Tyler Perry rips Spike Lee on '60 Minutes': 'I'm insulted' and 'pissed off' by Lee's 'insults'

Tyler Perry, appearing on 60 Minutes, said he was “insulted” and “pissed off” by Spike Lee’s criticisms of Perry’s hit TV shows and movies. Lee recently called Perry characters such as Madea examples of “coonery” and “buffoonery.”

“I would love to read that [criticism] to my fan base,” Perry told 60 Minutes correspondent Byron Pitts. “All these characters of mine are bait, bait to get people talking about God, love, family, and faith.”

“That pisses me off. It is so insulting,” said Perry, who also spoke movingly about the childhood beatings he said he and his mother suffered at the hands of his father.

The ball is back in your court, Mr. Lee.

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  • Nathan

    Spike Lee > Tyler Perry

    Perry’s movies are terrible.

    • Liz

      I am a white chick and I just love Tyler Perrys movies. They are about family, faith, and believing in yourself. One particular movie that touched my heart was “Daddy’s Girls”. How often in this world do you see a man (black or white) who tries to do the right thing as a single father to raise his own kids? It was heart warming and fantastic. Spike Lee likes to do too much gang movies. Tyler Perry, your movies are great and don’t let anyone tell you different.

      • Ben

        I think that’s the point though. Tyler Perry movies aren’t real – they’re some convoluted idea to get white people to think black people act like that, when in fact they don’t. Spike Lee is prolific in his work because he’s REAL.

      • Salina

        Ben you have got to be kidding. What in the world do you mean black people don’t act like that? Are black people all the same? Black people act like any and everything we want to act like. We are NOT one person. Tyler shows the kind of folks he grew up with. Bill Cosby showed the kind he grew up with, & no not the Cosby Show, “Fat Albert.” Spike Lee would probably call that buffonery too. There are plenty of black folks who act like the characters in Perry’s movies and they don’t all act crazy. But for those that do, Black people need to stop acting like there aren’t black folks who act crazy & stop acting like we can’t show that side of us because it’s like “oh no what are the white folks gonna think about us when they look at this?” Be serious.

      • Salina

        Liz you are absolutely right, it is good to see men (any ethnicity) depicted raising their kids. I loved Daddy’s Little Girls too.

      • Jason C

        I’m sorry Liz, but have you seen 25th Hour, Inside Man, or Do the Right Thing? None of those movies are gang movies, but character studies about real people. I don’t know where you get that Spike Lee does gang movies.

      • Yvette Loveless

        I agree with you. We want to see our Black males in a positive light. My husband, James feels the same way being an artist. He depicts the Black man in a positive light when he draws and paints male figures at: http://www.jamesloveless.com I think what Tyler Perry is doing is wonderful!

      • KayWye

        First of all, Spike Lee does a wide range of movies. Where you get this gang stuff from, I haven’t the slightest clue. But that just shows how much you know. And secondly, Spike was speaking about the Madea character and those movies. Bill Cosby had a problem with Keisha(Rudy) playing a role in a T.P movie. So its not just Spike, its several black people who are not fans because of the portrayals of come blacks. George Lopez took a Latino sitcom, and turned it into a Latino Cosby Show. That’s how you’re supposed to depict your people. THE GOOD IS A WHOLE LOT BETTER THAN THE BAD.

      • KayWye

        First of all, Spike Lee does a wide range of movies. Where you get this gang stuff from, I haven’t the slightest clue. But that just shows how much you know. And secondly, Spike was speaking about the Madea character and those movies. Bill Cosby had a problem with Keisha(Rudy) playing a role in a T.P movie. So its not just Spike, its several black people who are not fans because of the portrayals of some blacks. George Lopez took a Latino sitcom, and turned it into a Latino Cosby Show. That’s how you’re supposed to depict your people. THE GOOD IS A WHOLE LOT BETTER THAN THE BAD.

      • Muse

        All I want to know is why can’t black filmmakers make more movies like Love Jones or Boomerang? I’m tired of seeing grown men in fat women suits.

      • ML

        Liz, you hit the point Spike is trying to make. You are confusing Spike Lee with John Singleton. Outside of Clockers, Spike was not really involved with any “gang movie” It’s time movies stop putting black men in drag, orange jumpers and pimp hats! As a black man, I want to see more Daddy’s who have little girls, that will do whatever it takes to help them survive. Tyler’s story had it’s time. It’s time to upgrade his characters and storylines. Become more diverse in movies and those who see Madea as a coonery, will subside.

      • mujerviva

        Mr. Lee needs to stick to what he does for a living: make movies. His comments/opinions about Perry’s movies are useless and shed light on Mr. Lee’s immaturity. Too bad.

