Jon Gosselin on 'Larry King Live': 'I had an epiphany; I want my kids off the show'


Jon Gosselin, parking his sorry rear end in the chair opposite America’s most genially oblivious TV interviewer, said on Larry King Live what lots of you have been saying for months: “It’s not healthy for my kids to be on the show… it’s detrimental to them.”

“I had an epiphany one day,” said Jon. “I made mistakes… I’m here to apologize to Kate.” But then — uh, oh — he also said, “I apologize to Hailey [Glassman]” — i.e., his girlfriend.

Jon is seeking to shut down production on the TLC series soon to be known as Kate Plus Eight, in a lawsuit announced earlier today. Tonight, Jon hauled in his lawyer, Mark Jay Heller, to assert to King that there’ll be a Dept. of Labor investigation about child labor law (“they never got a permit for the kids to act”), about breach of contract, and who knows what else — so much was spilled by both Jon and his lawyer, it was difficult to follow their arguments. “I don’t talk to Kate,” he said. But he also said he “texts her”; however, she doesn’t text back. “I want us to become friends,” he said of Kate.

“I have a sense of empowerment now,” said Jon. “I was an avoider.” This must be the psychobabble he learned racking up $22,000 in “counseling” he says he’s received.

Fun fact: Jon said he made a million dollars from the show in the past year — money paid to both him and Kate.

“We’re in the court of public opinion,” said Heller, referring to appearing on Larry King Live this night. Meanwhile, King was asking viewers to “clock onto the [CNN] website” and asked Jon to answer a “tweeter question” CNN had received. The court of public opinion is presided over by a rather out-of-it judge.

There were a couple of other inadvertently funny moments. “You’ve been through divorce, you know,” said Jon to the much-married King, hoping to curry sympathy, I suppose. And when Jon said, “Our life is our show and our show is our life… and it should stop,” King responded, “So we shouldn’t have known about you?”

“Probably,” said Jon.

A lawyer for Kate also appeared in one corner of the TV screen to rebut some of this stuff. And a statement by Kate was read, in which she said, “I’m saddened and confused… by Jon’s media statements.”

You and me both, sister.

What do you think?

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  • David

    I think Ken Tucker is a moron.

    • SilentRage


      • Dustin


      • Frank


      • Candice

        I’ll have to agree too! Don’t really like his TV reviews! They’re ALWAYS negative!

      • Mark

        Wow, Jon Gosselin has a lot of aliases on this board!

      • shawshank

        YES! Totally agree! I am glad to see others feel likewise. I almost feel sorry for him, every time I see his picture at the top of the page. He reminds me of my older co-workers who are so confused any time the office has new technology we’re asked to use. He may be a good TV critic, but he is not getting the hang of blogging.

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      Hey, guys, not only is this unnecessary and rude, it’s also untrue. I happen to think Ken is a good guy who fits perfectly at Entertainment Weekly. So suck it.

      • jen

        so because you think it, its true?

      • SilentRage

        For a person who uses words like “parking his sorry rear” “spewed”(which he changed to spilled) and “psychobabble” to describe an interview… its no wonder you feel he’s a good fit with that all intelligent suck it remark.

      • blah blah

        The psychobabble had referred to therapy Jon received for $22,000. He’s paid to report from his point of view, chill.

    • Jackie

      I like Ken Tucker.

    • Jami

      Ken is great. Have you read his stuff? Heard him on NPR?
      Jon is the problem.

      • David

        This confirms the ignorance of Americans. “Ken is great.”. And you say this after reading this article? Unbelievable.

      • SilentRage

        …only the ignorant ones judge people by what they are and where they live, damn I thought you were one of the good ones.

      • sculliosis

        I like ken tucker. I find him both entertaining and informative. Plus, I’m sure he reads these comments. If your going to say you don’t like him give him constructive critism something to work off of. As a writer I know that constructive critism is one of the best gifts one can give.

      • tizzle

        A writer knows the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

      • Rena

        A writer also knows how to spell critism, ah criticism.

      • Chris

        I think you might be confusing a writer and proofreader.

      • larry

        America is ignorant b/c a small portion of them like Ken Tucker’s blog response to an interview of a reality show star? Could you paint with a broader brush? Save your response, I don’t care.

