The joke is on David Letterman, according to Jay Leno, Jimmy Fallon, and Bill Maher


Well, Jay Leno didn’t waste any time taking advantage of the David Letterman controversy. His first joke last night? “If you came here tonight for sex with a talk-show host, you’re in the wrong studio.”

“I have never had sexual relations with any of my staff,” Leno said — and then a drummer in his band stalked offstage, feigning anger, as though he was a wronged lover. Bandleader Kevin Eubanks played along: “Jay, you’re messin’ around on me?”

Switching to the Letterman’s extortionist, Leno said, “This guy was a producer for 48 Hours. It coulda been worse; at least he wasn’t a producer for ‘To Catch a Predator.'”

Did Jay Leno just call David Letterman a predator? Or did he mean the producer? If I have to ask, doesn’t that mean it’s not the best-constructed joke?

Later in the show, during a panel discussion, guest Arianna Huffington was determined to squeeze in a jokey comment: “If you’re going to be have sex with people who work for you, you have to be David Letterman.”

Over on The Tonight Show, Conan O’Brien refrained from any Dave remarks, but that genial loose-cannon Drew Carey, Conan’s first guest, came out and said merrily, “Man, I would hate to be on opposite Letterman tonight with all that sex stuff.” “No comment,” said Conan quietly.

Mid-way through his Late Night monologue, Jimmy Fallon said, “There’s a new book out called Why Women Have Sex that has a list of the 237 reasons why women have sex, and Letterman knows the top ten.” Get it, get it?

And on Real Time with Bill Maher, Maher said, “I’ve never had sex with members of my staff — the guests, yes, of course, but not the staff.” He also said, “Hey, next to Roman Polanski and Mackenzie Phillips’ dad, I think Dave looks pretty good.”

I didn’t hear any Letterman jokes from Jimmy Kimmel.

Finally, as I wrote earlier, Craig Ferguson had taped his Friday show on Thursday before the Letterman news broke.

What do you think of the Letterman jokes?

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  • M~

    What goes around, …….! Old adage . . . fits perfectly!!!!!

    • simon

      This whole thing proves most women are whores – if you have money or power, you are good to go, the are as shallow if not more so than men, they just pretend not to be

    • Jonny Q

      I don’t see it as “hypocrisy” when a talk show host makes jokes — that is what is expected of them; part of why we watch them, especially if they’re good at it.

      From all appearances, Dave really has no “scandal” — unless we know otherwise, he was DATING these women. If you work with someone for years and develop a personal relationship — who’s to tell you that’s wrong?

      Meanwhile, don’t forget Jay Leno’s last “Tonight Show” — he pulled back the curtain and revealed how his own staff had been breeding like bunnies through the years!

      Also — most jokes about the situation don’t seem to have been at Dave’s “expense” — seems like now he gets to be joked about as a ladies’ man — doubt he’d mind that.

  • David Habel

    David Letterman should be fired. He is a dirty old angry man who viciously attacks others, but is doing exactly the same to his staff because of his great power over them. This situation is not done yet.

    • Collin

      How can you say that he is exerting any power over his staff when you have virtually no knowledge of the incident. He won’t be fired and he shouldn’t be. In our country we have this huge puritanical high horse and maybe we should hop on off of it and stop worrying about Letterman does with his penis.

      • Clancy

        Letterman can’t be fired; he’s the boss. Unlike the situations with Leno, O’Brien, & Kimmel, his show is an independent production not owned by the network. He owns the production company (Worldwide Pants).

    • Gloria

      I think we should all wait and see what the timeline is of these “affairs”, and also see what the real story is. When one is single, is it called an “affair” if one has sex with another single, consenting adult? I don’t think so. And if Dave and his current wife were just dating then, off and on, what’s wrong with that?

    • Brian

      Let me get this straight, a President of the United States gets a hummer while in office and doesn’t get fired, yet lets rush to fire some late night talk show host. Are you sure you’re not just jealous that you don’t work for Dave? You need to re-examine your priorities if you are this worked up over David Freaking Letterman.

