Elisabeth Hasselbeck returns to 'The View,' opines on Balloon Boy and Fox News Channel: 'This is what we deserved'


Welcome back, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Returning from maternity leave, Hasselbeck came to the View table this morning bursting with opinions for Monday’s all-“Hot Topics” day.

On the Balloon Boy hoax: “This is what we deserved,” she said, making two points: that the public craving for reality TV has both inspired people to do stunts like this to gain TV fame, and that extensive coverage of stunts like this has infected news coverage. Pretty sensible, yes?

(I did like the way Whoopi introduced footage of Balloon Dad as being from “something called Wife Swap.” It’s great that Whoopi, whose orneriness I’m warming to more and more, doesn’t seem to know or care  this is an ABC show; even more glad that she doesn’t watch that junk.)

On the Obama administration’s recent skirmishes with the Fox News Channel, Elisabeth said: “Isn’t that edging toward an attempt at censorship… when our President asks us not to watch a certain channel?” Um, no — that’s not what happened, Elisabeth.

She defended Rush Limbaugh’s racially insensitive remarks by saying Jennifer Lopez and the Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie have also made racially offensive remarks. Two wrongs don’t make a… Plus, Lopez and Fergie don’t have daily radio platforms for their opinions or a track record for offensiveness.

In closing, she shared with us that she’s now “practicing strict birth-control methods.” Ah, that’s more like it!

All in all, a fine return to form for the mighty Hasselbeck. Did you watch?

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  • DeWayne

    LOVE Elizabeth!

    • Janiqueuoa

      What? You must be uneducated AND racist. I’ve been pondering over what you might like about her – maybe a kinship towards her obtuseness?

      • Ello

        Love Elizabeth, say what you will about her, she is entertaining. Keep up the good work Lizzie

  • Jonathan

    I totally agree with Hasselback when she says reality TV has inspired people to do crazy stunts… like the producers of “The View” hiring an unfunny, untalented bimbo from “Survivor” as one of their hosts.

    • kahuna


    • furiousk

      ha ha ha, so true, so true.

    • Liza5326

      NICE!! I think you made the comment of the day!

    • laura

      I bow to you Jonathan!! Right on the money!

    • can’t she just go away

      amen brother

    • mydove

      Jonathan: excellent observation! I’d forgotten about that!

    • Stan

      Don’t forget the “Survivor” part – Lizzie la chica loca came from that world, thus she was spawned by the King of Crazy Stunts himself, Mark Burnett

      • mmkay

        Great reading skills you have there, Stan. I guess you were so anxious to get on the hate bandwagon that you missed the part where the OP already mentioned Survivor.

      • Cally

        Wow Stan. You’re really in the know.

    • Rosalie

      I never liked Elizabeth on Survivor and never saw her appeal. However, I’ve liked her alot on The View. I am glad she is there and she does bring up some good points. She rightfully brought up Jennifer Lopez and Fergie. Why is it okay for them to use the “N”word but not for Rush. Why is it okay for African Americans to use it amongst themselves and get upset when someone else uses it.(I know Jennifer and Fergie are not black) This is hypocrisy at it’s best! Elizabeth brings balance to the table, which is not saying alot of the other co-hosts:(. And yes, she of all people should not be complaining about reality shows when she owes her career to survivor. But I will say this for her, when she was on teh show she played with dignity and was never trying to get attention by being scandolous.

      • vera

        Umm well I hate to break it to you but the lyrics Fergie sings are written by a Black man, and so are JLo’s. Fergie is also not all white, she is mixed racially. And a black person writing lyrics about society and saying the N word is different than a white man claiming a black man in the NFL really is only getting attention because he is black,. Also I never heard JLo or Fergie sing “barack the magic negro” like Rush has.

      • Fatima

        Your blase analysis has a pretty easy answer. While the use of the n word isn’t looked upon fondly by a lot in the black community, many have tried to take the word, familiarize it, and thus, rob it of its power. If they are the ones using it, you can’t use it to hurt them. I’m not saying it’s the best approach, but it is a valid one, and I’m constantly surprised at how few understand that.

      • Kellee

        The reason African American get to use the N word and not white people is because white people have been using that word for hundreds of years. It doesn’t matter what black people call themselves like it doesn’t matter what white people call themselves. You would not want a black person calling you honk**, or crac*** so show the same respect.

    • Cookie

      kuDOS! (to quote Ramona from RHONYC) If only the other women were as quick or astute to make such a hilarious observation.

    • Stacy

      I know right! As I reading what she said I was thinking “Isn’t this lady from Survivor”. I really don’t like Elizabeth but everyone is entitled to their opinion, but come on If there was ever a kettle calling the pot black moment this is it.

    • kse

      oh, snap!

    • Suzzy


    • Effy

      Bravo, Jonathan!

    • Not Moby

      Oh, snap.

  • Marge

    The View is a much better show without Hasselbeck. Cannot stomach her.

    • Lucy

      I agree!

    • can’t she just go away

      oh the humanity…enuf of ms priss, can’t wait till the kids stray from the cult of hasselbeck….can’t wait to see the strain on her face when they tell mama they want to think outside the cult of perfectionism

    • Elizabeth

      It takes about a 2nd grade education to comprehend the “show”!!

  • debg records

    didn’t miss her at all.

