'Kate: Her Story': 'I still think the phone will ring and it'll be' (sob) 'the old Jon'


“I put myself on a reality show, but I did not do anything that would put me in the tabloids.” Thus spake Kate Gosselin on Monday night’s TLC special Kate: Her Story.

At this point, if you transcribed all of Kate Gosselin’s TV interviews, their total length would probably exceed that of David Copperfield and Bleak House combined, with descriptions of teary pluck and children under duress that might well have made Charles Dickens sob in envy of so much drama parceled out in serialized form for profit.

Certainly, TLC can never complain that Kate has not fulfilled her contract. (“I’m a rule-follower,” she said of her TV commitment this night.) Left with a few weeks to fill the 9 p.m.-Monday void of no new¬†Jon & Kate Plus Eight episodes, she and the cable network enlisted Natalie Morales to be a soothing enabler (“Would you like to set the record straight?”) and prodding inquisitor (“Many think you’re selfish”) for a few hours.

Meanwhile, backstage, Kate was busy trying out some new gray eye-liner that made her look as though she’d rubbed the ashes of her burned-out soul onto her eyelids.

Kate: Her Story — TLC apparently didn’t have the nerve to go with its first choice, Kate Gosselin and the Chamber of Secrets — was a story of isolation in the midst of so many little vital lives. Kate’s contact with her own parents is limited to, “Well, we e-mail.” She communicates with husband Jon via “texting… notes… phone calls, only where it relates to the kids.” She feels lonely: “When you look around and very close, trusted people you’d swear on your life would never ‘cash you in,’ for lack of better words, when people leave your house and tell completely different stories, you tend not to trust people.”

Welling up with tears regularly, she said, “I still think the phone will ring and it’ll be” — pause; tears — “the old Jon.”

Beneath the heavy make-up, formal dress, and an especially elaborate version of the Kate Seagull ‘do, there were glimpses of the good old funny Kate, as when she was asked what she sees when she looks at her children: “I see little balls of promise.”

To those who say the TV show killed her marriage, she argued, “Had we never done the show, it would have been me a nurse, him in I.T., and that would have gotten the better of us even sooner.”

“We did four seasons without paparazzi,” she noted correctly, and certainly those were the seasons that built the fan-base that has alternately embraced and scorned her since the marriage disintegrated. To the charge of being selfish about media attention, she noted that that’s how she supports her “one-parent” family (huh? Jon does still see the kids) and that, “It doesn’t feel selfish. It feels self-less.”

She flashed real anger only once, when the subject of possible infidelity with her bodyguard was raised. “To have Jon fan that into this huge tabloid nightmare, it’s disgusting,” she hissed.

Going existential, Kate said, “Fans [used to] annoy me. Now I see we are because of them.” Of the possibility of doing a Kate-plus-kids show, she said, “I hope to continue with TLC… I would love to do it.”

“The kids miss the crew. The kids miss the filming.”

“I would go back and do it again.”

Is that hard to believe, or is that all too easy to believe?

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  • M~

    Just wondering why other EW recappers (Annie, Michael)can’t be as speedy as you are in posting your recaps? Kate has been off the air 37 minutes and here is your recap already!!!!! Good job!

    • Katja

      Wow, you’re awfully demanding. This is a much shorter recap than what Annie, Michael, and the others do. Those are multiple pages that they seem to spend hours organizing for clarity and working into humorous analyses. Plus they often find youtube clips to link to, or upload photos, or otherwise include little extras. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in no way dissing Ken Tucker’s instant mini-recaps, but it’s not fair to compare his speed in publishing his brief “Ken Tucker’s Watching TV” entries with the multi-page/sometimes multi-media/more complex TV Watch recaps that some of the other writers do. Those are worth the wait to me!

      • Mark

        the others had to finish barfing first – then they could write their review

      • Kates corner!

        I love Kate and think she is a great Mother! Jon has turned out to be a real tool! With out kate Jon is nothing.

    • Scooter

      Ken Tucker is a good writer, and all…but you can’t really compare this kind of recap to the typical “TV Watch” recaps. They may take longer than 37 minutes to post, but they are well worth the wait!