      • Omar

        Salina I agree w/ you in that we are not one person. There’s a variety of personality types and characters within our race just as in any other race. But I don’t think it’s so much “oh no what are the white folks gonna think?” I think the argument is; up until recently this was the majority of black character depicted in the media. The over the top not so bright, slap stick funny type of characters, now that we’ve gotten to the point where we have movies/shows depicting black men as great fathers and husbands, movies/shows that show black women as more than just finger snapping neck twisting loud women, is this really the time to take a step back? Have we come far enough where our image can withhold such a (for lack of a better word) “blow”? I agree w/ most of what Spike Lee is saying. My issue w/ Spikes comments (going based on reports I’ve read) is, he neglects the fact that despite Tyler’s use of unnecessarily over-exaggerated characters, all his movies have life lessons for all and reaches a huge audience. W/ that being said, I also believe that is exactly the problem Spike has w/ Tyler – the unnecessarily over-exaggerated characters. Can the same lessons not be taught in a more tasteful manner?

      • dmbutler

        I think she was confusing him with john singelton.

      • Lillie

        Keep on trucking Tyler, because Iam on board.

      • cnnJUNKIE


      • Jeff

        “How often in this world do you see a man (black or white) who tries to do the right thing as a single father to raise his own kids?” Answer: All the time.

      • Betty

        I think that Tyler’s movies are full of love and family devotion. The main theme of his movies are that families should stick togather no matter what the circumstances.

      • Paige

        Tyler Perry’s Movies Are Amazing, Okay Sure They Show Black People Acting Somewhat “Ghetto” But Some Black People Are Exactly That Way. He Makes Movies That “Black” People And Maybe Even Some Whtes Can Relate Too..Maybe If U Havent Noticed All His Movies Have Messages..”The Family That Prays”, “Daddys Little Girls” “For Colored Girls”, “Why Did I Get Married”. I Believe That When Ppl Think Of Tyler They Just Think About Madea But Even Those Movies Have Messages..”Diary Of A Mad Black Woman” “Madeas Family Reunion”. People Actually Go Through Things Like This Everyday..If You Dont Like The Movie…Dnt Watch It..As Simple As That=)

    • bestkeptsecret1

      cricket, cricket again, and again

    • JT

      Your a fool!

      • claudenorth

        I think you mean, “You’re a fool!”

      • dave

        Yeah, next time you call someone a fool, don’t do it in a way that makes you look like a fool.

    • Will

      Liz, you can have a movie about family, faith, and believing in yourself and still have it be good. Tyler Perry’s movies are not. His scripts are just plain amateur.
      While you may not like Spike Lees’s movies as much, he is still a much more skilled director.

      • Aria

        While you think that he(Spike Lee) maybe a more skilled director I am sure he was an amateur at some point in his life. He may want to be more skilled at uplifting us as a people not beating us down. I can’t relate to any of Spike Lee’s movies except for Malcolm X. Tyler Perry has help me as young single mother realize that GOD is still and always in the midst no matter what my storm is.

      • Lynn

        Will, you call Tyler Perry movies amateur and Spike Lee more skilled. I disagree. I can take my kids to see a Tyler Perry movie and they would understand the meanng behind it and I can’t say the same thing about a Spike Lee movie. They would be confused just like I am about the meaning behind it. You have to also look at the fact that they are two different people with two different visions. You have the respect that.


        the only good movie spike made was malcom x. and that is only because Densel played in it…

      • Adrienne


        You summed it up perfectly. Spike Lee is a more skilled director. In time we should see more “depth” to Tyler Perry’s movies, but I think he appeals to a specific audience. I think if you are looking for the intellectual, in-depth, mind bending type of movie you will pay to see a Spike Lee film. If you want to “Keep it Simple,” be entertained, laugh, cry and maybe learn a lesson about life and its travails, go see a Tyler Perry movie. Both directors come from diverse backgrounds so just because they are african american men does not mean they will have the same view points on life and yes this comes out in their films and scripts. So I applaud both for being out there and doing their thing, but I do think Tyler needs to get away from the Madea scripts.

      • chantal- 16 years old

        This is for everyone, especial LIz.There are two arguments here; Perry is just trying to depict the realities the black community by making film such as Daddy’s little girls, whcih is a filmed I loved but that is probably by far the main focus of this dicussion the discussion is about the character Medea. Medea is a funny black lady in the film who is harded and strong willed BUT it is a form of buffonery. Medea is a chracter made to enlighten the audience with comedy in these drama type films. And P.s tyler perry is an A-hole as a person, try talking to one of his script writers and you’ll see.anyways Lee , I agree with there is a difference in showing reality and reproducing the stereotypes black people have faced over and over again. And LIZ, SPIKE LEE DOES NOT CREATE GANG movies, its good to know the material you’re against and critizing before making a false anaolgy of it but you know what I totally undertsnd your perspective. Picture this tyler can make the rest of the films without Medea, but he won’t because unfortunately that’s what makes people want to watch it because it draws in the young and old crowd by “this shit is funny”. So evryone the media is all pooped up right now and spike lee is a very skilled director because he knows his root and history and instead of being racist like in ways Tyler is he is showing the racism..LIZ try seeing bamboozled, and ARIA sometimes forms of hope and enlightment don’t have to found in films but oneself and the aspiration to move foward not only for yourself but your daughters and truth is God isn’t all of it but part. Alrighty bless you all.

