Obama and Letterman, both trying to win hearts and minds. Did they win yours?

President Obama’s visit to the Late Show with David Letterman was a fascinating media summit-meeting.  Each had something to promote: Obama, his policies and the assurance that he’s on top of challenges such as the struggling economy and health-care reform; Letterman, his interviewing sharpness and the assurance that he’s on top of challenges such as being ratings-dominant and as pop-culturally influential as Conan O’Brien and Jon Stewart.

Obama recycled many of the talking-points he used during his blitz of the Sunday-morning political shows, emphasizing that the economy is improving, that the stimulus package was necessary and a success, that problems remain but “we’re going to come back stronger than before.”

The context, of course, was different. Instead of, say, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, who tooted his own horn about asking “tough questions” of the President, Letterman presented himself as that tricky combination of Midwestern voice-of-the-common-man and show-biz power-wielder that serves him so well. Letterman’s brisk questions enabled Obama to clarify some of what he called “a lot of the misinformation out there… that’s why I’m on the Dave Letterman show.”

The host followed that up with: “The one idea I’d like to see right away are those death panels. If we could get those in place right away…” he said, both men cracking up at the absurdity of the foolishness that surrounds what the President is trying to accomplish.

Lest any viewer doubt where Dave stands these days, his opening monologue was peppered with potshots. “President Bush,” he noted, never appeared on the Late Show, because “he was always too busy not-working.” Relax, he also told the studio audience, “the building has been cleared of all Republican congressmen.” The folks in the seats let us know where they stood, too: They greeted that comment with huge applause.

You’ve probably already read the salient sound-bites. Addressing the notion that some of the current displeasure with the President is racially-motivated, Obama said drolly, “I was actually black before the election.” He also noted, “One thing you sign up for in politics is that folks yell at you.”

All in all, both men ended the hour seeming strong and in control. “I can’t tell you how satisfying it is to watch you work,” Letterman said in closing. To which I could add, “Back at you, Dave.”

Did you watch Letterman and the President? What did you think?

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  • Ash

    I thought they both did a great job. President Obama seemed relaxed and sprinkled the humor into the politics very well.

    I can’t wait to see this health care plan together and running.

    • Susan

      And this is something you’re actually excited about?!

      • selena

        Excited about my fellow American citizens having increased access to health care here in one of the richest nations on Earth? Yes, I’d say I’m reasonably excited about that.

      • Tarc

        Why yes… people having proper access to health care is an issue all people with a working brain should be concerned about. Well, that and a working heart.

      • sdm

        Nicely said Salena and Tarc, and I agree with you.

      • Nutjob

        Ummm…everybody already has “proper” access to health care in the US. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can get a health insurance policy. It may cost you more than you would like, but for health care are people willing to give up their cable TV and internet and cell phone? That’s what I thought…they would rather have other people pay for it. Like people that actually have jobs.

    • Sally in Chicago

      I don’t know how Obama keeps looking so cool and confident. I want to get his confidence, it could help me in my job.

      • michelekamay

        AMEN to that, I think he should write a counselling book which would give us the secrets of self-confidence.

      • Lucy Fir

        I can help you with your confidence. Call me at 666-666-6666.

      • Dan from Detroit

        It’s not confidence. It’s arrogance.

      • Laura

        You need a certain amount of arrogance to do the job. Name one great president who wasn’t arrogant. In fact, it is my opinion that W’s arrogance was what got him elected. If only he’d had the goods to back it up.

      • To Dan from Detroit

        I think you’re confusing President Obama’s confidence with President Bush’s arrogance. At least President Obama is trying to work with the rest of the world–that’s confidence. Unlike President Bush who thought he can do almost everything by himself–that’s arrogance.

    • Tim

      don’t hold your breath for socialized health care, honey.

      • Mandy

        I’d say we need to put people back to work first – THEN work on health care reform. SOMEONE is going to have to pay for that healthcare and the more people working, we can all share in it.

        As long as it doesn’t include the illegals in the plan – we will be okay with it. Until you have NO insurance or cannot afford what you do have – don’t knock what the President is trying to do.