    • Dustin


    • michelekamay

      Here we go, an old grown up man had consenting sex with two of his employees, yeah BIG TIME! In all the offices out there, stuff like this occurs. The real big news is that another grown up d-bag wanted to get 2 million dollars to keep his mouth shut! Stupid and childish much?
      How come Leno, Fallon and others try to take advantage of Dave on this? He’s not a predator, he’s human and is facing some private issues. Don’t crucify this man who acted just like a lot of others. I’m sick of this America where people are either sex addict either gay. Get over it!

  • Al

    So, the “edgy” Conan and Kimmel wimped out but the milquetoasts, Leno and Fallon, showed the courage to go after him like they would have with anyone else.

    • mickey

      I agree with you. If it had happened to any one of them including Conan or Kimmel, Letterman would have done an entire monologue about them. What wimps.

      • jessie

        Conan has respect for Letterman b/c he showed support for Conan when Conan first started on Late Night, Fallon is terribly unfunny and would grasp for any straws to get a laugh – have you seen his show? its awkward and why does drew barrymore keeps showing up?

      • GusBricker

        Not at all. Dave has gone out of his way to help those guys.

        Only Leno has he taken jabs at…for obvious reasons.

      • Lois

        I doubt if Letterman would have jumped on the situation if any of his competitors were in his place. He has no problem making fun of politicians, especially those who lie or are hypocrites. But making fun of his competitors being blackmailed doesn’t seem likely.

        Letterman, whatever you think of him, is the victim of extortion here. This story isn’t about the fact that Letterman, when single, engaged in consentual sex with other adults. It’s about blackmail. Letterman was the victim of a crime.

    • John

      Or you could choose to say that the two smartest guys decided not to say anything. Which I find interesting.

      • Chris

        I agree – it shows class

      • Mike

        Letterman is a gap-toothed hypocrite.

        Conan and Kimmel wimped out…probably because Kimmel and Conan may have had liaisons unknown to the public in the past, or had marital problems, etc. (Kimmel is divorced).

      • Gwen

        I agree with Chris that it comes across as classy and respectful to not mention the scandal. Letterman is well respected by most of the other players in late night TV, thought of as a mentor of sorts. Part of it could also be Conan trying to keep his audience tuned into his shown, since Dave competes at the same hour. Conan probably regretted that Leno discussed this an hour earlier on the same network, likely sending viewers over to CBS.

      • Sophie

        or it shows they may be doing the same thing!

      • mickey

        Shows class? Are you serious. Conan and Kimmel make fun of every politician and every other celebrity caught in adulterous affairs but not Letterman? Wimped out.

      • Ellen

        Agree – there should be some kind of ‘honor among thieves’ code of conduct between these guys. Conan and Kimmel did the right thing, and Leno was his usual, bottom-feeding self.

      • Shannon

        Yes, someone who’s truly funny like Conan doesn’t have to go after low-hanging fruit like certain less original late-night hosts, who have been regurgitating the same tired schtick for years. And I don’t think Letterman would have made similar jokes about any of his peers. Remember the restraint he showed after Hugh Grant was on his show post-Devine Brown?

      • Rhett

        That’s exactly what it is…Letterman, Kimmel and Conan are the BEST in late night. Leno is as hacky as they come. You hear about this? This is true.

    • Kevin

      The question is why did they wimp out? Could they be hiding skeletons in their closet themselves?

      • Gwen

        Any adult has things, however minor, they would prefer not be known to the rest of the world. No one should delight in the “revealing” of another person, lest we want to be revealed ourselves. And I’m not just talking about late night TV hosts — it goes for all of us here. Scandal is an attraction, yet who are we to judge another.

      • Casey

        Are you kidding? Conan has a long-standing respect for Letterman. I am surprised that Kimmel didn’t say anything however.

      • Q

        Kimmel has the exact same respect for Letterman as Conan. He has said so in many interviews.