      • Carlos Mencia

        @Lynn, I think that just means you have the intelligence of a child. Tyler Perry’s films all have the same storyline. Fat black people suffer because of their inherent weaknesses and self-esteem issues. A secure, muscular, black man comes to save the day. But throughout the film, black characters are overly rude, disrespectful, ignorant, stupid. spiteful. Perry’s movies use “God” as an acceptable ending; that “God” heals all.His formula shows blacks negatively

    • Barb

      Apparently Spike does not listen to messages within Tyler Perry’s movies. They make you look within, to question what is being said and actions to take if you fit any part in the movie. Madea does and says things, that many of us want to say and don’t. I could write a book backing Tyler (I’ve never watched one of Spike’s movies).


      • Mary Q. Contrary

        That’s a shame, because you’re missing some terrific film making.

      • edball

        new york blacks are the biggest player haters in the world.Spike Lee is the biggest hater

      • Dash

        Wow! Great tihnikng! JK

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      I remember my sister-in-law (who I almost never agree with as far as films are concerned) loaned me her copy of Diary of a Mad Black Woman. My husband and I only finished it out of courtesy to her. It was AWFUL. I find Tyler Perry movies moronic and racially insensitive. They’re insulting to the African American community, just as the majority Larry the Cable Guy movies are for white Americans. Any film maker that depicts a whole group of people in a negative light, seemingly based solely on their race or culture, and regularly, I might add, should go back to college and call me when they’ve gained some real-world perspective. And providing a few characters in each film that have “risen above” the hurtful stereotypes doesn’t come anywhere close to making me forget about the rest.

      • Williams

        You sound like you have not went to college because the diary moving happens to white black it don’t matter who you are some people go through that type of things may be not you but people. if you put all you had into something and find out it has all been for nothing that hurt you in a way you would not beable to come back from.

      • NJmama

        Mary Q– How does Tyler Perry only portray black people in a negative light? In Diary of a Mad Black Woman for example he shows how a person (in this case a black woman) can forgive her abuser. That’s negative? And what about his portrayal of family ties that stay strong even when people become weak at times– is that negative? I am a post-grad student and I know college is not the place to gain “real world perspective”! In fact, the people who seem to like Perry’s movies (me included) work hard, worship each week, keep their families strong… to me that’s as “real world” as it gets.

      • mainemeeka62010

        Mary Q, I really hope you have a degree yourself since you like to sound so high and mighty! Who are you for anyone to come back and report to? If you have failed to see the message portrayed in Diary of a Mad Black Woman, then I feel very sorry for you and you should get your money reimbursed for all or one of your prestigious degree(s). You can sit there and act like you don’t know anyone who goes through situations similar to Tyler Perry’s characters but you know you would be lying. Good or bad, they portray and resemble real life people with real life problems. For someone to sit there and say that they are buffoonery would be almost close to disgracing your entire family. Everyone has the crazy Aunt or Uncle who drinks too much, or the BIBLE toting grandmother, the cousin strung out on drugs, or the sister who doesn’t take care of her kids. So be real! Your comment really shows your character; which is a bourgeoisie woman who sits on her high throne and judges everyone. I bet you and your husband are pretty lonely individuals who have fake friends that never come to visit because they are busy talking about you behind your backs. So sad! Maybe you could spend your free time getting more of those high and mighty degrees of yours, which I am sure you throw in people’s face constantly. What a lame! Now go report that!

      • watching in pain

        i couldn’t stand the madea plays. would never spend money on the films. will the chitterling circuit ever end? and spike’s movies haven’t been all that either.

      • Carlos Mencia

        It’s not about them rising over these issues, but that all of the stereotypical issues affect them. He’s summing up stereotypical black life in each of his repetitive films.

      • Jimmy

        I just went to the new Tyler Perry Show Saturday 10-2-10, and what I found amazing and enlightening was all of the eldery and grown up blacks that came to the show. I mean there were bus loads of elderlies in the audience. The show was great, funny and informative. The only negative was when he mentioned this fued with Spike Lee which caused me to come home and google it. But I don’t believe that Spike Lee could ever draw a mature (history rich)audience.

      • y. smith

        I am very proud of Tyler Perry. He has accomplished a lot. All his movies and plays has a meaning behind them. May you continually be blessed by our Saviour, Jesus. Mr. Perry do not listen to negative criticism. It comes with the territory. The devil is a liar. Our own people are our worst enemies. I will continually pray for Spike Lee. There is no reason to bash anyone. We saw your movies too. What is the problem? Some people just want all the fame. God Bless your Mr. Perry. I will continue watching all your movies. God Bless You.

    • BlackIrish4094

      Soike Lee is a HORRIBLE filmaker who hasn’t ever put out a complete movie that is actually any good. He never knows how to end his films. For him to crticize ANY filmmaker is fairly laughable.

      • Jessie

        Totally agree. Remember “Girl 6?” To this day, it is the only movie I paid to see and walked out of before it was over. Brutal.

      • Nicole

        Spike Lee is a Horrible filmmaker? Really? Have you not bothered to watch Do the Right Thing or Malcolm X?

      • Sally in Chicago

        Spike is good and he’s bad in filmmaking. When he’s good “Inside Man” he’s great…when he’s bad, well he sucks. But you can say the same about Spielberg, Scott, Tarantino….when they’re good, they’re great…and when they’re bad, they suck.

