'Saturday Night Live' goes really live: The f-bomb used by mistake

Did the f-word get dropped on Saturday Night Live tonight? It sure sounded that way. At about 12:42 Eastern Time, during a sketch called “Biker Chick Chat,” new cast member Jenny Slate seemed to say the word that got SNL cast member Charles Rocket in trouble in 1981.

The sketch included host Megan Fox and Kristen Wiig as “biker chicks” along with Slate. All of them were peppering their mock-tough-talk with the phrase “frickin'” but Slate appeared to say, “I f—in’ love you for that” instead.

Seth Meyers could be seen hugging Slate onstage as Fox closed out the show by introducing U2 for a third and final song.

Here’s hoping no punishment is meted out to the new cast member — or to the show by the FCC —  for what was clearly just a slip of the tongue. Hey, that’s just part of the fun and thrills and risks of actual live TV.

Video below. Warning: language:

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  • joey

    Yep, that sure was the f-bomb. I even rewinded after the skit ended and re-watched. That really frickin’ sucks for the first day.

    • paige

      on the one hand – I feel sorry for her. I mean it’s her first day and it was clearly just a mistake.

      on the other – It’s not like she messed up in her high school play. She on SNL. She should be good enough not to make that mistake.

      (and yeah michaela probably wouldn’t have made that mistake – she must be sooo annoyed right about now)

      • holmz

        i think it’s important to realize that this whole sketch had “frickin” being said in every sentence, it was bound to happen, especially if you’re like me and say it a lot, i definitely don’t say “frickin”

      • Jane

        After she says the F word, she blows out her cheeks like she knew she screwed up. It’s an honest mistake. Honestly, the worst offense was that their exchange didn’t seem funny at all. Hopefully they won’t be doing that skit again for many reasons.

      • Elizabeth

        I thought the same thing holmz… probably won’t ever see that skit again

  • Stephanie

    I just got home from the live show, she definitely messed up and seemed really embarrassed about it. Great show though. U2 played “With or Without You” as a fourth song after the show ended.

    • Jeanette

      How did you get tickets? I have never had any luck with getting them.

      • Michael Dance

        You can request tickets officially, but the real way is to camp out outside NBC overnight in the standby line. Did it once in college, a lot of fun.

  • darrin

    it was the f-bomb i rewinded it also

    • david

      the past tenses of rewind is rewound

      • Dj

        The past tense of “douche-bag” is “douche-bag”, Mr. Grammar nazi.

      • Buck

        And to you, professor, I say that the term “past tenses” is equally wrong in that it seems to indicate plurality when the intent should be singular… Let us get off the back of our brothers and sisters, shall we?

      • Chris

        And to you, the addition of the “s” was simply a typo. The wrong tense of the word was most likely an example of either ignorance or laziness that is rampant with people posting on the internet. I salute you, so-called “grammar nazi” keep it up!

      • Matt

        Seriously, DJ and Buck. What’s the problem? Someone can’t make a comment trying to be helpful and educational? Sheesh, everyone wants to attack everyone else these days, even for nothing.

      • to Buck

        Nice comment, except it would be “backs”, hahaha.

      • Brant

        What a friggin’ mess!

      • shirleytemps

        eye love the earth.
        and grammar.
        and nobodys perfect :)
        im not.

  • sara

    it really is hilarious that a mere word brings such hysteria to adults in America. It’s a word people.

    • darrin

      sara you are an idiot. it was on live national television. not pay cable. and its the worst curse word of them all .

      • LS

        Don’t call Sara an idiot for speaking the truth. You’re an idiot for still thinking that the F-word is such a blasphemous word. I wouldn’t have censored myself except that EW will censor me anyways. Grow up darrin, people swear, saying fricking implies that you mean f*cking, everyone knows the real meaning when they say it. So why not just say it?! People like you are why America sucks. I agree with Sara 100 percent.

