In defense of Adam Lambert: As a TV event, he was splendid

I admire the way my colleague Michael Slezak has analyzed the shortcomings of Adam Lambert’s AMA performance. He writes like a first-rate music critic, breaking down the ways in which Lambert’s vocals, the show’s sound system, the song itself, and the over-the-top performance failed, from Michael’s point of view as an expert of the American Idol aesthetic.

I have to say, however, that as a TV viewer, I thought Lambert’s performance was a gas, a delight, a blast of brash vulgarity in the midst of merely ordinary vulgarity.

Lambert was an event unto himself. The song he was singing was beside the point — and the point was, “Here I am, Adam Lambert, freed from the shackles of American Idol, I’ll push this dancer’s face into my crotch if I feel like it, isn’t it funny to lead human beings around on leashes, and can you believe how high I got my hair to stand up under these lights?”

As a post-music pop star in the manner of Lady Gaga, music takes a back seat to spectacle. Lambert’s AMA climax wasn’t a commercial for his new album; it was, in the Norman Mailer phrase, an “advertisement for myself.” As he did on Idol, Lambert simultaneously connects himself to pop history (his look, demeanor, and his multiple vocal styles gather together Elvis, Elton, Labelle, Pin-Ups David Bowie, with a dash of Lou Reed circa Transformer and Rock N Roll Animal) and disconnects himself from any earlier tradition.

A day after the AMA broadcast, he’s all anyone wants to talk about, and his was the only performance worth considering in multiple ways. Conventional measures of “good” and “bad” went out the window for a few moments. Flouting convention: how rock & roll. Using TV instead of music as a way for a singer to maintain prominence: how pure pop.

Nice job, Lambert.

UPDATE: Barbara Walters and Elisabeth Hasselbeck just slammed Lambert on this morning’s The View (Elisabeth: “there was a sexual aggression there”). I repeat: Nice job, Lambert.

For more on Adam Lambert and the AMAs: Adam Lambert: Simulated fellatio, bikini-area snapping, and make-out sessions. But what about the vocals?

AMAs ’09: Best/Worst Performances

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  • momma bear

    Thank you, Ken Tucker! I completely agree

    • jay

      “As a post-music pop star in the manner of Lady Gaga”

      LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s see, Gaga is a songwriter, plays the piano, and she can sing, not shriek. Yes, she puts on amazing performances, but at the end of the day, it’s her music coming out of ipods, car stereos, clubs, NOT her image. Adam is a chubby queen.

      • Rach

        LOL. You act like you’re judging him on his talent and then conclude he’s a “chubby queen.”

        Wow, way to kill your credibility.

        Whatever, I love Adam and Gaga. More of them both would brighten my life and ipod :)

      • umm

        LOL everyone called Gaga all sorts of names from drag queen to fugly to plastic to untalented. She only proved herself after a while and yet she is still hated by millions. People think of her image before they do her voice or music. But she does not give a f-k. Adam is also polarizing but he couldn’t care less. He’s not aiming to win over everybody or be a pagent king.

        He is a songwriter and can hit every note on the guitar. Why do you think musical legends respect him?

        The sound mix WAS pitchy on TV but everyone inside the theatre reviwers included said it sounded and looked epic.

      • Jonas

        Not so fast Jay. I was around during Gaga’s early performances and let’s face it – she’s had like a year and a half of singing songs off her CD to get better. In fact, I’d say the only 2 GaGa performances that made me stand up and take notice were SNL and the AMA’s – she was awesome on both. But 98% of the other times I’ve watched her I felt the same was as watching Adam last night – that they are trying too hard. Sorry, but Adam will only get better.

      • Mark

        You know what, though? Jay has a point. When Gaga puts on a “provocative” performance (if that term must be used; I haven’t been truly provoked by a performance on these kind of shows yet), she does it *intelligently*, in a way that makes on think and wonder. Adam’s performance was like a lost, rebelling teenager without a clue. There’s a massive difference, one that Ken seems oblivious to.

