CMA Awards best and worst, starring Taylor Swift, the ghost of Kanye West, and Carrie Underwood's purple sequined hot-pants


Taylor Swift became the youngest person to win the Entertainer of the Year, the final prize given out last night at the 43rd annual Country Music Association Awards. And the restraint she showed on last week’s Saturday Night Live in not making a Kanye West joke went out the window at the CMAs. Which means it’s time to round up the best and the worst moments I saw while watching at home.

Best Musical Performance: Reba McEntire sings her terrific hit “Consider Me Gone” as though it was a ferocious rebuke to all the country-radio and cable-video channels that resist featuring women over 50.

Worst Song Choice: The decision of the otherwise-likable Zac Brown Band to perform “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.” This endless story-song was a tedious, show-off-y (look, the fiddler can fiddle really fast!) hit when Charlie Daniels did it in 1979. Brown, giving it the full sweaty-wool-cap treatment, did not improve it. But the ostentatiously sweaty effort got the band a standing ovation anyway.

Best Over-The-Top Moment: Carrie Underwood performing “Cowboy Casanova” in a massive production number that featured a bordello-red backdrop, back-up dancers dressed in black bustiers, and Betty Draper’s fainting-couch from Mad Men. Arising from that sofa was Underwood, who wore a long white peignoir that revealed what looked to like purple sequined hot-pants. To make sure we noticed these, Underwood pushed her pelvis at the camera as though it was a snow-plow:

Best Pure-Country Winner-Quote That Almost Didn’t Make A Lick O’ Sense: Jamey Johnson, accepting the Song of the Year award for “In Color,” growled amiably, “Ah never thought y’all’d let me come to stuff like this.” Aw, shucks, Jamie — the Nashville crowd couldn’t get enough of your ordinary-mountain-man image.

Most Awkward Moment: Sugarland wins Best Duo award and Jennifer Nettles acknowledges what apparently everyone in Nashville believed: That Brooks and Dunn, giving their final CMA performance before retiring, were a lock. Nettles generously invites B&D to come up and “say a few words.” Cut to Brooks and Dunn in their seats. Their gazes say, “We are so over this kind of stuff.” Ronnie Dunn literally waves the camera away from them. Ulp:

Best Kanye West Reference: Co-hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood singing a little tune they liked to call “Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Kanye.” If you didn’t see or hear it, you’ll have to trust me; it was cute and funny.

Worst Kanye West Reference: Taylor Swift, accepting Female Vocalist award, said she wanted to thank everyone in the audience “for not running up onstage during this speech.” I tell you, Kanye’s spirit hung in the air, leading to…

Best/Worst Kanye West Reference: Little Jimmy Dickens interrupts Brad and Carrie by strutting onstage to yell, Kanye-style, that “Taylor Swift made the best video ever!” Not funny reading it on a computer screen; kinda funny, however, when seen being delivered by an 88-year-old, four-foot 11-inch man whose biggest hit was “May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose.”

And finally:

Worst Judges’ Decision Of The Night: Awarding Taylor Swift the Best Female Vocal award. Look: I think she’s a terrific songwriter; I even think her all-stops-out stage show earned her the big one, Entertainer of the Year. But her voice is thin, and sometimes as wobbly as a newborn colt. Sorry, Taylor, when placed against the competition in this category — Martina McBride, Reba McEntire, Miranda Lambert, and Underwood — you just aren’t the best singer.

I await your agreement and disagreements, below, please.

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  • Dustin


    • Cathy

      You are odviously a Zack Brown fan.

      • Chris

        Also a fan of capitalization.

    • Paul

      You know nothing about Country and Western Music, sir. All these pop wanna-bees cannot hold a candle to Charlie and his boys. No one ought to ever cover that song cause no one can do it better.

      A night like this proves true C&W died years ago. Taylor Swift over Reba, really?

