Obama is told 'You lie!' by Rep. Joe Wilson: Fox immediately schedules new show: 'So You Think You Can Yell'

“You lie!” is reportedly what South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson yelled out during President Obama’s speech last night, thus providing a moment of drama that far exceeded the usual goose bumps of suspense such occasions provoke, like whether Joe Biden will look more sleepy during the first five minutes of a presidential address, or the last five.

No matter what side of the aisle you metaphorically sit on, you have to admit, it was a moment filled with more surprise and drama than anything you could have seen during the President’s ratings competition, So You Think You Can Dance. I’ll bet Fox is wishing this morning it hadn’t opted to forgo broadcasting the speech.

I also like the shot at the end of this clip of the guy who looks down at the “What Bill?” sign in his lap as if to say, “How did this get on my pants? Who’s this Bill guy?” Pants, Bill…I’m thinking Clinton, aren’t you?

Did you watch the President’s speech? What did you think of this spontaneous moment?

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  • waya

    Does that Rethuglican dude have a girlfriend in Argentina too?

    • Ivelisse

      I believe that no matter what Obama does, he is going to get criticized for it. That crap with some states not allowing the schools to view Obama’s speech, because they think he is going to preach politics to them, instead of the ol’ “stay in school, you’re our future” speech he had planned and printed pisses me off. Yet, no school had a dang problem letting Bush Sr. preach politics to school kids when he was the President. People are such hypocrites. I’m sick of them already. Apperantely, no matter what President Obama does…he is always wrong….Hypocrites!

      • Claire

        When Bush Sr. gave his speech, did the Department of Education issue a lesson plan that involved students writing a paper on how they could help the president — not the country? This is a honest question that I have. If so, then Bush probably deserved his criticism.

        I certainly wouldn’t want my kids to feel like they answer only to the President.

      • Lisa

        If your kids, by virtue of that ONE question, feel they need to answer *only* to the President? Please. Really all you are doing is quibbling over semantics and imputing nefarious meaning. If I were teaching, say 6th graders, I would expect them to respond better (that is to say with more ease) to “the President” rather than “the country” because it is less of an abstract thought. Hey look, a non-nefarious reason, who woulda thunk?

      • Jason

        Actually yes, Claire, Bush’s speech came with a lesson plan that Obama’s was modeled after.

    • laura

      I think he had just found out his lover was the same Mark Sanford Argentina woman jajaaa

    • coastie

      I would be ashamed to be from SC and have this man as my representative. I was raised that you respect your elders, your police officers, your principal, your boss, and your President, even if you do not agree with them. This lack of respect in all aspects of our daily life has the The country and you and your neighbors have voted on a President, you need to be respectful of that- including the Senators- and express your disagreements in an articulate and responsible manner.

  • PeterBilt The Nature Boy

    The outburst shows the fear and hatred that the Republicants have. The desperation to spread their fear to the masses at any cost. Its HILARIOUS!!! What a bunch of freaking babies.

    • KB

      You suggest that there’s something wrong with fearing and hating totalitarianism. Well, comrade, during the last century people just like you were responsible for sending millions to the Gulags for “re-education,” and slaughtering millions more under the jack boots of the National Socialists in the rest of Europe. That’s because your kind sees nothing wrong with massive, centralized governmental control of our lives. Yes, we fear and hate you; can you blame us?

      • Nita

        No, smarty pants. What he is saying is that smart, intelligent people know how to be respectful and still disagree with someone.

      • Amanda

        Wow, that was quite a jump. Providing health care for those who have none is far from Socialism, and since when does caring about those less fortunate translate to “sending millions to the Gulags?” Calm down a bit, man, and let’s try to at least have a civilized discussion about the issues at hand.

      • Lisa

        Hold on, hold on, hold on, KB – are you really, in earnest, calling PeterBilt a Communist/Nazi (I am unsure which given the mention of both the Gulag and Nat. Socialist Party)? For real? What a joke – ad hominem attack tarted up to look like political commentary. But what can I expect from a Joe Wilson party – he showed his true colors in that he is more interested in vitriol and hysterics than reasoned debate.

