'Desperate Housewives': Is it too soon to say Drea de Matteo's storyline isn't working?

Drea-Matteo-Housewives_lI don’t think so.

With all the crazy stuff going on in Desperate Housewives this season — personally, I could just watch Dana Delany go wacko and squabble with anyone in sight for about half an hour every week — the subplot about Drea de Matteo’s Angie, her phony-baloney husband (I like Jeffrey Nordling, but… ), their boring son Danny, and her scar just doesn’t seem to add up to anything promising, a month into the new season now.

I know there were other things to dislike about this week’s episode, chief among them the jokes about Lynette’s pregnancy-swelled breasts, twin plot devices that got repetitive and obvious fast.

But even with the final-moments reveal that Nordling’s character is doing something very naughty, this new-neighbor plot still feels too similar to the deadly Betty Applewhite story-arc (I feel badly for Alfre Woodard, now stuck co-starring on the seemingly-doomed Three Rivers opposite Housewives on CBS!). Angie, like Betty, just isn’t interacting enough with the other star-women, and the character is positioned as a permanent outsider.

Maybe you disagree? Have you figured out what the significance of Angie’s scar is? What did you think of the final moments of this week’s episode with the revelation about Nordling’s character? Are you caring about these people?

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  • Marnie

    i liked this episode i enjoyed julie’s fall from grace.

    • Lizzy

      It’s about time!! If I were Julie, I would have yelled right back at Susan. Susan is too emotionally needy and having to rely on Julie for all these years for support finally sent Julie to make some mistakes.

      • liz

        Um, don’t exaggerate. It’s not because she was a clutsy mom, that she wasn’t still the mom in the family!!

      • Marie

        I agree with you both. The one thing that really bugged me at the start is Susan & Julie were more like pals than parent and child. That dynamic will always come back to haunt the parent.

  • TG

    I called this wks ago on here. I asked if anyone had noticed the creepy look the new neighbor man gave Julie. I’m not sure that he tried to strangle her, but it was obvious then that he had the hots for her. Pretty decent episode.

    • DB

      Same here, and I’m glad they didn’t drag out too long. last week, when Susan, the most unreasonable and hateful person on earth, went all out on Danny, I kept thinking, why didn’t she ask herself why her daughter suddenly move back with her in the first place? Beside further making Katherine even more annoying and frankly out of character, I find this season so far much better than the last.

    • TS

      Yep, me too. I think it was Angie that strangled Julie after she overheard her fighting with Danny about it too.

  • dave

    i think that with her son’s accusations being settled she’ll be able to interact more with her neighbors. and hopefully things will start unraveling when they start snooping around as usual. i really like her addition and i hope she stays on the show for the long term.

  • Adam

    I have been loving this season so far. I really liked how last week’s ended, with Susan helping Drea’s character clean her vandalized house. I wasn’t impressed this episode, but let’s hope it was the worst of the season.

  • Mayu

    I like Drea de Matteo’s character. I like their story and think it could really expand. Unlike last season’s mystery. I figured out Dave’s connection to Wisteria Last on the very first episode. Susan’s car crash resulting in a family’s death and Dave comment at the end of the first episode of season 5was so obvious. This season mystery how ever is not so easy to figure out and fun to try and solve. Now I’m thinking Angie strangled Julie after fining out about her husband’s affair.

    Anyway, I really like Drea de Matteo and hope they replace her with the boring Dana Delany

    • JLB

      Not as easy to figure out? Seriously? Clearly deMatteo’s family is hiding out from someone. I’m guessing they survived an explosion meant to kill them and now they are laying low so that it’s not discovered that they are still alive by whoever tried to kill them in the first place. Snooze.

      • blah blah

        Exactly. I think it seems obvious they’ve got mob connections or something, and are hiding out. Worried about their son blabbing about their true family name, etc. Wouldn’t be surprising if Drea was the strangler, but I hope not, I like her best. They could oust her hubby though.

  • Brynna

    I’ve actually really enjoyed Drea. She’s not cookie cutter, and we need someone like her on the block to fill the void Eedie left. I’m hoping her husband will go bye bye at some point though, maybe the son will kill him…that would be fun.

    • Emma

      I totally agree. She doesn’t appear evil or crazy just yet. Obviously she’s hiding something not good, but it’s very unclear what that is. Too soon to tell. Her character is fun to watch though.

    • Katie

      Ahh I don’t know, Drea better do something really WOW-worthy soon, or I’ll have to agree with Ken….this whole season has been quite a letdown so far.

  • Marco Montalvan

    I dont agree and i love u Ken
    i think the season has been amazing
    everyone is at the top of the game specially the underrated Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria
    im loving and enjoying the season a lot
    and i knew Angie´s husband was the lover….

  • Lee

    I think last week’s episode (not this week’s) was the worst of the season. Personally, I’m with Ken Tucker (a little bit). I think a month into the new season, this is kind of disappointing. And I agree that she needs to interact more with the other female stars–a lot more. Especially with Susan and Bree. Lynette’s storyline this season is BORING as usual (they haven’t given her something good to do in years), but even worse is the HORRIBLE storyline they’ve given Gaby (Because they’ve given her ZERO to do). Still, I’m liking this season a million times more than last season–that, was horrible… This is O>K> and I think it will get better!

    • Jackie

      What bothers me most about Lynette’s story line is she’s in her second trimester of a twin pregnancy, her boobs are huge but she has no stomach showing whatsoever. After you have given birth once you normally ‘pop’ even sooner than the first time. Lynette has gone through three pregnancies (one with twins). She would be pretty big by now.

      • jc

        Um, Sorry Gang…Lynette would not be pregnant AT ALL—After multiple rounds of chemo, she would be sterile. D H jumped multiple sharks on this one!

      • TS

        Not necessarily true. W/o going into details, my family member went through multiple rounds of chemo and treatments and has 4 beautiful natural children.

  • ted

    I am really enjoying Drea Mateo’s storyline. This season’s mystery is not obvious like last year’s and I really think it has potential. :)

  • davidsask

    The new character side character plots have proven not to work, so stop them already! Dana Delaney should have been last, and Edie is missed!

  • bunker

    It’s only been four episodes. I think it’ll get better. It’s certainly better than last years ‘mystery,’ if you could even call it that.

    • Emma

      I agree. Plus, as I recall, not everyone was so keen on Katherine at first. I think they might be grooming Angie to become the permanent replacement for Katherine once she ends up in the nut-house.

  • Zach

    I like the storyline. It’s working out well and involves Susan and her daughter, so it’s not entirely removed like the Applewhites’ mystery was. Only last week Susan and Angie were fighting and making up. Nothing wrong with one episode here with her not interacting with anyone but her family. And the twist involving Julie at the end was predictable 45 minutes in, but at least they went ahead and confirmed the viewer’s suspicions in the last clip. Another strong DH episode in this strong season.

    • Zach

      And they’re doing a good, if necessarily contrived, job at using the kids and having them interact. Angie bribed Lynette’s son, and Andrew alerted Susan to Julie’s affair. It was good storytelling and a good use of the younger actors.

  • Lola

    feel bad not badly

    • shay

      feel badly is correct…feel is a verb, modified by badly which is an adverb…people make this mistake constantly; it is annoying!

      • Wrong

        “Feel badly” means that you do not feel (VERB) well – that your sense of touch is lacking.

      • Amanda

        Yeah, correct grammar is so annoying.

  • Sally in Chicago

    Ken: there was a rumor on the internet that Whitney Houston would be a future Desp Housewife, do you know anything?

  • Danny

    I think drea mateo is the one who choked julie b/c she found out she was sleeping with her husband.

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