      • shalotte

        Mark, I have to disagree that Adam’s performance was less thought-provoking (and not just because of the facile argument that it’s obviously provoking thought right now). In fact I think they were doing similarly interesting things last night. Gaga is interesting because she’s almost eschewing her sexuality — she’s not afraid to look ugly or grotesque — and Adam is interesting because he’s *refusing* to eschew his sexuality and is deliberately inviting the objectification that has been standard for female performers — actively asking the audience to look at him and find him desirable.

        In both cases, they’re refusing to cater to the standard straight male gaze that’s the default eye of mainstream media — that’s what underneath makes them feel dangerous and provoking. It’s not whether some particular dance move works, or whether a song stays on-key (though IMO one other virtue they share is a willingness to fall flat on their faces in the pursuit of taking a risk).

      • Amber

        Chubby queen?!? Really? I thought he looked svelt and sexy but whatever.

      • Alex

        Svelt? Seriously, I like Adam but he was looking anything **BUT** svelt last night….his face alone has gained 10lbs.

      • Nihilistic

        Svelte and sexy! Hahahahaaa! Oh lord, that’s rich. This kid is so fat even his double-chin has a double-chin! Svelte and sexy! He’s got a nice face though – but it would look a lot better on a NECK! Seriously though, he’s pretty good-looking, he’s just got this tiny blemish between his ears – his FACE! Bwahahahaa! Svelte and sexy OUT!

      • tejidoll

        what happen to it’s about the music, his song sucked and his performance seemed like a desperate attempt at “hey look over here!” i feel like ever since lady gaga came out everyone feels like they need to take it to the next level and go crazy, believe me there are plenty of people who just like people who can sing…i don’t need the spectacle!!

      • JLM

        Well so now Lady Gaga looks tame because the bad boy Adam showed some male sexuality – Wow!! The whole damn show was women grabbing their crotches, guys crotches, feeling themselves up etc. we seem to think all of that if just fine – It truly is a double standard!! Adam is a male – yikes!! Madonna kissed Britney tongue and all remember!! You go Adam time to shatter another bunch of narrow minded mindsets!! My only complaint is the sound sucked!! LOL :-)

      • Kel

        Well for the very most part I agree with you, EXCEPT for the comment Lambert’s figure. However, it remains to be seen if Lambert will enjoy mainstream success like my favorite Lady Gaga or disappear it more of an underground performance pop artist.

      • Chris

        you’re all wrong about this…he’s gonna be HUGE BECAUSE he did this! Just wait and see…America..ALWAYS plays the game!

      • HLF

        Gee, Jay – anti-gay, much? Instead of complaining about the music or performance, you resort to 5th grade name calling – how mature! I believe Adam was a victim of acoustics – he was not the only off-sounding performer last night. This was also his first major T.V. appearance on an award show – he wanted to wake people up at the end of a show where most people would probably be snoozing and he accomplished just that. He has everyone talking and that’s what he wanted as well. His album is fantastic and he is going to be around for a long time.

      • it’s about the MUSIC.

        Madonna and britney are MEGAstars. they have earned the right to be as raunchy as they want to be. Personally, I could care less that he kissed men on stage. I am all about that kind of freedom. What i disliked the fact was he sounded BAD. and I don’t buy TV mix. Every live singer who is doing a television show has to be heard through the television. They need to start acting like the boy has it all together and gassing him up so that he can grow as an artist.

    • Sally in Chicago

      I agree with Ken, although I didn’t like the performance and he’s not my type of entertainer….but he knew what he was doing. He could have hired another choreographer, but he’s pushing the envelope and wants to make sure you’re talking about HIM the next day.
      Besides folks, remember, Adam has been in show biz for 10 years…he’s no novice.
      Afterward he gave an interview with Access and pushed the envelope further by decrying “discrimination.” Smart.

      • Amy

        We all knew what Adam was doing, Sally. He was entertaining himself(not us). The performance was not cohesive and was a hot mess. He should care about these performances because the people who watch them are going to put the coins in his pockets. He needs to be kicked down a few pegs.