      • Celimene

        Yep. I’m an American living in a “massive, centralized” government in Europe and it’s brilliant. Free healthcare for all. People not having to worry about going bankrupt over medical bills. Free education for all – even me. It’s hardly totalitarianism. In fact, you’d be amazed by how much your quality of life improves when you don’t have to worry about affording essential medications.

      • KB

        Good. Stay in Europe. You can have free medical care when roving bands of muslim youth beat you senseless and break your legs for wandering into one of their “suburbs.” Let’s see what happens when you have an internal head injury and need an MRI, though; you can get in queue and wait — just don’t try to come back to the States for treatment because we don’t want you here.

      • Carl

        Time to crawl back to the fifties and watch for commies, comrade. Quick, duck into your bomb shelter before the truth finds you!

      • laura

        KB …………….. are you serious?? are you this nuts?? damn!

      • Tarc

        Ignorance is a pitiful thing. Being poorly educated is another. BUt being under the sway of right wing propagada is the worst of all – a life lived in ignornace and fear is no life.

      • Ron

        KB you’re either a troll who just says amazingly stupid things to get a response or you’re just amazingly stupid.

      • jmo

        I doubt KB was calling Bush a socialist when he approved the car or ING bailouts or the bill to overhaul medicare. Tarc’s right. How can you augue with someone so ignorant and closed minded. There’s a bigger problem out there than the threat of a big bad socialist wolf. I don’t care if you’re left or right leaning, something has to be done about healthcare and Wilson’s behavior isn’t helping.

      • Holley

        As far as KB’s comments go. You have no clue what youare talking about. Your fear is driving your hatred and both are illogical. I’m a nurse and have lived in a socialist country. I don’t need your rhetoric to protect me from your imagined totalitarianism. It is shameful that there are some Americans that can’t afford health care and that we have a system where people make profits from health insurance. Now that is scary. Just wait until you or a loved one gets sick and your insurance company won’t allow you treatment and you loose your house. You think the insurance companies care about you? I’ll take a National Health Plan over those buzzards any day.

      • tara

        KB, what world do you live in? No matter where you go in this world you have to watch out for “gangs.” Your response to Celimene was just plain stupid. Obviously your one of those morons who thinks that their intelligent.

  • Ruby2sday

    Darn I wished I’d seen it! Finally, someone saying what we all want to say. But, a more appropriate venue would have been to wait until the end of the speech, call a press conference and then point a finger and call him a liar (ala Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, et al). We should learn from the left how to be more subversive instead of speaking spontaneously from the heart.

    • Steve

      From the heart? U mean out of his Azz! He is the president of the United States U don’t disrespect the president in that setting – you negatively affect the institution as a whole – that SC Republican should have saved his comments for a CNN sound bite afterwards out of respect for the office of the President! He should know better, shame on him!

      • emily

        Oh really? ‘Azz’ and ‘U’? I wasn’t aware that 6th graders were that concerned with health care!! Good for ‘U’!! Oh and, by the way, it’s ‘effect’ not ‘affect’…moron.

      • Claire

        Actually, it is “affect”. Affect is the verb, effect is the noun.

      • Michelle

        The term is affect. Ha Ha Emily take dat! :p
        And I didn’t see any screaming from the racists…I mean republicans when Bush lied his way into a war.

    • Carl

      You need to learn manners and social graces, oh, and some intelligence would help too, nothing else.

      • Cee

        Actually Emily, it IS affect. Maybe “u” should re-read your comments before “u” post!

    • Sister Sam

      You go, Joe! Finally someone dares to say out it loud and where it will be heard. I am sick to death of timid Republicans trying to be polite and “go along to get along.” If more stood up and called things what they really are, we would not be in the economic mess we are in right now. How many democrats disrespected George W. and were praised? I’m with you Joe!

