn’t have known where he was when he got to dex’s house. rita showed up, and there you go.

        i think next season will see dex fight to be a ‘normal’ man while wrestling with his ‘dark passenger’, trying to quell his killing urges. deb will then see a connection between rita’s ‘trinity’ killings’ m.o. and wonder why/how arthur could have ‘picked’ dexter’s family and not another’s, and see a tie with his brother the serial killer. i think deb WILL figure it out OR dex will tell her next season. but it’s more likely that deb will figure it out on her own. THEN i think she’ll help cover up dex’s ‘handiwork’ to protect him and the kids.

        i’m also sorry to see rita go, but her character this past season wasn’t nearly as substantial as in the past. she became more of a ‘nuisance’ in a way, and it seems the writers were writing her off the show from the start of the season.

      • nootron

        @Noah G:

        Sorry guys, i just watched this tonight. I wanted to comment on your comment about the writers wanting us to be uneasy about loving Dexter. I completely agree.

        The extra layer here that I saw was that the writers perhaps intentionally wrote Rita to be someone the viewers would not like. I found myself thinking: “I wish Dexter would kill Rita. Damn she’s annoying.” It seems like this was a very popular sentiment.

        So to have her be murdered by Trinity at the end is their way of saying “You want rita off the show? Ok. How do you feel now?”

        This is us, the viewers, being punished for liking dexter. You can’t happily watch a show that glorifies murder and expect to not feel guilty.

        Maybe im just reading into it but it would be pure genius if so.

    • chico

      Lee, you are straight up RETaaaaaded

      • Kevin

        I second chico’s comment. Lee, if you didn’t love that episode then you are an idiot.

      • lt-ripley

        I third Chico’s comment. And I hope the producers don’t read your comment, Lee, and think that there is even one more person out there who thinks the show has “peaked”. YIKES. There’s never been a better show on television. It is unsurpassed in the writing, the complexity of the characters, the mood, the music, everything is perfect. Lee, don’t put ideas in the heads of the Powers That Be who generously give us this one blissful hour a week on Sundays to delve into our darkside. Now if we can just survive until season 5.

    • randy p

      Are you kidding? I thought the writing was masterful, even tempting Dexter with the possibility of leaving his family to spare them the pain–only to realize he’s a force for good in their lives. And you think that’s poor plotting?

      • anthony

        i thought the writing was great especially the fact that dexter was saying that he was good for his family and he kept them safe while talking to arthur during the kill scene but yet the next scene he finds rita murdered good twist just hate to see rita go she was hot

    • Tom

      So many holes in this finale! Won’t Arthur’s family identify Dexter later on? He banged on the door and entered a house moments before a police raid and was undetected? Arthur was just walking around the station and there’s no connection when he’s the most wanted man in Miami a day later? Next season: Dexter is a fugitive for his wife’s death and Deborah investigates the connection between him and the Ice Truck Killer…This series peaked last season.

      • BC

        Don’t really agree with anything you said there Tom. The family doesn;t know Dexter’s real name, and since the cops will assume Trinity is still at large, it’s not unreasonable that they go into Witness Protection and never see Dexter again.

        Also, I doubt anyone would have remembered Arthur from the day before. None of the characters really seemed to notice him, and why would they?

        I think this was the best season they’ve done so far

      • Jackson

        I thought for sure that Battista was going to recognize him. He walked right by Dexter and Arthur when they were standing in the station.

        I think this season was excellent, largely because of the fabulous work of Jennifer Carpenter and John Lithgow. I’m going to watch the finale again. I need a second viewing before I decide how I felt about it.

        Having said that, although I was surprised by Rita’s death, it was pretty obvious when Dexter came through the door that something more was going to happen, and not just him packing his back and leaving for the Keys. I agree with the comments that we should feel uncomfortable with Dexter. Sometimes it’s too easy to forget that he’s a serial killer and not this cute, rumpled police tech with a wife and three kids. Perhaps next season will create an atmosphere that is more honest to the Dexter character from the books. I look forward to next season.

