'Jon & Kate Plus 8' series-finale recap: Why (some of us) (used to) love this show

“I feel like it’s been taken from us, from me and the kids.” Kate Gosselin was talking about Jon & Kate Plus Eight, the TV series that ended this week after five seasons due to the disagreements between Jon and Kate. The hour mixed direct-to-camera, separate interviews with Kate (“The kids are already missing [the show]”) and Jon (“I became more educated about myself… I felt like I was free [after the separation]”).

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The last edition followed its now-usual format: separate activities with each parent. Kate took the kids to an organic farm where cows were milked. Jon organized a lemonade stand to raise money for the local fire department. In a repulsive moment that typified why this series had to end, the older kids, twins Mady and Cara, started bickering and complaining as they worked on signs for the lemonade stand. One of them whined, “I like stuff we do with Mommy.” Jon, as though stung by this, immediately snapped, “Alright, you’re gonna go into the house. Both of you… You’re unappreciative.” Only the sextuplets were allowed to go to the firehouse and sell lemonade. The punishment didn’t fit the crime.

At one point, the fireman raised a truck ladder high into the sky and we heard one of those comments that used to make Jon & Kate such a pleasure. As the ladder rose, one of the kids chirped to a fireman, “You’re gonna hurt the birds!”

Many of you have asked why I continued to write about this show week after week. First, let’s be honest: It’s partly because so many of you wanted to talk about it in the Comments section. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the Gosselins inspired a lot of response.

But there’s another reason. I started watching the show during its first season. I was just a casual viewer; the series didn’t have a season pass on my DVR. But if I was home or in a hotel room and an episode came on, I’d find that I’d always end up watching the entire thing, because the series was (hard as this is to believe now) completely charming. I remember most of the episodes they showed this last night in a quick montage, whether it was family movie-night, or the clan’s once-annual walk to the local Fourth of July parade, the little ones waddling along behind Jon and Kate like ducklings. The kids were adorable and funny, and the interactions between Jon and Kate seemed unguarded, fresh, often amusing, and sometimes provocative.

Provocative because Kate’s strict rules about order, discipline, cleanliness, and healthy nutrition sometimes smacked into Jon’s more laid-back, what-did-I-get-myself-into attitude. But the yelling and the bickering was always the exception, not the rule.

I would guess that the majority of those of you who’ve written negative comments about Jon & Kate here only started watching less than a year ago, after the episode in which Jon and Kate renewed their marriage vows in Hawaii. You’d probably read something that was just starting to emerge on-camera: the fighting was more intense, it was bitter. It was reality TV that wasn’t a goof or a lark; these weren’t (yet) wealthy celebrities; these weren’t zonked-out, pampered pop stars, or spoiled-brat L.A. or Manhattan twerps. These were suburban parents trying to come to terms with the dissolution of their union and their sudden fame as tabloid figures.

All that stuff ruined Jon & Kate Plus Eight. Some old-faithful viewers dropped out in disgust. But I and many, many people who were charmed by the initial seasons couldn’t help but see it through to the end. Think of it like, oh, like being a fan of Heroes — there’s a chunk of its audience that’s hanging in there, because those viewers feel they’ve put in the time and want to see how it ends.

Well, this week, we saw how Jon & Kate Plus Eight ends. Parents in separate places, justifying their behavior, when they should be worried about just one thing:

Whether or not they’re going to hurt the kids — hurt those “little birds.”

Please feel free to comment on the finale, or offer your general feelings about Jon & Kate Plus Eight. Thanks.

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  • Jane

    Aw, Ken, you’re such a big softie.

    • HaHaHa

      “It all started when Kate came home with this ridiculous hairdo….”

      • Sydney

        I will miss this show I really enjoyed the earlier episodes. Watching them go through a divorce was painful.I REALLY hope the show comes back Kate plus eight.My children and I used to think Jon was a good DAD even they cant stand to hear him talk. I believe he ruined a great opportunity for his children just to get back at Kate, So sad! :(

      • @#$%^&*

        don’t blame it on the hairdo!what did u say when u saw her????”YOU’RE HOT!”don’t u remember that????what’s the hairdo got to do your change of heart?blame your self!you vowed to love her thru sick and thin,in richer or poorer…you even renewed your vows!it came out from your mouth:::YOU FELT FREE AFTER THE SEPARATION!!!!MEANING:::YOU WANTED IT ALL ALONG!!!YOU JUST WAITED TO BE FAMOUS!!!hahahaha…you learned a lot from what happened???….you were saying?????…..GROW UP!!!