      • Kevin

        I disrespected W. AFTER he made mistake after mistake and yet still couldn’t admit to any of them. You are just simply anti-Obama…nothing he does or wants to do is ever going to be accepted by someone like you. Follow your leader, little child…Rush will always love you.

  • Elizabeth

    I bet his constituents were proud that their representative took that moment in time to shout out like a fourth grader who just got called out in front of all her friends because she was talking about one of them behind their backs.
    I wasn’t that surprised… I’m just disappointed that someone sitting behind him didn’t smack him upside the head and told him he looked like an amateur and was making the rest of the people there who could contain themselves and act professional look bad.

    • Rosa

      I can already tell that’s gonna be super hlefpul.

      • Fabio

        GiedreStankeviciute on April 5, 2010 How did you get it unfrozen? Please let me know! Mine is fzroen at 316 but i have over 3000 real views (I printed the insight report). Please, let me know!

  • Katie

    I hate to stereotype South Carolinians…I’m sure there are a lot of great people in that state. But their politicians are a bunch of hyper-emotional weirdos. First Gov. Sanford, now this guy? Just sayin’.

    • JLI

      it’s ok. You can ABSOLUTELY stereotype our politicians!

  • elaine

    it was great….i mean it probably was inappropriate although obama was lying…but still it was something that made the speech watchable…come on people watch the house of lords if you want to see people really yelling at each other…every other country has a more vigorous debate than we do and actually call out their leaders when they are spinning the truth

    • Paden

      elaine, this wasn’t a debate. This was a speech given by one of the most powerful men in the world. Rep. Wilson should have shown more respect for the President and for Congress. What he did was amateurish and uncouth. But I have to agree with you – it was a fun change of pace to finally see one of our politicians break through the veil of disingenuous tact and anonymous sniping that has become so prevalent in American party politics.

      • Vinod

        James,Unfortunately not. It is our understanding that Col. Lt. Lankin is rrneesepted by John D. Hemenway. Since Col. Lt. Lankin is rrneesepted, as an attorney, Mr. Berg cannot contact Col. Lt. Lankin directly.

    • Justin

      Even George W. Bush and his cronies, far more accomplished liars than our President, have had to put up with less. I used to be a pretty staunch conservative, but listening to you fearmongering clowns has made me think again.

      • Tarc

        Exctly. As a pragmatic moderate,I think these people that seem under the sway of the extreme right press are far more of a threat to the nation than anything Obama could do if given 4 term in office. Of course, it might take him 16 years to fix half the damage Republicans have wrought on the regulatory and safety systems since 1980. Destroying oversight on our food, drug, and heath systems is a a new Republican trait – one to the contrary of the previous Republican stance. It’s… insane.

    • frelnc

      “…although Obama was lying…”? And you know this – how? Have you read the plan or are you just accepting all the subversive political rhetoric spewed out by the GOP? This ISN’T the UK. We don’t sanction this kind of behavior. Wilson acted like school-yard bully. Dramatic? Sure. Accurate? Not so much… Sure – he has the right to speak his piece – but there’s a time and a place. That wasn’t it…

    • Kevin

      No spin here…he said that no illegal immigrants will be given healthcare. That’s a fact, simple as that. Even if someone in Congress DID propose that, it would NEVER make it into the final bill…even Dems know that that is a suicidal course to take. We need EDUCATED discourse on the issue, not silly side-shows.

    • Kay

      That’s what I thought, Elaine. Guess our politicians would have a difficult time of it in the House of Lords!

      • Jason

        Wait a second…wait a second. First you don’t want us to be like England, then you do? Make up your dang minds.

  • blondwildgoddess

    the speech was broadcast on CNN-AND FOX…LOL
    obviously if you dont get your facts straight you cant provide fair and reasonable information

    • Andy F

      He didn’t say FOX News, he said FOX, which did not broadcast the speech, but showed a rather dull audition ep of SYTYCD.