      • amj

        Even if they will recognize Arthur, that is yet to be seen. We don’t know yet. And, I agree the family never had his real name and couldn’t make the connection. Besides I figure the fact that Arthur was in the police station will actually work for Dexter as it might help to explain to the cops why he would murder Rita. They might think he was hunting Dexter’s family for some reason.

      • Pattie

        It is hard to remember, but do, this show never drags the last season into the next – the loose ends just disappear – didn’t hear anything about last season this season, not one word.

      • Caitlin

        That would be a lot to include in one episode. Don’t you think they’ll address these things next season? I do.

      • LisaLemony

        Batista is bound to put 2&2 together – why else would the writers have him ask Dexter if everything is okay WHILE Dexter is talking to Trinity? a couple of scenes later, Trinity’s face is on the suspect board. Batista is smart. Something is going to come of that…

      • AJ

        How many people do you think walk through a police station in a day? Not everyone is going to be noticed, especially when there is no reason for them to be noticed. They couldn’t have known who he was and how important he’d become to their investigation. At the time, he was just a harmless visitor.

      • Matt

        Pattie, that’s not completely true…remember the end of the 1st season led into the beginning of the 2nd where Doakes started following Dex?

      • Jules

        Beside the fact that most sociopaths (with the exception of the Ted Bundy charismatic media whore types) are undetectable and “blend” (as Harry taught Dexter to be).. It fits that Arthur Mitchel would have been not noticed right away..

    • dystopia

      Don’t forget that Rita cheated on Dexter 3 episodes ago. And that she was the most annoying nag. It’s sad for any innocent to die, but I will not miss her. This is best for the storyline. Seasons 1 and 2 were perfect. But this season was almost as good.

      • lra

        it sucks that rita dies…i was in shock..mostly cause i did not see that coming..but it was a great i mean i cant wait till next season..there are gonna be alot of questions abou ther death..the kids were away etc..she was killed the way trinity kills..i mean these people arent gonna buy that..jeez..i cant wait..

      • Sweetpea

        I HATED Lila.

    • Jim

      dude… really? are you being serious right now, the acting was brilliant, and the writing was fantastic, who shoved a stick up yours

    • T Thompson

      Look man that was an awesome ending. I think you don’t like it because it was a hard ending. This was not supposed to be triumphant. This was a loss for Dexter. Not all heroes are perfect. The best you can do is deal with it. Don’t blame the shows excellence because you disapprove.

    • Michael

      Dude, were you beaten as a child? Do you look at rainbows and say they’re ugly? What a tool.


      WHY U WATCH IT THEN???????/

    • Denise Mitchell

      You should really shut the hell up. If u weren’t liking the season in the 1st place, u shouldn’t of been watching. I think myself & all the other Dexter fans can say it was a pretty awesome season. Who cares what u think should’ve happened? Your version sucks anyway; guess that’s why you’re not a screenwriter!

      • Dani

        Guys, ease off. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

      • T

        Totally agree with Dani up there.

    • kisha

      I agree

    • maria

      How can we see a serial killer as a heroe??? He is pityfull!

      • Sweetpea

        Dexter is a serial killer on TV (fiction). He’s a “dark hero” saving others from killers that escape justice. If you don’t like it watch the History Channel.

      • katel5

        Then DON’T WATCH!

      • jenjen

        Not as pitiful as your spelling. Or is that “pityfull”?

    • Spencer

      Dexter’s son will have the same or similar dark passenger and Dexter will train him the code

      • Paula

        Maybe next season will jump 5 or 10 years into the future with Harrison showing the beginnings of his similarities to Dexter?

      • Mya

        I’d REALLY rather it be Cody or Astor, or both who have serial killer tendencies than Harrison. I mean that is so lame, no they couldn’t do it like in the books, it had to be Dexter’s biological child.

        It makes more sense for it to be Cody or Astor.
        For one thing, Harrison was less than 1 year old. Dexter may have been young when he saw his mother killed, but he was still much more developed. It’s highly unlikely Harrison will even subconsciously remember this.
        Cody and Astor, however, are older, spent their early childhood in a violent home environment. It would make perfect sense that their mother’s death would be a trigger that sent the them over the edge so to speak.