      • Not Important

        I was willing to give him a chance until you said have you heard him on NPR? Anyone who talks on there is way too biased for me to ever take seriously.

      • sculliosis

        I missed the part where I wrote that in addition to being a writer, I’m also perfect. I was writing that response at 7 in the morning on an iPhone. Sorry if I had a couple typos.

    • Kaye

      Why because he wrote the truth. Jon you moron they’re going to not only get the mother of your children but you too, you idiot. If all that rhetoric is true you were a part of it. You were just last week saying the children and you love making the show and now some lawyer trying to make a name for himself is getting you to literally sue yourself. What a JOKE.You fool don’t you know that the only people making money in court are the lawyers

      • theriothk

        isn’t that is what an epiphany is? a sudden moment of realisation. it only takes a moment to realise something so i’m gonna guess that within that week re might have realised he was an idiot. then again he may also have always known he was an idiot and just decided to come out and say it and to make himself look better, which he never will cause he’s pretty damn ugly. other than that, not sure what else to say. cheers,

      • Bam

        He’s not sueing himself, he’s suing TLC you moron. Pay attention. He wants to pull the plug on the show and don’t blame him.

      • Jon G

        All I can say is thank God for David Letterman.



    • scott

      Let’s compromise.
      Ken Tucker is normally a good writer, but this article is a joke. Jon is just saying what the most of us have known all along, this show should have never happenen and it turned Kate into a “Posh Spice” wanna-be!

    • Carole

      So the new Jon is Ken Tucker – I thought this was about Jon having the AA -HA moment—-of which I have to say – it’s about time you looked out for your kids

      • monica


      • shawshank

        Monica, I find it interesting that you agree with Sandy Lewis. Do you agree with anyone who types only in capital letters like yourself? Or is Sandy Lewis just…you?

    • BlackIrish4094


    • Janice

      I agree that Ken Tucker is a moron. And a bad writer.

      • Alan

        Gee, thanks for letting us know. Thanks for enlightening us with such a detailed essay of your thoughts. Douchebag.

    • Erika


    • Phnam Ngyuen

      Why you say such thinks? You are free to be having your own opinion of mr. ken but to say awfully bad stuff is not help. Mr. ken wrights his thinks and I like to read what he has done on this website. I am fan of his. But if I am not fan of him, I say why I am not fan of him and not just say and call him bad names and such thinks as that.

    • Alan


    • Justin

      So I guess you shouldn’t bother reading his articles…

    • JonIsBipolar

      Jon is really mentally unstable now. If those children need PROTECTION from someone it is their FATHER JON. He can not even speak coherently, he shows that he has very different personalities within. Most of the time Jon is ANGRY. This SEXUAL AGGRESSION he has is a very serious issue and if I was Kate I would demand he only have supervised visitation. those children need to be PROTECTED FROM THEIR BIPOLAR SCARY CRAZY FATHER. HE MAY SERIOUSLY HARM THEM. JON NEEDS HELP PRONTO!!!!

  • maria

    Jon wants to sever all ties with TLC so that he is free to be on a skanky show with Michael Lohan. He doesn’t care a fig about the welfare of the kids.

    • jon

      and his skanky wife does? neither of them care a wit… they both only care about celebrity, especially that moron kate

      • Virgie

        Why is she skanky? Never once has she behaved the way that Jon does – You may not like her but she is the only one acting civil in this.

      • Kate Hater

        Yes, Kate IS a skank. Virgie, you obviously forgot she is / was (probably still is) shacking up with the bodyguard dude. You seem to gloss over the fact that she is a big enough bit*ch to be on par with “mommy dearest”. And thats a major friggin bi*tch.

      • Meghan

        There hasn’t been one photo of Kate & The Bodyguard in a delicate or even suspect situation or real source who gives their name that has said they have seen such things. In short there is absolutely no proof. The fact that Kate has been seen on multiple occasions hanging out with the Bodyguard AND his wife speaks to how silly that accusation is. In all likelihood, man of the year, Jon, started the rumor.

