'Big Brother 11': Why is Natalie one of the most hated contestants in 'Brother' history?


Why is Natalie the most irritating contestant on Big Brother 11… or perhaps in Big Brother history? Granted, she suffers from comparison to one of the most-loved BB contestants, Jeff, for whom she cast a deciding exit-vote last night.

But what makes Natalie worse than most previous Big Brother “villains”? (I mean, just take a look at the Comments in my Big Brother blog item and Josh Wolk’s TV Watch.)

Well, to start, for someone who’s lasted this long in the game, she’s got no — zero — sense of humor (a specialty in seasons past of, say, Dr. Will or Evel Dick). And in a game where back-stabbing and -dooring is part of strategy, she’s taken a ridiculous, even absurdist moral high ground, justifying her survival and (few) victories as salutes to fallen allies such as the ego-addled Jessie and the grumpy martyr Chima. To run around last night, as Natalie did after winning a foolish HOH competition that was just a lousy guessing-game and crowing triumphantly, “I did it by sticking to my word!” was kinda infuriating. Her “word” (a) had nothing to do with her win and (b) meant nothing anyway, since she’d broken her word to Jeff and others repeatedly.

Natalie does nothing that’s entertainingly bad/malicious/diabolical. Her vaunted taekwondo skills haven’t helped her stage any exciting competition victories. She can’t even come up with a mean trick like Season Two’s Shannon, who scrubbed a toilet with another player’s toothbrush. Natalie’s version of that would be to scrub a toilet with her own toothbrush and then run around the house yelling, “Yes! This is for you, Jessie!”

In the final weeks of any Big Brother, you need house guests who’ll question their own motives, strategy, and articulate in the diary room the disparity between the image they’re putting out to fool their housemates and the reality of their wicked schemes. Natalie has shown us none of this. Jordan has taken on the mantle of Dumb Contestant this season, but actually, Natalie is a lot more unintelligent in the way she has no self-awareness, no strategy. She just piggybacks onto any player who’s doing well. When Jessie was on a hot streak? She’d go with him. Now Kevin is HOH and articulate about his plans with her? She’ll claim her fealty to Kevin.

It’s this lack of conviction even in her alliances — combined with, as my colleague Dalton Ross has pointed out, her endlessly irritating voice, a kind of monotone-whine of self-righteousness — that doesn’t put Natalie in a Hall of Fame or Shame, but which just renders her an annoyance without any sting.

Kinda like the dragonfly she was terrified of recently.

Do you agree? Disagree? What is it about Natalie that you find annoying? Or would you rather see her win? Tell me, please.

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  • Rebecca Jo

    Amen!!! I agree with every word said here… I dont even care to watch now because she’s going to make it to the final 3.. & if she goes to the final 2.. I’ll shoot myself!

    • Tracy

      I agree here…she is just well gross in this BB game! I am hoping (a miracle) that the “key” will bring Jeff BACK in from eviction or soemthing like….let’s hope! NataLIE is a joke.

      • Roch

        I agree, Jeff needsto com bck in and throw them for a loop!!!!!He’ the smartest payer of al f tem. GO JEFF

      • leah

        Actually Jeff was not the smartest player of all. He had final four with M/R but listened to Natalie who never liked him period. Of course Russ would go after him eventually. Eventually they all have to go after someone. Letting Nat get to Jordan and then believe her was the stupidest thing J?J did. Michele kept her word everytime yet they still doubt her. I love JJ but they are just playing stupid. Do they not know they are hated by jury house if Kevin or nat go up with them in F2?

      • DIZZY


      • UpBeat

        After reading all these posts I feel so bad for Natalie. Natalie is playing a game and her actions are affected by the pressures of the game. Yes none of us would ever act the way Natalie has acted, but these posts seem to go too far. Thankfully Nat has a lot of love in her life from her dad and fiance.

      • haley

        i completely agree with everyones opinion natalie!! i think her fiance should be embarrassed to still want to be with her after how she acting about jessie! natalie is the one person i do not think deserves $500,000 or $50,000. i think we can all agree that we don’t like winners of Big Brother to be someone who had absolutely no strategy and was the biggest hippocrite on the show! i could go on & on about her but i truely want jordan to win. i honsetly wish it was jeff or russel with jordan but the good,m true winners always have bad luck…

    • Gracie

      After seeing Gnat win HOH I turned my tv off…this season is done for me. Dont care who wins, still rooting for Michelle, Jordan-not by much…

      • Heidi

        I must agree with you as I have also done the same. Her win was an end to my being a faithful Big Brother fan. This Natalie persons lack of ANY truthfulness does not project a good example for young people who watch the season. It should not be OK to be rewarded for BAD behavior. Her lies are monumental compared to the other houseguests. The only person that should win this game is Jeff because he played the game. I am so done with any more Big Brother.