        Plus, it would be most delicious irony if Harrison, who actually has the same DNA as Dexter, turned out to be his one perfectly normal child but his adopted children had Dark Passengers of their own.

      • JA

        As much as I love this show, becoming a serial killer is not genetic. It’s extremely rare and unexplainable. To suggest that it’s inherited or that every person who witnesses a traumatic event will become a serial killer is silly. So I hope they don’t go in the direction of any of the 3 kids also having a dark passenger. It was bad enough that BOTH Dex and his brother were serial killers. But I forgave that because the show is so fantastic. The Season finale was perfect. Dexter HAS to take responsibility. But I do think that Cody being killed instead of Rita would’ve been just as powerful and ending with just as many possibilities.

    • T. Wing

      Absolutely. This is such BS. The Trinity season marks Dexter’s descent into soap opera AND we lose Rita. I’m starting to lose faith in these writers. At least Julie Benz doesn’t have to put up with the increasingly crummy writing. Utter BS. Cheap, lousy, half-assed BS.

      • Taylor

        T.Wing thinks the show is BS and has lost faith in the writers, folks. In related news, if you pull a barely-literate hill-billy away from his monster truck rally long enough to watch Romeo and Juliet, he’ll probably tell you that “it was real dumb… what with all that fancy-talkin’… what BS!” :-)

      • LMFAO Taylor. Well put.

      • Alex

        What do you mean AND we lost Rita? Ditching stupid, annoying, nagging, unlikable, unbelievable Rita was the best thing to happen to this show in Seasons. Season two was crap, season three was laughable, at least there was something worth watching here

    • Bryan

      “How can he be a hero to us moving forward?”

      How ridiculous. Dexter isn’t a hero…he’s a serial killer.

      • clover

        that’s not an absolute – he gets rid of bad guys…mostly

    • katel5

      BOO to you! Go away! Its a TV show, not real life. Besides I have a feeling that Dexter will be executed in the last episode of the series so you can tune in then since you hate him so much.Rita did not deserve to die,but if she had not been such an annoying hag calling him every 5 minutes then she would not have interrupted his chasing after Trinity and Dexter would have been able to kill the monster before he killed her! My god she called Dexter all the time at work over stupid crap! I would never call my hubby that many times while he was at work,to talk about things that could wait until he got home.Dexter takes care of the monsters the police miss.He SAVES lives,like that 10yr old boy.RITA was responsable FOR RITA, NOT Dexter.Its not the 1950’s anymore!

      • TerryK

        If you can’t appreciate the beauty of the anti-hero in storytelling, then I suggest you just don’t watch. But spare us the lecture on what and who we should watch.

      • TerryK

        My apologizes kate15. That was not meant for you.

      • JA

        Rita didn’t prevent Dexter from killing Trinity (any number of times). It was Dexter’s flaw that didn’t allow Trinity to commit suicide at the construction site. Had he been able to let go and let Trinity commit suicide, the boy wouldn’t have been kidnapped and Rita would still be alive.

      • Devon

        Well, you know Harry does tell Dexter at one point this season that he’s going to be caught and executed. He says it’s inevitable. So an eventual inclusion of that into the end of the series wouldn’t be unlikely at all.

    • Dan

      Lee you’re just a clown. Bad writing, uneventful, boring? Did you watch the same episode as the rest of us? Are you even a fan of the show?

      There is no point to even argue the merits of your criticism. You just have no taste for the show and don’t get it.

      Killing Rita gives the show a great array of options moving forward. How long could they really write the show with him trying to become a normal family man? This reopens his character and will totally refresh the show.

    • Lynn

      Be realistic Lee. If you want happy endings, Dexter is not the show for you. This may turn out to be the best twist of all. I feel as if we will see a whole new side of the Dark Passenger. Definitely the best show ever.