      • JAK

        I’M TALKIN TO YOU JAY!!!!!!!!!!

    • sandi

      This was just plain awful. The song was bad…the performance was horrific. He has claimed he doesn’t want to be a politician, but an entertainer? Who is trying to entertain? What happened tot he guy I enjoyed watching on Idol every week? If this is his new direction, I see him falling quickly. No interest anymore…and the worst performance of the entire evening. I won’t buy his cd or watch him anymmore. Next please.

      • Akemi

        Yes, we should all judge the album and his entire career on one performance. This totally makes sense. /sarcasm

      • karkar

        Yeah you’re right – except, the album leaked. And it blows.

        /not sarcasm

      • kav

        It was what it was. All acts r one was surprised but the TV audience that must not know that the network knew exactly what was going 2 happen. Check out his itunes sales! 7 & 10 on top sales today. Mission accomplished Adam..& the production was bad..not Adam. Master marketer..reminds me of Madonna in the 80’s! Burning crosses in the rocketed sales. Adam has done the same. Great job ensuring the best sales 4 his 1st album!

      • Errr…kav

        Adam’s album is at #7 and #10 because it’s available for download starting today – so all the folks who pre-ordered the album are DLing it.
        It’s NOT to #7 and #10 because of his performance.

      • Nihilistic

        My god, his music is downright AWFUL. It really is absolute dreck. How anyone could be a fan of this type of unrestrained mediocrity is beyond me. Let’s hope a big hole opens up in the earth and swallows this guy up very, very soon. Now THAT would be entertainment.

      • Sacia

        I completely agree with you. I was a HUGE Adam Lambert supporter…not anymore…I was disgusted by his performance and only watched the 2 hours of crap to see him…I hope this was a one-time only thing to draw attention to his new album…Adam, I am so sad!

      • Josie

        I was definately entertained. I was so tired of watching women strut their sexuality by the time Adam came on that he was a breath of fresh air!! What the heck folks it was just a choregraphed performance – Adam will do lots of different stuff and his album is great!!!

      • renee

        glad i don’t live in your world sandi. skipping i thought the sound system sucked pretty much all night, and the only performances that woke me up were jz/alicia, black eye peas, green day, lady gaga, carrie, keith, kelly, and eminem/fiddy … adam was amazing. great performance. definitely pushed the envelope even for me, but amazing performance. loved the song. loved the vocals.

      • ForVisiting

        I agree with you Sandi. He won’t have the longevity so he might as well enjoy all of it while he still can. IMO, he has alienated a lot of the fans that fell in love with him on AI. They were the ones that made everyone take notice of him in the first place. He is a bit of a hypocrite. He said he stayed true to himself on AI. He proved he is extremely talented but he is nothing like who he portrayed himself to be on AI. The real Adam Lambert has come out.

      • JAK


    • Ten Kucker

      LoL I knew Tucker would post his own spin on the subject, being he’s half(?) gay himself I can see him liking that horrible performance last night. Lemme guess your favorite moment, the picture at the top of the article no?

    • Alan

      So, all you need for a performance to be judged as good is that “everyone’s talking about it the next day”? Well, maybe Ozzy Osborne should appear and bite the head of a bat again? Or maybe the Dixie Chicks should strip down to bikinis and bathe in a wading pool on stage? Heck, people would talk about that! Maybe Loretta Lynn should shave her head bald on stage. People would be talking about that too! I don’t think that’s a valid argument. If people talk about how BAD and TERRIBLE something is, that’s your measure of success, just because people are talking about it? Well then, Mariah Carey’s Glitter album must have been a huge success, because it got tons of attention too (for the wrong reasons).

    • Gavin

      Oh yes! So provocative. Simulating having a guy give him a blow job on stage! What talent!

      • Josie

        Total overstatment!!!