  • Lori

    I think he represented the Republicans very well by making them look like they really are. He should be embarrassed and reprimanded for his “outburst.” The republicans better get their act together or they are setting themselves up to lose elections for their infantile behavior.

    • Lindsey

      Actually, we don’t agree with Obama. He did represent us very well. It is wonderful that someone in Congress has the nerve to stand up to these crazy socialistic ideals. Obama is a liar. I have never known a President to fire a CEO of a company. That is borderline dictatorship. I guess that is what you Dems want. I am glad someone states what this whole healthcare debacle is all about – A LIE…….

    • KB

      I suppose it’s better to represent Republicans by pointing out the blatant mendacity of Barrack Hussein Obama than it is to represent Democrats by marching around with “9/11 was an Inside Job” signs and assert that GW Bush bombed the World Trade Center and Pentagon. But that’s what you people do, isn’t it?

      • Luddite

        Really? Is his middle name Hussein? Because I hadn’t heard anything about that in the last 8 months…

      • Nita

        It’s President Barack Hussein Obama to you, a** wipe.

      • Carl

        My, now we’re digging for an excuse to bash the Dems, aren’t we?

      • Cee

        Actually, I am a Democrat and “us people” certainly do NOT march around asserting that W caused 9/11. But way to prove the maturity of the Republican party by saying something crazy as usual! YOU LIE!

      • Tarc

        Wow! It’s no real suprise that a conservative is lying and inventing things these days (it must be required in the new manual), but that’s pretty audacious.

      • Kevin

        Yes, there are people on the left that say 9/11 was an inside job…we call them the Conspiracy Nuts. They constitute about 5% of the voting population and they tend to vote for Ralph Nader. We laugh at and mock them (I’m looking at you Charlie Sheen) just like we laugh at and mock the “birther” nutters on the right (sad to say, sounds like you are one of them)

    • Tarc

      Precisely. The Republican agenda has lead us to poisoned food, a shrinking middle class (the engine of the economy), and a ruined economy over the last 30 years. The rich have never been richer… and less American. The party has nothing left but lies and criticism; heck, it’s not even the party of financial responsibility anymore, but rather just an amoral tool of the rich and the fundamentalists. Ugh.

      • jmo

        Did you notice everytime the camera went to the republicans, it was a sea of old white guys with sprinkling of old blond women? Then you look on the other side and it was full of men and woman of different ethicity…. you know, kinda like what America looks like. Times are a changin’ and this stategy the GOP is using is hurting them and the American people. They aren’t the GOP from my childhood, that’s for sure. They’re more like the Whig party that died back in the 1850’s. Or the dim-witted dodo that went extinct.

      • Rochi

        Great common sense here. Wish I’d tuhgoht of that.

    • Hetty

      The genius store called, they’re runinng out of you.

  • Mark

    I loved it.. finally someone telling the administration exactly what they (and according to many polls) what they piblic thinks. Joe Wilson for President..

    • gary

      You have to be serious!

      • Gabie

        What an amazing lacnuh’ ..of your committment to the earth and it’s generations! I enjoyed browsing through the site and especially the Expressions photos ..looks like you have been connecting with other parts of the country ..reaching out far and wide with your inspiration. I know that your efforts will lead to positive changes.

    • Nita

      Yeah, good luck with than one.

    • architectcs

      Joe Wilson; right wing hero with the cojones to diss the President during a speech to both Houses of Congress.

      Such cojones he takes down his website soon after.

    • Lauren

      Yeah, that probably is what the piblic thinks… whoever that is…

  • Fred Karas

    As a republican and citizen of South Carolina ‘m embarrased by Wilson’s outbreak. You may not like all Obama wants to do but the president should be respected. Obama is an intelligent, articulate, passionate man with excellent values. That’s more than I can say for Wilson and South Carolina’s current governor.

    • Amanda

      Fred, thank you so much for your level headed comment. It’s people like you who give me hope that although I may not agree with your political values, that we can work together to find solutions that work for all Americans.