      • Kate Hater

        Oh Meghan, helllllooooooo. One of the kids said she Kate and the bodyguard kissing. Thats been reported by more than just Jon. I did notice you didn’t dispute the fact that Kate is the biggest bi*tch on the planet. Kudos for that. In other news, Kate is planning more interviews socializing. Exactly who is watching the kids again? And she wants everyone to believe she is such a great mother. PLEASE!!!! If you believe that I have some ocean-front property in Arizona I’d love to sell to you.

  • SilentRage

    I hate bias reviews..from the 1st sentence I know not to read anything by Ken Tucker

    • richardfoc

      Oh goody. Does this mean you won’t comment on anything written by Ken Tucker also? I hope so.

      • SilentRage

        Well its good to keep hope alive isn’t it.

      • Khristina

        LOLOLOL Rich

    • J

      It’s a freaking blog, not a review. It’s a cyber soapbox not a book report.Blasting the guy for typos and editing his word choice after the fact. He churns out copy several times a day in real time, give him a break. You know, for being “Silent Rage” you sure do talk…a lot.

      • SilentRage

        Thanks J. I especially like the originality at the end, very clever.

      • Kimmer

        agree. and gosselin is a tool.

    • JA

      Ken is just saying what anyone with a brain is thinking. How can you possibly support Jon? I think his philandering and partying and dissing his wife on TV is much more damaging to his kids than that stupid show. He’s only doing this because he’s no longer involved and he wants to do his own reality show. He’s already shown quite clearly that the welfare of his children comes AFTER his own.

  • David

    This is really journalism at it’s best with this piece.

    • Luddite

      Did anyone claim it was? It’s an article on an entertainment website about Jon Gosselin for heaven’s sake. What were you expecting? If you want Pulitzer material, I’d look elsewhere.

  • Chris

    Wow, you’re not exactly subtle in who you side with on this. While Jon hasn’t behaved well, I’m confused as to why you continue to pretend that Kate can do no wrong. They’re both guilty of the train wreck their lives have become, despite how much Kate feigns confusion. They better set aside money for therapy for their kids.

    • Valerie

      I think that there both the victims of tlc, Kate Needs them for her income with out them she wont have no money and I think there using her cuz they know she needs them and since she is on contract she cant speak up for herself im sure there are things kate wishes she could say or do but that contract stops her. Jon feels like they are using them and that there hardly getting anything, also i feel like Jon is doing the right move to stop the show but then i feel like kate is doing good by supporting her kids. People say she is money hungry but the woman still shops at target and walmart while you see jon with all this expensive gear. I feel like they both need to talk once they do i believe they will be fine with what they chose to do. I wont be shocked if they even get back together, maybe thats y kate dont wanna talk to him cause she knows she still have love for him and she dont want to get back with him or get hopes cause he has a girl friend…any thing is possible. But i think that they both in positions that is driving them to this point. I believe the things that will hurt them more then the show is all of Jon actions. Finding out all those things that his dad has done to me is more painful then getting recorded. To me being a child in the middle of a divorce is more Hurtful then being filmed. To me having 2 parents that dont talk is more painful then seeing your parents ignore each other when there are together. They really need to figure things out show or no show they need to talk! I wish the best for the kids there shouldnt be no more trash talking to either parent now. No one would like someone talking and trashing there parents. Every body says (even i say) negative things bout jon and bout kate then we say that there actions hurt there kids but you dont think by us talking negative bout them wont hurt there kids. Whos to say they would read the things we right one day that would hurt any child. I think now is the time where people should keep there negative trash talking to them selves. If your tired on reading these articles just dont click on them let the people that want to discuss discuss in a adult manor. Im worried bout those 8 kids there so small and i know they are hurting because of this.

    • AL

      I agree. While I think Jon is behaving like an a s s recently, the best thing that can come of it is for the show to be cancelled, the fame to go away and BOTH parents learn to deal with their children and each other in a mature and dignified way.

      • Mickey Z.

        AL, I am completely agree with you. Whatever the motives are, it is BEST for the kids if this show and the constant spotlight just went away…
        Please, really, people calling each other names on an entertainment blog site– not very becoming… Do you talk to your mother or your child like that?

    • td

      Would it be so bad if the show never got back on air again? I think not. There’s not some god given right that freakishly large families need to be on TV shows and all the hand wringing by Kate Gosselin strikes me as disingenuous.

