'Dexter' recap: Getting rid of Rita?

Terrific episode of Dexter this week, wasn’t it? Which means we have stuff to discuss about the plot, and I have at least one big […] Read the full post.

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  • aisha

    i totally agree with the reviewer about Angel-Maria and quinn and annoying reporter. on the other hand the writers always deliver so i’m fully expecting some twist in both relaytionships.
    love love love dexter. he’s sooo… likeable!

  • Courtney

    Am I the only one who thinks that maybe ANTON shot Deb and Lundy? Makes sense that he would leave Deb alive and shoot Lundy twice.

    • nit picky

      I don’t think it was Anton because he was too concerned for Deb when he first got to the hospital – and then stormed out when Deb admtted to sleeping with Lunday. Trinity did know that Lundy had discovered him, which is why Trintiy bumped into him last week – I think Lundy was his intended target, and Deb got hit unintentionally…whether or not Trinity shot Deb & Lundy – Dexter will be justified in his mind to kill him based on previous heinous acts.

      • kentuckygirl

        Yeah, but Anton was awfully quick to “forgive and forget” when Deb fessed up about Lundy in the hospital . . .

    • Anita k

      Did you notice just before Deb got shot, Lundy looked over Deb’s shoulder in recognition of the shooter. It might have been Anton, but I believe he saw Trinity.

  • Anita k

    Thank you Jodipo, for making me laugh out loud…Trinity killing Rita, LeGuerta and Quinn! How appropos!

  • Becca

    Yes, I hate Rita. In fact, I never liked her, but this season she’s incredibly annoying. Maybe someone will kill her and Dexter can seek revenge. Maybe Dexter will lose his cool and strangle her? No, our boy is prone to snapping. But please, please get rid of her.

  • Dark Passenger

    I really doubt Trinity killed Lundy. They would have shown him do it. Its meant to be a twist, in my opinion. My money is on Anton (he could have been faking surprise in hospital) or the reporter (not sure why except she seemed distraught over losing Quinn, maybe she saw an opportunity to link his partner’s shooting with the tourist murders?).

  • Siobhan

    You are all delusional if you think Trinity killed Lundy and shot Deborah. It was Anton. Mark my words…

    • AnnML

      I said the same thing as soon as they got shot. I knew it wasn’t Trinity. I know it’s Anton, I just know it!

      • But I really liked Anton. I hope it’s not him :( but you might be right.

  • nit picky

    I don’t care for the transformation of Rita -she has gone from a sterotypical abuse victim – to whiny and controlling. I don’t see her being written off, the character creates inner turmoil for Dexter to deal with – her existence and the kids, are making Dexter “feel” they seem to be the writer’s vehicle for evolving Dexter emotionally. I had never watched this show until I did a Dexter marathon this summer and watched every episode on On Demand – now I am totally hooked – the story’s are excellent – the characters intriguing – I say trust the writer’s to handle Rita! JMO

    • AnnML

      You took the words right out of my mouth. I loved Rita until Dex married her. Now, I’m sick of her whining and complaining. It’s getting old and I’m tired of her dumb a$$

  • Ike

    I like the reporter. Quinn can leave and I wouldn’t feel bad at all. He doesn’t really seem to serve much of a purpose. Batista + LaGuerta = a turning stomach. Really? Is this necessary? Rita is a downer, but as previously mentioned, likely a necessary buzzkill. Deb has grown on me as well. I think I’ve just realized this. Hmm.

  • Sierra

    I think the hard thing about the Rita-Dexter marriage is that Rita is the side that all of should technically be on, but we’re not. It’s understandable all the suspicions she has, but the show is about Dexter and it’s his side that we cheer on and understand. So yeah, I’d agree with the idea of Rita disappearing. It’d be nice if they gave Dexter a break from constantly dealing with her. I think there is a enough on his plate for good story and plot, especially with Trinity. John Lithgow is doing a great job with the character and I think, Rita plots aside, the rest of the season is going to go very well.

  • Katito

    I think Jennifer Carpenter truly rocked this episode. There’s your emmy nom right there.

    • AnnML

      Completely agree with you !!! Emmy nod, come to her!

  • Captain Beyond

    If Rita wasn’t doing what she’s doing things would be too simple for Dexter. As for Batista and LaGuerta, they’re entitled to character development. LaGuerta’s lucky to be a character still as she was whacked in the first book. I’d hate to see Anton stoop that low but it makes sense as I believe Trinity would have preferred to beat Lundy to death.

  • Anita

    I’m hoping that Rita’s annoyance tapers off if and when Dexter confronts her about her first marriage, or when it blows up in her face. Then she won’t be little Miss Perfect anymore. Maybe it will come up in therapy.

  • Dr. No

    A few things:
    Deb’s acting in this episode was heart breaking and emmy worthy. Second, I agree with those who posted that Trinity DID NOT shoot Deb and Lundy. I think the twist in the “difference’ between Dexter and Trinity, is that Trinity kills as a family. Don’t be suprised to see the son or wife even, play a part in these murders. Or maybe his own Dad, who seems to be involved in his ritual killings…….. Lithgow’s look as he was in the diner, was of shock of the news of Lundy’s murder. And his “omelette” demands shows how neat and particular he is. He isn’t the shooter.

    • AnnML

      I have a feeling it’s Anton. Anyone else think that? Deb deserves an Emmy too, I agree. I never saw her like that in all the seasons and that was gut wrenching! I don’t even care for her character much, but I was moved by her incredible acting!

  • WD

    Ken, you insights always bore me. Leguera and Batista do work, mainly because they have known each other for years. Although i do wish they could avoid inter-office politics. The reporter romance has been a great addition to the main storylines. If it wasnt for her leak, trinity wouldnt have known about Lundy. Im sure more of her reporting will come into play this season. And yes, Rita has been annoying, but she’s been this way since begining of Season 3. The writers now need to find a way to make her more understanding and vulnerable, similar to the Rita in Seasons 1 and2. They seem to be playing up the annoying wife card, maybe for it to build to some time of showdown at the end of the season (im can bet trinity sets his sights on her and the kids). she keeps saying family comes first. I wonder how much of dexter’s secret will she discover (especially if he rescues her from trinity). and like with her ex hubby’s death, how much she’s willing to cover for dex. Btw, this show has always been soap opera (recall Leguera sleeping w. her captain’s husband? dex and his crazy british friend? ). thats just how the show works. a bit of crazy (dex’s killings) and a bit of heart (the personal lives of the dept).

    • AnnML

      If they bore you so much, why continue to read them? :) just asking! :)

  • AnnML

    Rita has got to go. She’s needy and too clingy with Dexter. Yes, marriages are hard work and especially with a new baby. But, Dexter carries a full time job outside of the home, plus he kills people in his spare time. I mean, c’mon, he doesn’t have time for all of this. I was so ticked at Rita a few episodes ago when she says “you’ve not been the most present husband and father” Oh well, excuse him for working his butt of to support you staying home with your kids. She’s a whiner and I was so cool with her until Dexter married her. She’s a great actress, but she’s bringing my favorite show down and if it jumps the shark because of her, I’ll never watch anything she’s ever in again! Ok, maybe not that drastic, but c’mon writers, Rita has to go! She’s a distraction and I’m bored with her already.

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