      • Dennis

        Excellent post, “Taylor Swift over Reba, really?” that statement sums up the pitiful state “country” is in right now – it’s more like pop with a hint of country

      • Bud

        Taylor is more hittable than Reba. Hence the decision.

      • Patti

        I agree, strongly! All of the talent up for female vocalist, & they pick Taylor Swift. There’s been an awful murder down on music row.

    • Priscilla

      I am a country musician, have been all my life. ZBB’s performance was not worthy of a CMA performance. It was okay and would be good enough for a Vegas lounge show. It was TOO fast, not controlled, not clean. Are you going to tell me I don’t have any merit to judge also???

    • Mrs m

      Actually I don’t understand all the hating on ZBB either. As an instrumental music teacher I LOVED seeing the instrumental side of things highlighted and I really enjoyed the performance too. Obviously everyone in the audience enjoyed it too – did you see them cut to the audience and everyone smiling and they were already standing up before the performance was even done! Do THOSE people have merit to judge a performance?

      • Sydley

        I agree. I thought it was an amazing version of a classic song. Musicaly it was fabulous and fun. If you were watching the audience shots you could see that most were at the edge of their seats just waiting to stand up. My husband made the remark that sums it up: You don’t remake a Charlie Daniels song unless you can do it like that.

    • gomergirl

      yeah, not so much there dude.

    • Ginny

      I thought it was a terrible cover. I’m a ZBB fan but I absolutely hated this song. My roommate was in another room watching in another TV and yelled down to me that it was the worst cover of this song she’d ever heard too. We must have been watching different shows.

    • dino

      I kind of have to chuckle when I hear people bashing Zac Brown Band for their cover. Yes, I am a fan, but I’ve only been on board about 6 months. Ironically it was watching their cover of Devil Went Down to Georgia on YouTube that made me love the band to start with. I’ve grown to love their original music too over the past 6 months, but it was this cover that started the whole thing for me. It’s fast, it’s rockin’, the fiddle may not be technically perfect but it has a down home good quality that I just can’t put my finger on. The guy can really play the fiddle that is for sure. You know, the old “it” factor. (Jimmy DeMartini also does an AWESOME violin solo in their cover of John Mayer’s “Neon”.) Zac can pick the acoustic guitar with breakneck speed. The crowd obviously loved it too. Keep on rockin’ Zac Brown Band! I loved the performance!

      • Johnny in GA

        One reviewer stated “history was made when Darius Rucker became the first African American to win Best New Artist at the CMA’s.” (and I paraphrase). First off, I think Darius is fantastic; loved him with Hootie and love him now. However, is he truly the “Best New Artist?” I mean, the guy’s been making records for about 20 years. And truth be told, if Cracked Rear View came out today, it would probably be played on Country Stations. I digress. My question is this: Even though he’s new to the genre, how can he be considered Best New Artist? I’m biased. I really thought ZBB had this one locked. Do any of you think the voters went with Rucker just because they could and in the process, be seen as PC? Or does anyone truly believe that a guy who’s already sold 40million records can be called “new?” Seriously, just because a painter decides to switch from oil to watercolors, does he start all over as a painter?

      • Larry

        Same here. This amazing performance turned me into a ZBB fan

  • Belle

    I don’t get the Taylor love and she’s such a poor singer that it’s almost embarrassing at times to watch her. I miss the old timers who made country what it is today but guess it is now youth-driven. Very sad.

    • Here! Here!

      Country has been irrelevant in my eyes since the early 80’s. It’s like when Nirvana “slayed” the hair bands in the 90’s.
      Garth and Shania were guilty of doing the same to Country.

      • Quirky

        To me Garth and Shania are just as bad (and pop music like) as the new young crop. I’ll stick with my Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Charlie Pride, Tanya Tucker and Marty Robbins CDs. That’s what my parents raised me on. To me new country is just as hollow and bubble gum as Britney Spears.