      • Alex

        False. Not even close to the best show ever. Breaking Bad completely blows this show out of the water. Dexter is worth watching but nowhere near as good as Breaking bad, Madmen, or the Sopranos is (was)

    • Heather

      If you look to Dexter as a hero, you have a problem. He’s a serial killer who’s adopted father trained him to have a “code.” It doesn’t change the fact that he kills people which makes him no better, actually worse, than most of the people he kills since they don’t have multiple victims. The whole point of this series is to make people question their morals and values. Is murder not murder when done out of vengence? Should we just get rid of our entire criminal justice system? When you act in this way, bad things are going to happen as evidenced by killing an “innocent” man earlier in the season and now with the murder of Rita. You are correct about Dexter being responsible for Rita’s death because if Dexter had turned Arthur in instead of being determined to kill him, Rita would probably still be alive. The writers do a great job of showing how someone who our society would normally consider a monster, can actually be someone we like and how what happens to people in their life can alter who they become. We like Dexter because we see the “human” side of the serial killer, but all serial killers are human beings even though many have done henious things so it makes it easier for us to consider them inhuman. That’s why this show is so good because it makes you think and question what you believe is good or evil. The ending this season was great and really needed to happen for the show to move on. The next chapter will show what becomes of Dexter and his inner dark passenger vs. his inner humanity since he now has a 1-year-old to raise and he himself has had his life altered due to a serial killer. Will his murder of Arthur make it any easier to deal with the death of Rita and will her death show Dexter that he really does feel something for other people? How will his code hold up after such events this season? Lots of stories that the writers can explore now.

      • Sarah

        Personally I think Dexter is a good example of a classic tragic hero. Season 4 was his downfall, because of his error of trying to appease all aspects of his life.

      • Anon.

        Think of it like this – Dexter is either a bad person doing good things, or a good person doing bad things.

      • Andrew

        Police who shoot bad guys are heroes. Just because they don’t necessarily enjoy it doesn’t make any difference. I wonder why so many people like you have difficulty with the concept and rant about how this character shouldn’t be hero-worshipped. Quite frankly, any abattoir worker does as much to animals as a character like Dexter would to humans. We’re all just bags of meat and blood, same as that LAMB you ate last night was! :)

      • dudeguy

        dude… goku kills people… no one sees him as a “serial killer” hes a hero……….. oh i cant wait for people to make irrational comments about anime relating to this show..they dont ok i just think of everything as a story regardless if an asian or an american made the show el oh el think ima re watch season4

    • Dan

      Oh shut up, you don’t get this show at all. This isn’t all about good or evil, its not a kids story. Life is complicated, sometimes “good” people die and “bad” people live. this is a detailed psychological thriller, and I would lose respect for it if it was any other way.

    • lady gag

      I thought Dex would leave the family to protect them, or Rita would leave him but I never would have thought in a million years that they would write her out of the show in such a violent, brutal manner. Had I been Julie Benz, I would be upset too!

    • Jennifer

      I agree. It was so interesting to see Dexter’s character *evolve* and to see the stark contrasts and duplicity in his life. Plus, there was surprisingly great humor for such a dark subject. Where can they go from here except to a darker place. Humor will be tough after that miserable scene, and Dexter will become just another total psycho, like all the others we’ve seen in film and on TV. So disappointed! … I do realize that some people wanted the show to be darker and more morbid, so, those folks got what they wanted. But I’ve also seen just as many, if not more, posts and reviews all over the Web from people who don’t even want to watch anymore. I disagree that the story was cheap or bad. It was excellent storytelling in terms of poetic justice, irony, and other elements of great literature. But it most certainly wasn’t happy or humorous. I like a combination. Dark but not too dark. Without the balance, I’m not really looking forward to next season. And I’m bummed about that. I’ve LOVED this show up until last night’s final 5 minutes.

      • sex

        i totaly agree with jennifer, you sound hot are u hot? i like matsuko the best hes the best friend of a serial killer, id like to see the jokes he would make about that “matsuko laugh” huhuhuhuhuhu……. no obdy cares if i mis spelled

    • Sal

      Lee….You make a very good point….I like your way of thinking.