      • Cindy

        I totally agree with Mr. Tucker and Gracie. It is too difficult to watch a person with her personality (or lack of it). My tv is off and I hope to be reading about a Michelle win when it is over.

      • Liz

        I’m so glad I am not the only person he gets sick at the thought of Natalie in the final three. I’ve been a faithful Big Brother watcher for 10 seasons. I’ve never been as livid as I was last night at the sight of Natalie winning HOH and screaming, “This is for you Chima!” I loved Jeff but he needed to go because he got too paranoid and greedy and kicked out Russell. Not only am I mad at him for turning his back on an alliance that could have gotten him further but I am pissed at the fact that he left Natalie in to be in the final three…very disappointing. If she wins, I’ll jab a safety pin in my eye.

      • PLISSKEN


      • Steve

        I totally agree. This was the worst episode of BB, and I can’t imagine how boring the final episodes of the season are going to be!

      • Connie

        I agree! I was sick to my toes! I cannot stand Nat as she is useless and is a parasite–hangs on to whomever is in the lead. I would really hate to see her win. She is NOT deserving of such a title! I also thought of no longer watching the show now that Jeff is gone, BUT I like Michelle and now hope she wins–anyone but
        Nat the Rat.

      • gigglechick

        I, too, turned off my teevee, BBAD & the live feeds after Nastilie won HOH.

        It was the first night in months that I went to bed at a decent time.

        She sickens me.

      • whoshrone

        I agree completely with all I have read about GNAT. I am rather annoyed with Natalie’s eating habits. It is obnoxious to watch her (constantly) stuffing something in her mouth, chomping and chewing so loudly! I too turned off my TV the minute she won HOH and am not sure if I will finish watching the season, I also have given up my BB after dark episodes because I can’t bear to watch her antics. And if she defends Chima’s tantrum one more time I know I am going to throw one of my own!

    • joel fulp

      I agree also. I do not even want to watch this anymore. She gets on my nerves really bad. If she does go to the final two, I hope everyone in the jury house votes for the other person…..natalie has lied from the very beginning when she said that she was 18. Please honey…there is more wear on that car than a 1956 chevy. Did I mention I cant stand her? lol

      • innerjuju

        It isn’t even that she lied about her age. It’s that she is so PROUD of the lie… and tell me, please, exactly how did that lie further her game? I still haven’t determined how the other HGs didn’t figure that one out (although Jeff did call her on it but gave up after a few minutes of her denying it.) I mean really, did they think the producers would sit by while an underage player drank on national tv?? And the rules clearly state you have to be 21 to be eligible to play. What a b!tch.

    • David

      I agree that Natalie is a joke, but Kevin is a close second. He is absoultely giving gay people an awful name. He justifies many people’s irrational beliefs about gay people. As a member of the gay community, I can say he is an embarrassment. Many people may not have seen this on AFTER DARK, but 2 nights ago, the eve of Jeff’s eviction, the HG were given 1 bottle of wine. Jeff, Jordan and Michelle seemed to be rationing it to make it last, Kevin came downstairs and took a glass, brought it upstairs, flushed it down the toilet and told Natalie that he did not want it but just wanted to be sure there would be less for Jeff. What a mean spirited, pathetic joke of a human being!

      • Double Standard Police

        And it was Ok for Jeff to call Russell a homo and a f@g? But Kevin throwing away the wine is capital crime. No,you are the one giving gay people a bad name.

      • OneWhoYawnsAtKevin

        I too am a ‘mo and I agree that Kevin is giving all of us a black eye…..can he be any more fem?

      • mat

        Agree. Kevin is a disgrace to the gay community.

    • Mary

      Ditto! I wanted to hurl when she won!
      What I can’t stand about her is hearing her EAT or should I say chomp and slurp. I also want to punch her in the skull when she whispers.
      Lastly, if she even tries to say she did not win comps on purpose. I will personaly fly wherever she is and challenge her to a duel! lol

      • To Mary

        I wished you did hurl and joked on it.