      • Marcus

        Um, you are indeed the idiot. It was a slip of the tongue at 12:42 EST and 11:42 CT. Anyone who was watching that late at night could care less. Seriously, who cares? Its not like anyone even watches NBC anymore and if a child is watching then they have bigger problems than hearing a curse word.

      • m.

        f-word is bad in national tv, but calling people idiot for their opinion is ok?!
        Humans make mistakes. It happens. Has happened with everyone.
        Ohh and it’s not 80’s anymore.

      • craig

        I find the word “Idiot” way more offensive then using the F-bomb it’s just slang for intercourse, so friggin’ lighten the F up darrin!

      • eliott256

        I fear you are the idiot, there are far worst words out there…one in particular starts with a C

      • Rach

        America is insane. People have been allowed to use the F-word any time after 9pm (known as “the watershed”) on all of the main national channels that everybody gets in the UK for YEARS now. The way American television works is ridiculous.

      • Michael

        No kidding. You are the idiot. Sara is right…it’s ultimately just a word to which we give power and meaning. ANd there are far worse words in the English language…like “Darrin.”

      • Becky Tarum

        darrin is right. There really are A LOT of people who find the f-word downright OFFENSIVE and do not want to hear it.

      • Mark

        darrin, you ignorant slut! We are not in the 1950s anymore, so deal with it. It’s word and if you want to get technical about what should or shouldn’t be shown on TV, how about we start by censoring all the violence that is constantly being crammed down kids’ throats through music videos, television and video games. THEN we can talk about a word that was obviously said by mistake but shouldn’t have mattered anyway.. until then, shut your freakin’ ignorant pie hole.

      • Russ

        Hey LS, if America sucks, feel free to leave. The fact that we get to debate opposite opinions is why America is the greatest country in the world. Personally, I don’t care if they drop the f-bomb at 12:42AM….that’s a parent’s job to keep their kids in bed at that time. As an adult, don’t watch SNL if you’re easily offended. Give me a break.

      • Elli

        Grow up Darrin.

      • sarah d

        cunt is the worst word.

      • susan

        Frankly I think the worst curse word out there is one that is allowed on all televison and that is saying Jesus Christ as a swear word. I HATE that.

      • Mark

        I think this girl deserves a break. Given the circumstances, anyone who really shouldn’t hear the word was likely in bed. But that doesn’t mean I’m ok with unregulated TV.

        You people who like to put all of the responsibility on the parents to regulate their children’s 5 senses 24/7 haven’t really thought that one all the way through.

        If you let anything go on TV, then many, many parents like me will just get rid of the TV. If that happens, billions of advertising dollars will be lost, and the quality of programming will go down because there is less money to be made and far fewer viewers.

        If you enjoy TV the way it is, then don’t ask for unregulation.

      • kristin

        actually, I think C*NT is MUCH worse than the one she said. the

      • Tyler

        It’s saturday night live. it was past midnight. It would have been worst if it was on the jay leno show or something.

      • Dan

        Got to agree with Kristin.

      • Jane

        Some people might not find the F word offensive, but that doesn’t negate the fact that some people do and they are as entitled to express that opinion as anyone else. I mean honestly, if you heard a 2 yr. old say the f-word over and over again, wouldn’t that hurt your ears? Wouldn’t you worry about that child being raised the wrong way. If you can’t take a child saying it, then you should understand someone not wanting to hear an adult say it.

      • Shaun

        Jesus Christ, Susan… Get over it! Even if the dude really did exist, that whole immaculate conception thing, and some “God”
        up in the sky who created everything, is as much a fairy tail as Santa or the Tooth Fairy.

      • tdunf

        hey russ – ‘www’ stands for WORLD WIDE web….just so ya know.

      • the L

        Darin, you ignorant slut. We live in a time where a very fat grotesque man can show his bare @$$ on NYPD Blue in prime time. We live in a time where the children of South Park can freely say “@$$#0le” and “sh!t”. Yes, I understand that South Park is on basic cable, however, just about everyone has basic cable now that you can no longer use antenna’s due to the frequency change. The F-word is NO different than the other words that are being said. “B!tch” is said freely on the radio and television MORNING shows. At that time slot on NBC the F word should be just as acceptable or censor ALL of them.

