See Sarah Palin out-Shatner William Shatner on 'The Tonight Show'

Sarah Palin made a surprise visit to The Tonight Show, proving she can read from a book at least as dramatically as William Shatner can. Conan O’Brien had Shatner on to do one of his periodic readings, this time from Palin’s bestseller Going Rogue. Then to the delighted screams of the audience, Palin came out and read excerpts from one of Shatner’s autobiographies, Up Till Now:

You have to hand it to Palin: She gave as good as she got, didn’t she?

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  • Brooke

    She apparently has Huckabee’s people doing her PR now instead of idiots she had been using previously. Too late to turn her image around now but I’ll admit, this was good.

    • Matt1

      I’m just gonna go ahead and say what everybody else is thinking… Sarah Palin is hot!

      • alex

        You’ve never seen women before?

      • BO the BFer

        No alex, he’s only seen democrat women before. You know, ugly, hairy, botoxed carpet munchers.

      • Ben

        BO, that’s no way to talk about Hilary Clinton. It isn’t her fault so much as her husband, Bill’s.

      • Steve

        That was great!! I was so glad that she stuck it out and didn’t quit halfway through.

      • Chris

        Alex – You must be a white male. Only white males think she is hot. She is a very divisive person and hates Asians, Hispanics and Blacks. They see her for the racist idiot that she is.

      • tomtom


        Don’t forget gays. She probably hates you too.

      • Brendan

        You’re a very divisive person by calling everybody who disagrees with you a racist. Grow some fucking balls and argue over substance not who’s the biggest victim.

      • Frank Anderson

        Brenden- Just to make it clear, you are fine with the ‘carpet muncher’ comment, but not the one calling Palin a racist?

        BTW- For someone asking for a substantive debate, you sure didn’t offer any yourself.

      • JD in Alaska

        Brendan, I can tell you’re a Republican. You fraudently state things as “true’ when, in fact, they are false. Nowhere did Chris say that everybody who disagrees with him are racist. He is just pointing out the realities of Sarah Palin. If you don’t believe him, then ask Palin’s father.

        You’re the one who should grow a pair of balls and stick to actual facts and not the propaganda BS that your god, Rush Limbaugh, tells you.

      • stacy

        Wait How did Brendan get away with dropping the F bomb when they often edit HELL! EW Your strange!

    • lori

      She’s great! She always had a sense of humor and a way with an audience. So much more a real person than Nobama

      • Gordon

        you’re an idiot

      • john

        Thought the skit was great! Hey,lets give one term Nobama a chance! Maybe Sara will be our next President and William will be VP! Yes,she has a sense of humor and lets wait and see in the next election! Great stuff Sara and William!

      • mike M

        Amen !

      • Tinster

        Does she ever bathe or change her clothes? Always the dress and mussed hair.

      • Rosie

        She was wearing pants. And I wish I could get my hair to look that good, but that really is neither here nor there.

      • Rock Golf

        Yeah. Great sense of humor. Look at how she punked Alaska. “I’m the governor. Jus’ foolin’!”

    • Ben

      That moron didn’t even have the wherewithal to open the book she was “reading” from.

      • Marlowe32

        And Shatner never so much as looked at his book – the books were just props, dipswitch

      • Joyce`

        Have you heard of memorizing – MORON?

      • robert

        obviously she didn’t require a teleprompter.

      • bwright923

        Joyce, it’s called a teleprompter.

      • BWAGS


      • Marjorie

        Moron who? Uh, ok, you’re talking about you.

      • Tom Tutle

        As a trekkie, I believe it is called a teleporter. ;)

      • Robert

        Tinster…. you just wish the liberal women look even remotely as great as Palin unlike those like Hilary Clinton who looks like she’s dipped in starch everyday!

    • robert

      Never too late. She’s definately a woman on her way. And look! No teleprompter!

      • Cowboy

        what do you mean “no teleprompter?” Of course she had one! Why the hell do you think she wasn’t using one? Clearly, another idiot spouting off about something you know nothing about.

      • Jim


        How do you know either way? I think sir, it may indeed be YOU who is spouting off. Perhaps you could do some research and quote your findings here as to the use (or non use) of said teleprompter. I would like this within 24 hours please. Thank you.