      • Indep

        I believe a Great President put it best. “You cannot help the poor by destoying the rich. You cannot strenghen the weak by weakening the strong. You can not bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. Yo cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down. You can not further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence. You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.” ….Abraham Lincoln

      • mlrose529

        I don’t have to hold my breath. It’s been here for years in the V.A. and in Medicare…two services a great many of the townhall screamers have been enjoying for years. This time it’s different though, apparently…somebody else may benefit from the common good besides themselves. And maybe their corporate gods in the insurance industry who’ve put these people to work whether they realize it now or not.

    • Lee

      I agree with you. This country is in dire need for healthcare reform, and President Obama has the guts to do something about it. All the Republicans can do is complain about it. At least President Obama is spending our tax dollars on the U.S. unlike President Bush who spent our money on Iraq.

      • Amy

        I agree, Lee.
        I enjoyed the interview immensely. I was especially glad to hear Obama stress that other countries don’t understand why our health care system is such a mess. Can you imagine being in a country less wealthy than the United States and looking at our uninsured popoulation, and wondering, “WHY???”

    • Mandy

      BTW – this gov’t health care plan is NOT going to be free. It will be paid for by the taxpayers ALL of the taxpayers including those needing health insurance So it is NOT a “national health plan” or a socialist insurance plan.

      • Maryb

        Mandy: Who’s drinking koolaid now? I’ll tell you who’s going to be paying for this government-run health care. Me. The middle to low income citizen with no tax shelters paying way too many taxes already for government programs that barely work and cost a fortune. I’m not saying that health care doesn’t need reforming and that all citizens don’t have the right to health insurance. I’m just saying I can barely keep my head above water now without having to pay for the country’s health insurance. If we’re going to have government-run health care…we need Tax Reform first.

    • Craig

      Definitely agree with you Ash. I hope he gets a health care reform bill passed and right away.

  • Watts

    excellent interview, i wish conan could loosen up and be more quirky like he used to be – dont pander to seniors with the bland humor leno used on the tonight show – current ranking:
    craig ferguson > letterman > conan >>>>>>>>leno>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>fallon=kimmel

    • simon

      good interview, agree with your rankings

  • Mark Huth

    Loved the president on the show. I thought both man did well.

    • Paul, NJ

      Loved the President on the show, but love him more in the White House. Definitely shaping up to be one of the great presidents!

      • Dan from Detroit

        Really? In what respect?

      • To Dan from Detroit

        In the respect of Frankin D. Roosevelt.

      • mike

        “Definitely shaping up to be one of hte great presidents!”

        Really Paul? 8 months on the job, spending our generation and the next into oblivion, retreating from all over the world, and instead of putting people back to work he wants a health care entitlement that we can’t afford nor need.

        People, it’s time to wake up. The fawning posts of Obama on EW don’t surprise me, but it does confirm how uninformed the casual political observer is. It’s a shame these people canel out my vote.

  • pai

    It was cool. I liked the photo segment, it added a lighter touch to it.

    • Hook Line and Stinker

      Yeah, we totally like have a cool president now. You know, when he spoke to the U.N. earlier today, I was like, my prez is cooler than y our prez to my international friends. We all laughed about how uncool the other leaders were. But man, Obama is just so damn smooth. He’s like a laxative after 8 years of constipation, you know?

  • Steve Ungrey

    Way to kiss Dave’s you know what, Ken. You missed a really good Tonight Show with Ricky Gervais this evening. I’m usually watching Letterman, but not tonight.

  • Bonnie Foley

    The right man for the right time…and aren’t we lucky!

    • darrin

      oh yeah we are so lucky :(

    • Nancy

      if you think we are lucky, you don’t get out much

    • Lisa

      Yeah, we’re lucky like getting the bubonic plague!!

    • jl

      I have no idea if you are joking with your ‘aren’t we lucky’ but if you are not, it is scary that anyone would think the mess we are in right now is ‘lucky’.

  • darrin

    well i’m glad dave was nice to obama unlike he was with mccain last year which is when i stopped watching dave period.

    • littleO

      Darrin, I concur!! I was a Letterman fan until he started showing his political leanings. He made fun of Bush during his 8 yrs in office but fawns over Obama. He’s a comedian and should poke fun at Obama too. I stopped watching him altogether after he insulted Palin’s daughter. That was it for me. Letterman showed he’s a true pervert. Letterman couldn’t even ask Obama hard questions. Why didn’t he ask about Acorn?