      • Candi

        Amen!! I too will just stick to my Johnny Cash, Marty Robins, Charlie Pride ect. Country as “WE” knew it, is unfortunately forever gone…..:(

    • Taylor Lover

      All Country (with the exception of Carrie Underpants) is poor singing…I have to admit I loke listening to Taylor Swift, her lyrics are original and the way she delivers them in her songs makes me sing along!

      • Ha Ha Ha

        Carrie Underpants!

      • D Douglas

        Here in Nashville, it’s “Scary Underwear.”

      • Ha Ha Ha

        Who dresses Carrie anyway?
        She’s got poor taste.

      • laura

        oh .. I feel for you. She ‘moves’ you??? ……… wow.

      • Cathy

        Carrie Underpant? Carrie Underwood Is a great singer!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Callie

        Ha! Carrie Underpants! That’s good.

      • LB

        Have you seen ANY other country acts besides Taylor? I take great offense that you don’t think other female acts can sing. Have you heard of Martina, Reba, Trisha?

      • Taylor Lover

        LB: Yes I have seen all other country singers before…REBA SUCKS…the Judds SUCK…Martina is good…trisha is decent…I think as a whole Country music is horrible, but Taylor has me singing along with her for some crazy reason…dont know what to tell ya

      • dgh

        maybe your singing along cause your a 15 year old clueless girl???

      • Taylor Lover

        lol no…I am a 32 year old man…so go somewhere else to fish for teenagers pedifile

      • Samantha

        “I am a 32 year old man…so go somewhere else to fish for teenagers pedifile”

        Says the 32 year old MAN with the screen moniker of Taylor Lover. By the way, it’s pedophile, you moron.

      • holy

        She is trying to hard to be a pop star. Just sing!

      • Taylor Lover

        Thanks for the spell check Samantha…you must be very good at your job as an administrative assistant…why don’t you get off the internet and get you boss a hot cup of coffee peasant lol

    • D Douglas

      The future of Country Music is about bringing young kids into the audience. Taylor has done that, and will continue do that. It’s simple math, and yes, the music will suffer.

      • jared4ever

        Totally agree, Still makes me sad though. I like good singers and with so many out there it’s hard to see someone like Taylor win. Thanks a lot Kanye for pushing her to the top.

      • Cathy

        And Carrie Underwood Hasn’t Pay Attention.

      • Paul

        No.The future is exposing kids to Pasty, Willie, Johnny, and Hank Sr.. This Swift/Hill/Twain nonsense must end if C&W wishes to survive as an artform not merely as commerce.

      • Callie

        Agree with Paul.

      • jason

        the sad thing is money RULES EVERYTHING! alot of great things have been ruined by the almighty dollar, not just in country music but in movies, tv, pick anything. yeah, we all need money to live, but it’s too bad it has ruined alot of things in its path.

      • Leslie

        Taylor Swift, seriously? I thought she finally graduated from H. S. She needs to grow up now and stop with all of the teeny bopper themed kitsch. She needs to change her look and she needs to change her award acceptance schtick. Every time she does this dropped-jaw, omigosh I NEVER expected to win (yeah right)this is for my fans! On top of everything else, she can’t even sing. She is flat, wobbly and has no range. The novelty of her has worn off. Can we please honor someone more worthy (other than Kenny Chesney).

    • Josie

      I’m with you. I can’t help but wonder if all the accolades given her last night are to make her feel better about what happened at the MTV Awards.

      • Dennis

        I think the whole Kanye thing was a stunt Taylor knew about – she is certainly milking it

      • Mary

        I totally agree!! Taylor even bringing up Kanye when she’s winning is just stooping to his level. Too bad for her.

      • Caitlin

        Taylor isn’t the one “milking it.” There were several references made during the show (from what this article says), and only one of them was made by Taylor herself. The award show was the one milking it. Also, Taylor barely mentioned it on SNL, and that would be a prime place to. Not as many people watch the CMA Awards…more watch SNL.

      • jason

        not this time, the CMA’s kicked booty in the ratings, and SNL isn’t THAT popular.

