'Glee': Unwanted pregnancy?


I’ve heaped my share of praise upon Glee, and have argued with a few people I’ve encountered who’ve started whining that the show is overrated. It’s not: It’s fresh, it’s funny, and if you watched tonight, you saw that it knows who its most valuable player is. (If you haven’t watched this week’s Glee yet, spoilers ahead, beware.)

This week’s episode, called “Throwdown,” was possibly the best showcase yet for Jane Lynch. As imperious gym teacher Sue Sylvester, she’s the greatest Broadway-musical villain to ever co-star in a TV series. (My favorite Sue line this week: when she referred to the piano “this black shiny thing.”)

However: I think the pregnancy subplot is dragging down the show, and tonight that subplot nearly derailed an otherwise-excellent episode. Terri’s fake pregnancy and Quinn’s real one started out a few weeks ago as an interesting way to insert some realism and tension into a delightfully surreal musical-comedy universe. By now, however, I watch Glee and feel sorry for Jessalyn Gelsig. I’ll bet the actress didn’t initially sign on to have her character Terri become a shrill, lying nag whose main function is to bring husband Will — and by extension, us — down.

And tonight, she and her sister (a garish cartoon who exists only to further the pregnancy plotting) went to the extreme of blackmailing Terri’s doctor into conducting a fake sonogram for Will’s teary benefit. That’s just creepy.

Yes, of course, I get it: Glee cannot be one solid hour of one-liners and spontaneous musical combustion. But there’s got to be a better way to ground the series in a serious plot-line that doesn’t make you wish the pregnancy plot was all just a non-musical dream sequence.

Do you agree? Disagree?

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  • Alissa

    For me, the issue with the pregnancy plot is the obvious plot holes.

    Does Will not see her naked or changing ever? What happens when she never goes into labor and yet mysteriously has a baby? Does no one think about the fact that Quinn and Terri have about a two and a half month difference in their pregnancies? Won’t anyone notice when Quinn has her baby and the exact same day Terri suddenly has a baby?

    I got excited that maybe she’d be trapped once he scheduled the sonogram and the genders were different, but alas, they’ve decided to continue milking this storyline.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love the show, watch it every week, and think the Quinn being pregnant storyline is a good one. But the Terri one is not well thought out, and is a drag.

    PS. You can’t find gender out until around 20 weeks. JUST SAYING.

    • Krista

      exactly what i was thinking of terri going into labor..thats going to be hard to pull off…unless will happens to find out the truth before that would happen…

      • Alissa

        he better. if they attempt to pull this off for that long, I’ll be so irritated. he never tries to feel the baby move? or SEES HIS WIFE NAKED? …seriously?! I’m not saying they have to be having sex, ’cause she could say she’s not comfortable with it while she’s pregnant. but you expect me to believe they’re married and she never changes or showers in front of him?

      • MRS

        I thought the whole “no matter what happens, just remember we love each other” thing maybe means Terri will “miscarry”. Then maybe she’ll convince Will to adopt Quinn and Finn’s baby

      • Heather

        To MRS:

        I thought that meant that she recognized in some small measure that her ruse may not work forever.

    • Jane

      It’s actually 8 weeks. The baby’s genitals/gonads are fully developed around 8 weeks and modern technology allows the doctors to zoom in that closely to be certain.

      • Leo

        They showed him in the waiting room while Quinn was with the doctor, and he was watching a man rubbing his partner’s belly and talking to her belly…he’s going to want to do that and I think it will come unraveled shortly. As ridiculous as it seems, I want Will to have a baby!! I kinda hope Quinn will place the baby for adoption with him. Probably won’t happen but I can dream.

        It is a bit ridiculous, of course, but the characters ARE all ridiculous and almost characitures of teachers, principals, cheerleaders, geeks, etc. So it works. I absolutely love the show and would see them on tour if they decide to do it.

      • Alissa

        actually, the earliest is eleven weeks, and they typically will let you know that it’s not very accurate because they can’t get a good view until later. unless they do one of the fancy 3D ultrasounds, which most people don’t.

        [my sister’s pregnant. we went to her first ultrasound at 10 weeks, they were unable to determine gender at that time. she had another one at 16 weeks and they were able to tell her she was PROBABLY having a boy. most doctors will tell you more definitely around 18-20 weeks.]

      • Alissa

        the genitals may be developed at eight weeks, but due to position of the fetus, etc, it is pretty unlikely that they’d tell you at that point. or at least tell you definitively, “it’s a boy!” that’s all that’s irritating me. it’s not accurate at all.