    • Lorie

      Fred, well said!

    • Tarc

      Precisely. Glass men should not throw stones.

    • Nance

      I’m waiting to hear what Stephen Colbert has to say about it.;)

  • mdegraffen

    Oh yeah Mark, what the “piblic” thinks. I don’t care what you think about the topic, it is disrespectful to call the President of the United States a liar while he is giving an address to Congress and to the American people. Joe Wilson and the state of South Carolina should be ashamed and embarrassed.

  • lprajabi

    Wilson’s conduct was shameful, outrageous, embarrassing, and inexcusable. It makes me loathe the Reflublican party even more; Wilson “represents” it well–or rather, I should say, accurately.

    • Whatever

      Loathe them more? Please…. You’re probably so left wing radica, that it’s impossible. I love the “holier than thou” mentality of the dems on this comment board. I’m sorry, you don’t have the market cornered on intelligence. I have no problem with “real” dems, but radical left liberals parading as dems makes me sick. Join a liberal party…. oh wait, then no one would listen to you at all. Sorry

      • Tarc

        I’m a pragmatic modertate and I loathe the new Republican party, and for a lot of great reasons: hypocrisy, lying, powerseeking, moneybrubbing, immorality, and an utterly empty agenda. They’re reduced to being lying, onstructionist, propagandists. What happened to a real, secular, intelligent, moral Republican party? It’s gone.

      • lprajabi

        A typical, hostile, ReFLUBlican response–attacking and avoiding the subject, which is one of your fellow ReFLUBlican’s public, disgraceful behavior. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. My political stance had nothing to do with Wilson’s pathetic conduct.

      • Khaled

        I will definetely (sic) be at the event, for sure! I’ll be there, too. Definitely. (from Latin, de + finutis)The most efficent if not easiest way to chase the career vermin in Washingon, D.C. off the proverbial cliff is to show that Obama has no lawful claim to the Office of the President. That defining act voids every law, every executive order, and every appointment Obama has brought into being. His use of the U.S. military for killing and destruction would expose Obama to direct civil and criminal culpability for those actions. The immunity of Office would not obtain. Revealing Obama as a non natural born U.S. citizen obliterates his standing as a U.S Senator, too. Therefore, his every vote cast in the Senate is null and void. If any bill there passed by just one vote (Obama’s vote) and then became law, it’s arguable that the law in question is now null and void. Those who knew beforehand of Obama’s illegitimacy to hold Office and assisted in the cover up would presumably be guilty of a criminal conspiracy not to mention that Obama would be guilty of monumental fraud just for starters. The boy could spend many years in in a small cell contemplating his deceit. Obama’s high-profile supporters and sycophants would be thoroughly tarnished, as well. How could they show their faces again? The People would likely rise up against Washington, D.C. in a manner not seen since 1812. No question. Exposing the Obama fraud is a Win Win for America and the U.S. Constitution!

  • David F. Norman

    When Obama says out of one side of his mouth that his proposal won’t add a dime to the deficit and out of the other talks about the billions the proposal will cost, a momentary lapse of decorum can certainly be forgiven if not justified. It is a safe bet that millions of Americans made the same remark to their televisions and would have made it to the President’s face if technology permitted.

    • TC

      Yum, David, did you watch the speach at all? Or are you going off of TV soundbites? Wilson did not shout out when President Obama was talking about the cost. He shouted that out when Obama said this plan would NOT include illegal immigrants, which is fact. If you would like me to find the exact line in the plan (which I’m sure you have not read)I can do that for you. Anything to help a fellow American get their facts straight.

  • harry

    ha ha ha!!!

  • Lizzy

    It is a Republican such as he, and his actions last night that make me so proud I am a Democrat. SHAME ON REP. WILSON! I truly believe he will lose his seat because of his disrespect to our President and his lack of self control.

    How quickly we forget….Bush/Cheynne Administration???? Did a Democrat ever shout “you lie” to former Pres. Bush? No, not once!

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