    • Tom

      The show should be taken off the air! I have many friends who will not watch the show now and that does include me. I understand divorce and it happens. I feel bad it happened to them. But now there time is over remove the show

      • Rush

        Newsflash Tom: Jon’s order to TLC prevents them from filming the kids, so the show is de facto off the air. Unless they play re-runs. Just no new footage.

    • dmblb

      Go, Ken!

    • Quirky

      Both Jon and Kate have become so predictable in their interviews now that Ken probably wrote this recap before the show even started.

      • Mark

        or he’s all barfed out for covering this family for so long….

    • shopaholic


      • MARIE

        Jon is not going to call you. Don’t you remember – you treated him like a dog and the dog ran away. Now it’s your turn to run – you won’t be missed. God bless your children.

      • Amy

        nay just haters need to shut up until they grow up and feel compassion and empathy for others

      • sunrise

        Amy read on, there are enormous amounts of compassion and empathy for the children. Most people seem to want Kate and Jon to handle this privately. The children have been exposed enough and deserve a chance to experience and flourish in a more normal childhood.

  • Kevin

    People would stop the tabloid junk if these two idiots would quit throwing themselves in front of cameras all the time. BTW Kate, nice “glass half empty” view of your marriage when you state that you two would have broken up even if you weren’t on a reality show.

    Both of these morons are going to wonder why their children want nothing to do with them in another 15 years’ time.

    • a.e.

      I actually agree with her about this. There have been other families on reality shows (Roloff’s, Duggar’s, Table for Eight, etc.) who seem to have made the experience a means to tighten family bonds where Jon and Kate seemed to have been operating on two different planes of existence and it likely would have caught up to them. Parents of multiples have a higher than average divorce rate so I don’t think she’s being anything but honest by pointing out that financial strain + the stress of multiples would have illuminated the differences between them sooner rather than later.

      • Julie

        not so fast there, a.e.- The Roloffs have seemed to be one step from falling apart for a while now and the show hasn’t helped, maybe made it worse. They are not in the tabloids, but that may be because they are so normal it’s mind numbing to watch the show.

      • Sharlin

        Have you seen the Roloff’s lately? They are starting to act like Jon an Kate towards the end. Yesterday’s episode was clear.

      • CS

        I completely agree… all the naysayers are killing me right now. The fact of the matter is this show was a popular sweet family show until the media and teh tabliods got a hold of it… in the season before it all went to hell i did see her yelling and snapping at Jon but i also saw her keeping this family of 8 children running seamlessly. It amazes me how we all can live in gladd houses… I love my husband to death but there are parts of our life that if put in front of a camera and left up to the world to judge would look disfunctional… most families have those moments, but we have the pleasure of dealing with them in privacy. Even if there marraige was gonan fall apart I feel like the down fall of the show is how Jon handled everything afterwards… if nothing else he should have respected her as the woman that gave him 8 children and for better or worse he should have kept as much of there divorce private…

    • Sad Crappy Stuff

      Yes, the kids will have nothing to do with their nightmare mommy, just like Kate’s own parents are estranged from her. History will repeat itself. And it is all her Kates) fault. She won’t care then, just like she doesn’t care now that she has no relationship with her own immediate family. Just wait and see.

    • dmblb

      Any time you see a marriage without respect, you see a marriage headed to an end. Marriages can seem to live without love, but unless there is mutual respect, the marriage will die. Sometimes the respect is only for how well the other person does their ‘job’ in the marriage. From the first year, I knew these two were headed to divorce court unless they started to respect one another. Kate was obvious about it, but Jon had his issues with her, too. The cameras and Jon’s passive-aggressiveness only pushed it along. But the problems were there from the start and they never did anything to fix them.

  • Get_Over_It

    Kate, you did this to yourself. And you still haven’t learned that your egomaniacal obsession with the media is the path of pain. You’re addicted to media coverage, and it has ruined your life. The first step is admiting you have a problem.

    • KimR

      YES! It is sad for the family but Kate is so far from reality when it comes to her own hand in all of this mess! I can’t believe someone could be so blind! If you are friend-less, if you have no real family around, you’ve got to ask yourself, why? It just might be YOU!