      • Lauren

        David Letterman is the reason Conan has a job. Letterman was the original alt-viewers late night host back in the eighties against the more straight-laced guys. Conan is smart enough to know this and had always voiced how much he has respect for the guy. I wasn’t surprised he kept his mouth shut.

      • Christine

        One word: class.

    • Red

      Al, you nailed it! (No pun intended.) Any politician or CEO would’ve gotten the same treatment, so Leno was just being consistent. I missed his monologue, but just wish his other recent spiels had had a bit of the “edge” he evidently exhibited last night.

      • Lois

        Politicians deserve to be made fun of when they say they are family values people and are actually cheating on their spouses. But Dave is not a politician, and he doesn’t hold himself up as a role model. He was the victim of a crime, extortion.

      • MikeknaJ

        Sorry Lois, but you’re glossing over something important. Yes, Lettermans’ being extorted and that’s a crime. But why is he being extorted? Because he had sex with women on his staff. That is in the least unprofessional and inappropriate. And at it quite well could also be considered sexual harassment or worse. Bosses have power over the people who work for them. Even if you’re a celebrity it doesn’t give you the right to wield that power in a way that gets women to sleep with you. There’s a reason why most companies have rules about people fraternizing with their staff. Common sense tells us that it is grossly inappropriate – Letterman is a victim but he’s a victim of a crime that he set himself up for due to his stupidity.

      • Margo

        MikenaJ, you are making assumptions about Letterman. There have been no allegations of harassment or coercion on Letterman’s part. Yes, he was stupid to have relationships with women who worked on his staff. But that doesn’t mean he brought the crime on himself any more than a woman can be said to have brought a rape on herself for wearing a short skirt, or a bank could be said to have brought a robbery on itself for having only one guard.

        Your comment reminds me of when my car was stolen a few years ago. Friends and co-workers told be that I was stupid to have a Honda Accord because they were the most stolen car; that I was stupid to have moved into a place without a garage because parking on the street was asking for it to be stolen; that I was stupid to think that locking my car did any good because it didn’t have an alarm. So parking my locked Honda Accord outside my house was just asking for it to be stolen. All of these comments came after my car was stolen.

        When did it become OK to blame the victim?

    • Andrew

      Why would Conan launch a duel with Dave? It would just draw more attention to Dave’s show for a response, which obviously Conan doesn’t want to do since they air at the same time. Dave’s reputation is damaged enough, no need to mention it.

      • I.E.

        I agree with Andrew. I also think that it has to do with Conan and Kimmel having the same time slot as Dave. It’s just too risky for them to loose viewers.

    • Jaime

      Conan has long stated that Letterman is a mentor and hero of his. I can totally understand why he said, “No comment.”

      • Stella

        Kimmel said the same thing about Letterman.

      • Love Me Some Dave

        agree, Dave is the King of Late Nite, and Coney and Jimmy know who is the best, u never hear anyone saying they idolized Jay and hoped to follow in his career? And seriously I’d do Dave over Jay any day any time LOL (with a side of Conan!)

    • mike

      Conan is a class act, that’s why we love him!

      • Ryan

        Exactly, Conan’s just an all around good guy. No one ever says anything bad about him, except that childish mayor in Newark.

      • Q

        The whole Newark thing is being done in jest.

    • BruceMpls

      What should really be going on in your minds is this: Has any of them ever worked for Letterman?? wink – wink

    • def

      utterly untrue. It’s not courage to go after a competitor when it amuses the masses. courage is behaving as you think right.

  • Margaret

    Letterman will endure. And he should have been savvy enough not the lady with whom he had sex trap him; apparently, she has a relationship with the producer who was arrested for blackmailing Letterman. Dave gave that lady a lot of air on his show, and bragged about how well she had done in law school — hope she will be indicted too. But David will endure. We love him.

    • JI

      You are an idiot!

      • cmg

        Good comeback!

    • JI

      By the way, no matter how much you apologize for him, Dave is not going to have sex with you Margaret!