      • ktwolf

        ummm… maybe he didn’t ask about ACORN because it has NOTHING TO DO WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA?

      • theduck

        I can’t believe the nonsense about Gov. Palin’s daughter is still being mentioned. Letterman was NOT making a joke about a 14-year old having sex, and Gov. Palin knew it. The joke was about Bristol, who had been a pregnant teenager. Since Gov. Palin had been trotting out both her “abstinence only” position on sex education and her family during the presidential campaign, Bristol was fair game. Had someone checked which daughter was at the Yankee game, that joke would never had made it on the air.

        And you do know there are no “death panels”, right?

      • Tom

        littleO, Letterman also made fun of Clinton incessantly during his presidency. Maybe he’s not making fun of Obama because he hasn’t had an affair with an intern or choked on a pretzel.

      • Melissa

        littleO, you must not watch any of the talk shows since they ALL show their political leanings.

      • marina

        Tom, thank you. People’s memories are so short. Letterman has always taken swipes at politicians on both sides of the aisle. The only politician I’ve ever seen him openly support is Rudy Giuliani – a Republican.

      • Tarc

        Dave has taken Obama to task many times on the show. You guys just make this stuff up.

      • Lee

        For the same reason why he did ask the Bush Administration about Scooter Libby and Valerie Plame.

      • StellaBlue33

        Sarah Palin’s daughter is a joke as is Sarah Palin, what is wrong with you. They are an embarassment to citizens of the US.

    • erilina

      sure doesn’t sound like you stopped watching….period.

    • LELO

      Did Obama canceled his scheduled appearance to be in another show? No he didn’t…so why Dave should have been other than nice to him? Good u don’t watch anymore, who needs viewers like u?

    • Tim

      These Obama lovers are cult like. If it wasn’t so pathetic, I would be amused.

      • Lee

        Just like the Bush lovers. They’re pathetic for being cult like.

      • Lee

        Plus the Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck lovers.

      • Mandy

        At least he is trying. GIve him a chance. He got the box of dirty kitty litter from the previous White House Occupant. It takes time to get the smell of pee off the carpets and furniture when the litter box is filled with filth and crap.

      • ImStillToni

        @Mandy – it is SO hard to get out the smell of 8 year ammonia out of carpets, isn’t it? I’ll give Obama 4 years just to get all the crap out the litter box, nevermind the carpets!

    • Michelle

      I can’t stand Letterman and I dislike Obama even more. I wouldn’t waste my time watching either of them. Obama is arrogant and he lies. He obviously doesn’t spend any time at the White House because he is to busy admiring himself on tv. He comes across as people person but in reality he is nothing more than a liar who is very good at making his Obama lovers believe every thing he says. He is a pathetic excuse for a President.

      • Mandy

        My how soon we forget how much time the last President spent away from the White House. Do your research, put down the leftover Bush Blue Koolaid and use YOUR OWN BRAIN instead of just going along with all the lemmings who think Obama is a big bad president. Form your OWN thoughts and quit using other peoples’ thoughts.

      • Maryb

        Mandy: Huh? People who disagree with President Obama’s plans are koolaid drinking lemmgings who can’t think for themselves? But your logic it seems that President Obama’s supporters are knee-jerk reactionists who think the country’s ills began with Bush and will end with Obama because no-one mentions Bush as much as an Obama supporter!

      • kate

        I agree with Maryb on this one. I don’t love or hate Obama…it’s really too early to tell for me. I am concerned about his lack of experience, but we’ll have to see if he’s as great as his followers think. And I definitely note that Obama supporters always point the finger at Bush. Enough already. And no, I’m not drinking any “kool aid”… I haven’t encountered any pro-Bush propaganda in awhile.

      • mlrose529

        A liar who appears on TV…in the White House??? Who let this happen?!! Grow up, already. You can’t go two minutes anymore before getting a blast of manufactured outrage from someone who never gets their information from more than one source. you probably don’t like him because he doesn’t remind you of a close relative or neighbor. Sorry you don’t like to see the President on TV but he’s got a heck of a lot of paranoid misinformation to waste his time debunking.

    • Shannon S.