      • Angela

        LOL…I know, just having to look daily at her idiotic 70’s rehash Flock of Seagulls ‘Do would be enough to drive any family apart…

      • Y

        Calm down, you God-damned psychotic babboon.

      • Khristina

        Y… LMFAO


      • tom

        wow that just say it there

    • Deb

      I hope they will bring back Kate +8. I loved the kids and Jon made a mess of things by pulling his stunt! Hopefully TLC will be able to finish what they started.

      • Heidi

        I think the children may, in the short term, miss the show because its fun and exciting to have crew and people keeping their mom and all the kids in as good a mood as possible. They get to do alot of cool things.
        They will benefit in the long term from enjoying the simple pleasures of coming home after school and just doing their homework, taking their piano lessons, going to Brownies, playing simple games together, exploring their beautiful property or chilling in front of the TV or computer. Being kids. Not child stars.
        Mom needs to help them do this by being a happy person, not someone with her knickers in a bitter knot because Jon pulled the plug on the show. Good parenting. If Kate is really the adult here, then she needs to prove it by moving forward in happiness and joy with her children. She needs to stop making those kinds of statements YESTERDAY and stop badmouthing Jon. Their lives are not over just because the show is. Spouses who badmouth each other just make life stressful for their children.

      • 67tilforever

        I hope they all go away FOREVER! Give the kids a chance to have as normal a childhood as they possibly could have. Nothing is really ever free and John & Kate,with their children making the ultimate sacrifice, learned this the hard way.

      • judy

        i wish Kate and the kids could still come back.i think maybe they could.

    • Stefanie

      I’m a little late but I just wanted to say that I watched Jon and Kate for a very long time. I loved the show and the “little kids” as we would call the show. I feel the pain that that family goes through and it makes me sad to see them go.

  • Claire

    Most of the haters who flock to post on articles like this are just unhappy, dissatisfied people who thrive on confrontation and nastiness. If they weren’t picking on Kate (or Jon) they’d be ragging on and arguing about somebody else. Too bad they don’t take into consideration that ultimately they are hurting the kids who will someday read their garbage online.
    Thanks for being brave enough to state what you really think about the Gosselins, and for being thick-skinned enough to ignore the haters. Cheers!

    • Melanie

      so, what exactly do you call people who find child exploitation entertainment?? get yourself a hobby and stop relying on these poor children to fill whatever hole in your life they are filling. They are not on this earth to provide entertainment for you.

      • Matt

        Trust me, Melanie. It’s not the kids I watch it for.

      • Rush

        I sincerely doubt that in 13 years those kids are going to be scanning the net for archived articles so they can read the comments that people left about the show they were on when they were five.

      • Laurin

        So.. if that’s the case only adults should be in TV shows. Forget Sesame Street or any of the “family” shows on. Or do you just pick and choose what is entertainment?

      • Regina

        No one said they were for entertainment! Apparently you watched the show to leave a comment so does that mean they were for your entertainment to? I’m sure if your were approched with that type of offer with that many kids to support your attitude would be much different. Don’t judge these people for caring for their children and giving them a life that otherwise they would never have!

      • Alan

        So would you like ban anyone under 18 from being on TV? What about child actors? You could argue that they are not old enough to make a conscious decision to act, either. So essentially you want to ban every human being under 18 from being on TV. How many shows would that leave?

      • Alan

        There are lots of kids on TV. What about the kids on Supernanny? Intervention? Hoarders? Wife Swap? 18 Kids and Counting? etc etc. What about child actors on sitcoms who maybe don’t really want to be there but are pushed into it by pushy stage moms? Either you want to ban all kids from TV, or you don’t.

        What shows are you watching? PBS documentaries? Who are you to judge someone for watching this show or another?

        The show is over.No need to be so high and mighty anymore. Get off your high horse.

        I wish the family well.