    • John

      Wow that Lee guy doesn’t know good writing when he sees it. And to say the show has peaked and this should be the last episode? How about this could be your last episode watching it! Dexter is the best show ever. And the Rita killing? that is life, it doesn’t always go the way you think it should. Let’s not forget, Dexter is a Serial Killer. It doesn’t make a difference who he kills, he has killed a lot!!! So instead of getting caught like other shows (he can’t he is the star), he suffers in other ways such as seeing his wife killed and knowing it is his fault. And remember when Rita first told Dexter she was pregnant Dexters first thoughts had to do with wondering if the child would be like him, well,,,, now he is really thinking that. Dexter is not overly complicated but I am amazed at how many people don’t get the story, wondering when and how Arthur killed Rita. A story that is an hour but spans a few days can not show everything !!! And it had nothing to do with his ritual! other than a way of making sure Dexter new he did it!!!!

      • Alex

        Dexter is not in any way the best show ever.

    • livinthedream

      No no no! Dexter is NOT responsible for Rita’s murder. He did not make Arthur kill her. Arthur did that himself. Dexter can reproach himself for not killing him sooner, but that’s it. I thought the season was great.

    • Nicky

      The only reason they included Dexter’s family throughout the whole season was because that the writers were showing us that Dexter was beginning to think that Trinity was exactly like him…that he had a family that he had to juggle also during his struggle with his urges to kill. While it turned out that trinity was completely different to Dexter, Trinity teaches him that leading 2 different lives has its consequences, in a sense; he cant live both ways

    • lisa

      Finally someone I agree with !
      Shit, I love love this show and just saw the finale today so sorry I’m way late on this comment thread.

      I totally agree that this changes how I feel about Dexter! I love this show becasue of the way he cares about the people close to him and has his code., otherwise why do I care about him?

      He should have warned Rita, how many things happened to make him know what Trinity was capable of? so this makes Dexter look stupid and that is not the character that I have come to love.
      I would have liked for Rita to be gone, not crazy about the character actually, but I didnt wish for this! This bites bites bites!!

      To do this to those sweet kids is bad and sucks for any future episodes in my opinion. really disappointed after such an awesome last few shows.
      Bt the way, someone earlier in the thread made a reference to this being like SEVENS, and you must be right, because I HATED that movie.

      this really ruined my day, I can’t beleive they did this. I hope it was a dream.

      • Alex

        It wasn’t and I loved it. I hate Rita and am glad she’s dead. Annoying harpie.

  • Arna P

    Excellent – leaves you wanting more more more!!!

    • Elaine

      Ya, I’m wondering too if it will all end up being a dream. Perhaps, Dexter whacked his head hard when his car flipped in the 1st (2nd) episode & has been in a coma dreaming…

      • Ellen

        I kinda like your idea about it being a dream and while I haven’t read everyone’s posts as yet I wondering what happen to the taxi that drop off Rita. If you forgot your id and just came home to get it wouldn’t you just ask the cab to wait and run in and get it … and what about her and the baby’s bags even if she had let the cab go would Arthur take the time to move all those things so Dexter don’t notice when he comes in…. just thinking aloud.

      • TJ

        I am totally on board with the taxi issue. If she was just running in for her ID, now way she carries everything in especially with a baby. If she was going to be home awhile then she would have left the luggage and the carseat by the front door which she didn’t (he would have noticed when he bent to pick up the toy). Usually the details make this show great and this ending was seriously lacking.

  • Betty

    Maybe it will be all a dream? no probably not, but Will Dexter be a suspect in Rita’s murder??

    • Aliza

      probably not. it was obviously done Trinity-style and all the police know is that he is still missing, plus Dexter is part of the team that tracked him down, so they’ll assume it was Trinity.

      I love the writing on this show, and it was a total emotional gut punch for me, so as disturbed as i am right now, kudos Dexter!

      • Ari

        I’m pretty sure Quinn is going to think Dexter did it and start investigating.