        Tyler is the same all the time everytime. You see one of his movies, you’ve seen them all.

    • Evelyn

      In the famous words of Little Richard, “Shut up!” Mr. Perry is laughing all the way to the bank. When was the last time Spike Lee earned the same box office draw that Tyler Perry has? Tyler Perry is one of a handful of philantropists who is rebuilding New Orleans, LA. We need more like him. So instead of hating on him, give him some damn credit for being a human being with a heart after God, and using his heart to advance his people. When Spike Lee reaches the level of success – financial and spiritual – that Mr. Perry has, then he can say what the hell he wants to about him. Unless you’ve walked a mile in Tyler’s shoes, you can’t judge what he’s overcome to become the success he is today. You’ll probably never become a billionaire like him, so “shut up!”

      • Joy S

        Evelyn, right on right on!!!! You said everything that needed to be said. Case closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Dominique

        Agreed. Why is Spike choosing this moment to speak out? And why Tyler Perry? He stayed silent while Flavor Flav was doing his thing. He stayed silent during Friday, Next Friday, and Friday After Next. He stayed silent during White Chicks, First Sunday, How She Move, King’s Ransom, and every other movie that truly was “buffoonery” in its finest form. I think he should return to that state of silence unless he would like to take up issue with any of the other films and/or filmmakers that were truly making horrible films.

      • mainemeeka62010

        I agree, Evelyn. Tyler Perry is paid and most importantly he works for God. NO one else! When I first heard about this nonsense I immediately thought that Spike was just jealous, because for 2 decades he has been the famous black film-maker. Now that someone is stealing his limelight he doesn’t like it and is feeling very feminine with his comments. Grow and set and buck up Bart!

    • RJ


    • Helen

      I think the shows are very funny sitcoms. A break from all the other shows. It is just plain funny and it just entertainment. I get the messages/lessons. I think Tyler’s approach is diverse yet effective. Come on at some point the people can relate. Spike can at any time create, produce, something if he wanted to. We all know he has been at for a while. But his stuff is ussually over the top. I am not offended. Don’t hate Tyler is doing!!!!!

      I can never get what spike is trying to say except rage.

      • Mia

        I prefer Tyler over Spike any day of the week. I want to be entertained and learn a little humility, not be steeped in ‘rage’. I can get that just walking outside. And Tyler has risen over adversity in a way Spike hasn’t. Keep doing what you’re doing, Tyler. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

    • AcaseofGeo

      Spike Lee is jealous cuz his movies all tank at the box office and Tyler Perry’s rake in the doe AND manage to be civilized and entertaining without blaming “The White Man” for everything. Spike Lee is irrelevant and obsolete.

    • greg harris

      Mr. Perry you are obviously talented and have your pulse of the people in your hand. You have all the basic characters in your movies/plays that’s the beauty of it.. the heroe is black, the drunks, black. The encompases us all. That is what art is different peeoples views of there experices of life. Spike is not the athurority of black art. keep up the good work… it keeps actors like myself hopefull of possible working.. peace and love

    • sponge1

      Spike Lee does not make good movies. Lets face it – if he was white and made those movies IN THE EARLY 90’s – nobody would even talk about them. Spike should do the right thing and stop being jealous.

    • aw jeez

      Spike Lee=racist dooshbag

      • Anon

        How is he racist? He makes films about black people. What the hell? Both of these men care about black people (although Spike wants a prettier version). I think of Spike Lee like my cousin that lives in the city and I think of Tyler Perry as my cousin living down south. I love them both and I wanna more black directors.

    • Benes

      Movies aside…Spike Lee is an a**. Anyone remember how he threatened to sue Spike TV? Please…

    • Linda

      I was born in the north and had a Madea. In addition, my best friend had a Madea, her mother’s mom. She was known a Mom Bay and she was something to reckon with. I remember her because of the lessons learned that are still with me today. We in the black community need a Madea in our families. I don’t care for too many Spike Lee movies because they are mostly violent. Madea teaches and is a great source of entertainment. Madea’s family reuion portraying Cicely Tison and Mia Angelou really gave us something to think about, how the black community on the most part used to be and how we have changed for the worse. I do know that old I missed the values and the closeness of the “neighborhood” that was there for me as a child. The reason why ‘Madea’ is so popular is because we can relate. Perry’s movie “why did I get married is watch over and over among my friends because of the relationships we all have been in and it brings about the issues of STD’s, honesty and infidelity. Diary of a Mad Black Women basically is about forgiveness of past hurts. Most take their hurt into the next relationship, which in all honesty without forgiveness isthe same relationship, but with a different person. Madea is Madea, with all the wisdom and humor. Even Al Green know about the grits.

      • Anon

        I understand. I think Spike Lee’s films aren’t necessarily violent but they are filled with conflict that discusses racism dramatically. Some of it is prettied up. We need that but we also need Tyler Perry’s films to entertain and to show the film studios that mainstream films need to cater to black people better than “Big Momma’s House”. These two men should not be antagonistic to each other because both of their work has reached black people in some form.
        I will admit that it s insulting to rip the “chitlin” circuit on Spike’s part. Black theater is necessary and important for black people who generally ignored by white cinema. I mean, I loved Pleasantville until I realized that although the film were talking about color discrimination, they couldn’t be bothered to put one black face in the crowd. You have the idea of coloreds and whites and you can’t put a single person of color in even the colored version of their world. Pissed me off.
        Anyway, I want say I love both Tyler and Spike, and Lee Daniels and John Singleton and the producers of Ray and Ice Cube as people who are trying to keep black cinema alive. It’s WONDERFUL…

      • Deliverance

        In awe of that anserw! Really cool!