      • tina

        no, it’ 20+. thar’s when the obgyn checks and will tell. i just had a baby.

      • Alissa

        they can find out earlier. they just normally do the ultrasound at 20 weeks to tell you. that’s when most people get their first [or maybe second] ultrasound. my sister’s had complications, so she’s had four ultrasounds so far, and is 18 weeks. but she found out the gender at 16 and a half.

    • Marylynn

      I found out what I was having at 12 weeks. They used to only do ultrasounds at 20 weeks but my dr does them every 6 weeks. So I found out at 12.

    • Cami

      I agree. It is impossible to believe that Will has not seen his wife naked or at least partially unclothed in this amount of time. Or that he hasn’t made any attempt at feeling her tummy to feel the baby move — even if she said NO, wouldn’t he try it when she’s asleep or, frankly, insist?

      • Jennifer

        There is no way Terri would let Will see her naked. If she is getting dressed and hears Will coming, all she has to do is throw some shirt on over her stomach in a hurry. Ever hear of speed dressing? Terri isn’t stupid. She knows that if she makes one little mistake,the jig is up.

    • Kaley

      I wouldn’t mind the pregnancy plotlines if they weren’t so hard to believe. Quinn is way too early into her pregnancy to find out the sex of the baby, and there is no way that Will doesn’t see his wife naked or touch her belly. And I can’t STAND baby-switching storylines, they literally just did this a couple weeks ago on The Young & Restless for the millionth time.

      • Lucy

        but I think that is the point. the show is spoofing at times and not to be taken seriously. it is for pure entertainment purposes only and it delivers!

    • ann

      I 100% agree with everything Alissa said in her 1st comment.

  • Theo

    the pregnacy plots I think have worked well so far but I think its time that they were wrapped up. Will needs to find out that his wife is lying and Finn that Quinn is lying already, it would be really cool if they found out as a storytelling device in the same episode as they both go to their other girls that they actually love. However was it just me or was it a weak week for music on Glee? auto-tuned “No Air” and Avril Lavigne? Whatever that song was Quinn was singing? Loved Hate on me though. It was great otherwise and perhaps one of the funniest episodes so far. Jane Lynch is perfection in every way, shape, and form. Period.

    • Amy

      Jessalyn Gelsig irritates me to no end. I hated her character on Nip/Tuck and dislike her on Glee. Does anyone find it interesting that Ryan Murphy keeps putting her characters is pregnancy-based plot lines?
      Also, the song that Quinn sang was “Keep Me Holding On”, which Diana Ross and The Supremes made famous in the 60s.

      • Laura K.

        My favorite line from last week:

        Terri: I have a secret.

        Terri’s sister: Is the baby black?

        I’ve loved Jessalyn Gilsig (not Gelsig) ever since Boston Public, loved her on Nip/Tuck, hate the character of Terri but think she does a good job. And based on her previous work with Ryan Murphy, I’d say the character is probably EXACTLY what she signed on for.

      • to Amy

        Hanging. Hanging On. You Keep Me Hanging On.

      • jcdc13

        I agree Amy, Jesslyn Gilsig annoys me also, just like she did on Nip/Tuck. Is she only capable of playing annoying characters?

    • Jane

      ACtually I thought the music was phenomenal. Hate on Me was good, No Air was gorgeous, but I loved the under-produced Ride Wit Me. That song in particular was so joyful and without the instruments the cast sounded like a bunch of kids just enjoying the moment. Just watching that made me think, “If these were real characters, 20 years down the road this will be one of the moments they’ll be wishing they could return to.”

      • To Jane

        I agree – especially the “Ride Wit Me”. I was hoping that song would be on iTunes, but alas, it is not.

      • Jane

        Me too- I went to iTunes and it wasn’t there. Why not? Hey Fox, do you hear us out there? Put Ride Wit Me on iTunes!

    • Katja

      “Whatever that song Quinn was singing”?? Blasphemy! “You Keep Me Hanging On” is a GREAT song and a very good show choir song. :)

    • hannah

      wow, your opinion does not matter at ALL if you didn’t know within a few beats and notes of the start of the song that it was “you just keep me hangin’ on” by diana ross! i adored all the music tonight, with the possible exception of “hate on me” which was saved by the fact that mercedes is a powerhouse bombshell belting r&b Diva!!! and basically my hero!

    • hannah

      however i DO agree with you on the plot advancement! i’d love a cat out of the bag, can open, worms everywhere episode!