    • Sydney

      Uh…no one is talking about A.L. he sucked! Sorry to his fans but it was embarrassing. Everone else at the awards think he’s a joke THEY all earned it, he is all hype! Unfortunatly Adam actually bought into his own hype, yikes! Train wreck!!!

      • steph

        No one is talking about ‘A.L.’ Sydney? you are talking about him right now in your post. idiot.

        I’m impressed you were able to personally speak to “everyone” at the awards to gain their opinion on Adam. Please, tell us all how you found such fame?

        people like you who think you can make a generalization on everyone’s opinion is sad. Get a clue.

    • Aunt Gokey

      I felt physically ill watching the Sultan of S-odomy up there onstage during a FAMILY-oriented broadcast.

      • JRE

        “family-oriented” as a descriptor for “AMAs” … now I’ve seen everything

      • Mike

        So you’d prefer your family watch Miley Cyrus pole dancing for you, thats appropriate for the family? These “award” shows are ALL crap (Grammys I’m lookin at you). This hooker-chic that is prevalent in pop culture is making whores out of fourth graders.

      • crispy

        I felt aroused.

      • STFU

        family oriented, Janet grabbing her crotch , Shakira sticking her butt and vagina in the camera, ya, let the girls grind and get dirty butas soon as a guy does everyone turns prissy , you prove you are a hypocrite, you hate AL and this is just an excuse for you to write your crap. Adam Rocks, hahaha….you are on here giving him attention Auntie, moron.

      • Robbyrob

        Family Hour???? Wasn’t Adam performing at almost the end of a 3 hr show? I could see if he aired at 8pm, but come on! Yes, I was shocked at the performance but your ‘family hour’ crack is quite stupid. I was more upset over what would happen to his career after this performance. He did not need this controversy. I’m gay and I cringed at the performance. I’m by no means a prude and I loved when Madonna kissed Britney/Christina but that was MTV. Yes, I’m critical of Adam here but to label it family hour is crazy.

      • judy

        Then why in the heck did u keep watching it??? LMAO

    • dave, glendale

      i agree as well. thank you Ken, that was an intelligent and insightful review. i didn’t even think of Adam’s performance as his first breakaway from idol but since you put it that way, it really is the other end of the spectrum for him, and he came blazing out of that G rating forum. i loved it.

    • Gerald Brown

      The performers on the AMA award may indeed be great performers and a few may even be great vocal talents.

      If his first album is any indication – Adam Lambert may certainly be able to write and sing with the best of them.

      Unfortunately for me, it would seem that the AMA and some of the performers used poor judgement in subjecting unsuspecting viewers to unabashed vulgarity in the name of entertainment.

      If entertainers wish to proclaim that they are free to do and say whatever they want – and they do not care what others think – that is their right.

      But why does the AMA have to allow them to do it to an unsuspecting national TV audience.

      AMA – next time please advertise that the show contains vulgarity, and suggestive sexual acts. Let the viewers know that parental guidance should be used – as certain parts of the show may not be suitable for children.

      Save the self-indulgent – I do not care what others think – antics for the Videos and concert stages.

      Each of us can then decide for ourselves, or in my case as a parent, if we as a family wish to watch or support these self-indulgent antics offered in the name of entertainment.

      In conclusion, I realize that while performers may wish to push tne bondaries of sensibilty in the name of art or entertainment, the AMA and the TV network – in my opinion – shrinked their responsibilites to me as a viewer by allowing the vulgarity and sexuality explicit gestures – without at least advising the audience of the shows content.

      Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinion.

      • Undeiable

        I think the word you are looking for is shirked. I don’t think you can use the word “shrinkage” and Lambert in the same reply lol.

      • pzee

        Gerald Brown is spot on with his comments and speaks well for all of those wishing to have the ability to avoid such self indulgent homo antics in the name of art and entertainment.

    • C

      I think it’s hilarious. Classic Adam. I’m glad to see him break out of his shell. Like with his ridiculously gender-bending album cover, he’s deliberately being a raunch-bucket to get people talking.

      • s.