    • Chappel

      Thank you for your informed psychological profiling. Here’s your nickel. ¢¢¢¢¢

      • GoddessLu

        A nickel, a shiny new nickel, how I love to hear it clanging in my can! love, Dr. Van Pelt

    • tamnk

      People prove they have no life if they are captivated by these two (gosselins). I SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!

      • Chris Stevens

        So that would make you a “NO-LIFER” then. The fact that you took a minute of your life to post a comment. Such a hypocrite.

      • tamnk

        dear chris, the above comment was meant for people like you who defend gosselin greed and selfishness. I SPEAK THE TRUTH AGAIN!!! hahahaha

      • John

        And another minute goes by while you continue to prove his point.

      • tamnk

        2 minutes of my life wasted on sad reality tv!!! 1 minute for John. I SPEAK THE TRUTH AGAIN!!! hahhaha

      • tamnk

        wait, i miscounted..now 4 minutes of my life is spent on this!!! AAAAHHHHH….I SPEAK THE TRUTH!!! Maybe for the last time, wait…maybe not..need to wait for John’s putdowns.

    • Alan

      You’re so right, Ken. These haters are people who only know about Jon & Kate from what they see on the cover of supermarket tabloids. Most of them only started watching since things went wrong. But some of us have watched since the early days and we can put things way better into perspective. I wish them all well.

      • GGG

        I too, was one of the faithful watchers from the beginning. They are a sweet family who had a small show on a small cable channel. Not greedy, not exploiters of their children – just two people trying to do the best they could. I too wish them well. Their children are beautiful and normal. Good Luck Gossleins!

    • eileen

      Claire, you are so right. The haters hate everything and every one including themselves. Here they can post their hate and spew their venom. Spew on, WE don’t care about you, your hatred or your ignorance. Kate is doing a great job without Jon. Maybe she can find someone much better for her when the children are a tad older… Right ON KATE!

    • Dale

      I think that the show was cute and enjoyable, but the last few episodes were so terrible. i feel bad for the children because they really are not going to understand why their parents split or why something that has been a huge part of their lives for the last few years has now disappeared. i think Jon and Kate need to think of whats best for the children and at this point they need stablilty and thanks to Jon they have lost that.

    • hannah

      Some people don’t know how to face reality. Reality doesn’t happen with TV cameras and sound equipment following you around.

    • Lara

      Exactly what orifice are you pulling this nonsense out of?

    • lucydog33

      I so disagree with you. my hatred of kate has nothing to do with how i feel about myself or society. i hate this woman because she is a liar and a manipulator who somehow misunderstood that the job she put on her children was actually her “job.”

  • lina

    i honestly love this family and will miss them so much. i was sobbing by the end and havent stopped. the old episodes were funny, real, inspirational, and and always put me in a good mood. im sad to see it go

    • Deb

      In all of this, what is sad is that a marriage has ended and 8 children will be shuffled between parents. Regardless of how people feel about this family this is a sad situation for all involved.

      • Trudie

        I honestly don’t think the children will be shuffled. Jon was pretty clear that he is fine with being an absentee father.

      • Elle

        I feel sorry for Kate who now has to share her children on every holiday and trust the Jon will take as good of care of them as she would. Not to mention having Jons bimbos in her childrens lives. You lose all control when you get a divorce. Even your own parenting style changes because you dont want to always be the bad guy because the Dad & girlfriend get to be fun and wreckless while the Mom say’s no because THAT is what makes good kids disipline. The shuffling just makes more work and hurts the children. Soo So Sad. I feel for Kate not just the kids.

      • Jackie

        What’s sad is that what was once a ‘happy family’, living in THEIR normal circumstances, is now OVER! As so many ‘caught off guard’ spouses will tell you!

      • Kizzy

        Don’t worry, the “bimbos” won’t be around for “8” children. It will take a woman with substance to be able to put up with Jon and his eight kids!!

    • BlackIrish4094

      You were sobbing? Now that’s f*cking pathetic…

      • Alan

        And you’re the pinnacle of class. Swearing at someone you don’t know and posting on a message board for a show you clearly don’t like? Talk about being f*cking pathetic!!

      • BlackIrish4094

        Why do you assume I don’t like the show because i think it’s f*cking pathetic she was “sobbing”? It’s a TV show the fact someone would take it to that emotional degree is indeed, IMO, pathetic. Too bad my choice of words f*cking offended you, lol.