    • robert

      Never too late. She’s definately a woman on her way. And look! No teleprompter!

      • cued in

        CUE Cards… It is TV not a national debate people.

    • Raymundoz

      Ben, it’s not just Hillary. Other botox saturated Democratzi Zombie she-devils include Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Babara Boxer, Harry Reid, Maria Cantwell, and Barney Franks to name just a few. Your hero Clinton is but one of many.

      • Linwood Hoggard

        Barney Franks isn’t a “carpet muncher” he’s a Pillow Biter.

    • Steve

      That was great! I was so glad that she stuck it out and didn’t quit halfway through.

    • excel

      we all elect to office they who whet our appetite. Sarah is nothin but sex. Hillary is brainiac. Obama is a public appeaser,teleprompter king. Bush is country boot-slapping jokemeister, Pelosi is a tart old hag, Arhnold Swz is showbiz, Bill is a devil and an angel towhich side you believe, Cheney is a dick!

  • Jim

    I do like her. She just isn’t President-material.

    • amj

      Agreed, when I am not thinking of her politics she intrigues me and she does seem to have a sense of humor. But, as president, never.

    • Fatima

      It’s the most awful thing to say, and I would only say it to close friends and under the protection of internet protection, but I never want her to go away. It’s just too entertaining.

      • Tem

        lol agreed! I was all about her being in the race for vice president. Not because I wanted her to win, but because it made the race exciting.

    • a/c

      I thought Bush was a fun guy, just not a good president. She should continue doing what she’s doing and NOT run for president in 2012.

      I just saw some interviews of her while promoting her book. She still doesn’t know anything.

      • Sarah

        She could do a daytime television show or promote other products, but I hope that she stays out of politics. And is it standard for someone who resigned as governor to still use their title as governor? I just noticed a lot of people referring to her that way.

      • vortigern

        She knows more than Obama and you voted for him.

      • a/c

        I noticed that too. Conan introduced her as Governor Palin as if she is still governing something.

        But I believe you still retain the title – no matter what. Well, unless you go down like Nixon did.

      • a/c

        I can’t believe that it’s been a year after the election and she still doesn’t know anything. Even her interview with Bill O’Reilly was horrible.

        I’m not bashing Republicans or conservatives in anyway. I’ve seen some who know what they are talking about. She clearly still does not.

      • reba

        Yes, it is still appropriate to refer to a former Gov., President, Senator, etc. with their former title. It occurs regularly when addressing the person or reporting on them.

      • robert

        well that gives her one notch up on President Zero.

      • KEH

        She does her interviews without a teleprompter.. SO I do have to admit she doesn’t’ know as much as Obama’s staff and speechwriters do after googling things.. but I am sure she knows how many states are in the US vs Obama. I am sure she knows enough not to give back gifts to the UK and you don’t give an ipod or box set of DVDs (that only play in the US) to heads of state…. She knows what she needed to know about her state and energy and if she does run for something I suspect she will learn quickly what she needs to know and how she needs as advisers..
        Anyone who writes her off will make the same mistake lots of out of work politicians in Alaska did.

      • Sandy

        Yes, we need more comedians, certainly we don’t need any more politicians.

      • Raymundoz

        How could Palin possibly be worse then the America hating fascist we now have in office? We could have done far better by throwing a dart at a phone book.

      • Debbie

        a/c – She couldn’t do any worse than what we got, which is a man who doesn’t have an idea or thought without those pulling his strings displaying it in his teleprompter.

    • rich

      what is president material? have to go to harvard? spend $787B on a “stimulus” package that stimulated nothing except paying off hillary’s $6M in campaign debt? 10 per unemployment? giving terrorist rights of a US citizen in court? palin is real. she took on exxon and won. took on corrupt republicans and won. she’s our only hope. carter gave us that wacky actor, reagan. obama will give us palin.

      • Teri Miller

        It must be very dark in your world, rich.

      • John

        She did not take on Exxon and win.

        In fact, Exxon appealed yet ANOTHER ruling against itself this past June, almost a year after ‘victory’ she refers to.

        The ‘victory’ the she shamelessly embellishes her part in was a ruling that was handed down in June of 08.

        In an interview with Reuters, she said the state will tighten its oversight of the oil industry in response. “Exxon will know that we’re very disappointed in this ruling,”

        She lied and exaggerated. As if one wasn’t enough without the other.