        I agree C – I was laughing the whole time. Whenever he sang about people thinking he is sweet (or whatever the line was), I would say, “not after watching this they won’t” and then laugh some more.

    • Ashen

      Ok, so you applaud “a blast of brash vulgarity” yet denigrate positive emotional viewing of something such as “Find My Family”? You favor one form of manipulation over another? Hmmm, seems to me Ken Tucker and his agenda are inconsistent and it is not worth viewing these writings either.

  • karenbelgrad

    I think the controversy over the face-to-crotch is a ridiculous double standard… Remember Madonna’s 1990 “Vogue” performance at the VMAs? (And don’t give the “it was cable” argument, MTV has a far younger demo than ABC)

    • karenbelgrad

      P.S. and yes, the vocals were not perfect, but it was a PERFORMANCE that everyone is still talking about. (and I do not count myself as a Glambert, just someone who was entertained)

  • max

    totally agree. love him or hate him, your talking about him. Racy performance? Yeah… But did you expect anything different?

    • Trinity

      Yes, I did expect something different. An on pitch performance.

      • skylar

        First performance ever of his own music and they place him (understandably) as the closing performance at the end of a long night of superstars. Then they over hyped him which really is not a nice thing to do to a musician/performer debuting. I can’t believe he did as well as he did. The sound system sucked. The back up singers sucked. None of the singers sounded great last night.

      • Hey Trinity

        How many “on pitch” performances has he produced in the past? Forget about all of those already, did we?

      • Hey Hey Trinity

        Not a whole lot – which is partly why he couldn’t even win a karaoke contest like American Idol.

      • Jannie

        No one had a pitch perfect night last night. Sound wise, there were many pitch cringing moments for every performer. Except maybe eminem – he was mostly bleeped so hard to say what he sounded like lol

    • pitch

      “Pre-Adam performance context: Sound quality during performances was a real issue tonight. There were sound-mixing problems, particularly with performances that involved heavy bass. I did not find Adam’s vocal off, particularly in the overall context of what performances sounded like.

      But the time the last award was announced, the energy level was incredibly low in the audience. -nameundisclosed- actually turned to me and said, “He’s going to need to do something really out there to wake people up.” And then he did. It will not go down as his most perfect performance, but the energy dynamic was incredible and mesmerizing. (Also, to my delight, despite the low energy level beforehand, he was greeted by a huge round of applause, and the majority of people stood for him and stayed standing.

      There was so much happening on the stage that it was hard to take it all in. It was also quite difficult to actually hear him, due to the sound mixing situation. The one moment that come across 100% clear regardless of where you were sitting was the kiss. As you’ve all seen, it was not a short kiss. It was long enough for people to realize what was happening, react, and then react some more. Reactions I saw: shock (jaw-dropping); screaming; laughing. -nameundisclosed- actually told me that she was seated by some burly guys laughed hysterically and cheered him on. It was f-n amazing, and I’m so glad I was there.

    • Katie

      Yeah we’re talking about him alright – but for all the WRONG reasons.

      • sam

        yeah it’s kinda weird how Ken Tucker is so excited – OMG OMG people are talking about him! But apart from his fans, the general consensus seems to be bad to lukewarm at best.

        They’re talkin’ alright…….but no one is even talking about his actual SONG, or complimenting his SINGING voice (which sucked last night btw)… in the long run this doesn’t bode well for his SINGING career.

  • mARY Jane letschert

    agreed! I expected nothing less of Adam. Hot and Sexy!! Let’s not forget Adam was in underground clubs like Zodiac performing before AI.. Give the guy a break here people. He is an entertainer!!

    • Mike

      I for one wasn’t entertained. Forget his horrible singing. What I found most apalling was the visuals. If he feels like he has to do that to get over as an artist maybe he should tour with Marilyn Manson

  • iowagyrl

    Well said Mr. Tucker. Tell Slezak to put that in his pipe and smoke it.! LOL kidding love my fav Idoloonie but I think YOU got what Adam was going for whereas Slezak (like you said) was playing the part of the critic.