      • Lander

        what amazing cphoyrisy, I thought the gay community and their lib cheer leaders would love Ricky, what’s up with this hate speech?

    • MADAME J


    • ryan b.

      i am a 27 y/o black male. I am a fan of both spike and tyler perry. I am a city boy from DC, now living in Minnesota. I have family deep down south, living on dirt roads in the country that actually remind me of characters like madia and mr. Brown. So i can relate to perrys characters. But whats most important is what perry said. He said that the characters are bait to bring peopel closer to God. Two of my favorite movies is Why did i get married and malcome x. I think spike was wrong for callin out perry like that. Especially for not understanding perrys purpose before those remarks.
      I think perry is doing a fabolous job. Spike Lee is the Malcolm X of the industry and Tyler Perry is the Martin Luther King Jr. OF the industry.
      Sorry, i did all of this on my cell phone.
      Keep doing your thing Tyler Perry.

    • t.p.

      Spike Lee has got some nerve calling Mr. Perry’s work baffoonery. Most of the characters Spike has created for himself in his own movies have been baffoons. In contrast, Mr. Perry has shown us quite a few men in his plays and movies that are very much like the real men I know in my family. Men who strive to be morally right and who take care of their relationships and families no matter the cost.

    • trooper

      WOW. I just hit on this article looking for who played the female role April in “I Can Do Bad all by Myself”. Paid to go see Spike Lee in theatre rented Tyler at local video store.My word these folks need to get over themselves and their jealousy.It,s entertainment, a movie, sometimes artful and thoughtful sometimes not. Why not enjoy what you like, everyone is a critic. Spike has his moments but he needs to come south and hang out in this heat and humidity for awhile to unlock that iced up mind and attitude. Maybe a laugh and a message can be given without beating you over the head with analysis.

    • Brian

      no…Tyler Perry Class…Spike Lee Classless RACIST DOUCHEBAG

    • Jeremy

      Tyler’s movies are so much better than anything Spike Lee has made (and I like “Boyz In Da Hood”) Spike needs to get over himself.

    • Christopher

      I don’t see Tyler Perry as a great film maker or storyteller, he paint church going people as hypocrites and for the many people who do not know Christ if this is the first time they have contact with Christianity it’s NOT good or fair. spikes film are much better crafted and not soap operas. I have a masters degree in film history and I know of many colleagues and people in general that share Spikes opinion. Mr Perry has a great message albeit very low brow, where I believe Spikes body of work shows more creativity and not slapstick with a man in a dress.

      • Maha

        Wow! I won! I never win athnying! I will email you with my info cuz I don't want you to have grouchy eyes! Thanks!

  • analee

    Spike Lee sucks. He’s just jealous of the success that Tyler Perry has achieved.

    • Sally in Chicago

      I don’t think Spike is jealous. You have a southern boy, Tyler; and a northern boy, Spike. Spike went to college and film school; Tyler didn’t.
      Tyler is an “average” director. Anybody who walks on a stage can direct like he does. He doesn’t use innovative camera angles, his writing is mediocre as far as scripts are concerned. His characters are cooky cutter.

      The reason Spike speaks out about Tyler is because Spike tries to bring a bit of black history to the screen.
      Tyler’s movie are the same over and over, and I’m surprised the don’t run out of steam with the audience. He’s lucky that the black viewers still support him, because if you see one Tyler Perry movie you see them all.

      However, having written that, I can understand why he does it – because if it works the first time, keep doing it…it’s like these sequels Hollywood puts out. They keep bringing in money….this allows Tyler to build a studio empire. Maybe he has something bigger on the horizon. Maybe his studio will support other directors and writers in the future.

      It will be interesting to see what he does with “colored girls”.

      I’ve only seen two Tyler movies, and that’s enough for me.

      • druzilla

        Spike Lee is a jerk. Brings a bit of black history to the screen?

        Wasn’t he the one who attacked Clint Eastwood’s “Flags of Our Fathers” film about the famous Iwo Jima flag raising for not including blacks even though history records the black soldiers were not in fact part of the story Eastwood was telling?

        Not unlike Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee is a crank doing more harm than good to his people all for his own self-aggrandizement and money.

      • Dwight

        Some friends and I have discussions about this. We absolutely agree with this statement, from you and Spike. Modern day over the top Buffonery. However, I do like the Media character because it is pure wit and i respect that. The rest of the stuff is pure crap. Mediocre writing, plots are pretty basic. I do wish he would be more historic and less cliche.