        On the bright side, these ‘rogue’ statements are now printed in black and white for her to be called out on.

      • robert

        she racked up more achievements as Govenor than Mr. Hopelessly did his entire career of voting ‘present’.

      • Sue1

        She’s our only hope? We are so screwed (especially if people actually believe that). Our best hope is trying to turn things around as we type…

      • Veracity

        “took on corrupt republicans and won”

        She defeated herself?

      • alegna

        Yeah if quitters and liars are presidential material than she’s a shoo win. Obama is still trying to fix the huge mess that the Bush administration left us.

      • Bob

        Judging someone as presidential based upon how real they seem, or how personable they are is what brought us Bush II. Palin may be good for ratings, but she is awful for American politics. You should try prying yourslef from that alternate reality you are living in.

      • LR

        because she has brains,doesn’t need a teleprompter. they were both good,very entertaining. Believe it or not,she is a real american & has everyday situations. She isn’t racist,we ALL came here from another country back when,,she is proud to be an american. She is not a community organizer, she’s a true do-er. We need more people like her to stand on their own two feet. If someone is unhappy with living in the US, then leave,this is still a great country in which i have generations of family that have fought for. God Bless us all

      • Marjorie

        Rich, I’m in agreement of your take on Palin. She’s a very potent real “patriotic” person, the very reason why the left and liberals are so allergic to her.

      • Cowboy

        My god, you are a fool. I pray that people of your ilk forget to vote in the next primary.

      • Linwood Hoggard


    • robert

      ….ah…er…. oh yes she is.

    • J.

      Agreed. Hot, funny, but not the president.

    • Paul Wiggins

      She is if you compare her to Obama only Sara has more experience running government.

      • jj11

        I agree with you, she has more experience running government, but was it effective? I emphatically believe that answer is no. And that is the reason why I think she is funny to hear about but in no way qualified to be president.

      • Linwood Hoggard

        And what did Obama do that qualifies him to be President other than being a smooth talker and bowing to Arab monarchs. He hasn’t extended the same courtesy to any of the European monarchs that I am aware of.

      • Matt

        Um. Pretty much all remaining European monarchs are simply figureheads. So what would that achieve?

    • Mark

      There are more people listening to her right now than to or infamos Pres. BHO. She is certainly more attractive, has actually ran something and provided leadership. For me if our Pres doesn’t know how many States are in these United States it’s alright if she can’t quote the Bush doctrine. We all know that she would abide by it and be as commited to it as he was-looks like Barack is beginnning to understand what it is and as he does he seems to be embracing it. She’s here to stay…brace yourself.

      • Psaltseller

        She didn’t attend most of the staff meetings, and took credit for her predecessor’s achievements. Her skill in uniting the Far Right and the Farther Right is not a lot of help. President Obama makes a joke about the number of states he’s visited, and the Right claims it’s ignorance. SO having a sense of humor is something else you can be and still be an American Conservative?

    • Cowboy

      YES! That is it exaclty. PLEASE, America, don’t mistake having personality as the equivalent of being able to run the country. I fear that this is what may happen in 2012 if you don’t all get your Republican heads out of your asses. Obama has the personality AND the good sense; he was just handed a mess of a situation that will take him more than 11 months to fix.

      • patsy

        Cowboy thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips! He needs to look at real life –not his perverted, distorted view of women in politics and Wu,wu Obama who is the most classless Ivy League graduate I’ve ever seen.

    • Robert II

      Jim…. she had more executive experience than any whom ran for Pres or VP this past election. Keep this in mind for 2012…. this Country will be starving for a Presidential Candidate like Palin after 4 years of the socialist Obama… just look at who he surrounded himself with and what he says.

  • Ugly Jenny

    I found it hilarious! I like Palin, I thought she was funny on SNL and funny here. She does have a sense of humor. The difference between Conan and Letterman is that Conan is more tasteful in poking fun of Gov. Palin, whereas Letterman is more derogatory and sexist towards her. I have my fingers crossed for more funny guest appearances from her on any TV show.

    • Goose

      Me too!!!

    • Norah

      I agree, she is fun to watch. Letterman is disgusting, I used to be such a fan of his as I think he is funny, but he is hopeless now.