    • Sergio

      Could be a dream like the sequence that showed Rita in the kids in the police car…. Dexter didnt seem too upset of Rita’s death…

      • LisaLemony

        He’s disconnected – you know that – as evidenced when Debra tries to ‘cuddle up’

      • Don

        I think a ‘dream sequence’ scenario would be a cop-out and would probably negate the effectiveness and poignancy of the finale.

    • Elle

      Absolutely he will be a suspect! Too much has come out now. the whole “Kyle Butler” name and murder will be questioned. Everything Deb knows will get tied in. The Bay Harbor Butcher case will be questioned. It has ENORMOUS potential!

      I doubt that Harrison will suffer emotional trauma like Dexter did. He’s just to young to connect what he saw to reality, much less remember it. Dexter was three when his mom was murdered; plenty of emotional formulation there.

      Can’t wait until next season!! Kudos to Dexter for a consistantly amazing show!

    • Daniel

      It was obviously Trinity who killed Rita. Remember the police discovered it was 5 days earlier that the 10 year old went missing. Trinity had to make a kill that day and it was Rita.

  • V.L.
  • Joe G. Jr

    all i gotta say is… what an ending! i didn’t see that coming. Can’t wait till next season.

  • kmdublin

    OMG. Saw Rita’s death coming. But still left me sad and shocked. Glad Deb finally got a clue.

  • Josh

    Snow my gaud! That was shocking. Nothing beat the shield finale though

    • Chris


    • Cope

      This isn’t the finale season finale like the shield’s ending, I agree didn’t beat it but came close, but this isn’t the last season of Dexter.

      • Joe J

        COME AGAIN???

    • Celia

      I don’t watch the Shield, so I can’t comment. But this finale was so shocking. The writers did a great job of making it completely unexpected.

      • Brooke

        Actually, I disagree…they were so heavyhanded with Dexter realizing how much Rita meant to him that it telegraphed her death from miles away. It was the single thing I predicted in a season full of unpredictable twists.

      • Portia

        I’m with you Brooke. While I did not predict Rita’s death, something sure seemed fishy. Dexter and Rita’s love scene made me VERY uncomfortable. It just did not feel right or natural. I knew something had to be in the works.

      • Celia

        I expected something to happen time Dexter walked into that house at the end of the show, but I didn’t expect THAT. I knew they were going to do something like have Rita standing there wondering where he had been or maybe Debra or Quinn standing there because they had figured out something about what Dexter does, but I did NOT expect him to walk into the bathroom and see his wife dead and his baby sitting in blood crying. I think they gave us a heads up when Rita’s phone rang and Harrison started crying (I got chills on that part), but I still didn’t expect it. It’s too sad. They said one significant female character would die and I thought that was going to be Christine, the reporter. I wasn’t expecting another death.

  • JA

    Fantastic finale. Absolutely shocking. I never saw it coming. Once I picked my jaw up off the floor I started thinking about how the next season will begin. How will Dexter break the news to Deb, his kids, and his co-workers? How will he keep others (ie Trinty’s family) from knowing he is a killer, too? The fact that Rita was killed by Trinity has to raise suspicion of a relationship to Dexter. And invite questions as to why Dexter did not tell authorities he knew who Trinity was. Will Dexter give up on the idea of a family and go rogue again? How will he handle the fall out with Deb? And the most important question…How can we possibly wait until next August to find out?

    • anyonymous

      um….Trinity has never known the victims personally, therefore no one will wonder why Dexter didn’t tell them b/c they won’t know that he knew anything. Nobody knew Dexter knew trinity before they did end of your theory.

      • Chris

        um…but Trinity broke his pattern. He already recently killed in Miami, so he should have killed in another city this time. End of your theory.

      • Binky

        It’s hard to imagine how Trinity’s family, who know “Kyle,” won’t see Dexter’s face as the grieving widower of Trinity’s last kill and want to figure out what the hell is going on.

        My guess is that Dexter “cleans up” after Trinity, and she goes missing, rather than becoming (publicly) Trinity’s last kill.

        That still puts Dexter in a pickle – a missing wife will invite all sorts of police scrutiny, especially after his erratic behavior.