    • james

      No, you love him. I can’t stand him.

    • Jim Treacher

      Glad to see you’re still alive, Margaret. I’d heard you sat down on some railroad tracks and waited for the train.

    • Schmoopsy

      Stephanie didn’t do anything wrong. She wrote about her affair in her diary and Halderman found it and made copies. I know if I was sleeping with David Letterman I would record every detail in my diary! So Stephanie didn’t do anything wrong. She was paying Halderman $1500 per month to share his house, but she moved out recently. He had probably been sitting on the copies of the diary for a while, and after she was gone he went insane and thought he could pull of this scheme, but it was a lost cause to begin with. The so-called dirt wasn’t really that dirty.

      • fancypants

        i just find that kinda funny. in this day and age, what adult woman writes about sleeping with someone in a diary?! come on now! she’s not 14!

      • Dear Diary

        fancypants, Stephanie probably called it a “journal” not a diary so it would sound grown up and important.

  • JI

    Hypocrisy is live and well! Conan O’Brien and Bill Maher both relentlessly raked Bill O’Reilly over the coals during his sexual harassment problems. But when it comes to Dave Letterman, Conan is silent and Maher makes light of the whole thing. Give me a @#$%$#@ break!

    • H E Pennypacker

      Letterman is not accused of sexual harassment dimwit!! O’Reilly was not the victim of an extortion attempt numbnut!!

      • JI

        You are an idiot. You pick apart the symantecs in my post! The point was the hypocrisy not the problems for either man you big flamer!!!

      • Brigid

        Well, Bill O’Reilly isn’t Conan’s direct rival, and it’s more a matter of professional courtesy.
        And it’s not hypocrisy, hypocrisy is Mark Sanford, who is staunchly anti gay-marriage, defended the Defense of Marriage Act, and can’t keep the sanctity in his own marriage. Also, Bill Maher is more of a political comedian, rather than a pop culture comedian, Bill O’Reilly, in his Fox-News manner, is more of a political figure than a pop-culture one.

      • Tina

        JI…to use your favorite phrase, “You are an idiot!”
        There are no semantics (note the correct spelling – Symantec is a brand of computer protection software) in your post. Letterman has never held himself up as an example of righteous and unsullied behavior. As a matter of fact, he’s always kept his private life, well…private. There have been no allegations made public that any of his liaisons with his female employees was coerced.
        O’Reilly on the other hand…’nuff said about his circumstances, eh?
        Hypocrisy score: Letterman – 0, O’Reilly – a gazillion
        I respect Conan and Jimmy for their class, and highly respect Dave for his candor. The infidelity issues belong to him and his wife – it’s nobody else’s business. Leave it alone.

    • Jim Treacher

      I don’t think it’s hypocrisy. Leno’s taking shots because he’s been a target of Letterman’s abuse for years. As for Fallon, I’m sure he’s just happy anybody’s talking about his show.

      • Chris

        How has Letterman abused Leno?

      • Stella

        I have to laugh. abuse? Leno is not funny and he has no class.
        Johnny Carson favored letterman over lame ass leno.

      • Jim Treacher

        “How has Letterman abused Leno?”

        You’re kidding, right?

      • James

        Naah. Fallon’s great. People give him a lot less credit than he deserves.

    • Jim Treacher

      And Conan has always seemed uncomfortable about conflicts with rivals. The whole thing seems pretty consistent.

      • elena

        I totally agree. Conan JUST got “The Tonight Show” gig, and why would he want to jeapordize that with some tasteless joke that would make people laugh for about .2 seconds, rather than his own brand of humor? Conan has always been about the humor found in himself and life, so…
        But I do agree, it is weird the number of hosts who did joke about Letterman v. the number who didn’t.