    • Missy

      There is nothing annoying about Natalie, nothing at all. Natalie is having the same luck that Danielle (BB2? and all stars) had in her first season. She is just overshadowed by Jeff’s clout (just like Danielle was with Hardy) AND on opposite side of the popular blue-eyed favourite (can we say Hardy-Danille again) that she can only look bad. Poor thing. She just like Jeff and Jordan has a right to be herself. She has done nothing as vile as Will and Dick (as you pointed out), in fact not even close. It is sad that because of her looks – and especially compared to Jeff – she is can’t get away with anything. Jeff has used a gender slur word, Jeff has threatened physical harm (I have live feeds and know what I am talking about), imagine if his exact words actually came from Nat. Still saddens me to know that my non-blue-eyed non-blonde kids will still be judged by a different measure in America.

      • David

        Wow, Missy. The fact that what annoys the rest of us about Natalie does not annoy you doesn’t mean it is not annoying to us. I can say, for myself, her being annoying has nothing to do with her looks or her looks in contrast to any other houseguest’s looks. If you have the live feeds then you are well aware of her parading around with sunglasses, a crown and a robe inside the house today. Those are all external things she put on and invite judgment. You say it “saddens” you to know that your non-blue eyed, non-blonde kids will still be “judged by a different measure in America”. I am not blue eyed or blonde haired and I do not feel judged by a different measure in America. It saddens ME that your kids have to grow in an household where you are creating a prejudice that they will be looking for in America at every turn, which will not necessarily be there.

      • Gina

        Nothing annoying about Natalie, you must not be watching the feeds. They all lie, but there is no reason to lie just for the sake of hurting someone’s feelings, or trying to steal or hide or throw away others clothes. Her planned speech to Michele is hurtful, and mean, much like I expect she is in real life. She even told Kevin she expected his boyfriend would like a B******r, the same slur Braden uttered and was criticized so heavily for. Almost all of them have used a slur or name that would offend someone. I too, am not blond or blue eyed, and I believe everyone should be judged on only their individual person. She fails miserably as a human being.
        Kevin is not much better. What kind of person even considers stealing someone’s contact lens solutions, or stealing from others.
        It is a game. Grow up and play with some real skills.

      • Hall

        Although I am among those who find Natalie a distasteful little rodent, I respect your right to feel otherwise.
        To somehow try to claim moral superiority by claiming that my objections are racially motivated is cheap.
        Please explain to me how it is that everyone’s favorite houseguest in Big Brother 6(and one of the most popular in BB history)was Kaysar Ridha. Apparently having live feeds has absolutely no correlation to knowing what you’re talking about…

      • Steve

        Are you her mom, or related in any way to her? I can’t believe anyone that doesn’t know her outside of BB would feel like this. SHE’S THE WORST!

      • barb

        what a load of crap!!!! here non blue eyes have nothing to do with it. Its her know all atitude-self rightess- eating like a pig – cheating at chess and pool and just being a mean bit……

      • mslisa09s

        I love Natalie and I pray to goodness that caveman looking Michelle will not win bb. She is a liar and will cling on to anyone that she thinks she can win with. I am so glad she is alone. Cry baby Cry baby! She is a liar and a backstabber. Say what you want about Chima, at least she kept her word. That caveman Michele needs to go home!

      • Kevin

        You have to be related to Natalie, because EVERYONE in the country can see what a lying, annoying, poor excuse of a human being that she is. I never believed a a parent abandoing their child, but after watching her on TV, I think there might be valid reasons sometimes.

      • BUMP


      • K

        GET A LIFE!!! The Race Card??? REALLY?????? That’s about as pathetic as that repugnant gnat and her ‘friend’ of the moment Kevin….they are both poor sports…poor players ..neither deserve to win a thing….
        they have been and are UGLY…and their ugliness has NOTHING to do with their looks!!!!

      • TERI


      • Anti Jeff

        Jeff called Russell and Jesse f@gs. Why are these people not upset about that? Yet they get upset about Natalie’s lies, I have never seen Natalie and I watched the live feeds call anyone a derrogatory name or attacked them to their faces. She talks behind their backs and say bad thinngs, but that is game, Jeff out of anger used the words f@g and homo. He is worst than Natalie by a mile and you people are worst than Natalie.

      • To Missy

        I agree. Look at all the racists attacking you. They are worst than natalie. They hide behind their little computers and spread their brand of hatred. I prefer to know the “devil” I know (Natalie) than the ones posting on here, they really scare me and not Natalie.

      • Double Standard Police

        BTW, to the idiot who says Natalie steals. I guess Michelle stole also, when she hid ronnie’s hat and glasses.