    • levelheaded

      Says the person who has to broadcast their thoughts on a public discussion board. Aren’t all of us Americans a little media addicted?

  • Shauna

    Kate Gosselin and the Chamber of Secrets– hahaha! I liked that.

  • KC

    Kate was believable. Good job.
    Hailey was not believable. She needed a shovel for all the BS.

    • Callie

      Hailey: “It’s hard. It’s really, really hard.” I mean, like, it’s hard.” —- Brilliant!

      • Leo

        Wicked hard

      • betsy

        LOL…you can tell that she’s a kid.

  • Natalie

    These two are unbelievable…playing their roles very well. Kate is the devoted, suffering, dutiful mother who only does the show to “support” her poor family. Jon, who went crazy after escaping from a loveless marriage, is now attempting to clean up his careless messes by playing the role of the repentant playboy. When will people wake up and realize that this is not “reality”. These two are courting the spotlight and paparazzi while claiming to hate it, while their children watch as their parents’ bitter divorce is played out on camera for posterity. Get the kids into counseling, the parents into mediation and let them all slip into obscurity! Please!!!

    • Buster Cherry


      Thank you, thank you! Well said!

      • erf


    • Linda

      Amen sister! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      • Lynn

        Ditto ditto


    • dani

      I’m sorry but a lot of pending divorces go like this, just not in People magazine. The man decides he can’t take being an adult and he finds someone to stroke his ego and has an affair. The woman is only focused on the children and the illusional of being perfect and loses her husband. Happens all the time. The show gave them the opportunity to show the children things they couldn’t afford in the first place. My problem with Jon&Kate is why didn’t they go to counseling before it got to this?

    • Karen

      Then Natalie you would have nothing to comment about. All of you here moan and groan about Kate and/or Jon but YOU are the ones here commenting about them. Why?

      • Winona

        Because we like to. Why do you comment, Karen?

  • Veronica

    I believed Kate, I did not believe Hailey and I watched these two for the first time. Poor kids…I felt so sorry that they could not work things out for them.

    • deadcatfromtexas

      And your opinion on who is trueful means what? Wake up and realize they are all mediahounds!! Remember all the “stars” of hit sitcoms, once they are off air they just fade away. TaTa Kate & Jon

      • Yang

        Love. Love your stories about the hunt. Love that you guys had such a great time sraeching for the items. Love that you shared some favorites here. I hope you find those last few things on your list!

    • Kim

      Idiot! If you care about FAKE KATE’s kids, adopt them. I, for one, will enjoy reading the books by them, MY MOMMY MOSTER!!

      • Lena

        I know. Those books will be scary. I bet Cara or Mady’s will be especially bitter. But Alexis’ will be spirited, unless they wear her down.

  • b evan

    A “programmed” Kate. Crocodile tears again … pity party again. She doesn’t impress me … she is out for publicity for herself. She flies around town shopping all day and then takes her wrath out on the kids the minute they get off the bus. Good mommy?

    • Brandy of IL

      I totally agree with how you see it. And I am surprised that TLC never made them do counseling from the beginning.

  • Team Jon

    Little balls of promise? How about little bags of cash?

    THANK GOODNESS Jon stopped this travesty, for whatever reason.

    • Katja

      I cannot wait. Torment ended with a twist and im so anuoixs about passion. although its going to be about past lives and all of that, i still want to see whats going to happen next in the present with luce and daniel. not just their past lives. Well, im being stupid here. Um, maybe theres something that daniel hasnt told luce that’ll mkae her dump him and accept cam or sometihng. LMAO. i dontknow. I hope the due date was closer!!!

  • Jim

    I really feel sorry for Kate. She does not deserve such treatment. She did nothing wrong.

    • Sad Crappy Stuff

      excuse me, I just threw up a little bit.