      I’m sorry, but anyone who uses the Bristol Palin remark as a reason for not liking Letterman pretty much ruins their credibility right there. I’ve asked multiple people who claimed to be offended by his remark to tell me exactly what Letterman said that upset them…and I always get the same response: “Well, I don’t know what he said cause I didn’t see it, but I just heard it was awful.” REALLY? Are Republicans that ignorant?

      • Dan from Detroit

        No. Liberals are the ignorant kool aid drinkers who vote in blocks. Ever heard of an urban area being diverse in their political leanings? Racists.

  • laura

    Both did a great job!! You can tell the President is a people person … he knows how to work the crowd. Dave was excited and I loved seeing him excited! Mary Apple now has a story to tell her future grandkids!!

    • Jenn

      Jimmy Jones knew how to work a crowd too.

  • HJ

    Here we go again! Why should we have any substance when The Prez is such a “people person”. Can we just look past the charm for once and insist on some real debate. BTW Ash, you have seen Obama’s healthcare plan. It’s in Canada and it’s a complete mess.

    • rtl

      really? Did you see the statistics that show we spend a good 6% above all other nations AND don’t cover everyone? uhhh, yeah…didn’t think so. Substance seems to be missing from YOUR Canada argument. The U.S. is no longer leading ANYTHING – not education, medical, research… But let’s just keep ignoring that, shall we?

      • Andi

        Preach! Tell it.

      • Tarc

        Bush did, so why shouldn’t the neocon!zombies today? We can all just hide our heads in the Bible and Fauxnews while the country (and the planet) go down the toilet.

      • liz

        Not to mention we have the highest infant mortality rate of any developed nation. Yeah, our current system is great.

      • Maryb

        rtl: huh? Please translate into English.

        Tarc: For the record, many people who are conservative are not neocon!zombies with our heads in the Bible and Fauxnews. The problem is that the left is soooo far left and the right is soooo far right that those of us in the middle have no advocate in government; no-one to vote for because the ultra-liberals and the neocons have ruined bi-partisanship. That’s why this country is going down the toilet.

    • ktwolf

      Actually, the Canadians are very happy with their health care. And very resentful that their system is being trashed by American Conservatives. Try talking to some Canadians before you make allegations about their health care system.

      • dusen

        Yup. As a Canadian, I can admit our system isn’t perfect, but it sure is nice to know that if one of my kids gets cancer (God forbid), it won’t bankrupt our family on top of that paying for his treatment.

        Don’t believe everything the republicans tell you people! We’ve had this system for decades and I think we’re doing okay.

      • jsmith

        Yep. I concur on Canada. There are Canadians in my family by marriage – and there has been serious talk of the families moving back there precisely because the healthcare is so accessible. It seems fair and affordable healthcare in the US is the proverbial mouse to the Republican elephant. BTW – Great TV, that Obama. Wit, humor,intelligence AND social responsibility. Way to go, O.

      • Dan

        Our Canadian health care is great until you get sick. The health care is free of the easy stuff. Just don’t get sick here. I just shelled out $5100+ cash to drive to the US and get a two sleep studies for my sleep Apnea and the machine I need so keep breathing at night! It was free for my DR to tell me I probably had sleep apnea and it was causing my heart disease. Problem is there is a 2 year wait here to get the two nights needed in a sleep lab needed to get a prescription for a machine, and I am told the machine also has a wait list because it costs over $1500 CDN. I now fear if the US changes we will have no place to go when our lives are in real risk.

      • jeena

        Absolutely right. Because of family connections I know a lot of Canadians, and they are all really pleased with how their healthcare works, and are *really annoyed* with the propoganda that is rampant here about how terrible it is.

      • Indep

        1) if you marry a Canadian you had better be able to prove that your marriage – for like 10 years is valid cuz otherwise no heathcare. Here we gunna insure Mexico! Anyone who honestly believes a Mexican National walking into any health facility in the US won’t be cared for doesn’t know Nancy Pelosi. 2) The Canadian system is going Bankrupt!! The best thing about Candian Healthcare is the ability of it’s citizens to travel to the US to get healthcare in a resonable amount of time.
        3) The US is in no way like Canada. For that matter New Hampshire is in no way like California – that’s why one size fits all healthcare won’t work here.
        4) If Obama would allow interstate sales of insurance and truely open the marketplace to comptetition we would drive costs down.
        5) If the uber left would allow Tort reform so that doctors weren’t sued everytime someone got a hangnail costs would go down.