      • MARK

        Um, Hardy was on the season PREVIOUS to the Danielle season. You might be thinking about RODDY.

      • MARK

        Uh, Hardy was on the season PREVIOUS to Danielle’s…you are thinking about RODDY.

      • Jess

        I love the people who are claiming that Natalie has never used a derogatory word because “they watch the feeds.” Are you watching them 24/7? You can’t possibly be watching her every second to know that she hasn’t let something like that slip out. I for one don’t even care about how PC they are, when it comes down to it, you can say something hateful while still being PC. Natalie has said enough hateful things about other houseguests to be on the same level of someone calling another person a homo.

      • kintakuntey

        Wow what a moron you are. i suggest you go back and review the big brother seasons.. and its sooo funny how easy it is to throw the racist word out there. Yawn! that is so 1950’s how about having some respect for your self and quit using racism as excuse for everything that is not perfect in your life!

    • Alice

      Amen to that. Natalie is without a doubt scrappy doo. Jeff made a big mistake by trusting her and Kevin. But that does not make her a “player” she is anything but. Now that Jeff is gone, I could care less about BB11. I love Jordan but to have to watch Scrappy Crappy Doo 24/7, I just cannot stomach. Good luck CBS with the ratings, everyone I have talked to is OUT…..

      • mslisa09s

        You have to be related to a rock. How in the hell do you know that everyone in the country hates Natalie. You probably mean everyone in your trailer park.

      • Double Standard Police

        I don’t hate Natalie,she is playing a game, so not everyone in this country hates her.

        And to Melissa09s – You are so right, I can’t stand these imbeciles on here talking for everybody.

    • 225GIRL

      wow cant believe theres alot of nat bashing on here…its just a game..and most of us r adults and we r wishing horrible things 2 happen 2 her…lol we r not losing money on this when nat/kev wins!!!!!cheeer up ppl!!!!its a GAME!!!!!

      • K

        Really…’horrible things’????…No, we are wishing that poor sportsmanship..that meanness…pettiness and lack of character by two players of a game…who didn’t play and don’t deserve it….are NOT rewarded …that’s the HORRIBLE things ‘adults are wishing for’….
        if you don’t like it…why are you here?….
        it’s called ‘venting’…you have a choice…stop READING…

      • Double Standard Police

        I feel sorry for them. It does tell more about the kind of people they are when they call her all kind of names and wish her evil. She is playing a game, but they are not. I hope to God none of them on here are teachers, nurses, drs, judges, firefighters or cops because boy help us if any of them are.

        ANd K, have you called out Jeff, Jordan and Braden for using derrogatory names to describe other houseguests? I bet you overlooked that because they look like you.

    • MAS

      I think if Jordan a Michelle team up they can get rid of her, she’s been carried the entire game by Jesse, Chima and now Kevin.

    • AZNative

      this is the first season that I have ever quit watching the BB show before finale. I have canceled my Showtime subscription, because the show no longer is anything to watch with Natalie on it. I am from Arizona and still despise her. She is all the things mentioned here and she makes me sick how she thinks she is perfect and has never lied…what a huge liar. Not to mention she needs a makeover and she needs to learn how to eat, have you watched her chew food? it makes you want to barf right then!

      • Que

        Have you seen mIchelle eat?

      • mslisa09s

        If reality tv shows are the reason you are cancelling showtime than you are sad and pathetic. I highly doubt it though! Maybe you need to stop watching tv and get to work to pay that bill.

    • RIP

      Its a shame that Kevin and Nat disrespect Michelle by calling her names and unsulting her for no reason!!! they both need to get a slap across there face!!! hang in Michelle something good will come out of this cause your good woman!!

      • Que

        Yeah and Jeff didn’t? You losers and your double standards. They all call each other names, some do it behind their backs and Jeff has done it also.

      • toats mcgoats

        RIP- Your grammar is atrocious.
        ‘unsulting’ ???
        ‘there face’ ???
        ’cause your good woman’ ???

        How about spending a little less time watching TV, and use it to read a book.

    • PENPAL

      gnat with all that hair she can be Mr. IT from the Adams Family!!! LMAO

    • ma;gherita

      thats so funny…give me the gun after LOL..i totally get it tho..i just cant stomach either kev or esp. nat getting any money..never mind the big prize!!..the only thing i have that is keeping me going is knowing that wen NAt gets out she will finally see how much ppl really hate her! :)..i know it sounds soo bad..but really..it is the ONLY thing that is making me watch show..knowing Gnat will finally realize she is a douche!