    • laura

      I am with you. the fact that country is being run by teenagers is sad … and more when this teen can’t carry a tune.

      • Jay

        I totally agree with you, she has good songs, but she can’t sing!!!!!!

      • me

        true, but boy does that girl bring some cash to the genre.

    • Cathy

      I have to agree, she is cute and writes cute songs, but she just can’t sing.

      • Teresa

        Finally! I thought I was the only person who thinks Taylor Swift is tone deaf. Amazing what a good sound engineer can do. She may write nice songs for teenage girls but they just don’t wash with the more mature audience. Patsy Cline is probably spinning in her grave.

    • Dennis

      Agree, with great singers like Reba in country, there is no reason for Swift to win. I think this is her peak though. Her voice is mediocore and her writing is fairly weak as well. Who is she kidding describing herself as wearing t-shirts, sitting on the bleachers,etc. In all reality she is probably more similar to the ‘cheer captain’ she sings about. While singing her songs on SNL she tried to dance or something but looked like she was having a seizure

      • S

        Even though Taylor is beautiful and blonde, I find it believable that she’d be on the bleachers. Maybe because she seems so sweet and innocent?

        Also, she was probably a band geek in high school. Bank geeks are always on the bleachers – it doesn’t matter what they look like.

      • C

        See, when Taylor is stationary and at home with her guitar (like she was when singing “Fifteen” last night), her voice is breezy and exceptional. When she gets over-excited and dances (like “Forever and Always”…also from last night) her voice warbles. Also, I’m offended by the stereotype that just because she’s gorgeous, she’s automatically a “cheer captain.”
        While I may have not agreed with her winning Female Vocalist with so many more talented women in her category, I think she deserves the win simply because of the year she’s been having. Reba and Martina have had their time.

    • Lori

      I don’t understand how Taylor Swift continues to garner all these accolades – she wouldn’t make it through the first round of American Idol, let alone be named Entertainer of the Year. I did like her recorded song Tears on My Guitar, but when she sings live, she is sometimes so off key, she makes me cringe. I remember her first live performance on one of these award shows – the camera cut to Brooks and Dunn, and Ronnie Dunn was actually grimacing, her singing was so bad. I’m old enough to remember when Charlie Rich set the card with John Denver’s name on it on fire when he won a country award…it’s sad that all these pop wannabees are considered “Country” singers. Entertainer of the Year? Hardly!

    • canchaser

      She is so monotone it is terrible!! How can they let her sing country. She should try to go the Pop route. Her voice is terrible, only one pitch!!!!!

  • Jenn

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. I am a HUGE Taylor Swift fan, but there is NO competition between her and any of the other nominated artists. Reba and Martina McBride are in a category all of their own. That wasn’t right.

    • Deb

      Have to agree; for someone her age she is on her way but to be chosen over the other 4 women…not so much.

    • Caitie F

      I love Taylor Swift, but both Reba and Martina have some of the best voices ever…she can’t compete

      • Jay

        That’s true Taylor has nothing over the other 4 ladies who should’ve won

    • Nicole

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I love Taylor and her music, but she doesn’t nearly have the singing chops as the other nominees in the category. To me, that win was a major disappointment. Love Reba and Martina!!!

    • may

      im a huge swift fan too, and i like reba and martina, but i kinda feel like they have had their day. and taylor sounded bad last night, but ive seen her live and she sounded good..

      • John

        What is it with the younger crowd that say stars in their 40’s and 50’s have had their day?????
        Taylor is fine, but Reba isn’t about to crawl into a grave to make room for pop country music!
        And that instrumental of ‘the devil…Georgia was awful because they tried to play it like they were on speed!
        Great fiddle….WRONG SONG!

      • mare500

        Taylor always sounds terrible, totally off-key. She wouldn’t make the first cut on american idol.

      • UK

        Every time I have seen her on these award shows she sounds horrible. Poor Reba and Martina. I really feel bad for Miranda Lambert. At least Carrie has won before. Poor Miranda shouldn’t be losing to Taylor Swift in a singing competition!