    • Elysia

      More important than his charm is his intelligence. He truly understands all the points and counterpoints of every argument he’s being expected to resolve and does his best to address all sides. And, yes, I’d like to see more of that on the other side to get a real debate going beyond people just shooting his plans down without any constructive alternatives of their own.

      And, yes, Canadians do seem to love their health care, and seem to think we Americans would rush their country for it if the borders were opened.

      • Vicki

        As a Canadian I agree – we love our healthcare. I’m having a baby and it’s really exciting to know I just go to the hospital, give birth and BAM – NO BILL! In fact, the US is one of the only developed countries left in the world that doesn’t have any health care. And he’s also promoting buy American way more than your Republican presidents ever have. Plus- Obama is cute!

    • Kevin

      Move along. There is nothing to see here. The US is #1 in everything. It’s true because I say so. Sure, you might have numbers and “facts” that prove otherwise, but your “truth” is nothing compared to my rhetoric. Our health care system is perfect as it is…you are getting very sleepy…you love paying overinflated deductibles…you are getting very sleepy…zzzzzzzzzzzzz. When I snap my fingers you will yell “You Lie” for no apparent reason.

      • Tarc


      • Beth

        What an idiot – you make no sense whatsoever.

      • jennie

        lol.. i think the whole thing is crazy for all of you who think we dont need universal healthcare, im a wife and a mother pregnant with my 2nd child and
        no one in my family has insurance, we dont quailify for medicaid/ family health plus and my husband job wont offer him insurance.. yeah this system we currently have is great

      • TM

        Beth – it’s called “sarcasm.” :-)

      • Indep

        jenny – why should everyone have to pay for you not knowing about birth control! Get a job. I worked through two pregnancies and held a full time job while raising two kids – who are both in college now. Do for yourself and stop whining about it.

    • Larry K

      According to the Oregon Doctors going to Washington pushing for a single payer system, the Canadian System has 85% approval rating, better than what we get from ours right now, the line is drawn in the sand, nothing less than a “public option”

    • Millsy

      I grew up in England, Lived in the US for many years and now live in Canada. I think this quailifes me to have a point of view on all 3 systems.
      The terrible state of health care in the USA is shameful for such a great country, its by far the worst system and only helps the wealthy and healthy. I worked with too many people who couldnt afford healthcare premiums and went untreated (6 years old and her parents unable to afford asthma meds, I hade asthma growing up in the UK and never went wityhout)
      Do the right thing and give EVERYONE in the USA good healthcare. Go Obama!

      • Tim


      • To Tim

        Prove that Millsy is a liar. Typical Republican. Are you from North Carolina too?

      • nunce

        That guy was from SOUTH Carolina. There is a big difference.

    • drama17

      excuse me HJ but are you aware that the world health organization ranks the current health care in the US as #37 between costa rica and slovenia? we’re the wealthiest country in the world and we’re #37. shameful, simply shameful.

  • Fed Up

    Really eases my mind that he’s the PR person for the White House since he speaks so we- oh wait! He’s the president?! Wtf is he doing on the late show? Yeah, so glad the president took time out of doing his actual job to talk to us again. And this time with Dave. Quit milking your mug on the tv, stay in Washington and come talk to us when you actually get some stuff done. And for the record, my comments are politically motivated, nothing more.

    • Elysia

      Wow, I would think most people would like to see MORE of their president rather than have him be some inaccessible person locked in a room somewhere where the public doesn’t really know what he’s doing. In fact, history has shown that to be true: the immense popularity of 4-time-president FDR was largely attributed to his regular radio chats to the American public.

      • Carl

        Elysia, Maybe we could get him to co-star with Hugo Chavez then we could rename the show to “HELLO Mr. Presidents” He has become the most Divisive president in my life time.

      • Kevin

        Wow, Carl…most devisive President of your lifetime? I must say, I’m impressed a 9 month old can be such a good typist.

    • j

      Get with the times. This is how you reach to people – where they actually go – tv, internet, whatever. Organizations go to youtube and myspace to reach to constituencies where they go anyway. This is an extension of this.