  • jason.

    Yes! That’s it! She’s ill-spoken, rude, illogical, a hypocrite, bland, and has somehow made it this far by doing absolutely nothing of weight in this game. The fact that she managed to luck into winning HoH this week galls me to no end, but even I wasn’t expecting her to start talking about how she was going to get “vengeance” for Chima.

    At this point, all I can hope is that *anybody* else wins the money, as they’re all far more likeable, and all better at this game (yes, even Jordan is a better player, though not by much).

    • jnh

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • UpUpUP

      Chima wanted Russell out and Jeff took care of that. Nat has done nothing in this game … everyone is right.

      • charlane

        hate jeff got, got…but that’s the game. kevin made a strong move at least you can say that for him. will it win him the prize? depends who he strings along and if michelle can win POV.

        natalie’s played the floaters game – i hope she gets played in the end.

      • Cate

        Anyone who hates Jeff has little intelligence. He has been the best player in this game and by far the strongest. He may have made some iffy decisions that doesn’t stop the fact that he is the best. I can’t stand Natalie and I am as well praying that Pandora’s box brings Jeff back. If not I am rooting for Jordo all the way!!!

      • Sina

        I hate Jeff! What does a person’s intelligence has to do with hating Jeff. What you want to teabag him or something? Jeff is a vile person who has been treating Michelle like crap for the past 3 weeks calling her all kind of horrible names and he betrayed her even though she has kept her word. She even put Natalie and Chima on the block to save her alliance. Also Jeff talks down to Jordon and treats her like crap whenever he’s pissed calling her a gold digger. Read the feeds, watch BBAD and you would have saw Jeff in his finest the last couple of weeks.

      • gyrlfrynd

        I love Nat and think she has done well.
        she is guaranteed final 3 if she got there by skating by well more power to her. Why waste energy if she didn’t have to? I really don’t care if you quit watching cause i sure will be watching. Till the end cause I don’t quit when something doesn’t go my way. I take it like the woman I am.. I truly dislike Michelle but would not quit watching just cause she is still on the show, because I am a mature adult who has a life beyond this wonderful show.

    • Laura

      You took the words right out of my head. She makes my insides crawl.

      • mslisa09s

        Bravo GyrlFrynd!!!!!! I thought I was the only one that remembers the liar we know as caveman Michelle. I hope she goes home. Also, to those that stop watching bb 11 GOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!! Maybe the images will come out clearer so I can see that caveman Michelle cry when she gets evicted. Believe me I will cheer for joy if Nat or Kev wins!!

      • 225GIRL

        whats the big deal with the dislike for this girl…can every1 have a diff opinion…look like a bunch of natalie hating going on…geeeeez this is a game…not any of our money is going to nat/kev when they win!!!!!

      • Cali

        I can’t believe that you all stick up for that no good stinky gnat!! she’s is not a christian at all as what she says she it!! she is horrible little witch!!she needs to grow up and respect other people around her as for kevin that girly wimp needs to get a life!!!!

  • Janis

    You know, mostly Nat. is just boring. We all want the game to be interesting, now the most boring person, to ever, be on the show has won pov. I’m done for the season, see BB, next year.

    • Tina

      Sina your a hypocrite. First you say nasty things about Jeff, THEN you said you watched BBAD and actually said nice things about him, NOW your back to saying nasty things? Who the hell cares if YOU hate Jeff? I personally glad you do, your one nasty piece of work. If you have watched BBAD last night, your wonderful Michelle was trash talking Jeff all over the place. And she only voted for Jeff because she had noone else. STFU!

      • Pete

        Thank you!! Sina is a total idiot. I would like to kick her in the teeth, along with Natalie! STFU Sina!

      • Sina

        Well apparently you two care that I hate Jeff. What are you two his stalkers? Yeah I use to love Jeff, I was on his side and Casey’s until he got power and started treating Michelle like crap and got real stupid and believed the two people who were after him. So Pete you want to kick me in the teeth because I hate Jeff? I think you take this show way too seriously. And Tina do you really follow what I say this much. Yeah I like Jeff, he got power, got stupid and because a fool. Sorry I don’t like Jeff anymore. Michelle can talk crazy about Jeff all she wants, he did worst to her. I can not believe y’all are getting this upset because I don’t like someone on a reality tv show? Get a grip! I bet y’all already got the plane ticket to Chicago along with your spy gear ready to get at Jeff.

