'Real Housewives of D.C.' wannabes crash real White House party: Reality TV goes too far again?

It’s being reported that a couple being considered for Bravo’s upcoming Real Housewives of D.C. crashed a state dinner at the White House on Tuesday night. Michaele and Tareq Salahi, a Virginia couple, got past multiple security points to hobnob with Vice President Biden and other government officials.

According to The New York Times, Bravo has been filming the couple as possible “personalities” for its Real Houseves of D.C. series, the latest in its Housewives franchise.

Guess who’s going to interview the couple on Monday night? You got it: the Salahis will be on Larry King Live. Their quest for fame is already paying off!

Let’s see, non-creative people desperate to be on TV cause media stir: Sounds a little like the “balloon boy” incident, doesn’t it?

These two well-dressed loony-birds don’t seem to have intended any harm to anyone at the White House party, other than destroying some of their own brain cells in their addled yearning for fame.

But can we start agreeing that reality TV has gone too far? And that if people trying to “audition” for junk like the Real Housewives shows can do this, there’s a possibility that less benign, more dangerous people are going to start pulling stunts that can’t be dismissed as trivial or laughable?

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  • Jane

    It’s despicable Bravo continues exploiting people’s asinine need for fame and attention. This is why we had Balloon Boy and now the Crashers.

    • x

      What a bumper crop of LOSERS reality tv has harvested!!!!!!

  • Menchy

    Maybe instead of filming this bogus DC series, they should focus on making season 2 of the (far superior) Real Housewives of New Jersey. I want some table flipping drama in my life…

    • mememoi

      The idea of the word “superior” being associated with any of the Housewives series is completely laughable.

      • Diggity

        shut up mememoi

      • alex

        well said Diggity.
        i find that when you follow up a funny, articulate insult with “shut up”, it’s quite effective. kudos sir.

      • Diggity

        mememoi’s insult was funny and articulate? That said, I’m rubber and you’re glue.

      • donna

        I agree with mememoi. How can you call that show anything but garbage. They glorify these rude, disrespectful people just because they have social status in their towns. They teach the youth of today to disrespect themselves, others and their family’s all in the name of TV. They have affairs and ruin their children all in the name of ratings.

        Yeah, that is “superior”. I would have to say that you, along with everyone on those shows is the problem with our society. We are no longer a society with morals and values but rather a shock craving, blood lusting, no value society. It is shamefull.

      • Menchy

        Well true, in comparison to other shows. However, in the Housewives series (which really is nothing more than a guilty pleasure) the NJ one was by far the best, and inspired the least amount of white house party crashing…

    • mark

      ha ha ha!!!! very funny!

  • motmar

    housebimbo show is deplorable

  • Munz

    I find it interesting that security measures are so high at the airports (I have to take off my freaking SHOES to get on a plane!) yet two nobodies, soon to be has-beens, are able to waltz into the White House just because they’re dressed nicely? Hmm. Ridiculous.

    • maggie25

      I don’t want to be too much of a stickler here, but if they’re nobodies, then how can they ever be has-beens?

      • Domino

        He said “soon to be has beens”. Reading is your friend.

    • Baco Noir

      Thank God these idiots figured this out and did what they did before somebody with a real hate on did it and did some real damage. Now at least the Secret Service will step it up.

  • graeme

    Larry King should be ashamed. They should be arrested.

    • Mark

      I don’t know. You can call them stupid but, on the other hand, no one else actively flouted the Secret Service and got into the party. It’s weird, but I kind of have to give them kudos for being able to pull it off. And if it’s for attention… well, I actually kind of think it’s a more interesting way to get it than average fame-grabbing methods, so I have no problem with them reaping the rewards for this. It’s not as boring as the “balloon boy” story, and it’s not as desperate and boring as the Jon and Kate thing.

      Then again, I’m also not going to be prone to follow them at all after this, so I’m probably not the target audience that’s being appealed to anyway. But I do find the indignation… silly. And taking itself way too seriously. (That said, indignation about why the Secret Service is so apparently incompetent may well be warranted.)

  • Secular Friend

    They ARE making a second season of NJ. And how do you know that NJ is superior to DC when you haven’t even seen DC yet?

    I’m not defending them, but they’re not nobodies. In DC society, they do have a decent amount of social clout.

  • Guest

    A number one example of what’s wrong with America today!

  • Guest

    If the media would, including you Ken Tucker, quit giving these people their 15 minutes, they would go away and quit trying these stunts for fame!

    • Johnny

      What I have been saying all along. I find it laughable that Ken Tucker is so disgusted with this couple but yet he writes about Jon & Kate every single week and wrote numerous posts about the balloon boy family.

  • jenny jones

    I am guilty of giving way too much of my time and brain cells to the “Housewives” shows (and reality shows in general.) I think I’ve had enough. People will do ANYTHING to be on a reality show and reality producers will SHOW anything–cheap to produce and constant “controversy” is free advertising. As a country, are we really THIS stupid to be “entertained” by watching other people do nothing of value or talent? Pulling off wigs, going shopping, flipping tables while telling someone ELSE how trashy she is? PLEASE. Can we please stand up for ourselves and say no more–don’t watch 20 shows interviewing these people who are trying to get on a reality show. Don’t encourage produces to make the lowest form of crap tv. We are the problem but also the solution.

    • natalie

      I agree. These shows will stop being made when people stop watching them. And the idea that they are even “reality” at this point is laughable. Most of these shows are anything but. Take the Housewives for example, would the women be acting as ridiculous if cameras weren’t around? And don’t even get me started in The Hills.

      We might as well be watching Passions, that terrible soap that was cancelled recently…because we’re watching acting…terrible acting.

  • Al

    I guess having an Arabic name doesn’t always single you out for extra scrutiny at security checkpoints.

    • Mark

      Hey! That might be the pleasant take-away message out of all of this.

  • rey

    dont forget octomom. she played with nature, her health and the well being of her already born kids in the hope of getting her own show.

  • Heather Feather

    Media rewards bad behavior. It’s as simple as that and the fame hungry know it.

  • jess

    Ugh these people are so pathetic. How is being a wannabe better than being a nobody? Now the entire country think these two are losers. Going to be a fun 15 minutes you D-bags.

  • Peggy

    I am hoping that Bravo does not give these people the time of day. If they do, more people will be encouraged to pull stupid stunts. On the other hand, it’s easy to see that security wasn’t as tight as it should’ve been.

  • donna

    I have stopped watching Bravo and TLC all-together because of this sort of thing. They have people breaking laws, neglecting children and treating others with such horrible behavior it is disgusting, all in the name of the almighty buck. Neither channel is worth anything anymore.

    • darclyte

      Top Chef is still on Bravo, and it’s great! Kathy Griffin is ok too. The rest is BLARF!

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