    • KWise

      JL: By claiming there’s been an act of “hypocrisy,” it implies that Conan and Maher were presented with two equal situations, and behaved one way in the first situation and differently in the second situation. They did not: the first situation (Bill O’Reilly) was a case where a political pundit was accused of doing something ILLEGAL, sexual harassment. The second was when a comedian is being extorted for having consensual s-e-x with someone. Furthermore, that comedian is a friend and peer. I don’t see how the differential treatment by Conan and Maher even remotely constitutes hipocrisy

      • James

        And I’m sure you’re using the term comedian quite loosely.

    • notadultery

      Letterman’s vice was to have a sexual relationship with a subordinate, not adultery. He wasn’t married at the time, so he committed fornication, not adultery.

      • Lisa

        I doubt his wife is OK with it just because it happened before they were ‘married’–they were together for the last 20+ years so I’m sure she feels cheated on…

    • Lois

      Letterman was the victim of a crime. O’Reilly was the perpetrator of a crime, for which he paid a big chunk of money to make the charges go away.

    • Erin

      The difference is this: Bill O’Reilly props himself up as a moral authority. Dave, on the other hand, is always self-deprecating. One other big difference: O’Reilly was sued. Maybe Dave wasn’t because his sexual relationship was consensual, not coerced.


      Nice to see that the ones that can’t say anything constructive resort to calling others stupid!

  • Howard Weiss

    I never was alone with that woman!

  • Jara

    No one has accussed Letterman of Sexual Harrasment. It seems highly unlikely the former assistant was involved in the extortion attempt. If she wanted to complain she could have sued Dave and easily obtained money from him without it being considered extortion. Thus this is NOT sexual harrassment people. Bosses are legally allowed to have sex with subordinates. There is no law which in any way prohibits that if its consensual. The fact that a company policy may prohibit it has nothing, nothing to do with the law.

    • JI

      The level of stupidity is amazing!!! Did you even read the previous postings? The original comment was about hypocrisy not harassment!!!

      • CC

        You know JI, for someone accusing a lot of people of stupidity, you’re showing your own true ugly colors. That includes the color that tells us you’re a homophobe.

      • Kate

        Quote “his sexual harrassment problems” unquote. Why equate the two scenarios as being the same, (which is what you do when you refer to only these two particular scenarios and then call the differing treatment ‘hypocrisy’), if you don’t actually consider them to be the same. Maybe you should review before you post …. and maybe it isn’t hypocrisy, but a different scenario.

      • dj

        Yeah, I was thinking about the level of stupidity when I read JL’s posts.

      • Ellen

        OK, this JL guy is officially a moron – no matter how many times any of us tries to explain the flaw in his thinking, he is never going to understand it.

      • Lois

        Jl, you need to read the postings. Then you’ll see that people explained that there was no hypocrisy, because Letterman & O’Reilly had very different situations. Letterman was a VICTIM of extortion, and O’Reilly committed harassment.

    • Al

      I wasn’t aware that there was a formal requirement that a sexual harrassment suit had to be filed before talk show hosts could make jokes. Everyone is talking about this but Cocnan and Kimmel are silent.

      Did they joke about Bill Clinton? Yes
      Did they joke about Newt Gingrich? Yes.
      Did They Joke about Bill O’Reilly? Yes.
      Did they joke about Pat O’Brien? Yes.
      Did they joke about Jim McGreevey? Yes.
      Did they joke about Mark Sanford? Yes.
      Did they joke about Charlie Sheen? Yes.

      Did they Joke about David Letterman? No.

      • Lois

        Everyone of the people mentioned, except Letterman, did something stupid, hypocritical or illegal. Letterman was the victim of a crime. Why do you equate his situation with the others?

  • Andrew

    The problem with this is although it is good source material for comedy. My worry is that these guys need to be careful as they say they have never, because it will be worse for them. At least Letterman had the courtesy to be honest even in his disarmingly humorous way.

  • Simon

    I wonder if Dave slept with some of his underage guests? He does seem a bit sleazy with his smacking lips and comments about young girls. He truly is a dirty old man.

    • JMarie

      Wow — you made a giant leap from consensual sex to statutory rape.
      He is not a dirty old man; do some research before you pull stuff out of thin air.