      • marnie

        she is crying because she has just had the bank door, and her window to fame, closed in her face.

    • Laurin

      Lina, Me too!!!!

      • BlackIrish4094

        Do you people watch the news? There are a lot more people in the world who deserve your empathy or your tears than these fame obsessed wh0res.

      • John

        Why do you care what they think? Troll.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Right, I’m the troll for suggesting people should care more about tragedies in the world than this TV family. Love the show all you want but some perspective is called for. Can you call me ogre instead, I love Shrek!!!

    • peggy

      Sobbing???????????? oh for petes’s sake, get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • George

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  • Maria Loi

    I wish we could see more of the kids and their parents, Jon and Kate.

  • Cato

    I watched and found myself in tears at the end. I remembered why as you I enjoyed watching and was further saddened to see how Jon has changed. He seemed happy before and now he just seems self absorbed and resentful. I hope he does keep his word about the kids but he is turning more and more into a mini Michael Lohan

    • Kristina

      Agreed. Seeing the clips of the family looking happy and smiling and Kate and Jon getting along were a nice sight.

      I do believe that the stress of the show and raising eight kids got to them, which caused the bickering the divorce. Or they could have been two different people from the start. Now, I haven’t been the most accepting of Kate’s attitude, but it is nice to see her coming out of the situation on top. She truly did make me have a little more respect than I had before.

      • BlackIrish4094

        If she made you have more respect for her that only exposes what a terrible judge of people you are.

      • Grace

        What ever happened to for better or worse hard times are no reason to get a divorce. Jon is a weenie and will totally regret this for the rest of his life!

      • Kristina

        BlackIrish, she’s not someone I consider a hero, I’m just saying, girl has had it rough, I respect her for sticking to her guns and continuing with the show and not pulling silly stunts.

      • Julie

        Well said Kristina. I completely agree. Jon = schmuck Kate = class

      • BlackIrish4094

        Still disagree but a reasonable distinction.

    • Sherry

      YES! I haven’t really taken sides because I thought they both displayed some jerky behavior. But Jon was awful last night and Kate really seems to be trying to make positive changes. Jon has A LOT of growing up to do. I know teenagers more mature than he seemed last night. I feel very sad for the kids.

  • Anna

    I’ve only seen about half an episode since this Jon and Kate drama started. I watched most of this last episode and I couldn’t believe what a douche Jon was! The worst was “well the kids got to play on the fire truck, while *I* had to sweat in the heat and sell lemonade”. Everything seemed to ALWAYS be about him. And that t-shirt he was wearing? What a loser.

    • Laurin

      Notice it was all about him.” I felt Free” “I grew up” …I I I I
      Ugh!!!! Just sickening

      • Nikki

        You are so right.I use to feel sorry for him but,now he makes me sick.

      • Julie

        Jon only solidified everyone’s opinion. His reaction to the twins was horribly inappropriate. Situations such as this – THIS will hurt the children.

    • Rona

      You are so right. Jon showed last night that he is very happy just seeing the kids part time-actually 3 hours away from his apartment in NY-he loves his freedom now and will be free to have his own life, as immature as it may be. He was never mature enough to cope both financially an emotionally with such a large family at such a young age, as he himself admitted, and definitely has a case of arrested development. Good luck to Kate. Maybe one day she will find someone to be with who is on her same emotionally mature level.

    • jodi

      i saw the tshirt….i’m surprised that there are not more comments on it. ya think jon was making a statement? or didn’t realize what shirt he was wearing that day?

    • gayle

      I certainly agree with you about jon’s t-shirt,what a loser. It’s hard to believe that he says everything is for his kids.I find that very hard to believe.