      • To Tina

        It’s you are not your. Jeff is a vile person. I don’t care for bigots, but it seems 99% of the folks on here do. Jeff called Russell and Jesse f@gs. Why are these people not upset about that? Yet they get upset about Natalie’s lies, I have never seen Natalie and I watched the live feeds call anyone a derrogatory name or attacked them to their faces. She talks behind their backs and say bad thinngs, but that is game, Jeff out of anger used the words f@g and homo. He is worst than Natalie by a mile and you people are worst than Natalie.

      • To EW

        Hey EW Pete is threatening to kick another poster in her teeth. Do something about it. Stop codoning voilence by your posters who disagrees with those who don’f agree with them. I work for the FCC and this will be reported.

      • To Tina

        No you are the nasty piece of work.

  • Ray

    Both loser Nat and Kevin should have been kicked off for their childish pranks that they blamed on everyone else. how many times a day were they called out for revealing diary room and production sessions. This has by far been the most boring BB I have watched, and I watched them all!!!

  • connietaglianetti

    Natalie is unbearable, I can finally get some sleepnow that Jeff is gone. I watched 15 min. of BB after dark and it was awful.

    • Kerry

      I’m with you!! As I watched Jeff walk out of the house last night I said to myself “Well, no more staying up late to watch After Dark”. Kevin and Nat really don’t get it. I guess I’m pulling for Michelle now, even though I won’t watch anymore.

      • cynthia

        Yes. I went to bed early too. I was so mad that Jeff left. I don’t care who wins now and will not watch this show. I watched for 11 years and I am so mad that I cancelled my SHOWTIME and now I don’t even have to watch afterdark anymore. Shame on you BB! They need to remember that their ratings are the fans.

    • Monique

      I miss Jeff too. Last night was the first night I got any sleep in a while. I would love to see a Jeff and Jordan Reality show.

      • Jeffrey

        Kerry and Monique. I have to agree with BOTH of your comments. “…After Dark” got taken off my DVR right after NataLIE won HOH. UGH! Vomited in my mouth. And yes, I’ve been wishing for a Jeff & Jordan reality show too. Those two are just way too cute together!!! Go Team Jordan/Michelle!!

      • maria

        Me too….I actually didn’t stay up waiting for BB after dark…

  • Cat Corner

    Won’t watch the show any longer now that Jeff’s gone. He made all the plays while the final four just sat around. Nat is like watching paint dry. Has to be the most boring person ever on this show. I hope Michelle wins the prize, at least she has really participated in the game.

    • josie

      You say you dont wanna watch the show anymore – THEN DONT!!!!!!! WTF?! Noone on here wants to hear to whine about how you wont watch anymore – if that is the case then just stop watching – OMG – u ppl are so pathetic im glad JEff went home and i HOPE he doesnt come back!!!

      • Tonia Hall

        Thank you Ronnie :)

      • Sina

        Thank you Josie! I think all these people complaining about Jeff leaving and they won’t watch anymore since he’s gone is just desperate women who think they have a chance with him. I bet when this is over they will book a trip straight to Chicago and start stalking him.

      • Jen

        Whats up Chima?

      • Tina

        Sina, your a BI***! I would not take whatever you say seriously. Because I have seen you on other post first saying nasty things about Sina, THEN you say nice things, now your back to nasty things. If you read some of the comments here, there are men saying the same thing about Jeff. I guess they want a chance with him too, huh? Your pathetic and a loser!

      • Tina

        I meant you say nasty things about Jeff, not yourself, but you should, you would deserve it. :)

      • Sina

        Sorry I’m not Chima. Couldn’t stand Chima. Tina, seriously, what is wrong with you. I don’t like Jeff. Yes I use to say nice stuff about Jeff then I started hating him, so what? Why are you so upset by this? What personal investment do you have in Jeff that you have to call me names because I don’t like him? It’s a game. It’s reality tv. The same way everyone on here (and me) hates Natalie, I can hate Jeff. Why can people hate all the other houseguest except Jeff? You HAVE to want a chance with Jeff. You are taking this way too seriously.

      • BB_Lover


      • Double Standard Police

        Thank Josie and Sina.

        Tina you need you dr to up your meds. You are one crazy person.

      • Jess

        You might want to learn to take your own advice and stop reading the “whining” if you hate it so much.