      • Jennifer

        Maybe they will do such an episode, but I’m thinking they will do it as the season finale.

    • WTF

      “Whatever that song Quinn was singing”?? Live and LEARN youngin! “You Keep Me Hanging On” is a Motown CLASSIC by the Supremes!!! They did a fair job with it but the 25 year old Vegas strippers who portrayed the background cheerleaders were a bit distracting.

      • BlackIrish4094

        I thought I was the only one who noticed. I told my wife I thought some of those background cheerleader girls had danced at my bachelor party. She didn’t find it as funny as I did, lol.

      • queue55

        Well said!

  • Hrfe

    I don’t love the plot, but I’m starting to actually feel bad for Terri. I wish there’d been more Puck though…..

  • ZF

    Terri’s sister’s threat didn’t even make sense. I was sorry that we didn’t get to see Emma and Ken at all in this episode.

    • Alissa

      sure it did. if she brings a lawsuit against him claiming that he screwed up while delivering her children, causing them to be less intelligent, it will cause him to lose business, true or not.people are like that. they’d hear about the lawsuit, question whether it was true, and go to the other obgyn.

      • WTF

        No lawyer on the planet would ever take a ludicrous case like that on word of mouth alone. Doctor’s are threatened lawsuits all the time with garbage claims…they don’t and can’t lose sleep over it and they rarely lose patients. Plus NO doctor would risk losing their medical license (which would happen if the truth came out) vs. a potential lawsuit…i know it’s am exaggerated tv show but this storyline is pushing it too far for belief.

      • JBW

        I’m sure Terri’s sister could find a lawyer to take on that case. Maybe not a GREAT lawyer or an ETHICAL one, but one that wants paid. Sure. And I wouldn’t put it past Terri’s sister to tell the lawyer horrible things that the doctor did that aren’t true. I don’t think the doctor would risk losing his medical license for that, though.

  • D

    Jane Lynch was, as always, incredible, but Terri’s story is verging on the ridiculous. I had hoped when the show started that the writers would try to inject another dimension into her character, but I worry that will never happen.

  • Harry Peters

    Are we for sure that she’s pregnant? I thought my wife was pregnant once, but it turned out to be just a really big turd. Imagine our embarrassment at the hospital.

    • hannah

      you’re an idiot

  • analiesejoy

    right now the pregnancy/fake-out pregancy plotlines are a little lame….but once the truth comes out it will get interesting again i think.

  • Stacy

    Call me sentimental, but it worked for me tonight better than it had yet. Yes, Terri’s sister is really annoying, and generally so is Terri, but that moment at the sonogram when Will was crying and she grabbed him and said, “Whatever happens, remember that at this moment we love each other,” I really believed her. It honestly seemed like, delusional as it may be, she desperately fears losing him and sees this as the only way to keep her husband. And I have really liked the Quinn pregnancy storyline, what it has done for her character and Finn’s. The closing musical number tonight, which had me in tears, sealed it for me. I trust the great “Glee” writers to somehow make it all work.

  • NeoConVA

    Couldn’t agree with you more…this whole fake pregnancy nonsense has gone WAY too far. Time for this story-line to end.

  • Bob

    I agree that the Terri fake pregnancy is easily the weakest storyline, however the OTHER pregnancy, Quinn’s, I am actually liking because it’s humanizing Quinn beyond just a popular snobby cheerleader. The final song in this week’s episode where the club rallied around Quinn after she was exposed was one of the most moving the show has ever been.

    • Christie

      I teared up, I’ll admit it.

    • Cami

      Oh, I agree that Quinn’s pregnancy is poignant and greatly adds to the storyline. Terri’s is irritating, irrational and degrades the lead character, so DNW.

    • scoobedu

      I disagree. She is still lying to her boyfriend and spying for Sue. I find nothing likable about her or any reason anybody should rally to her cause.

      • kate

        I just hope now that Sue has pretty much turned on her, she won’t be spying for her anymore. And yeah, the lying to Finn thing makes me dislike her, but I think I know a lot of girls that might do that. Finn was pretty dumb to believe the hot tub story anyway haha

    • hannah

      i definitely agree with the fact that the song was moving…it actually made me forget for a moment what a ho quinn is! i did cry. however, i do despise her for lying to finn…but finn IS being an idiot about it too…do some flippin’ research on how it IS and IS NOT possible to get pregnant!