  • Avelle

    You’ve very eloquently put into words what I suspect many of us have been feeling, but just not quite able to articulate. My history with the show is much the same as yours although I have to say, I have watched less this past year than I ever have because it was all just so SAD. But I started to feel uncomfortable long before the paparazzi and long before the public break down of Jon and Kate’s marriage. It was a bit like being at friend’s for dinner when a little spat and tense words between your hosts makes you want to plug your ears and sing “I can’t hearrrrr you!”. You know that very uncomfortable feeling that I am talking about? Well, I started having that very early in the show when Kate would say things to Jon that IMO, demonstrated a real lack of respect for the man. Honestly, I would get that same ‘wish I wasn’t there’ feeling and truly be embarrassed for HIM. So I came to not like her very much and she is the reason I watched less over the past year or two. That being said, I have respect for her, for how she’s handled the past year, for how she’s coped with being mother to 8. And I am not so sure that I wouldn’t be a snarky *itch walking in her shoes.

    Now I feel sorry for both of them, chances are that show or no show, their marriage would have ended (they were statistically doomed). And I have a gut feeling that we are far from having seen the end of Kate Gosselin.

    • mkmac

      You said it exactly, Avelle. In the beginning I was drawn into the show whenever I’d catch it on. For awhile, I even made an effort to catch it. But when the bickering and mean words began, I just couldn’t watch. Jon does seem a lot like a little child. He needs to just grow up. Kate is probably quite difficult to live with. But I never doubted she loved her kids. I’ll miss the old show… but hope they soon are no longer in the “news”.

    • Janig

      Why does everyone blame Jon? Kate is just as much at fault! Her constant carping and tears and tearing Jon to shreds is deplorable. He was no saint, but if I were treated like he was on national t.v. I believe I would go crazy too. They are both to blame for the destruction of this marriage and the destroy a family of 8 children!

  • loyalfanthruitall

    i just got done watching the final episode, and have yet to come to terms. for this to be the final episode, when i first began watchin 3 episodes into the 1st season, even so early i could not imagine an ending. i agree with kate, its too soon. this was not just mere entertainment, but a how to guide in parenting. these parents were brave enough to broadcast their parenting skills in its truest form. yes kate was more aggressive and jon more passive, and that may have been the down fall to their marriage. but in my honest opinion… jon needed to grow a pair. no wonder where cara gets her ” bottle it up till it blows” . im going to miss these kids sooo much, i wish i could meet this family just once, just spend a day with these very special children who have no idea how many ppl they dont know truly love them… i am one of them…. i love u little gosselins, and kate..keep it going, regardless of the pap. are saying, your doing a great job, and thats bc your doing your best.

    • JRE

      “im going to miss these kids sooo much, i wish i could meet this family just once, just spend a day with these very special children” And this is why the show should end, people feel “entitled” to these children. Like Ken, I wasn’t a faithful watcher, but did enjoy the first few seasons. But, I started feeling very uncomfortable with the idea of a child’s life being entertainment. I did some researching and learned of the Dionne Quints and that children in reality series don’t have the same protections as child actors or animals for that matter. The show went from a handful of shows a season to 50 episodes a season – two seasons a year. Those children deserve the right to childhood without the public privy to every move they make.

      • dewfen

        These children do have a childhood and more experiences than any typical child I know today. How many other kids out there have been able to do and see what these kids have experienced? They have learned so many things in their short lives. Seen so many wonders that most children their age – or older – never get to see. Yes, their privacy has been invaded but the joy I’ve seen on their faces when they get to experience a new wonder leads me to believe it just might not be so bad for us all to see this. I for one learned of new adventures that I never ever realized were out there. I too will miss seeing these children grow.

  • Lori

    Ken … bingo. Thank you. And my thanks to that family that charmed me time & time again; I’m sorry for what they’ve gone through and wish them well.

  • Rosemarie

    It’s sad what Jon did to his family. By saying he feels free he actually is saying the kids and family life were a burden to him. Well, he participated in the process of having the kids. Jon in this final episode as usual shows his colors of going through an early mid-life crisis. Its sad how he punishes Maddy and Kara rather than comfort them….its obvious he is letting his new stresses in life affect his parenting skills. Kate – is truly an amazing mom and woman.

    • Rush

      Maddy and Kara were relating their anger about the separation in that scene. But they were displaying it in an inappropriate way and Jon did not deal with it properly. It wasn’t wrong for him to punish them by not allowing them to go to the lemmonade sale, but what he should have done is not ignore their behavior and told them they had to behave or they wouldn’t be able to go. It was his ignoring them that pushed Maddy/Kara to make the “mommy is more fun comment” to get a rise out of her father, which worked.

