Tuesday night is a TV wasteland. This is where 'Fringe' and 'Dollhouse' and 'Southland' and 'Parks and Recreation' should go.


Look at tonight’s network schedule. Do you really want to watch two hours of Biggest Loser? Of course you don’t: You’re smarter than that. The Forgotten on ABC? Give me a break. Do you care about 90210 at this point? Come on…

My wish (I know it won’t happen, because junk food like Biggest Loser gets bigger ratings, but a guy can dream) is that Tuesday, a night of higher viewership than Friday, should become the new showcase-evening for series such as my beloved Fringe, which is suffering from the Thursday-night glut of shows at 9 p.m. So is Parks and Recreation, which needs to be protected from Survivor and Bones (not that I have anything against those particular shows; it’s the time-period competition).

This is a night where NBC could have put Southland, at 9 p.m. Biggest Loser is an absolutely ideal Friday-night show — it belongs there. Hell, I’ll bet even a relocated Dollhouse would fare better on Tuesday nights.


Oh, if only we could be programmers. The ratings might go kerflooey for a while, but the quality and diversity of choices would be higher, wouldn’t it?

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  • Brooke

    Yes! Tuesday is the one day a week that I have completely free to watch and it is the biggest waste. I typically just watch my Sunday/Monday shows on the DVR if I haven’t had time to previously.

    • gary

      seriously.. there’s nothing on tuesdays.
      is it true CHucK will be put on Tuesdays when it comes back?

    • Jenn

      Brooke, I do the exact same thing.

      • Sean

        Chuck will be back in it’s Monday night a 8 slot when it comes back. Interestingly though, those shows listed above were in my cancel ‘list’! http://tiny.cc/puwH7

    • Kay

      Same here, Brooke. Tuesday is a wasteland, while Thursday is overloaded with shows I like to watch. So I catch up on anything still on the DVR on Tuesday nights.

    • MsSunidaze

      Agree. Tuesday is my catch up night.

    • Malia

      Ditto that Brooke. I have nothing recording on Tuesday’s on my DVR either. I would love to see Southland on Tuesdays. I was really loving that show.

    • Annie

      Same for me. Whatever I miss Monday I just watch Tuesday. It would be a waste without Hulu (I am unfortunately DVR deprived)

    • Lee Katherine

      YES. There is so much on Mondays, I can watch about half of my shows live and then I just watch the rest Tuesday nights online because there is literally nothing that I watch on Tuesdays.

  • VJW

    Tuesday might be wasteland to you, but if you’re an NCIS fan, it’s the BEST night of the TV week! :)

    • CeCeO

      thank you!! :)

      • Nycki

        yes, thank you for finally bringing up NCIS is on Tuesdays!

      • Nycki

        Nevermind, just saw the NCIS discussion below. But still, thank you.

  • Robert

    with all the reality crap – most nights of tv is a total wasteland… get up off your fat @SSes and do something else

  • MWC

    Foreget the networks…watch Sons of Anarchy on FX.

    • Ray

      I totally agree. The only thing worth watching on Tuesday nights is Sons of Anarchy. Ron Pearlman and company are awesome and the story gets better every week.

    • Anna

      I agree, Tuesday night belongs to Sons of Anarchy for me :)

    • CMB

      YES!! Sons of Anarchy is by far the best show on Tuesdays. It’s the Sopranos on motorcycles.

      • Barry

        I feel that it is Hamlet on motorcycles because I’m sure that Clay murdered Jax’s father to marry his mother.

    • BeaAnn

      Absolutely. I look forward to Tuesdays because of this show!

      • Jun

        Jennifer Love Hewitt en Geek , de9cide9ment j’ai l’impression que toutes les chaeenes US se l’arrache .Bon sinon il est grand temps qu’on arreate avec cette camnagpe Pinage ,moi perso j’en peux plus .Je vais sans doute me faire hacfr mais je ne trouve pas que la se9rie me9rite tout ce foin . Et vu certaines photos des rassemblements , j’ai pas l’impression qu’il y ait des centaines et des centaines de fans de la se9rie alors de le0 e0 comparer la campagne avec celles de Jericho et Chuck hum hum

    • SPF

      This is the best show on TV, hands down.