      • Susan

        Well, the election is over. Quit trying to win votes and do your job. A talking head is not what we need. We need results.

      • C

        Results….such as the recession ending?… we’ve essentially avoided a depression, have stopped the recession, and are now talking about ways to start growing the economy again. Or do you mean the kind of result that comes from renewed trust with our international allies??? Because that has happened too…so, if you’re talking about results, they are there, you just need to be open and willing to accept that our country is better off now than a year ago. But if facts aren’t your game…than debate is pointless.

      • Levente

        I live in Texas where the unemployment rate is still higher than the average and last I checked the unemployment rate isn’t receding (it also depends on who you listen to, I guess). So… I wouldn’t exactly say the recession has “ended”, C.

      • Sandy

        At last count, the unemployment rate in Texas is actually 8% lower than the national average…and while the recession hasn’t “ended” per se, I would say we’re doing miles above where we were last year…

      • Indep

        C – ever heard of a double dip recession. Obama is following the Great depression playbook. Won’t be long now. Gov’t take over of everything, raise taxes monitize the debt created and here we go again. Learn from the past. BO’s plans will sink this country. Bush sucked, but BO is no better, Why don’t you all see that!

    • Beth

      Completely agree!

    • TM

      Fed Up – He’s in New York for the UN meeting and Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, not just for talk show appearances. Maybe you’d feel more comfortable if he were spending a few months in West Texas?

  • barock

    He sure do got him a pretty smile

  • lA

    I’m glad to see so many people excited about being screwed over. I get the celebrity-like obsession but damn it people open your eyes. YOU’RE GOING TO BE PAYING FOR ALL OF THIS! WE’RE GOING TO GO BROKE AND ALL YOU PEOPLE CARE ABOUT IS THAT HAPPY BUTTERFLY FEELING U GET WHENEVER YOU SEE HIM. He’s not your high school crush, he’s your President and his actions effect all of us. I’m pissed because when it all falls apart the same people who gush over him will be complaining.

    • wakeforce

      Sounds like a loser in high school jealous of the class president, the football star, the cheerleader, the valedictorian…

      • Vicki

        Wow, what a rebuttal. Dude, you just basically proved his point.

    • Elysia

      The question is, who’s paying for it now? Maybe not you right now, but god forbid you should ever get dropped by your health insurance down the road or, worse, dare to live the American dream and start your own business. Bet you’ll wish you didn’t have to pay for it all by yourself then….

    • Shannon

      Where were you when George Bush was spending all of our money on important stuff like war. Now you are worried about the money? We are already in trouble. At least Obama is working to keep this plan deficit neutral. Hey, and we actually bennefit from this spending, we are getting something important. What have we gotten from the billions spent in Iraq?

      • Amy

        So are you telling me that Obama isn’t spending money in Afghanistan? He’s just shifted the spending on “war” from Iraq to Afghanistan.

      • Susan

        Pretty sure we’ve benefitted from the spending on the war. It’s called our freedom. I fully support spending money to make sure our troops have what they need over there. And I don’t see Obama putting a stop to it right now, so obviously he sees something good there too.

      • James

        How sad – Sarah Palin is now so bored up there in Alaska she’s now posting on the EW message boards as “Susan”.

      • Susan

        Sorry, not Palin. And not even a Palin supporter. Do I not have a right to my opinion?? And I actually read news (not just listen to Fox like some people), so I believe my opinions are pretty founded. Just because you don’t agree doesn’t discount what I think, James. I love how all these people scream for support and political harmony, unless it’s a moderate Republican, then they call for their head.

      • Tarc

        Um… our ‘freedom’ was never at risk, so yeah, Bush started his $20 billion a month (or more) war to CYA his political career and We ended up getting nothing for it – except LESS FREEDOM.

      • drama17

        Hey Susan! Please explain to me how spending on the war has given us freedom? Were we about to be invaded or have the bill of rights revoked before the war? I’m just a bit confused on your comment.

    • j

      So based on how we are doing right now, what would you suggest? Continue with many no able to afford health care? Guess what, you pay for them in the long run! Sorry but someone needs to start to shake this up and pull it apart.

    • Kevin

      I’d rather my tax dollars go to healthcare than a war for oil, thank you very much.