    • Kate

      Example on how to drag someone’s name through the mud with innuendo and not much else: “I wonder if Simon has sex with dogs? He does seem a bit sleazy with the way he jumps to sexually deviant opinions with no evidence to go on. He truly is a sleazy pervert.”

    • dj

      I would be willing to bet the trolls who are coming out of the woodwork with their all-knowing pronouncements about Dave have never even watched his show. But that sure doesn’t stop them from being self-proclaimed experts on his character.

      • Kate

        Frankly dj, I’m frequently amazed at how the US is so divided down political lines. The bias of followers of one political fan group towards another group seems entrenched. Particularly so for your (I’m assuming your US) conservatives. I’m thinking that the trolls here are conservative fans due to their regurgitation of the tag ‘hypocrisy’ – as it seems to be a tag that is being suggested mainly by the right-leaning sections of the US media at the moment.
        Now don’t get me wrong – if Letterman did actually bully his staff into sex, or (as has been suggested by the trolls) had sex with minors, or cheated on his wife outside the boundaries set in their marriage, then I’d be the first in line to be calling him an immoral pig. Sex with co-workers – stupid, but not illegal. Given that we spend at least a third of our working days with co-workers they tend to be the people we’re most likely to have sex with. But as far as I’ve heard there’s been no suggestion of workplace harrassment, no indication as yet that the relations took place while he was married. The whole initial reaction from the US public just makes me want to shake my head. Mainly because we have a saying that whatever the mood is like in the US it’ll probably be in my country within 5 yrs – and if this is where my own country is heading then … well ….

    • Schmoopsy

      The fact that you imagine sex with underage girls says a lot about you.

    • Jany

      Simon, your imagination is what is sleazy.

  • Jeff

    JI, you are an absolute moron. No one can tell what you’re arguing. Letterman’s cool. People like him. O’Reilly’s a loser just like anyone who defends him. Anyway, the two incidents are apples and oranges. I’m not sure someone of your lower intelligence though will comprehend the differences.

    • Lars

      Thanks Jeff. I was going to make the same observation about JI, but you’re right, he won’t get it.

      • JI

        Lars, everyone knows you agree with Jeff because you are a racist. You don’t think that a black man like me should have an opinion in America.

      • Jason

        Wow, Jl-you actually managed to out-stupid yourself.

      • Ed

        Is JI a relative of Kanye’s?

  • lindsey

    David Lettermen is NOT a dirty old man. He is just a man. It’s not like he is the only celeb in the world, or everyday guy, for that matter, who thinks with his **** instead of his head at times. The holier than thou attitude of some of these posters is annoying. Get over yourselves.

    • Kevin

      I dont think hes a man… more of a dog who can’t keep his one eyed willy in his pants. ‘nough said.

      • Kate

        “a dog who can’t keep his one-eyed willy in his pants”. Isn’t that a description of 90% of the male population?

      • Edwin

        And Kate wonders why she can’t get a date.

      • Kate

        I have no trouble getting dates Edwin. How? Because I have an understanding that 90% of the male population can’t keep their one-eyed willies in their pants. :P As a female, once you realise this it goes a long way to freeing you from all those confidence-lacking thoughts…

    • sarcraw

      The way Letterman flirts with his female celebrity guests has always made me uncomfortable. It’s just a little too much.

      • Coyote

        Funny how they flirt right back … and occasionally flash him their t_ts. He ain’t the handsomest man, but there is something about him that many women like!

  • RPM

    JI, I get what your’e saying and I agree. I think about the tasteless sex jokes about Palin and her daughter and think – what goes around…

    • Lois

      Letterman made a joke about Palin’s daughter getting knocked up, because she had been knocked up. And we know she was knocked up because Palin dragged her around everywhere and talked about Bristol and her baby daddy Levi. Palin was the one who lied about Letterman and said he joked about her underage daughter.