      • Machunny

        Couldn’t agree more. Why watch anything else?

    • Leslie

      I LOVE Sons of Anarchy. Katey Sagal is amazing this season.

      • AC

        Totally agree, Katy Segal is THE BEST actress on TV right now. If she doesn’t get any consideration for major awards it will be a travesty.

  • Lindsey

    What about NCIS? It’s not a total wasteland!

    • Heather

      Yeah, but that is one network and one choice. For a show like fringe that goes up against CSI, grey’s Anatomy, The office, and supernatural where sci-fi fans are already committed, it is death. If it switched to Tuesday night i bet it would go up a couple million at least.

    • matt

      i tried to watch NCIS, just cant get into it.. maybe i didnt get to see it from season 1. looks like a good show though..

      • jimmy

        NCIS gets huge ratings because it HAS NO COMPETITION on its timeslot. but i agree it is a decent show

    • crispy

      Don’t you have to be over 60 to like NCIS?

      • Lindsey

        I’m 28 and I love it!

      • Chris

        I’m 19 and love NCIS so up your_ass mother_fucker!

      • Not Moby

        That’s what I thought too, crispy. In fact just the other day my husband and I were talking about how old people love NCIS.

      • AmericaninDubai

        Tell that to my 13 year-old niece, as well as every other family member of every age that I have managed to get addicted to NCIS. Excellent show.

        I do hope that Fringe sticks around though …

      • Cee

        I’m 25 and I love NCIS! So do my husband and best friend…it’s a smart, fun show!

      • Rob

        I am 59 and nine months

      • Troy

        Crispy, are you always an ass on Tuesdays or is today just special? I bet you would be happy with Hannah Montana on Tuesday right? Then finish the evening with Bob the builder. Who the hell says NCIS is for old people? If you can’t follow tha action because you are not “old” enough, thats a personal problem.

      • Emily

        I’m in college and we have to have viewing parties in the TV lounge because we have so many people that love NCIS. I’d actually never heard that only older people like the show.

      • Morgan

        I know people in their sixties who love NCIS. I know people in their teens who love NCIS. I know several young people, including my 20-year-old self, who started watching the show because their parents watch it. It really has cross-generation appeal.

      • Meredith44

        I’ll add to the parade of comments above… I’m 34 and my 31 year old sister and I love the show. I also moderate an NCIS newsletter and a bunch of younger people (and, yes, some older people) really enjoy watching it.
        However, despite the fact I do love NCIS on Tuesdays, that is pretty much all I watch that night at present. As I watch 80 million (roughly *grin*) shows on Thursday night, I would love it if some of the shows (like Fringe) shifted. It would make my life easier and would hopefully improve ratings. Of course, it will probably never happen.

      • RMW

        I’m 33, and I think “NCIS” rocks. (“NCIS: Los Angeles,” on the other hand, is rubbish.)

      • Kate

        Biggest myth that only old people like NCIS.

        It is in fact a great family show, one of the few shows that we watch as a whole family, covering action, procedure, pop references and the hint of relationships for the female members.

        I started watching it when House moved to Tuesday at 8 because I was disappointed in House, checked out the competition and got hooked.

        This week, NCIS got 4.7 in the 18-49 demo, beating House and many other shows.

      • Nick T

        “crispy,” the answer to your question would be: yes.

      • Zito ‘shipper

        No. I’m 43. My parents got me hooked. It’s a great show. Truly wonderful ensemble chemistry.
        Matt, hang in there with Gibbs & Co. You will be rewarded.

    • Jo

      ‘NCIS': 21 million viewers and the paid many media hacks STILL don’t get it.
      So this is for you Ken: RASPBERRY!!!!

      • CeCeO

        im 23 and ive been with NCIS since the biginning. fantastic show!!