    • Lacey

      Jeff did not make any plays! News Flash: He was always going to loose and giving him the power only prolonged his stay. He was doing the same dumb sh– he had him on the verge of being evicted after he got the power. What was so magnificent about him? He’s verbally abusive towards women – treated Michelle and his lap dog like crap at several points & he barely defended his lap dog b/c his b!tch @ss was scared of Russel. Jordan is the product of a dirty little trailer park and is dumb as a bag of rocks (maybe she was trailer-schooled). I can say one thing nice about her – her Cookie Dough diet has her looking slim and trim these days. All of the no life loosers in the world are upset about their white trash princess and her looser lame boyfriend (who was stupid, paranoid, and got himself evicted after he BETRAYED Russell). Everybody else doesn’t really care because its a reality show! Maybe CBS will f’ with the game again to appease yall. I know that Jeff will be surprised to learn that he is the Prince of theRoach-infested Double Wide Lands across the country.

      • Jess

        What’s the difference between being verbally abusive towards women and being verbally abusive towards poor people? Phrases like “white trash” and talking negatively about being raised in a trailer park is just as offensive as coming down on someone for their gender, race, sexuality, etc. It’s something a person was born into.

        I’m surprised that with all the outrage on here about racism and homophobia, nobody has come down on you. News flash: “white trash” is a racist comment.

  • TeamJJ

    Ken, you hit the nail on the head. I agree, I think she is more disliked than the “friendship alliance” in season 6 and they were not like by anyone.

  • kristen

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates Natalie. I wonder what she’ll think when she gets out of the house and sees how much everyone hated her. Hopefully she’ll take a good hard look at herself… but probably not.

    • Lisa

      she gets on my my last nerve plus so “moral” of her to lie about her age. She voice is soooo annoying

      • mmmark

        Last night’s episode is the first one I would not watch. Since The show was shown late due to football, I took to the net for spoilers. I knew Nat was HOH. When the show came on around 10pm, I could only stomach 5 minutes of her grating, self-righteous voice before changing the channel. Not sure I will be able to watch any shows this week with her HOH. She is definitely the most vile houseguest in BB history in my opinion… for me to become almost physically sick to look at her.
        Yeah, I definitely need to find a life!

    • suzanne

      I was so mad that nat one HOH!!!! The chick has done NOTHING the whole game but be a pest. She only started praying before meals when she hooked up with Jessie. If she was such a good “game” player then why has she not one anything? If either her of Kevin win I am gonna go balistic!!!! Neither one of them deserve to win!! I also never liked Chima. She was such a whinny little baby! I am so glad they booted her ass. Since Nat put up Kevin and Michele, Kevin will get the boot next! Nat thinks she made a smart move but Michele is good at POV comps. I am still so pissed that nat got the HOH!!! Oh yeah she had the choice to open pandoras box to see family and not play for POV and that is what she chose. It was her boyfriend and he proposed to her!! Give me a freeking break!!

      • to Suzanne

        Go ballistic you fool. It;s a game. What has Kevin done to you? Telling how you hate the minority players. you and your kind are racists.

  • Thad

    Go Kevin!

    • Roger

      Seriously??!! Go Kevin, that dumbass hadn’t won anything until the real competition couldn’t play and then when Jeff saved his ass he evicted him! What a jerk, that isn’t gameplay that is just lame.

      • greg

        no it is gameplay, whats kevin supposed to do just let jeff go to the finals? that would be stupid. Jeff was the best competitor in the house, why would Kevin keep him in the house? now that would be lame. Kevin got Jeff before Jeff could get Kevin out.

        Jeff did the same thing to Russell.

      • Rae

        I personally think Kevin or Natalie would have been smarter to keep Jeff after taking the promise of either final 3 or HOH from them. Neither Kevin or Natalie will want to play the other in the end. But i’m also bitter because Jeff was a great game player and entertaining…Ugh!

      • Sina

        Jeff did the same thing to Russell but for some reason it was smart when Jeff did it but when Kevin does it, it’s stupid. Jeff wouldn’t even be in this situation if he didn’t believe Natalie/Kevin’s lie and backdoor Russell. Can’t wait until he’s in the jury house and Lydia tells him about the lie.

      • Baldasarre

        Jeff put Kevin on the block in the first place. Jeff can’t get credit for saving Kevin when Jeff was the cause of him being there. Jeff also didn’t save Kevin because he wanted home around he took Kevin off so he could backdoor Russell. Kevin didn’t owe Jeff anything.

        If I break your computer and then I fix it. Are you indebted to me? I don’t think so.

    • gram10

      Kevin ftw? Are you nuts? Until about a week ago he blended in with the furniture!!