  • Elizabeth

    Indeed a great sense of humor and good sport all around… Conan should have her on for a “real” interview segment or maybe with someone else. She’s the real deal, like WE ARE! It’s too bad American People were deceived by an incompetent compaign.

    • Pete

      If by “real deal” you mean real dumb, then yes, you are just like Sarah Palin!! No one was deceived! You don’t seem to understand that the problems with the campaign were due to the fact that Sarah Palin was incompetent.

      • robert

        I think you could slip into that shoe too bud. The only thing incompetent is your feeble attempt to be savvy.

    • Bob

      This comment, like Palin’s comment during the campaingn about “Real Americans” is scary. You say she is “real”, she Probably thinks folks like you are “real” and I guess that the two of you would think that folks who have differing opinions would be “Unreal” some sort of fake Americans who ought to be dealt with. What you thinking of ? Deportation? Concentration camps?

      • Raymundoz

        Bet ya she has a real American birth certificate, or any relatives in Kenya that live in abject poverty whom she refuses to acknowledge or help.

      • Ryan

        Raymundoz, you are so stupid it’s unbelievable. Please refrain from both voting and breeding.

    • Sandra

      I agree with Elizabeth.Love the comments from Raymandoz. Come on 2012. Palin or get out the dart. There are not too many honest politicians or are there any?

  • Meryl Streep’s menstrual blood

    Cute, but as usual, Andy Richter had the best line, “I was starting to think they were the same person.”

    • amj


  • cw

    political affiliations aside, girlfriend is running for office, and she’s poking fun at herself, and bringing up her positives. Obama will go down in the history books as the man who had to take on/down 2 female contenders: hill and sarah. like her or love her, she’s here to stay.

    • GoMe!

      or…the first black president…but what you said was kinda impressive! :)

      • reba

        wow, and I found it refreshing that skin color wasn’t even mentioned.

      • MikeG

        er, you mean 1/2 black. right?

      • Brigade

        Half Black. but im sure you forgot his moms white

      • Raymundoz

        Wait, wasnt Bill Clinton the First Black President?

  • john carpenter

    Jim, you’re going to be very surprised.

    Palin’s “puppetmaster” is Roger Ailes. Check him out on Wikipedia if his accomplishments don’t come to mind.

    His most noticeable: he resurrected Richard Nxon’s career in 1964 after Nixon melted down on national
    television during a concession speech. Howard K. Smith and every broadcast journalist Godfather pronounced him dead.

    If you think Carl Rove had game, Rove and two of his best friends couldn’t take out Ailes.

    Do you realize Palin has, according to CNN, moved within one point of Obama in approval?

    Do you realize “seeming presidential” is no longer the way candidates are elected. Men (or women) attain the White House when they tap into the zeitgeist of the times.

    It’s not about looking like Clinton and having the intellect of Adlai Stevenson. It’s about “working the room” and NO ONE, including Obama is as good as Palin at doing that.

    If the economy rallies in time, Obama wins laughing. If it continues to tank or stalls, Palin will be alive in the drive to the wire.

    Count on it–no matter what kind of “material” from which you believe President’s should be wrought.

    President Obama won on Rhetoric, not by having any kind of “presidential qualifications. That paradigm is over.

    It’s a new world and as millions will find out, if you play by the old rules you lose.

    • Tom

      I’d say Obama won due to his intelligence and command of the issues. He debated all comers, and didn’t duck any questions or press conferences or any of the Sunday Political Shows.

      Palin won’t get out of the Republican Primary, as she will not be able to hide from any of those things for a year and a half. She was able to skate by because she was only in the public eye for 2 months.

      While a talented politician, she just doesn’t have the chops or the depth of knowledge of the issues to make it to the White House.

      Quitting the governorship won’t help her, either.

      • ROTB

        Sense of humor is directly proportional to intelligence. Dum dums CANT do comedy. Obama needs heavy coaching to go sans teleprompter, and is too arrogant for self-deprecating humor.

        If Obama is sooo smart, let’s see the college transcripts. Reagan was a C student, and was man enough to let us know. Why not Obama?

        Also, Palin managed an 80% approval as governor. Obama only falls FROM 80% as we see how miserably incompetent he is.

        Never seen so many Communists agreeing with each other, and patting each other on the back in one place. You kids need to get out more.