        This is the first season finale where it’s clear Dexter starts the next season screwed. Not just the loss of Rita, which is enormous to him, but the logistical problems that loss is going to cause him.

      • Dave

        First of all if there is any suspicion as to why Rita was murdered by Trinity it will fall on Deb’s shoulders. She, and everyone else, will think it was retribution for her heading the case. (Just as Lundy’s death was fallout from the investigation in a way.) I don’t think we’ll see Dexter retreating emotionally next season. that would be to dull and a step backward. I think he is going to have a season to absorb new emotions like loss, and grief, and perhaps remorse. As with Spock from ‘star trek’ who was touted as being devoid of emotion. Dexter is always told and always believes he has no real emotional aptitude, but his actions speak contrary to this and we find he is half human after all. I think next season will deal with Deb’s coming to grips with her guilt over Rita’s death and Dexter’s conflicts over whether to take on life as a single father.

      • Dave

        P.S. I also believe that Rita will be back next season talking to Dexter as his father does, but with a differing perspective and contrary advice…

      • Sweetpea

        Your comment brings a question to mind, didn’t anyone else notice how peculiar Arthur’s wife acted? Even when her son begged her to leave she said “he will find us.” Who is she? Was she a victim he did not kill? Remember how he sat with her in the bath and held the mirror up to her face, except he did not kill her? He was sneaking up on her and she said “I know you are there” and he said “I never could sneak up on you.” So, if Arthur’s wife was an intended victim that talked her way out of being murdered, who was Christine’s mother? If the writers let all this hang it really will be a “murder mystery.”

      • JA

        Um…Trinity’s family knows Dexter knew who Trinity was. It’s just a matter of time before they are aware that Trinity’s last victim was “Kyle’s” wife. And it’ll all break open.

      • Devon

        It’s not far-fetched for the police to believe Rita’s death was to punish Deb. She pushed the investigation, she caught onto Kristine, she was there when Kristine killed herself. The cops don’t know that he had written her off – only that she stayed in close contact with him over the years and that she killed for him. So him killing a member of Deb’s family in retribution wouldn’t be at all implausible.

    • dang

      Right off the bat a great season with a great finale. The entire Dexter team deserves a hearty round of applause.

      I don’t think the writers will use the same device twice. Dexter will not be ID’ed by Trinity’s family who will continue to live with the fear of his return somewhere other than Miami.

      Deb will probably feel responsible for Rita’s death since she was known by Trinity’s daughter who may have shared that info with her father.

      On the other hand, Masuka and Quinn may be more skeptical. Masuka from the knowledge of Rita’s “unfaithfulness” as a possible motivation and Quinn, already antagonistic toward Dexter, may be very willing to entertain doubts and suspicions regarding Dexter’s involvement in Rita’s murder.

      If the same team is in place, season 5 should be very interesting.

  • Joseph Na

    i was very shocked with the ending, did not even see it coming!! it was also pretty sad :( this is by far my all time favorite tv show btw

  • Joey

    I legit had my hand over my mouth for the last 2 minutes. I did not see that coming whatsoever.
    Best season ender ever

    • mazie beth

      same here…I was gasping and trying not to scream. I could almost feel my face going pale.

      • Mandi

        I cried hardcore. Hahahaa, it’s sad I know, I have cried in maybe 2 movies/ shows; but I cried so hard I could barely breathe. I had never seen an episode of Dexter until about 2 weeks ago, and have watched all 4 seasons since. I’m completely in love with the show, and in love with the idea of him being happy.

      • Freezen

        Watched the last episode yesterday and I’m still unsettled with the end…I think it leaves an opportunity for the writers to go in different direction, they might not know yet how Season 5 will start…I’m kinda hoping to see Rita again, tough on the kids if they loose both parents…how will Dexter conceale Rita’s death? No way he can keep his mask on if Miami Metro is investigating her murder…

    • Chinchillazilla

      I did too! Hand over mouth from the time he called her and the phone rang right there to when the credits ended.

      I expect Dexter to blow my mind, so I thought I was ready for whatever twist they threw in. I was so, so totally not.