    • Lisa V.

      Instead you would rather be fighting for the insurance company’s so THEY can keep screwing people over? President Obama is looking for a solution for the people not just the ‘big- wigs’ at insurance company’s.

      • Martin

        tell me how mandatory health coverage is going to screw the insurance companies? Oh wait! it doesn’t! it guarantees health insurance companies a market. funny how that’s also one of Obama’s talking points.

    • jsmith

      The difference would be that in this case, the taxpayer GETS A TANGIBLE DELIVERABLE. I don’t mind paying for that. I’d pay more than the current estimate for that, because it provides an asset in perpetuity. I’m sorry, but we’re out of excuses for being so MEDIOCRE in so many areas. The most glaring example would be healthcare. How is it that the U.S. has a higher infant mortality rate than CUBA? How in the world is Communist, poverty stricken CUBA within spitting distance of our life expectancy??? THINK people. Do the work. America has dropped the ball. That’s not hate: it’s tough love and refusal of self-delusion.

    • Mu-shoo

      The point is, we are already paying for it. The cost of our system is 6% higher than EVERY OTHER country. Where does this money come from? Yep, our taxes and, yep, our employers and yep, the paychecks of all of us who already have insurance. Because when someone doesn’t have insurance and they get sick (a cold or infection left untreated for too long), or g-forbid a life threatening emergency, what do they do? They go to the emergency room, where they are treated, then they default on the bill. The premiums on our insurance go up, our copays go up, our employers then have to cut our benefits or lay off workers… We are already paying for it. We were screwed over long before he got into the White House.

    • duh.

      “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” -this saying has been around since the english language was invented because it’s true. It costs taxpayers way more right now to pay for the uninsured’s emergency room visits and treatments–that’s why our healthcare system costs the most in the world, while being ranked 50-something (behind Moldova, eek!) in the world in the actual health of the population. It makes a lot more sense, and costs a lot less money to treat people before their illness is out of control.

    • Lee

      Just like we’re going broke paying for the healthcare bills from illegal immigrants and other people without health insurance, who show up at ER’s? Get out of your ivory tower and see what is actually happening in this country.

  • brian

    It’s both amusing and horrifying that the President – after saying that illegal immigrants weren’t going to be eligible to receive health care benefits under the Baucus legislation – was, in fact, not telling the truth. Google it for yourself.

    But then, of course, that’s why President Obama chose David Letterman — because it “feels” like a real interview to the public.

    The public really needs to get up to speed on the health care legislation and spend less time getting the Cliff Notes version. Many people on both sides of the aisle agree that health care is broken — but just because you disagree with the President’s approach shouldn’t mean you are somehow less American.

    • SKR

      First let me say that you are 100% correct in saying that just because you disagree with the president it does not make you less american (I just hope that you felt the same way when Bush was in office). I would go as far to say that there is nothing more american than callenging and questioning your government. That aside, I hope to high heaven that his health care plan passes. No, it never was intended to cover illegal immigrants, what people are trying to use as proof is that the president approved an addition saying proof of birth had to be presented to get the health care, this is just more specific wording, nothing more. Most of what makes people agiants this plan is scare tactics and misinformation. We are one of the richest most powerful nations with the poorest health care, this needs to be fixed, and soon. I respect that you most likely will disagree with me, but thats fine, disagreement does not equal disrepect, we all need to realize that.

    • Tarc

      Well, FauxNews ‘feels’ like a real news channel, but it really has nothing to do with the news and everything to do with promoting an agenda. At least Obama is clear on that, whereas most don’t.

  • angelfire1812

    dear brian…why don’t YOU get up to speed about health care. No, the plan isn’t to include immigrants but I’d like to know why you wouldn’t include them. They do in other countries. You must be a birther and believe that Obama is an illegal immigrant and his whole plan here is to get health insurance for them. I’m one who would like Republicans to identify themselves in public so us normal people can avoid you. I have never in my life seen such fascist, ill-informed, ignorant, racist, religious zealots in all of my life like I’m seeing crawl out from behind rocks when Mr. Obama was elected. If you look at the ‘small’ march on Washington the other day…you see old white people with a few of their kids in their 40’s…I don’t think you represent what America is all about. You, Rush, Beck and all of the other cronies are living in the 40’s. You don’t like seeing an articulate and intelligent black president…you don’t like intelligent women … you want us all to go back and lick your heals. Well, Mr….that ain’t going to happen.