  • ashley

    THANK YOU!!!! besides lady gaga, he was the only interesting thing all night. He needed to make a statement, and he sure did! and looked really, really hot. I want him to drag ME around….

  • Shamrock

    You said it all:
    “…music takes a back seat to spectacle.”

    That’s not a complimant.

    • crispy

      You know it’s been like that since around 1982? I don’t get why people think this is new.

      • sam

        Funny, because the best performances last night were by Kelly Clarkson, Whitney Houston, Jay-Z & Alicia Keys – you know, the people who DIDN’T allow music to take a back seat to spectacle.

        So yeah, it’s not new – but artists who take this route are generally not well respected (Britney, anyone?) and most don’t last too long in the music business anyways (apart from a few exceptions).

      • brody

        Just because it’s not new doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck.

      • Hey crispy


    • Shamrock

      or a compliment even.

      • Frank Anderson

        Yeah, this spectacle was a disaster. I like Adam, but almost every bit of this performance felt like a misstep. I think blaming the sound is a bit of a cop out. Was it bad? Yes. But the dancing was even worse. If you are going to go for ‘spectacle’ then you have to do it well, and this felt like ‘in your face’ moments tied together very weakly. I think choosing this song as the lead for the album was also a mistake. It is one of my least favorite on the whole album.

        I hope Adam can come back from this. A bit of the fervor over this feels like his detractors coming out in mass to talk about how he sucked, while acting like they did not already feel that way BEFORE the performance last night. While there are probably a lot of those, there are also probably a lot of his fans, like me, who do not think this performance (or album) is Adam’s best foot forward.

    • GinaBallerina

      No, it’s not a compliment for someone like Adam who CAN actually SING and doesn’t need the spectacle. It’s frustrating that he chose spectacle when he could have had a performance like Kelly Clarkson’s. He has the voice to be able to entertain by just standing there and singing, but instead he chose to distract us from the singing. And don’t tell me that no one is talking about Kelly because I saw several mentions of hers being the best performance of the night. Adam, I saw you giving her a standing O, now TAKE NOTES!

    • Janis

      None of you are really Adam fans so why are you yuking it up. You would have slammed him if his performance was not spectacular!! You are just looking for reasons to hate him. His freakin album is fantastic and selling big time so hate your little minds to sleep…

    • Cary

      The AMA’s, and all other awards, are about spectacle. All the performers are trying to be over the top, and he just beat them at their own game. If it was about the music, they would all sing instead of lip synch. At least he was doing a live performance, not just gyrating around while his CD played in the background

  • Karen B

    The controversy regarding the face-to-crotch simulation is ridiculous. Madonna did it in 1990 during her “Vogue” VMA performance. And the whole “it was cable” argument is just silly… MTV has a much younger demo than ABC!

    • Kathy

      Ok let’s not forget Madonna’s
      Kiss to Brittney oh but wait that was hot? They are doing what it takes and that’s getting people to talk about it. Adam is Adam I for one didn’t like the song but he knows how to make you watch.

      • Janis

        That is exactly why it is a double standard. Women have been doing it for years and in fact were doing a lot of it last night, but nobody noticed because they are women. Adam is definately bringing out the realization that everyone is afraid of male sexuality!! Especially men!!!

    • Keeping things even

      I am glad you brought up the Vogue performance. It is the first performance I thought of when people started slamming Adam due to that part. Too bad the Internet wasn’t in wide use back then. I wonder what the reviews would have been for that performance?

      • jennie

        Yeah and Janet also did it in the if video and in her opening performance

      • JLM

        Hell Janet even grabbed a man by the crotch last night and took him down!! Rhiana was naked except for some kind of alien boobs – now those were scary props. People you are totally over reacting!!

    • karkar

      It has nothing to do with demos, Karen. Cable isn’t regulated by the FCC….broadcast IS. BIG difference.