    • Erin

      Well said and I totally agree. I only wish TLC would see the light and stop the craziness they are stomping on those kids.

  • David

    Does EW really pay moron Tucker to write such garbage?

  • David

    Out the whole interview with Gosselin, and the quotes that moron Tucker used are the best he could come up with…The demise of journalism in America.

    • Chappel

      People who write for entertainment magazines shouldn’t be held to the same standards as those who write for real news outlets. Their sole purpose is to entertain and give people something to gossip about.

    • Brad

      Takes one to know one I guess.

    • jes

      Hmm…I see. The new method for deflecting the fact that Jon Gosselin is a dbag? Attack the writers of articles about said douche. You can’t distract me with your shiny objects. I see Jon for exactly what he is…a loser!

    • larry

      I see you still have your broad brush out. Paint away!

  • Lea

    I have a feeling that no matter what Jon does or says, Ken, you’re going to find something wrong with it.

  • Gosh!

    Jon has made his mistakes, which he freely admits. But he’s doing something very positive for his children by stopping the TLC charade. Good for him!

    I hope Kate can find employment that allows her to spend time with the children she claims to love. Her search for stardom is a joke. She’s a white trash, gum chewing, octomom with a bad eye and ugly hair. Her children have no table manners or social graces. Perhaps if she spent some time with them, she could improve everyone’s life.

    • Jai

      I totally agree with you! What is so interesting about these people anyways… such drama. They are all trash and those kids are screwed up BIG time… Lunatics!

    • Jaimr

      Oh my, she chews gum and you don’t like her haircut?! Yeah, that’s what we should be focusing on… the fact that she’s “gum chewing.”

      • Tim

        That’s all you got out of that comment? Gum-chewing? You need to go back to 5th grade.

    • Mia

      He’s not really trying to stop the show. He’s wants to look like he’s taking the high road while negotiating with Kate and TLC for a bigger piece of the pie–and less work. As soon as he gets the money, then, once again, he can play the victim: “Look, I wanted to take the show off, but meanie Kate and the meanie TLC wouldn’t let me! If my kids are screwed up, it isn’t because of my lies, greed or bad taste in clothes.”

      • Otis

        Wow what a great plan then.

      • Mimi

        totally agree. he had an “epiphany” my A$$! He saw that he was being demoted and has made a move to get back into the spot light. Why is he dating girls so much younger than him. He is such a child, he should be going after cougars who could mother him the way Kate did. Good luck to him making the kind of money he currently makes. I’d love to make $500.000 per year just mugging for the cameras!

    • Michelle

      Agreed. They need to stop the show. It is best for the kids

      • Becky

        I agree – stop the madness called “Jon & Kate”. Give the kids some chance of living a life with normalcy. Cameras in your face constantly is NOT healthy, especially during pre-teen years. Let the fame whhhhore mom find employment elsewhere. Give Jon a break – yeah he messed up, but wouldn’t you go a little crazy with your newfound freedom after having been married to Kate?

      • Remnant

        If you hoestly believe thats what marriage is about being a mother for your husband not only do you need to go back to the 40s you need to kill yourself

  • Alissa

    Jon could not be a bigger @$$. He is only looking out for himself and he only cared about the show ‘hurting’ his kids once HE was going to be cut out. Does he not think we can ALL see right through this?! For heavens sake, have some dignity, be a man and just take being ‘fired’ with some pride, dignity and self respect!!

    • Chelsea

      Nicely said, I completely agree.

  • JonSucks

    Jon makes mistakes, ya, Jon is a mistake. Leave this famiy that you have destroyed alone. You ruined the show, and you need to walk away, and let them live their lives, hopefully without you.

    • Carol

      Totally agree, Go Away Jon. Remember the words “despise”.

    • Ian

      The show is nothing without him. I stopped watching when I heard the news.

  • Jon

    Gimmee my American Chopper motorcycle. I said I was sorry …

  • JustMe

    The very best outcome would be if Kate did really well on another program, one without her kids in it. That way Jon won’t be able to control her, he won’t be able to ride on Kate’s coattails, and the kids can live a private life. I used to like Jon, but he’s becoming a bit of a joke.