    • Maiv

      Yeah, Taylor’s voice is not the strongest out there and she didn’t deserve it when you looked at her competition. The people who voted for her were voting more for her public image than her singing skills.

    • renee

      agree. i LOVE taylor, but i never envisioned her winning best female vocalist with the talent in nashville. i don’t even see entertainer of the year, since it’s not just the show and performing. it’s also the singing. but still love her. she’s coot. LOL

  • doopey


    You are right on the money. Taylor is a talented songwriter and solid and very popular performer, but she just isn’t a very good singer. I wish they would give her the “proper” credit for the things she does well without feeling the need to give her every award under the sun.

    • Jen


    • Priscilla

      I think you are being a little hard on TS’s singing. Have you ever tried to sing live. You have to contend with stage volume, ear monitors, and dancing around. It is hard to keep on pitch. Everyone on the show had the same problem.

      • Maiv

        I don’t know if I would say it’s too harsh b/c this isn’t the first time people have had issues with her live singing.

      • anona muss

        Your argument about how hard it is to sing live just shows how poor a singer Swift is. Underwood does not only well but great. In fact, most American Idol contestants can do circles around Swift. Pink and Beyonce are notorious for physical shows and live singing. Taylor is just a songwriter.

      • BA

        Most anybody can sound good when you have your voice enhanced by a studio. The “true singers” really shine when you hear them live like on the CMA’s.
        You said everyone had the same problem: NOT TRUE, Sugarland IMO delivered the best performance of the night with Keep You. Jennifer was not out of pitch one bit. She stood and delivered.
        I agree that Taylor Swift is popular and probably deserved some of the awards she got. But when it comes to Best Female Vocalist. She should not have even been nominated in that category. A real slap in the face to Martina, Reba, Carrie and Miranda.

  • Taylor’s opening….

    …was awful. That was something for the MTV awards or something. It was out of place for the CMA’s.

    • DT

      I thought she’d gotten a decent dig at Kanye on SNL. Now, it’s like telling the same joke over and over. It’s the new “You might be a redneck if . . . .”

    • Deb

      I agree it was the worst CMA award shows ever! i think most songs were not good and we are totally getting aways from the country sound, I watched it because of the farewell to Brooks and Dunn

      • JenIfer

        Totally agree…

    • Callie

      Totally AGREE! Taylor’s opening was awful! AWFUL! And I don’t care how anyone wants to spin it … at least 95% of what was “sung” last night just isn’t country music.

      • jappo

        she’s developing. hopefully you develop soon coz its hurting the economy. lovely dress tho.

  • Natasha

    I agree…Taylor’s voice is nothing compared to Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, Lambert etc. Her first number…she sounded out of tune. Sorry but i don’t think she should have one anything but entertainer of the year.

    • Corey

      You don’t think she should have “WON” anything but entertainer of the year.

    • wakeforce

      Did anyone see Taylor’s duet with Miley Cyrus at the Grammys? Even Miley sounded better than Taylor.

      • Dennis

        HA! I think that has to be the worst insult someone could give her (well deserved though) heck, hilary duff sounded better than Taylor (you know you are bad when duff sounds better)

      • S

        I don’t think Taylor is the best singer, but her fragile voice was better-suited to that performance of Fifteen. Her delivery was better too – I thought Miley was way over the top.

      • UK

        I saw that, and I agree with you!

  • Kat

    DEFINITELY agree that Taylor winning Vocalist of the Year was a poor decision. She cleary deserved the Entertainer of the Year for all she’s done, but Vocalist? What a joke. I feel like Faith Hill at the awards show a few years ago when Carrie Underwood won – “WHAT?!?!?”

    • Emmy

      You can’t honestly be comparing Carrie’s singing to Taylor’s! That year Carrie’s cd sold 7mil. copies. She deserved to win. I love Faith Hill as well, but to say Carrie was undeserving of her award is crap.