      • mj

        “Command of the issues”. Good one. That must be why Russia, North Korea and Iran are playing him like a puppet.

      • robert

        no problem with his speaking abilities. must have passed his public speaking courses, but then again we’ll never know since he won’t release his transcripts. It’s just that he likes the sound of his voice so much that he never gets around to doing anything except spending more taxpayors money.

      • david

        Obama “… didn’t duck any questions or press conferences or any of the Sunday Political Shows.” Right. He wasn’t tossed anything but softball questions from his adoring interviewers. He is shallow and a lier. Of course, that’s par for democrats and most republicans.

      • WTF

        Obama won because more clueless idiots showed up to the poles to vote for him. He did NOTHING to prove that he’d be a capable president and has done NOTHING since getting elected. BS speeches do NOT a good president make!

      • Psaltseller

        I’ve seen President Obama do an hour of Q&A without notes (and no teleprompter) on two separate occasions. His communications staff features the least used bunch of speechwriters since FDR. BUt does it matter? Members of the Republic Party would complain if President Obama made it rain silver dollars on their front lawns.

      • RA

        Gosh there is really nothing sadder than bitter Republicans. Must be hard passing around that one brain cell among you.

    • a/c

      Oh…he resurrected Nixon’s career in 1964. That must’ve worked out well for him.

      • mel

        It did, he eventually went on to become president.

      • Paul

        greatest president in modern times

      • Chris

        The point is that no matter who’s resurrecting someone’s career, you won’t be able the change that person. Hey, my Mom (who’s Black and typically votes Democrat) liked Nixon, but the guy ended up beating himself. Like it or not, he’s known as being a disgraced ex-President more than anything. Anyone ignoring this is in denial.

    • robert

      So you think Plouffe and Axelrod are the Archangels Michael and Gabriel? Two of the biggest political skanks on the current circuit.

    • Sandy

      Oh pleeeeze. Palin appeals to a certain type and they all turn out to yell and scream and threaten the rest of us but when it counts, at the ballot box, brains will win out. Ya gotta know how to read to pull that lil handle, ya betcha.

      • Chris

        “Ya gotta know how to read to pull that lil handle…”

        You obviously didn’t pay attention during the last Presidential election. Did you see any of the interviews with Obama supporters? Not only could they not read but they couldn’t form coherent sentences. Amazingly, they seemed fully capable of pulling that “lil handle”…some of them probably did it more than once.

      • Mark

        Sandy, What is it about her that scares you? Is it that she is beautiful,that she wear a skirt sometimes, that she has a marriage that works, is unafraid to talk about her faith in Christ? that she actally can identify with the people she speaks to? Is it that she has a child that has down syndrome? that she was such a popular leader in Alaska. What is it? Jealousy? Obama syndrome? What is it. I wish her to do well.

      • alegna

        Mark none of those things are scary but they also don’t qualify someone to be the president of the United Sataes of America. My mom has many of those qualityies so I agree maybe Palin is presidential material….president of a PTO.

    • Crit Van Tuyl

      We need Palin as president as much as we need pastors preying to protect our nation from witch doctors. If she were to win because of the bikini contest she would just quit when it got tough…

  • clifford Wicks

    , John Carpenter, but that was one of the best posts I’ve read.

  • Coralights

    Palin is Palin – there’s nothing I find likeable. Her voice annoys me – her wink annoys me – and most of all what she says annoys me. She is simply a very annoying individual – and a complete and utter phony. Oh and yes – she is comical. Very comical. I’m certain she reads a lot of comic books to keep up with the times.

    • Tim

      Cora”DIM”lights, I feel the same way about Al Gore! The differance is Al gave me several issues that could affect my wallet if things go Al’s way climate change BS.

      • LR

        ha!ah yes,our wonderful’global warming’,hmm, must be why we are having the blizzards and lake effects,,,this WH is full of scammers and felons.

    • LH

      I find her to be very likeable and not at all unintelligent. I don’t know whether she reads comic books or not but who cares.

  • kevin k.

    this is exactly why i don’t watch conan anymore. he totally lost his edge and is doing generic comedy aimed at the masses. at least if she were on dave, he would grill her on all the idiotic things she says, lust like limbaugh and o’reilly. and it has nothing to do with politics– she’s a moron.