      • Celia

        I agree!! Time he got that voice mail from Rita I got really scared about what they were going to do next. I was expecting her to in a car accident or something, but I was NOT expecting that! Time the baby cried…I couldn’t even breathe anymore.

    • luar

      SAme here, I couldnt believe it, I was shocked. I knew somethings was coming, but to see Harrison in a puddle of blood of his mother, just like dexter … ahhhh… I just couldnt believe it.

  • Ian W

    This was such a great episode! I am so sad about Rita’s death. I love love love Julie Benz. I can’t believe she’ll be off the show. Why couldn’t they kill of one of the kids instead? They suck — Aster or whatever especially. Maybe Rita can come back Harry-style? I hope so.

    • BC

      Hey, we all understand this is just a show and none of this is real – but I gotta say it’s still kind of a wierd thing to say that you wish they had offed a kid. I know I know, it’s just a show, you’re not actually condoning murdering children – but still, weird that apparently you’d actually have liked to SEE that…

      • Bryan

        Nevermind that Dexter has killed dozens of people over the course of the show…BUT CHILDREN?! That crosses the line. I mean, we can’t just let these people make up whatever they want!

        Next thing you know they are going to start showing sex on the show. There goes Dexter’s family values!

      • jll

        they already did show sex with that tart Lila.

    • info

      The bathtub murders were never children in Trinity’s style. So, that would not make any sense. Plus I agree with BC, it is kind of weird to read you wish they had off’d a kid.

      • Nick

        Just because the bathtub murder was never a kid doesn’t mean cody couldn’t have ended up encased in ceament.. That would have been a huge twist. Eaither way the ending made me really sad, i will miss rita and not really sure what to think about what will happen next season. Without Rita to help dexter stay sane what will happen to him and his code.

      • pie69

        its not weird at all to rather see one of thos kids offed then rita she is so pretty and adds more of a challenge to what dexter dos

    • Celia

      A kid died in this show already…that 10 year old little boy they dug up.
      I was uneasy this whole episode because Dexter’s whole family is enough for Trinity to complete one cycle. He could kill Astor in the tub, Cody in the grave, Rita could’ve been the jumper, and he could’ve beat Dexter to death. So I was expecting Trinity to at least attempt to kill someone in Dexter’s family, but I didn’t expect him to succeed (if he did it). I’m just in complete shock right now.

    • Wills

      PLEASE no Jiminy Rita…we already have Jiminy Harry to explain to plot to the lowest common denominator. Ugh. I was shocked at the ending but Rita started to get really annoying. Granted I love Julie Benz but I didn’t like Rita…she was naggy and insufferable.

  • Charles

    You can really see how his character evolved from season 1. He started out as a completely emotionless being and a serial killer that was perfect at what he did. Now he is mentally weak and screws up all the time. It will be interesting as to what direction they will take the show now. I would just quit and go out on top. What an awesome season.

    • Pattie

      Deb will move in with Dex and they will have a season where she has a love life but he won’t, not yet. She will feel compassionate more that curious about Harrison ending up in a pool of Mom’s blood.

    • CJ

      Maybe getting rid of Rita will help Dexter not be so “mentally weak” or “screw up all the time”! This could help him in the long run! :)

    • pie69

      dexter wasnt perfect at what he did in season 1 they found all his bodys… and no doubt they will again hes dumping them in the same spot.. dumb ass

      • david

        that’s incorrect, vince unintentionally gave dexter the idea of dumping the bodies in a drift that will carry the remains as far as the northern atlantic. so that’s what he has been doing ever since. too bad he didn’t think of that earlier.

  • Dre

    It was incredible!!! I was in shock and silent, totally caught me off guard! Excellent!

  • Jaime

    Still shocked. The ending made me nauseous. Not sure if that is a good thing. But this finale was absolutely amazing. Most definitely had me tied in knows – lost for words.

    • Celia

      I agree. I wonder how long Harrison was sitting in the blood before Dexter found him?? He wasn’t even crying for a long time when Dexter entered the house. And Rita could’ve been dead since that afternoon. It’s really scary!

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