      • Regina Hill

        I agree with Sally in Chicago. As an African American woman, I feel that speaking out against Tyler in such a manner brings about criticism in my own circle. Many feel that as an African American, I should embrace him and support him. I will support Tyler but again, his movies AND plays are mediocre and he does portray blacks in a way that we have been trying to shy away from for years. I respect what Spike Lee does as a director because he brings Black History to the big screen and he writes and produces movies that are insightful and intelligent. Not everything is a laughing matter and Tyler should understand that. Go to school and master your craft so that you can reach a broader audience of people. Not just the shuckin and jivin, YES SA Master folk.

      • Kimberly

        To Sally in Chicago, I think you have the information INCORRECTLY….Tyler Perry is from New Orleans, LA, same as I. Went grew up in the same area. Spike Lee is from New York. Same to you Regina Hill, you may want to get facts then address the issues….

      • Concern

        I didn’t realize “She’s Gotta Have It” was a part of black history.

      • Renee

        A Northern Boy Spike? You need to Google and research Spike Lee born Shelton Jackson Lee in Atlanta, GA. Lee is Southern as well. He may have moved up North and would like to forget his southern roots and people that reminds him of the Browns and Payne. Get your facts right. They are both Southern Boys.

      • Fred2


        Yes, Spike did start a fight with Eastwood to bring attention to his own WWII picture “Miracle at St. Anna” focused on an all-Black US soldier unit. (Frankly, Lee should have used clever marketing.)

        Of course, Eastwood had the last laugh because:

        a. “Miracle” flops at the box office

        b. Eastwood’s “Gran Tarino” become a sleeper blockbuster.

        So, it’s not a stretch that Lee could be criticizing Perry to bring the spotlight back to himself.

      • April

        Had to jump in on this one. Spike Lee vs. Tyler Perry does seem like a case of Northern vs. Southern Blacks.

        Now, if Tyler Perry movies were made 15-20 years ago, there may be an issue with the stereotypes, but we’re in the 21st century. Of course racism is still out there but Spike Lee really needs to chill. Not EVERY Black film has to be a social commentary. Maybe Spike Lee is jealous that Perry got in on Precious.

      • barry (philly)


    • steve

      Im confused. How is Sally in Chicago wrong when she said Tyler is from the south and Spike from the north when you name a southern city for Tyler and a northern city city for Spike. Wouldnt that be proving her locations correct? Maybe you should look up where those cities are located before saying someone is INCORRECT.

      • TJW

        My husband and I have seen Tyler’s movies and Spike’s movies. I think Spike’s movies are ok and I think MOST of Tyler movies are good. They are funny and serious at the same time. We go to the theater during the day because of the crowds and we are mostly in the theater with white people. If you don’t understand HUMOR then you won’t understand his message. Relax only “you” can express what impression someone has of you. I don’t think some prominent people think how Spike does- Dr Phil,Steve Harvey, Tom Joyner, Judge Mathis, Janet Jackson- I think Spike is jealous and I also think we should support each other not fight against each other. I feel that if you do think that way (like Spike) you just may be a snob.

      • Jaz

        Kimberly, do you really think Louisiana is not ‘South’? It’s about as south as you can get without falling into the ocean…

    • Anon

      Why does it have to either or? Both of THEM are special…

      • Amy

        I also use the Behringer. I found the shure (WH20XLR – Dynamic hesdaet mic with XLR connector} hesdaet mic to work well but didnt seem to be as loud as the regular microphone. I will be curious to how yours worked.

  • Donald

    I’m with Spike Lee here. Perry’s characters are modern day minstrel, whether there is a good message there or not. Perry reemphasizes the ‘angry’ black stereotype and relies on outlandish over the top bufoonery to get the message across.

    • Fred2

      Hasn’t Spike Lee BECOME an “angry Black” stereotype?

      For example, Lee directed a WWII picture “Miracle at St. Anna” focused on an all-Black US soldier unit. Now, does Mr. Lee use clever marketing to get people to see the film?

      No. Instead he all but calls Clint Eastwood a racist for not having more Black people in his WWII films.

      Of course, Eastwood had the last laugh because:

      a. “Miracle” flops at the box office

      b. Eastwood’s “Gran Tarino” become a sleeper blockbuster.

      So, it’s not a stretch that Lee could be criticizing Perry to bring the spotlight back to himself. And I think this tactic will once again backfire on Lee.

      • Anon

        Fred2, maybe if Clint Eastwood had put a black person in his film, Spike Lee might not have cause to say anything in media. Also, your facts are out of order. Clint Eastwood made his film (excluding black actors), Spike Lee criticized him (which is not illegal) and then a year happened and his war film came out.
        If you make 100 films over ten years and four of them have one half black actor in them and four of them have a full black cast and you were black, would you feel excluded? Where is your logic? Whites are featured in a lot of black cinema; why can’t blacks get a little play in white cinema? Coz they don’t belong? Why? Why is it racist to ask for more inclusion? If there was no Tyler Perry or Spike Lee, then black people would have watch programs that don’t include them. Where’s the fun in that?

  • John

    Spike Lee is a racist.

    • JP

      Now that’s a darn lie, and doesn’t’ make any scene. There both black and all of there movies star mostly black people.

      • Andrew

        I think he was being facetious with that comment…

      • Fatima

        Anyone who thinks Spike Lee is just jealous clearly doesn’t understand Spike Lee.