      • Paul

        So because a CD sold a lot of copies, that makes the singer talented?

      • Jeremy

        the number of copies is irrelevant. just listen to her voice whether you look the songs or not. Carrie is just as good as Faith if not better, and the two of them are in a different world than Taylor, who despite her good looks and songwriting talent cannot sing a lick better than anyone singing at your neighborhoold karaoke.

      • UK

        Okay, forget how many records Carrie has sold. Did you hear her sing last night. No way on God’s green earth could Taylor sound like her. No way! I am not dissing Faith Hill. She is extremely talented, but to say Carrie won for the same reason as Taylor is crap.

    • Ryan

      Carrie is a phenominal singer and deserved every award she has won. Taylor doesn’t even deserve a record contract. Worse Live singer in the history of country music, and an embarassment to the once prestigious CMAS.

  • katie

    I agree with every single thing you said. Especially, the point regarding Worst Judges Decision Of The Night. Amen!!

  • jenn

    THANK YOU!!! taylor swift is so over-rated its emabrrassing! she always sounds TERRIBLE when she sings live!!! no one cna disagree with that i don’t care how many 15 year old girls love her! she just doesn’t compare and if you don’t believe me watch the whole show again! Why don’t people take more notice of what a HUGE talent Miranda Lambert is!!! She’s a talented singer/songwriter with true country roots.she seems to be all we young people have to hang on to the classic country music!

    • DT

      She ripped off Steve Earle’s “I Feel Alright” for her song “Kerosene,” though, so I’m not sure how much of a songwriter Lambert is. Of course, if you’re going to steal, steal from the best. Steve Earle rules. Contemporary Nashville sucks.

      • Mark

        Please! Yes, there were similarities on that one song (and she gave him a damn cowrite on it because there was a similar melody, for heaven’s sake!). But to try and dismiss an entire artist’s work over that? Fool.

    • ryan

      I totally agree. Her opening number was painful! Apparently, she’s more pop than country, because she really can’t sing live. It almost looks like it hurts her.
      I dislike Kanye, but that joke got old reallllllly fast. Taylor is actually fortunate to have had such a “controversy”, for it certainly boosted her mediocre songs and lame voice to the top of the charts.

    • spherson

      I agree with this comment. I think Taylor is cute yes I guess – but Miranda has had much better songs and she is real country. I really don’t think people know what that is anymore. People should check out bands like the Avett Brothers or Old Crow if they want to listen to good new country songs.

      But yeah I think Miranda should have won female vocalist. I hope one day she will get her dues…

    • Heather

      I totally agree!! I feel so bad for Miranda, she is such an amazing talent, I’ve been a fan of hers for years. Ever since Carrie came up she’s been losing to all of t hem. I get so mad, at least if she lost to Reba or Martina it wouldn’t be as bad. I was literally in tears when she won best album a few years ago. I was so happy she finally got one of her dues!!!

  • clay

    What I don’t understand is why no one has posted a video of the parody Mama’s don’t let your babies grow up to be Kanye. When he interupted her award, it was showed over and over and over. Everyone’s writing about it but where’s the video. I want to laugh too!! I hate4 bullies and always look forward to someone standing up and picking back. Great for them, so does anyone know where the video is?

  • Stacey

    I agree about the Taylor win. Even though I don’t think she should have won Entertainer of the Year. I am more mystified about Vocalist of the Year. Come on everyone with ears can see she can’t sing live. Some songs are better than others of course. But when against Carrie, Martina and the greatness that is Reba. How can they say Taylor is the best vocalist of the year. Overall, I loved Carrie and Brad as hosts. They were much better this year. Love the little interlude songs. Carrie has a fantastic voice. As much as she does more modern country. She can also sing the standards and the old great country songs with such ease…

  • Mary

    Uh – isn’t it “Cowboy Cassanova” – not “Country Cassanova” – and I’m not even a country fan. And I agree, Taylor as best female vocalist – what a laugh. Very weak voice.