    • Deb

      Nice to see someone not trashing her. For whatever reason they went on TV, for whatever reason their marriage ended the bottom line is a marriage is over, children are split between visiting their parents and that is the sad part of this. Did I feel sorry for Kate? Yes, I did; so they put their kids on TV; other people do it and don’t get trashed the way she did. She certainly has handled this better than Jon; she doesn’t trash him the way she could and the way he has done to her. I thought it was an interesting and enlightening look into the aftermath of a marriage break up and you can say what you want about her; she started a marriage loving someone, they had children, the marriage failed and she is alone. Why can’t people in some way understand how she must feel? We have become such a cynical society and so ready to trash this women; 9 out of 10 families; given the chance to do a show like they did would grab it in a second so stop being so judgemental. I believe her tears were real, I believe she is hurting, I believe she is lonely and has very few people she can trust.

      • KJ

        I agree completely…I think that Kate has handled herself with class and with grace in the midst of a really horrible situation. I hope that things work out for her and especially for the children. There is no question that she is completely devoted to her children. There are a lot of nasty people on here who are intent on insulting a woman who they do not know personally, have never met, and cannot even begin to understand having never been in her shoes. It’s really sickening! I just don’t understand how anyone can judge someone so harshly and so unfairly-it’s wrong!

      • Brandy of IL

        Her tears are tears of regret. I believe in reality, she is crying while playing over and over in her mind that if only she had done things differently, they would still be on TV. If only she were nice to Jon. If only she complimented him more, made him feel loved and spent some alone time with him that they would never have been in a loveless marriage. And he should have also made her feel loved and beautiful. Instead he got tired of the way she spoke to him and he needed someone to tell them in any words he was still hot. There is no time machine though.

      • Dia

        they hadnt planned to have 8 kids they were struggling. Then the got the show and jon quit his job… OK.. there marriage was on the rocks, typical of a multiples family house hold and they had a pair of twins and sextuplets. Alrite where am i going with this? Their marriage was doomed from the time they had the kids, but it wasnt their fault. yea anyone would lash out when youre dealing with that many kids. but its an equal job. He leaves Kate because thats the easiest way, get s a new girlfriend(they arent even divorced yet) talks so much smack about how hes the victim. when his kids really are, and shes stuck taking care of all those kids with the little help she gets now. Its just sad sad sad, and i love how Jon was with that rabbi saying he apologized(not to her face) but continues to talk bad about her. they both have problems they need to fix so why should one be the bad guy when they are both doing the same things. But i do see how when a divorce happens its usually the guy that skips out and starts over while the mother is left with the kids.

    • Meghan

      The part I had the hardest time with during the interview was when Ms. Morales kept trying to place all blame for the tabloid covers on Kate. I was raised to believe tabloids are trash and anyone who gives them any credence whatsoever is a fool. Kate should ignore the tabloids. The reporter was making it sound like what tabloids print is all on Kate, when we all know the reality is, if a tabloid wants to print something about you, they will.
      It’s a ridiculous premise at this point to think Kate has the power to turn this crazy ride off at this point. Furthermore, she plain and simple CAN”T go back to a “Normal” job because it is financially unrealistic. She’s doing what she has to for her kids, which is to continue to try to find some way to earn enough money to support them. Her public persona is the only real capital she has at this point.
      It may not be pretty, or ideal, but it’s practical.

    • Jenn

      Kate did nothing wrong? Perhaps you missed all those episodes when she was verbally obusive to her husband in front of the children. (in front of TV cameras) Jon was so beaten down – and you say she did nothing wrong? Kate started all of this with her behaviour and it is awful how she tries to get sympathy. We should feel sorry for Jon – he was the one verbally abused.

      • Amy

        Oh my goodness, Really people?
        They were in a marriage at any time he could have told her I am unhappy and we need to work on our marriage.. Isnt that what we teach our kids “use your words” “work it out”
        Pain is the touchstone of growth. Look at what we have done to past tabloid kings and queens give it ten years and we will love them again. We will do it again with these guys. I will admit why do I even care cause I am home lonely and bored advoiding doing things that need to be done and I am sure that is all anyone else on here is doing… So, if your going to be distracted by things as unimportant to your life as tabloid drama,practice your being nice rules here and then you can take them out into your real life and you never know it might help make you have things to do in your own life and not care what is happening in tabloid land..

    • ***


      • sunrise

        I agree, it doesn’t sound like someone who has watched the show.