      • Fatima

        Ooops, I didn’t mean to post that there :)

    • Daniel

      Yeah but the white people in Spike Lee’s movies are always violent racist ogres who go out of their way to hurt black people. I hate to break it to you all but racism is a two way street.

      • alex

        really daniel? care to back that up with a shred of actual evidence?

        and dont forget to ignore Spike’s brilliant 25th hour starring Edward Norton, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Barry Pepper, and Brian Cox. so which one of these guys played the ogre? norton? weird, he really seemed to love his girlfriend, Rosario Dawson.

        i hate to break it to you, but you have no idea what your talking about. go watch a tyler perry movie and come to the stunning realization that family matters.

      • Benes

        Geez, alex….relax.

      • Anon

        Umm I don’t remember this…Examples please?

    • OriginaLHuman

      I don’t think Spike Lee is racist. I think he is “reactionist”. At some point someone has to not be ok with the history of this country’s treatment of minorities. And just because the calendar page has turned does not make it a viable argument.

      • OriginaLHuman

        Oops… meant to type “doesn’t not make it a viable argument”

    • Anon

      Where’s your proof?

      • Anon

        …that Spike is a racist?

  • amy

    I beg your pardon Nathan his movies are not terrible. Don’t get me wrong some have less to be desired. But you can’t compare or dishonor these too. I think Spike needs to look in the mirror because all of his material ain’t that great either.

    • Fred2

      Amen to that.

    • Aimr

      It is a dark codemy. It’s like The Wizard of Oz meets Blue Velvet. It’s basically a story about a woman who leaves her husband because she discovers his “secret hobby” and the crazy-ass adventures that she encounters along her travels. My character is sort of the Scarecrow to the lead character’s Dorothy. I play a character who is going to Niagara Falls to kill herself named Lois. She is an alcoholic. It’s written by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright: David Linday-Abaire. It is a Pittsburgh Premiere! What else do you need to know, Reichbaum? Huh? Huh?

  • Jim Birmingham

    Thank you Tyler for making your movies. My wife Susan and I love and have seen all of them.. By the way we are white, middle class and totally relate to what we see on the screen..Struggle, failure, Faith and Redemption..

    • Liz

      Jim I agree with you. I am a white chick and I love his movies. Most of them are heart warming and about family.

      • Jim Birmingham

        I hear you Liz.. our nephew turned us on to the Tyler Perry movies.. he is a set dresser here is L.A. and we now see every one… Best, jim

      • Anon

        That’s the beauty of some black films. It makes a lot of people feel welcome… My grandmother used to watch the older films with the older screen stars and felt the same way. It embraced her inner glamorous side.

        I’m not sure a lot of white people are ready to talk about Spike Lee and the whole W.E. Dubois-Booker T. Washington thing. Spike Lee films are really for discussion on racism…

    • Lynn

      I agree. I have also been to all of his plays. I totally support him and all the things he does.

      • Adrian

        I don’t even see why this is such a big deal. You may not like Spike Lee personally, and Tyler Perry may be more generally appealing to the american movie-going public, but take into account what movie made more than any other this year? Yes, Transformers. So i don’t think we can really trust the american movie-going public to determine who is better, Tyler Perry or Spike Lee.

        Now, Spike Lee is first and foremost widely regarded as the GREATEST AFRICAN AMERICAN filmmaker EVER. I really think that if Spike freaking Lee wanted to talk out against Tyler Perry who realeases like 4 of the same movies a year, each already based on a play he’s already done, then Spike freaking Lee can. “Do The Right Thing” is ranked as the 96th greatest motion picture ever made by the American Film Institute. He has continued to constantly work to raise african americans up in the world by showing intelligent black people in his films, and trying to get black people to think when they watch movies. And Tyler Perry just enforces the generic, common stereotypes that appear everywhere in Black popular culture. Spike Lee doesn’t make too much money trying to spread the intelligence. Tyler Perry is making money off the ignorance of his “fans”. Who should we really be blaming here?

      • Luck

        Kudos to you! I hadn’t thougth of that!

  • blake

    finally someone speaks against tyler perry, all of his movies are absolute crap. they just seem to further certain stereotypes and preconceived notions about black people. perry deserves to be insulted as long as he is making such dumb movies and tv shows

    • laylagalise

      Agree. I think people are so hungry for movies that have African-American casts or discuss faith that they praise Perry’s movies. I’m glad that the actors in his movies are getting the work they deserve, but I wish they were given better material. Hopefully, one day studios will produce more substantial movies with African-American casts rather than the one-dimensional comedies and dramas they’re producing now (excluding Spike Lee’s movies, of course).

      • laylagalise

        I do commend Perry for producing the movie “Precious.” Now, if he’d only produce more movies of this caliber, he would be heading in the right direction.

      • bestkeptsecret1

        It took one cricket to get something started, and I pray in the name of Jesus, that Tyler Perry is rewarded for all he is trying to do. HELP PEOPLE OVERCOME many obstacles in life. Maybe Spike Lee should have gotten some lashes in his mouth, and he would know how to keep is shut. You can tell the little crickets, that have never gone through hardships.