  • GirlCrush

    I’m actually digging “The Forgotten” quite a bit. Other than that, I agree.

    • elr

      I’m enjoying the Forgotten on Tuesday’s as well. I wish CBS would rethink their Sunday night lineup. After having to wait almost an hour and a half for the Amazing Race to start (which just plays too much havok with trying to DVR it), I think the network would do better if they just showed 60 Minutes whenever football was over and then show a movie. And heaven forbid that they not show 60 Minutes instead of Cold Case, which is what happened this past Sunday.

    • katherine

      Me too! You have to suspend reality a bit when you consider their investigating crimes, but otherwise I think it’s far better than The Good Wife (who wants to see another “stand by your man” politician’s wife?). People need to give the Forgotten a chance!

      • Zito ‘shipper

        Katherine, what other series have been about “stand by your man politician’s wives?” Not counting the evening news! ;>
        “The Good Wife” is a decent drama. Give it a chance!

  • BoriJ

    Tuesdays may be a TV wasteland, but I think I enjoy the best offerings that night has to offer: NCIS (excellent), NCIS: LA (still giving it a chance), and The Good Wife (lots of potential.

  • Brooke #2

    I think you are right on the mark.

    My Tivo doesn’t record anything on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and then works overtime on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays (especially with Medium having a new home).

    2 hours of Biggest Loser? Really? Is NBC identifying with that name or something?

    • Kurt

      Very funny and true. Biggest Loser is one of the reasons why I rarely even pass by NBC when I’m channel surfing now. It seemed to always be on.

      • Rosygogo

        I agree Kurt. Until Chuck is back, I don’t think there are any shows on NBC that I consider “must see.” I don’t even think I have any NBC shows on my DVR right now. Remember the weeks, where you watched St. Elsewhere one night, Hill Street Blues or LA Law another night. NBC has really lost touch with their legacy. I’d even take that Supertrain show from the late ’70s, early ’80s at this point.

    • Karlover

      Do yourself a favor and record Modern Family (or Glee).

      My Tivo’s days off are Monday and Tuesday, but it gets a workout Wed. and Thurs.


    I totally agree with you, Ken! For me, this season is a total waste. The only shows I’m currently watching live are on Thurs & Fri Nights (and putting Medium & Dollhouse in the same time slot? Whaaat?).

    Mon, Tue, & Wed are dud night aside from the occasional 1/2hr sitcom.

    What happened to TV???

  • NIck

    The only show I watch on Tuesdays is The Good Wife. Everything else is crap. Southland, Dollhouse and Fringe would be perfect on that night instead of So You Think You Can Dance.

  • CVisca

    THANK YOU!! I’ve been saying this ever since the fall schedules were announced. Move Heroes to the 8 pm slot, and shrink Biggest Loser to 1 hour, (because those 45-minute weigh-ins are RIDICULOUS) – in fact, get rid of Biggest Loser altogether. Then move Fringe to Fox’s 9 p.m., and add Southland to NBC’s 10 p.m. slot (one night off of Jay wouldn’t kill anyone). Problem solved!

  • Les

    I just had this conversation w/ my husband. Thursday nites are too overloaded with quality shows. Share the wealth with the other days of the week!!

  • melissa

    you are so right about the tuesday wasteland. Fringe was perfect viewing last year on tuesday

    • Tiffany


      • Fullbug

        Tuesday was the perfect slot for Fringe. The network has done it a great disservice by moving it to Thursday. Why isn’t there an effort to “dominate” Tuesday, or “own” Monday.. Why does everyone have to compete on Thursday???!!!

  • Shay

    There isn’t a single show that I watch on Tuesday nights. Instead I have to resort to this crazy thing called reading. If FOX would move Fringe back to its Tuesday night spot then I might get rid of this stress related anxiety that I have over its ratings.

  • Kate

    I am looking forward to V, but Tuesday is otherwise the night I watch Heroes and Big Bang Theory. Otherwise, it just seems like the other networks are afraid of American Idol when it isn’t even on.

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