      Letterman made fun of Palin’s daughter for something she had actually done. Palin then ripped Letterman through the mud, lying about what he said, and making him look like a pedophile. He apologized to Palin, but she never apologized to him for the lies and despicable accusations she made about him. She is shameful.

    • No name

      He’s not the only one who made fun of her daughter’s pregnancy. When the story first broke, all of the comedians made fun of it so please don’t act like he’s the only one who made jokes about Palin. Besides, he’s a comedian. Not a politician

  • JI

    Jeff, continue to drink the kool-aid you incompetent pinhead! (duh duh “Letterman is cool” “I love him” duh duh) People like you make everyone sick!!! Unlike you, I don’t defend any celebrities you stupid pussy boy! You can’t tell what I am arguing because you are too stupid!

  • carol

    Conan looks up to Letterman and says he is a good friend, so I respect his decision to leave him alone. I would do the same for one of my friends. It’s called loyalty.

  • noam

    i think the major difference between the letterman story and, say, bill o’reilly is that letterman engaged in a consensual,legal, adult relationship that was brought to light by the woman’s former lover (he stole her diary and was using that.) the woman has nothing to do with it. whereas, bill o’reilly sexually harrassed a woman, who then complained, who then got fired, who then sued for wrongful termination. sure, what letterman did may not have been the smartest thing, but it wasn’t wrong. some shows refraining from talking about it doesn’t show hypocrisy. (also, don’t know if this is true, but elsewhere on the internet it is being reported that conan is a witness to the case, which may impact what he says on air…)

    • JI

      Drink the Kool-Aid Noam! Unless you are Letterman or O’reily’s lawyer you are speaking out of your @#$ crack. It does not matter what either man did or didn’t do!!! The hypocrisy of Letterman is making fun of other people’s moral failings over the years when he had all these skeletons in his own closet. Letterman is just as bad as the far right politicians that preach family values while they are cheating on their wives!!!

      • JI

        Over the years Dave portrayed himself to his audience as a one woman family man many, many times. And he used that moral high ground to pummel politicians and other celebrities who were failing morally in his monologue. That is the hypocrisy! If anyone can’t see it, it is because they refuse to see it!!

      • Jutsy

        I also like using the word “hypocrisy” an awful lot. I also like throwing hissy fits on the interwebs.

        They’re all just people, no matter their politics or leanings. Everyone screws up, and everyone hopes no one finds out about their shortcomings. Except me, of course.

        Welcome to human nature.

      • Kevin

        If you are prepared to take on people on high moral ground make sure you walk on that same high moral ground, otherwise you are an open target to everyone. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

      • Lois

        How is Letterman, when single, engaging in consentual relationships with adult women, a skeleton?

        Letterman NOW portrays himself as a loving dad, but he was never portraying himself as a one-woman man. Rather, he has portrayed himself as a man who never wanted to get married again, and who thought other guys looked up to him because he resisted being tied down (yes he said that).

      • TJ

        So far these relationships are reported to have happen before his son was born when he was not married. He had a long-term girlfriend but who knows what the rules were in that relationship was. And Letterman’s wife worked for him and the girlfriend before that did too. He’s always fished off the company pier — as most SINGLE people do — especially workaholics.
        The two women id’d still have affection for him. There is no real scandal here, that’s why he had no problem going to the police so quickly after the threat.

    • Emily

      Clearly, you’ve never watched the show, JI. Letterman rarely talks about his family, perhaps correctly assuming it is none of our business. To state that he’s used his status as a “one woman family man” as the basis for his platform is laughably inaccurate. And news flash — a comedian’s JOB is to make jokes. A politician’s job is to set policy and live by whatever moral code he’s supposedly espousing. And that is what makes the two situations so different, and why Dave is no hypocrite.

      • JI

        Hey Emily, bite me! You are probably one of the women he was sleeping with!

      • Angela

        very classy JL…and with that comment you lost all credibility you schmo!

      • Emily

        You said it, Angela. Clearly, I’ve gotten myself into a war of words with an unarmed opponent.

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