      • Dustin

        actually the worst curse word is c_nt.

      • sam

        wow ur all dumbasses it is LEGAL in the united states to say any curse word as long as its after 10 pm! it was 12:42 the reason many broadcasts still dont curse is that they might recieve complaints or lose advertisers but it is LEGAL IN THE UNITED STATES TO CURSE AFTER 10 PM on broadcast T.V. ! I used to work for the FCC so trust me, i know what im talking about

      • Russ – To Mark

        Yes Mark, I have thought it through quite thoroughly as I’m a parent of two young kids…it is your job to monitor what they see and hear. True, you can’t be there 24/7, but you can influence how they react if you’re not there. However, my point was that at 12:42AM, you sure do own where they are and what they’re doing. Even back in the 60s…”It’s 10:00, do you know where your children are?”

      • Russ – To tdunf

        If you are LS or not, hoping you don’t live here then….we don’t want you if you think our country sucks. I made the assumption someone complaining about an AMERICAN show on AMERICAN airwaves would actually live here.

      • DAVID

        hey bible thumper what are you doing up so late, church starts early on sunday

    • BJohnson

      This word is still a big deal on a show that people only watch if Justin Timberlake or a former SNL character hosts. Sorry for her, I hope she doesn’t get a reprimand for it. She just got the show some attention because I was up to watch it, but didn’t care to. The f bomb is not the show’s big problem right now.

      • David

        Live in the UK now and WOOOOOOW, love TV after 9PM!! Although they can’t show guns (in real life context) or have noises of gunshots.

      • dusen

        Look, if this was said during prime-time or the afternoon I could see this being a bigger deal. But I would assume most people watching a comedy show at midnight can handle a word they most likely hear 10-100 times a day anyway.

        Chill “Darrin”.

    • to Susan and Shaun

      Really. Mary F’ed someone. Jesus F’in Christ. And yes, it is just a word, not evil like this post is intended to be.

    • Earl

      Its pretty pathetic that the “F” word is still an issue in this day and age. On the CSI shows we see womens bodies cut up, and yet slang terms for intercourse and poo and whatnot aren’t acceptable. Its the same stupid mindset that no longer lets The Simpsons show Homers naked rear.
      I live in New Zealand, and we have uncut American stuff like Californication and True Blood on in prime time network TV. And we haven’t gone to “hell in a handbasket”. Yet, anyway.

    • Aethan

      Agreed to those who say it’s just a word. It’s funny! I really hope the FCC chills on this one. It’s just a word. Not an action…a word! Give some more time and it will be just like ASS and BITCH that are currently okay to say. Go SNL!

    • Rock Golf

      Agreed. The numerous version with “ri” instead of “u” were perfectly acceptable, but this girl is likely to be fired after one show.
      Will somebody please explain the actual damage caused by using “ri” instead of “u” to complete “f_king”, because I don’t get it. I really don’t.

      • BP

        They arent going to fire her. Lighten up.

      • B Man

        On that same token, what’s the damage caused by using “u” instead of “ri”, given they both mean the same thing and everyone knows the real meaning?

    • Ree

      i agree it is only a word. it was said at a time of night when anyone who shouldn’t be hearing it is in bed. go out in the street and listen you can hear it on a regular basis. for some people it is a normal part of conversation, myself included. no big deal.

    • sarita

      it’s only a “bad” word because we label it as such. words are just words; people give them the power to be offensive or not. anyway, it’s my f-ing favorite curse word of all. :)

  • brandonjamess

    “snl” and “f-bomb” are top trending topics on twitter right now. amazing.

    • DJ

      BRANDOJAMES— It is amazing isn’t? All that’s wrong in our country and in our world and that’s what gets peoples attention. Sad.