  • saintofE69th

    wow carrie underwood’s crotch was the most amazing thing ever on TV! the biggest camel-toe of all-time!!!

    • softlysosoftly

      lol….dude/dudette…that is too funny….but true..permanent spot on my DVR

    • Jacinthe

      When did she wear pants??

    • She needs…

      Camelflage, the new panty line that hides camel toe.

      • Traydee

        what’s camel toe?

    • Annia

      If she had on a regular underwear instead of the darn thong, she wouldn’t have to show the world the camel’s toe, or the whale’s tail. Seriously!

      • dee dee

        For sure, did the whole world need to see her “situation”???? Wow, nothing left to the imagination anymore with these dresses?

  • bandit

    Carrie Underwood is SO overated. She has the personality of a snail and is an awful choice for host. Methinks she was a little jealous of Taylor last night LOL she cut of Brad Paisley when he was prasing Taylor and brought it back to herself with “how great were WE?”, think some of the blogs that say she is far from rom being the sweetheart she wants people to think seh is are likely true.

    • Becky

      you’re kidding right? Carrie is one of the classiest people in country music! She went and hugged and congratulated taylor after winning entertainer (even though she didn’t deserve half of her awards!) … Then Brad started talking, and Carrie and him tried to fill time … Taylors moment was way over at this point! Dont try to turn this nonsense into a big deal!

    • Emmy

      I think the only jealous person here is you!!

    • LS

      I totally agree that Carrie was jealous. She was the big young star and now Taylor has taken away some of her lime light and she doesn’t like it. I’m not a big fan of either of them but at least Carrie CAN sing. Taylor should not have won entertainer of the year I’ve seen KU in concert. No one can beat the shows he put on this year.

      • LHG

        You are right about Keith Urban. His show was AMAZING!

      • C

        At least Taylor CAN write music…

      • J

        Quit slamming Taylor people and quit slamming Carrie. The fact that Carrie would go up there and congratulate Taylor makes me that much more prouder to be a Carrie Underwood fan. That showed CLASS. And for those thinking Taylor didn’t deserve to win any award she was nomanated for I say BULL!!!!!!!! And leave Carrie short alone I think she looked SEXY in them. And YEs Carrie I think you and Brad did a FANTASTIC job and I am crossing my fingers that they ask you every year. By the way Taylor CAN TO SING. That is why Keyono West wants some attention. He is just afraid that people is going to start loveing her and forget about him. Taylor and Carrie and Brad can sing. My favorite singers

    • TaylorSucks

      Carrie has a fantastic personality. She deserved everyting she won and and is 10000x better then tAylor in every way. She was not jealous and has nothing to be jealous of because Taylor is an over-rated, over-exposed, untalented manufactured pop star who can’t sing her way out of a paper bag. She is also about as country as Snoop Dog.

      Go Carrie!

      • Vincent T

        Spot on observation. Taylor appears to be very manufactured.Her talent does not lie in her song writing or vocal abilities. My 16 year old daughter and her peers think she is awesome.She represents a connection for teens to identify with the country music older family members have enjoyed. Sadly, her only real talent is the ability capitalize on her image of a youthful, pretty/cute, smile bursting with energy. In a crowded industry of pop music,someone in her pose found an opening in the country genre. She has no natural abilities for the art she is being awarded for! I must also be honest about the pretty face her fans love so much. It looks very stiff, almost botoxed, from the nose up? Even at her age, she is a surgeon’s dream?. What dues, hard work, obstacles has she had to endure, for such recognition? Is this the reality to success we wish for the youth of today?

  • cndn610

    Entertainer of the year, Taylor Swift? Come on! All of the other nominees are more deserving. She can’t sing so winning vocalist is a travesty. Carrie U should have taken that. I will say that Taylor puts on a great show and she is an extremely talented song writer, but it’s too early for E of Y and never should she be the female VOCALIST winner! Did her producer win for producer of year, now that would be an valid award!

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