      • Karen B

        I haven’t heard anything about FCC fines… I am referring to the faux parental outrage…. And for those using the Britney/Madonna kiss as an example, we can’t forget LA Law or Roseanne who had the same sex kisses back in the early 90s (ON NETWORK TV)….

  • Amy

    I’m sorry but it felt like Batman the Musical to me and Adam had been cast as the Joker or something…It was so over the top. I had no problem with the sexuality or anything like that but i feel like he was really trying to prove something to us but i was left confused on what that was. I know all the hard core Adam fans are going to call me a evil hater but if I wanted to see a performance like that i would go to Broadway

    • AWC

      But why would you go to Broadway when Broadway was brought to your home last night for free?

  • elise

    I find it truly sad that this generation has been so vulgarized that sex is just a meaningless sport or barter for material gain, even among the very young. Young women looking and acting like gutter whores and young men with no respect for themselves or these misguided girls. Truly devoid of soul and spirit, empty shells looking to fill the emptiness with their next loveless orxxgasm. And real talent has been replaced with shock appeal.

    It has nothing to do with being gay. I happened to like Lambert’s singing and rooted for him on AI. If a straight man had been doing the same gestures with all women, it would have been equally pornographic and disgusting.
    I feel sorry for the pathetic lot of youth today: but you’ve been brainwashed by the depraved of Hollywood and the media (like this writer above) from a young age and don’t even know what you’re missing. (:-(

  • Lolita

    Grow up, America! Dear, God. I think it’s even more hilarious that he pulled it off on a night where “Glorianna?” and “Taylor Swift’s” fans HIJACKED the vote, like they did in American Idol. I’m a 42 year-old retired rocker and I LOVED IT!!!! Got his CD last night. LOVE IT!!!

  • wakeforce

    Adam’s performance said “I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not”. Too many of today’s artists go for total acceptance at the expense of any personality. I think it was a bold move on Adam’s part. Those who weren’t inclined to like him, won’t anyway.

    • dgh

      and what is Adam a Lady GaGa wanna be????

      • Jerry

        The Queens are pissed at Adam no matter what he does because he won’t play their game either. He is going for his own artistic freedom and maybe he is a Lord Gaga – but he can still sing his face off!! Let freedom reign!!

      • Paul

        Sorry man but all he does is screech like a woman. He could not sing on AI and can’t sing now. The performance sucked as does the song. He is simply using his homosexuality as an excuse to act like a fool. The way he acts/dresses/talks/carries himself is a choice he has made. You don’t have to be gay to act like a retard.

  • crispy

    I find it interesting that the gay critic didn’t like it, but the straight one did. There’s probably something to that. Or probably not.

    • Ken’s Lover

      Hahaa you think Ken Tucker is straight!

      • crispy

        LOL! It’s certainly possible I’m wrong about that.

  • mishka

    I wouldn’t have cared so much about the “fel*atio” and all the sadomasochism stuff if he had sung well but he didn’t.
    Yes Adam you can hit high notes but what’s the point to kill our ears? All those “glamberties” were wayyy over the top and killed the singing part, unfortunately.

  • MWC

    It just shows how irrelevant the AMA’s are – an American Idol runner-up who has done next to zero in music business is the closing act for the show. Just look at the “winners.” What a joke of an awards show.

    • CltAndrew

      I completely agree with you. I mean, what exactly has Adam Lambert done that deserved the closing slot on this joke of an awards show? He didn’t even WIN American Idol. Clearly he’s not teh status quo and he’s “a breath of fresh air,” blah, blah, blah, but that performance was a train wreck. In our current pop culture society, it doesn’t take much to grab headlines. Jon and Kate, Heidi and Spencer and Octomom grabbed headlines for stupidity so it doesn’t take much. A watercooler moment? Probably. A catalyst to get casual music buyers to purchase his music? Absolutely not.

    • Mary

      Agreed. I’m really not getting all this hype over the AMA’s.

    • Word

      WORD. they made poor decision. For instance, where the hell was the MJ tribute. the man ruled the AMA’s.

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