    • Seth

      LOL yes, Dave would do SUCH a great job of grilling her and showing his objectivity…showing his concern for the country and true spirited debate…at which point he’d THEN turn into his usual sniveling, drooling, idiotic self and drop to his knees in a heartbeat so he could pucker up and kiss Obama’s butt some more, to prove what a good lap dog he actually is!

      • kevin k.

        i didn’t say dave would be objective– i don’t expect him to be. he’s not dan rather or brian williams after all.

        and besides, i don’t give a crap about palin’s politics (i thought mccain was actually a good candidate), but i do care that she’s a moron, and that she’s so popular because people “like” her, and seem to be “inspired” by her, no matter how much of a fool she makes of herself when it comes to actually knowing something about the world and it’s politics.

        i like that dave doesn’t call these people out on their politics, but on their methods and tactics. it’s not that they’re right-wing or republican, it’s that they’re cynical and manipulative– they’ll say anything (lie) to rile up their base. and that’s about as dishonest as you can get.

  • kevin k.

    this is exactly why this country is going down the crapper. we accept everyone as legitimate, no matter how much of a moron, or douchebag, or braindead slut they are. for some reason america is fascinated with these wastes of space (palin, adam lambert, paris hilton, tyra banks– i could just go on and on), and i just don’t get it. what happened to having standards?

    harlan ellison said it best: “you are not entitled to your opinion, you are entitled to your informed opinion.”

    • jamie

      however you feel about her poltics, i think its unfair to group her with the likes of paris hilton and tyra banks. palin inspires alot of people, and she does seem to really care about her family.

      • zxxc

        paris hilton and tyra banks don’t care about their families? how do you know how caring these women are?

        you should continue to stay out of politics and just watch talk shows.

      • kevin k.

        well, i’d like to know what she “inspires” them to do? certainly not learn about the world around them, judging by the interviews i’ve seen with people who’ve attended her book-signings. none of them knew anything about what she stood for, but they still said they would vote for her, and seemed very “inspired” by her.

        i’m not saying they have to become political experts or anything, but there’s seems to be this willful ignorance that follows her around, and that she herself has. it’s like she’s proud that she doesn’t know about this stuff. would you let some guy do your taxes just because he seemed “real” or “likable”, but didn’t seem to know too much about accounting, and maybe not even as much as you yourself knew?

        and my mom LOVES her family, but i certainly don’t think she’s even close to being qualified to be president (but she’d probably write a better book than palin).

        anyway, i feel totally comfortable grouping sarah palin in with those people– she’s a media sensation, and nothing more.

    • Seth

      You’re right — we do accept anyone as legitimate. That’s why the public was duped into electing a former cocaine-sniffing, slick talking but empty suited, used car salesman to become President. All because the media decided to NOT do its job, and instead convinced people it would make you “feel good” and you could “prove you’re not racist” if pulled the lever a certain way and finally elected a black president. But now that America has woken up to double digit unemployment, a sinking dollar, and a deficit that has literally QUINTUPLED under Obama, it’s nice to know we’ll have people like Palin around in 2010 and 2012 to get this country back on track. GO SARAH!!!

      • fff

        you are insane

      • at

        Up until the racist part I thought you were talking about GWB.

      • Heidi

        Totally agree with at – I thought you were talking about George W too! p.s. GW the car salesman frat boy got us into this mess, how soon we forget.

      • Missy

        Funny, up until the racist part, I thought you were talking about Reagan.

      • Sandy

        Only an idiot would think whats happened to the economy happened after Jan,09. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was our downfall. It took exactly two terms to bankrupt the country and its citizens,make the rich guys’ wildest dreams come true, and get us into two never ending wars.

      • Psaltseller

        >>>>>Up until the racist part I thought you were talking about GWB.<<<<

        Actually, it fits President Bush II better than President Obama.

        Now how it is that the Dittoheads are so worked up about a many-times repeated birth certificate, and never squawked about the records related to President Bush II's last three years in the Texas Guard?