      Jon apparently doesn’t know what to do with these kids. This is probably because for the entire relationship with Kate she planned everything. There’s nothing that makes me doubt that he loves his kids but it’s a little apparent that he doesn’t know how to express it and has no practice at spending time with them. They don’t want trips to the fishing pond or the fire station, and now without the show he doesn’t have to feel the need to put on these productions for the cameras. Hopefully now he can find the time to just *be* with his kids and be a part of their world.

      • V

        Jon isn’t interested in being with his children. He’d rather date someone else’s.

      • Sid

        Jon took the easy way out. Two less kids to parent. He doesn’t care he just cares hoe HE looks and didn’t want the world to see that his children resent him.

    • stacie

      Jon just had the cajones to say what ALOT of people feel.

    • phoebe

      What parenting skills?

  • carrie

    The show would probably still be on if Kate was not so MEAN to Jon. She treated him like a child..of course it didn’t work!

    • Anna

      Well, if it talks like a child and acts like a child then I could see why she would treat him like one. Thank goodness Kate got full custody so Jon can finally be “free” of his obligations

      • Greta

        If Jon would have stood up and been a man and taken on the responsibility of a husband and father it would have taken the burden off of Kate and she would not have started treating him the way she did. When she started to “blow up” at him all I saw was a woman desperate for a man to take his place as the “head of the family” so she could have taken her place instead of being both the man and woman in the relationship.

      • Debbie

        No, an adult doesn’t get treated like a child. No man needs a second mother, it doesn’t work. Believe me. I don’t agree with Jon’s decisions, but Kate needs to direct her strengths better. No one likes to be criticized, but less in public. I will truly miss them and wish they could have stayed together and worked it out. Honestly, I sure wish Kate would realize her mistakes. She is a good mother, but not great as her husband comes first, not the kids. Too late now.

      • Trudie

        I fully agree with Greta. If Jon had taken on more responsibility instead of being a 9th child, Kate wouldn’t have had to treat him like a child.

      • BlackIrish4094

        It’s shared custody.

      • Stimy

        I understand why Kate sometimes treated him like a child. She had little lives that depended on her. Thats a huge responsibility! She loved Jon but couldnt count on him for many things, so much more on her shoulders. Ok he always drove the car and took out the trash that was nice but SHE had the majority of the burden and handled it the best she could I think she is a great loving Mom.

      • Debbie

        No. He isn’t a child. An adult should not be treated like a child or they will continue to act like one. Don’t anyone of you know psychology or the Bible?

    • Carol

      Jon is like a 9th child with his little cutesy earrings. I think he is caught in a teenage time warp.

    • tulie

      PPL open your eyes john is a moron, he doesnt know what he is doing he is a man hore

  • Kristi

    I love Kate and the kids. Hopefully she’ll get a show of her own and can give us occassional updates about all 8 kids. It is really sad things happened the way they did. It will be interesting to see what happens if Jon stays with Haley Glassman. I don’t think Kate’s gonna let that fly. I don’t blame her at all.

    • Really?

      No way are those two going to stay together! She is just now getting a clue about who he really is and that he has no future. She will leave him probably already has. I cant believe he mentiond her name during the chair interview on the show last night. Thats going to come back and bite him on the butt.

  • K

    Im so sad that the show is over… the last 5 minutes were the saddest… just because the show is over does not mean that we have seen the last of Kate Gosselin

    • BlackIrish4094

      Unfortunately, you are probably right, that fame wh0re will still be around.

    • Anon

      You are right Irish. Kate is mostly unhappy since her path to fame is being blocked. She’ll continue to whore out her kids in any way she can.

  • ShockPoP08

    I honestly loved the show! I’m sad to see it go, not for Jon & Kate, but for those kids. They were so adorable and cute to watch. They made me feel like a kid again! I wish the whole family nothing but good fortunes and happy trails.

  • Trish

    I will miss this show! I have watched since the beginning or very close to it. It’s sad what happened. I believe those kids will miss the show. they are used to it.I wish them the best.
    Its just sad. My prayers are with them and if they came back id be in front of the TV again. They felt like family. I have my opinions, but most important i want to support Kate and all the kids.A trying time for all. God Bless!

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