      • WTF

        I guess he must have SLEPT through Sex Ed. Poor dumb bastard. LOL

      • Alissa

        one could argue that, considering the presence of the Celibacy Club, it’s possible that these kids were taught more like abstinence-only sex ed, and therefore, don’t know what can and can’t happen. or maybe they just had my teachers for sex ed – we learned sex ed in seventh grade, which consisted of watching videos of people giving birth and learning the names for the parts of the genitals. we didn’t learn anything about STDs or how you can or can’t get pregnant or that there’s ovulation or anything. I had to learn all of that on my own.

  • Jan

    I HATE the teen pregnancy/fake pregnancy storyline. I really like the show, but didn’t really like tonight’s episode because of it.

  • Otis

    Let me be the first to say that Glee JUMPED THE SHARK as soon as the prego conspiracy started and that I jumped off of the Glee bandwagon… probably never to return with L&O:SVU and Crinimal Minds available.

    • Susan

      Considering they started this story way early, let me just say that you jumped the shark way early!! You’ve missed some incredible episodes and singing- including Kristin Chenowith!!! I feel bad for you! :)

    • Felipe

      agreed. can no have a baby on non-procedural TV anymore? Otis, you need better variety.

      • scoobedu

        I have to agree with Otis. I know all shows, esp. one like this, requires a reasonable suspension of disbelief, but it has gone too far. It is starting to feel like an American Idol episode with ridiculous story lines jammed around it.

      • steph

        Except these kids can sing, and aren’t on a crappy reality show.

      • scoobedu

        Very true. These kids can sing and can sing really well, which is why I want to watch. Just give them better music with which to work and a better show to be on.

    • ann

      can a show really “jump the shark” so early into its debut? This show is about absurdity – so jumping the shark to the absurd is more of the same.

      btw – I love the show!

  • elena

    As much as I hate to say this, I kind of thought the final “Keep Holding On” number was going to be about something bigger, like Quinn’s parents disowning her or her having a miscarriage or something, other than the “the whole school knows” idea. I didn’t think that was dramatic enough, to be honest. And poor Terri-wife. The character’s about as one-dimensional as a line, and that’s generous…
    But agreed, Jane Lynch is amazing. I kind of wish she could have done Glee AND Party Down, though.

    • rene

      Have you not been in high school? Especially for someone like Quinn, those events are devastating. I’d say it was definitely big enough.

    • Hrfe

      I thought that was a huge deal. I mean everyone in the school is going to know so not only will it definitely get back to her parents (and soon) but everything Quinn defines herself as is totally gone because of it. I thought it was really good but I sort of hope Puck starts to play a bigger role….

    • Lee Katherine

      I agree. I had to step away for the middle part of the episode and came back during the final number. I thought something really dramatic happened (my mind went to miscarriage), and I was a little underwhelmed when I caught up with the rest. It’s not everyone wouldn’t have found out eventually…

    • @ImStillToni

      I also did not think Keep Holding On was referencing the school finding out about Quinn’s pregnancy, but the fact that Quinn is holding on to Finn by lying about the baby AND using the pregnancy to keep him from being with Rachel, thus the big confrontation at Rachel’s locker. Quinn IS holding onto Finn out of spite, lying to him about getting pregnant and being a virgin, lying to Puck, and using the baby to stop Quinn from moving on to Rachel when it’s obvious R+Q = chemistry (when Finn said “why can’t u be more like Rachel” to Quinn she snapped and THEN confronted Rachel).

  • gerritv

    I just realized what I can’t stand about this show – Will!

    Get rid of him and his wife and the show would be so much better. Every time the story revolves around them or scenes involve either one of them, the show just drags. They are totally unsympathetic characters and they show no growth or maturation.

    • hannah

      now that’s ridiculous! i agree they are both a little thin, but will is THE SHOW! there IS no glee without mr shu! i am quite ready for terri to die, though. she makes me angry! and not in the good and hilarious way that sue does!

    • Kimmer

      I kind of agree. Will drives me crazy too-especially w/respect to his wife. He comes off as dense – and thats a problem for me.

    • cranky

      Word. He is SUCH a putz. Innocent as a baby lamb, oblivious, whiny, selfish. UGH! I am usually an easy sell with cute teacher characters but Will is just like fingernails on a chalk board.

  • jfms777

    Jane Lynch needs to be nominated for an Emmy: Best Actress Comedy. She ruled tonight! Best musical number: the Cheerios’ version of the Supremes
    “You Keep Me Hangin’ On.”

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