      • pk

        Sandy, you are incorrect. This economic disaster started under Carter with legislation that forced banks to make high risk loans to “the poor” and was greatly expanded under Clinton. Clinton assuaged the fears of the mortgage lending institutions Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by having those loans insured with OUR tax money. Then they became GOVERNMENT lending institutions. Because there was no more risk involved, these banks made loans to people they knew would not pay them. WE payed them. It got so wild, even Clinton suggested regulations, but did nothing. After Bush became President, he tried to enact regulations MANY times, but was thwarted by DEMOCRATS, especially Barney Frank, who was head of the congressional committee that oversaw these lending institutions (and whose boyfriend was making a killing as head of Freddie Mac). Bush was of course called a racist, he was only for the rich, blah, blah, blah. A big player in this mess is ACORN, with which Obama has a huge history. Also, as a senator, BHO cast a vote against regulations (one of the few times he actually voted. I guess he was too busy promoting himself on Oprah. In any case, he wouldn’t want to leave much of a paper trail. Harder to fool us.) It’s, of course, much more complex than I can explain. If you don’t want to research this stuff yourself ( I don’t mean to offend, but you’re obviously very ignorant on this subject, willfully so, along with all the other Bush Derangement Syndrome/Obama Messiah lefties) then just ask yourself this: Why has there has been no investigation into this disaster that has ruined so many lives, or even a mention of having one, especially if it was Bush’s fault (or capitalism’s fault, for that matter)? Because Obama is president, that’s why. Instead, he and Nancy Pelosi publicly, and very self-righteously, called for an investigation of the CIA because they dripped water on the faces of 3 terrorists who had the “nobility” and “courage” to murder 3,000 INNOCENT US citizens in the course of defending their faith, the very foundation of which includes old men flopping away on top of nine year old, sexually mutilated girls. Did you notice how that all faded away when it came to light that Nancy, as head of some congressional committee that oversaw this sort of thing, had known this “torture” might take place and was fine with it? I guess she didn’t think there was a record of it anywhere.

      • hip hop

        That’s funny, up until the racist comment I thought you were talking about Clinton.

      • GinaBallerina

        Thanks for taking the time to explain that pk. A voice of reason, FINALLY. I wish there were more like you!

    • Steve851

      And I thought he was talking about Obama

      • kevin k.

        i’m a racist, and i STILL voted for obama!

        anyway, i’m sure you understand that the current financial crisis didn’t begin in this past year, but in the previous EIGHT years?

        and, you do realize that deficits historically go DOWN under democratic rule, and go UP during republican rule, right?

        i mean, i hope i don’t confuse you with things like “history” or “facts”.

  • Morphyous

    Conan, you just lost a viewer . I cannot believe you had Palin on your show. What a bunch of fools you talk show hosts are. Does any one have integrity anymore. I guess Letterman is the only one with the courage of his convictions. Loser Conan .

    • raquel

      you extreme leftist are SUCH over dramatic hypocrites

      it would be entertaining if it wasn’t so pathetic.
      and p.s i cant believe you would use letterman and intergity in the same paragraph.

    • jess

      I like that he doesn’t just go one-sided. I’m not the hugest Palin fan either but I don’t think having her on the show was such a disaster.

    • Wow

      So you can only handle the echo chamber of ideas and humor?

      How boring!

    • Sandra

      Integrity???? Look @ the potus. He sure does not have it either

  • ty


    People are so funny and predictable.

    Actually getting freaking angry when Palin goes on Conan and does a quick tongue in cheek routine.

    Instead of appreciating that palin has a sense of humor people actually get so crazy and irrational.

    Let me clue you people in on something. Palin is not the anti-christ. As far as politicions are concerned she is not that bad. If you disagree with her politics that’s fine but going on a MB and getting so upset about a 2 minute appearance that drove you to post that you will not watch Conan or that Palin is a brain dead slut is more of an indictment on your own class and intelligence than Palins.

    Class it up left wing nuts.

  • natasha

    god, what is she, an untouchable? don’t have to agree with her politics or even like her. but lets not get carried away here.

  • Nathan

    John Carpenter could not have said it any better.

    • C

      …which is why it’s sooooo depressing. Remember how the idea of democracy and a free public education was so that we selected our leaders based on dialogue, comptency, and having a great understanding of the issues ourselves? Now it’s all about selling yourself on talk shows (They all do it), appearing likable, and having good sound bites. No wonder the people who should be in charge don’t want to do it. (Except for John Tester!)

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