  • Heather

    I hate her. She is a total moron. She should not be on TV. In fact, she should be cast away to a planet with all the other right wing dingbat idiots, with her and Sarah Palin the first to go.

    • mmkay

      More “hope” from the left, I see. You say you “hate” someone you only know from a tv show and then you call THAT person a moron? LOLZ

      • Sandri

        This one, or snimtheog like it, may well actually make it into full scale production. Not for any sort of humane can’t-let-the-animals-suffer sorts of reasons; but because of how badly pigs respond to stress.The rather disgustingly named “pale soft exudative muscle” is the term for an equally unpalatable and unsaleable form of pork that results when pigs are extremely stressed in the period before slaughter. Even better, there is a heritable condition in some pigs called “porcine stress syndrome” that makes affected pigs particularly vulnerable to stress, up to and including just dropping dead of it. All pigs can produce pale soft exudative muscle if stressed enough; but PSS pigs are particularly vulnerable. On the plus side, this makes pigs a useful animal model for anaesthetic induced malignant hyperthermia.Because of all this, keeping the lives of pigs at least endurable is generally seen as good business.

    • Toni

      Oh contrare’ Perhaps it is you left wing ding bat idiots who should take off with Joy and Whoopie riding your coat tails. What a site!! Bon Voyage!!!

  • Drew

    Um, Elisabeth, didn’t you get your big break on a certain reality show called Survivor. On the other topics, I’m not sure if she feels the need to be radically conservative because she thinks that’s her role on the show, or if she is actually that stupid.

  • SLB

    It’s nice to know nothing’s changed. She opens her mouth and stupidity comes out.

    • Millie

      As opposed to the rest of the brainiacs on that show?

      • Elizabeth

        Brainless hosts; who is the most stupid??!!

  • Flyer

    Although there IS a slight irony in Elisabeth Hasselbeck talking about the unfortunate popularity of reality shows, when she owes her very position on “The View” to her participation in a little reality show called “Survivor.”

    • Liza5326

      Gotta love hypocrites!

    • Trista Blair

      She was on Survivor before reality shows because obnoxious, repetitive and plain crazy. Also -if you actually watched her on the show she played the game with morals and dignity. She of all people has the right to comment on how insane reality tv has become!

      • Cantu

        Actually that would have been Tina Wesson and/or Colby Donaldson from that same season. Elisabeth was a wallflower.

  • Matt

    She mentioned Fergie and Lopez because they also both have stakes in professional sports teams, just as Limbaugh is seeking.

    • lmb

      I dont know about Fergie but Lopez does not have a stake her husband is the one that has a partial ownership of the Miami Dolphins…not JLo

  • BobS.

    It was sooooo nice when that knee jerk, predictable cow was missing from the program. Whether or not you agree with what she says, her thoughts are always predictable and non-original.

    • Millie

      As opposed to the other brainiacs on that show?

      • Stan

        Hey, Millie, could you post this a couple of more times? Your brain power is really showing through here!

      • Millie

        Hey thanks, Stan!

    • mmkay

      Yeah, because you NEVER know where Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg are going to come down on an issue. They’re such brilliant independent thinkers.
      Will Whoopi take a stand today for dog fighting or will she speak out for child rapists?
      Will Joy defend everything Obama does wrong (which is pretty much everything so far) by saying that “George Bush did it too!”? Of course she will. That never gets old.

  • joe

    She defended Rush Limbaugh’s racially insensitive remarks by saying Jennifer Lopez and the Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie have also made racially offensive remarks. Seemed kind of random, E.

    Yeah she should of said, its not rape-rape

    • Mimi

      Hey Joe: She compared Rush to J-lo and Fergie because they are part owners of professional sport teams.

      • vera

        But Fergie and JLo did not make comments about black quarterbacks and then resigned about comments. They also have not sung “Barack the Magic Negro” like Rush has.

  • joan studzinski


  • mark in nyc

    I totally disagree with almost everything she says especially since most of it comes from the morning Republican talking points, yet she brings a balance to the show.
    How many “crossfire” shows are there out there that say they have liberals and conservatives yet really they don’t. This show has actual liberals and conservatives.

  • Sean

    As much as I dislike Hasselbeck, her comments/observations regarding the Balloon Boy hoax and many Americans’ obsession with watching and being on reality television really rang true. I was absolutely in her corner…then she continued to talk and a tidal wave of insanity came crashing in. It wasn’t 8 minutes into the show before I remembered all the reasons I stopped watching this show 3 years ago. When liberals get tough, they are hateful and uninformed but when conservatives do it, they should have freedom of speech. Her double standards are appalling.

    • Millie

      And if it were one of the liberals talking, it would be the double standard the other way. At least jump into reality.

  • Duh

    I hated her during the Bush administration. I’m liking her better now. If you’re not a “Claymate” type over Obama, Whoopie and Joy are the annoying ones.

    • Lizzy

      I would say Joy is the most annoying. She can’t stay on topic to save her soul, and is painfully misinformed at times.

    • mmkay

      You’re so right. I didn’t hate her during the Bush years, but she was incredibly annoying with the way she defended everything Bush did wrong (which was the majority of what he did)…and as you said, that is exacttly what Whoopi and Joy are doing now. So now we have TWO idiotic puppets, and some people see that as an improvement? Put down the Kool-Ade, losers.

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