      • Eduin

        I disagree. Yes, onvryeee takes away their own feelings from any movie. Remember this was “adaptation” of the play/book from Tyler’s view. I found the movie very moving, deep and refreshing. I think the acting was amazing! The choice of what actors to play each part was very good. Not knowing what to expect I was thinking this was a sad movie in the beginning. However, as the movie move on no it wasn’t the end was wonderful, vindicating, and full of redemption and promise. I want to read the book and would have loved to see the play, but I am glad I didn’t so that I could be objective of Tyler’s “adaptation”.

  • psych

    I agree with Spike Lee (except for his two non-Madea movies which were very good, Perry’s characters are too one-dimensional). But you know Lee’s jealous of Perry’s huge sucess in such a short amount of time. Madea and that TBS crap will keep Perry from being truly mainstream and taken more seriously(which he really wants), so he has yet to truly crossover. There are so many good movies Spike could make in this political/racial climate so he should really walk the walk and take advantage. We haven’t seen the end of this dawg fight!

    • wakeforce

      Perry was in the new Star Trek, which will hit video stores on Nov. 17.

      • Jacklynn

        AFACTI you’ve covered all the bases with this answer!

  • Ellen

    Spike Lee is just jealous. He needs to get over Tyler Perry’s success. I love Tyler’s plays and movies.

    • Jen

      Thank you! I’m not a fan of a lot of Tyler’s work, but Spike’s comments reeked of jealousy and pettiness. Tyler keep doing your thing!

      • Ming grl

        Jen, i think you hit it on the head. Jealousy and pettiness don’t fill theater seats.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Not true. If Spike is “jealous” then it’s because he can’t get financing for his movies and has to fight like heck to get financing. He’s not jealous of Tyler’s success. That would be stupid.

      • j5k

        There’s reasons he can’t get financing fool!

      • queenstine

        No sally whats stupid is u j5k is right he can’t get financing back cause you can’t tell people how to spend their own money spike is a one movie wonder face it

      • krissy

        i believe you are correct..blacks will not stick together

    • poetic

      Spike Lee has absolutely no reason to be jealous of Tyler. I like Tyler but his movies are very formulaic. You can pretty much predict the outcome of every.single.one. I don’t think he will ever be called on to direct someone else’s project as has Spike. Tyler needs to do something new and different. One day his audience will wise up. He has already learned that his movies that exclude Madea are not hits. This says a lot.

    • SJL

      I think there is a little hating going on (on Spike’s part). Jealously is cruel and will say and do anything to belittle another. As a writer myself, I realize that everyone has their own style. Why can’t we understand that everybody isn’t alike?

      • Linda

        Everyone does have their own style. Some prefer Spike Lee and most love Tyler Perry. You in past blacks covered their hurt with humor, that’s how they were able go go on. Tyler Perry, along with a few comedians is able to articulate those moments on stage and film, what’s wrong with that. I would take a Tyler Perry play/movie on Spike Lee anyday, and I am a black history buff.

  • K. Reeder

    Tyler Perry’s movies are absolutely wholesome, uplifting and inspiring entertainment-not reality. I’m offended that Spike Lee would insinuate that I don’t know the difference. Keep doing what works Mr. Perry!

  • JP

    Tyler knows this cristism is true that’s why he’s so angry someone has called him out on his crap. He might get an Oscar as and Executive Producer of Precious but everyone knows that he won’t get it back there for either writing or directing.

    • A-Lou

      Yes TP will get an Oscar for “Precious” because it will be the right movie that the Academy will feel safe with after blowing off “Color Purple.” It will be the first Black film to win major Oscars. But I think people should know this: TP and Oprah didn’t have any stake in the movie, but their names! Lee Daniels, the director had shot and shown “Precious” well before he added the big names to the movie as “PRESENTERS,” meaning a bigger draw at the box office. The film was well on it’s way to be a big hit, but I can’t blame Lee Daniels, who is a better director than TP, for putting their names on his project! “Precious” will make history!

  • BJohnson

    Spike Lee is just trying to be relevant and it looks like jealousy when he comes after Tyler Perry at the height of his success. Tyler Perry has been around for years and years from the plays, did he speak up then? No, he wasn’t a household name then. Now when Tyler is so successful, movie after movie winning it’s first week slot, now the critics are trying to be loud. Spike forgot people used to say the same things about his movies that he had stereotypical blacks in his movies too. Guess he forgot where he came from. Sheesh.

  • Strawberrypink

    I have no problem with Perry’s desire to play to his audience. What I hate is that he sets the bar so low as far as artistry and sophistication are concerned.

    It’s possible to put forth all the messages he desires without being so mickey mouse about it. His shows have the artistic maturity of the average high school play.

    As a black woman, I don’t want to settle for artless entertainment just to have my values reinforced.

    I know that Perry claims that he doesn’t care what critics say. But if by some miracle the critcs were to suddenly love his work, would he still be dismissive of their opinions? I doubt it.

  • william Wright

    Perry is a hack that exploits black audiences.

    • imahrtbrkbeat

      Thank. You! Perry is a fraud.

  • stargatewtchr

    whatever. Lee has a chip on his shoulder, always will. He a bitter, bitter person.

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