      • 225GIRL

        haha that is so funny..and a lil bit tru…go kev/nat for the win!!!!!

    • PIZZA


      • mslisa09s

        You have no eyes; you are a pizza!

  • Torrence5

    Ken – please express how you really feel about Natalie. The fact that she is “boring” is no less irrating than Jordan’s “dumbness” and the fact that she was able to help take Jeff down – I am on for her (though of the remaining houseguests I’d like to see Michelle win).

    • Rae

      That’s ridiculous… Natalie hasn’t been responsible for getting rid of ANY player, she just hides behind someone else AND lets them take the blame behind their backs. Then she walks around bragging that she is so honorable.

  • John

    We know she has at least third place wrapped up, unless there’s a twist or something. If ” this is for you,Chima ” I wonder if she will give Chima, any of her winning’s. I don’t think so. Personally, I wouldlike to see her get stomped, in her next Kwan Do competition.

    • Eileen

      Kwan Do ??? how can anyone who has done Kwan Do be so unbalance and uncooridanted? did you see her “play” badminton… a child could do it better. And she cheats at everyting: cards, chess, relationships – YEP At least I loved to “hate” evil Dick. Gnat just makes me nauseated.

      • suzanne

        HAHA…And she goes around the house and brags how she beat Kevin at everything!!! She is such a brat!!! I can’t stand her!! What a B***H!!!

    • sand

      her TKD was 7 yrs ago in Jr. Olympics.

      she cheats at pool, see it on the live feeds. she is a lying cheater, that is mean spirited for no reason except that she’s vile.

    • shans

      I hate Nat but I REALLY hope she gets kicked out in final 3…so close and nothing!! Will really tick her off..and make a lot of people happy at the same time.

  • kitty

    I love Big Brother, but Jeff going & Natalie winning HOH has ruined it for me. She’s a horrible person. I hope she finds out how much America hates her! I’ll probably continue watching the show, but my heart won’t be in it. I used to come home from work & look forward to watching BB on our DVR. Now I just feel sick about where the show is at. Jordan is the only reason I will watch now. If she goes, I will definitely be done.

    • snoopyfrek

      I totally agree I have no interest in watching gnatLIE

    • Rae

      Agreed… until the HOH comp was over I had a small hope that Michelle and Jordan would pull off the final 2. That question about Ronnie was GIVEN to Natalie, none of them should have gotten that wrong and Natalie shouldn’t have made it to the tie breaker. Mindless HOH competition!

  • Sue

    I agree with all of your comments. I also did like it that CBS allowed her to lie about her age to the other houseguests. In fact that is all she really does is lie, lie, lie.

    • Sue

      Sorry, I goofed. I did NOT like it that CBS allowed her to lie about her age.

      • Morgan

        CBS doesn’t have a rule against what the houseguest can claim their age or occupation is. That’s all apart of the game. Natalie is annoying and not a good player. Hopefully she doesn’t win we’ll just have to wait and see!

      • Brian

        What’s really sad, is that the other HG’s think that BB would actually give someone under the legal age alcohol. WHY CAN’T THEY HEAR THE BELL GOING OFF????

      • Tim

        Actually it is not Natalie’s fault that all the houseguest can’t see that if she was really 18 that no way in hell BB would let her drink alcohol on live tv. Come on people. I don’t like Natalie at all, but is it her fault everyone else is stupid? Common sense here.

      • KC

        Her lying about her age is another example of what Ken Tucker put so nicely – something that…really..in the end..means nothing. But she’ll think she’s a mastermind because people think she’s 18 when she’s 24. Um…ok?

  • Janice

    Game over!! The show’s ratings are now going to drop drastically. No one wants Kev or Nat to win or even cares if they do.

    • jason.

      Well, I have Kevin in our office pool, but even so, I would rather Michelle wins for being the only real game-playing participant left…

    • mslisa09s

      Please, their ratings drop my left foot. Why don’t you stop watching then the intelligence level of us viewers will increase.

      • LOL

        Love you MsLisa09 – one of the few smart people posting on here. I think all of these people who hate Nat and Kevin so much tells more about them that 2 insignificant players in a reality tv show.

    • To Janice

      I want Kevin to win, so your statement about No one wantingf them to win shows you to be a big fat smelly LIAR. You are worst that what you think of Natalie and Kevin.

  • Luci

    She is not just mean spirited and dumb, but what has she done to last until now? She latched on like a leech to everyone who was in power. She is a disgrace and I am done with the show.

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