    • Erika

      “that way Jon won’t wont be able to control her”, WTF? Have you EVER seen the show? Kate is a total control freak!!! What man wants to be treated like that? Whenever I heard Kate talk down to him and boss him around it made me feel uncomfortable and I could see his soul shriveling up and dying. Anyway, they are both douchebags. Pull the plug on the show and let these kids live normal lives. They’ve made enough money now to help support the kids if they live frugally. Yes, that means no more bad haircuts and tanning sessions Kate. No more ugly bimbo’s and ugly E.H. shirts Jon. Act like normal people.

  • Steven

    Geez, I think Jon is more worried about losing his source of money than anything about his children. What a waste. No wonder Kate was always nagging him. He was and is a totally immature jerk!

    • Crystal

      See I totally agree here. Some people still rag on Kate and I get it. She did a lot of nagging on the show. What people should see now is that she did it because he is a lazy, selfish jerk. He’s hardly with his kids. I mean, how can he be with all of his partying and girlfriends? What in the world do they see in him anyways? He’s an unemployed 30 year old man with 8 kids. Sounds like a real catch. I’m really hoping Kate makes it on her own so he can see how much child support is gonna cost his umemployed butt!

      • Jaime

        He’s unemployed but he’s rich and (in)famous. That’s enough for a lot of women. Personally, I think he’s scum. But money talks to a lot of women.

      • Carmen

        Crystal, I hate to break it to you, but Jon will be the one who will receive the (alimony) payments if she stays with the show, or starts a new one that he is not involved with.
        Hey ladies, there is a downside sometimes to equality.

      • He’ll still pay

        Carmen, alimony is very unlikely to be awarded (it is not common for alimony to be awarded anymore) and the party that doesn’t end up with the kids the majority of the time will end up paying child support – the court doesn’t care about how much the custodial parent makes, they only care about the income of the non-custodial parent and the number of children involved.

      • Hailey

        Speaking of alimony… Wouldn’t Jon benefit more financially if the show continued? As long as his children were on the show any good lawyer would use it as a claim for alimony. Perhaps he is being spiteful but how is stopping the show a greater financial benefit?

    • Jackie

      And he’s going to have a big wake up call when those cheques stop coming and he has to go out and get a real job.

    • Lucy

      Crystal & Jackie you both are lame. Crystal – If you’ve watched the show you know that Jon used to work full time and supported the family. He quit his job to stay home with the kids because she was traveling all the time and was never home. He still has the ability to work so get a grip you judgmental T*AT. Same to you Jackie – he has skills to work which is more than we can say for Kate. She has to be a professional media W*ore to make a living.

      • Melissa

        Same to you Lucy – Kate has a nursing degree. She could also get a “real” job if she wanted. Which you would know if you watched the show.

      • samantha

        seriously? jon has skills to work?
        Then why doesn’t he? He whined that kate was always on the road and he had to stay home with the kids… but now that he’s moved out, he’s done nothing to get a real job and try to support his kids. He’s too busy chasing skirts and living the life of a Celebrity. Kate may be a shrew but Jon’s pathetic.

      • Carol

        Ummmm… Kate was a nurse and she had to work part time for money at first, till TLC did a Documentary and then show came about and now they have lots of money and perks.

        Jon has skills, let him go get a job and stop being a freeloader. Yeah… he says he has a talent agent,but No talent, No personally and NO JOB yet…Is he giving any money to the kids,child support no he spending on his pigs, cars and high rise apt in New York that is to far away, and cannot fit his kids in it any way for an visit. Just look at the cars he buys,they cannot fit into them either.. he is a PLAYBOY, he is a Joke.
        I $$fine$$$ you Jon, guilty In the Court of Public Opinion.
        Guilty as Charged, shut up and pay up.. your lawyer..he he.. and let get this divorce going

      • Kevin

        To Jackie – Kate will never get a job cuz she wants to milk this show to get book deals and acting gigs, get a life if you support this woman. Kate a nurse? She’ll never go back to that. Jon had more realistic thinking then her.