    • Toni

      Wake up, she did just as much wrong as Jon.

  • Snarf

    Someone’s been taking…(dramatic pause)ACTING LESSONS. sob whimper tears.

    • BlackIrish4094

      LMAO!!! Yes, she does want to be “in movies”.

  • Snarf

    Man, Ken, she hit several of your key points you posted earlier. Did you take a shot for every one?

    • supadupamodel


  • kww

    Team kids here…anyone joining me!

    • Harry Peters

      Nah. I’m on “Team Wanna See Kate’s Boobies.”

      • Nick T


      • Rush

        I dunno, those tummy tuck scars she has are nast-hay.

      • sunrise

        The photographs taken on the beach with Kate in a bikini didn’t show a scar. The procedure is actually called an abdominoplasty. There is probably a long horizontal scar very low that the bikini covers. If the Doctor needed to repair an abdonimal seperation there would be sutures under the abdominal skin. This is fairly painful. If you haven’t needed to have this procedure done please consider holding your criticism until you do. I hope you never have the need for this surgery.

    • apple


      • Renny

        They are all so good! I need one for my wall but will be hard to pick.You have really gteton the photography thing down pat. Of course,it doesn’t hurt to have such a good model.

    • sunrise

      I think most of the posts are for “Team kids”. If you read further most of the posts are saying what about the children.

      • apple


  • gradysmith

    Gosh, I hate the things that people will say because they feel anonymous on the internet. I read this recap, and I think what she says seems pretty sensible. At least she’s being honest with herself. Her career IS being in the media, and she knows that. At least she isn’t trying to legitimize herself with a fashion line. She knows her place.

    • Jennifer

      i sure wouldnt mind gettnig paid to tell my life story =]

    • Hutchy

      I like boobs

      • Ahmet

        Thank you for a wonderful egnenemagt photo session, Adam! You made it so easy to relax and be ourselves, and we are so happy with the results. We can’t wait to work with you next summer at our wedding.All the very best,Kate and Ben

    • JRE

      And there you’d be wrong. There was a line of clothing, but the $*** hit the fan right about their release time.

  • Kim Russo

    I have to admit I was so against giving any kind of ratings to “mommy of the year” but I couldn’t help myself as once again if ever I felt I was being too hard on her…I was redeemed yet again!!! Who in the world is this tiny tiny little circle of only 6 “friends” (one of whome we know is paid to be her “friend”-the hunky bodyguard) who most likely are building her up to again make a mokery of herself and what she claims to stand for. Nice friends, they are. All of the 6 friends are most likely laughing behind her back because she must have belittled them at some point as she feels she is so much more important in the world, her kids as well!!! NEWS FLASH KATE- you nor your kids(cute as they may be) are entitled to anyhting… You choose to have and provide for a family of this size, so go on and do so!!! Be grateful for what you have received and be the example. Work for what you want and nobody can ever take that away. Show them they can NOT depend on “cuteness” but rather believe in themselves to make things happen on their own accord and work for it in life rather than being props with crew members as stand in family. Kate, get real now as you claim they are the reason for everything-nice excuse, but remember you have put their business out to the world and they will see and pay for it one day because of your greed and oblivion. They are much too important to be your “props” forever, come on now. You have benefitted very well thus far so move on and focus on the kids now, its their turn to be the star and you the fan. Good luck kids!!!!

    • a.e.

      Wow. This is a big ole’ pile of crazy. Hope it made you feel better, though.

    • Meghan

      Whether you realize it or not, most of your friends aren’t really your friends. They flat out won’t stick by you when the “sh!t hits the fan” in your own life. Kate’s someone who’s gone through a life crisis that has clearly shown her who her real friends are. Any of us would be lucky to have 6 real friends.

      • CS

        I have 4… including my husband… 6 if I count a couple of co-workers!

    • Toni

      Big families manage and they do not have to live in million dollar homes and have fancy top of the line vehicles and so forth. She keeps saying all these opportunities would not have been there for her kids if the show did not exists. Let me tell you this, I make a decent wage and live and modest home and have two children, and we do not live like kings and queens here. That’s reality!!!

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