    • KEH

      Anglefire what plan.. there is no plan. There is a bill in the house that has not provision to check for legal residency and a plan in the Senate with no goverment option.. How can you defend a plan that doesn’t exist. You need to avoid republicans because you a not educated about politics. When the President has a REAL plan.. not a web page which can’t be turned into law then I will listen to him.. BTW Fascism in the extreme form of Socialism where the Goverment owns the factories and the banks and the hospitals and uses laws to prevent dissent. Like removing private ballots when unions try to form and fining you thousands of $$$ if you don’t buy insurance.

      • JD

        KEH, that’s actually a common misnomer. Fascism is extremely right-wing. The Nazi party were neo-Conservatives who tore down the liberal politicians, republicans, and pretty much everyone who dissented them when coming to power. Now, having said that, I do not believe that the American conservative party is anywhere close to fascist, nor is the democratic party anywhere close to socialism.

      • Elysia

        Communism is the extreme form of Socialism. But, it’s interesting to see in recent studies of the ‘happiest’ countries on earth (Google it), the majority have more ‘socialist’ health care (and other policies)…as someone who’s moved from the U.S. to Holland (for love, not politics), I can see that living is just a little bit easier here with the support of the government (through the help of your neighbors). Especially in times like these.

    • Levente

      Angelfire, first off I am highly offended on your categorization on who was in Washington. Maybe that’s what your television program showed, but the final stats said about a million people were there. I know this also because I had many family members there- oh, and they may be white, middle-aged, but they are all Hungarian. Escaped from Hungary during the revolution in 1956. And my mother and her 12 brothers and sisters came to this country legally and have contributed and reaped the benefits of this country ever since. To hear them talk, it solidifies my position that we need to quit supporting illegals. It is not difficult to become a citizen. My entire family did it- broke, no English, sponsored by a church, living in a YMCA at first. All I ask is to make some effort. And they are terrified of things that are happening in the White House because they see flashes of things they ran away from in Hungary happening now. Maybe they are little things, but it brings my 62-year-old mother to tears when she talks about it. There are two sides to everything. I just wish people would stop yelling and listening (on both sides) to some valid points.

      • Elinor

        Well said, Levente. I appreciate it when people make the distinction between illegal immigrants and immigrants who are now U.S. citizens. It has everything to do with the “illegal” part and nothing to do with the “immigrant” part. If you want to live here, you have to fully be a part of the country, commit to our laws and our tax system and then take advantage of the opportunities. Having cake and eating it too doesn’t make sense for a reason.

      • ImStillToni

        @Levente and Elinor – what about those that are NOT citizens yet NOT illegal immigrants? My husband is a resident alien, lived in the U.S. since he was 5, paid taxes since he was 16, has to follow our laws. He has had the luxury of having his cake and eating it too for 34+ years, yet never wanted to be a citizen until after 9/11 (altho his parents became citizens after he was 18). Ironically, the application fees for citizenship have went up almost 300% in the past 8 years…it’s easier for someone to spawn and get on welfare than to get assistance with citizenship fees. What does it tell me? Taxpayers still get a raw deal, unless you have kids. So all these illegal immigrants give birth HERE so their children automatically get rights that my husband does not, yet he’s paid taxes that illegal immigrant parents do not? The whole system is azz backwards IMO

    • Lee

      Totally agree with you angelfire. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Dan from Detroit

      The plan is not to include ILLEGAL immigrants, you fool, although I’m sure you would like it to. Since you probably don’t hold a job, and pay 40% of your wages in taxes, you wouldn’t understand. And you are an ignorant racist to boot. Yep, another Obama supporter.

  • Lee

    Is he an Actor or is he a President? I would like to see him at work and not on T.V.

    • Sally in Chicago

      Well, Reagan was an actor FIRST….all presidents to be successful have to be salesmen….and aren’t actors salesmen?

      • liana

        Just as a point of fact – no, actors are not salesmen.

      • Tarc

        Sure they are… they just sell emotion. They sell their looks and their actions and their emotions for your time and cash.

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