      • Nomi

        Jon doesn’t have skills. He had an IT job when the show started but he was fired from it. The owner of the business said Jon was “misusing company resources” and he had to go. Then he got some lame job from friends of the family. Then he decided he would stay home and help Kate with the kids. Before he met Kate, he didn’t have a job. He admits to bumming around. Not much of a resume to support 8 kids. Guy’s a winner.

      • James

        So Nomi – why did Kate marry him? And then go on to create these 8 science experiments? If he’s that much of a “loser” or whatever then she got what she deserved. And trust – there is no way that woman will ever go back to work – she’s far to busy building her “brand” on the backs of those little science lab cuties. She’s not in this for anyone but herself – and he probably isn’t in it for anyone but himself but my question is – why is it OK for her to be a Media W*ore and not for him to be one too? Why is it OK for her not to go back to a “real job” and everyone is bashing him for not? I honestly don’t care about either one of them (or those 8 little miracles of science) but I don’t get why he suddenly is being held to a different standard? They are both complete losers who have lived off their children for too long – at least he has the sense to pull the plug now. And frankly I don’t care what is motivating him to do it – we are all better off for this freak show going off the air.

  • trisha

    Jon should have done this a long time ago. I don’t believe it is about him finally feeling like it is bad for his kids to be filmed all of their young lives, but I hope this does end the show.

    Let Kate, and Jon for that matter find some other media job (or a regular job – even though I’m sure they think it is beneath them now) and stop using the kids to keep their lavish lifestyle going.

    Ken has always liked Kate, he must love bossy screeching women.

    • Leo

      If Jon had done this a long time ago, I would have given him some respect. But he does it now? When he’s trying to break a contract with TLC? When TLC has modified his involvement in the show?
      Now he cares about the kids’ participation? Now?

      • lynda

        Actually I think it was last season just before the divorce was announced Jon did say that he didn’t want to do the show anymore. This is not a put down to Kate whom I think is a little misunderstood, maybe, she has to be organized and perhaps a bit anal with 8 children. Could you imagine if there wasn’t a schedule and rules. Yikes the chaos.

      • Kevin

        It’s perfect timing wouldn’t you agree? You’re asking why and I say why not. And he’ll probably win too. Those kids aren’t seeing a penny of that money not with greedy gold digging Kate.

      • Jodi

        Leo, he did try to stop the show at the end of last season. He said on air, long before any hint of trouble in the marriage that he was against continuing to film and Kate’s response was something to the effect of, “We’ll see about that!” The next season begins and it is apparent that there is a certain amount of tension between them from the beginning of the season. I only watched a few shows of the previous season and it was easy to see how much of a control freak Kate was and still is and who was going to win every argument in that household. The days she screamed at the top of her lungs across the store at him when they were Christmas shopping for the kids at Toys-R-Us just how little she cared about humiliating her husband. If that had been me, I would have left her butt that day in Toys-R-Us and went out and got a divorce and paid my child support and tried to remain a part of my children’s life, but ran like my pants were on fire from her. To this day, she still refuses to accept any of the responsibility for this marriage crumbling. Rest assured, just as it takes two to make a marriage, it usually takes two to destroy it. And she is a pro at playing the innocent, victimized spouse and garnering sympathy for herself and her plight. They should have put more thought into what a huge responsibility producing fertility babies is and more on how to support those babies in a more normal manner and not off the backs of admiring fans and businesses who give them as much in freebies as TLC pays them in salaries. They both are guilty of prostituting their children for the sake of fame and fortune equally.

      • stay at home ma

        I find jon gosselin absolutely repulsive im a mom of f4 and i know how hard it is. All he wants to do is be a big kid again with his skanky girlfriend who i feel is pffensive to kate i mean come on she was in there home after a tummy tuck how do you think that makes her feel.I do agree that kate is rude and nagging at times with jon but they only know the truth not us as for the show i miss watching it i enjoyed watching with my kids until it started getting bad at the end with them 2 they should have went to counseling its not fair 2 them babies to not have there parents 2gether they did have some good times remember

    • Alan

      Oh yes. Two days after getting kicked off the show that gave him a mansion, $1 million per year and not having to work, suddenly SUDDENLY he gets this magical epiphany. Two days after getting fired. AS IF!!!!!!!!

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