      If people showed half the interest in the REAL problems of the day as they do in the latest celebrity’s’ hang nail we might get something god going.

      • DJ

        **we might get something GOOD going.

        dang laptop! LOL

  • Thunderfart

    Bet Lorne’s regretting firing Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson right now!

    • GoMe!

      i bet he doesn’t. (and im not saying that because i dont like casey wilson and michaela, cause i do, im saying that because it’s no big deal…)

    • Lauren

      Maybe he’s regretting letting Michaela go, but not Casey Wilson. Casey sucked!

  • paige

    I think he was hugging the other new girl.

  • Hrfe

    Isn’t it not going to be an issue because its so late at night? I mean, they say stuff at night on radio and on channels like fx at night all the time that they couldn’t during the day……

  • Stacie

    Unfortunetly, for this girl, on her first day she makes an impression that will last but it’s for saying the “F” word. She’ll be known for that for awhile. You don’t really want to be known for that, because no matter how ridiculous it really is, it’s going to be a big deal for awhile.

  • skullet

    Too bad that entire episode sucked @$$. There was not one funny moment in the entire broadcast. A pretty pathetic way to start the new season. The F-Bomb is no big thing anymore and it certainly doesn’t merit the kind of attention it will be given over such a lame excuse of a skit. U2′ s performance was pretty sub par as well. Not to sound like a hater but I really expected much more over the whole overhyped and underacheived season premiere. Fail in my book.

    • Legit

      I second that

      • Hannah

        Agreed. Not that I was expecting a whole lot, though. If you remember correctly, last season’s opener was hosted by Michael Phelps. And it sucked.

    • John

      U2 sub par?? I dont think so….Bono’s voice was a little shot and he screwed up one of the lyrics in the 2nd song ….but considering the band just played 4 stadium shows in 5 nights what did you expect??….they are human after all

  • TVAddict

    I feel bad for the poor girl. If Lorne fires her for this I will never watch SNL again. Come to think of it, this season premiere was so bad I may not watch SNL again anyway.

    • oldsnlfan

      No worse than other snl performances. actually thought u2 second set was fantastic, was this a bob marley song?

      • John

        No a song off the new album called
        “Moment of Surrender” and like I pointed out to someone else….U2 just played 4 stadium shows in the last 5 nights in the Boston and New York areas…of course there is going to be a little wear and tear

      • Dream Out Loud

        Bob Marley song? really?

        Breathe and Moment of Surrender are on the new album. Ultraviolet is on Achtung Baby (1991)

  • Harry

    I thought the show tonight was rather ho-hum….if this was their big season opener, the rest of the season doesn’t look good…

  • mike

    Wow it really was an f-bomb. My local channel randomly flashed an NBC logo in the middle of the sketch. I immediately joked that they censored something. Too bad my broadcast must have a long enough delay built in that they actually covered. I don’t know if I should be impressed that my local channel was the only one that apparently censored it or disappointed I didn’t get to see it live.

    • mlrose529

      I could be wrong but I believe Saturday Night ‘Live’ has had its own seven second delay in place ever since Richard Pryor first hosted back in the ’70s. You talk about playing with fire circa. 1975: angry, improvisational young black comedian, renowned partially for casual profanity already, dropping the F Bomb on national TV? Ratings or no, there would likely be 23 fewer seasons of SNL in NBC’s library today.

  • Tom Brazelton

    If you ask me, SNL was asking for it by peppering the sketch with that many uses of the word “freaking.” They were playing with fire and got burned.

    • Amber

      I was thinking the exact same thing. It’s kind of unrealistic to send someone out there on their 1st night on live tv and ask them to say “freaking” 30 times and not slip up. I sincerely hope they don’t fire her.

      • Alan Shore

        Paul Schafer did the same thing on SNL during a sketch which required all of the actors to use the word “flogging” as a substitute for the dreaded F-word you can’t say on television . Lorne Michaels didn’t fire him, and he won’t fire Slate either.

    • Tim

      couldnt have said it better

  • Yogurt


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